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father of the year award goes to that one time my dad messaged me the morning after my breakup, completely unaware that me n josh had broken up bc i hadnt told anyone yet not even my best friends, and was like i just sent you a present!! check ur bank account. so i did and he had wired me $500. FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS. and im just like holy shit???!!!??? like i hadnt asked for any money at all or anything for that matter. and hes just like its to go towards your flight to see ur bf this summer :) and some solid nights of cheesecake (cause i had just discovered my love for cheesecake factory cheesecake). and i was just like in awe like holy shit thank you so much????? but i have to tell you dad me and josh broke up last night?? so like im not gonna need all this money for a flight im so sorry i can send it back. and his response was “thats just more cheesecake for you then!” like holy shit he just let me keep the $500 that i hadnt asked for i was literally so grateful bc i was in such a dark place at that point w/ the breakup and my antidepressants no longer working and finals hes the best and i love him so much???

Come Over

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Warnings: Smut, Daddy kink, Bondage, Spanking, Cursing

A/N: Guys my first smut! Ok so I’m kinky as hell so sorry if you’re not. Anyway I’m in the process of moving so my wifi is turned off and i couldn’t upload yesterday. sorry.

Peter wasn’t answering his phone. Being Peter he of course left it on the coffee table of the Avengers tower living room.

So when a text popped up saying something like, “Come over, I miss you,” and Steve happened to see it, he couldn’t help but ask Tony if Peter was seeing someone. Tony had no clue if Peter had a girlfriend, but he wanted to find out. “Let’s check his facebook,” Tony suggested.

Steve left the online stuff to Tony. Being frozen for 40 years didn’t make him tech friendly.

Natasha had walked it when another text had beeped on Pete’s phone. She read aloud, “We can have some fun? With a winky face? Hey, is Spider-boy dating someone?”

Tony and Steve both shrugged their shoulders not wanting to look away from the boy’s facebook page.

“Are you checking his facebook?” She already knew the answer though, she saw it in Tony’s glasses. They both only nodded.

Natasha walked up behind the men to get a look. “Holy shit is that her?” Tony asked astonished. “She’s dropped dead gorgeous.”

Sam, who had walked over and stood next to Natasha, nodded saying, “Yeah she is. Who is that?”

“We think it’s Peter’s girlfriend,” Nat answered him.

“Now there’s no way Spidey got a girl who looks like that!”

Steve only shook his head at Sam. Natasha smiled, “And she’s texting him ‘come over’… with a winky face.”

Sam’s jaw dropped. “Damn Pete must have major game! Never been prouder!”

Tony laughed, “we should go give him his phone. Wouldn’t want him to miss out.”

“Wouldn’t want who to miss out on what?” Bucky walked in just in time for another text.

“Spider-kid has a girlfriend and she’s texting him come over,” Steve filled him in.

“Peter don’t make me beg.” Nat read the new text.

Bucky and Steve both choked. Sam was pumping his fist yelling ‘that’s my boy!’ and Tony gave a satisfied smile.

“Shit, she sent a picture.” Nat felt her cheeks heat up.

They hadn’t unlocked his phone but everyone was so curious about this picture Natasha had debated actually looking. She knew better, however, and pushed her way past the boys and out to the pool, where she knew Pete would be.

He was sitting on the edge of the pool with his legs dangling in the water.

“Peter, your phone has been blowing up with texts. So who’s,” she paused and glanced at the caller ID on his phone, “Angel?”

Pete turned bright red at the mention of Y/N. He kept her secret for a reason. He just wasn’t ready for the teasing from everyone.

“Umm I don’t know what you mean.” He crossed his arms. Peter wasn’t about to give up anything, even if she could torture it out of him.

“Is that so? Well I guess you would be fine if I handed this over to the guys. They’ve been very curious about the ‘come over’ texts and picture you got. I just barely got away before they opened it.” She turned around.

“Wait!” Peter jumped up and swung to the other side of the pool, next to Natasha. “She’s my girlfriend. We’ve been seeing each other for a few months now.”

Nat nodded, she would take what she could get, but she still wanted to know more. “Bring her home some time ok?”

“Can I have my phone if I agree?”

“You can have it back regardless Pete. I couldn’t keep you from what you’re about to get.” She winked at him and walked inside.

When he got to his room Peter finally declared it safe enough to unlock his phone and read his messages.

He got to her photo and his cock twitched at the sight of her perky breast on display for him.

‘On my way.’ He sent back.

Y/N smirked when she got a reply. She was so glad she didn’t live in the dorms right now. Quickly she got up to get ready. Y/N smudged her liner and dressed in matching underclothes. When she was finished there was a knock at the door.

She took a deep breath and went to open it.

Peter groaned when he saw her dressed in his button up shirt with no pants on. Her legs made him week kneed and she knew it. “You little minx. Do you realize how much trouble you’re in?” He entered and closed the door without taking his eyes off her.

Y/N smiled. She liked being in trouble with him.

“My team was very interested in these messages I was getting. And then I get that sexy picture.” He had her backed into a wall and placed his hands on her hips.

“You’re looking so fuckable right now I might have to forgive you.”

Y/N’s breath had quickened. “Peter please I’ve waited all day.”

“You’ve been waiting all day for daddy’s cock?” All shyness he had during his conversation with Natasha was gone. He was a whole new man with Y/N.

“Yes daddy, please let me have it.” She was whimpering out for him and he hadn’t even touched her yet.

Peter ran his hands over her thighs and up the shirt she was wearing. “Not yet angel. I don’t know if I forgive you for teasing me with your tits.”

She bit her lip when his lips kissed her neck. He worked his lips over every inch of her neck, kissing, nipping, and licking the sensitive skin. His hands were feeling the smooth skin of her stomach. Peters lips were on her collar bone now. She moaned out when he bit her softly. Y/N tangled her hands in his hair and tugged but he pulled back completely.

“Hey what the hell?”

She didn’t get to say anything else because he smacked her ass. “Speak when spoken to angel. I didn’t like that tone of voice either,” smack, “so you get another one.”

Y/N whimpered.

“Now get upstairs, and I want this,” he pulled at the shirt she wore, “gone when I get there.”

She nodded, “yes sir.”

He’d make her wait a little longer. She survived all day then this wouldn’t kill her. When he walked through the door she was on the bed sitting on her feet. The shirt was gone just as he instructed and slowly she brought her hands up behind her. He heard the snap of her bra being unhooked. When it fell to the floor he thanked God for the beautiful girl in front of him.

Peter crossed the room, laid her on her back, and kissed her deeply. Her arms wrapped around his neck and he sighed against her lips. “I’m gonna make you cum at least four times tonight darling.”

Her eyes widened, and he laughed. “Don’t look so frightened, I know that turns you on.” 

Pete touched her over her panties. “See how wet it makes you when I talk this way?” He pulled the thin material down her legs and kissed her body. “You’re so beautiful baby. So beautiful, and only for me.”

He grabbed her cunt and she bit her lip. “This is all mine. You got that?”

Y/N nodded furiously. “Say it baby. Tell me who’s pussy this is.”

“Yours daddy! All yours!”

He took her nipple into his mouth sucking and biting it while she fisted his hair. He rolled the other with his fingers before switching sides. “You like when I play with your tits baby girl?” She pushed against him with her hips but he held her down.

“Yes daddy, I love when you suck and bite me there.”

Peter smiled. “That’s my girl. Tell me where else you want my mouth angel.” He slid a finger up her soaked slit and Y/N moaned out his name.

“Please Peter!”

He landed a smack on her ass. “That’s not my name baby. Tell me where you want my mouth princess.”

“On my cunt daddy. Please.”

Peter didn’t give in just yet. He kissed down her body and down her thighs, then back up until he could taste her. She felt him lick a long strip up her pussy and she groaned. He worked her good, moving his tongue up and down against her. Peter’s tongue pushed into her and she yelped. “God yes! Daddy more!” He gave her just what she wanted. Peter pressed at her entrance with his finger while his tongue flicked her clit, before sinking into her. Y/N grabbed his hair, “Daddy yes!” Pete smirked as he nibble her clit. “Fuck Peter, you’re so good.”

He added a finger and moved them inside her. He rubbed his fingers against her walls and Y/N widened her legs wanting him deeper. “Shit right there! I’m so close baby!”

Peter moved faster to push her to her release. She came undone with a scream of his name. He’d swear that was his favorite sound.He carried her down from her orgasm and her fingers loosened in his hair.

“That’s it angel. You ready for another?” She nodded lazily.

“Hands up baby girl.” She raised her hands and he bound them with his tie to the headboard. This was always her favorite.

“Such a good girl for me angel.” Peter stripped and crawled back over her. He spread her legs and bit his lip at the sight of her opened up for him. “Baby please, I can’t wait any longer.”

He teased her entrance with the tip of his dick. “This what you want doll?” Peter was rubbing himself so she could see what she had done to him. “My cock pounding your tight, wet cunt? You want me to make you cum all over my dick? Make you scream my name?”

“Yes daddy please make me cum again.”

Peter pushed into her in one swift movement. Both of them moaned out at the feeling. He gave her a moment to adjust to his size. “Fuck angel you’re so tight.” He licked the shell of her ear and she whimpered.

Peter moved out of her and pushed back into her heat. They were pressed close together, chest against chest while he gave her all that she asked for. She was whining into his ear “more daddy please.” Peter kissed her neck, “You’ll kill me one day princess, I know you will,” but still he gave her what she wanted. He reached down to play with her clit and it didn’t take long until she was pulling her restraints until the tie stretched with the force she placed on it. He watched the way her back arched off the bed as she wrapped his waist with her legs and pulled him closer. Her hair was a mess against the pillow and her lips red from biting them. Her body was shining with sweat and Peter thought about how beautiful she looked in that moment.

When Pete hit that spot inside her, her eyes flew open and she shouted, “Pete right there!”

Peter couldn’t hold out for long. The way she was squeezing him and moaning his name, had him on the edge. He untied her hands and they were on his shoulders instantly. Y/N scratched his back and his arms while he worked her body passionately. The hand he didn’t have on her clit played with a breast and his lips were on her neck. With another bite to her neck she was screaming his name and clutching his biceps.

Peter went faster, chasing his orgasm.

He praised her while he came. “Good girl princess, you did so well.”

Peter dropped next to her and she cuddled into his side. “Holy shit,” she said.

Pete laughed, “that was only twice angel. The next one will be on the table, then I want you against a wall.”

Her eyes widened.

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Lams smut

Laurens: *moan* Oh Alexander don’t stop!

Washington: *groans and opens Alexander’s bedroom door* Okay boys you have to keep things down when you’re giving each other a massa- WHAT THE HELL! *sees Alexander on top of Laurens*

Alexander: *covers himself and Laurens with his blanket* OH MY GOD! GEORGE HAVE YOU HEARD OF KNOCKING!

Laurens: *blushes heavily* I’M SO SO SORRY YOU HAD TO SEE THIS MR. WASHINGTON!

Washington: *closes the bedroom door and walks away slowly*

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No art is simple and the STARCO PRINCESSES ART was far from simple.  It was a collage of more than 20 characters that I had written down and collected from suggestions and messages from my followers.  It was highly detailed and it would have been very time consuming.  

Sadly I do feel sorry for those innocent in all of this and won’t see the artwork in the end.  It would have been great but unfortunately things change and it’s no longer in the works.  

In the end, I don’t need to prove anything because my SUPPORTIVE and UNDERSTANDING followers know me and don’t need proof that I care.  You, unfortunately have proven to me that you are not part of that group and that you do not speak on behalf of my entire following.  

At this point I’m sharing your message to everyone so they know that this stuff happens.  HATE COMMENTS are never acceptable and you’re lucky that I’m not like you and I choose to not degrade you with prolific negative insults.  

As I said before, message me directly and we can talk about this more professionally.  I truly invite you to do so because I’m interested to know who you are. :D

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Guys I just had the most amazing day ever !!

I got to see the small town my great grandparents lived in when they moved to America in the 1920s! My great grandfather was in a terrible mining accident that took his and 40 other men’s lives, which ultimately shaped my entire family. We got to see the site of the accident (which has been turned into a beautiful memorial which respects and honestly memorializes all 41 lives lost in a beautiful way!) his (my great grandmother, great great grandparents, great great aunts and uncles etc) grave sites & really get to learn about my family heritage! This is a dream of mine complete !

How was your days ?!😁💚💚


“Are you okay?”
“I can only hope, Agent Scully.”

She never thought she would see the day when Agent Doggett would remind her of Mulder.

(And not just because he wound up in the hospital at the end of this case.)

Something’s changed, though. There was an openness to his approach this time around that surprised her. Nothing particularly extreme – it’s not as though he ran into the tunnel believing he would find poltergeists or mothmen, as Mulder might have done – but when confronted with something completely bizarre and outside the bounds of conventional wisdom, he didn’t shut down. He took it in stride, ultimately improvising a solution that unquestionably saved lives.

It was a very “Mulder” thing to do.

And then of course there was the part where she almost lost him. That was also, unfortunately, decidedly Mulder-like.

In the end, though, he made it out okay. Thank God. When the image from his video feed started moving again, the relief she felt turned her knees to water. Though somewhat less intensely than earlier, guilt still gnaws at her over sending him alone, over staying behind because she couldn’t risk her pregnancy with some possible contagion. (The pregnancy she still hasn’t disclosed to him.)

She convinced herself before, when she was pursuing the IVF treatment, that getting pregnant wouldn’t affect her ability to work. She reasoned that surely, if she’d managed to work more or less uninterrupted while fighting cancer, it wouldn’t be a problem. She wonders now how naive that was. Her hand drifts to her belly, to the roundness that’s just started to become visible there, and she sighs. She’s going to have no choice but to tell him soon.

She told Skinner out of necessity, not just because of work but also because she was still having so much trouble believing it, and saying it out loud made it real. Her mother… well of course she had to tell her mother. And the Gunmen figured it out when Byers saw the ultrasound machine at the hospital. Beyond that, though, she hasn’t told a soul. Not that she has a lot of friends she could share this sort of news with, these days.

Agent Doggett may not be someone she socializes with outside of work, but he is her partner. Telling him would be a logical thing to do, and there is nothing logical about the primary reason she still hasn’t. True, it is technically none of his business, but there’s more to it than that.

It’s just that somehow, deep down, no matter how unrealistic a hope it’s turned out to be, she wanted to be able to tell Mulder first. She hoped… well, she hoped a lot of things. None of which seem likely to come to pass anytime soon.

She’s going to have to tell him. Not today, not after everything that’s just happened. But before too much longer. In the meantime, she just has to figure out how to convince herself that telling Agent Doggett doesn’t mean she’s given up on Mulder.

Semi-Hiatus Announcement

Hey guys, I’m going to be going on a sort of semi-hiatus for the next couple of weeks due to school coming to an end and my exams right around the corner. I’ve been so busy of late and had so much going on and I just don’t have a lot of time for this blog right now. After a majority of my exams are done I will try and be more active but I can’t promise anything. I’ll try and set up a queue for a couple posts to be spread throughout the day as well. I’m sorry to anyone who is following and likes my blog, it’s just getting too hard for me right now.

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Requested by @emotional-starfish -Can I have a Scott McCall gif imagine like maybe the reader is being super clingy and Scott is just kinda happy about it cause Scott McCall is just a fluffy person! Thanks <3

I hope you like it <3 (Sorry if it’s blurry again, Idek what happened)

   “Scotttt.” I whined, “Yes, Y/N?” He said. “I wanna cuddle.” I said. “I can’t right now Y/N.” He said putting his shoes on, he had to go see Derek for some pack stuff. “Scott, please!” I whined again. He looked at me and I gave him puppy eyes. I could have sworn I saw him smile at my whining for cuddles. He sighed and took his shoes off “You’re lucky I love you Y/L/N.” He said walking over to the couch. I smiled at him. “Derek is gonna kill me, but you’re worth dying for.” He told me, then he lay down with me and I cuddled into him. He gave me a kiss on the lips, then one on my forehead. “I love you, Scott.” I said kissing his chest. “I love you too Y/N.” He said back

CH 18 - One in the Same

First   |   Previous   |   End?

He opened eyes and the room came into focus around him. As he turned he noticed a computer, lights, and a very full book case. One of the figures on the shelves was knocked over. When he reached out to fix it his hand slipped right through. Examining it closer he noticed he could also see through it.

A sudden thought occurred to him as he stared. Who was he? There was only a moment to ponder this though.


He hadn’t noticed the door opening behind him. It was safe to assume that the man on the floor had been the one to open it.

“Another one?” Sean ran a hand through his hair.

“Um, hello. I’m sorry to bother you but…do you know who I am?”

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Rawr x3 nuzzles how are you pounces on you you're so warm o3o notices you have a bulge o: someone's happy :wink: nuzzles your necky wecky~ murr~ hehehe rubbies your bulgy wolgy you're so big :oooo rubbies more on your bulgy wolgy it doesn't stop growing ·///· kisses you and lickies your necky daddy likies (; nuzzles wuzzles I hope daddy really likes $: wiggles butt and squirms I want to see your big daddy meat~ ( im so fucking sorry but i had to )

u didn’t have to tho

One Thousand and One Derry Nights(Pennywise x Reader)

Pennywise takes an interest in a girl who happens to love reading and singing.


Warnings: Nothing, except Pennywise attempting to scare you

  It was quite strange seeing a human who wasn’t out with her friends, or flirting with all the lustful boys in Derry. He found it strange to see her so engulfed in something ever so pointless, rather than riding a bike around Derry or even having her eyes glued to a screen.

  Oh no, this girl instead had her nose stuck inside a book. A book out of everything those pitiful humans owned.

  This girl…oh this girl, she was the one who somehow, just somehow mesmerized him. She was able to lull him right to sleep without him having to eat, but before that, she was able to keep him awake and entertained. Her voice was one that did so much to him and even as an alien entity that had quite the amount of knowledge, he had no idea how she could control him so easily.

  Pennywise remembered how he found her when he peered out his sewer drain, studying the area to see if there was any victim nearby and soon enough his eyes landed on a pair of legs that passe right by the hole. He smirked before calling out to the girl, but she merely continued to walk.

  The clown felt a bit of anger in him because yes he knew how humans were quite rude, but it angered him to experience such a display! So, he shape shifted himself into a spider that crawled out the drain and eagerly trailed behind her, eventually catching up to her and climbed up her leg. The spider continued to crawl up, until it felt itself get swatted away by one of the girl’s hands as her other one continued to hold something that obviously kept her attention away.

 Said creature then turned into a rat that dashed towards her legs and when reaching her, took a quick bite of her exposed ankle.

“Aah, what the hell!?” the girl yelped and finally turned down before seeing the rodent which made her roll her eyes and then lightly kicked it away before she turned back to her object: a book.

How was a stupid packet of papers and words much more important than a rat biting her? Pennywise was quite  dumbfounded and gave up, thinking that revealing his clown self now would be too early. The rat crawled back away into the storm drain and dropped itself before landing on its feet, back in its clown form that got down on his hands and knees to creep through the tunnels.

  Pennywise continued to go through the sewers, constantly sniffing the air to follow her by her scent. Although as time went by, he didn’t really need to continue smelling the air because something else just happened to lead him to her.

“And there’s no remedy for memory, your face is like a melody.It won’t leave my head

Your soul is haunting me and telling me that everything is fine~”

  He couldn’t remember the last time a voice intrigued him this much, or perhaps there never really was an instance in which that’s happened…but he was not sure how the girl’s singing, or just her voice alone was so…amazing.

  But then, he shook his head and snapped out of it, especially when he realized that he had actually stopped his journey to take a look at her features…noticing that her looks were quite alluring, and the way she moved her glossed lips was almost hypnotizing. Pennywise scrunched his nose and furrowed his “brows” to get back onto his hands and knees before going on his adventure to what he believed was going to most likely be her home.

 You finally shut your book after placing your trusty bookmark in it to then unlock your door and went inside your humble abode, gently shutting and making sure to lock the door again. Your book was placed down onto your couch as you walked over to the kitchen and got your tea kettle, filling it with water before you put it on the stove and turned it on.

  As the water heated up, you left to your room and quickly change into some pajamas that you found most comfortable and warm. When you finished changing into them, you went to your bathroom and looked in the mirror as you washed some dirt off of your hands, never noticing that your living room window was open.

  Because of this, a certain rat climbed into it and crawled down onto the counter before landing onto the ground and raising its snout to get a whiff of the air. It noticed that there was a scent of heat, and it realized that it was the water you had previously placed on the stop.

  Speaking of you, the rat scurried under your table when it heard footsteps nearing its current location. Soon enough, your feet came right into its vision as you grabbed a towel to grab the tea kettle’s handle and turned off the stove with your free hand.

  The rat peered out and realized that you poured some water into a cup and twirled a spoon inside it, making the heated water smell much more sweet. You brought the mug to your nose and smelled it, humming contently when you yourself enjoyed it. Eventually, you walked away and unknowingly were followed by the rat into your living room where you picked up your book, then exiting and going into your bedroom, rat still trailing behind.

  It saw that you set your cup down onto a small table that was nearby and had two books laying on it, before you jumped onto your bed and laid down with your head propped on your pillows.

  'Show time.’ the rat thought to itself before it dashed across your room and you looked up from your book to see what it was, keeping your eyes on the ground before the rodent creeped into your sight and stopped in place. You squinted your eyes before it stood on its hind legs and let out a squeak, that turned into a squeal and then a blood-curling screech that made you cover your ears, seeing that its small body grew in size and shed all its hair.

  The growing rat turned white all over as it’s snout transformed into a mouth with large teeth and its claws grew to the size of its animal body, or perhaps larger. You quickly backed up and cursed to yourself when you remembered that your headboard was right behind you, giving you no means of escape.

  When you realized that you could race to the side, the creature grew to the side of an abnormally tall man who happened to look like a clown, though you gave no care and only thought of running off. But you were stopped when your chair was thrown into your path, so you skidded to a stop which caused you to fall backwards and onto the ground. You hurried onto your feet and once again walked backwards as the clown shook itself and you heard its body jingle.

  The clown now cornered you as you tightly clutched onto your book and stared intensely at him, noticing that his lips were wet with drool that either dripped down or slid down his white chin.

“Hmmm…I absolutely love it when you humans cower before me, when you have no way of escape and plead that I let you live…so, why don’t you go on ahead and do that for me?”

“Please,spare me! I’ll do whatev-”

“Spare you? Heeheehee…you are quite the funny human which proves to be quite tempting…”

“I-…what do you want from me?"”

"First off little one, or (Y/N)…let me introduce myself,” the clown placed a hand in front of himself and took a small bow. “I’m Pennywise, the Dancing Clown, m'lady. And I am here to devour your frail little body.

  Pennywise looked around and once again glanced at the book in your hand: Frankenstein.

 He realized that, your plea was actually pretty tempting because throughout his time of terrorizing and just living on Earth, he never really took the time to do anything else besides eat, scare, and sleep and you could do something for him. At the same time, he did feel quite allured by you and for some reason he believed you possibly had a kind of importance.His eyes stayed glued on the book which was then swiped out of your hand and brought to his nose to sniff it before throwing it to the side with a shake of his head.

"Although little one, there is something you may do to have me spare your puny life…at least for the time being.”

“What is it?”

“Pick out a book out of your library and present to me the one you consider best, and read it to me.”

Read it to him? That was quite the simple task,right?

“But…once you read the story to me, I am to not fall into boredom or else, I will kill you before feasting on your tasty, tasty flesh.”

  You nodded at him before you carefully backed away and went over to your bookcase, slowly turning to face it whilst fearing what the clown would do to you behind your back. Your eyes wandered around, looking at each of the titles before quite the interesting one caught your interest, so your hand grazed your fingers on it before grabbing and gently pulling out your selection.

  Pennywise’s eyes darted from your back to your hands holding the book that gleamed, almost like the gold he would find in the earlier years. He approached you before seeing that you stopped in your spot, and he soon grabbed your wrist and pulled you towards wherever it was he was taking you.

  The clown practically dragged you through your hallways before you saw he was taking you into your living room, and he plopped his huge body onto your largest couch. Eventually, he tugged on your wrist again and you let out a yelp when you landed on his lap. His arms snaked around your waist so that you had no ways of escape.

“And, which book is it that you have chosen, kitten?"”

"It’s…One Thousand and One Nights.” you slightly gulped before you glanced down at it, then feeling Pennywise scratch your side. You gasped and looked down to see that his gloved hand was now a claw that was slowly starting to dig into your clothes.

“Well? Read it!” You nodded your head before opening up the book and cleared your throat to speak.

“It is related—but Allah is all wise and all knowing, all powerful and all beneficent—that there was, in the tide and show of ancient time and the passage of the age and of the moment, a king among the kings of Sasan, in the isles of India and China.” you heard Pennywise let out a grumble and you could tell he was showing that you that he was bored. The truth was, he was just trying to egg on your fear a bit early. You continued to read on, feeling a sense of worry as he sometimes neared your ear to breathe intensely and make those emotions increase.

 The more you read, the more you worried because you considered the events that occurred in Scheherazade’s tale…though not everything turned out badly for her, and you hoped that your night ended in at least a similar way.

  As you continued to read, Pennywise let out a loud sigh before snatching the book away and throwing it to the side.

“Well kitten, I appear to be bored…"you snapped your head towards him in a panic as he smirked and brought one of his hands to your chin, holding you a bit too harshly before speaking again. "Do you know what that means?”

“Pennywise…please…” You saw the clown’s sinister grin grow as his finger lightly caressed your cheek and tucked a strand of your hair behind your ear.

“I don’t know kitten…you don’t serve very much purpose to me and your fear smells very delicious…"Soon he removed you from his body and sat you down on the couch before laying down and setting his head on your lap. "You could perhaps, let me hear your little bird voice let out a few tunes?”

  Immediately you nodded and cleared your throat before opening your mouth, knowing that this could at least give you some time to stall.

“Seconds march into the past. The moments pass and just like that they’re gone. The river always finds the sea, so helplessly, like you find me.” and just with those lyrics, you had Pennywise fascinated with you even more.

 He had slowly shut his eyes when you continued singing to him and you did your best to not smile when he himself tried not smiling because of how much he enjoyed what was happening.

“We are paper boats floating on a stream, and it would seem we’ll never be apart.” Pennywise soon started purring when your hands unconsciously went to his hair and scratched at it.

You continued to sing the whole song and with the final line, you had the clown purring and lightly snoring with a small, barely noticeable smile plastered on his face: “I will always find you like it’s written in the stars. We can run, but we can’t hide. Try,I will always, always find you,I will always…”

  Even in his sleep he wondered, what is it that you did to have him wrapped around your finger and yearning to hear you speak even his name?

Reader with Anxiety with Henry.

Henry Dating Reader with Anxiety HC:

-He would not care that you had anxiety.

-He would help you with it the best he can.

-He would see you getting very uncomfortable being in large crowds

-So he would take you away outside or home to calm you down

-He knows how stressful it is to make new friends, so he would introduce you to the gang as his lady.

-He would try not to yell at you or in front of you,

-But if he did, he would tell you sorry in his own way.

-Maybe taking you out on a walk, and getting you ice cream.

-He knew how uncomfortable you got, so he would try to make you at least comfortable enough to trust him.

-He would hug you or pat you on the back when you cried

-He knew how stressful you were, so he would help you relax.

-Watch a movie or let you talk it out..

-Henry would not know much about anxiety, but he would be helpful to you in some way because he cares.

Happy birthday @xyle!!!! I hope you have a amazing day!! :D

Cyclonus was waiting for Tailgate at Swerve’s, sitting at one of the tables, drinking a little to keep himself distracted. Why did he needs a distractions? Because waiting in that loud place was irritating, and not because he needed a distraction to stop looking at the door to see if Tailgate had arrive.

The minibot was meeting him there so he can take him to a more private place for some singing lessons that Tailgate has asked for. When the minibot asked for more lessons he couldn’t say no, he didn’t want to make him sad. He thought he was immune to it, he used to be, but something changed and now Cyclonus couldn’t help staring at the door while he waited, it wasn’t like he was nervous, why would he? It wasn’t something they hadn’t do in the past, he teach Tailgate how to sing in the past, but that was before they started this… thing.

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Buyers rant

So a while ago someone was selling dragons with art, and there was one I reeeeeally wanted.

So I was writing a post in the thread to ask for them, but when I re-read the OP to double-check the buying rules, it seemed to imply that you could just send a CR: no mention of claiming on the thread first, and the price was laid out “XXXg via CR” after every dragon.  So I thought “eh, I’ll make their life easier maybe” and set up a CR with the gems.

And I check back after <7 mins to find they sold it to someone else, who had claimed on the forum.  And on the CR I sent, the seller had commented “sorry!  I didn’t see this and sold it to someone else”.

Not “I asked for confirmation and you never replied” or “you should have posted on the thread first”, but “I didn’t see it before I saw someone else’s request”.

Which is all very well except the person commented on the forum after I sent the CR.  By about 4-5 mins, which isn’t a lot but should have been enough to put my CR’s timestamp significantly different to their forum post in the sellers alerts.

And I couldn’t even kick up a fuss to the seller because they said “this isn’t first come first serve, I get to decide who they go to” in the OP, and even though they out and out told me they sold it to the other person because they saw them first, I knew they would pull the “well I said it wasn’t first come first serve so bad luck”.

(But also if I asked for the dragon it would have put the second buyer in an awkward position potentially, which they didn’t deserve.)

If I had just kept writing my forum post instead of trying to follow their vague rules, I probably would have gotten that dragon.

And tbh the worst part is that it probably was just an oversight on the sellers part.  Human error exists even when things seem completely obvious to an outsider.  So I can’t even really be pissed at them.  It was just a mess.

But I am just.  So.  Salty.  About.  It.  UGHHhhhhh.

It’s so insignificant an issue but so annoying.

Reason why i’m inactive in tumblr thesedays:

Hi hello everyone ^-^ like you all know my blog is a blog for me to show my love for mark&hyuck and markhyuck and interact&be friends with other nctzens,markhyuck shippers, mark/hyuck stans 💙 and like, again, you all know, it is a positive blog, a negativity free one and i always try my best to keep it like that, nice,soft and sweet 😊 but i had been seeing so much negative stuff here, people misunderstanding my posts and some other things that is not connected to me personally but still made me uncomfortable to see so i decided to take a break from here and then i came back. But so did my depression. It came back really hard and honestly i felt so bad that some days i can’t even leave the bed. But i tried to hide it by making cute posts. but it works only sometimes. And the stress i am in is not helping it. So what i want to say is; i’m sorry i’m not active beside posting imagines and a few markhyuck posts, i’m trying to heal and think about more positive things, and i’m so so so so sorry for answering messages so late :( i hope you will understand my struggle, i love you all so much and i am thankful to every single one of you, even the mutuals i didn’t talked yet, i hope you all is and will have a great day/night 💙


Before touring around, Alez had to make a quick pit-stop at the bathroom before he would pee himself. After washing his hands, he saw someone had opened the door and was coming inside.

“I’m so sorry! Oh, it’s you!” Gwen jumped with excitement. Alez and Gwen had secretly been seeing each other. They both came to the conclusion that life is, sad to say, too short to not be crazy. She went behind him and began to rub his back. “We haven’t had a chat in a while…”

Alez turned around, wanting to leave the bathroom, but Gwen threw herself at him. “Is there anything you want to…try, Alez?”

As weird as Gwen was, Alez loved her body. ‘Who knew such a weird lookin’ girl could have such a nice body?’ was his biggest defense if anyone were to find out about them. They’ve had to keep being careful around their other classmates so that no one would find out about them.

Errare humanum est

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A/N: so no one asked for this but seeing Roman that sad inspired me. sorry i haven’t uploaded another part of home is where the heart is but im back to school and we have tons of stuff to do. 

the part can be continued if you want me to continue it


Lou didn’t even need to look at the TV to tell Roman was more done than he had been at all this season. How could he not? He messed it up, he made a mistake, there was no way to deny it, not at all. But she wouldn’t let him go into the dark only blaming himself for the loss because this wasn’t fair to him. They weren’t playing fine and Roman screwed it up. The whole team screwed up together. If Auba and the whole offence weren’t able to score more than one goal against such a team, no one should be allowed to blame it all on Roman.

She took out her phone and texted him asking when he wants to talk to her. It would take a little more time until he was able to answer so she put the phone down and listened to the conversation Marie, Markus, Max and Gregor were having.

They had decided to watch the game together and because the TV wasn’t working as well as the internet in Max’, Markus’ and Gregor’s apartment, Lou invited them over to well Roman and hers. Truth is, they didn’t think the game would end so bad. BVB tied, nothing bad, if they had played against Real or Tottenham but against APOEL it was bad and all of them being BVB fans it killed the mood for the evening. Most of the time they had been screaming at the TV telling the players to do better but once the game was finished no one’s mood was as bad as Lou’s. They didn’t like BVB loosing but they didn’t have to deal with a self-questioning goalkeeper like Lou did. She was glad they let her stay quiet and left once the last interview was done. She wasn’t in for talking and discussing the mistakes they made. It wouldn’t help her reassure Roman it wasn’t his fault.

“Tell him it’s okay. We all make mistakes as athletes I fall off of my horse and so do you so he is allowed to play a wrong pass. It doesn’t change his value and true fans support him no matter what.” Markus said while hugging her to say goodbye.

They others also said something about her needing to tell Roman it was okay but Markus’ words were more important. He was a sports men as well and by now, after his first international competitions, he could understand the pressure you had to perform under.

“I’m gonna do my best to cheer him up. Love you.” she said before she let go of him.

She went back in and cleaned the living room by putting away the chips and sweets and organizing the pillows on the sofa again. About ten minutes Lou finished and saw Roman had answered her. He wanted to talk later, when they were at the hotel. She didn’t mind that. She was even glad she still had time to go take a shower.

Half an hour later Lou was sitting on the couch again, cuddled up in her pj’s and a fuzzy blanket. Lenny seemed to sense she wasn’t happy as he always did. That’s why he came to cuddle her and laid his  head against her shoulder.

“It’s okay, Lenny. We just gotta take care of Roman, right Cliff?” she asked the the black dog who decided to join them.

He seemed to agree by coming closer and sitting down on Lou’s legs. Lou petted Lenny’s fluffy head with her left hand and did the same with Cliff with her right hand for a few minutes, until she decided to take a picture of their dogs. Her jersey was visible in the background as well, so Lou opened the Instagram app and put it into her story. She tagged Roman on the jersey and wrote “family always supports you no matter what. You’re our hero!” on it before she posted it.

People expected such a thing from her because she was his girlfriend and Lou meant it from the bottom of her heart. It was okay to fail, she knew how well he could do and just failing one time didn’t make you a failure.

Their dogs both had cuddled themselves against her by now so Lou decided to stay on the couch for now. She turned the TV on again, otherwise she might fall asleep and she didn’t even want to risk that.  Some people were cooking on TV, nothing to really catch Lou#s attention but enough to make her stay awake.

It felt like forever and it must have been at least two hours since their friends left until “Sexy back” from Justin Timberlake was playing from her phone. She picked up the call within a few seconds.

“Hey…” she said softly.


She heard Roman breathe in deeply and then exhale slowly, sighing. After he had done it for a second time Lou realised he didn’t want to say anything.

“It’s okay, Ro-”
“No, it’s not. Don’t tell me, it’s okay, because it isn’t. I know this wasn’t okay, you know it,  my teammates know it, heck everyone knows it.” he replied angrily.

Lou didn’t exactly know what to say right now. She knew he would turn around her words to make it sound bad to him and she hardly knew what to deal with him when he was angry. She hated people yelling in anger.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to shout at you. It’s not your fault.”

Lou could picture him right in front of her just by the way he talked. His shoulders were hanging low, his eyes empty, his brows furrowed together, his smile gone and he was probably clenching his fist tight.

“I know you don’t want to scream at me.” she breathed in and out, before going on “ Errare humanum est, Roman. To err is human. That’s what I mean when I say it’s okay. I know it’s not okay for you to play like this. I know you can do better and you will. This isn’t your level, this isn’t what you play and how you wanna play. But we are humans, Roman, and humans do wrong. You make a dumb mistake, I fall of a horse. Still this doesn’t make us less valuable. You are a great goalkeeper and we both know this or would you play for such a good club for more than two years if you weren’t?”
“See, there are new games to come in which you can proof how well you play.”

They went silent for a few seconds again.

“I guess you are right.” he admitted but he didn’t sound nearly as positive as she would like him to.

She didn’t exactly expect just talking would make him feel fine but it broke her heart to know Roman felt bad.

“Is there a time when I’m not?” she asked jokingly and was glad to hear a small laugh from him.

“Sorry, princess… Can you maybe tell me something to distract me for a while?”

“Uhm, of course. Have I ever told you how my bro had his coming-out? Well it was back when I was twelve or thirteen and I was sitting in the kitchen with mum. I think I was creating a solar system for a school subject and he explained to us his friend was coming over and then said ‘my boyfriend’ and mum just told him if they wanted to join for dinner and he was repeating 'boyfriend’ and mum and I both didn’t care because honestly I asked mum if Robin likes boys when I was five or so…”

One story led to another and Lou talked on and on. Roman wasn’t saying much and she knew his mind was still on the field and thinking about his mistake and the consequences but he was laughing or asking questions from time to time. So you could say what she was doing was at least partly working but she damn well knew she would have to take care of him more the next days and she was fine with it.

“Princess, it’s past three and you need to get up early. As much as I would love to listen to you longer you should still go to sleep.”

She knew there was no way to fight back, mostly because Roman was right. She would already get not nearly enough sleep but if they kept on talking, she could almost stay awake.

“I guess so. Please, don’t beat yourself up too much. I promise I’ll be there tomorrow when you come home and you know I love and support you, forever and always.”
“To the moon and back.” Roman added causing her to smile and she heard him smile at the same time.


Kinda important: changess

Sorry for lack of content. Haven’t had time and trying to make my work more professional/portfolio like. I want to do more furry work that I’m not embarrassed to show cuz it looks good and I’m focusing more on the character itself, flow, form and color theory etc. That said I’m gonna stay sfw for the most part. I don’t mind nsfw but i don’t ever show anyone but the internet my work here and i wanna share my work with others more. That being said you’ll probably slowly see a gradual change of me adding my traditional work, human work and concepts in between plus practices. I might delete or go through and see what art i wanna keep here and on my twitter and dA too so if my blog gets small im just cleaning it out! I hope you all understand and you guys have a blessed day ❤

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The black fox with 3 tails appeared again. A smile on his maw as walked up to October, " I hope you enjoyed my gift. Sorry i left in such a hurry before, but i had to be quick. I hope your birthday was lovely and i wish you a very happy Fall Harvest." And with a smile on his face, the black fox vanished once again.

October is surprised to see the black fox return again, but glad that he did all the same. At least now she could probably thank him. She returns the smile as he greets her, explaining his short meeting, but wishing her well all the same. “I did have a lovely birthday, thank you!” she says, but the fox once again disappeared before she had even realized.