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Hopeless Hearts

jessicamarcia requested: Jungkook + Idol/Fan AU 
Pairing: Jungkook | Reader
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 17,378
Author’s Note: Tbh I had some apprehension about this request because an idea I stumbled upon that just kept coming back to me was directly from this fantasy I kept about having about what would happen if I ever meet Jungkook and how and this just feels very personal to me as a result. Regardless, I decided to share because I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t decide to contribute my pain to the fandom.

ALSO, sentences in italics are being spoken in Korean.

Summary: You never understood the gravity of your position as an intern working Kcon until you fall for one of your favorite idols, Jeon Jungkook—quite literally too.


Sometimes you think you have a lot of mixed feelings when it comes to your job.

On one hand, it’s a pretty incredible opportunity, one that you acknowledge not a lot of people get to experience first hand: which is working as an intern in the event operations department for Kcon—the annual Korean convention in which big Kpop groups will travel around the world to bring their music and their joy to the international fanbase. For someone who never actually had the means and the ability to make the trip as an audience member of your own accord, it’s fascinating to witness the back-the-scenes sight of how much effort and how much time goes into planning and organizing an event of this scale.

And because Kcon it in of itself is half a convention and half a concert, there were always many people needed to cover the different subsections of the event, which is where your role as an intern came into play. Given that there were two interns in the department of organizing the physicality of the event, you were put on the team mainly in charge of organizing the convention while the other intern assisted with scheduling of the talents and making sure the performances would go by smoothly.

But on the other end of that spectrum, working with vendors really allows you to see how many people handle responsibility and deadlines and it makes you want to pull the hair out of your roots. You like to think of yourself as a fairly reasonable person, giving a vendor 24 hours to respond to emails at the latest before having to resort to more emails and phone call—but this is absolutely ridiculous.

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sans-boondoggler  asked:

hey buddy. since you're takin requests, how about a little kustard ship fluff? something cute with classic sans and fell sans bein' all lovey. love the art, btw.

Sorry, this isn’t very lovey, is it?

I hope it’s still sorta close to what you were expecting


for @abloodneed ❤️


P&P +  favorite minor character | requested by @tomscinnamondanish

She was less handsome than her brother; but there was sense and good-humour in her face, and her manners were perfectly unassuming and gentle

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ok but lena loves animals so much because they're always there with unconditional love for her, which is something that she's literally never had before. so like when her and kara adopt their first dog together, she honest to god treats him like he's her biological son and it's absolutely ridiculous and adorable.

oh my god?? dude lena is 100% the type of person to buy sweaters and tiny little boots for their puppy. and when kara’s like “lena, you know dogs… don’t need sweaters right?” lena just stares at her. “of course i know they don’t need them. but what if they want them, kara? can’t a dog wear a sweater without judgment?”

(lena comes home with a dog-sized supergirl outfit one day. “it’ll remind me of you when you can’t be here,” lena says. kara decides she likes the doggy clothes)

overturn ◦ 4

“every once in a while, you find someone who’s iridescent, and once you do, nothing will ever compare.”

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Seventh grade was a whirlwind as far as I can remember. 

It was the year that I finally had Mr. Matthews as a teacher, and I could finally use him as some kind of father figure. At least he’d be better than my own.

When I first thought about having him as my teacher, I thought he’d be the fun, jokester type of teacher, but he was much more than that. He tied in life lessons with history and taught us better ways to deal with conflict. I became even more jealous of Riley everyday he taught because she had this man as a father and I knew he was there for her all the time. I didn’t have that in my life. 

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hey i'm new what's some good spidey/deadpool/cindy moon blogs?

most of these blogs post spidey stuff ssdjhsdjhs but some post cindy & wade too

@peterparkcr @peteyprker @deadypooly @spideygwen @mjwatson @spideydamn @captainkirkk @maryjanewaston @stark-tony @tomhollande @parkerpetey @simon-maia @thomasshollands @tmholland @spiderholland @osterfield @tomhollandislife @intheheartoftomholland @chherik @spideycents @mjsparker @teamspider-man @marvjanewatson @tomhollandparker @dafnekeen @magikspidey

also @dailyspiderman and @spideycentral!!


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Reagan was five when she realized the voice in her head wasn’t her own. She wasn’t sure why that was when it had clicked but it did. She was playing in the flower field that was by her house when she heard crying. She looked up from the flower crown she was weaving for her daddy and looked around. She was the only one here, besides her daddy who was pretending he wasn’t watching her through the windows of the fairy cottage. So was crying?

“Hello?” Reagan called to the empty field. She got no response but she still heard the crying.

‘Hello?’ Reagan thought.

‘H-h-e-llo?’ The voice sniffled back.

‘It’s okay, please stop crying.’ Reagan pleaded trying to sooth the boy. At least Reagan thought it sounded like a boy. She could be wrong though, she was new at the hearing voices in her head thing.

‘Am I dreaming?” Reagan heard the maybe-boy wonder in her mind.

‘I’m not a dream.’ Reagan giggled. ‘I’m a girl.’

‘Oh, I’m a boy,’ The boy responded brightly. It seemed all his tears were gone and for that she was happy. She didn’t like him being sad.

‘Why is there a boy in my head?’ Reagan wondered as she turned her attention back to the flower crown she was making.

‘Well, why is there a boy in my head?’ The boy countered clearly just as confused as she was.

‘Maybe it’s magic,’ Reagan gasped as she thought of the the times her daddy and her Aunt Molly and Uncle Arthur had used magic. Maybe she was doing magic of her own, she would be just like her Daddy then.

‘My Uncle says magic isn’t real’ the boy told her his voice sad now.

Reagan rolled her eyes, of course magic was real she had seen it, ‘Well your Uncle is stupid.’

The boy’s giggle echoed in her mind and Reagan decided that it was one of her favorite sounds in the world.

‘Why can I hear you in my head? Am I freak?’ The boy questioned sounding very concerned.

‘Maybe we’re both freaks’ Reagan though. ‘Do you wanna be freaks together. Maybe then we could be friends?’

Later Remus Lupin with his flower crown proudly on his head, explained that she wasn’t a freak. The boy in her head that she was hearing was her soulmate. Reagan knew what a soulmate was, her Aunt Molly and Uncle Arthur were soulmates.

“Daddy?” Reagan questioned as Remus tucked in her into her bed. He made a hmm noise in response. “Do you have a boy in your head too?”

“Yes baby, I do.”

Reagan paused thinking about her daddy’s boy, “Okay, night.”

“Goodnight Princess.”

When a five year old Harry Potter asked his Aunt Petunia about the girl in his head he didn’t get quite the same loving response that his soulmate did. 


Character Aesthetic: Stan Pines

“Everything I’ve worked for–everything I care about–it’s all for this family!”