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psst do u have any klance headcanons i just rly love ur fic so far and i love ur work in general and i am sorry

Thank you you sweet anonymous bean!

Wooo boy, head canons, huh, lets see-


  • Slow to the party Lance: He does quite get why he keeps talking so fondly of Keith to random strangers. And it takes him for ever to realize he’s basically had a crush on Keith since their rivalry began.
  • Pinning Keith: Keith knows what his feelings are but there’s no way he’s going to confess anytime soon. This leaves him in a state of constant panic. Does my hair look okay? Was that cool? Maybe if I keep pushing it we’ll get into an argument… but at least he’s talking to me. 
  • Sometime during Shiro’s absence Keith will loose sense of himself and without Shiro there to talk him out of it Lance doesn’t just step in. Lance drops kick the wall they put up between each other.
  • Because damn it they arn’t just rivals, they’re teammates, they’re friends.
  • And Lance isn’t gonna sit idly by and watch Keith fall apart.
  • No no not on his watch.
  • Lance won’t straight out ask Keith what’s up, cause that’s not how they roll. They’ve never really opened up with each other like the rest of the team. 
  • So he takes baby steps to improve their friendship first. 
  • Like making Keith something to eat (with Hunk’s help)
  • or asking Keith to help him spar.
  • What he doesn’t realize is that Keith is now complexity over whelmed with the attention Lance is giving him.
  • He’s trying not to let his feelings get in the way of Lance building up their friendship. 
  • He’s starting to get more and more visits from Lance. Little things like Lance teaching him how to play the video game he and Pidge bought from the space mall. 
  • And a more successful adventure to the Altean pool (this time they asked Allura how to actually swim in it) 
  • And even hanging out in each other’s rooms chatting about the last mission they went on and how weird the customs are on that one planet.
  • Keith starts to feel less nervous and more confident, the way he talks to Lance now is natural and friendly.
  • The way Lance acts around has changed too.
  • he’s more touchy.
  • He does it a lot with Hunk and Pidge. Random hugs, laying across them on the couch, playing with their hair.
  • But the way he does it with Keith is just a little different 
  • His random hugs arn’t as quick they linger a bit longer, when he plays with Keith’s hair sometimes he catch Keith looking at him and he moves just a little slower. 
  • One day when Keith is sitting on the couch Lance takes the opportunity to lay down with him, using Keith’s lap as a pillow. 
  • They make little conversation but Lance can feel himself getting sleepy and goes to sit up.
  • But Keith can see that he’s tired and keeps him down by running a hand through Lance’s hair.
  • Lance ends up staying, falling asleep in Keith’s lap.
  • Be he’s know’s it Keith feels him self dozing off too and gets up off the couch carefully moving Lance so he doesn’t wake him.
  • He makes it one step from the couch when a warm hand shoots up to grab his wrist.
  • Lance has scooted back and pats the couch. Silently asking Keith to lay down.
  • Keith hesitates but realizes Lance isn’t going to let go of his wrist until he does.
  • So goes to lie down next to Lance on the small couch when suddenly Lance take Keith in a hug and rolls him over so Keith is laying onto of Lance, his head on his chest.
  • They let out a few tired laughs before getting comfortable.
  • Keith feels Lance’s warm hand brush through his hair. His chest rises and falls with calm breathes.
  • But Keith can hear the erratic pounding of Lance’s heart. 
  • He moves his head to look at Lance.
  • Lance is already looking at Keith, half lided eyes and a warm smile.
  • Keith can hear Lance’s heart skip a beat.
  • He makes a move, dragging himself upwards towards Lance’s confused face and presses a soft kiss on Lance’s cheek.
  • He hides his face in the crook of Lance’s neck feeling the collective pounding of both their hearts.
  • Lance spaced out few a few ticks before using the hand entangled in Keith’s hair to crane the paladin to face him again.
  • Leaning close he watched Keith close in eyes in comfort before stealing a tender kiss from his soft lips. 

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BTS Reaction to You Slipping on Stage on a Rainy Day

Request: can you do a bts reaction to you being the girl who slips and falls a lot on stage on a rainy day?

A/N: I kinda didn’t understand this request, so I’m sorry if it’s not to your liking! (ಥ﹏ಥ)  *credit to gif owners*

Jin: It was raining hard, the pour pattering against the stage while everyone was trying to get autographs from the boys. He had his eyes on you, seeing you slide a couple of times on stage and saving yourself from falling face first onto the floor. When it was your turn to meet Jin, he quickly grabbed your wrist when you fell—taking him with you. His body hovered over yours, trying to cover you from the fans and embarrassment, smiling softly at you while you flushed from his act of kindness. Even though he saved you from embarrasment, you knew jealous fans would pass on hate-but you didn’t care, because it was so worth it.

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Suga: The stage was empty, but the rain that fell made it seem lively. You practiced dancing, just messing around while you waited for your friends. The thunder echoed throughout the outdoor stadium, and once you spotted seven familiar looking men walking around the bleachers—you slipped, falling straight on your ass. You stayed there, laying lifeless as you prayed to the gods that no one saw you but when a mint haired man appeared before you and inches away from your face, you inwardly screamed. “Are you okay?” He asked, and you flushed immediately.

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J-Hope: He had told you not to go out in the rain and dance in front of thousands whereas you told him to not worry, that nothing bad would happen and you were way more professional than him. “Okay then,” he started, a smile spreading onto his lips, “if you slip, you have to let me take you out and you gotta kiss me on the cheek.” You rolled your eyes and agreed nonetheless. Later after you slipped, you spotted Hoseok from the corner of your eyes as you saw a huge grin plastered onto his face; tapping onto his cheek to indicate that you lost and he’d definitely will be waiting.

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RapMonster: He watched you perform from afar, watching you slip and embarrass yourself. He knew it was going to happen, and when the show ended and you stood by the man; you were absolutely mortified. “I can’t believe that just happened.” You whimpered, covering your face with your hands and Namjoon was amused.

“Babe, I saw it from a mile away.” You glared at him and he began to shake his head at you, laughing under his breath. “Don’t be mad, I did inform you that it would happen.”

“You jinxed me!”

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Jimin: You had slipped a total of five times in the rain, and once you were back stage where the rest of the kpop artists were; you were met with a boy you knew all too well—Park Jimin. “Are you okay?” He asked and you raised an eyebrow; nodding your head slowly. He then laughed, pushing his sunglasses to the bridge of his nose while saying cockily, “You must have fallen really hard for me, I dig that.”

“I’m out.” You said, jumping off the chair and walking away while he yelled after you, telling you he was joking around.

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V: You were nervous and you wished you weren’t. The moment you and Taehyung went on stage to do a collab in the rain, you had slipped and fallen harshly onto the ground while quickly closing your eyes from embarrassment. Everyone in the audience gasped from the sudden fall, and when you heard a loud ‘plop’ right beside you; your eyes shot open at seeing Taehyung smiling at you. “Now I can’t let you fall on your own,” he said, taking your hand in his to pretend the falls were apart of the dance, “not without me.”

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Jungkook: You both were forced to practice outside on stage by your manager for the upcoming awards show. It was pouring like crazy, and every time Jungkook had to lift you up and throw you so you could spin; you would land harshly on the slippery floor. He was annoyed, not at you, but at your dumb ass manager who even considered doing this. He stopped dancing, taking off his jacket and putting it around you. “Let’s go.” He said, and when you indicated that he’d get in trouble, he chuckled, “I don’t care. I only care about your safety.”

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BTS Reactions

JEALOUSY // masterlist

Request: hello! first of all, i wanted to say that i LOVE your writing !! i know this request is super lame, but i’d love to read something about kylo getting jealous and then i dont know you can choose the ending sbdj thank you so much, hope you have a lovely day :-) + Ok but imagine that you and Kylo are just starting out in your relationship so when he sees another officer flirting with you, he goes ballistic.

A/N: Thank you to the two who requested these! Sorry it took so long but here it is! Thought I’d do two requests in one since they’re quite similiar. This is more, I guess you could say, ‘romantic’ than angsty or fluffy as most of my fics are…enjoy!

Warning: None

Word Count: 2.8K+

Being in a relationship was something Kylo Ren never had thought of, not with the life he had of constantly living in a state of fear or anger. Having a significant other was, in his mind, useless. There was no need to have to worry about someone else when it was enough to worry about himself, specially when he’d have to open up to them. It was enough that his self esteem plummeted even more–if it were possible–after the battle on Starkiller. There was no way the man could find himself wanting to be with someone.

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Jealous much? - Archie Andrews Imagine (Riverdale)

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Warnings: none, just fluff

Request: Anon: 38 with Archie please! I love your blog and your writing 💓
38. “He better only be just a friend.”

Summary: the reader’s cousin comes to visit riverdale but Archie doesn’t know so he gets a little jealous.

A/N: I’m sorry it’s so short. I hope you like it anon. Enjoy!! xx

Sitting in a Pop’s booth, you were laughing you head off as you and your cousin were swapping family stories and he had just told you about your Aunt and her new puppy. Apparently she had left the pup’s food open and came back to see the puppy locked in the food bin with no food left. Calm down from your laughter and reach out and grabbed your cousin’s hand.

“I’m so glad you’re here (Y/C/N),”

“Me too (Y/N), you look so different,”

“Yea well I feel different,”

“So you’re glad you moved away,”

“As sad as it sounds, yes. I needed a change and Riverdale gave it to me.” As you guys kept talking and catching up, Archie walked into Pop’s to collect food for his dad when he saw you. He saw the way your cousin kept making you laugh and kept touching your hand and he got jealous. ‘Who is this guy?’ He questions himself.

Before he could say anything to the two of you he was given his food and he went back home. But the image of you and the other guy was ingrained on his mind and the more he thought about it, the more hurt and jealous he got. He decided that when you got home he’ll confront you about it.

Meanwhile, you and your cousin were having a great time. Before you both knew it was almost curfew so you made your way through the suburban streets, his arm around your shoulders in a friendly gesture. You both laughed as you kept talking and Archie watched as the two of you went inside your house, oblivious to his jealousy.

“Dad! I’ll be back soon,” he called out as he walked over to your place. You heard he doorbell and went to answer it before your mum called out saying she’ll answer the door. Outside Archie could hear your laughter and the sound made him relax, until he thought about who was making you laugh. The door swings open.

“Hi, Mrs (L/N). Is (Y/N) home?”

“Why yes she is, come on in. (Y/N)!”

“Oh that’s alright I can just talk to (Y/N) out here, it’ll only be quick,”

“Archie!” You greet him with a kiss before closing the door.

“He better only be just a friend,“

“What?” His statement caught you off guard.

“The guy in your room,” he clarifies with a ‘who else’ look. You start laughing again.

“(Y/N), I’m serious. Who is he?” It takes you a solid five minutes before you are able to reply.

“Oh Archie, you have nothing to worry about,”

“But (Y/N)-”

“He’s my cousin!” You start laughing all over again.

“Oh,” he mumbles as his cheeks turn a red that could rival his hair.

“He came to Riverdale to check up on me and to make sure I’m not struggling and letting my pride not let me go back,” you hug him as you start telling him this. He wraps his arms around you.

“I’m sorry (Y/N),” he mumbles into your hair.

“It’s all good,” you laugh, “would you like to come in and meet him?”

“Nah,” he starts rubbing his neck. “I’ll let you two catch up. I’ll swing by tomorrow.”

“Ok,” and you reach up to kiss him.

“I love you, and I would never cheat on you.”

“I know, I’m sorry. I love you too.”

“Goodnight Archie,”

“Goodnight (N/N).”

A/N: sorry it’s so short. I hope you all like it!!

Y/N = your name, N/N = nickname, Y/C/N = your cousin’s name

Come back to me.

Request: “Can you write something about Bucky based on the writing prompt "I was nowhere near the neighbourhood, thought I’d stop by”? Thanks!!!!!! Xxxxxxxx"

Summary: After the decision is made to put Bucky back in cryo, your whole world falls apart and you completely lose control. Will your broken pieces ever be put back together?

Word count: 2,047

Warnings: None

A/N: I ran away with this so prepare for the feels to hit hard. I am aware this is low-key trash.

Italics are used to represent flashbacks.

Originally posted by wintersthighs

“Y/N, it’s always such a pleasure to see you!” The strong, firm voice welcomed you as arms wrapped around your rigid figure. T'Challa had not always been a friend but as it now stood, he definitely wasn’t a foe.

“I’m sorry for not giving you any pre-warning, I was nowhere near the neighbourhood, thought I’d stop by.” You tried to make your voice sound comical, uplifting, you tried to make it sound like just being there didn’t rip your heart to pieces with every breath you inhaled and every step you took but, deep down you knew, you weren’t convincing anyone.

The worst thing being you had no choice, being away hurt even more - ever since they had chosen to freeze Bucky again you had been propelled at full force into a constant cycle of pain and destruction - Bucky was the love of your life, a love you would probably never see again.

“No problem, you’re always welcome. Stay for as long as you like!” T'Challa couldn’t help the sympathy that laced itself into his voice from showing, he always worried about how you were doing because it never seemed to be that you were doing okay.

As you watched T'Challa walk away, you suddenly forgot how to breathe. It always happened this way, every time you came here your body would undergo the same excruciating sequence. With every step closer to his body, your own grew colder than the ice that surrounded Bucky but your heart burned like fire as it pushed lava through your veins.

Steve had asked once to come with you. Personally, up until then, he’d always thought it was something you should do by yourself but once he was prompted by T'Challa of the fact that you had tried to use your skills as a pyrokinesis to melt the ice surrounding Bucky as well as nearly and unknowing setting aflame the whole city of Lagos - Steve thought it was time to intervene, time to help.

But, you didn’t want help. Not because you thought you didn’t need it, as you were well aware that you were spiralling out of control and therefore extremely dangerous, but because you were ignorant, selfish and madly in love with a man that had been snatched from your arms.

You and Bucky were the perfect team together, you kept each other sane. The presence of your smooth hair and soft skin at night kept Bucky’s nightmares at bay and, in the daytime, his electrifying eyes slowed the erratic beat of your heart. However, when Bucky was put in cryo, who was there to save you?

Your soul turned sour and your intentions were malicious, soon enough you were compromising missions and getting other people killed. You put your emotions and personal grudges before your vow to save the lives of the innocent and because of that, you had to go.

Soon enough you ended up taking a “vacation”, as Tony first called it, despite everyone knowing that it was because he had no idea how to deal with you anymore. No-one did.

You no longer were the Y/N they all knew and loved, you didn’t even know yourself anymore. So, your three-month vacation turned into a couple of years and you’d only recently returned to throw in the towel.

Pressing your trembling hands upon the glass that separated yourself from your lover, you let your tears run freely.

“Hey Bucky,” you whimpered, pausing slightly to wait for a reply you would never receive, “so I officially kicked myself off the team yesterday. I think they always knew if I ever came back it would be the last time they would see me but, none the less, hope radiated off their faces.”

Composing yourself you turned to knock on the door just as it flew open, taken back you quickly looked up and saw a security camera pointed straight in your direction. Of course, as soon as you entered the city, F.R.I.D.A.Y would follow your every step, she would know where you were heading before you even did yourself.

“Y/N?” A voice gasped. Looking into the doorway you saw tears already spewing from their eyes, a look of complete shock and confusion written upon their face as they battled between not touching you in case you disappeared and launching themselves on you in a hug.

“Hey Romanoff, looking good!” You chuckled, winking at her with your usual bubbly nature and, with that, she picked the latter, engulfing you in love, a feeling you hadn’t felt directed towards yourself in a long time.

“Y/N, you came at just the right time, everyone’s here and we were just making dinner, you can join us. Please sit next to me! I swear if Tony steals you away to show you his toys I will tackle him to the ground…” Standing there, watching her rant on about everything you missed, broke your heart into a million pieces and not wanting to forget the way it felt to have a best friend, you took everything in. The way sunlight made her auburn hair shine and her eyes sparkle, how her face constantly portrayed a look of control and reservation, she was sarcastic and, oh so, beautiful.

Breathing in her sexy aroma, shivers ran down your spine, it was something you had once been incredibly jealous of. Guys had always looked past you and straight to the beauty that now stood in front you, it had always made you upset until you met Bucky. Then, you were happy to have their eyes pass over you as you knew Bucky’s never would.

The rest of the evening was a blur as wide eyes and open arms greeted you - in an instant, everyone forgot the last couple of years and everything that caused the separation. No one asked questions, no one felt they needed to, you were back and you were safe - that was all that mattered.

“Steve was there, I don’t know why I was expecting him not to be or, maybe, I was just hoping that he wouldn’t be. Hoping that I wouldn’t have to put myself through the pain and realisation that I’d been forgiven by him but never by myself.”

The sound of Steve’s voice brought you back into reality as he stared in bewilderment at you from the other side of the room. With tears racing down his cheeks, he ran towards you, engulfed you in a hug and stifled your whimpers as you tried to apologise.

“The really fucked up thing is I want to go back. I want to watch shitty films on movie nights, I want to prank people with Peter, I want to paint my nails with Nat and I want to train with Steve. I want to hug him, I want to spend the rest of my days making it up to him and I want you to be there with me. I want to lie in your arms and kiss you good night-” By now, you weren’t technically even speaking English, it was more of a mixture between heart raking sobs and a few understandable syllables.

Taking a long, deep breath you composed yourself and continued.

“Tony gave me some gifts, I don’t think he could resist. They’re beautiful but dangerous, they remind me of you. Everything reminds me of you…”

“F.R.I.D.A.Y has been telling me all about your secret missions and I wanted to thank you by giving you a couple of ‘small’ gifts,” Tony said, with a smirk planted firmly on his face as he led you through the maze that was the Avengers main base.

“Tony,” you sighed, rolling your eyes, “you know I hate unnecessarily expensive presents.”

“Oh no, you’ll like these ones. Trust me!” Tony chuckled in return as he was reminded of all the times he tried to shower you in luxuries and all the times those luxuries were instantly returned back to the store.

You silently thanked Tony for respecting the fact you didn’t want to discuss the missions on which the gifts were to be used. You knew Tony often watched over you, your personal guardian angel, ready to call for backup if any was needed, hell, if you were in trouble he’d fly in there himself without a second thought. But he also knew the more personal side to the missions, every one directed at a Hydra base Bucky might have stayed in an effort to find information on how to reverse the curse Hydra had placed on him.

The next couple of hours were spent working with Tony as he modified the armour and weapons he had designed and made specifically for you. Each piece was as perfect as the other, you cringed at how long Tony must have worked on them for. Motivated by the hope that one day he would be able to give you them in person, that you would one day come back alive.

As if reading your mind, Tony let out a sob, a sob so full of pain and hurt it was like a million knives had been stabbed into your chest. Sitting down next to Tony you asked F.R.I.D.A.Y to turn off the camera and joined in. It lasted for about half an hour; both of you clinging onto each other for dear life - Tony crying as he felt responsible for your departure and the imprisonment of Bucky, as you cried knowing eventually you’d have to leave all the happiness you’d felt the last couple of days behind you.

“Soon enough, my time was up and I said my last goodbyes. I was finally leaving for good.”

Taking a deep breath you knew it was time, you’d stayed for way too long already and if you stayed another day you felt like you would never leave.

It wasn’t fair to do that to the team, forcing them to constantly be on the edge of their seats, forcing them to constantly anticipate your departure. None of it was fair, you knew you hadn’t acted in the right way, turning up out of nowhere, interrupting the swing of things. You’d been selfish and you were about to be selfish again: break everyone’s heart another time.

“Vision,” you called out, “it’s time.”

Appearing from thin air, he entered the room with a solemn look on his face. “Y/N, I urge you to think about this, there must be another way, the only thing everyone wants is for you to be happy and safe. Your best chances to be those two things are here with us.”

“Don’t you think I know that?” You shouted, instantly sighing at the fact you’d accidentally and unnecessarily raised your voice, directing your anger at the one person who deserved it the least. Lowering it to almost a whisper, you looked down at your feet. “Vision, please ask everyone to meet in the common room in half an hour and, please, don’t make this harder than it already is.”

Once all your bags had been packed and gifts collected, you headed to your doom. Walking into the doors you found everyone gathered round the table; Sam and Nat were laughing with Cap about something or, more likely, laughing at Cap about something, Vision and Wanda sat together talking in hushed voices and Hawkeye joined Banner in a conversation about something way too complicated for this time in the morning. Searching for Tony, a hand enclosed around yours, giving it a squeeze. “You don’t have to do this, we can work something out,” Tony pleaded, without even looking, you could sense the tears building in his eyes.

Encapsulating him in a hug, you whispered in his ear, “Don’t lie to yourself, Tony. We both know I have no other choice.”

Silence fell as people noticed your presence and tension filled the air. Giving you one last squeeze, Tony kissed your cheek. “You always have a choice.”

“I hate it all so much because I want to go home but even more than that, I need you Bucky, I need you to come back to me,” With that, you finally, utterly and completely fell apart.

Moments later, arms wrapped around your figure - one inhumanly stronger than the other.

“Let’s go home, doll.”

A/N: Dun! Dun! DUNNNNNNN! Constructive crititism is appreciated!

Loving insanity pt. 5 {{Jerome Valeska x Reader}}

Author Note: this chapter is all about Jerome because why the hell not. And of course here comes the moment everyone is waiting for *drum role* the murder of Lila Valeska. This are going to get intense and you get to see things through Jerome’s eyes.💜💜💜👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

Length: long

Requested: request/collaboration

Warnings: murder, strong language


It had been a few days since Jerome had seen you. You became busy with personal things and promised that the two of you would get together tonight.

He was getting ready to go when his mother walked in.

“We are moving towns again.”


“We will be back in 3-4 years.”

“Mom I’m sorry but I am staying in Gotham with Y/N.”

“Like hell you are. Tell that bitch that you leaving.”

“Don’t you fucking call her that.”

“That bitch can go cry to her daddy and in a few weeks she’ll move on to be someone else’s little whore. She won’t wait for you. She doesn’t really love you. No one will every really love you. Now pack your things you fucking ungrateful shit.”

She pushed to far. Jerome growled and put his hands on her neck. He started to choke her. She begged him to stop. But he didn’t want to. He was going to kill her. He didn’t care what became of him.

He dragged her kicking and screaming while he held a knife. He brought her by the river and threw her to the ground. He put his foot on her throat.

“You have mistreated me, screamed at me, hit me, insulted me, hurt me, gave my girl nightmares, insulted my girlfriend and so much more. But most of all you nagged and nagged and nagged and I’m fucking done with it. I was fine with you being a whore mother. Even a drunken whore. But you stepped over the god damn fucking line when you became a nagging drunken whore.”

Jerome pulled the knife out and it shined in the moonlight.

“I’d say go to hell mom but I sure as hell don’t want to see you there!!!!!”

He let out a laugh. Not a normal laugh. No. It was the laugh of a maniac. A madman. And that’s exactly what he had become. In this moment he was no longer the sweet and innocent Jerome. No. He was a Maniac version of his former self.

He stabbed her. He watched as the blood gushed out of the wound. He smiled a Cheshire smile. After all these years his mother got what she deserved. He laughed again and again. What a rush it was. He dropped her body and laughed as he walked away.



After a long day and a long interrogation Jim looks at everyone in the interrogation room and says.

“Everyone leave I want to have one on one with Jerome.”

Jim watched as everyone left until it was only Jim and Jerome. Jim looked at him and rubbed his temples.

“You know I thought you were a good kid. You made Y/N so happy. You treated her with respect and she really cares about you. She is a sweet girl who wants to work with GCPD at Arkham. She wants to help people. So I’m curious to how she will take finding out that you, her boyfriend, murdered someone which is the exact opposite of helping people.”

Jim had a bit of venom in his voice. He was angry. Very angry.

“So Jerome how do you think she will take it?”

Jerome had his head down as everyone left the room, it wasn’t until the mention of Y/N that he snapped up and gazed at Jim as he spoke. With every word that left his mouth, a new emotion ran through Jerome. If he was being honest, he had no idea how she would take it, he hoped she would still love him and understand…Jerome begins to have an inner monologue with himself

‘She knew your mother after all, everything will be fine, she’ll still love me…she will understand why I did what I did…. No… she won’t understand and she probably shouldn’t even know about it’

Jerome can feel Jim stare at him due to the various changes of his facial features as he is trying to process through his thoughts

He finally decides that he knows what it is he needs to do.

He looks at Jim

“You and I both know what she will more than likely think, no matter how bad I wish it weren’t true! She’ll probably want nothing to do with me, if we’re being realistic here. The thing is, Jimbo, neither of us are never going to know what she thinks for sure, because she’s never going to find out! This is my way of protecting her, I don’t care what you have to tell her…tell her I took off with the circus, tell her whatever you have to, or tell her nothing at all…don’t tell her this, it’ll break her heart! It’ll be hard enough living without her, as I assume I’m going away for a very long time *gives Jim a look secretly hoping he’ll tell him that he isn’t putting him in arkham but Jerome knows that is just ridiculous to think* ah, I figured as much *laughs then stares Jim hard in the face* if you won’t do this for me, please do it for her…the thought of hurting her breaks my heart”

Jerome leans back in his seat and turns grim once more, a complete different side than what Jim just witnessed from the ginger circus boy, the boy that is dating his beloved sweet daughter.

As Jerome spoke, his malicious tone was a stark difference from the seemingly optimistic words that escaped his lips.

“I guess we’re done here, Jimbo…take me away to my new eventful place of entertainment and whimsical enjoyment”

Jim rubbed his forehead and sighed.

“No the problem is that she would ignore this. That is what pisses me off. She always tries to see the good in people even when there is none. She will try to do the same for you no matter how hard it is for her.”

Jerome felt a blow to his chest as Jim spoke. He knew Jim was right. He knew deep down that Y/N being kept in the dark about what actually happened would be far worse. Jerome is just scared of what she may think of him…

Would she look at him differently?

Would she treat him differently?

More importantly, would she be scared of him?

The thought of the one person that he truly loves in this world fearing him physically makes him sick. But, the fact that she is the one person in this world that he can depend on, means that he can’t be selfish with her, no matter how scared he may be. Jerome knows what it feels like to be abandoned, he’ll be damned if he lets his doll face think that he has done that to her.

“I know you’re right here. Between you and me, and trust me if you try to tell anybody what I’m about to say, I’ll simply deny it Jimbo *laughs* I’m scared…I’m scared of losing her! She is the only person that I care about…the only person I truly trust. I refuse to be selfish with her! I may be scared of her reaction, but making her feel like I abandoned her is far worse…I won’t do it! I know I’m probably your least favorite person right now, go figure, but I really do love Y/N. So, I’m asking you, man to man, what the hell do I do?”

Jim looked at him. He knew Jerome cared about Y/N. And at this point he had no other choice but to help.

“I’ll help you. When Y/N was 4 years old her mother went missing and is still missing to this day. I know what it’s like to loose someone you love and I refuse to let her go through that. That is why I will help you. Look for now I won’t mention anything to her. I won’t bring it up unless I have no other option. How you can help is stay out of her view at Arkham. She has been assigned to the right wing of Arkham. If you cell anywhere near a male named Blake Morison or are ever around Allison Riley then don’t make yourself noticeable. Those are two of her friends there and I’ll be damned if she doesn’t stay around them. And if you ever see a Nurse named Anastasia Folly or a therapist named Madeline Fox then Y/N won’t be far away. Those are two of her best friends from Gotham University’s Med Sector.”

Jim sighed and ran a hand through his hair.

“The only problem is that a doubt your dissapearence will go unnoticed so what you can also do is write a letter to her about you having to leave and I’ll set it on the kitchen counter. I hate lying to her but it will be better for her in the long run.”

Jim handed Jerome a piece of paper and a pen.

“And make it quick. They are already expecting you up at Arkham.”

Jerome took the pen and paper, his cheerful demeanor returning as he fell into a fit of giggles.

“Thanks, Jimmy, you’re a real lifesaver! I owe you big time. Whatever you want, say the word, it’s yours *laughter ensues*”

As he stares at the blank sheet of paper, his laughter dissolves ‘what the hell am I supposed to say to her?’

Almost as if on cue, everything he needs to say comes right to him.


Doll face,

I’ll never forget the day I met you, you were so sweet and carefree, I guess I was back then as well! Then, the second time I met you, my heart completely stopped, you were so damn gorgeous! The more I got to know you, the more I saw the difference between you and I. You were always happy with your optimistic outlook on life, whereas being around you was my positivity. I guess that could be blamed on our different upbringings. I knew I had to have you in my life, doll, because without you I really don’t have a lot going for me. You’re probably reading this and thinking ‘why are you writing me this stupid letter, Jerome?’ Well, doll, some things have come up and I have to go away for a while. Please know that leaving you is the absolute last thing I want to do, but unfortunately I must do it for now. I just want you to know that it is because of you that I aim to be a better person. You are the one person in this entire world that I care about and trust with my life. I love you more than I ever could have imagined and I will always be thinking of you! I know right about now, you’re probably crying and as fucked up as it may sound I’ve always thought you were pretty when tears streamed down your face, but cheer up doll face…I’ll be seeing you again, don’t you worry your pretty little head about that!

With laughs and kisses,

Your Ginger Menace


To say that Jerome almost teared up writing this sop-fest of a letter was an understatement. There is no way that he’ll let good old Jimbo see him cry like that. His ego wouldn’t be ruined because his girlfriend’s dad watched him cry. He hands the folded up paper (with Y/N’s name written on the outside) and pen to Jim as he stares mischievously.

“Now, Jimbo…no peaking! It’s for your daughter’s eyes only”, he let out a huge cackle.

Jim put the letter in his pocket and grabbed Jerome’s arm before leading him out to the squad car ready to take him to Arkham.

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I tried telling my mom that I was ace but she just told me, "you haven't found the right one yet." She told my dad about it and he said that asexuality is just a mental disorder and that I would eventually get over it. I just want my parents to accept me. It's hard enough going to school and seeing all my friends getting boyfriends and finding happiness. I'm just worried that I'm never going to find a way to fit into the social norm and finally be accepted. -Sad 15 year old ace/bi romantic

I’m sorry you had that reaction. But remember that we accept you here!

- Fae

Prompt 5: They find out you were in a car crash (Rap Monster)

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He was in the middle of dance practice with the group when their manager called him out. He grabbed his things and drove straight to the hospital. A thousand thoughts flooded his mind, were you okay? How did it happen? Were you being taken care of? Once he reached the hospital he made his way to your room. A nurse was closing the door and noticed him. “Sorry sir, no guests are allowed at this time.” 

His heart broke, “No, please you don’t understand… I’m her boyfriend. Please let me see her. I need to know if she’s okay.”

The nurse sighed, “Okay, I guess I can let you in. But don’t wake her up.”

He closed the door behind him, gasping when he saw you, lying in the hospital bed. You had a scratch on your forehead and looked so weak. He kneeled down beside you and took your hand, “Y/N, it’s me.” He thought for a moment, “I hope that you’ll wake up soon, I’m so sorry this happened.” He brushed a piece of hair from your face, “Please wake up so you can tell me not to worry like I always do.” He wiped a tear from his cheek and cleared his throat, “I’m so sorry Y/N, I’m going to stay here with you, okay? I’ll be right here, don’t worry..”

When you woke up, the light was shining in from behind the curtains and Rap Monster was asleep, head resting on the bed beside you. You squeezed his hand and he sat up immediately. He looked worried, “Y/N?” 

“I’m okay.” You said with a raspy voice. He handed you the bottle of water on the bedside table and you drank some. 

“How are you feeling? Do you need anything? Food? A nurse?” 

You shook your head, “No i’m fine, I promise.” 

He still looked worried, “Y/N… I was so scared.”

You tugged at his arm and he sat beside you on the bed. You rested your head on his shoulder, “You shouldn’t be scared I’m okay. You always worry so much.”

“I know.” He said while playing with your hair, “I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you.” 

You looked up at him and kissed his cheek, “Hey, don’t say that. I’m here aren’t I? I’ll always be here. They’ll have to drag me away from you.” 

He laughed and kissed your lips, “I love you so much, you know that right?”

You smile at him, “Of course I do.” 

Cursed Child 18/2/2017

These are a few things i jotted down after each act.. i have a memory like a sieve, i’m sorry.

- so, i tend to watch the ensemble during the platform 9 ¾ scene because it’s actually hilarious. One bit in particular was seeing Annabel (Moaning Myrtle) carrying Claudia (Polly Chapman) across the stage as if to stop Polly fighting someone. Then, two seconds after they left the stage, Polly ran back across the stage trying to fight them. Literally had me in giggles for a good few minutes.

- I BLOODY LOVE STUART! He’s a very different Harry to Jamie but equally as amazing. Don’t listen to anyone, you need to see Stuart as Harry asap!

- Anthony fluffed a few of his lines yesterday (i only noticed this because i pretty much have very single one of Scorpius’ lines down to a tee)

- There was a tiny Scorbus hand hold but it was more a grab than a hold.

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The restaurant was small and cosy, nested on the riverbank with a wonderful view of the city park across the road. It was also completely empty and no one understood why until the barista came to give Catherine the keys from the kitchen and left for the night. They stayed talking until the first morning rays hit he windows and filled the hall with warm orange sunlight. 

Finally Heda said, ‘I’m just sorry we won’t see you guys on stage anymore.’ 

‘I’m afraid we are one member short and quite content with it,’ snorted Siobhan, sipping her third coffee. ‘You guys are lucky. You found family in this band. It’s rare. Shawn and I… we never had that. We learned to live with the people that surrounded us, but at the end of the day, we were happy when we didn’t have to see them over the weekend.’ 

Heda and Fyfe glanced at each other with a smile. ‘Well,’ grunted Fyfe mockingly. ‘Imagine I didn’t love them. Who else would want to spend their time with such monsters.’ 

‘Oi!’ cried Heda, while Sorcha laughed. ‘It’s not like you’re such a prize yourself, Mr constantly listening to Smoke on the Water!’ 

When they started arguing, Sorcha was the only one left grinning. She nodded to Siobhan, winking. ‘We are a great, slightly dysfunctional family. But I wouldn’t have it any other way..’ 


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Harry made his way through the door and froze when he saw you. The way your hair hung in front of your face while you looked down at your phone.

“(Y/N), I have someone I’d like you to meet,” Barry said as you looked up seeing an unfamiliar face. You’d never had the pleasure of meeting the first Harrison Wells, but you were certainly reluctant from the stories you’d been told. You made your way to him and put out your hand.

“Hi, I’m (Y/N),” you said to the wide-eyed man in front of you. He grasped your hand firmly and shook it longer than you’d expected. You laughed as he hadn’t managed to change the almost shocked look on his face.  

“I’m sorry,” he laughed, “you just remind me of someone.” Little did you know, you were the doppelganger of the only woman that had ever broken his heart. He looked into your eyes, seeing the same ones of the girl that had gotten away. In that moment, he vowed to himself to never let you go. Not this time.

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Do you think anyone of the boys would go to a foreign country?? (I mean I'm sure they would but) What countries would they go to?? Would any of them go to a Hispanic/Latinx country (ok this is just for me bc I'm hispanic okay)?? What would they want to see first of a certain country?? Maybe nice sights or food?? I'm sorry if this all over the place

Sen: Long story short, they’d all love to travel. Though this headcanon’s aged up, we had fun doing this. I’ll also leave their favourite places that they’ve travelled to and where they’d like to go. These places are where Yong and I have been to so this list is a bit biased but we preferred to write for what we were comfortable with.

He hasn’t been to many places out of Asia, mostly going to the countries nearby to Japan. He’s open to exploring different cultures but he’s not exactly the most confident when it comes to it. Ushijima’s only really visited countries neighbouring Japan and that’s all.
Favourite: Jeju, South Korea
Future: Nashville, USA

He’s very keen to take pictures and save his amazing memories online to show everyone. Sure there’s a certain pride when posting a picture that gets tons of likes on social media but also, there aren’t that many people he knows that can say they’ve befriended travellers from around the world or try to comprehend the beauty of a rising sun
Favourite: Halong Bay, Vietnam
Future: Siem Reap, Cambodia

He’s learned a bit of the basics of the language to get by but he’s always with a guide and a group so he’s never too troubled. Though he’s very interested in the history behind everything, what he likes the most is the fact that he can collect a lot of souvenirs and display them proudly on his shelves at home.
Favourite: Marrakesh, Morocco
Future: Praslin, Seychelles

”Surely I can get by just by speaking English?” This general assumption gets him stuck when he finds himself in areas where English isn’t a popular spoken language. He’s very curious to experience all the food that can be offered and he’ll eat pretty much anything without reading the labels too. Tendou’s someone who gets to know the nightlife of a city pretty personally as well.
Favourite: Rome, Italy
Future: Misiones, Argentina

He really needs to go somewhere hot where the locals are friendly and things are cheap because you can never trust him alone with money. Goshiki gets lost pretty easily as well so he’s lucky that he’s accompanied by a guide who won’t let him be so easily swayed by vendors and all that. He likes to see animals that aren’t in captivity as well. He cried when he held a tarsier.
Favourite: Bohol, Philippines
Future: Kathmandu, Nepal

He’s travelled a lot with his mother because of her job so travelling actually isn’t that big of a deal for him. The big excursions in a forest or tracing the footsteps of heroes isn’t exactly his idea of a ‘hohliday’ so he’d rather just walk around in a city or just stay in a hotel to look over buildings. Shirabu would do more but he just doesn’t have enough motivation for that.
Favourite: Kowloon, Hong Kong
Future: Vancouver, Canada

The only time he wants to learn will be when he’s free to; holidays to him mean exploring culture and history of wherever he is. True, he doesn’t like places with extreme temperatures but he won’t complain when he’s enthralled by ruins or a museum. Food is great to. Never forget about food with this guy.
Favourite: Istanbul, Turkey
Future: Cusco, Peru

Hook this guy up with a trip where he can enjoy parties and walk along some amazing beaches. When you can score a cheap drink and stumble into a party with locals then you’re gonna find him there. He’s also the type to go waterfall jumping or scuba diving, being the first in his group to take the plunge. Yamagata laughs in the face of fear and greets adventure with warm open arms.
Favourite: Ilha Grande, Brazil
Future: Palawan, Philippines

“Look Cassandra, there’s something I have to tell you. Ask of you actually,” Don began but noticed Ajay who had come up to them. “Yes, sir, may I help you find something or someone?”

“Oh I’m sorry,” Cassandra said, “Don this is my boyfriend, Ajay Loner. Ajay, this is Don Lothario, he’s the father of Nina’s daughter.”

Ajay held out his hand, but it took Don a second to shake off the surprise and take it.

“Nice to meet you Dr Lothario, I hope I wasn’t interrupting anything?”

“Of course you weren’t, Don was just about to tell me something.”

She looked back expectantly.

“Oh yes, I came to see if you’d come with me to the next floor up, Cassandra. It’s… well it’s Herb Oldie. I think Mary Sue needs a friend.”

“…Herb? Is he..?”

“Yes. I was his doctor, as you may know. He was rushed into emergency surgery late this morning and, well, we lost him an hour ago I mean, I did. He was my patient.. The family is still in his old room, if you’ll come with?”

Remember when I told you about someone stealing my videos and re-uploading them?

I just checked her channel to see if she’s taken the videos down peacefully, but she hasn’t, so I had to file numerous copyright strikes against the videos, but because of the limit I couldn’t get them all (yes, that’s how much she’s stolen from me). It was nice to read the comments and see the support from the people who actually like my videos and are also against stealing.

If you want to flame her channel, go ahead. It’s right over here. I would normally never link it so she wouldn’t get attention, but I am seriously pissed off… Like right now, I am working SO fucking hard on the genocide video, which is why it’s taking like two months… I am trying to animate the WHOLE thing, including a fight scene while the song plays (that is the part I’m working on right now). And do you know how fucking pissed I’d be if I found out it was just re-uploaded by someone else…?

Also, if you want to argue with me using some else’s lyrics - don’t bother. All the lyrics I use are credited and I use them in a transformative manner, as in I don’t re-upload the cover, I tune the Vocaloid to sing it as well as make a whole animation because there’s a story to this series.

And it’s not even the case of her “””liking””” my content so much that she wants to upload just the cover so people wouldn’t have to “””suffer””” through the intro. If people don’t like the animations and are only there for the cover, that’s fine - the song is always linked in the FIRST LINE OF THE DESCRIPTION to soundcloud so people could listen to it on repeat if they wished to.

You can go ahead and share this if you want, any support is much appreciated. Thanks for reading and thanks for the support.

Two-Bit Imagine: Better Now That You're Here.
a/n: This is so short I’m sorry 🙈 I hope you enjoy!

You were curled up on your bed after taking the day off from school. The night before you heard your parents fighting and when you heard the front door slam you looked out the window to see your dad walking to the car with a suitcase. Your heart sunk into your chest and you didn’t sleep that night.

Your mom was a complete mess and so you stayed home with her to make sure that she would be okay. She had fallen asleep on the couch so you went to lay down in your room. You felt completely numb. You heard the door to your bedroom open and a moment later your boyfriend Two-Bit was kneeling beside you. You had called him the night before to tell him what happened and he said he would come by to see you. He reached his hand out to brush your hair back.

“Hi..” You murmured quietly and scooted over so he could lay beside you. He crawled into bed next to you and pulled you into his arms.

“I brought you some stuff. Those magazines your always reading.. And some candy. I bought the little chocolatey pretzel things you like.”

You smiled a bit and looked up at him. “Thanks..”

“How are you?” he asked and rubbed your back gently.

“Better now that you’re here..” You say as you close your eyes. Two-Bit held you close as you finally started to cry about what happened.

i hate to inform you guys with bad news, but as tumblr user not today- i feel like i have to take responsibility here. this song is soooo fucking cancelled. it was cancelled the minute i heard jin only had about 4 seconds of lines, but when i didn’t even see him for more than 0.2 seconds of the music video, i had had enough! i’m sorry but go and delete this song from your phone right now. and go on and unlike and dislike the video on youtube. every single comeback, jin is treated as if he isn’t a member of this group. i’m sick of that. i’m sick of this

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I'm also from the middle of nowhere and have never seen the ocean or true mountains in my 20 years. Could you please do a bangtan reaction to them finding that out that you have never seen the ocean or mountains?

Hi, I kind of felt sad about you not having seen the sea or mountains, I hope that you will get to travel someday in the meantime here’s your request I hope it’s what you wanted :) 


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He would feel a bit sorry that you haven’t had the opportunity to see the seaside or mountains. He would describe you what sand feels lke under your feet and how the wind blows trhough your hair at the top of a mountain in hopes to make you travel at least a little through his words.


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Jin would show you plenty of photos he took when he went to those places himself, and being a gentleman would organise a date in a restaurant by the sea.

just pretend jungkook isn’t there


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He thought it was a shame that you hadn’t seen much of the world, and would comfort you by taking you out somewhere out of the ordinary so at least you would have seen something that not many people had.


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He would shower you with aegyo and would tell you that since he was your hope he would take you to the mountains one day so you two could both play in the snow in winter while watching the world from above.


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When he found out, he wanted to take you there straight away but he didn’t have the time to do such a travel because of the preparation of the comeback. Instead he would organise a date at the top of a skyscraper so that you could see the furthest possible and maybe even see the shore.

imagine him coming to get you like this i mean just aaaahhhh i can’t 


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Taetae wouldn’t waste any time chitchatting he would start preparing a road trip straight away and would take you to the closest beach possible.

that’s him when you both arrive 


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He would feel sorry that you had never seen mountains or the sea so he would try thinking about a good oppurtunity to take you on a vacation and would already think about all the fun you both will have. 

(gifs are not mine credit to owners) 

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Hey! Can you explain why you think stiles is verbally abusive? As someone who was actually in an abusive relationship I'm a little confused and wanna know your thoughts

Hey sorry to hear you were in an abusive relationship but I was in a mental/verbal abusive relationship with someone who had bipolar and was suicidal.

So the definition of verbal abuse is “the excessive use of language to undermine someone’s dignity and security through insults or humiliation, in a sudden or repeated manner”. We see Stiles do this to Lydia on countless occasions. We see him yell at her numerous times. Like in season two he yells at her after the lacrosse game and people find this romantic because it is about her dying but you have to remember she lost the love of her life like an hour ago so she is already mentally unstable and here we have Stiles yelling at her that does not help someones mental state of mind. Or when she finds a dead body and he yells at her for calling the cops first and not him. She still doesn’t know her powers or why she keeps finding these bodies so she is already distraught and him yelling at her for calling the police after finding a dead body (which I would do too like come on common sense here) is problematic. Then we have all the times where he insults her for example “somewhere inside that cold, lifeless, exterior there is a human soul”. I guess you could argue this isn’t abusive since he says the whole human soul part but he is calling her cold and lifeless which undermine her dignity through insults. And he insults her on more than one occasion whether it be in front of her or behind her back. Because in the definition it also says through humiliation so her is humiliating her to her friends by insulting her in front of them.

You don’t have to agree with me but you asked so here it is. I believe Stiles Stilinski is verbally abusive to Lydia Martin but I don’t think he is to Malia Tate. We see him grow as a character when he is with Malia but we know how that turned out because of fanservice.

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How do you think Zoe or Lucas or even Clancy would react if they had a deaf friend?

Let’s do all three!



-Zoe would probably bump into you in the middle of the street and try to say sorry, but then sees your hand flailing and apologetic smile

-She’s pretty smart so it will click fast

-Zoe would pull a pen out of her bag or vice-versa and it would end with lots of notes shared between two strangers in the middle of the street

-Being friends with Zoe is entertaining

-She’s very keen to understand sign language and it often leads to lots of laughter on your behalf

-She understands that she doesn’t have to overexaggerate her mouth movements but sometimes talks a little slower so that you can understand her more clearly

-Zoe might just go to some sign language classes and surprise you next time the two of you meet up

-You walk up to her and she signs ‘hey, want to hang out at my place?’ and when you ask when she learnt, Zoe would follow it up with ‘thought it’d be cool to surprise you.’

-She learns that understanding sign language is a lot harder than learning it

-Sometimes Zoe gets frustrated and just writes notes for you to read or to converse in

-She’s very understanding and likes to listen to you speak, despite you being uncertain about it



-Would probably meet you at a young age when he’s visiting the doctor’s or a therapist

-He would get frustrated at the first few meanings, not understanding that you can’t hear him or understand what he is saying

-Lucas would probably pick up some sign language here and there, maybe using it to interact with you as a child or teenager

-When you and Lucas get phones, he’d probably be very eager to text you as he could have a proper conversation with you without getting confused or muddled!

-He’s not keen on physical contact but in public, he tries to make sure you don’t stray or get lost by holding a piece of your clothing or arm

-Lucas likes that you don’t ever complain or get annoyed at his rambling. The only times he gets a little annoyed is when you ask him to slow down, but he knows you can’t help it. 

-Lucas has very shaky and jerky movements, so learning sign language is a large challenge for him. It takes a lot of patience and time, but eventually, he can sign a proper conversation with you.

-He’s a very proud man, so the fact that he’s learnt a new skill makes him very boastful

-You find it rather endearing but his family… Not so much. 

-Lucas has probably looked up how to help deafness and to allow you to hear multiple times

-He relies on technology too much

-Lucas’ argument is ‘if they can cure blindness, they can cure deafness!’ which you counter-argue that they haven’t cured blindness- only blurry vision- and you don’t need to be cured

-That might lead to a fight, but Lucas would crumble and apologise eventually. He was in the wrong, despite trying to help.

-Legitimately has a passage in his ‘fuck you’ journal with:

‘____ got mad at me because I said I wanted to cure their deafness. All I wanted was to fucking help! Fuck you!’

-There would also be a passage deeper in the journal saying:

‘I think _____ is really upset with me. They won’t talk to me. I think I really hurt their feelings. Fuck me!’

-He doesn’t have a great understanding of certain emotions and such, so it may take time for him to apologise.



-Clancy probably meet you during a production or a film festival

-He knows some sign language from just exploring the internet, so it’s not too tough for you two to chat

-Learning more sign language is really enjoyable for both of you! It’s like a secret language for when you’re around other people.

-Clancy wouldn’t treat you any different than someone who can hear. He’d happily take you on filming productions and just to hang out.

-He’d probably have you tag along when he’s filming Sewer Gators, despite his asshole bosses’ protests

-You would have to promise not to stray too far. Clancy’s very paranoid that you’d get lost and that he wouldn’t be able to call out for you.

-The whole production would be you and him just laughing over stupid stuff whilst filming his boss and the surrounding area

-If Pete and Andre do anything to annoy the two of you (more likely Pete), you and Clancy would happily bitch about him via sign language

-Clancy may convince Pete and Andre to let you become part of the team. You’d be in charge of researching areas to visit.

-Clancy is very goofy and would be a man who’d say ‘I’ll be your ears, you be my eyes’ during productions. 

-Clancy really needs glasses. He doesn’t like to wear them, but staring at screens forever and editing has destroyed his corneas.

-The two of you fangirl over books and movies together

-He doesn’t mind watching movies with subtitles turned on. As long as you’re both happy and comfortable, everything is good.

OOC: Thank You!

Thank you everyone for your kind words. You’re all just… 


Sorry if I don’t get back to everyone, but know I read every message, and it all means so much to me. I haven’t been having the best of times lately, and it killed my motivation to do anything…

But coming back to check on the blog and seeing all of you guys’ kind words…Oh man… 

Thank you. Thank you all so much. I love you all! 

I will try to work on some asks! I been really wanting to, but the lack of motivation/energy/inspiration had been killing my art! Everything looked wonky n’ ugly! 

But I need to get back into art so I can finish all the commissions, and to keep the blog running! So I’ll try my best!