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Assassin!Harry (Part 1)

Harry is a trained, experienced assassin hired to kill Y/N but ends up, to his horror, starting to fall for her. 


He may be human, but he operates like a machine: identify target, plan, stalk, kill, collect cash, repeat. What one may consider sociopathic or psychopathic personality traits, Harry considers a blessing. After all, it is his lack of regard for human emotions and his own conscience that has made his career possible. The only proof he has that he is not, in fact, heartless is when he feels his pulse throbbing in his neck as he sprints between alleyways, hops fences, climbs walls, desperately trying to escape any chance of pursuit after the murder is done. Although pursuit is something with which Harry has become unfamiliar; he dealt with it in his career’s infancy, but as he has grown so have his skills. His eye for quick, accessible escape routes has grown keener, his aim tighter, and his remorse…well, nonexistent. He works alone, and he prefers it this way, but his work is so precise that many law enforcement officials cannot accept the possibility of the unidentified murderer being just a “murderer” instead of “murderers.” He’s lost track of how many kills he has made, yet, amazingly, he has yet to be caught or even identified. Nobody has ever suspected him of anything due to his brilliant planning, charming exterior, and cunning way with words; he comes off as a sweet, regular guy. All of this, coupled with the fact that he truly is heartless in the figurative sense of the word, makes Harry Styles the most successful, feared assassin on the planet. He never gets off track, never gets caught, and–most importantly–never misses. So, when he woke up and saw the folded yellow envelope lying on the floor under the windowsill of his first-floor, high-class apartment, it was just a normal day for Harry. He receives one to two requests every month, and as screwed up as it is, he can’t help but feel a rush of excitement whenever he wakes up to an envelope lying crisp and unopened on his tiled floor.

Harry picked up the folder, heavy with cash, and opened it to reveal 5 crisp stacks of 100 $100 bills each. Assassinations don’t come cheap, and Harry prioritizes the higher-paying customers. In other words, the sooner you want someone dead, the more money you should be willing to shell out. $50,000 isn’t much compared to most of his other offers, but because Harry wasn’t planning any other kills, he decided to go about prioritizing the operation. He flipped through the information, identifying the twenty year old college student that he was supposed to kill. He laid out the three included photographs of the girl and identified her address on a map. He read through her daily schedule, put together by the unnamed person who had hired him, and went about identifying the lowest-risk time to pursue and kill her. He ventured into the depths of his expansive closet, retrieving the black duffel bag that contained his gloves, his attire, his shoes, his ammunition, and his small, silver handgun as well as his perfectly sharpened steel knife. He never uses both the gun and the knife in one killing; he just likes the option. He grabbed the roll of heavy duty black tape from the bag and went about taping the bottoms of his shoes so that the patterns they would normally leave behind were masked. He put the bag by his front door and went about his day, eagerly anticipating nightfall.

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jooleah  asked:

how about harry/draco getting back together after a breakup OR drag queen!harry (or both in the same story heeey)

mate i have been trying to write this for like 2 weeks now, i’m sorry it’s not happening, but here are some vague hcs

  • i think harry hates attention too much to ever be a drag queen in like the performing sense, but i can def see him playing around with gender and queerness and drag in his own quiet but sure way
  • harry wandering bored round grimmauld place in a soft flowery dress, capped sleeves tight on his shoulders, lounging on the couch with his knees hooked over the arm and the skirt falling pretty and gauzy around his hairy legs
  • gardening in a pink slip he’s pretty sure once belonged to walburga with a flannel shirt thrown unbuttoned over the top when the sun goes down and it starts to get chilly
  • doesn’t really mind what pronouns people use, ‘he’ still feels familiar and comfortable, ‘they’ is kind of nice, one morning he comes downstairs in skinny jeans and a yellow crop top and ginny looks up and says absently, warmly, “oh, you’re such a pretty girl,” and harry thinks about it all day, warm and shy
  • can’t wear high heels, no matter how good they make his legs look, he never gets over the uneasy feeling that he might suddenly need to run
  • finds a kilt that he assumes was sirius’s, wears it quite a bit, it makes a bit of a splash when he goes out for a drink in it and the daily prophet get pictures and it promptly starts a trend
  • hot august days lying in grimmauld place’s garden with sunglasses and a too big chudley cannons t-shirt and lace underwear
  • lipstick, always slightly smeared in one corner where his hand jerks
  • luna puts winged eyeliner on him one night and he’s almost frighteningly beautiful
  • he has one photo of his grandparents, the potters, when they were young, and he likes the gold bangles all up his grandma’s arms, writes awkwardly to parvati for advice, and she takes him shopping in brick lane
  • is in a bar feeling sort of tired and sad and itchy in his own skin one night, wearing a short black dress that looks half like an oversized 80s shirt except its tight and sweet around his waist, and cheap tights and his sneakers trailing laces. when he spots the blonde head of hair his heart sort of sinks, not in the mood for smirking or, worse, one of the tense, awkward conversations they’ve tended to have after the war. only when draco saunters over and says, “well, potter,” his sneer falls away before it can even get properly going, and his eyes go dark. he says, slow and a little surprised, his drawl almost warm, considering, “you look nice.”
Langst Oneshot


I love Lance :’) I swear…

Warnings: Self esteem issues, heavy angst, crying

Don’t repost this anywhere. I’ll be uploading it to Ao3 later ]


They don’t like you.

You’re annoying.

You’re useless.

You’re stupid.

What do you bring to the team?


You bring nothing.

Why can’t you be better?

Why can’t you be stronger?



More like Keith?

Lance let out a broken sob, tears trickling down his cheeks. He wasn’t cut out for this, for defending the universe. He let himself believe for awhile that he was destined for this. That it was fate that brought him to Pilot the Blue Lion. But he quickly had learned that he was wrong. He wasn’t special. He didn’t have any particular skills or any likeable qualities. The Blue Lion picked him because she was the most accepting and willing for someone to pilot her, and the others were meant to pilot the others. Lance was lucky he had even been taken along anyway.

He was surprised the others hadn’t decided to just dump him off somewhere and replace him by now. He was sure they could find someone that was better than him every single way.

None of them would miss him. He annoyed the princess, Shiro didn’t take him seriously, Hunk had Pidge now to talk about tech stuff with, Coran was always so busy with the castle, and Keith hated him.

They probably all hated him.

The thought make his body shake as he let out another sob. God, why couldn’t he stop crying? He was being a selfish baby.  If the others saw him like this, they’d definitely think he was too weak and fragile to pilot Blue, and they were right.

They thought he was egotistical and confident and that nothing ever fazed him. But it was wrong, so wrong. In reality Lance knew he was as fragile as glass. He was so easy to shatter, and his surface was already cracking. Lance had pretended for so long. He had bragged and boasted and declared himself the hero, but he had lied. The words had left a bitter taste in his mouth every time he spoke them, and the smiles were now as fake as him. He’d painted them on his face to hide what he was really feeling.  

You’ll never be a hero.

Just look at you.

You’re just a burden.

You’re dragging the whole team down.

His grip tightened on his brown hair and he sucked in a shuddering breath. He needed to stop crying, he needed to paint that smile back on his face. He needed to get up before someone came looking for him and found him crying on the floor. With shaky legs, he pushed himself up onto his feet and swayed for a few seconds. He wanted to just lie back down and curl in his bed and cry till he was empty of tears. But dinner would be ready soon, and he couldn’t not go. He couldn’t make them suspicious. Trembling, he dragged himself into the bathroom and hunched over the sink, splashing water into his face before he stood back up. Staring at his reflection made him cringe. His eyes were red rimmed and his face was wet with tears and sweat. His lips were pressed into a flat line. He looked awful. With a broken sounding sigh, he began to wash his face.

After a few minutes, he couldn’t even tell that he had been crying, his eyes losing the redness. A tired smile stretched across his face and he ran a hand through his hair. No one would notice a thing.

They don’t care.

Lance paused and shook his head. Of course they cared. They were good people, and they were his friends. But they had more important things on their minds to worry about; Lance wasn’t worth wasting their thoughts on.

Grabbing his jacket, he pulled it into his shoulders and swept out of his room, and down the corridor. He spent the walk in silence, face blank from emotion and hands swinging loosely at his sides.

When he reached the door to the dining room, it opened with a whoosh and Lance stepped inside, the smile plastered back on his face and his voice calling out a greeting.

No one noticed it was fake.

Platonic Elriel Headcannons

Trying my hand at some headcannons today. Feedback is appreciated!

-Elain throwing grapes/popcorn/anything into Azriel’s mouth while the whole gang watches movies

-Azriel making stealth trips to the other courts to dig up a very specific plant that Elain wants because it’s “the perfect color”

-They can pick up on each other’s moods and always call each other out on it

-After a long, trying day, Azriel will find Elain and she never fails to cheer him up with a fairy tale of her own creation

-“Once upon a time there was a hulking brute named Azriel. He wasn’t the most handsome guy-“ “Now you’re just lying, you know that’s not true!”

-By the time she finishes her story, they both have tears in their eyes from laughing so hard

-Azriel helping her understand and control the dark aspect of her new Sight

-Azriel comforting her after a particularly frightening vision

-Azriel being the protective older brother when she stars seeing someone new

-“If you hurt her, I’ll kill you. Slowly. With a fork.”

-Of course, Elain knows he is always hiding in the shadows when she is on a date, but still tells him all about it after

-Elain softly humming some song while gardening and Az starts singing along and it escalates until they’re both belting it out

-This annoys the hell out of everyone else in the vicinity, but neither of them care

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Taste It - Jim Moriarty x Reader

this one is so weird ahhh

it’s kind of kinky? but super super weird.

yeah i dont know im sorry

(also kinda gross depending on how you are but yeah. Not what I usually write.)

Originally posted by aphgeneralhux

“Argh.” He groaned, clutching his head, tilting his head back.

“What?” You asked blandly, unamused with Jim’s dramatic mood lately. 

He sighed, “(Y/n), it’s just so boring.

“Oh yes I know, terribly so, why don’t you go and play with Sherlock again - oh wait” You look up from your book to meet Jim’s eyes. “You killed him.”

Jim rolled his eyes, “Yes, thank you (Y/n), very helpful, thank you for reminding me.”

There was silence in the one room flat. Jim lay spread eagle on the bed, you sitting in the large armchair.

Tick, tick, tic-

Suddenly, Jim got up and hurled the clock from the shelf. It hit the floor, shattering and the cogs and glass skidded across the floor.

You winced, reaching down to look at your calf, which had been sliced open by a stray piece. It wasn’t deep but it stung, the blood ebbing from the wound.

Jim slid down to crouch in front of you, holding your leg in his hands he examined your wound.

“What the fuck are you doing?” You asked angrily.

He looked up at you, a crooked smile on his lips, “Can’t you just taste it?”

“Taste what?” You asked, not sure you wanted to.

“The sexual tension of course.” He smirked, and with one swift motion he licked up your leg, his tongue stinging against your skin. 

You gasped in pain, your hands going to his hair to hold him back.

“There we go!” He laughed as you held him away from you, exposing his pale, pale neck. 

“You’re sick.”

“True. But you’re a bit sick too, aren’t you (Y/n)?” Jim raised an eyebrow, tilting his head and pouting as much as he could in his current position. 

You shoved him back with a foot to the chest and he fell back on the wooden floorboards, laughing. Sliding off the chair, you leaned over him, your mouth inches from his, “I don’t taste anything, my dear friend.” You spat the last word. 

“Let me show you.” Jim murmured, taking you slowly towards him, giving you a chance to push him away again, but you didn’t. Your lips met his in a messy, clumsy, rage fueled kiss. His hands held your shoulders, pulling you down to him and then under him when he rolled over. 

“Can you taste it now, “(Y/n)?” He asked sarcastically, licking his lips.

“Oh just a taste.” You teased. He smirked and went back to kiss you, to give you a better taste of whatever it was he had. 

And it was good.


Prince! Jaehyun

hiiii! could you make a prince!jaehyun like the one you did for mark ^^

A/N: it’s a little different compared to mark’s, and this is really bad tbh ahh

  • it’s been long since i did a prince! au so here it is ~
  • and jeffrey has been climbing up my bias list lately it’s crazy
  • who can resist him tbh
  • and a heads up before you continue , im really bad at writing prince!au’s because im not that familiar with the system so im sorry if it’s really bad omg
  • let’s start

  • you probably didn’t know he was the prince until he appeared on the news one day,

  • even though y'all were pretty close friends
  • and you had always wondered why you never saw him around
  • on the news, he was in a serious mood and he was doing all the paper work, being labelled as the “jaehyun the prince”
  • you’d never seen that side of him because he would always visit the small town and wear very casual clothes, joking and laughing with you
  • with no one protecting or guarding him
  • he’s such a chill prince tbh
  • he laughs and smiles a lot
  • he’s more like a friend to the country rather than a politician/prince
  • but when he gets serious he isn’t afraid to point out the flaws of the country’s system to the king
  • and he’d work really hard to change it
  • he’s like bestfriends with the other royal families’ sons
  • aka the other members
  • they often meet up even when there’s no special occasions and conversations could last from reminiscing childhood memories together to planning on working to make the country together in the future  - such handsome and goodlooking princes, it’s as though they’re like idols
  • probably escaped the palace so many times as a kid (even up till now) the palace guards and servants are used to it
  • when he was younger he used to escape to go play with the animals he saw in the garden, as he’d laugh innocently to himself, until one of his servants frantically ran up to him and asked him to go back because everyone was worried and though that he had gone missing
  • in his teen years, he’d leave the palace just to explore the town
  • that’s where he met you
  • you were just wandering alone after school, praying that you did well for your exams
  • curious prince jaehyun would come up to you, starting a conversation and asking why you were alone
  • thinking that he was just one of the people near the area, you just casually started talking to him
  • and both of you would always meet up in the same area with not many people around, so jaehyun did not have to be afraid of his identity being revealed
  • all he told you was that he lived far away from the area and could only meet up at specific timings
  • he didn’t want you to treat him differently after you knew
  • but you found out eventually and jaehyun was still talking casually with you, but flustered you was already bowing your head down, calling him by “sir” and “your majesty”, instead of your usual “jae/jeffrey
  • but being jaehyun, he asked you to treat him like a friend, and you had no choice but to listen to him
  • the next day he invited you to the palace
  • you still remember yourself getting nervous the night before, choosing your prettiest and most elegant looking dress you could find in your closet
  • morning arrived and you found yourself on the back of a horse, with jaehyun sitting in front of you, your arms around you, as jaehyun had requested his servants to come fetch you-with him
  • “you look good today, for once hehe”
  • “you did not just say that-”
  • servant glares at you
  • “i-i’m sorry, uh thanks..”
  • sighs it’s fine, ignore them, act like we always do!”
  • once you reached the palace you were fascinated by everything
  • from how big everything was, how the walls and floors were all polished nicely and shiny
  • to how almost at every door to a room, there would be guards there
  • you entered the dining room and to your surprise, you were greeted by two other goodlooking young men,
  • “this is johnny, prince of the seo family”
  • “and mark, my best friend, lee family”
  • the two greeted you with a small smile and flustered you did an over exaggerated 90° bow, causing the two to giggle
  • jaehyun would keep looking out for you and smile at you, and had even asked a servant to serve food to you
  • he likes sharing stories with you about being a prince, and also loves listening to your stories too, curious about how everything is outside the palace
  • probably shows small signs of liking you but you try not to be too high if yourself because he’s the prince and you, only one of the people of the country
  • but you couldn’t lie though, you found yourself falling for him too
  • he had invited you to the palace so many times now it’s almost as though it’s your second home
  • it was not until you found yourself in jaehyun’s big room without his servant, and his small confession and kiss that woke you up,
  • you were dating a prince
  • surprisingly though, his parents had agreed to your relationship, as they loved how you managed to make jaehyun happy, making him work even harder as a prince
  • i’ll stop here because my mind’s really blocked im so sorry,
  • but if you want a part 2 or something, do request!!
  • hope you enjoyed reading this though ;-;

princessiwaoi  asked:

'SUP May i request 81 with bakugou? im sorry if im botherin!! youre just so good at writing and i cant help myself!! Thank you! i hope you have a wonderful day bc you deserve it!! (you also might,, b receiving a match up request,,,,,,,,m a y b e)


81. “We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you want to stop and feel the rain?”


Bakugou is a hard person to please, although you seemed have a knack of keeping his mood just right. With picking fun at others with him or just giving him praise on something he did right, he always seemed to be in a good mood when around you. Class 1-A was blessed by your presence. 

However, today was different. You were the one that needed a mood booster for once. 

It was raining all day and the gloomy weather was affecting your mood subconsciously. You actually didn’t mind the rain, you actually liked to watch it sometimes. Though, your usual smile was slightly off, it wasn’t as bright nor did your eyes look full of life. You smiled good morning to everyone and Bakugou noticed your demeanor.

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dickweed-draws  asked:

anyways im in an expensive headphones mood so tht with 3, 10, 24 and 46,,


well anyway this was longer than i expected
hope u like it!!


3. “It’s three in the morning.”

10. “Come here.”

24. “You’re trembling.”

46. “What happens if I do this?”


Michael woke up when he heard his phone buzzing. And buzzing again. And again.

Whoever it might be, it’s obvious they were desperate for an answer. Michael took his phone, squinting at the sudden light. Three messages from Rich.

R [3:02am]: hey man i know its fucking late but i really need to talk to you right now

R [3:02am]: like

R [3:02am]: RIGHT NOW

M [3:03am]: dude its three in the morning

R [3:03am]: please man im already outside

R [3:03am]: i know its really fucking sudden but i needed to get away from home and like

R [3:03am]: i need to talk

R [3:04am]: especially with you

M [3:05am]: okay, can you climb through the window?

R [3:05am]: yeah just turn on the light or smth so i can tell which window it is

M [3:05am]: on it

Michael took his glasses and got up to turn on the lights.

M [3:06am]: k come here

M [3:06am]: wait im without my binder let me just change to a hoodie real quick

R [3:06am]: okay

R [3:06am]: you know i dont mind though right

R [3:06am]: whatever makes you comfortable

M [3:07am]: yeah thanks

M [3:07am]: its more for comfort than passing around you tbh

M [3:07am]: (i already have the hoodie on you can come in)

R [3:08am]: thanks man, be there in a moment

Rich the Bicon

Last seen today, 3:08am

Michael sat on the edge of his bed, waiting. What’s so urgent he needs to talk to me this late?

A few moments later, Rich climbed through the window, breathing deeply. “Hey. Sorry for the short notice.”

“You’re.. You’re trembling.”

“Nice to see you too, Mikey.” He closed the window, taking a deep breath.

Michael patted the place next to him and Rich moved closer, sitting down. “But seriously, man, what’s wrong? You’re shaking and you’re not usually awake at 3am. C’mon, tell me what happened.” He wrapped a hand around Rich, careful to not make him uncomfortable. He didn’t know what was wrong, so he hoped he wasn’t making it worse.

Rich moved closer to Michael, relaxing a bit under his touch. “Just… Give me a moment, okay?”

“Okay. No worries, man.”

They sat in silence for a while, Michael gently rubbing Rich’s back while the other boy collected his thoughts. He closed his eyes and leaned on Michael’s shoulder, letting him have a better look at his face.

Rich looked exhausted. The skin around his eyes and nose was red and puffy, the bags under his eyes looked worse than ever and his hair was messy.

On the other hand, this might just be because of the climbing.

Michael started humming quietly, hoping it will help Rich relax. And to some extent, it did - he still looked pretty terrible, but he wasn’t as tense and the trembling has almost stopped. After some time Rich opened his eyes, taking a deep breath. “Okay. I think I’m better now.” Michael nodded and was about to answer when Rich shook his head. “Nope. No. Nevermind, I take that back.”

Michael looked at him, worried. “Wha-”

“No no no no please stop caring oh my God it’s making it worse.”

“Making what worse, Rich? I- Am I doing something wrong?”

Rich shook his head again, quicker this time. “No no no! You’re doing everything fine, really, you’re fine and everything about you is fine in general and-”

He stopped suddenly, his gaze dropping to the floor. “N-nevermind, I- This was stupid. Fuck, I- I’m gonna go now-”

Rich tried to move away but Michael grabbed his hands. “Dude, look at me, okay? Whatever it is, it’s obviously bugging you a lot. It’s not stupid.”

“But it is stupid and I can’t fucking tell you why cause truth is I’m honestly terrified of how you might react!”

“Woah, dude, just- Relax a little, yeah? Keep your voice down. I.. Why would you be scared of how I might react?”

Rich looked at Michael quietly, shaking again. “Because you’re so nice and sweet and funny and I’m so, so fucking scared of messing everything up like I always do, but I guess I already started so there’s no fucking point to just stop here, right?” Rich chuckled, trying to not break down.

Is he saying what I think he’s saying?

“You’re so great and amazing and I’m just a fuck-up and you’re also the reason why I realized I was bi and, God, what will happen if I just do this?”

“Do wha-”

Michael’s words got cut as Rich pressed their lips together. He had no idea what to do now, and the only thing he managed to do was think: Holy fuck he likes me too he likes me he fucking likes me-

Rich moved away, pale. “I’m sorry oh God I’m so, so sorry-”

This time, it was Michael who pressed their lips together, wrapping his hands around Rich’s neck. The shorter boy basically melted, closing his eyes. A few moment later Michael pulled away to breathe, but Rich moved forward towards him - he waited for this moment for so long, and he really didn’t want it to end.

He looked at Michael, breathing heavily. “So, uh, you..”

“I like you too, yeah.”

Rich grinned at him and pulled him in for a hug, making the other boy smile.


this was so fucking fun to write oh my god

hope u liked it!!!!!

Imagine: Caught
Pairing: Robbie Kay
Requested: yep
—\>Robbie Kay jealous smut + overstimulation if you have the time??
—\>Can we please have one where Robbie wants to have sex but the reader is not in the mood so he *cough * jack off *cough * but the reader saw everything and things get really really awkward but funny :D thank you
Word Count: 1038
Warnings: smuut
A/N: y'all im so sorry for not posting much these few weeks but I’ve been going through some stuff and havent been able to write much. i hope you understand but i hope ill be able to most more soon!

You heard strange, low moans from above you. Lately Robbie has been very..horny. He’s been hinting about it. But you always stopped it from going too far. Of course he didn’t mind because he would never make you do anything you didn’t want to. He respected your wishes.

You wondered what triggered the noises and ran upstairs and looked into your bedroom door that was cracked open by a mere two inches.

What you found was quite arousing, but it was funny. You let out a low giggle; one that wouldn’t disturb Robbie’s jacking off.

He couldn’t see you because of the fact that his head was thrown back against the headboard and his eyes were sealed close and facing the ceiling.

“Mmm, (y/n),"he said very softly, but you just made it out.

It was an extremely appealing feeling knowing that he pleasured himself to the thought of you. You could see his juices flowing out of him; juices that you ought to taste.

You walk in the room silently while he rode his orgasm out.

"Couldn’t wait now, could we?"you giggle crawling up to the bed sheets that were caked with his cum.

"I-it’s not w-what it looks like (y/n),"he stuttered.

"Oh that’s quite alright baby. You deserve this.”

You slid your finger against it seductively, recieving a thick piece of his cum. Slowly, you moved your finger up to your mouth and sucked harshly.

Robbie smirked at your action.

You then crawled up on top if him, grinding on his member that was hard once again, knowing what was coming.

You grinded on his cock skillfully. You have never had this much confident before, but Robbie’s moans just let you know that you were doing it right.

While you were grinding, he pulled off your gray top, throwing it absentmindedly.
He cupped your breasts that were still covered by your black bra that he expertly pulled off with one motion. That too was thrown around the room. He massaged your breasts with the pad of his thumbs flicking on the very nub.

He repeated that until he took his hand off of your right boob and replacing it with his mouth. His mouth traced the outer part of your nipple, circling until he found the center. He flicked his tongue wildly on your nipple while still massaging the other.

“Oh Robbie right there,"you moaned as you grinded faster and he groaned onto your boob.

Though enjoying his pleasuring actions you moved from his lap and began playing with his member; stroking it.

"Hmm,"you heard his faint moan as he tilted his head up to the sealing.

You licked his several tip; still jacking him off. He hated it when you teased him.

”(Y/N),“he groaned growing impatient.

"Mmhm,"you said innocently, taking your hand and mouth off of his large member. He looked back down at you obviously in need of friction.

"Baby please,"he groaned. With that you pulled his cock into your mouth; covering what didnt fit into your mouth with your hand.

You bobbed your head up and down quickly making Robbie groan softly. He massaged his hand into your hair, lightly pushing your head down making sure not to hurt you.

You swirled your tongue on the tip of his cock repeatedly, while taking your pants off along with your underwear.

"Hmm, ngh, oh fuck that’s great baby don’t ngh, sto-op,"Robbie moaned out while releasing into your small mouth.

"Your turn love,"he flipped you around so you were at the head of the bed underneath his figure. He was obviously aroused by your shaved pussy. "Gotten ready, have we?"he raised his eyebrow.

You giggled but your moan cut you off when Robbie leaned down to your core vigorously flicking your bundle of nerves with the tip of his tongue.

"Oh fucking god Robbie,"your back arched in pleasure.

"You like it (Y/N)?"his thumb took over his tongue as he spoke. "Hm, so wet love,"his pointer finger massaged your hole that was covered in your juices. "I wonder who happened to do that to you,"he smirked. "Who did to that to you (Y/N)?"he asked releasing all of his touch from your body.

"Y-you did Robbie,"you said faintly, bucking your hips for friction.

"What was that?"he remained still.

"ROBBIE FUCKING KAY MADE ME WET ALRIGHT,"you covered your mouth knowing it shook the entire neighborhood.

"Oh I know love,"he winked at you, kissing up to your lips, and down to your jawline. His cock teased your bundle of nerves before sliding in, giving you time fo adjust. As he thrusted into you, he laid his head at the crook of your neck, making his mark.

His speed picked up making both of you moan in pleasure.

"Nghuuh, fuck Robbie! Fuck me harder!"he obeyed your command.

"Damn your tight,"he whispered onto your collarbone.

Your moans filled the room. "Y-yes Robbie ri-ight th-there,"you threw your head back when he found your g-spot.

"You like that?"he rolled his hips into you quickly.

"Yes baby, I’m so close,"you moaned.

"As am I love,"he groaned into your neck.

He grinded his cock into you repeatedly and quickly. You felt your juices release onto his cock that was still inside you. He rode out his orgasm, knowing you were on the pill. You felt his cum squirt inside you.

He laid next to you; not pulling his dick out of your pussy.

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heeeey,first of all,i love your writing is amazing!! could u do a connor x reader where headcanon she's a famous singer and connor have a celeb crush on her and they tease him about it and one day he goes to her meet & greet e she's like "shit he's cute" and they start talking??{im sorry it is too long lol)

oooohhh! that’s an interesting one. sorry I didn’t post a lot lately, I got distracted. I added Connor’s death in this because I’m in that kind of mood, so suicide and funeral warning but I split that part of, so you can choose a happy ending if ya want. There’s also a Tyler Joseph (twenty one pilots’ singer) song reference, it belongs entirely to him.

•You were a well known singer, yet you were still in high school, so you decided to calm down your career for a minute and keep it all in your hometown. You just wanted to be normal for a second.

•But once you stepped into his school, Connor was already very aware of you, his ultimate celebrity crush. Yet, he was too paranoid to go talk to you. Maybe you would think he was a freak? Or a stalker? Or a pervert? Nah, that’s not happening, he wouldn’t be able to bare with it.

•You went through the bombarding and the fake friends because you’re famous, while Connor got teased by his friends (Evan, Jared, Zoe, and Alana) for staring at you so much. It’s just you’re his favorite singer, he has been listening to you for so long, then you just show up? Not acceptable.

•You decided to do a meet and greet to try to stay a little bit relevant, you kept it close to home, and threw one at a local restaurant you had learned to love. When Connor heard of this, of course he was going to fucking go. He just had to summon a little courage, that’s all. Nope, never mind, he had to summon A LOT of courage.

•You had did a small song, then you were going to talk to fans that were in line, simple as that, but then you saw a surprisingly familiar face, and damn, that was face was cute.

•You waited till you got to talk to the person you saw, you weren’t going to be flirty or anything because it’s a fan but who knows what would happen?

•That’s when Connor finally got a chance to talk to you, and he was going to take it. You had asked him a few questions like how old was he and if he went to high school, and that’s when you learned you went to the same school. So, why not ask for his number? It didn’t have to be considered a flirty interaction, maybe just friendly.

•You had texted him when you got home, despite how exhausted you felt. Still not romantic, just checking it was the right number. Then, you ended up talking for awhile after, dEFINITELY NOT ROMANTIC.

•You started to hang out with him more, in school or out. A lot of people at school found it weird, since he was the ‘freak’ of the school and you were this known, beautiful singer. It wasn’t a match that any saw coming, but he sure showed up his friend’s teasing.

•Everything stayed okay, and despite your feelings which you tried to deny, you were just friends. Then, Connor kissed you, and everything changed, because you kissed back. The day after you showed up to school together, holding hands

•Well, the press got a whiff of this from some random people at your school and ta-da, your relationship is exposed to everyone now. Yes, fans attacked Connor, saying mean things, you know, the usual, but you did your best to protect him.

•His parents knew about you before Connor even brought it up. They were happy for Connor in all the wrong ways. The “ooh, she has money,” and “ooh, she’s famous,” way. Well, that’s what he thought but truthfully they were just happy he found someone who makes him happy.

•Your parents were very wary about Connor because what if he was using you? That would break their child’s heart. It took them a while for them to calm down but their kid is happy, and why wouldn’t they allow that?

•Just so many “stay-at-home,” dates because you’re trying to keep your relationship authentic and private from everyone else. And you just say sorry a ton because he can’t have a normal relationship with you. He just loves that he can hang out with you.

•Just so many private smooches, you can’t do it a lot in public but once you get home he just lets you kiss him. And honestly, he couldn’t be happier when you kiss him with your arms wrapped around your back, because it’s just so safe and warm.

•He loves to watch and listen to you trying to rap to some of his songs that he listens to. Surprisingly, you aren’t so bad at it, and he’ll show you songs that he just wants to listen to you play around with. You had rapped slower songs like “Taken By Sleep,” and little bit faster songs like “Sweatpants,” and so many other songs.

•He likes to go to events with you but he won’t ask to go, because he doesn’t want to seem like that’s the only thing he care about. He’ll definitely go if you ask him to and you pretty much always ask him to.

•You are very proud and happy to have Connor as a boyfriend. So, when he has self-doubt, you
are right there to reassure him that you love him to the moon and back, and that you wouldn’t trade him for anything or anyone. He just feels so lucky to have you?

•You finish high school with Connor by your side when you have to ramp up your music career again, you still stay with Connor. You let him go to college but if you have time, you always visit him and keep your home base near him. If he has time, you take him to events you are going to as your plus one.

•His friends stopped teasing him by now, he fucking has bragging rights.

Connor dies

•You had gotten way too busy for your own good and hadn’t really talked to Connor in a long time. He had been bad for a while but it seemed like you never noticed and he never told, then it just happened. And he was gone, he commuted suicide.

•It wasn’t just about you, because he doesnt depend on you. It was his depression and paranoia building up, along with family, friends, and school problems, and he just felt so alone. And you weren’t there anymore, he felt like he had no one, he was just alone.

•You had got the news that Connor had passed away before performing a concert and you had bawled your eyes out, grabbing for anyone you could get by your side, someone who could make it better for you. No one could. You had barely gotten through that concert, keeping quiet about what happened, you wanted to be by yourself for a while.

•You were the one that went through his stuff very slowly, it was just too much for you. Your boyfriend, your love, is just gone. You let Cynthia take it over eventually, you took what remind you what you loved about him the most, his books, a few pictures, his hoodie.

•You started to stay with the Murphy’s so that you could comfort them and they could comfort you.

•You told the public after two months of silence and no concerts, no contact, that Connor had passed away. You did get backlash for not saying so sooner but most were supporters who understood why you didn’t.

•You spent nights with Zoe, cuddled up to each other crying. You spent nights where you couldn’t get out a tear. You spent nights where you thought you could hear Connor. You spent nights with Evan and Jared sitting in silence. You spent nights with Cynthia going through Connor’s stuff. And then you spent nights by yourself, wishing Connor could hold you again.

•Connor did leave his own suicide note, he told you he loved you and that it wasn’t his fault. If you were another person, you would’ve thought it was cliche but you were you, and those were the last words from the person you loved.

•You were asked to sing at his funeral since they wanted you to say something since you were the closest to him, you sang “Taken By Sleep.” Some people would say it was inappropriate, which you would agree with, but others thought it was beautiful. It meant something to you, and you knew it would’ve meant something to him.

•You went back to school for a year or two, becoming irrelevant for a while before you came back to a public. The music is what got Connor to come to you and maybe you could help someone else. But Jesus, it was so hard to sing with knowing that he wasn’t going to be right off the stage waiting for you anymore.

Fear Itself

[Starter text RP with @warwicks!]

Today was unlike any other day for Rin… One that would teach her a lesson past anything her mentor could ever give her. The curious yordle she is would indeed cause her trouble, yet she always found a way to escape. Eventually, she developed to be careless and cocky. The protection Piltover offered dulled her senses of what yordles should be concerned with most.

A predator.

A normal start of the afternoon, Rin took her break and floated above the skies of her city, hextech glider glistening in the sun, allowing her to easily wander the skies. One place she could hide past curious human eyes, despite it’s open venue, was the large crag that split the two cities. It showed the decline of the older, lower layers of Piltover, eventually morphing to the deep heart of Zaun that clung to the cliff sides. Every once in a while, the winds would churn, allowing a gust of fresh air down into the pits, clearing a little of the noxious gas covering the bottoms, showing the decaying guts of a city that once was.

Rin eyes would meander any time this would happen, as she was always, always curious of these parts. Yet, she knew danger lurked within there, as even some of Zaun’s hardest dare not venture alone for too long.

‘I could always hide and escape them, though…’  The yordle thought as another gust of Janna’s blessing washed through the depths. Rin dipped down into the crag a little as the air cleared to get a closer look at the trinkets and buildings and odd contraptions of below. She had done this several times before, even coming to know some of the city streets in the immediate area.

But as we said, today was unlike any day.

The yordle knew well that turbulence in this area was common. She could usually out maneuver it easily, but it still whipped her around quite well. The cross winds and mixture of temperatures constantly caused unstable pockets within these parts, which is why most dirigibles or even birds dared not enter any of this space. Her glider produced thrust for her, so she had no worries of losing much altitude; just of being pushed around, which was easy for one such of her size.

A wave of heat from the many machines rose under her, which caused her to drop in the thinner air. ‘Okay, all right, no worries, just glide it out…’ She follows the moving currents to steady herself, usually which would swoop back up into the skies. Instead, however, the upper gusts blew in once more, quickly pushing her deeper. Rin now tried to fight the waves, exerting her glider to thrust her forward and up. However, the deed was already done; She had caught herself in the current and was being under towed. 

“FINE! Whatever! I’ll still just follow this next current up and o–”


Her lungs filled with more of the gas than she was ever use to. She had never gone this deep into Zaun before. Sputtering for air, Rin made a dash landing to control her body from its spasm of coughs. Her eyes watered and her body became frantic for oxygen. She looked for anywhere to sit, staggering this way and that til she finally came to an exposed, rusted pipe she could sit on. She pulled her bandanna over her mouth and nose to help filter the thick, poisonous atmosphere, while also trying to breath into her palms, as if that would help.

It took a long while before she finally gained control of herself, though she felt dizzy and weak. Rin instinctively looked upwards to figure out where she had gone and coordinate herself once more, preparing to take flight and get out of this wretched area. However…. everything was dark, Pipes swung this way and that overhead: Wires, cores, rusted metals, oozing liquids. Rin’s heart fluttered as she couldn’t figure out where the topside was. ‘I came from.. this way, right? Maybe I just walked a bit too far looking to sit…’

Rin was usually decent at navigating, but that was from the sky. Being under ground, her senses were all turned around now. There was no sun for east and west, no guiding stars, nothing. Just endless metal and decay. She started in a walk, but quickly burst into a run as she frantically looked for anything to give her bearings as to where she was. However, she couldn’t even glide upwards. Nothing seemed to give enough space to do so. Pathways that would go up would suddenly spiral back down further. Everything down here was disarray and chaos.

The yordle quickly admitted defeat, trying her best to stay calm. Her ears were twisting every which way, listening to every faint sound. She was incredibly alert right now, using every ounce of strength she had right now to keep her senses straight.

“I… okay, I’m lost… guess… I’ll search for ways up.. I can follow the crag walls.. yeah that’s smart… head in a direction… and just… keep walking….”

Anonymous asked: “Would you mind if I kissed you?” + namjoon
Request a fluff prompt + BTS member!
(A/N: I made this a little College AU I hope you don’t mind)
Word count: 2.1k

This was your usual routine - going to the local chain coffee shop, getting his favorite and purchasing whatever you were in the mood for, then traveling over to his dorm. Typically a smaller cafe was preferred, except this routine started anywhere from eleven at night to three in the morning. 

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Appreciated || Oli White Imagine

hello again pals it meeeee! im in a really good mood today which is odd for me but thought use to the best of my ability for the anon who requested twice now LOVE YOU! guess who’s got the orthodontist tomorrow, still not getting braces when I’m 16 in august and ive been waiting since I was 12🙄wish me luck! Again, sorry it’s short I’m still getting used how write them longer. please let me know what you think! keep requesting always helps, love you all - E x

Requested: yeeeah 🙃
Key: Y/N - your name, Y/E/C - your eye colour, Y/H/C - your hair colour.

— Y/N’s POV —
“Ok guys, that’s it for this week! Love you all!” You say to your camera, as another week passes by… Another week passes by that Oli hasn’t been himself.

You guys have been together for just around 3 years now, and ever since the first day you met him he’s been the happy, playful, exited-about-everything-red guy, but the past two weeks it’s not what he’s been like. He’s been quiet, calm (which is never like Oli), and over all just a little miserable.

“Oli, seriously what’s going on. You’ve been so quiet. You aren’t even wearing anything red, I’m seriously concerned.” You say sarcastically, looking at him through the corner of your eye, but you can clearly see that he still isn’t the same ‘Joke-ish Oli’ that you miss. “It’s been two weeks, I miss the normal Oli that just messes around! You haven’t been the same, I miss you.” You say, after finishing packing all your camera stuff away and turning around to put your arms around his neck, leaning your head in the crook of his neck.

“I know babe, I’m sorry. It’s just the boys, that’s all. I’ll be back to normal soon.” He whispers, placing his hands around your waist to pull you in closer, making sure to hold you in tight, the tightness you loved and made you feel so at home.

“What do you mean it’s the boys? You want me to talk to them?” You frustratedly say, lifting your head from his shoulder to look him straight in his beautiful eyes.

The boys were never the nicest to Oli, you saw this but you also saw he was happy around them, he had his Bestfriends and he was ok. But they could have been nicer. And you could always tell that Oli was insecure, because he was always shifty around them, and if he was getting ready for a night out he’d always have to make sure every single little thing was perfect, and he always looked at the others with envy.

This was the envy that made you love him more, but it also made you feel the need to prove to him that he was perfect in his own way, no matter what the boys looked like.

“No no, it’s just that they always look so nice, and so attractive and then there’s me on the end. But I’m just being paranoid. I’m good.” He mentions, looking down at his feet. This was the most he’d opened up to you in two weeks. Was this seriously how he felt?.

“No. Reverse a second. No. Don’t you dare do this to yourself.” You whisper softly, cupping his face in your hands and bringing his eyes up to meet yours. Your eyes lock and for a second you see pure sadness, but that fades into calmness when your eyes interlock. “Your perfect, so don’t even bother bringing yourself down to that level. They’re different to you, your you and they’re all the same. When they meet girls, they may aswell sleep with all of them because there’s nothing different about them. Your different Oli. Your beautiful, amazing, and weirdly obsessed with the colour red but that’s a good thing! A great thing in fact! I love you the way you are.” You say, looking up into his eyes and seeing a look of pure lust and love.

“Thank you. Your amazing. I love you.” He says, sitting down on the end of the bed, grabbing your waist and pulling you closer, looking up into your Y/E/C eyes, and stroking your Y/H/C hair gently, as you relax into his arms.

“Your amazing. And for the record, you suit red.” You say cheekily with a wink, toddling off into the other room where you are followed by him.

That night, he definitely knew how much he was appreciated.