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Hey! Could you do BTS reaction on coming home and finding out that you adopted a puppy without telling them? Thanks!! Xx

Sure thing!! But man its been a while since ive posted anything XD Sorry guys! i’ve had some major writers block and i’ve been really busy with work! >.< But im going to do some requests tonight :) LETS GO!!

Jin: “Babe i’m hom-…………..Why is there a puppy he-”

You:“Shhhh babe don’t ask questions just accept it.”

Jin:“…….Not again”

Jimin: “BABE!!! There is a white fluffy poof running rampage in the kitchen!!! Did you pick up another stray!?!? i thought we agreed no more after like the 10th one just last week!”

Taehyung: “PUPPYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!”

Jungkook: “I feel like i should be shocked but honestly i was expecting this at some point in the relationship.”

J-hope: “Awwwww look at this beautiful little ball of sunshine! What shall we name him?”

Suga: “Listen here little puppy…that bed right there is mine, Also the girl who brought you here is mine… when cuddle time is happening….Do.Not.Interfere.She.Is.My.Pillow”

Namjoon: “As long as it doesn’t shit and piss all over the house its fine! Oh and we must train it! We will make it the smartest puppy on this planet.”

~~ Admin Abbie

Hope you guys liked it! sorry if it isn’t that good my brain is kinda fried XD i had a long day at work! love you guys!!

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tododeku, 'you're so hot I'd gladly burn in hell for you'

When Midoriya pushes his glasses up his nose, Todoroki is still there, standing in front of him. According to the laws of nature, this should not be possible.

Seriously, Todoroki is ruining him. Midoriya’s got a thing for deep voices and intimate knowledge of political science and the dark and mysterious type and–yeah, okay, whatever, he wasted away half the semester pining after Todoroki Shouto from the row behind him. After Ochako’s intervention he was feeling much better thank you, no longer tracking Todoroki’s movements across the room from behind a textbook or shoving his way into discussion groups with Todoroki.

But seeing Todoroki standing in front of him, holding a yellow sticky note in his hand and frowning determinedly, Midoriya goes into remission. His heart starts pumping harder. He might be sweating. He’s definitely red. Midoriya can practically hear Ochako shouting in the back of his mind don’t get caught up in his eyes, Deku!

Too fucking late, Ochako.

Todoroki, impossibly, frowns harder.

“Can I, um, help you?” Midoriya asks. He pushes his glasses up his nose again.

“…Yes,” Todoroki says after a moment. “I have something I would like to say to you.”

Midoriya swallows.

Looking pointedly at his sticky note, Todoroki reads in a monotone, “You’re so hot I;d gladly burn in hell for you.” He narrows his eyes and glances behind him, where Midoriya can now see Yaoyorozu, Todoroki’s anthro major BFF hiding behind a bookcase with her girlfriend, Jirou. Jirou is laughing into her hand.

Oh, Midoriya gets it. This was a prank. All a prank.

“I don’t understand,” Todoroki says. “How is this supposed to get Midoriya to go out with me?”

…Not a prank? Wait, was this not a prank?

“Go,” Midoriya says, “out.”

Todoroki turns back to him. “I wanted to ask you out to coffee,” Todoroki says, “but they insisted on the obscure tradition of ‘pickup lines.’“

“We didn’t think you’d actually do it!” Yaoyorozu calls out, hurt. Jirou is doubled over now.

“You actually want to go to coffee,” Midoriya repeats. “With me.”

Todoroki frowns. “Yes? Why else would I approach you in a library?”

Midoriya smiles sheepishly and waves his notebook at Todoroki. “…Term paper?”

“Ah,” Todoroki says. “Yes, well. If you don’t want to partake, I understand.”

“No!” Midoriya says. “No, I.” He takes a breath. Smiles. “How does Starbucks and a term paper sound?”

“Only if you let me pay,” Todoroki says.

Midoriya smiles until his face hurts. “Okay.”

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Hiii Ash! What if Midoriya's crush made him something cute, like a 'merch' figurine of his hero persona, 'Deku'? All excited (and a bit flustered worrying he might think it's weird!) saying he's definitely going to become the greatest hero and this is just to start him off! Bonus points - "Whatever happens, you will always be my hero!" Bonus BONUS points - Izuku hearing the next day that she got caught up in the Nomu rampage! (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I'M SORRY THIS IS KINDA CHEESY AND LAME BUT I LOVE MY BOY..


Midoriya Izuku

  • He’s absolutely over the moon when his crush gives him a tiny figurine of himself! He thanks them over and over, oh so happy that they made something personal, just for him! Hearing them say “You’re going to be the greatest hero!” really motivates him! 
  • He and his crush were talking casually when Izuku starts musing about being a hero and saving people, his crush excitedly blurts out that “Whatever happens, you’ll always be my hero!” They immediately cover their mouth, blushing! Izuku stops for a moment, registering the words in his head, finally saying “Thanks (Y/N), that really means a lot to me!” a blush creeping onto his own cheeks!
  • Midoriya couldn’t stop playing those words in his head the next day, as he patrolled through Hosu, still giddy about how it made him feel! He looks up, seeing a familiar shape on the horizon… Nomus were attacking!
  • He jumps into action, hearing a voice shout out “Deku!” as he does. Whipping around, he sees his crush! They’re trapped between some rubble with a Nomu getting closer. “You’ll always be my hero!” the words repeat in his head as he rushes to save them!