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It’s Okay, I Hate Me Too. (Langst)

I posted this on AO3, but I decided to post it on here too because I love it so much ahah (also this is OOC)~

Being overlooked wasn’t a foreign feeling for Lance.

Back at the Garrison, he often heard a plethora of insults directed towards him, said by students and instructors alike. A lot of them from Iverson, the dude who oversaw the cadets. Man, he hated Iverson.

He happened to be strolling past a group of his peers. They were looking at him from the wall they were propped up against.

“Did you hear about that one guy Lance? He just failed his simulation test for the fifth time in a row.”

“Yeah, I did. The dude’s pathetic. How’d he even get accepted into the Garrison in the first place?”

“He only got into the fighter pilot class because Keith dropped out. I’m shocked Lance wasn’t the one to get dropped.”

“He can’t even handle the shit in the cargo pilot class. He’s pathetic.”

Lance just smiled. It’s okay, I hate me too.

“We’re going to have to visit the Worbla planet for some supply negotiations,”  Allura says, after shortly gathering all the paladins plus Coran for a meeting. “The Worblon are fairly nice aliens, so the negotiations should go fairly quickly. So be on your best behavior,” Her light tone disappears as her eyes land on Lance. The mood suddenly becomes more hostile. “Especially you, Lance. You stay in the back. I don’t want you messing this up.”

Lance lets out a nervous, breathy laugh. “Got it, princess.” Allura narrows her eyes even more. Great, she doesn’t trust me. I should’ve seen that coming, though.

The castle-ship lands on the planet. The Worblon gather around the paladins in awe, talking amongst themselves.

“Can you believe it?! It’s the paladins of Voltron!”

“Strong and mighty, strong and mighty.”


Allura gains a confident stature when the leader of the Worblon comes forward. They both go somewhere else to talk. Shiro and Keith have a private conversation. Pidge and Hunk had a ‘who can fit their fist into their mouth’ competition. Lance stood by himself until several aliens approached him.

“Excuse me,” The Worblon said, looking up at Lance. “Aren’t you the blue paladin of Voltron?”

Lance gave a soft smile. “Yeah, I am. I pilot one of the legs.” And I’m also the most overlooked member of Voltron…

“You’re not as uptight as the other members,” Another smiled. “I like that. You’re very lighthearted. I don’t think you get stressed in battle. The others are so serious, so scary. You’re, ah, cool.” Lance’s eyes lit up and he gave a genuine grin. This was the first compliment he’s ever received.

“Thank you.”

LANCE!” A voice screeched from behind him. He turned around and saw the fuming face of Allura stomping towards him. Her fists were balled up, and she had gritted teeth. The Worblon he talked to slowly backed away. Lance gulped. What did I do now?

“I specifically told you to stay in the back! What are you even doing?!” She yelled, and the other paladins looked at Lance. They all had the expression of “Jeez Lance, you already messed up?”.
“You’re messing things up again, aren’t you?!”

She turned towards the Worblon. “I apologize for whatever he did. He doesn’t seem to have any seriousness in his body.” The Worblon looked at her, confused.

“He didn’t do anything wrong. In fact, we were just complimenting him. You should be more like him, he’s very lighthearted compared to the serious faces of you guys.”

Allura just gave a forced smile and commanded all of the paladins to go back onto the castle-ship.

“Did you trick the Worblon or something?” Allura asked him later, during a meeting. “We all know the real you. You’re not the one to be complimented on.” Ouch.

“Yeah,” Pidge piped up. “You don’t take anything seriously. You don’t do well in battle either. What’s there to compliment?” The others laughed. Lance just bit his lip and exited the room. It’s okay, I hate me too.

Well, at least the Worblon were nice enough to compliment him.

Lance and the other paladins were currently in a battle with the Galra. Ships surrounded them.

“Pidge, use your invisibility cloak to get us close to the main ship. Keith and I will cover while you and Hunk shut down their ion cannons. Hopefully Pidge will get the information they need,” Shiro speaks from the com, but pauses. “Oh, and Lance, just don’t do anything stupid. We don’t need you goofing off and jeopardizing the mission.”

Lance sighed. “Got it.”

They all split up, each lion tackling their own problem. Lance just wandered around, carefully aiming the giant energy rifle on his lion to blast random Galra ships in his line of vision. He wanted to be careful, because if he fucked something up, then Shiro was going to scold and berate him while the other paladins looked at him with no pity.

Suddenly, the ion cannon blasted Blue, and she went spiraling off into space. Lance got dislodged from his seat and was hitting nearly every wall inside of Blue.

A weird-looking sheet of metal got lodged into Lance’s side. He screamed in pain, and he widened his eyes at the sight of the blood. Another piece of metal punctured Lance’s right eye. He saw a flash of blindingly bright light, and then darkness. He screamed his heart out, and then blacked.

When he woke up, he discovered that the inside of Blue looked like a crime scene. Blood was everywhere. He looked down at his armor to find out that it was damaged severely.

“You okay, Blue?” He rasped, and Blue responded with a purr. She was alright. “Good. ‘Cause I’m going to need you to fly us back to the castle-ship. She started moving.

He reached for his helmet and put it on, hoping to communicate with his teammates to signal that he strayed. Instead, he heard more slander.

“Lance screwed up again. “ Pidge.

“We clearly gave him instructions, how hard is it to follow them?” Keith.

“They were simple orders. I’m honestly kind of shocked.” Hunk.

“Don’t be. When he gets back, I’ll make sure to reprimand him for the trouble he’s caused.” Allura.

“I second that. He needs to learn to take things seriously. We’re saving the universe, this isn’t a board game.” Shiro.

Lance threw his helmet to the other side of the area. He felt tears coming out of his eyes, and he released a shaky breath. He tried his best to huddle into a ball. It’s okay, I hate me too.

Lance put Blue into her hangar and slowly limped into the halls of the castle. He was forced to perform an impromptu stitching on his side with a random first-aid kit he found because the wound was starting to become worse. His eye, however, was a different story. It was still bleeding, and the area around it was slightly swollen.

He heard the voices of his teammates coming from the meeting hall. Holding his side, he limped over to the door. He stopped when he heard the topic the teammates were talking about.

“Honestly, Lance is quite pathetic. He can’t hold off very well on his own, judging by his performance in this battle.”

“He didn’t get his beauty sleep,” A chorus of laughs echoed. “You know how terrible he gets without his beauty sleep. Or manicure, whatever.”

“He acts so much like a kid. How did his parents even deal with him? He’s in his late teens. I’m sure his family was glad when they heard the news of him moving out.”

“He’s a walking, talking disaster.”

Lance slowly opened the door and limped into the room. His teammates, Allura, and Coran gasped at the sight they saw. That was the first time he saw the look of sympathy directed towards him on their faces. He coughed, and blood splattered onto the floor. He gave a weak smile.

“It’s okay, I hate me too.”

All of the Universes

im sorry i havent written much lately, school is ending so teachers are being dicks and piling work on before finals

as an apology have this first part of a sickfic! im going to write multiple ending type things for each of the other characters! pls forgive me

Before the mission, Lance had woken up with a pressure behind his eyes and an ache in his bones that wore him out the moment he stepped out of bed. Still, he knew he had a duty to his friends before anything else, and thusly forced himself to move when the alarm went off, ignoring the protests his body gave him.

As they had pulled out of their hangars Lance felt the pressure in his head increase to a full on headache but ignored it nonetheless while Shiro told them the plan to free the prisoners at the base and blow the whole thing.

Each loop of his lion, sharp turn to change directions, and blast of light against him make his stomach do flips. It felt like all of his insides were threatening to come up through his throat. Swallowing thickly, he pushed on as he landed inside the Galran base and began to free prisoners.

One by one each cell was unlocked. “Okay, I need you all to go down this hall and follow it to the bay, there’ll be–” He swallowed again, a gentle, wet burp escaping him as he tried to keep his breakfast down. “There’ll be ships waiting to take you to the castle for evaluation.”

Soft murmurs of concern came from a few of them as they looked upon the clearly ill paladin, but many just ignored it as the crowd surged forward to their pickup location.

Pressing a hand to his mouth he felt more bile rise up his throat, and this time Lance couldn’t stop it. No amount of adrenaline could solve the queasiness of his stomach at the moment, and he doubled over while a wave of sickness passed over him.

Before he knew it he was leaning against the wall and retching onto the floor, acrid against his tongue. It brought more with it, and his gags continued for what felt like hours– but were only minutes– before he was finally able to stand straight again and catch his breath.

He contemplated just contacting Shiro or Allura and letting them know how he was feeling, but he didn’t want to waste their time or leave the prisoners vulnerable, so he instead just wiped his mouth with his sleeve and continued his duties.

As soon as all of the prisoners were loaded on their ships and the lions, they all flew back to the Castleship and boarded quickly.

Not long after, the explosives Keith and Pidge had been placing blew any evidence of the prison up.

“This way, this way.” He calls, gently leading one young alien, a Solan from the Fideon planet, he had learned, to the healing pods by pressing a hand to its’ back, a group following after them. Once they had all made their way to the med bay, Coran shooed him off to go clean himself up.

Exhaustion weighed heavy on his limbs as he nodded and trudged off to the showers, feeling a gentle throbbing at his temples as the adrenaline– the body’s natural painkiller– finally began to wear off. Not only that, but his nausea was making a comeback.

Everything hurt.

That’s all Lance had to say about how he was feeling. Pain was coursing through his achy limbs as chills ran up and down his spine, bare skin bubbling up into goosebumps where it met the air. Yes, he was freezing, yet sweat ran down his back and droplets formed on his forehead.

But Lance, being Lance, elected to ignore all these ‘simple’ warning signs (even his hurling in the Galra base), finish stripping, and step into the warm showers anyway. The hot water running over his skin felt nice, calming and grounding with all that had happened that morning.

A gentle groan escaped his lips, one of relaxation, but once his eyes opened pain pulsed through his head.

His head was throbbing, the light made it feel as if his eyes were being crushed in his own skull. Tears pricked at the edges of his swirling vision, hand darting out to support his weight against the wall.

Lance’s legs felt shaky and his heart pounded as he stood there, trying to get his body under control and get his head to stop reeling. His chest felt tight, like he couldn’t catch his breath, and only aided in making him panic more.

Fear gripped at him as he collapsed to his hands and knees, staring at the tile flooring. The world was tilting around him as water continued to flow around him, clear but soapy. The feeling of sickness continued to wash over him in waves and the dizziness didn’t ease up, despite his attempts.

“Let me just… Let me just lay down… For a minute..” He murmurs to himself, soft, raspy voice echoing gently off the shower walls. His heavy eyelids fell shut as he eased himself onto the cool ground, hot water still running against his tanned and slightly flush skin, darkness overtaking him.

endings can be chosen by character once theyve been uploaded! i should have them up soon so dont worry

keith / hunk / shiro / pidge / coran / allura / other

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can i request an imagine where somethings wrong with your ship and it's because everytime bohdi goes to fix it he wrecks something else so he can keep coming back??

I didn’t know I needed this until now omg

Originally posted by mavietresgaie

Bodhi sat up straight after about an hour of working on the main controls in the cockpit of (Y/n)’s ship. He wiped at his forehead, smudging some grease onto his face.

“Alright! She’s all taken care of!” Bodhi shouted from the cockpit, turning to see the pilot herself approaching him. His heart thumped in his chest at their close proximity, at least these cramped cockpits were good for something.

She breathed a sigh of relief and flopped into her chair, smiling at Bodhi in gratitude. “Thanks, Bodhi. I dunno what I’d do without you.” 

Bodhi felt himself get giddy, he always wondered what it would feel like to hear her finally say those words to him. He only wished it was in a different context.

“It’s so weird though, it’s always something on this hunk a junk. You fix one thing, another thing gets broken. It’s driving me crazy.”

Guilt pricked at Bodhi, making his stomach churn at the mention of her uncooperative ship.

Since Bodhi had joined the resistance he didn’t have many friends, not everyone was willing to trust a former Imperial Pilot so easily. But (Y/n) was. She had always been kind to him, smiling at him each time she passed him in the halls or from across the landing pad.

Then one day while he was sitting alone with his thoughts at his work station, there she was, asking him for his help with her ship. Some divine miracle had her asking for him. Him! The ex-Imperial!

Then just as quickly as it was started, it ended. He fixed the circuit board in her ship in a jiffy, then was on his way. That feeling of loneliness came back after she thanked him and sent a final wave his way as he left the landing pad.

He was way too anxious to talk to her unless it was about how her ship was running, that was all he really knew. 

The second time he fixed her ship he accidentally knocked something out of place as he worked. About an hour after he left she was running back to his workstation with soot covering her clothes and her exposed skin.

After that he began purposefully messing with the ship, so he would have an excuse to speak with her again. Nothing that would get her killed, just simple things. Like if she would flip a switch to turn on one set of lights, a completely different set would turn on.

It worked, but he still felt guilty. Once he actually got to know her from the numerous conversations they’d have while he fixed her ship, he realized she wasn’t just some woman to indulge in. She wasn’t a fantasy he could dream about whenever he pleased.

She was a human being with dreams and aspirations. He slowly fell out of love with the idea of her, and fell in love with who she truly was.

Bodhi chuckled nervously and nodded, tugging off his goggles and running his hand through his messy hair. “Yeah that is strange… But you know if you ever need anything you can just come find me.”

(Y/n) smiled at him and kicked her feet up onto the control panel, relaxing into her chair as she watched him. “Maybe I should just make you my personal mechanic…”

He looked at her shocked and gripped his goggles, maybe all this nonsense he was pulling actually paid off. “Really?”

“Well yes…” (Y/n) sat up and sheepishly fiddled with the zipper of her jacket as she continued. “I mean, this ships always acting up and you’ve always been such a great help… Plus it’s not so bad having you around.”

Bodhi smiled and could feel butterflies swarming in his stomach. This was really happening.

“Aaand I can tell you like spending time here too, since you happen to break something each time your in my ship.” (Y/n) spoke coyly, looking around the cockpit with a smug mile.

Bodhi suddenly froze, it was like the butterflies all died and were now rotting inside his body. Did butterflies even rot? Bodhi could ponder that later, after (Y/n) killed him.

“You- you know about that?” he asked nervously, watching as (Y/n) turned back to look at him.

“Yeah, found out around the fifth time you came to fix the circuit boards.”

Bodhi groaned and shook his head at himself, lowering his gaze down to his boots. “Im sorry, (Y/n) I just… wanted an excuse to talk to you.”

Her eyes softened at this and she stood up, leaning down so he could make eye contact with her. “You could have just talked to me.”

Bodhi turned away and sighed deeply, leaning against the wall of the cockpit. (Y/n) bit her lip and huffed quietly, wondering how to make him feel better.

She moved closer to him and stood on her toes, resting her chin on his shoulder. “How about you and I go to the mess hall and have dinner tonight… and discuss what your duties will be as my ship’s mechanic.”

Bodhi looked down at her, blushing at the genuine smile she was giving him. “You’re not angry?”

(Y/n) chuckled and leaned into him, inhaling his scent. “No… But I will be if you’re late to our date.”

Date? She just said date. Bodhi and (Y/n) had a date. Before Bodhi could continue to process what was happening, (Y/n) planted a gentle kiss at the corner of his lips, making his mind go blank.

“See you tonight…”

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Shiro is an adult and Keith is NOT. Keith sees Shiro as an authority figure. Sheith is not OK.



did i do something specific or is it just something about the ship in general haha

also, isn’t Shiro like 25 and Keith’s like in his late teens or something? 

and ok, i’m just gonna say that i’m probably not the right person to send these age gap discourse things to? cuz like i did both haha, dated older dudes when i was 18 (ok younger, guilty.. but age of consent is 16 here) and dated 18 y.olds now that i’m around Shiro’s age.. and I honestly dun remember the age thing specifically really being a factor in any.. sometimes you don’t even realize you have a bigger age gap until you actually talk about it and then it’s like “oh I thought u were younger/older *shrug* whatever”. and not to say that’s only cause all my relationships are shallow haha, i actually been in a committed loving relationship for like 4 years with my bootcamp commander, and we fell inlove during bootcamp while he was still my superior and yeah i was Keith’s age…. which i think is exactly why I personally like the idea of Keith and Shiro together haha, reminds me of a very special time in my life. 

so forgive me if your personal problem with the ship doesn’t change my mind about this, because it happens that my personal life experience has shown me that it was pretty awesome being inlove and then eventually getting to hold and kiss someone who used to be in an authority position over me and i really admired. two people can fall inlove under somewhat inappropriate circumstances. it happenes. just results in alot of sexual and romantic tension and a real strong desire to be together while thinking it can probably never happen, which makes everything that ever does happen between you feel so much more intense. cuz honestly i don’t think anything i experienced in relationships in my civilian life set me so much on fire and had my heart racing as something little like when your commander’s hand stays on yours for like a second more than what’s appropriate.

but that’s just me. obviously im not gona try and shove my opinions down anyone’s throat. I get it that it might make some people uncomfortable I get that some people might have had different bad experiences, and to each his own I guess.. all my “sheith” stuff are tagged.

besides, it’s a cartoon. and “shipping” from my understanding means “wanting to see two people end up together” and that says nothing about when or how exactly that needs to happen. 

And I’m fine with whatever the creators decide to give us, i wanna see these characters grow and their relationships develop, in whatever way they will (as long as it doesn’t feels forced and nicely written i’m on board any ship really)

Sheith got my attention because of how much Keith seems to care about Shiro. I didn’t see the same sort of care from Shiro yet. So if we’re character analyzing already, i’d say that any sort of romantic relationship between them is definitely not happening right now, and I think Shiro has alot of issues to deal with before he can actually be in a healthy relationship with anyone… Alot of things have to change for them to actually end up together like that. (like Shiro not dying for example..) But I do like the idea. And i like seeing artistic expressions of that idea. (I’ll be fine with an unrequited love or something too, but I do really want them to make Keith not heterosexual haha)

so yeah sorry, but go sheith wooo

lead me to the edge of night (’til the dawn, the end of time)

I started writing this for Day 4 of Bellarke Week, the prompt being “songs that you associate with them,” but I couldn’t finish it in time due to work. So, because this is also a prompt fill for @melika-elena (“you’re lying on the floor of the movie theater crying and i’m the employee who has to tell you another movie starts in five minutes so you have to leave and i’m really sorry but im also confused as to why a documentary on lightbugs affected you so much”), I’m submitting this for Day 7 a.k.a free day instead.

Some notes: The song is Hearts Like Ours by The Naked and Famous. Ettore Majorana is a real historical figure, and the title of the “documentary” that Clarke and Bellamy watch is actually a book about his life and disappearance, written by João Magueijo.

Happy premiere day, fam!

lead me to the edge of night (‘til the dawn, the end of time)

“There are several categories of scientists in the world; those of second or third rank do their best but never get very far. Then there is the first rank, those who make important discoveries, fundamental to scientific progress. But then there are the geniuses, like Galilei and Newton… [Ettore] Majorana was one of these.”

- Enrico Fermi, Rome 1938

Clarke is no stranger to different kinds of light. She’s an artist, okay, she’s got this. She knows that Monet broke his own heart trying to capture the shifting soul of light on canvas and, yeah, she can think about nothing but soleil levant when Finn confesses to two-timing her and Raven, the late afternoon tangling red-gold nets into his messy brown hair. She’s squinting at him as apologies stutter from his lips and she’s wondering how come a sunrise painting reminds her of this sunset, perhaps it’s all that blue and the hazy melancholy of Monet’s brushstrokes, and why is she pondering French impressionism as her first love crashes and burns, exactly?

She knows that writers are light-sick, too. Goethe asked for mehr Licht with his dying breath. Siken uses light as a metaphor for everything from war to romance to forgiveness, and, yeah, the night she kisses Lexa in a darkened room at some sketchy party on the other side of town, there’s this little sliver of starlight falling through the other girl’s long lashes and Clarke thinks about Siken’s eponymous Fryderyck, eyes shine like wedding rings, dangerous thing, everyone secretly wants to collaborate with the enemy, to construct a truer version of the self.

Clarke also knows the light of atomic bombs. They watch the Trinity test footage in history class and, as blinding black-and-white heat explodes over New Mexico, she murmurs the Oppenheimer quote and then explains it to her seatmate, who rolls his eyes and snarks “I know who Oppenheimer is” and, yeah, Bellamy’s a real charmer, all right, even if he does happen to be one of her closest friends.

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Secrets Better Revealed

Summery: While attending Vidcon 2015, Dan and Phil (especially Dan) are having a bit trouble keeping their relationship under wraps. While Phil wants it to stay that way, Dan decided to take matters into his own hands.

Word count (chapter 1): 1.7k

tws:unless you count like one or two swear words, none that I can think of!

tags: very fluff. much cute. Also coming out?? (is that even a tag?? idk)

pov: 1st person Dan

author’s note: This is my first fanfiction, so just bear with me ok. I am not the best writer, I just did this for fun. Also this happened forever ago, so I don’t know if she even remembers, but my friend attackonmylife12321 proof read this first chapter a while back and made a few minor changes with wording and phrasing and such, so thanks for that Megan! (you guys should go hop over to her blog when your done reading this little chapter K? K.) Hope you guys enjoy!

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[Fic] waiting for you (my whole life)

It’s not like they haven't talked about it, Nagisa muses as he studies the menu. He’s pretty sure they’re on the same page: they live together, and have a joint bank account, and have been dating seriously for the better part of eight years–as far as either of them are concerned, they’re practically married. He and Rei have discussed their lives together after schooling, the big topics such moving into a house and, even once when they were soft and tipsy–children–but Nagisa still wants the official documents. He wants the big reception, to be able to walk into Rei’s waiting arms, to kiss him happily, freely, in front of those they love.

[For Reigisa Week 2! Prompt: Marriage]

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