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okay but like, imagine that the lego batman movie existed in the dc universe, just with different names for the characters. how would anyone even react. bruce is probably sooo grumpy that he was portrayed that way but all of his kids are pulling out receipts like "i can think of 5 separate times where you were physically incapable of pronouncing the word sorry, actually"

haha dick jason and babs are all like I CANNOT BELIEVE A CARTOON GOT YOUR PERSONALITY TO A T OH MY GOD!!!! And Bruce is so grumpy like ‘shut up kids I love you but you’re entirely wrong unlike my FAVORITE kids over here.”

and meanwhile Tim, Cass and Damian are looking at each other like “well……..Dick and them aren’t…..wrong….”

even damian’s like ‘sorry father, the cartoon was right. therefore, at this moment, my idiot siblings are right. including drake’ tim who’s dragging out literal physical receipts and proof and evidence and bruce is like HOW TIM. WHY DO YOU HAVE ALL THIS.

Favorite Blogs

Hi friends! I’ve been pretty down lately, but the people that I have met here on Tumblr, or just those with really good blogs, have helped so much. I wanted to make a post dedicated to all the people that have my heart on here! I am so sorry if I forget someone; it’s bound to happen because I’m a space cadet. Also, if I’ve never talked to you and tagged you I promise I’m not trying to be weird, I just love your blog. But thank you to (in alphabetical order):

IRL Folks: 

@defenestrationrights @je-vuex-laventure @love-haleigh @rawwkfingers @sammigirl-29 @rusija @starryeyedheathens @teamskullwiki 

Tumblr Besties:

@dahm-sub @healyramirez@moonlemon @murdamerest @rex-regina @ruincus @subbie-girl @truecrimedaily

TCC Blogs: 

@cafeteriabones @fromrussiawithcrime @goregasm117 @i-couldnt-resist-it @imjustherefortcc @improbablypsychoanalyzingyou @kalifornia-blogger @m0rbidcuri0sity @misstruecrime @nikitalytkin @northafricangal @pekka-eric-auvinen @serialkillersarentsobad @slav-squat @sturmgeist89 @the-hand-that-masturbates @theconcretemama

Others I Admire From Afar:

@14milesaway @baby-kittenz @backw0odz @christophermcgeownwriting @infected @klytie@like-wildflowers@moonprismmakeup@scenesfromahighwaysign@sp4ce-c4se@squeezemyninnies@tc-things@thefainstorble@vvitchkraft


Rules: tell your followers 11 random facts about yourself, and tag 11 people in return!

Hi everyone!! I was tagged by the two lovelies @lookformyownparadise and @stylessemantics. Thank you very much!! <333 Here we go!

  1. My favorite color is purple and this never changed and it probably won’t.
  2. I’m learning german and I’m very excited to start learning spanish.
  3. I’m definetely an introvert, but if I don’t have any other choice, I can deal with social situatios very calmly, even tho I’m kinda shy.
  4. I love dancing very much. As I said in the previous fact, I’m kind of shy but if I’m on a concert or party and I like the songs that are playing I’ll probably dance like nobody’s watching and I’ll have lots of fun. People usually get surprised when they see me in these situations.
  5. You gotta make a lot of effort to annoy me or make me dislike you. If you’re not a total asshole, of course lol I get along with people very easily and I never had big problems with anyone in school/etc. If someone in this world dislikes/hates me I probably have no idea about it. I’m very chill and friendly.
  6. I’m not very clingy with people who I’m intimate with at all - when it comes to showing physical affection… but I don’t mind anyone (who’s allowed and who’s my friend lol) hugging me all the time or using me as their couch/pillow (but I probably won’t do that to you, it’s just not a part of my personality, but I love hugging people and I do it often). And yes, people always say I could make a great pillow or couch!!!!!!!!!
  7. I can’t hold grudges at all lol it’s frustrating sometimes. I just stop giving a fuck two seconds after something happened lmao
  8. I love when someone calls me by my name, or say they saw something that made them remember me, or randomly texts me and sends me funny pictures or idk I just love whe people show me they care about me and know I exist. (yes I’m low key needy)high key ummm fine
  9. I love the nature. I’m obsessed with the sunset and I love to feel the wind in my hair!!!!
  10. My hair grows kinda fast… (and this is annoying to me sometimes, principally now that I’ve got a short haircut and I want to keep it for a long time).
  11. I love teapots and chocolate. Also I love dogs, this is one of my favs

I’ll tag: @walkingintheamm @magic-view @narrys-town @harrystylesgotmefuckedup @cheshirepuddin @lovedandinlove1d @holdnarrytight @manipsandeditsof1d @oflostandbrokenhearts @theboyfromwhiteeskimo94 @eyy-jenny <3 Hope you all had a great day!

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  • Name and username
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  • pronounce the follwing words: meme, pepe, doge, sudoku, espresso, celtic, açaí, Dr. Seuss
  • Favorite pizza place? Favorite pizza Topping?
  • What’s your favorite dessert?
  • What’s you’re favorite food? Least Favorite Food?
  • What’s your favorite tv show? What show did you used to like but got out of
  • What brand is your phone?
  • Do you speak a second language
  • How do you define a group of people when you’re talking to them? Do you say guys or dudes or?
  • Which harry potter house do you identify with? If you were sorted by pottermore, do you agree with what you got?
  • Is there somethng you should be doing right now but are procrastinating?
  • Now that you’ve talked about what you need to do, go do it!

“when connie is president what will that make me? first boy?”

honestly I think that might be my favorite (non-singing) line in all of steven universe because it makes my imagine the craziest/best presidential term in U.S. history.

“Mr. Universe, many republicans are claiming that your birth certificate was faked and that you are an illegal alien. What would you say to these allegations?”

“Well definitely not illegal, but I am an alien.”

“you were born outside of the country?”

“no, I was born here”

“then how are you an alien?”

“I mean a literal alien, from outer space. My mother and guardians are all aliens.”

“I’m sorry, what?”

“Well I’m half alien anyway. I thought we made that clear from early on in the campaign?”

(conspiracy theorists have a field day)

“Madam President, why is your husband carrying a huge crystal disc out onto the white house lawn?”

“oh, that’s a warp pad, It lets Gems travel around”

“Isn’t that a security issue?”

“Well only gems can use it, and the only gems on the planet right now are friendly”

(the secret service has their work cut out for them)

and then theres other things- like the time the president and her husband combined into one person at a state dinner. Or how the president is ridiculously badass with a sword. Or how the fist gentleman has five (or possibly six?) adoptive mothers. Or that time the president, her husband, and an insane eldritch monstrosity defended Washington DC from an alien spaceship. (approval ratings skyrocketed)

what I’m saying is: Take some time to imagine the shenanigans President Maheswaran would get up too. It will not disappoint.

Sex with the Avengers

Request: In your opinion, what is the favorite sexual position of each guy (Steve, Bucky, Pietro, Clint, Bruce, Tony) with a female partner? And for Natasha and Wanda (ONLY if you’re comfortable with)? I’M IN LOVE WIH YOUR BLOG! -Anon

A/N: Oops, I planned to write this quickly -like just tell you the positions, but now here I am, four hours later and all of the descriptions aren’t even containing one exact position. Sorry, I hope you like these anyway haha x AND THANK YOU DOLL ♥

Ps. Gosh, I’m such a trash for Steve.

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Keyword: His speed. Oh god, that speed. He would take time to have sex with you, but he would use his speed while teasing you –first, he’s kissing you against the wall and before you even realize, you are laying naked underneath him, his mouth devouring your dripping wet core, causing you to scream his name from the sudden contact.

Pietro would love to be on top; pressing you against the mattress, kissing your lips or sucking your neck demandingly. This position gives him everything he wants; chance to see your expressions, eventuality to touch you and the oh so good possibility to use his speed on you, fucking you hard while you tangle your fingers to his hair or dig your nails to his back, leaving marks he loves to see at the morning after your heated night together.

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Moving along in my Voltron set! Sorry for not finishing this last week. I ended up getting the stomach flu ;-; Not a fun time.
But here is Pidge! Honestly my favorite character in the whole series. Shiro is a close second, but my little green baby is the best <3

If you like this art, please consider buying it on my redbubble shop here!

You can get it as a poster, on a t-shirt, or even cool stuff like a phone case! As always, thank you for your support!!

The Beautiful Language Of Flowers

Hey so, as you may know, I have a strange obsession with plants. I don’t know why but, as you may also know, certain flowers mean things, as in secret messages. I think it’s so cool that I had to share it!

I compiled a short list of my favorite meanings! Here you go! (in no particular order) Also, keep in mind that the meanings may change based on your culture!!!! One more thing, I will mention specific colors but, general means any color of that flower/plant.

Primrose- ‘I can’t live without you’, patience, kindness

Buttercup- Childishness, riches

Cactus- Endurance, ‘My heart burns with love’

Carnation (General)- Fascination, devoted love

Carnation (Striped)- No, refusal, ‘Sorry I can’t be with you’, ‘I wish I could be with you’

Poppy (General)- Eternal sleep, oblivion, imagination

Petunia- Your presence soothes me

Phlox- Our souls are united

Tulip (Yellow)- There’s sunshine in your smile

Venus Flytrap- Caught at last

Viscaria- Will you dance with me?

Marjoram- Joy, happiness

Those are some of my favorites! If you’d like a part 2, please tell me!


Merrill is my absolute favorite character in the whole series and when I saw ruxandralache’s rendition of her, I had to ask permission to paint it.

Please check out the original version >>>>here<<<<

Thank you again for allowing me to paint this piece. Your original drawing had so much character and grace. I hope I’ve done it justice.


Submitted by imanunbrokenfangirl. (Sorry if your favorite isn’t here however I’m only have a limited amount of pictures.)

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What are your favorite Everlark fics? What was the first Everlark fic you read?

*sweats nervously*

Oh my… I’m so gonna fuck this up.

I’m sorry that I neglected this ask for a couple weeks *cough cough* but this is like the toughest question in the world. I’m sure I’ll forget to mention so many of them and I don’t want to leave anyone out by mistake.

The first Everlark fanfiction I’ve read was either Growing New Wings by SkyLark89 or The Greatest Sacrifices by @ronjar. I don’t really remember which one.

*deep breaths* 

Santa chimichanga…

Here are a few *cough* of my favorites:

When the Moon Fell in Love with the Sun by Mejhiren

Another World by @pookieh

The Act by @muttpeeta

Wildflower by @eala-musings

The Firebird by @thegirlfromoverthepond

Crash My Party by court81981

Whispers from District Twelve by @gentlemama

First We Feast by @badnovels

Lines of Demarcation by @awhiskeyriver

Hero Of The Story by @muttpeeta

Portrait Of A Victor by @sponsormusings

Sever by @dandelion-sunset

Silver Thaw by @eala-musings

The Concubine by @alliswell21

Degrees of Separation by @louezem

The Miner’s Wife by @mockingjayflyingfree

A Match of My Own by @mtk4fun

Absolution by @sfcbruce

Watcher by @chele20035

The Kitty Ranch by @dianaflynn22

The Surrogate by @drivebyanon

A House United by @shesasurvivor

Waterlily by @andshewaits

In Name Only by @izzysamson

Love is… by everlarkeologist

His Little Songbird by @the-peeta-pocket

We Have Brought Peace onto You by @jeeno2

I Love You to Mars and Back by @kleeklutch

Coxa by @jennagill

Luna by @herainab

A Marriage Between Victors by @optimus-pam

Brokenheartsville by dracoisalooker76

Dandelion Wine by theoriginalfamousfremus

Heartbeat by @jenniferandjoshua

Inevitability by @xerxia31

Lost and Found by @peetabreadgirl

RADIO by @w00-ly

Synth by @erstwhilemagic

The Call by PM Addict

The 100th Games by @nerdhourariel

Stories of Us by @alwaysameiko

Captive of the Seam by @izzysamson

The Heir to Panem by @dustwriter

Forever Until by lieselmemingers

When You Go Through The Valley by @dracoisalooker76

Refugees in the Manor by Punzie the Platypus

The Other Mockingjay by @mockingjayflyingfree

When our beds are burning by KleineElfe92

C'est La Vie by @awhiskeyriver

Disphoria by @awhiskeyriver

Unlocking The Universe by @awhiskeyriver

Three Names by girl_aflame

The Gardener by @passionatelycuriousff

Housebroken by @badnovels

The Ghost And Mrs. Hawthorne by @mtk4fun

Trouble Sleeping by ImBeautifullyHuman

If This Be Treason, Make the Most of It by @streetlightlove1

Sins Of The Father by @streetlightlove1

Together By Chance, Together By Choice by Bookgirl318

The hand that is dealt by purple_cube

Ruse by purple_cube

Pas de Deux by maktub

Chasing the Dragon by maktub

The Colors by @silvercistern

Treasured by Belladonnablush

The Flesh and the Devil by glintwarsgreatest

For the Crown by Court81981

Stubborn Love by @stacylk

Endgame by @hutchhitched

Thy Mother’s Glass by @prisspanem

Unfailing Love by KnottedEnergy

Everything by @titaniasfics @jlalafics @thegirlfromoverthepond @papofglencoe and @peetasbunmyoven. I can’t choose.

Oh god, I created a monster post. *wipes forehead* I need a drink…

100 Ways to say I LOVE YOU

1) “Pull over.  Let me drive for awhile.”
2) “It reminded me of you.”
3) “No, no, it’s my treat.”
4) “Come here.  Let me fix it.”
5) “I’ll walk you home.”
6) “Have a good day at work.”
7) “I dreamt about you last night.”
8) “Take my seat.”
9) “I saved a piece for you.”
10) “I’m sorry for your loss.”
11) “You can have half.”
12) “Take my jacket, it’s cold outside.”
13) “Sorry I’m late.”
14) “Can I have this dance?”
15) “I made your favorite.”
16) “It’s okay.  I couldn’t sleep anyway.”
17) “Watch your step.”
18) “Here, drink this.  You’ll feel better.”
19) “Can I hold your hand?”
20) “You can borrow mine.”
21) “You might like this.”
22) “It’s not heavy.  I’m stronger than I look.”
23) “I’ll wait.”
24) “Just because.”
25) “Look both ways.”
26) “I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to.”
27) “Try some.”
28) “Drive safely.”
29) “Well, what do you want to do?”
30) “One more chapter.”
31) “Don’t worry about me.”
32) “It looks good on you.”
33) “Close your eyes and hold out your hands.”
34) “That’s okay, I bought two.”
35) “After you.”
36) “We’ll figure it out.”
37) “Can I kiss you?”
38) “I like your laugh.”
39) “Don’t cry.”
40) “I made this for you.”
41) “Go back to sleep.”
42) “Is this okay?”
43) “I picked these for you.”
44) “I’ll drive you to the hospital.”
45) “What do you want to watch?”
46) “You can go first.”
47) “Did you get my letter?”
48) “I’ll do it for you.”
49) “Call me when you get home.”
50) “I think you’re beautiful.”
51) “Are you sure?”
52) “Have fun.”
53) “Sit down, I’ll get it.”
54) “I made reservations.”
55) “I don’t mind.”
56) “It brings out your eyes.”
57) “There is enough room for both of us.”
58) “You don’t have to say anything.”
59) “Wow.”
60) “Happy birthday.”
61) “I’ll pick it up after work.”
62) “It can wait until tomorrow.”
63) “Cross my heart and hope to die.”
64) “It’s two sugars, right?”
65) “I’ll help you study.”
66) “Stay over.”
67) “I did the dishes.”
68) “You didn’t have to ask.”
69) “I bought you a ticket.”
70) “You’re warm.”
71) “No reason.”
72) “I’ll meet you halfway.”
73) “Take mine.”
74) “We can share.”
75) “I was just thinking about you.”
76) “I want you to have this.”
77) “Call me if you need anything.”
78) “Do you want to come too?”
79) “I’ll still be here when you’re ready.”
80) “Is your seat belt on?”
81) “Sweet dreams.”
82) “I was in the neighborhood.”
83) “Stay there.  I’m coming to get you.”
84) “The key is under the mat.”
85) “It doesn’t bother me.”
86) “You’re important too.”
87) “I saved you a seat.”
88) “I’ll see you later.”
89) “I noticed.”
90) “You can tell me anything.”
91) “I hope you like it.”
92) “I want you to be happy.”
93) “I believe in you.”
94) “You can do it.”
95) “Good luck.”
96) “I brought you an umbrella.”
97) “I’ll pick you up at the airport.”
98) “Take a deep breath.”
99) “Be careful.”
100) “I love you.”

  • Dean: So what’d you think?
  • Castiel: It was good.
  • Dean: That’s it? Good?
  • Castiel: I enjoyed it. When you told me I was going to be *air quotes* “losing my virginity”, I didn’t think you meant showing me Raiders of the Lost Ark for the first time.
  • Dean: Sorry, I should have said you were about to have your world rocked on my couch. Anyway, thanks for watching it, it’s one of my all-time favorites.
  • Castiel: It was very entertaining, despite the glaring story problem.
  • Dean: ...Story problem? You, oh, Cas, what a clueless little angel you are. Raiders of the Lost Ark is the love child of Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, two of the most gifted filmmakers of our generation. I’ve watched it 36 times, I defy you to find a story problem. Here’s my jaw: drop it.
  • Castiel: All right. Indiana Jones plays no role in the outcome of the story. If he weren’t in the film, it would turn out exactly the same.
  • Dean: Oh, I see your confusion. You don’t understand. Indiana Jones was the one in the hat with the whip.
  • Castiel: No, I do, and if he weren’t in the movie, the Nazis would have still found the ark, taken it to the island, opened it up, and all died, just like they did.
  • Dean: *jaw drops*
  • Castiel: Let me close that for you.

Halloween is nearly headed, so I made some Assassin’s Creed series Halloween theme cards. And I’m sorry if your favorite character is not here :’( Have an amazing Halloween day everyone!

How the RFA + V and Unknown react to MC getting her period

Requested by xgothamgirl

I’m sorry for taking so long! But here it is ^~^



  • It’s been a while since he’s had a girlfriend, but he knows what to do
  • He buys you a hella lot of chocolate and your favorite manga
  • Will take days off to spend time with you
  • Rubs your back and stomach when you want
  • Learns to cook all your favorite food for the week
  • A special request from you
  • He must carry you in his arms while shirtless
  • Doesn’t mind, at least he knows you like his attractive features
  • Usually massages your body with hardly any clothes on


  • Well Jaehee is a woman, so she knows what your feeling
  • She allows you to borrow her heating pad
  • Shows you her secret stash of coffee and sweets, though she has to move it whenever your period is over or you’ll take it all
  • Cuddles you while watching Zens movies
  • Plays with your hair
  • Fixes you your favorite tea/and or coffee
  • Goes out to get your favorite snacks and sweets
  • Knows your favorite pad/tampon brand
  • Girl can lift~
  • Carries you on her back or in her arms around her home whe you cramp up too bad~


  • He’ll take time off of playing LOLOL to play whatever you want. 
  • Binge eat junk food for days!
  • Eskimo kisses all the time X3
  • Lets you talk about your day
  • Back massages every night~
  • Gives you A LOT of attention
  • Will go wherever you want
  • Cuddles~!
  • Boi tries to give you piggyback rides whenever you cramp to much, but usually fails so he just brings you whatever you want~


  • First things first, the boi is moving Elizabeth 3rd so you don’t get blood on her.
  • Alcohol filled chocolates
  • Will miss work to spend time with you
  • Will take you to work with him when needed to give you attention, and make sure you don’t eat everything in the house
  • Changes the sheets so you wont stain them. 
  • Will start a bubble bath for you every night
  • Favorite food is prepared every night for you~
  • Whenever you want to cuddle Elizabeth 3rd he has you change into one of his shirts so the two of his favorite girls will be comfortable~
  • Carries you wherever you want when you’re cramping
  • Tummy rubs~


  • Holy shit you’ve never hated his job so much as when your on your period
  • Will literally stand in front of those fucking computers until he gives you attention
  • Will sit on his lap while he works
  • He rubs your back with one hand or either rubs your stomach
  • Neck kisses all the time~
  • Whenever he takes a break he cuddles you and spoons
  • Shows you all his longcat pictures
  • You two prank Yoosung ALL THE TIME
  • Will suffer through the heat whenever you wrap a heating blanket around yourself and cuddle on his lap
  • Is willing to break into Jumins home to get Elizabeth 3rd for you to cuddle and distract you
  • Gives you ALL the Honey Buddha chips and PhD. Pepper
  • Whenever you’re cramping really bad he rolls you everywhere in the chair so you wont have to walk~


  • Holy crap this guy is amazing
  • Surprisingly gives great back massages
  • whispers sweet nothings in your ear
  • Wont take pictures of you unless you say it’s okay
  • Has flowers sent to you whenever your period starts
  • Lets your wear his glasses
  • Knows what sweets you crave during certain months
  • Usually rents some movies for you to watch together
  • Stays with you until your feeling better
  • Holds you when your cramping bad


  • Keep your bloody Elizabeth 3rd away from him
  • Thinks you’re pregnant
  • Takes you straight to the doctor
  • Doesn’t care how much it’s pissed you off even though you’ve tried to explain
  • Finds out what a period is
  • Buys you a hella lot of pads and tampons and doesn’t care who’s looking
  • Buys WAY too much candy
  • whenever he goes somewhere he watches you in the apartment to make sure you’re okay
  • If you move he scolds you
  • When he comes back you damand cuddles which he has to give
  • You’ll sit in his lap for hours
  • Whenever you cramp up too bad he usually spins you around in the chair, rolls you around in the chair, or gives you piggyback rides everywhere~

like can you even imagine how much the amount karkat loves valentine’s day terrifies dave lmao

no big just your boyfriend’s secret-but-everyone-knows-it favorite holiday and btw your participation in it specifically is what makes or breaks the entire experience so I guess if you have trouble expressing feelings genuinely you better work on that shit because even though karkat would never actually hold that against you you know that you have the power to either make him deliriously happy or just leave him kind of sad and disappointed but the problem is even though you KNOW he doesn’t even need all that much to achieve the former you’re still afraid that you’ll put actual effort in and still disappoint him and you’re fucking terrified!!!!

(he’ll do fine but oh god the agonizing… the agonizing)