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this is a realistic and depressing post about reality for Bum

I mean it’s good that everyone wants Bum to escape and find happiness, I do too. But ya’ll do realize that Bum was anti-social to begin with and now that he’s been held captive for weeks with only Sangwoo as his company it’s gonna be hard for him to re adjust back to society just like that. Plus there’s no telling how much it’ll upset him to be separated from Sangwoo, Yoonbum has been obsessed with him, I mean he’s Bum’s “favorite person.” How do you think he’ll feel after being separated probably forever from Sangwoo? Do you know the amount of physical and mental/therapy Bum will need after this if he does escape? Y'all do know Bum is poor right? Y'all know he wore the same clothes over and over, probably because he didn’t have/couldn’t afford any others, and basically lived in a slum? Do ya’ll really think he’ll be able to afford all that? If he gets put in a mental facility I feel like it’d only make it worse for him, they’d probably kick him out in the middle because he’s poor and couldn’t afford the program. Sure people might act like they care for a few months, it might make news headlines. But what about a year after that? Do you think people will still being paying attention to Bum? Do you think they’ll care about how he’s doing? What about his Uncle? How do you think he’ll deal with that? What if his Uncle comes back around for the publicity Bum gets and acts like he care, when he’s really being an ugly human once again taking advantage of Bum? Also do you think that in his society they won’t look at and judge Bum? You don’t think they might stigmatize him? Don’t you think it might be hard for him to find someone he could trust enough to love again? If Koogi chooses to make it realistic, shit will be hard for Bum. I’m sorry if I sound overly pessimistic, but I’m trying to be realistic here. Of course getting away from Sangwoo is the better choice, for the both of them, and for Sangwoo’s future victims. It’s the safest and healthiest choice, even Bum knows. I want Bum to get out of that basement and make a b-line for the police station but just know that life won’t be rainbows and sunshine for Bum after he escapes. Reality is harsh and people are cruel, Bum will have to stand his own out there in the aftermath.


Yoo Youngjae’s Birthday Countdown - Day 7

G is for Glasses

Naruto definitely talked Sasuke into wearing that shirt.

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His original name’s lost but around his teens he picked up the name Celare, which he still refers to himself by. Latin, because he gained the name in Tevinter.

His specialty is Arcane Warrior, and he sided with the mages. Seeing as he grew up around the Vints and Dalish, templars pose an unknown variable to him that other mages do not. He’s still accustomed to thinking that the further he keeps from them the better.

Well he’s pretty aloof, he has a background in politicking and backstabbing and so tends to doubt the motives of anyone who tries to get close to him. But he’s not outright cruel if he can help it.

For any game consider “what is the most dysfunctional, doomed-to-fail romance path in this game” and you’ll know which one I chose  👍 👍 👍

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  • Spring Day - BTS
  • なんでもないや (Nandemonaiya) - RADWIMPS
  • Highlight - Seventeen
  • Whistle - Blackpink (will always be my bop)
  • I Wait - Day6
  • Hero - Monsta X
  • FXXK IT - Bigbang (im emo about topp so)
  • Gorilla - Pentagon
  • 恋 (Koi) -  星野源 (Hoshino Gen) 
  • im always listening to every Got7 song

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