sorry if you don't like pictures of meat

anonymous asked:

"rotting animal flesh"? Seriously Ally? That is just ridiculous, i understand you don't want to see meat on your instagram, but hey wake up call: not everyone is vegan! Unfollow them if it upsets you, but don't act like they broke a law or did something offensive like a racist or sexist photo. Meat is a part of the majority of our diets, you can't expect everyone to bow down to your beliefs. They posted a picture of the ingredient for beef soup, not rotting flesh oh my god.

I’m not sure if you realise, but that’s quite literally what meat is. I’m not being overly emotional or exaggerating or making up stories - when we die, our bodies begin to decompose. That picture was a dead body and I’m sorry if my mentioning that upsets you but its what it is. 

As I mentioned previously, I don’t follow them :) I went onto their page to investigate what changes had been made (since the strategy meeting I & some friends had with them last year) to lead them down this strange path. Seeking out random girls online to comment mean things on their photos is unacceptable. My outrage was (and still is) at their cyber bullying someone completely unprovoked and without warrant. To comment on a young girl’s profile and tell her that even though she’s striving to be more globally conscious with her eating choices, it’s not good enough or she’s unhealthy? That angers me to no end and could invite a whole host of issues for the individual if she wasn’t secure in her relationship with food. My and tessbegg‘s reference to the dead animal was because their comment on the girl’s photo was directly about meat, and how apparently she should be ashamed of herself for drinking a fruit smoothie. I was appalled at their choice of action, lack of professionalism and overall choice of posting, given their large vegan following and majority vegan cafe. The photo in question (that I replied on a post by someone else to and added my agreement) can be seen here. I didn’t go and attack them on their page (unlike your choice of response) but rather added that I was surprised at their choice to post such a graphic image, let alone to an audience of many against animal cruelty.

I find it interesting that your advice to me is to unfollow them if I don’t enjoy their content, when your own response has instead been to come here to my personal blog, conceal your identity and criticise my choices.

Your choice of words are interesting too. You refer to my apparent desire for you to ‘bow down to my beliefs’, when in reality the situation is actually the exact opposite. I am taking no action. Veganism is a non-action. Non-veganism (ie meat eaters such as yourself) is choosing to take action in supporting animal cruelty, exploitation and slaughter. Again, this is not be exaggerating, but merely describing the truth. I think it would be fair for me to assume that most others (even if this doesn’t include yourself) are also against animal cruelty and killing innocent beings, but would like to believe in compassion and sustainability. I am not forcing my beliefs on anyone - I’m simply no longer supporting harmful and cruel industries.

I can see you find comfort in the fact that you’re not alone in your consumption of animals, which makes perfect sense. We justify our behaviours by the fact that others are taking no action to change either (look into the bystander effect or even mob mentality in certain situations) and take this to mean that we can’t be held responsible. I urge you to do some inward inspection and reflection of what you believe to be right and fair. Educate yourself, think, read, talk to others, and find out where you stand on certain topics. Even if you decide you’re 100% pro animal cruelty and murder, if you’ve made peace with your values then someone else’s shouldn’t impact you as much as mine apparently have.

My being against animal cruelty and choosing to refrain from supporting the meat & dairy industries shouldn’t affect you, and the only way it can is if my (non) action causes you to reflect upon how you’re living. Contrastingly, while my existence makes no impact upon yours, the way you live is a direct barrier to the world I’m trying to create. Your actions are the very thing that I wish I could prevent and rid from our world, and it’s therefore perfectly reasonable that it would upset me. However, it was you who chose to come here and anonymously attack me, standing nothing to gain other than the knowledge that your words hurt me in some way.

Bottom line: this is my blog. If you don’t like the content I reblog and share thoughts on, you know where the unfollow button is. I don’t wish for you to leave, for experiencing different values is no reason alone to have to end a relationship and my veganism shouldn’t pose any threat to you unless the things I write and reblog are hitting your conscience. 

I hope that if you’d like to further our discussion, you would give me the mutual respect and message me without hiding behind an anonymous face. xx