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Sorry about this but you made me want to see a kitsune Zen with those beautiful flowing tails while he is sitting blowing out smoke from those pipe things they use in those times xD qwq

*stops and stares* *casually puts this here*
 Kitsune Zen!!!! I just had to draw it!❤️  I hope you like it (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

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I got to see your panel this afternoon. It was awesome! Thanks for the good time! ^-^

Sorry for just now responding but ahhh thank you so much!!!!!! I had so so much fun and my head is still reeling, everything fell into place so perfectly and it was just amazing!!! I can’t wait to get to spend more time with Deedee, Zach, and everyone else this summer, they are just so gracious and talented, and I’m so grateful they agreed to be on a panel with This Goof™™!!!!! Still kind of processing everything!!!

Teased Accident

Kol Mikaelson X Reader 

Word Count: 418

Requested: @lydiaxgilbert

Request: Hey! Can you do a one-shot where the reader is (somehow) stronger than Kol Mikaelson & accidentally hurts him? They can be either best friends or dating. She feels bad about it but still teases him because ‘she’s stronger than an Original’. Thanks in advance, I love your work!

Originally posted by alltheimaginesbro

Kol was helping you with your hand to hand combat now with him being an Original you had to be faster more unpredictable than you would with a normal vampire, you knew that but it still frustrated you that you couldn’t land a hit on him. Eventually, though you started to see patterns and places where you could knock his balance or land a hit on him, so you did end up hitting him a good few times before you pinned him “Ha I win.” You declared.
“Sorry, Darling but not quite.” He smirked as he flipped you both over. You rolled your eyes but something caught your attention at the corner of his mouth there was a little blood gathering.
“Oh my god Kol your bleeding!” You said as you leant up on your elbow taking his face in your free hand to look closer.
“Don’t worry about it.” He smirked wiping his face and you frowned before smiling.
“Wait that means that I landed a good hit on you!” You cheered and he rolled his eyes.
“I told you, that you were good,” Kol answered.
“Yeah but now there’s proof.” You smiled.
“It’s going to heal.” He reminded you.
“But it hasn’t yet.” You argued. Kol rolled onto his side allowing you to get up and as you did Rebekah walked in, she looked at the both of you before smiling.
“Who won?” She asked walking over to you.
“I mean technically he did.” You shrugged.
“But?” She asked.
“I got a few good hits in, I made him bleed and I pinned him… So.” You answered.
“Mean your stronger than an Original,” Rebekah smirked as she looked over at her brother.
“Don’t encourage her dear sister.” Kol sighed.
“I’m stronger than an Original!” You squealed and Kol glared at Rebekah.
“Don’t say that anywhere but here,” Kol warned.
“Why will it ruin your reputation?” You teased.
“You’re kidding me, right? You know how many people want us dead right?” He asked and Rebekah rolled her eyes before leaving the room. “If you say that out there you could get yourself kidnapped or something.”
“Aww, you care.” You teased and he rolled his eyes as he walked over to you.
“I’m still stronger than you.” You mumbled.
“Hush.” He smirked before placing his lips on yours and pulling ou closer to him, you smiled as you pulled away.
“Still stronger.” You teased.
“Alright, that’s it! Rematch.” Kol decided stepping back into the centre of the room.

Requests and general question!

Meeting the Families- Brendon Urie

Request- I just read your most recent Josh fic and it was amazing!!! I was wondering if you could do a Tyler x readre where he takes her to meet his parents? <3.

A/N: me and this person changed it up a bit so yes it’s now about Brendon Urie. Thanks for working with me as I kind of changed your request <3. Also I added pictures because who don’t need to see some adorable baby Brendon Urie am I right? Anyways enjoy!

“Okay yeah, next weekend will work.” you were on the phone with your parents as Brendon walked into the room and sat next to you. “I gotta go, we’ll see you next weekend. Love you too bye.” when you said we’ll Brendon’s gaze went straight to you.

“We’ll?” he questioned once you hung up.

“Sorry, but yeah, both of us.” you said feeling slightly guilty. Brendon had yet to meet your family and he wasn’t looking forward to it. Either were you. You were the youngest of the family and to say they were protective over you would be an understatement. Not to mention they didn’t approve of Brendon, they thought he was a bad person and that he didn’t know what he was doing with his life. They didn’t care to listen to you when you told them about how he was a successful musician. They tended to be very judgmental and you were the complete opposite of your family.

“Well since I have to go, you have to meet my parents then.” he said. You hadn’t met his parents just yet because you were just too scared to, afraid of them hating you.

“Really?” you said.

“Yup. Now tell me things to be prepared for your family.” he said excitedly. He’s been wanting to meet them for a while, but you always told him no, knowing how rude they could be. You were scared they would scare him off.

“Well my mom and dad will only go by Mr. Y/L/N and Mrs. Y/L/N for now.” you said. “My aunts and uncles will try to get to marry me right away. Oh and stay away from my aunt Linda, she’s a crazy cat lady who will make you a sweater in an hour without you wanting it.”

“How will I know which one she is?” he asked.

“Oh, you will. Okay I have my 2 older brothers who will ask you all the questions about why you think you can date me, and they’re going to try and scare you off.”

“Do you have any people who won’t be giving me a questionnaire when I walk in the door?” he joked.

“Yeah, my grandmother but that’s because she sleeps through the whole party.” you said. “Also be careful, my brothers and dad are probably going to monitor you like crazy.” you continued.

“I wasn’t nervous at first, but now I sort of am.” he admitted.

“Don’t be, because even if they don’t like you I still will.” you said placing a light kiss on his cheek. “Now what do I need to know about your family?”

“Well we’re pretty normal. My mom and dad already love you and my siblings aren’t going to care.” he said and you felt a little better hearing that.

For the next week you prepared Brendon with things to say and not to say around your family. Some of them being no swearing, no mention of drugs or alcohol, and basically just go along with anything they talk about.

“Does this look good?” he asked as he tried on his 3rd outfit that day.

“Yes, it looks fine. Don’t be nervous, you’ll do fine.” you said calming him down. He had been freaking out for the past hour or so about what to wear, how to do his hair, and what to say to your family.

“Okay, okay. You’re right, I need to calm the fuck down.” he said taking a deep breath.

You giggled lightly at how adorable it was seeing him freaking out over this. When really you were hiding your freak out. You knew they were going to make judgements as soon as they saw his tattoos and heard more about his career.

Once you arrived at your parents house that afternoon you turned to Brendon and gave his hand a reassuring squeeze.

“You got this, just be careful. I’ll be right there to help you with answers.

He shook his head and you lead him to the door.

“Your favorite child is here.” you announced as you walked into the house.

“You so weren’t the favorite.” your brother Andrew said to you as he met you with a hug.

“So this must be Brendon?” he said looking Brendon up and down.

“Yes, this is Brendon and back off Andrew before you scare him.” you said pushing past him with Brendon in hand.

“Hey there Y/N how’s it going?” your dad asked from the couch where all your uncles, other brother John, and asleep grandma sat.

“Good, this is Brendon everyone, Brendon that’s my Grandma, uncle Pete, uncle Dan, my Brother John, and my dad.” you said pointing out each.

John sat up in his seat and glared at Brendon.

“Hello Brendon. So, you’re Y/N’s boyfriend?” your father asked.

“Yes I am sir, it’s great to finally meet you.” he said shaking your dad’s hand.

“Well Brendon you’re coming into a interesting family.” your uncle Pete joked.

“We’re going to go say hi to the rest of the family now.” you said pulling him along to the kitchen where your mom, and 2 aunts sat chatting.

“I thought I heard you come in.” you mother said hugging you.

“Yeah got here just a few minutes ago. Anyways, Brendon this is my mom, aunt Linda and aunt Kathryn. This is Brendon everyone.” you said taking in the stare your mother had on Brendon.

“Nice to meet you Mrs. Y/L/N.” he said shaking her hand.

“So Brendon what do you do for a living?” your aunt Kathryn asked him helping with the awkward silence. After listening to him talk for a little bit you saw him relax slightly.

“I’ll be right back okay?” you said and he shook his head while listening to you aunt Linda’s conversation about her newest cat.

You went down the hall to the bathroom, but were stopped before you could get there.

“Y/N, just the person I wanted to talk to.” said your uncle Pete said to you. He and your aunt Kathryn were never judgmental and were open to everyone. “So your brothers and dad are planning on getting Brendon away from you for a while to question him, but your aunt and I got you covered. Did you prep him for the things they’re going to ask him about?” he asked.

“Yeah, he’s really nervous and I should probably get back to him before aunt Linda starts naming all her cats.” you said and your uncle laughed.

“Good luck, he seems like a good person.” he said and you continued onto the bathroom.

You went back into the kitchen a few minutes later to see Brendon missing.

“Where’s Brendon?” you asked your mother.

“I think your brothers went outside with him. Let them talk-” she said but you walk away before hearing the rest.

You went out to the back porch to see to see your dad and both your brothers talking to Brendon. He looked calm and you thought you would let him talk for himself for a minute before going outside. You could heard the entire conversation.

“So what are you looking to do with Y/N? I mean you don’t have a stable joke, are you using her for her money?” you father questioned.

“No, no sir. I would never. I actually do have a stable job, my band is very successful and we are actually going on tour in 3 months. I’m in love with your daughter and I’m just looking forward to spending the rest of my life with her. We’ve been together for almost 3 years and I would never do anything to hurt Y/N, she’s my everything.” Brendon said.

“Why did you wait this long to meet us?” John asked.

“I actually wanted to meet you guys a while back, but Y/N was discouraging it. I’m sorry we waited so long.”

“Oh so you’re blaming this on my sister?”

“No, I- sh-” you saw he was getting nervous so you went outside and interrupted the conversation.

“What’s going on out here?” you asked.

“Just asking him some questions. You can go back inside Y/N we have a few more questions to ask him.” you father spoke.

“No, I’m gonna stay right here. So what kind of questions?” You asked grabbing Brendon’s hand and he calmed down.

“Well just, never mind. Brendon I’m still not done with you. I’m not sure you’re for Y/N. I’ll give you a chance, but only because Y/N seems happy.” you father said before walking away.

“Yeah just know if you hurt her, your will be hurt 10 times worse.” Andrew warned.

“Andrew shut up and leave him alone.” you said and watched them all walk back inside.

“Breathe Brendon, you did fine.” you said kissing him on the cheek. “I heard that you said you were in love with me, are you really?”

“Y/N you know that. I will love you for the rest of my life, I will love you even if your family hates me, and I hope you will love me the same.”

“I do Brendon. Never doubt my love for you. Now let’s get back inside and finish this damn party. I’m sick of my family already.” you said leading Brendon back inside.

You sat in the living room talking to your uncle Pete and aunt Kathryn.

“I’ve heard of some of your songs before. I’m a music teacher and a few kids in my class are huge fans. You’re very talented.” your aunt told Brendon.

“Thank you, I like to think I have talent. That’s really cool that you heard of me before.”

“Brendon do you think you’ll ever tie the knot with my niece anytime soon?” your uncle Dan came in interrupting the conversation.

“Uncle Dan stop.” you said.

“It’s a real question. You’ve been together for what 3 years when will I get some great nieces and nephew. I’m getting old and we both know your brother’s can’t keep a girl for the life of them.” he said.

“Dan stop pressuring the poor kids. They’re young and living their lives.” you uncle Pete said standing up for you.

Finally the food was ready and that meant the party was closer to ending.

You and Brendon sat close to the end where your dad sat. when Brendon rolled up his sleeve his Frank Sinatra tattoo showed.

“Who is that Brendon?” you dad asked.

“Oh this is Frank Sinatra. I’ve been very inspired by him.” Brendon explained and your dad listened. You saw your dad taking a liking to Brendon more and more as they struck up conversation.

Soon both your brothers were in the conversation and you were relieved that they were talking not just questioning.

After you all at you helped you mom clean up the mess.

“So your father and brothers like Brendon. He seems like a good man, I’m glad you found a good one.” you mother commented and you stopped your actions.

“Wait so like you all like him?”

“Yes darling. He’s very sweet. Don’t get me wrong he still isn’t 100% in your father’s book, but nobody will ever be for his little girl. I trust him and I hope to see more of him.” you hugged her before she could finish her statement.

“Thank you mom.” you said.

You finished cleaning the kitchen up and went out to see Brendon laughing while talking to your brothers.

“Bren, I think it’s time we go, you have to be in the studio all day tomorrow.” you reminded him.

“Right, well it was nice meeting you guys.” he said standing from the chair and shaking the hand of your brother’s one last time. “And Mr. Y/L/N it was a pleasure getting to talk to you.” you said goodbye to the rest of the family, Brendon leaving a good impression on all of them.

“Y/N can I have a minute with Brendon alone?” your father asked.

“I’ll meet you in the car.” Brendon told you taking in ho hesitant you seemed, but he felt confident.

You headed out to the car and waited.

When Brendon came back out you saw he had a big smile on his face.

“What did he say?” you asked nervous of what your father might have said to Brendon.

“He said he approves of me.” Brendon said still with a huge grin on his face as he drove.

“That’s the only thing? You look really happy?”

“That’s all you have to worry about love.” he said and kissed your hand. “Now next weekend you meet my family. Are you ready?”

“Sure as long as they are as normal as you said.”

“Trust me they are very normal compared to your family.”

The next weekend

“Hi there you must be Y/N. we’ve heard so much about you.” his mother greeted you with a hug.

“All good things I hope.” you smiled.

“He made you sound like an angel.” his father told you.

“That’s because she is.” Brendon said kissing you. “She makes me the happiest I could ever be.”

You felt so comfortable the entire time. His siblings were all so nice and his parents loved you.

You were currently around the table with his mom and one of his sisters looking some old family pictures.

“This was when he was about 2. His sister Kayla took scissors to his hair.” his mother said pointing to the picture.

“Aww he’s so adorable.” you said.

“Oh god don’t show her pictures.” Brendon said sitting next to you.

“Why they’re so cute. You looked like a dork.” you said.

“I look like a 35 year old women in this one mom. You did you dress me like that.” he said at another picture.

“Brendon shut up. You look like an adorable little kid who did whatever his parents told him to do.” you said poking him in the side so he would stop ridiculing his younger self.

“Just don’t show her my high school pictures. Those are the worst.” he said then leaving the room.

His mom showed you those next and he really did look like a total dork, but you love him.

After many hours of conversation and laughter you and Brendon were about to leave. You finish your goodbye and they all welcomed you back anytime.

“So did you like them?”Brendon asked as you got into the car.

“Yes. I love your family they were all so nice. I’m sorry you had to deal with mine.” you apologized.

“You can’t help that your family is terrifying and that I was anxious the entire time.” he said then you sat in some comfortable silence as you drove back home.

“So did my mom end up showing you all the high school pictures?” he asked.

“Yup.” you laughed.

“I’m so sorry. I went through some awkward stages.”

“You were such a dork yet so cute. Maybe one time I’ll show you mine.” you said.

“You were probably hot in high school.”

“Nope. I wore a hoodie and sweatpants everyday and had pimples everywhere. Growing up with older brothers made me a bit of a tomboy. I finally got to senior year and ditched the sweats for dresses. I’ll never go back to that. Now that I think of it, I’m pretty sure I burned all evidence of those 3 years.” you said and Brendon laughed.

“I could always tweet out the school you went to and the year you graduated. I bet someone will find a yearbook with your picture.” Brendon tease.

“Don’t, I mean it Brendon. Those pictures could be the break point in this relationship.” you warned and he laughed.

“Nothing will break us. I love you way too much for a picture to change that.” he said kissing your hand as he drove.

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So what's currently happening with Makoto and Byakuya after he heard that?

*enters the kitchen* Hah, Byakuya, I found you. *turns to Jin* Sorry, Jin-san, I’m borrowing him for a minute.

No problem.

*follows Makoto to corridor* Makoto? What is it?

*turns around, get on tip-toes, puts his arms around Byakuya’s neck and kisses him deeply*

…..*pauses for a second before returning the kiss, his hands on Makoto’s hips*

*steps back and smiles* Sorry, I heard that you told Sayaka-chan and everyone that you loved me and I was so happy that I couldn’t help myself…I just had to find you and kiss you…

I-I see…

Well I will let you go back to your conversation with Jin-san then. *starts to walks away*

*tugs him back* No, I don’t think so. Not right away anyway. Who told you I would be satisfied with only one kiss? *bends down and kisses him again*

*laughs before kissing back*

indigo: so, i didn’t know that you literally haven’t talked to these guys since the funeral??? what the fuck zia, they’re you’re best friends

zia: i-… im sorry, i just-

indigo: save it. thats probably why you’re not coping… you haven’t been talking to me or mom, i figured you at least had them to talk to-

amira: we can take it from here dude [laughs] 

zia: i’m sorry guys, i just… i didn’t know what to say…

skye: you don’t have to apologize z, we know things have been rough for you since… yeah

kaori: we love you, we just want to be here for you babe

amira: exactly, we hate seeing you so disconnected… so, guess what? we’re staying the night tonight, and we are gonna get your mind off of everything that’s happened [smiles]

zia: [laughs] if you insist, binch

Whatever It Is

Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 1.1k

Warnings: It’s just really fluffy. Oh, and there’s a brief mention of Cas’s thighs (or Misha’s thighs, whatever) … and that definitely needs a warning.

A/N: I thought about this silly little fic while driving to work. This song came on in my car. For those who haven’t heard it, it’s called “Whatever It Is” by Zac Brown Band. They are one of my favorite bands. Solo italic lines are lyrics. Sorry it’s so horrifically fluffy and somewhat plotless.

Originally posted by ardysgurl

There was no way in hell Dean or Sam would ever go see your favorite band live. Not a chance. Not a chance. So, you sat there, all dressed up in your favorite going out outfit, with two tickets in your hand. And you had no one to go with. You lowered your head as you realized the concert started in a little over an hour.

You turned to the sound of footsteps coming in from the hall. Your eyes met friendly blue ones as you stood from one of the war room chairs. “Hey Cas,” you greeted the sweet angel as he entered the room. Cas had been one of your best friends since you had joined the brothers, hunting full time. He was always there when you needed a shoulder to cry on, someone to laugh with… or at, even when you just needed company as you sat in complete silence.


You took a step towards Cas, smiling as you held up the two tickets. “Up for an adventure?”

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Just a few of the pictures I took yesterday at Miles’ Brooklyn show (and shout out to Nell and Katrina for being awesome!)

Best. Day. EVER!!!! Miles is the sweetest human in the world (LOOK AT HIS SMILE WHEN I HUGGED HIM!!! HE’S SO GENUINELY HAPPY AND PRECIOUS AND ASHKJFKJH!!!!!!!) Also, can confirm, Miles gives the BEST hugs, 1000000%, no contest. He had his arms out to hug me before I even got over to him, and he noticed my shirt and said “I see you went to Target”, and he thought my leg-hair-purple nails were awesome. Tbh I nearly blacked out when it was happening, but I remember honestly telling him “I can’t believe this is happening!!” (nerd alert! lol I’m so awkward omfg). Also, Miles smells like actual heaven (that 99 cent store cologne is no joke!), and is so so genuine. During the show he was just like he is in videos; mid sentence his voice cracked and without missing a beat he just went “Dat voice crack doe!” and continued on. We introduced him to Salt Bae (Miles, I’m calling you out again for NOT KNOWING A MEME HOW??), and we had a drag show on stage. Although I didn’t get to go up, it was just as much fun to watch because Miles made sure to keep everyone involved.

The biggest thing about the show was the energy. I have never been in a space where I didn’t feel judged or hesitant to be myself, whether that be my identity or my personality in general. But right there, I felt 100000% comfortable to just go nuts, cheer when someone mentioned stuff I identified with, and just be 10000% me. Miles immediately made the atmosphere one of charged, accepting fun and sillyness. It was almost like if you could step inside of a video and join in on Miles’ shenanigans.

I will never forget yesterday as long as I live, and I am so thankful that I got the opportunity to go and experience that. And Miles, if you somehow manage to find this, I hope you got my letter :)

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I hope fuyuhiko and peko had the best time with Natsumi...

*hugs Fuyuhiko and Peko*

Natsumi? What’s the ma- *sees that she is starting to disappear*

No !



Sorry both of you, I will wait for you on the other side but you better take your time okay? And treat each other well or I will come to haunt you ! I-I love you both…So much…*disappears*



Chapter Sixty-One

A/N: I know it’s not seven o’clock yet, but I thought I’d share the chapter with you early (tbh I thought you could schedule a post so that it was posted at a specific time, but apparently not, so I doubt any of my chapters will be posted at exactly 19:00). I’m sorry it’s been so long, but there’s a good fifteen chapters coming your way now :)

I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know - nothing means more to me than all your opinions 💖

Emmy walked beside Harry, both hands resting on her bump, as he pulled his suitcase along after him. They were in Heathrow Airport, where Harry would be catching his flight to Brazil for the Olympics. They had told no one about their little baby girl yet, and Harry had demanded that Emmy wait until he got back before she told people, because he wanted to see their reactions. Claire and Edward knew, as did the POs, but that was about it.

They were escorted to a private waiting room, and Harry collapsed onto one of the seats there, before gently pulling Emmy down onto his lap. He nuzzled into her throat as she loosely draped her arms round his neck. She felt slightly sick – she didn’t want him to leave again.

Claire was stood at the window, looking out, hands on her hips, at the miserable grey sky. She huffed. “Ed, you sure you don’t want to stay with Emmy this time? I’ll go with Harry.”

Edward raised an eyebrow. “No chance,” he grinned.

Emmy pouted. “Why does no one want to spend time with me?”

“It’s not personal, Emmy,” Edward laughed. “It’s just that it’s between you and a very hot country.”

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True affection (Robb Stark x Female!Reader)

Prompt: Hi :) Can you do a Robb Stark x Reader please? Maybe we see the stages of their relationship as their meeting, their love, their betrothal, their marriage, the pregnancy of the reader, the birth of their child? It’s just an idea and I’m sorry if there are mistakes, I’m French :)

Note: @tiiffanym I really loved this request, so i hope i did it justice!

Robb Stark x reader

When your Parents told you that the carriage was nearing Winterfell, you felt sick. The closer you got to Winterfell, the closer you were to your life changing forever. It had been Ned Stark who had proposed the marriage, and your parents had been delighted. House Stark and House Y/L/N had been allies for centuries – It made sense to strengthen that tie.

You were less thrilled about the idea. You had only ever met Robb once, when you were young, and had no idea as to what kind of man he might be now. Your mother reassured you that Ned was an honourable man, and that his son would be to, but it was little help.

As you approached the gates of Winterfell, you couldn’t deny how beautiful it was; and as Robb Stark took your arm and helped you out of the carriage, you couldn’t deny that he was beautiful too.

When you were both on solid ground, Robb kneeled in front of you, and kissed your hand “Lady Y/n, you are as beautiful I remember.”

You blushed at the compliment, and hoped he was as kind a man as his words suggested.

You quickly got used to not only the North, but to the Stark family. Arya and Rickon were little wolves, constantly exploring the surrounding forests, returning caked in mud (much to Catelyn’s chagrin). Sansa had the voice of an angel, Bran was a genius with a bow, and Robb – well he was just perfect.

The two of you had connected quickly, and you complemented each other well. Where he was hot headed, you were cool, he was proud, and you were logical, and you both adored each other.

It had been a month since you had first arrived in the North, and you had spent most days with Robb, with him showing you around the castle or riding together around the surrounding grounds of the castle.

You were sat together in the Gods wood when he first told you that he was in love with you.

You looked up at him in slight shock before he continued “Y/N, I had always accepted that when I married it would be out of duty, to create an alliance but…” he paused for a moment “You are like no one I have ever met. I love you.”

You weren’t sure that you would ever be able to stop smiling. Your eyes met at you both leaned in to the kiss. When your lips met his you were certain that Winterfell was where you belonged. That he was where you belonged.

When you pulled away he let out a sigh at the lack of contact, so you moved to sit closer to him. Without having to think he wrapped his arm around your waist. You leaned it his touch.

“I love you too Robb.”

The day you married Robb was one of the best days of your life. You, like Robb, had never expected to be able to marry someone that you truly loved. You waited anxiously in the chapels door way. Arya was fidgeting, pulling at her dress trying to get comfortable.

You were shocked when Arya acquiesced to being one your bridesmaids, and you suspected that this would be the last time you ever saw her in a ball gown until her own wedding. Sansa looked like a Queen, in her bridesmaid dress. You were suddenly overwhelming proud of the two girls.

When you heard the Organ begin to play, your father took your arm and you began to walk down the aisle. The night before you had been so nervous that something would go wrong, that you would trip and fall or something would happen to your dress.

Those fears quickly exited your mind as soon as you saw Robb. His jaw dropped when he first saw you, and his eyes filled with tears. You looked stunning. The dress was simple, and fitted you perfectly, hugging your body in all of the right places.

Your house colours had been sewn intricately into the hem, and it was better then you could have ever hoped for. All of the great Northern houses were in attendance, but you barley even acknowledged them, with all of your attention on Robb.

Robb was grinning besides you as you both stood in front of the septon. Your soon to be husband slipped his hand into yours as you exchanged your vows. You squeezed his hand, as you promised to love him until the day that you died.

The cloak Robb wrapped around you was beautiful, it had the Stark crest embroidered onto a deep blue background, and the lining of the cloak was pure white wool. You wondered how many hours it had taken to craft something so beautiful.

“You many now kiss the bride” called out the septon, once Robb had wrapped the cloak around you.

Robb cupped your face gently with his hands and leaned down to kiss you, you flung your arms around his neck and pressed your body close to his.

When Robb pulled away from you, he looked like he was so full of love that he might burst. “I Love you so much Y/n Stark.” When he pulled you into another kiss, the room let out a cheer.

It had been four months since you last moons blood, and five months since you and Robb got married. Maester Luwin had confirmed your suspicions. You were pregnant.

You knew Robb would be happy, you were carrying the air to Winterfell inside of you, but you were still nervous to tell him. You said a quick prayer to both the Old Gods and the seven that he would be as pleased as you were.

Robb was out hunting when you found out that you were pregnant, he would be back early the next morning. You let out a groan. You were desperate to tell someone. When you saw Catelyn, you couldn’t contain yourself.

“Lady Stark, there is something I must tell you, Robb is not here and I have to tell someone.” You gushed, and Catelyn gave you a knowing smile.

“Y/n please, you must call me Catelyn” she insisted “What is It you must tell me?”

“I’m with child” you whispered excitedly, relieved to finally share the secret.

Your mother in law pulled you into a tight hug “I have had my suspicions, you have been absolutely glowing this past few weeks.”

“I can’t believe I’m going to be a mother” you muttered, slightly in shock.

Catelyn let out a laugh “I can’t believe I’m going to be a grandmother.”

Robbs reaction to your pregnancy had been even better then you could have hoped. As soon as the words had left your mouth he had lifted you up into his arms. You buried your head into the crook of his neck. You couldn’t tell if he was crying or laughing, but you knew he was overjoyed.

Throughout the pregnancy Robb had been extremely protective of you, worrying about everything you did. You couldn’t even go on a ride without him insisting to come with you. Arya had told you that he was obsessed, but you found his care endearing.

The bump had started to show just after you broke then news to Robb, and the Starks were constantly crowding around you, trying to see if the baby was kicking yet.

You were lying in bed curled up with Robb the first time that you felt the baby kick. Robb was snoring softly when you woke him.

“Robb! The baby’s kicking!” you elbowed him lightly and he groggily began to wake up.

He quickly came to his senses when he heard the word baby “Wait Y/n is everything okay?” he said, shooting up quickly.

He quickly placed his hand against your bump, a smile spreading across his face. You couldn’t wait to start your family with the man you loved.

Giving birth was the hardest thing that you had ever done, but Robb got you through it. Despite the midwifes insistence that Robb needed to leave, he remained stuck to your side, holding your hand the whole time.

“Come of Y/n one more push. You can do this.”

“I-I I Can’t do this Robb…” you said exhausted “Please I can’t”

Robb squeezed you hand tight “You can do this love.”

It took the last of the energy you had left, but you gave one final push. You didn’t immediately hear the baby cry, and panic rose in your chest. Was there something wrong, was your baby safe?

Then you heard the baby cry. Your baby. It was the best sound you had ever heard.

Robb was silent as the midwife place the baby in his arms, totally in awe of the tiny person you had both created. He looked on the edge of tears.

“Y-y/n… we’ve got a daughter Y/n. Our little girl.”

You let out a sob when you saw your son. Suddenly all of the hours of pain and discomfort were forgotten, as Robb handed you your daughter. Her eyes were closed as she grabbed onto your little finger with her hand. You hadn’t known you could love someone so much.

Robb kissed you on the forehead, then kissed the top of your baby’s head “She’s perfect, you’re perfect. Gods I love you both – more than I know how to say.”

You looked up at your husband, the man you loved “Lyanna. She’s called Lyanna.” The look on his face told you that it was perfect.

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You know when we get a movie #2 when tommy pops up I hope they don't do any kind of love tri with tommy and Kim. I kind of want the movie to go diff then the show. I liked that they cut the kiss between kim/jason. So I hope no real hooking up in movie #2. Also I want to see tommy as a girl!!! And we will get a movie #2. I can feel it

Wanna hear something really funny? I’m 50% sure they’re going to do a completely different love triangle that none of us want. Here’s my proof:

The graphic novel Aftershock has been confirmed as canon. Pretty early on in the book, Jason and Kimberly get interrupted in the middle of a “moment”

The only person to immediately show up is…

 Zack. Yes. That is where this is going. From this point on, every Jason/Kim moment is matched with a Zack/Kim moment

This theory also fits with the rumors of Tommy being Trini’s (female) love interest, so I think it’s pretty likely (just not likable)



It being my first con I was really giddy and probably very annoying so sorry my group!
I went with @snazriel and @betterthanyoublue with a few more people I met that day!

I did everything I wanted including buying a Pokemon mystery box and buying some prints from @knitbone including a Mercy, Totoro and Korra! The box had a Pikachu straw cup, and Pokemon wrist band, Pokemon socks and Pokemon stress ball! I don’t know if you realised but I also got a Bi Flag!

Also went to a Steven universe cosplay meet up! There was another Stevonnie so see if you can spot me! (There’s a Yoosung behind me in my selfie lol)

I got asked for 7 pictures today! It’s really given me the confidence to try some harder cosplay.

- Mod

Same Love

request: No

plot: the batsis (reader) is bisexual and announced it at a public speaking when she brings out her girlfriend.

word count: 1,031

warning(s): this is trash I think but it’s for my baby @loverandomness2  that i love very much and if anyone hurts her you better hope I don’t see it.

also i’m sorry if some of my information isnt right!

key: y/gf/n means your girl friends name

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TalesFromTheFrontDesk: This doesn't belong to us.

I’m reading a few posts that relate to lost property and it reminded me of an experience a few years ago I thought I’d share.

I’m on Front desk with a colleague and we have a tonne of check-ins and a small lobby full of people.

I see a guest I had checked in 15 minutes earlier approach the desk and I get that feeling of apprehension you always get when a guest you just checked in comes back. We all know it’s never good news when that happens.

He cuts the line politely and says “ we found something in the wardrobe that doesn’t belong to us.”

I’m formulating a response in my head and get as far as “ I’m sorry to hear that…..” when he throws a bag of weed (not legal here at all!) on to the counter in full view of 20 or so other guests And looks at me and my Colleague expectantly.

My colleague looks like a deer caught in the headlights then turns to Me, bewildered and wanting a cue of some sort.

A quick survey of the room and I can see that only two sets of guests are actually paying attention. The rest are fussing with their children or looking at their phones or tour brochures.

I reach for a pile of paperwork and drop it straight on top of the baggy then slide the whole pile under the ledge on the counter where we stash staplers and luggage tags in one swift and subtle movement.

I smile at the guest who has already turned to leave the lobby, apparently unaware of the predicament he has me in, or perhaps enjoying seeing my reaction, and without skipping a beat I say “ Thankyou for bringing that to my attention, I’ll send housekeeping up to your room right away for an additional room check, that’s room 641 yes?”

He nods, thanks me and makes his exit.

My colleague on this shift is rather innocent and and easily shocked. I’d say the closest she’d ever come to a bag of weed was seeing one on TV but she regains her composure masterfully and begins explaining the directions for parking to the guest she was in the middle of checking in.

I look to the next guests in front of me, who have massive smirks on their faces but who say nothing untoward as I do the pre-auth and run through the check in spiel. I give the final “ I do hope you enjoy your stay with us” line. They can’t help themselves now and say to me “ Nicely handled ! Do all the rooms come with extra amenities ?”

“ I sincerely hope not” was my reply.

We then spent the next two hours with this bag of weed on the counter hidden by paperwork until there was finally a break in the relentless check ins and I could dispose of it.

By: Sistersofjoydivision

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Would it be alright if you write a scenario with jealous Revali? Like, his s/o has been spending a lot of time with another friend, (this could range to anybody from an npc to an oc) and he doesn't approve. He eventually confronts them, and s/o has to reveal the truth (i.e. the friend has been helping them get a present for Revali). Thanks! And have a nice day.

Heck yeah I can!! And I hope you have greater days to come!

I want to make this an oc now what have you done to me

“Gotta go, Revali!” his s/o says.

“Sorry, I’m hanging out with Veren today!” they called out.

“I’m going to see Veren now, bye!” they smiled.




Revali started cursing that damn name.

He had no idea who this impostor was, but once he got him alone he was sure to have one hell of a beating thrown his way. Mr. Steal-My-One-And-Only had a few things planned for him.

He mentioned it as such one night.

“If I ever meet this Veren he’s good as dead.”

His s/o almost drops the plate they’re holding.


“You’re hanging out with him too much!!” Revali snaps, “He’s no better than me, I bet! Couldn’t handle me, eh?”

“…What.” they look awfully confused.

“Why are you hanging out with him-that damned Veren!!”

“….Well there goes the surprise I guess.”


“He’s a craftsman. He was helping me make our anniversary gift.”


Well now he felt stupid.

“You forgot, didn’t you?”


A Chance

Anon: I notice that you rarely write for jaewon, so I wanna ask onee! please make a scenario where he chases for a girl but always gets rejected, but at the end, he finally manages to get her heart! pleasee pleasee I beg youuu, btw your writing is sooo awesomee, thanks for being out here on tumblr I love youuu!💞💞💞

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Jaewon x Reader - Angst/Fluff

“WAIT! COME BACK!” You had left him again, Jaewon an amazingly talented, remarkably attractive guy had asked you out - for the fourth time… this week, you didn't dislike the boy you were just afraid of dating someone who was constantly occupied with work. 

You breathed as you turned the corner to your street, you bit your lip as you felt sorry for leaving him without an answer or reason, you shook your head ridding of the thought he wouldn’t have time for you, he probably does this with every girl he sees. You took your phone out your back pocket and texted your best friend.

You met up at the cafe near your apartment “So, he’s not stopping? Just say yes!” You rolled your eyes as she slumped back in her chair not bothering anymore. You sipped your coffee and glanced around the cafe looking at all the couples, some that you recognised as you came to the petite cafe quite frequently. Your friend stood up and grabbed her things “Just say no if you’re not interested” She groaned and ran a hand through her hair before leaving you alone. 

She wasn’t angry at you, just annoyed that you couldn't say no to a guy that you didn’t want to be in a relationship with. You held your head in your hand and stared out the window, there were so many couples which made you subconsciously roll your eyes, you picked your phone off the table and phoned a number. 


“Jaewon, can we meet?”

You watched as he made his way over to you, he had a smile on his face and his hair was messy “Hey! What did you want to talk about?” You took a deep breath “I’m not interested in a relationship with you” It came out more harsh and cold than you had anticipated, your heart sank at the smile that faded away from his beautiful face “I don’t know why you hate me when all I’ve done is be friendly and care for you.” You stared at him surprised, your heart unexpectedly started racing as you recall back to the moments he had been nothing but kind to you and how you had said thanks by rushing away. 

“I’m sorry Jaewon I was being selfish, I didn’t want to be in a relationship with someone who was always occupied with work” He stared into your eyes, making you feel guilty. “Y/n, I love what I do but I’d never neglect you for it” You gave him a sad smile, all you had to do was tell him how you felt, not run away! 

You nodded your head and sighed “I really am sorry” You glanced around, your neighbourhood was peaceful and quiet, you sighed as you looked back at Jaewon “I’ll see you around” You turned around to leave but Jaewon clutched your hand preventing you from going. You stared at him confused “Give me a chance, will you go out with me?” You didn’t think he’d still want to date you especially after how rude you were to him. 

“You still want to be with me? After everything I put you through?” He shook his head and entangled his hand in yours “Y/n, you did nothing wrong! I still like you!” You gave him a loving smile, why were you so afraid of dating him? he was this sweet genuine guy.

You kissed his cheek catching him off guard and making him blush

“I’d love to go out with you!" 

a/n the fact that this took me 3 days to write…………. 

Back from Anime North 2017! I kinda wish I had taken more pictures of our stand, but I was completely swamped for all three days.

Thank you to everyone that came by! It made me so happy talking with all of you, and I wish I had more time to continue. It was swell of y'all to go out of your way to find my booth and say hi! Special thanks to @sasskervilles for helping me with our table, and for putting up with me in general.

Super sorry for everyone that wanted something that was sold out, I’ll have most of my merch restocked for ConBravo and possibly FanEx.

Thank you to everyone that made AN2017 the best, and I hope to see you again soon ❤️


Ok guys they 10 or so posts I replied to but Tumblr didn’t seem to post have vanished from the inbox. They are not in the queue and they didn’t post because I made note of where the feed was when I had the issue. So if you posted give it about another week if you don’t see it please post it again. The main one I remember was someone thanking us and saying if we need to turn off the inbox it was ok. Whoever said that thank you. Sorry it will never get posted in your eloquent way.