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Listen I’m bi as Heck and as much as I love girls, I also love boys? Boys are amazing and pure and liking boys is a wonderful feeling? I never see a lot of posts talking about cute boys so

Some Boy Aesthetics™ I’m in love with include:

Their tired grins? Have you seen a cute boy grin when he’s tired? Life Changing

Sleeves rolled up to forearms is all good and Well but also when they have Sweater Paws in their hoodies or jumpers? Makes the tallest of them seem so smol? I’m lov?

When they run their hand through their hair and it sticks up in places and it looks So Good

Collar Bones

Soft pudgy stomachs they absolutely make me melt

When ya boy gets flustered A++ Bonus points if he giggles Boys giggling is Everything

Foreign language songs on my phone: Masterpost

A list of songs in languages other than English that I have on my phone.

Languages included in this list: Sami, Romanian, Croatian, Serbian, Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Polish, Italian, Armenian, Arabic, French, Portuguese, Albanian, Spanish, Korean, Hindi, Greek, Turkish and Norwegian.

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Ooo just thought of another thing, do you guys ship real people together? I feel like I would but I don’t seem to have any real ships, but it seems really cute to look at two people in real life and think ‘wow those two would be so good with each other’ and you can actually like help make them become a thing if you wanted, and it’s just kind of a lovely thing to me idk

So I saw a review on Boueibu, and I was like cool, so I checked it out and the reviewer basically makes Boueibu seem like the worst anime ever made.

Like I’m totally okay that people have their own opinions on Boueibu (No hate there, because people can like what they like, and I’m not going to bitch a fit, because that’s stupid), but if you’re basically going to say that this was an insult to Magical Girl anime, I feel like you should rewatch the entire series (unlike them, they watched only SOME of the show).

This was a PARODY, and tbh as a fan of Magical Girl shows, I felt like the aspects of what they were making fun of was great, because there were at times while watching Sailor Moon when I felt like the cliches were really stupid and repetitive. Tbh, to watch Boueibu, you need a sense of humor, imo. Like they bashed the show for it not being serious, and one commenter even said that people who like Boueibu are lying. (fuck youuu, I for one loved it so shut your whore mouth). 

Like I said before, no hate towards anyone who doesn’t like Boueibu, because it’s a matter of opinion, but if you have to stoop that low and be so hateful towards it, then to me, it’s not really a review anymore. It makes it seem you’re only ‘reviewing’ it to bash it, and I don’t mind HONEST reviews, but I’d rather you try not to make it sound so damn hateful. //rant over

unpopular opinion: i hate cons. the fan questions give me so much second-hand embarrassment. and on top of that it only ever leads to fandom drama which i am soooo not here for.

alright when someone comes at me saying something like “why do you even want keith and lance to end up together? they are barely friendly with each other” like, i get it, you are probably completely focused on their bickering and just kinda…gloss over the moments where it is so very obvious they care about each other. and not everyone sees the potential between them, anyways. that’s cool. but when you say that and then proceed to hit me with “keith and allura would make much more sense” i just???? what??? bitch WHERE? after season 2, i am positive they care about each other (i just personally think it’s only platonic, especially since i’m very attached to the gay!keith headcanon, i don’t feel right shipping him with girls myself) but how are they any more friendly with each other than keith and lance?? they’ve literally…barely interacted 1-on-1 throughout the whole show so far. is it bc they hugged? bc allura apologized for her behavior towards keith? lmao bc that wasn’t even written well. she  was completely justified in how she was feeling.  keith didn’t even bother to ask how allura was feeling and he didn’t even bother to apologize himself. they were both in the wrong in ways and it was handled very poorly and i do not see how that portrays a good relationship. i’m sorry but i just, personally, cannot see how keith and allura makes more sense than keith and lance. how can someone think keith and lance are barely friendly with each other but think keith and allura are friendly?? did you watch the show Dude

Day 4/28 of gtjseanniversary: technology!

For context, what Jack’s wearing is based off that VR video he just did called To The Top, so… I tried my hand at writing something to go along with my usual doodle! Hope ya enjoy!

There was the telling knock on Mark’s door of a delivery man with no time to wait for a recipient. When he opened the door, he was generally confused before spotting a tiny package on the doorstep, and couldn’t help crack a smile as he carefully picked it up and took it inside.

“Jack? What the heck did you order this time!?”

Mark wasn’t really all that concerned with what his tiny roommate ordered, but it never failed to amaze him that there was some much miniature-sized tech out in the world, like Jack’s VR system, or the rest of his set-up for that matter.

As Mark opened the door to his room, he spotted the small Irish man from his spot on the nightstand.

“What’d’ya mean, I didn’t order anythi- OH! THANK JAYSUS IT FINALLY CAME IN!!”

As Jack excitedly made his way to the bedside, Mark sat down on the bed and handed Jack his package, which he then quickly started to tear apart.

“Hey woah there dude, mind telling me what exactly is in that package that I took SO much care in bringing to you?” He said with a tone of sarcasm.

 Jack eyed the man before scoffing with a roll of his eye, “Ya remember that video I did on that cool game ‘To the Top’?” Mark nodded as he continued, excitement rising in his tone. “Well, shortly after that, the developers contacted me and asked if I wanted to try a prototype of a real-life version of the tech in the game!”

As he finished his sentence, Jack reached into the box and pulled out two red blocky-looking gloves that he practically slammed on. Mark watched on in slight worry.

“Uh, did you say, ‘prototype’? Don’t those usually end in disaster? And are you sure you can trust their tech?”

Jack was in the middle of calibrating the strange googles, which he was told would allow him to see the things he could climb using a blue tint, much like the game.

“Oh Mark you worry to much.” He said as he waved his friend away with a gloved hand. “Besides, someone’s gotta try the technology before everyone else!”

“But aren’t you afraid of heights?!”

Jack looked his giant friend in the face through calibrated googles.


Mark sighed in defeat as he readied himself for whatever happened next; Jack giggled in pure excitement as the system finished booting up, giving him full control as he ran start towards Mark’s body, using the googles to aim and decide where to go, and the gloves to stick like a certain spider-themed hero. Mark had to do everything to not jump as he felt a small weight land on his leg with a soft ‘thump’ and loud whooping before seeing a very excited friend bounce off him and to the edge of the bed.

“J-jack?! W-wait, be careful!”

Big thanks to people like @hufflepufftrax, @tzds-gt, @arc852, @hiddendreamer67 and other g/t writers for inspiring me to write!


10 day self sim cas challenge by @thecactus ~

day 1: everyday wear
day 2: formal wear
day 3: athletic wear

day 4: you at another age
day 5: an outfit you would never wear in real life
day 6: dream job
day 7: date night outfit
day 8: dress up/costume
day 9: different time period

50′s pin up counts right?

Let The Fear Settle In.

Requested By Anonymous. This is set in Bellamy’s P.O.V when Clarke removes her helmet.

Bellamy was used to Clarke taking risks, ones that seem a little insane or extreme, like when she faced the Azgeda army by herself, and when she broke out of Mount Weather, or killed a panther as she’d once told him. But none of that matched what she was doing right now; removing her helmet, exposing herself to the radiation. Bellamy had felt fear before he knew what it felt like, he was familiar to the heavy thumping that beat in his chest with alarm, the beading sweat that raced to his forehead and the closed throat feeling and the suit he was wearing wasn’t helping. He couldn’t lose Clarke, but he was too busy arguing with Murphy to stop her from taking it off.

Bellamy panicked, stepping towards the girl, hesitant on whether to quickly pull of his own helmet to give to her.

“Clarke, are you crazy? What are you doing?” Bellamy exaggerated, concern swarming his expression, she must have saw it because she didn’t even look at Murphy when he took the helmet from her hands to place over Emori’s head. She was only looking at him.

“I have night-blood.” Clarke said but it sounded like the breath was taken out of her, a clear sign the radiation was kicking in. Bellamy’s eyebrows furrowed as he focused on the girl, he wished he could have stopped her because he was sure he was feeling more fear than she was right now.

Clarke always seemed to risk her life when she could, it felt like she had a death wish and that was one this he hated about her. She seemed to think no-one would care if she died, but he would. He couldn’t live without Clarke beside him, the thought made a pang in his chest.

“Untested night-blood, Clarke.” His voice was deeper than usual, laced with worry and Clarke made a move to step forward but froze when she started choking. Bellamy was at her side within seconds, his hand on her elbow as he kept her on her feet. The choking turned to coughing and soon enough what he feared happened; she threw up blood. The dark blood flying from her lips hitting the flattened snow, Clarke had practically leaned all her weight on Bellamy as she became weak and he felt like someone had just ripped his heart out. “Clarke,”

He said her name like he was broken, barely able to say her name as she breathed quick trying to keep herself awake. She managed enough strength to meet his eyes and gave him a small smile that tugged at his heart.

“It’s just a little blood, I’ll be fine.” Her words were not only trying to assure him, but she was trying to assure herself, he knew Clarke and the fear was evident on her face. The others might not see it but he could. He kept his arm around Clarke to support her whilst he reached for his radio and pressed it close enough to his lips, eyes flickering down at the pale girl he loved so much in his arms.

“Monty, drive fast.”


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