sorry im not going to get over this scene


what, me?


It has now come to my attention that Todd is probably saying “what, hmm?” But I’m gonna go ahead and stick with him saying “what, me?”

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Am I the only one who got really worried when Kimberly opened up the scissors & just kinda held them for a sec w/ no background noise? That coupled w/ the talk about running away, & with the deleted scene where Jason asks her if she was serious and she said 'dead serious'?

ahh you for sure weren’t the only one !! i genuinely Froze in the cinema before she cut her hair as i’d made sure to not watch any trailers or see any posts or gifs before going in (i’d heard there were Too Many Trailers and that basically everything was spoiled so,, didn’t risk it. i’m very glad i did that tbh) and whilst it was unlikely they’d do that in power rangers… it was real scary

also, they definitely knew what they were doing with that scene. the scenes prior had a battle going on, or a car crash, or an argument, or the chatter of detention. it was a big and uncomfortable contrast and i think it really brought attention to kimberly’s headspace. plus, the camera zoomed in and it was noticeably shaking, which could add to the audience understanding how kim felt.

she also completely shut off after being told she was being “cut out” - so much so that she didn’t even flinch when she heard the sudden and loud noise of scissors being stabbed into the wall.

it also helped to emphasise kim’s metamorphosis - the silence ends when she pauses, and it’s a very upbeat song. the lyrics i guess are kinda more applicable to pre-movie kim, but obviously the whole thing isn’t played so it could’ve just been used to indicate the change.

(also again with the change - at the end of the movie, the song over her other mirror scene is full of pride and self celebration and it was shared with moments of the other rangers as to just being for her and that’s Big.)

sadly i’ve only seen the deleted scenes with kim’s locker and the one with trini’s name so i can’t judge that super well but it really sounds like they wanted us to Grasp kim’s shame and her self-hate and everything, as well as her impulsiveness as a trait or a symptom.


So I was in the den, and Michael came over all upset. Jackie. And Steven, I asked him to leave. Jackie. And that’s when you saw us, but I swear nothing happened. Jackie! Stop talking.


Okay when all this body swap “OOPS IM A PSYCOPATHIC KILLER NOW HELP ME” shenanigans is over, imagine if Magnus has recurring nightmares about it happening again.
Like in the dreams, Alec kills him, or blames him for getting into that situation, or Raphael refuses to go near him again just in case it happens, along with everyone losing their faith in him.
AND THEN we get scenes with Alec and Magnus lying in bed together, and Alec calming him down and convincing him he isn’t going anywhere and that it wasn’t his fault or anything.

I only date Italians (Tony DiNozzo X Reader)

Criminal Minds/NCIS

Warnings: Um, I don’t think theres any major ones… I mean its a CM/NCIS story so mentions of death like once but nothing happens to main characters.

This isn’t my best work but you know sometimes things don’t go as planned. I like this story so that’s all that matters right?

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so on your most recent post when you said there's someone in the top 11 that's lacking in dance and vocals but we know who it is,,,, I dONT KNOW WHO IT IS I FEEL LIKE IT COULD BE A FEW PEOPLE HELP

Wait you really don’t know? I dont wanna be a fake snake meanie bobeanie but the truth is da truth and his name is haknyeon. Dont get me wrong he is young and will improve but does he deserve to be in top 11 as of right now? Heck no and i will stand by that (plus with the work ethics and attitude in terms of working with a team (not saying him as a person overall hes a nice kid) hes just really childish/way too greedy and stubborn which is why I hope he also fixes that if he wants to debut because evil editing or not, the kid had to be scolded by eunki AND lowkey daniel and i dont think mnet would go as far as make them stage that scene. (Im so glad there isnt a dislike button)

Ps. U can be greedy all u want to get to the top but dont take it out on ur 35th ranking leader. It frustrated me so bad when hak kept insisting that eunki was in the center but eunki legit was like “dude im not the center” then having to change the routine over again just to be extra fair for hak like im done thats so annoying lol i wanna give this kid an hour lecture sorry not sorry BUT IF ANYONE ELSE HAS A DIFF OPINION FEEL FREE TO TALK TO ME ABOUT IT AND DISCUSS ^^

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When I first stumbled onto your fic and read the summary I thought it was about Yuuri being an escort as in... the bodyguard type of escort 😩 I didn't know prostitutes were also called escorts. And so I was as stupefied as Yuuri on that scene with Hannah and her hook up because my brain couldn't quite grasp the implications of what was going on and I felt so dumb when I realized what 'escort' meant in the story. I swear I'm a smut reader over 18

Anon, listen to me.

This is quite possibly the best message I’ve ever received about TBE. I laughed for so long, and so hard. And I was in desperate need for a good laugh. So thank you, most sincerely, from the bottom of my heart. 

Maybe a Bodyguard AU will be my next adventure…

Jealousy (Phan Smut)

Prompt: can someone write a fic where dan and phil are attending a youtuber gathering (like that halloween party) and like a day before the event dan and someone else (preferably jack howard bc bae) send tweets back and forth about being excited to see each other on the event and just general playful flirting and phil sees and gets a bit angry and really jealous and protective and that night they have the best sex ever and phil keeps biting at dan’s neck so it’s literally all purple-ish everywhere and there’s no way to cover it up for the event they’re going to but that’s okay bc it’s what phil wants and when they get to the gathering literally everyone is looking at him and just pls write detailed scenes of dan meeting other youtubers and them reacting accoringly to the lovebites all over his neck this is literally the only thing i want in my life pls make this happen im beggin

I found this on and it was too perfect not to write. Sorry this isn’t too good. But, yeah, I wrote it at like 5am.. Sorry!

This is kinda set in the future so, going into 2015 :)

Catagory: Smut and Fluff.

Warning: sex, blowjobs, swearing.. What did you expect??

Word count: 2372

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Bellamy Blake Imagine - Drunken Troubles

Bellamy x Reader

More AU Ideas
12. “I’m your ex, you are a cop, and I just got arrested for being drunk and disorderly.”
21. “I’ve had a crush on you since the 11th grade but you’ve hated me ever since that one time”

sorry this is so shit, my mind is all over the place and im bad at writing scenes with alcohol and things like that aH im sorry

i also changed the prompt a bit, sorry about that, but i couldn’t think of anything that stuck exactly to it :)



You didn’t mean to get drunk. You’d told yourself only to take a few drinks and then go home, you had work the next day, anyway. You didn’t know you’d see your ex and his new girlfriend in the club; and you definitely didn’t know you’d get arrested.

How were you to know one of your killer heels were going to end up in the windscreen on a police car? And how were you to know that there were two police officers in the car?

That’s how you ended up in the current situation. Totally off of your head, sitting in the back of a police car at 2:00am in the morning.

It had started as an innocent night out with friends when you’d seen your ex and his new girlfriend who, by the way, was way out of his league. You’d only gotten drunker and drunker since then, so much you could barely see straight.

You can feel the car stop and sit still until and officer hauls you out of the car and into the station, they sit you down on a chair in a rather empty room and leave.

You lean your head against the wall, closing your eyes, and let your mind rest a little. You’re almost asleep when someone else enters the room and a deep voice awakens you. “Ma'am?”

You open your eyes a little, staring lazily at the man in front of you. It takes a few moments for your drunken mind to realise you know him. It takes another few moments to realise he’s actually one of you exes. “Two exes in one night, lucky me.” You mumble.

He’s looking down at a pile of papers in his hands but you can tell it’s him. The curly brown hair, tanned skin, and chocolate brown eyes are exactly the same. He hasn’t changed at all.

He looks up from the papers, stopping in his tracks when he sees you. “Y/N?”

You’re not able to say anything back, just mumble a bunch of incoherent words. You can see a blush rise on his cheeks as he takes in your disheveled appearance, and then he smirks, “I haven’t seen you in ages and this is how we finally reunite? To be honest I’m quite disappointed. I thought it’d be some big romantic scene like in one of those movies.”

You say something that sounds like, “Same old cocky asshole, then.” But you know it only comes out in a jumble of words.

He seems to understand, laughing. “You know,” he says. “I don’t remember you being a wild card, Y/N. You never drank when we dated.”

“We dated when we were fifteen, Bellamy.”

He shrugs his shoulders, taking a seat in another of the uncomfortable plastic chairs you’re slumped on. “Maybe if you’d gone out with me and the guys more the relationship would’ve actually lasted more than two months.”

You stare at him, shocked, and suddenly feel quite sober. “You wanted me, a fifteen year old, to go out drinking with you and your mates?!”

He laughs again, that rich laugh you’ve missed, “Do you really think we just went out drinking ever weekend? We hung out, like normal teenagers, Y/N. We’re not a bunch of delinquents.”

You raise an eyebrow and he speaks again, “Okay, maybe we were delinquents.”

You can hear yourself let out a high pitched giggle. “Are you saying you wanted the relationship to last longer?”

He shrugs his shoulders again, leaning back and crossing his arms, showing off the muscles bulging through his shirt. You don’t look away even when his eyes catch yours, your drunken self doesn’t care.

“Of course I wanted it to have lasted, we were an awesome couple.”

Your eyes snap open, “Bellamy Blake are you asking me out?”

He nods warily, the smirk still set on his face. “I accept,” you say.

It’s ten minutes later when you vomit on the floor, much to his disgust. You can only hope the date’s still on afterwards.

Fuck Himself

F^ck Himself CalumHood Smut
Request?Yes!:Can you do one with Calum that you are best friends and he likes but leaves on tour(you also like him) and you get a boyfriend and he gets jealous and confesses his love for you and have rough sex.

By Cliffordslice or Riley

I’m really proud of this one(the smut not the writing before it)


It was half past 12 am you were with Calums parents your best friend since grade school as he came back from tour you haven’t seen him in 6 months your heart was racing you were breaking in to a sweat the nerves were getting the best to you.He had been sorta ignoring since you’ve mentioned your new boyfriend Blake.

“Are you excited?"Joy asks you nod she was grinning from ear to ear she was going to see her son and that made your nerves settled less.Then out of no where the gates of his flight 208 were opening you and Joy were already running for the gate.

You saw his blond swirl on his brown hair that was a mess as he ran towards his mom (bc mommas boy)"Mum!"He squealed like a little boy getting candy.She hugged and gave him a big kiss on the cheek causing you to giggle.

"y/n!!"he grabbed your waist and hugged you and put his face between your neck,goosebumps rising upon your skin.He let go and smiled as yall headed back to the car.

The whole car ride was just Calum telling tour stories and you texting Blake.Calum seemed to notice it and you couldn’t tell but he was starting to get pissed.

"Y/N,can we talk"He whispered in your ear as you walked out of car you nodded and he followed you upstairs.

The door was slammed to his bedroom causing you to flinch.You sat on the bed as he kept coming closer towards you.

His face was inches from yours he slowy connceted your lips.The kiss was rough but his soft lips were heaven to you.

The way his lips weren’t cracked and were perfectly on yours.His hands around your waist he was careful but to careful the lust was basically spilling out you.

His arms went to the hem at your shirt he broke the kiss to look at you,asking for permission.You nodded and he lifted up your shirt,Clutching on your bare hips.His lips on your neck.He playful nipped your neck causing you to giggle.

"Baby I love you more then he could ever"Calum mutters in your neck.You suddenly thought about Blake but guilt wasn’t there.
"I’ve loved you longer I would do anything for you"Calum adds as he licks upon your neck.You let out a sigh of pleasure.

"I love you Calum"You moan as he groups your chest and nips at your neck the pleasure was making your heat.Heat up like an oven(😂)

"Babe"you giggled as he kept nipping you run your hands over his clothed chest and grabbed the hem of it and threw it across the room.

"Eager Babe"He gave you a cocky smile and returned his lips to your neck.You let out a moan as his hand travels down your chest,stomach to the hem of your pants as he looks at yo asking for nod as he Basiclly rips off the buttons and lowers down your under wear.

"Baby Lay down"He spoke with a kind tone it was soft and calm.You lay your head on the pillows and he holds your body with one hand as he puts another finger in your heat causing you to jolt up in the sudden pleasure.

"Just getting started baby"He teased as he collected up your wetness.He looked up and winked at you as he kept rocking his fingers against your clit.

"Calummm"you called out the pleasure being to much you just needed him right there.

"Ok ok"He slipped his pants off and grabed a condom and lined you with him.

"Remeber when we first did it?"He asks recolonize when you both gave each other YALLS virginity.

He slowy led pushed it as you let out moans and he let out groans.He was thick and huge in your tight heat.The pleasure was over taking as he kept thrusting his hips.

"Baby I’m close"you let out as he replied with a same,His thrusts were getting sloppier his hair was falling down on his forehead sticking to it with sweat the scene causing you to finally realise.He followed soon after

"Y/N I fucking love you"He mutters

"Calum,Blake can go fuck himself your all I ever want”