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Some time (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Could you please do an imagine where Peter and you become lab partners and shortly afterwards friends and you think he likes you but he doesnt. You tell him but he turns you down. Then at the Honecoming dance you go alone after weeks of not talking and he sees you and suddenly regrets everything. And could the Vulture or someone attack the school and he saves everyone then he shows up at her house in his Spidey costume and tells her and she then turns him down. Im sorry I know its a lot but plz!

A/N: I don’t really like how this turned out, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. It feels nice being back after so many months. All the love xx

Going to prom alone was something you had dreaded since you started high-school; and yet, there you were, standing in the corner and looking at everybody dancing together.
You look at Peter, dancing next to Liz and laughing at whatever she’s saying. Looking at them, you can only think about the day you told Peter you liked him, convinced he would tell you that he liked you too after weeks of -what you had considered intentionally- touching your hands and looking at you during lab hours. He had been surprised when you told him, and you had thought that to be something good. It was not. He turned you down; softly and sweetly, but he turned you down.
You had already bought your prom ticket and dress, so you had no other option than to attend. What would you have told your parents, who so kindly had paid for everything in hopes of seeing you with a date?
You huffed and looked at your watch, deciding it was late enough to go home without your parents thinking anything had gone wrong. You quickly said goodbye to your friends and walked towards the door, not noticing Peter’s gaze on you.
Just as you were about to open the door, a window broke. Everyone began screaming, and when you turned around you saw a man flying across the gym. The Vulture, you thought. You didn’t know what to do. Your eyes quickly scanned the gym trying to find your friends, but there was no luck. Everybody kept running around trying to hide and you were stuck next to the door, people around you trying to open them, but they were locked.
‘’Spider-man,’’ the Vulture said, ‘’I know you are here. If you don’t want me to ruin everything around here and kill everyone, I’d suggest you come out and give me a little bit of a fight.’’
Everybody opened their eyes at the mention of Spider-man being there and heads started to turn. A second later the superhero appeared, hanging on his webs.
‘’Leave everyone out of this,’’ the masked superhero shouted, not getting too close to the Vulture.
His voice sounded familiar, but you noticed that he was trying to make it lower.
‘’This fight is between you and I’’ he said.
After that, both of them started fighting, everyone in the gym looking at them. You heard the police cars approaching the school and saw Spider-man stick the Vulture to the wall with his webs right before the police came in, opening the doors to the gym from outside. You quickly got out, stressed, shocked and scared.
Running home as fast as you could with your high heels on your hands, you changed into your pajamas right as you got into your room. You quickly messaged your friends, trying to make sure everyone was okay, and sighed when you got messages assuring you of their wellbeing. You lie on your bed, looking at the ceiling and finally processing everything that had happened after the shock had worn out. You finally let out a sigh and run your hand through your hair, not knowing how to react at the way the night had turned out.
Your thoughts were interrupted by someone knocking on your window, and you turned your head, furrowing your eyebrows as to who would be there. Much to your surprise, you were faced with Spider-man. You didn’t move, not knowing what to do. He finally motioned for you to open the window, and you guessed there was nothing wrong in doing that, so you did.
‘’Hey’’ he whispered.
You didn’t say anything, narrowing your eyes and waiting for him to say something else. He started taking off his mask and you opened your mouth, wanting to say something but not knowing what. When his mask was finally off, you were faced with Peter. You didn’t move, shocked. It kind of made sense -the voice, the skipping class; yet you still didn’t know what to do.
‘’Aren’t you gonna say anything?’’ he softly asked. You shook your head and waited for him to continue. ‘’I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.’’
You walked to your bed and sat there, still looking at him. He stood in the middle of your room, mask on his hand and looking around, trying to figure out what words to say.
‘’I came because I wanted to apologize’’ he finally said. ‘’I shouldn’t have rejected you. I know realize it was a mistake and I… I actually like you a lot.’’
You looked at him, processing everything.
‘’I…’’ you started. ‘’I don’t know what to say. I don’t mean to be rude, but I can’t be with you.’’
He looked surprised and lost, and he opened and closed his mouth repeatedly, not knowing what to say.
‘’You see,’’ you continued, ‘’I have finally accepted that you didn’t like me, and I’m fine with it. I also can’t be with you knowing you are Spider-man. I can’t live worrying about you being okay; I just can’t.’’
He run a hand through his hair and looked at the ground.
‘’Okay’’ he whispered, turning around to live through the window, already putting on his mask.
‘’Peter,’’ you said before he left. He turned around and looked at you, the mask only covering his eyes, ‘’I would like for us to keep talking. Maybe in some time I’ll decide that I’m ready to be with you. Until then, I would like it if you came here whenever you need help with anything. Please.’’
He smiled softly and nodded, finally putting on his mask completely.
‘’I’ll look forward to that day’’ he said before slinging off your window and into the night.

I’m stuttering, stumbling (and spilling coffee)

It was a quiet morning, like many others, quiet, still, idle, peaceful, the town seemingly asleep, Trini’s favourite time of day. No one to talk or bother her, no expectations to fill, just a comfortable silence, which Trini relished in. 

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Two questions: why is Rei SO mean to Usagi? I understand she really needed to mature and take her responsibilities as Sailor Scout/Princesses/Queen seriously but what she would give out at times wasn't even tough love, it was just mean spirited. Like going out of her way to make fun of and really just pick on her. Why? I also know Rei understands her responsibility as a sailor scout but does she sincerely like Usagi or is their bond just as deep and as far as fate and service to each other goes?

first of all, IM SORRY IT TOOK ME SEVEN THOUSAND YEARS TO REPLY TO THIS. ive jsut been a little busy. but i really wanted to answer this, so anon i hope you do see this!!


well, the 90s anime MADE her mean. anime rei is downright HATEFUL sometimes and it was quite out of character when you compare her to manga rei HOWEVER, i will say, sometimes Usagi needed that tough love and i had no problems with the moments where she put usagi back in her place when she actually needed to. usagi is the type of person who needs that tough love every now and again to keep her in check. 

but youre absolutely right, msot of the time it was rude and awful and i really dont know why they did it that way. because they weren’t sure how girls really acted??? because they thought it made for a better story????  WHO KNOWS. but it’s awful and its another of the many reasons the dub anime was just so bad. the sub version has its moments too, of course, but man the original dub was just terrible about the rei & usagi dynamic. 

i do think without a doubt, rei adores usagi. i think even in the anime there’s a lot of really great usagi/rei moments that prove this. just thinking about their exchanges in Stars gives me all the feels!!! their relationship is exceedingly close and i think rei would die for usagi- and not jsut because she’s the princess. i also firmly believe mars was princess serenity’s confidant in the silver millennium, so that carries over into their present lives. rei knows every little thing about usagi, she can read her like a book, and usagi can read rei. their relationship goes SOOOO SOO SO much further than guardian and princess. 

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This is a confession blog so why not. I have a body pillow of Melia that I got for Christmas. I thought I like... wouldn't use it at all, but I love her very much and have a really hard time sleeping without her now. I brought her with me on a trip once. I'm sorry.

honnestly at face value this sounds Very Embarrassing and tbh it somewhat is but its similar to having like a comfort plushie or w/e so what im more curious about is was it a christmas present to yourself or did someone buy it For you

love waits outside the theatre
like a cheap escort in the cold silk of twilight
slinging endless patterns with bangled wrists
inside, the audience is rapt to the shadowtricks on the screen
they know not of the gifts beyond the curtain
or of the devil that has mastered them
peaceful now in a lipstick smile
the nightwalker takes her leave
swinging hips and clicking fingers
taking hearts and smashing them like wing mirrors at midnight
cigarette smoke circling, choking bejewelled angels in the dying sky

Like hell the red lion is gonna let keith go so easily

bonus: black paladin, out. *throws double peace signs*

most people in the barrio hear about baby sonny from usnavi before they actually meet him


all you do is yell at each other; you are not friends.
                                 no, we’re  f a m i l y .