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Bts reaction to meeting their foreign s/o’s family:

@xmille2334 requested:  Hi! Could you do a How would BTS react if their foreign girlfriend wanted to take him to her home county to meet her family and friends? Thank you! 💕

A/ N: This was supposed to be out ages ago, I’m so sorry. Here you go now, hope you like it ♡ 


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I feel like he would be nervous at first but he’ll charm the hell out of them, you know? Like the boy is just naturally lovable it won’t be difficult or awkward at all. As he does to everyone else, Jin will undoubtedly be able to steal their hearts.


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Quiet and super polite like he doesn’t want to mess everything up. Probably avoids eye contact and laughs at lame dad jokes. Would probably even be that boy that goes like “These carrots are just done perfectly, thank you Mrs. _” Once he’s out the door, he’ll shudder and sigh like that was scary. Probably thinks they hated him.


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Still funny and energetic, but not so loud. Keeps comments to a minimum and definitely volunteers to do the dishes. Would probably let a dirty joke slip out before he can help it in front of your dad.

Rap Monster:

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The I-can-take-perfect-care-of-your-daughter typa boyfriend. Immediately transforms to this intellectual man that only wears black suits and spends his free time inspecting health magazines. Insists you two have never done anything intimate and treats your dad like a king. Watches football and lies about loving it.


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So awkward at first but in no time starts to blend in. Probably gets your parents a present before going and showers your mum with subtle compliments. By the time you are dinning he is his normal mochi self. Calls you dear like an old couple.

V/ Taehyung:

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We all know this boy has lots of manners and this is when they will start showing. Still the same Tae. Nothing changed at all, but probably says please and thank you way more. Weird facial expressions reduced to the minimum.


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Gives you the save me I’m dying look all night long. So nervous and stiff your dad starts getting suspicious but your mum thinks he’s handsome so she helps him to a second serving. Which is why he clings on to her as the night wears on. Looks like he is dying when talking to your dad in fear of saying something wrong.

Okay so first of all I have to say sorry for being so absent for the past few months. But I want to thank you all for your support and love and care and understanding during this period it has really helped me and I am so grateful for all of you! 

second: this fic is based on a prompt I recieved ages ago from @gellbellshead​-

“So saw your post that you have some time for writing and couldn’t help myself from sending you this one. Person A and Person B are camp counselors and Person A gets all flustered because Person B is really good with kids and it’s adorable.” 

which kind of inspired 30 pages worth of content haha ps. sorry I took forever to get this done love!

third: THANKYOU TO @rileybabe​ for this STUNNING aesthetic I mean I can’t even with her talent! I would also like to dedicate this fic to her and @ms-maj​ for being so kind and lovely and always sending me such cute messages and supporting me even when I was MIA. 

Again thanks everyone for the love I hope you enjoy!

warning: light smut

as this is long af, here is the AO3 link-


“Welcome to Camp Sweetwater”

Betty let out a defeated sigh as she read the faded words scripted in yellow paint across a crooked wooden sign.  This was not how she wanted to spend her summer.

“Really Elizabeth stop acting like such a child, “ her mother scolded from the driver’s seat, shutting off the car’s engine and opening the door. Betty groaned, letting her head thump back against the seat.  

All she asked for was a carefree summer; one where she was free of her “perfect” girl next door persona and could just be a teenager. But of course that was not acceptable to Alice Cooper. Betty had been furious when her mother had excitedly relayed her acceptance as a camp counsellor, shaking the neatly opened letter in her face. It wasn’t that she didn’t like kids or the outdoors, no it was the principle of having her time stripped of her against her will. But her objections were no match for Alice’s lectures on the importance of broadening her skill set, and the need to fill her college applications with extra curricula’s- as if she didn’t have enough. So her bags had been packed, and here she was.

Deciding there was no point in further delaying the inevitable and beginning to become uncomfortable inside the stuffy vehicle, Betty opened her own door and stepped out into the summer heat.

She had to admit the location was beautiful, with lush greenery all around and the sounds of the river trickling through the air. Maybe it wouldn’t be that bad.

Rounding the vehicle, Alice placed Betty’s duffle bag on the dusty ground beside her and grabbed her reluctant daughter’s shoulders.

“It’s only seven weeks, who knows it might surprise you,” her mother placated softly, offering a warm smile.

Internally Betty scoffed, only seven weeks, but she knew her mother truly just wanted what was best for her even if she had an overbearing and odd way of actuating that. So instead she returned the words with a soft smile of her own and pulled her mother into a hug.

“I’ll call you when I can, have a safe drive home.”

And with that she was gone.

Taking a deep breath and pushing her hesitancies and irritations aside, the blonde tightened her pony tail before bending down to pick up her duffle bag, slinging it over her shoulder. Her sneakers hit the ground with purpose as she crossed through the open gateway, her green eyes scanning across rows of log cabins with brightly painted accents and dirt pathways, all the way to the tree line that led into the forest.

“Betty Cooper?”

Betty turned her head from the view, only to be completely taken aback by the new one. A boy about her age was approaching her with lazy steps that held a subtle air of arrogance. He was tall and lean; the plaid button up he was wearing, the sleeves rolled up on his forearms made sure she was very aware of that fact.  Rogue strands of his ebony hair fell over his impossibly blue eyes tantalisingly while the rest was tucked beneath a beanie that she was too stunned to question the use of in this weather. And god his jawline looked sharp enough to cut glass.

It wasn’t until his dark brows furrowed and his mouth twitched into an amused smile that Betty realised she had been straight out ogling him and if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, she had totally failed to respond to his question. Trying to ignore the flush that was quickly rising to her cheeks, Betty summoned the social skills she had acquired over years of Cooper indoctrination and flashed him her best girl next door smile.

“That’s me! Sorry I was a little distracted by the view,” the blonde recovered in an upbeat tone, internally commending herself on constructing an excuse that wasn’t entirely a lie.

The boy chuckled shaking her politely extended hand.

“Yeah it’s some view,” he replied, a cheeky smirk gracing his lips, making it obvious they both knew she wasn’t talking about the geographical scenery. Betty felt her cheeks flame even more and cast her eyes downward shyly.

“Jughead Jones, welcome to Camp Sweetwater.”

Betty was extremely grateful that he didn’t feel the need to loiter on her embarrassment and found the courage to meet his eyes again. God did he have nice eyes.

“Thanks, I’m assuming this isn’t your first time?”

“You’d be right. I’ve been friends with Fred’s son since birth really, so of course every summer I’d come with them here and then when we got old enough it was kind of a natural progression into camp counsellors,” Jughead informed her, rubbing the back of his neck.

“So you’re the welcoming committee?” She half joked, feeling her stomach flutter at the good natured smile he offered her.

“Something like that.”

She quirked a brow, the tone of his voice indicating he knew something she didn’t.

“Well I’m your welcoming committee,” his smirk reappeared and Betty bit her lip at the sight.

“Lucky me,” she returned softly, her eyes widening as the confession slipped out. Letting out a nervous chuckle she shuffled her converse through the dirt, attempting to play it off as friendly jest.

Jughead raised an eyebrow- his eyes seeming to twinkle with something unknown- but didn’t comment.

“Come on, I’ll show you ‘round.”

Maybe this summer wouldn’t be so bad after all.

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Spider-Boy (Peter Parker x Reader)

Peter Parker x Reader

Request: “Can you do a peter parker imagine where he comes back from the airport fight in civil war and the reader bandages him up and it turns smutty?”(@fvckallthefandoms )

Words: 1441

Warnings: Smut, Oral, mild language? I think that’s it?

A/N: Sorry I changed the request a bit, but I couldn’t find the way to write it like that Also, Peter is at least the age of consent in whichever country you’re from :)

I paced back and forth in my room, anxiously biting my nails as I waited for my best friend Peter to come back. He’d been away fighting with the Avengers, and he had promised to swing by my room as soon as he was done there. Literally.
I discoverer that Peter Parker was Spider-Man a few months ago when I started to get suspicious of the injuries he sustained almost every day. I had turned up unexpectedly at his house and of course May let me straight into Pete’s room. As I flung the door open I had yelled in surprise to find Spider-Man lying in Peter’s bed. “I knew it!” I’d said as he tried to deny the fact he was Spider-Man.(To no avail.)
I gave up my restless pacing and collapsed face first onto my bed with a sigh. He’d said he’d be back within an hour or two, but it was already 10'o'clock at night. After a moment, I raised my head to check the time and my heart almost stopped. I leapt back with a scream and fell inelegantly off the bed, landing sprawled on the carpet. Huffing angrily, I stood up as the person in my room creased with laughter. “Peter! It’s not funny! You almost gave me a heart attack!”
Pete pulled off his mask and walked over to sit on my bed, still laughing. “I’m sorry, Y/N. But you should have seen your face!”
“Shut it, Spider-Boy.” I grumbled as I sat next to him, faking still being angry with him.
“I missed you.” Pete said, sidling up yo my side and slinging an arm around my shoulder with a smile.
“I missed you too, ya doofus.” I replied and gave in, shooting him a grin.

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ok um i'm trash but um can i have a fic where like michael is really protective of jeremy (for whatever reason) and just everyone is gay and it's great

Ay, back at it again with the late replies to asks I should have done ages ago (IM SORRY). Hope this will suffice, thank you for the prompt!


The plan was for Jeremy to get out of hospital, ask out Christine and live a normal high school life as a normal high school teenager - now with a few more friends. What Jeremy wasn’t anticipating was Michael’s change in attitude when he got back.

Michael, his best friend for twelve years, had suddenly become very… attached to Jeremy. He hadn’t noticed at first, focusing more on his plan to ask out Christine or catching up on any work that The Squip had previously deemed ‘uncool’ or ‘useless’. But as the days went by Jeremy began to notice Michael’s presence more and more. Sure, it wasn’t uncommon for Michael to have his bad days and follow Jeremy around for the majority of the school day but by the end of the week Jeremy couldn’t think of one instance where Michael had left his side.

When Monday came, Jeremy found Michael waiting outside his house to walk to school. The two stood side by side as Michael hopped along the pavement with his headphones around his neck, looking around as if he was expecting someone to pop out behind the passing houses. As he began to calm down, Jeremy took a closer look at his best friend. He noticed that his eyes were slightly more droopy than normal, little bags had begun to form underneath them. His hair was ruffled and he was wearing the wrong shoes, as if he was in a hurry to leave the house. Despite this, Michael still wore his generic giddy smile on his face, the look which made Jeremy’s heart melt slightly on the inside.

At lunch time, Rich and Jake approached the two, asking if they wanted to join them at their table in the far corner of the cafeteria. There sat the rest of the group - Brooke, Chloe, Jenna and Christine - eagerly waving at the best friends. Before Jeremy could reply with some cheap excuse as to why he wasn’t feeling well all of a sudden, Michael jumped in between them, turning to Jeremy.

“Come on dude, lets go sit with them! It’ll- It’ll be fun,” he stammered out the last past, suddenly dragging his best friend across the hall before he had a chance to protest. Under his breath, Jeremy heard him mutter “no harm done yeah? Yeah…”

Jeremy, naive Jeremy, brushed off the encounter as Michael just acting up as he sometimes did. But a few days later Jeremy was walking down the hallway on the way to his next class when he heard Michael catch up to him, skidding to a stop once he reached his best friend.

“How was math?” He small talked, slurping the remains of his slushie.

“It was fine, I guess. I wish Mr David would ease up on the homework though, I’m starting to get-” before Jeremy could continue, he was stopped in his tracks by Michael. He turned to see a mixture of anger and fright on his face, a look that really didn’t suit him. Jeremy tried to follow his line of sight but was cut off by Christine shouting his name from down the hallway. He looked back and waved, but when he returned to his best friend’s gaze it was gone, replaced with what looked to be a sympathetic smile as he saw Christine.

“I’ll… uh- catch up with you later Jer,” he mumbled before setting off in the opposite direction without letting Jeremy say a word.

Jeremy tried to give Christine a decent conversation but it was clear he was distracted by something else. He kept turning to look down the hallway in which Michael had seen something, making him stop dead in his tracks. He couldn’t help but wonder what he had seen. Jeremy briefly heard Christine asking if he was alright, to which he replied some rehearsed nonsense about being tired from schoolwork while he continued to focus on the hallway.

It wasn’t until Friday afternoon that he discovered what Michael had been so frightened of.

Jeremy had just finished play rehearsal with the gang and was making his way through the school hallways to go home. Just as the doors came into sight, he spotted a group of - maybe two or three - boys hanging around the doorway, blocking the entrance. They seemed to be waiting for someone, so Jeremy naturally assumed they were one of the many friends of Jake or Chloe. However, as he began to approach, one of the boys spotted him coming and alerted the other two of his arrival. Confused, Jeremy stopped walking and spoke up;

“Um hi… could I get past please? You’re kind of blocking the door,” he stuttered, trying not to mess up his wording in front of the intimidating boys. But neither moved an inch. Instead, the main boy came forward, speaking slowly and articulating his words so precisely it sent a shiver down Jeremy’s spine.

“That was kind of the point mate,” he chuckled and the other two joined in. “We were just waiting for someone…”

“Oh…” said Jeremy, slowly shifting his feet. “W-who?”

Deep down, he already knew the answer.


Now, Jeremy had dealt with bullies before, being a loser and all. He was used to the unoriginal insults and the occasional shove. But these guys were clearly not messing around, going out of their way to wait for him after school and everything. Jeremy took a step backwards in fear.

“You’re the guy that possessed my brother yeah?” The main boy snarled. Jeremy’s face twitched for a second, taking another step back.


“He told me bout it. Said some dude in his drama rehearsal tried to take over the whole cast. Course, the guy doesn’t care now. He’s way too forgiving for his own good my brother,” the boy continued, slowly inching forwards. His friends had now joined his march a few feet behind him. “Fortunately for you, I’m nothing like the guy. I’m a solid believer that you deserve what’s coming to you buddy.”

Jeremy wasn’t entirely sure what to do. He couldn’t keep retreating forever, the gang would eventually catch up to him, and there was no way he was going to slip past these three boys. Caught up in his thinking, he stopped retreating. Jeremy realised his mistake too late as he felt his whole body smash up against a locker. His head smacked the metal plating behind him, causing an immediate headache to rush into his head. He blinked and locked eyes with the bully.

“Or maybe, I just want an excuse to beat up a nerd,” he smirked, lifting his fist to the air. His two friends stood back, watching the whole ordeal go down without interfering. Jeremy shut his eyes closed and tensed up, preparing himself for a blow to the face at any moment.

Instead, he felt his body suddenly drop the ground as a loud grunt came from the boy. Confused, he peeled his eyes open to see the previously menacing boy sprawled across the floor with a bloody nose. His two friends had stepped back in fear at the cause of the punch. The guy responsible stepped forward and glared at the two, signalling - or warning - for them to leave. They did as instructed, picking up the brother and rushing out the door without saying a word.

Jeremy’s head had began to ease up just enough for him to start to process what had just happened when his arm was flown over a shoulder and he was heaved up onto his feat. The familiar smell of weed and slushie suddenly hit him and he knew exactly who had come to him rescue.

“Michael?” He spat out, turning to face the boy. Now that he was fully standing on his own, he could focus on the boy. Michael’s face was covered in sweat. His eyes glimmered with a hint of fear and relief at the sight of his best friend and a large bruise had begun to form on his knuckle from where he had punched the bully.

“Michael,” he said again, this time more definite. It was at that point where Michael’s intimidating persona faded as his eyes began to well up with tears. He flung himself onto Jeremy and dug his head in his neck as he began to sob.

“I’m- I’m sorry I just…” he muttered through his tears, “I heard them… when you came back to school- they were talking about what they were going to do to you- and I just… I just wanted to make sure that you were ok-”

“Thank you Michael,” was all Jeremy could muster before his eyes too began to fill up with tears. The boys sat there, in the school hallway, for about ten minutes silently crying until Jeremy sat up and pulled Michael up with him as they slowly made their way out of the building.


“Morning!” Jeremy greeted his friends by the school entrance. By his side was Michael with his bandaged knuckle and huge smile on his face.

“Morning bro!” Replied Jake. The group shared a quick conversation before entering the school and as they walked down the hallway Michael stood proudly by Jeremy’s side.

“Oh my gosh Michael,” exclaimed Christine as she noticed the white bandages across his hand, “what happened? Are you hurt?”

“Don’t worry Chris,” replied Jeremy, putting a hand on his best friend’s shoulder, “he’s got it under control.”

Just up ahead, a brief conversation between Rich and Jake could be heard.

“Now that I think about it, my bro was acting a little strange last night. He came home with a broken nose and started ranting on about this dude in a hoodie.”

“No way!” Rich cried, “your bro got beat up by some kid in a jacket?”

“Yeah yeash,” replied Jake who appeared to be pondering the thought. “He said someone about him being utterly terrifying, looming over him and protecting his lanky best-”

Slowly, the two boys locked eyes and turned to find Michael’s hand bruised after Christine insisted on changing the bandage. He looked up to see the boys staring and smirked. Turning to Jeremy, he flew an arm around his shoulder and paraded forward, passing the two as he went. Turning round, Michael brought his damaged hand up to his eyes and returned the glare, signalling NOT to touch his best friend in case they also wanted a piece of what he could do.

Deep down, Michael just wanted his hand to heal quicker. He couldn’t press the buttons on the controller properly with a bruised knuckle, but the image of being a type of bodyguard for Jeremy - it made it all worthwhile.

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Hello dear, I have a question, I hope it!s not too much of a bother: I would like to get into witchcraft but I have never done anything of the sort and so far it seems really complicated >.> Could you please share some advice? :) Thank you!

Hi sweetheart! i know i you sent this ask ages ago and I’m sorry for not replying before now! 

a few tips for ´baby´ witches:

🌱 dont feel like you need to know everything.
dont rush and take your time.

🌱 dont feel guilty about not doing spells for weeks on end, it doesent make you any less of a witch.

🌱 you dont need any tools, work with whatever you have.
or buy that fancy beautiful chalice if you want.

🌱do what interests you!                                  not into herbs or plants? don´t work with herbs! you like crystals? work and learn about crystals! interested in spirits and the astral? start learning about them!

🌱 incorporate things you already enjoy and like with witchcraft;

🌱 do you like painting? paint sigils and pieces in colours that match your intent

🌱 like music? make spells bases on songs or make the song itself a personal spell for you.

🌱 you dont have to write your own spells.             you dont need to follow written spells either, you can always use substitutes or change some things around to fit your needs.

🌱 you dont have to do big rituals at all or complicates spells.
i never do any big rituals.
you can if you want to of course! but its not a must!  

most importantly:

its YOUR craft!
YOU decide your rules or lack thereof!
there’s no right or wrong way to be a witch!

Different Kind of Punishment.

Summary;Y/N get’s detention for not doing her homework again but Mr.Hemming’s has a different kind of punishment for her. 

word count;800 

Message me if you would like part 2! 

Part 2 will contain sex just a little warning! 

I hope you enjoy this, i had this in my notes and decided i would post it

Y/N Pov

i knew getting involved with him was a bad idea but now i can’t help it.

it was never meant to be like this.

I got detention, nothing knew there.

But something changed, he didn’t look at me the same. I thought something was up with him but i never thought having sex with him would change everything.

I am in love with my teacher and there is nothing i can do about it.

He ignores me every chance he can get and he asked if i could transfer English class.

it’s not fair,but he’s married.

his words to me that night were “i love my wife, i want to make it work”

i never expected it to happen like it did, but who knew detention would lead to having an affair for 4 months with a teacher, a married teacher.

The sex was great, better than i had ever had.

i’m 17 years old and have had 3 boyfriends in high school so i wasn’t a stranger to sex, i have had it plently of times but i never had that feeling i had when i was with him.

nobody knows about not even my best friend Lucy. She would freak out if she knew,she had a crush on him but i never really did until that day.

it has been really hard not having anyone to talk to, i could talk to him but he won’t talk to me.

Yesterday at School just as the bell rang for home time i saw her, his wife. She’s beautiful, everything i wish i was. She has long blonde hair, the body and the face. No wonder he loves her, no wonder he want’s to be with her over me.

They were high school sweethearts he told me, he had the biggest crush on her since Sophomore when he was at school, he talked about her like he still had a crush on her.

It broke my heart, but it was my fault for asking him about her.

Things haven’t been working out in his marriage the last couple of months, anyone could see that at school. He wasn’t himself, always arriving late to class, clothes not ironed and he looked angry like he had just been arguing with someone. Which was probably his wife.

I guess that’s why we kept having sex for four months, i was his escape.

he made me feel special. Yes the sex was rough but sweet.

I really thought he liked me, i remember the first time.

4 Months ago..

It happened on a Wednesday but days before i could tell something was up with him. He stared at me more than he should have, when he passed my table i could feel his hands touch me longer than it should have.

By Wednesday.. i was convinced maybe he liked me but i thought it was just my crazy thinking.

I got to class early because i wanted to see him,it was quiet when i walked in. Mr. Hemmings was just going through some marking when i entered. He looked up and then looked down not saying anything, i thought nothing of it and then i just sat down on my seat.

“Well looks like i’m the first one here again” I mumbled to myself as i tilted my head slightly hoping to get a reaction from him or even a sound.

“SHUT UP” Luke shouted dropping his marking on the table making them spread all of it and fall onto the ground.

He walked around his table angrily over to me, i thought he was going to shout at me but next thing i know his hands are on my waist pulling me up to stand on my feet.

everything happened so quick. i didn’t have time to think or to even breathe and then he spoke

“You need to shut up you prick teasing little bitch”

i was so shocked by his words..

I never thought he would ever speak to me like that and the tone he used aswell shocked me more than anything,but i couldn’t help but feel turned on. It wasn’t a tone he would use when he was shouting at a pupil in class, it was like a dominant voice.

But how am i a prick teasing little bitch? I don’t walk around with my skirt up to my arse, i don’t unbutton my top for him in class, i’m just a normal pupil.

What have i done?

i was about to speak to try and calm him down but he spoke again “ You’re going to listen to me and not speak. The rules are;

Rule 1;You only answer with Yes Sir, No Sir"

Rule 2;Don’t ever call me by my name”

and Rule 3;Never speak of this to anyone"

“Do you understand Y/N” he said

“Ye sir” i spoke.

What is he going to do now..

So guys i hope you liked this, i wrote this ages ago so i’m sorry if it’s shit!

I was going to write the smut part and then post it but i’m going to see if you guys like it or not first. 

Message me or comment if you would like me to continue this. 

Until next time 


Love Morgan xxxxxx

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Since we are both Tetsono how about the idea that Tetsu is Misonos babysitter sometimes and both get along well. Tetsu is surprised that Misono can read and Misono loves piggyback rides with Tetsu. ^^

This is ANOTHER INCREDIBLY OLD ASK FROM MONTHS AGO. I AM BAD I AM SORRY PEOPLE.  But I also had this one done for quite awhile now, I was gonna post this and another age au comic together for some kind of kinda “double feature” thing, but me being sick with pneumonia set me back so THAT’S NOT GONNA HAPPEN NOW. -sobs-  we’ll just have to wait a little while longer for the next one…. Enjoy these for now~!

Part of the context for this ask is some anon a long time ago asked me, if there would be Tetsono in this au. and I had to sadly say “no” because of the huge age gap that ended up happening when I choose all the ages in age au. (also my age list was made way before I actually started shipping Tetsono so that’s another reason why it was too late to change it. Besides I wanted Lily and Misono to be best friends in this, they are close in age.) A lot of characters that were originally younger or even older have quite a different way of life now, lol.

Another reason I sat with this ask for a long time is cause I thought, “well, if Misono is still a Rich Boy™ in this au, wouldn’t he just have servants and stuff watch over him all the time??” but hey age au is meant to be for the fun interactions and basically everyone and anyone knows each by some sort association at this point in this au, besides a new babysitter outside of an luxurious lifestyle is nice sometimes too~ 

Also here is a bonus with Mikuni~ HAHA

Don’t worry Mikuni, Misono stills loves you but… he’s gonna miss Tetsu now. ;; :< hope you enjoyed! 

As Bright As Lightning

Request: Can you do a Thor x Reader request where she was hit by lightning when he was showing her a trick and it kickstarts powers that were dormant which helps her as an avenger but Thor still feels bad and is really careful around her afterwards.. sorry if I already sent you a request but I’m an idiot and can’t remember 😂❤️ - @cornflax01

Word Count: 1700+

Triggers: lightning

A/N: GUESS WHO’S BACK BITCHES!!! I’m coming off hiatus and exams are nearly over, I only have 3 left and I’ll be all done by Friday evening. I’m so sorry this has taken so long, I actually had most of it done ages ago but I couldn’t get the last bit right.


Originally posted by avengers-of-mirkwood

There was always a party when Thor came back to earth. It was mainly because Steve finally had a store of the only thing that could get him drunk. And, man, would he get drunk. But he wasn’t the only person who was more unsteady then usual. Thor.

You were relatively new to the team so you had never met the blond before. But tonight was a time for one of these parties. According to, we’ll, everyone Thor was a sight to be seen so you made sure you were too.

Your hair was done to perfection, sharp enough cat eye to kill a man and your Cupid’s bow invited anyone to steal a kiss from your lips. Twirling in the mirror, you admired your ensemble when you heard a knock at the door.

‘Y/N’ Wanda’s head popped around the door. ‘Are you decent?’

‘Well it wouldn’t matter now, would it?’ You laugh.

‘I’ve seen you naked before’ she shrugged. ‘I meant for the party, they’ve landed’ stepping into the room, she closed the door and sat on the closest object to her 

‘Oh, good- Wait!? When did you see me naked?!’

‘I’m curious about the human body’ she mentioned casually. ‘Come on

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Jay Park Reaction to: You Smiling When You’re About to Cry

Anon: Ay ay ayyy. I was waiting until your request were open and they finally are and I’m so so excited. Can you do jay park’s reaction to you smiling when you’re about to cry? ( like the one you did for winner? )

a/n: ay ayyy ok so I had this done ages ago but forgot about it so it was just sitting in my drafts, collecting dust for a while. aha (: oops (: (: my bad (: sorry, anon!

Jay Park: Doesn’t want to push you into anything. If you’re not ready to talk, then that’s fine. But he does wish you trusted him more. He’ll let you know he’s here for you, when you need him, but in a lighthearted way so as to not upset you even more.

“Ayyy, babe, have I ever told you how good I am at listening? I’m a world class listener. These ears were made for it. They’re ready for you when you need ‘em.”

Originally posted by jaywalkerzz

Stolen - FE Heroes Fanfic (Kiran/Alfonse)

I got to thinking about Kiran and Alfonse being from separate worlds, and then this came about. Basically, I thought about what would happen if Kiran went back to his regular world and then couldn’t return to Askr. 

Normally I post anything longer than 1,000 words on AO3 (and this is 1200 words) - let me know if you want me to put it up there, as well. Please excuse any typos - I haven’t been good at catching them in my own writing lately. 

Kiran’s hand runs along Alfonse’s forehead, sweeping his blue hair across. The prince’s head is a comfortable weight against his thighs. From beneath his hood, Kiran studies the blue eyelashes pressed against pale skin. Alfonse is looking a little more gaunt than he did the last time. His forehead is cool beneath the hair, and for an instant fear grips Kiran’s chest tight in a familiar ache. How much time is left? Kiran forces a smile, even though Alfonse isn’t looking at him, and shifts the hair back across the other way.

Kiran glances down the couch, taking in the sight, committing it to memory. Their hands are twined together on Alfonse’s chest, which rises and falls, cool through the fabric. Alfonse is wearing a loose cotton shirt and pants borrowed from Kiran’s closet. It looks strange, but yet completely normal. If Kiran wanted to pretend, he could imagine that Alfonse will wear this all the time. He’s already grown more familiar with the un-protective garments. 

Through the windows one can hear the sounds of children playing in the street below, if one wants to. Kiran doesn’t want to. He ignores the low drone of the airplane in the sky and the shouts and squeals. Instead he listens to Alfonse’s breathing as if it’s the most important sound in the world, and tries to determine if he’s asleep, or still awake. 

Just as Kiran thinks the prince is on the edge of sleep, the cell phone beside him vibrates. It buzzes through Kiran’s body, fracturing what little pieces remain of his heart into a single, all-encompassing question. 

Always the question, when the alarm goes off - how much time is left? 

Alfonse stirs as Kiran reaches out and slaps the alarm into silence. The prince blinks and focuses, and then slides up onto his elbows, a soft, secret smile darting across his mouth. 

Kiran feels his cheeks heat up at the expression - he still can’t get used to seeing that look directed at him. The prince rises up into the cowl of his hood and presses a soft, cool kiss to his mouth, and Kiran’s blush deepens. His fingers go to the gold-dipped hairs near Alfonse’s jaw, and he melts into Alfonse’s mouth like there will never be enough time for them. 

It wasn’t always like this between them, but Kiran can’t place the exact moment he realized he was in love with him, and that the prince’s feelings were reciprocal. It just became reality, just as that fateful day Kiran had been in the middle of his math class, listening to his professor drone on about theorems and the existence of an imaginary number, and between one drowsy blink and the next he found himself tossed into a new world, familiar and yet completely foreign. 

“Were you watching me sleep?” Alfonse asks in that gentle voice that is only for Kiran. His hand snakes up into the cloak, cold fingers running along Kiran’s warm neck, eliciting a shiver. 

“Were you sleeping?" 

"No, just enjoying the cuddling." 

Kiran makes a face and gestures like he’s going to shove him off the couch. He could never actually do it, but Alfonse laughs anyway, and sits up. He slides against Kiran, bicep to bicep, hip to hip, hand to hand. Alfonse never talks about the events in Askr, since Kiran left, but Kiran can see the signs in his tired body.

Alfonse’s eyes go dark, hooded as he tries to disguise the pain from Kiran. "It’s nearly time,” he whispers. 

Kiran’s fingers go to the strings which will pull the hood closed around him. It’s so selfish, but he can’t keep the word from escaping from his lips. “No.”

They get nine hours from the moment Alfonse appears. Nine hours and a few precious minutes. It hurts Alfonse less if he goes right away, when the alarm goes off. But as much as Kiran hates to see him in pain, he’s desperate for a few more minutes. Especially this time. 

Alfonse takes hold of his hand and presses it to his chest. Through the shirt he feels Alfonse’s heart beating, slower and slower, and yet the seconds seem to be ticking away within the ribcage, faster and faster. 

“This is yours,” Alfonse says, in that old-fashioned way that is completely genuine. Nobody says it like that in the “real world”, but Kiran loves it. 

He pulls Alfonse to him, and the hood shifts off his head and flops to his shoulders. Kiran presses their chests together, hooking his chin over Alfonse’s shoulder and hanging onto him. How much time is left? he thinks, and then dashes the words from his mind. “You should go,” he says instead, strangled. 

“If I could stay, I would,” Alfonse says, cool cheek pressed against Kiran’s. “You know I’m working on a way, back in Askr." 

The country name sends a fresh wave of cold through both of them. It is Alfonse’s attachment to that country that draws him from Kiran, the cursed link between the prince’s blood and his homeland. Even the fact that Alfonse’s heart belongs to Kiran cannot keep him here, nor can it return Kiran to Askr. 

Kiran swallows, and Alfonse’s arms are tight around him, one finger digging into his spine, but he doesn’t mind. "Come back to me,” he says, like always. 

“I will.”

They sit in silence, and then Alfonse lets out a little pained noise, shoulders curving inward protectively as if struck by a savage blow. Kiran knows what that looks like. He’s seen Alfonse take mortal wounds again and again. 

Kiran pulls back, and stares right into those blue, narrowed eyes. “You should go,” he says, even though his heart is breaking. “Go, and take Br… Briedablik with you.” His voice cracks. 

Alfonse shakes his head vehemently. They both know why he’s sent back here, again and again. The summoning weapon sits on the table beside the couch, glowing faintly. It doesn’t belong here - but it calls Alfonse to him, for nine hours at a time. 

“I love you,” Alfonse says, though his eyes are narrowed. 

“I love you,” Kiran echoes. And he does. He knows what Breidablik’s absence is doing to Askr, what it is doing to Alfonse. Breidablik belongs in Askr - like Kiran’s heart. The weapon will turn the tide against Embla. 

Alfonse leans in, and their lips touch. 

Their last kiss, although Alfonse doesn’t know it. 

“I’m ready,” he whispers against Kiran’s mouth. Then Alfonse stands, always graceful despite the pain. 

Kiran draws in a deep breath, bracing for what he’s about to do. His eyes feel puffy and hot but he won’t let tears blur the view. He takes in Alfonse, those bright, loving eyes, and presses this vision into his memory. 

With trembling fingers he picks up Breidablik. He caresses the weapon, steadying his heart, and then looks once more at Alfonse. 

“Goodbye, Alfonse,” Kiran says. “Please don’t hate me.” Then quick as a lightning spell, he reaches out to take Alfonse’s hand. He presses Breidablik into Alfonse’s dry palm and curls the prince’s fingers around the grip. 

“Kiran–!” Alfonse shouts, trying to withdraw. 

Kiran has the upper hand, the element of surprise. He turns Breidablik toward the prince’s chest and pulls the trigger. 

The last thing he sees before Alfonse and Breidablik disappear is the anguish in Alfonse’s eyes. 

His legs tremble, and he falls to the floor, all his strength leaving him in a rush. Alfonse will prosper, and take back his kingdom from Embla. 

It’s what Kiran should have done ages ago. It’s the right thing. 

He only had to sacrifice his heart to do it. 

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Could I have some headcanons for a platonic relationship with an mc in her mid to late teens?

Okay so first of all I’m so SO sorry that this is so late, this was submitted months ago and I’m only just now starting to work on it. I’m really, really sorry for the huge wait guys, it was completely my fault and I’m sorry.

Secondly, it’s been so long since I’ve done this that I’m not sure if I remember my old formatting style. If it’s structured a little bit differently than my previous ones please forgive me.

Also I had gotten a majority of this written when my computer decided to freak out on me and all my progress was lost, so I’m sorry if this fees a little rushed.

Once again, so sorry for the wait guys and I hope this is enjoyable



     = Out of all the RFA he’s the one that relates to you the most since he was your age only a couple of years ago

     = That means he enjoys doing a lot of the things that you like to do, and is always willing to hang out with you to do them

     = He tries to act like a big brother to you sometimes, because he understands that you’re going through a lot at this point in your life and you really need someone to help you get through it all with your sanity intact

     = If you’re ever stressed out because of school or something similar you can bet that this boy will show up and take you to either do something fun or relaxing because he knows the struggle

     = Will give you studying tips and help you out, although he also encourages you to take breaks and have fun


     = Let’s just get it out of the way and say that Zen would be the Ultimate Big Brother

     = When you first join and everyone learns how young you are he instantly slips into Zen the Knight mode

     = Nothing’s gonna happen to his adopted sibling on his watch

     = For instance, some of your classmates are messing with you at school and you talk to Zen about it. The next day he shows up to pick you up on his motorcycle while he’s wearing a leather jacket. He loudly asks if his little sibling had had a good day and also “Oh hey MC, are those kids you mentioned that have been giving you a hard time around?”

    = The bullies overheard him and made their escape as fast as possible because nope nope not gonna mess with that guy

    = A few of the students recognized him and gave you mad props bc you’re friends with the Zen h o l y

    = You’re both amused and exasperated by his behavior but honestly what did you expect to happen?

    = Zen’s also your biggest supporter no joke, he will always be your cheerleader

    = Also if you’re interested in anything having to do with theatre he would try his best to get you internships or side jobs where you could learn more about it.

    = He just wants to be there for you like he wishes his brother was there for him.


     = There is a child in the RFA and they’re in danger holy n o

     = She’d be kind of distant towards you at first but only because she’s so worried about you like this woman loses sleep thinking about all of the horrible things that could’ve happened to you before you ended up joining their organization like don’t you know not to follow the directions of complete strangers to weird locations??

      = After a few hours though she’d message you and let you know that if something ever happens you can come to her and she’d always be there to help you

     = If you don’t already know it she’d offer to teach you Judo so that you at least know some self-defense and also to give her some piece of mind like I said this woman loses s l e e p

     = She’d also constantly be baking things for you. When I say constantly I mean CONSTANTLY. You will never go hungry around her.

     = Jaehee would always be willing to help you with any problems you had, be them school related or otherwise.

     = She just wants to protect you and make sure that you have a good life

     = Mama Jaehee


     = He’d be very protective of you

     = Like hella protective

     = If you’ll allow him he’d assign some guards to you and your family just to make sure that you’re alright

     = He’d also make arrangements for tutors if you ever had anything you wanted to learn, like how to play the violin or how to paint or anything you could think of

     = Would privately start up a savings account for you for the future so that you would be ready (since he’s really good at understanding investments and stocks he’d put a bit of money in there from his personal and then let it accumulate interest- he’d DEFINITELY teach you how to understand this)

     = Jumin would, if he was available to (read: still in the country bc nothing short of being half the world away would stop him) always attend any kind of event or ceremony that you were participating in

     = He would let you come over to his place if you ever needed a quiet place to study, and if you were having difficulties he’d either help you himself or find someone well qualified to help you if he couldn’t

     = Jumin just wants to see you blossom into your full potential bless


     = Okay listen I know I said Yoosung can relate to you the most and I stick by that

     = But Saeyoung would try extremely hard to understand everything about you.

     = He’s not so much an older sibling as he is an extremely protective best friend.

     = Would definitely prank you all the time that’s a give in

     = He would also be totally willing to hijack you and bring you over to his place if he ever deemed you were stressing too much

     = “It’s God Seven’s job to worry about everything, a child like you must experience life”

     = “Saeyoung I’m 17 years old”

     = “A small precious baby uwu”

     = “How the hell did you just say that out loud???”

     = Don’t really expect his help on your homework?? It just comes so naturally to him and he’s not the best teacher

     = Doesn’t mean he wouldn’t try but you learned your lesson after the first time

     = BUT he would make you a little robot companion that acts as a tutor

     = You don’t understand how it’s such a good teacher when Saeyoung’s the one who made it but

     = Honestly he’d just be such an awesome friend bless

And there’s that one done! I hope you guys like it

A really rough doodle of Sabine ~

I actually started this ages and ages ago but I had 30 minutes today and I thought why not :D

I saw the latest episode last night; I’d been avoiding spoilers and I was surprised by the ending! (Although, to be expected I guess.) 

Sorry for my inactivity, I’m super busy right now ;w; I’ve done a lot of drawing, but only sketches as I’ve had no time to sit down and develop them! Forgive me :)

luke, raphael, simon, and jace, post 2x15 scene || light spoilers, light jace/simon, raphael/simon

They let Luke’s partner go after her memory’s altered, and Raphael slides into the bench opposite Luke. The werewolf nods at one of the waiters, and a glass of blood is set down at their table. 

“No thanks.” Raphael says immediately, arching an eyebrow. “It all smells like wet dog.” Luke shrugs as he slides it to the end of the table, his gaze settling heavy on Raphael. 

“Thank you.” he says, his voice tired. “For what you did for Simon.” 

Raphael shrugs. “Simon’s fate is the clan’s fate, now. He’s a Daylighter. He’s the most wanted vampire in our world.” He stares at the cracked red leather in the booth. “I never thought I’d see it happen, but he’s managed to annoy just about everyone through his sheer existence.” 

“You don’t sound annoyed.” Luke says, leaning forward, and Raphael looks at him and smooths a hand down his jacket, grounding himself as he momentarily relives every single thing Simon’s put him through.

“I don’t know what I am with him right now.” Raphael admits. 


Sometimes he burns with anger at the thought of the gift that’s been handed to Simon. He aches for the touch of sunlight, to feel warm again, however briefly. He’ll take anything, any small chance to be what Simon is - and yet. Raphael has lived eighty years, has helped this fledgling more times than he can count, has cleaned up after every mess Simon left behind, and yet - 

Hasn’t he been good? Hadn’t he been good enough to deserve this?

Or is this the punishment he’s been waiting for since drinking Isabelle’s blood? Maybe the weeks spent sweating out every trace of her from his system, the shattered pieces of his heart, weren’t enough. Maybe the elusiveness of Simon Lewis, always there and yet too far away to touch, is his true penance. 

Habit takes him to to the boathouse where the fledgling lives now, and he stands outside silently, weighing whether to go in or not. He hears raised voices from the inside - 

“ - get out, Jace, I’m serious. This is - this is the opposite of a good time to bother me - “

“Valentine escaped.” 

Jace Wayland - Herondale, now, they say - sounds broken, and defeated, his voice unbelievably small. There’s silence for a while. 

Jace.” And oh, the amount of emotion in Simon’s voice when he says Jace’s name - it shouldn’t hurt Raphael. It shouldn’t. But when has life ever gone according to plan with Simon? “Jace, I - why did you come here?” 

“I don’t know.” Jace is unwavering when he speaks, a soldier charging ahead into battle. “Or - I do know. I just can’t…face it right now. Besides, you’re…”

“Heartbroken.” Simon finishes quietly. “Yeah.”

Raphael decides that he’s heard enough and he slides the boathouse door open, leaning against the frame and looking at the two of them. They turn, both staring at him warily. 

“Were you - “ Simon begins. 

“Yes.” Raphael answers shortly. “Valentine’s escaped?” He addresses the last part to Jace, who’s hands clench into fists. 

“Someone took him and probably killed Duncan too.” Jace admits quietly. Raphael doesn’t know who Duncan is, but he looks carefully at the way Jace looks poised to fight a threat, and thinks about what Isabelle told him. About manipulation, and what it means to be monstrous. 

Raphael thinks he understands. He doesn’t want to, but - he does. 

“The cops have been taken care of. They know Quinn killed the girl.” Raphael says to Simon now, his voice low. “You’d do well to stay out of the way of any vampire for a while. Daylighter or not, you’ve created sides in the community over the incident.” 

“Right. Thank you, Raphael, I - ” Simon’s voice is thick as he looks at Raphael. He looks miserable, his face permanently lined with sorrow, but Raphael wants to shake him for his stupidity. When everyone around him has fallen in love with his bright eyes and quick smile and horrible sense of humor - when Maia looks at him like he’s the most delightful person she’s ever met, when Jace constantly goads him for his attention, when even Raphael trails behind him, quietly saving him from himself - why does he keep looking for Clary? When so many other people fall so quickly for him - why does he still only have eyes for her? 

“Simon.” Raphael says, and he looks down briefly, crossing his arms, before he looks back up. “I will protect you, but - how did you become a Daylighter?” His voice is soft, and filled with an ancient longing that he hadn’t meant to let slip. 

He can’t help himself. “Please.” He says quietly. The first time, the only time he’ll beg this man. 

Simon flinches back like he’s been slapped. Jace inhales sharply, and Simon’s glance flickers to him. 

“I don’t know.” Simon repeats dully, but he’s still looking at Jace. “I don’t know.” 

The pieces click. Raphael wants to scream. 

“I hope,” he says, his voice tight, “that you’re worth the sunlight, Herondale.” 

Jace’s hand flies to the hilt of his blade, and Simon takes a half-step forward to shield the Shadowhunter, but Raphael is done. He’s shaking with anger and with misery, because this is the one sacrifice that he isn’t willing to make, and it fucking figures that Simon’s pulled every possible person into his orbit, inescapable in his force. There is no immovable object here that can withstand Simon Lewis. 

He turns and leaves, and he can hear Simon’s whispered I’m sorry. What he doesn’t expect is Jace, running after him, and when Raphael faces him, Jace is steely-eyed. 

“I will always remember who my friends are, Raphael Santiago.” He says, echoing Raphael’s own words from what seems like an age ago. Raphael’s mouth twists downward in an ugly sneer, but he can’t help the envy and jealousy rising in his chest. 

“Save your pity for someone who cares.” Raphael snaps. Jace stands his ground.

“If it were anything else, I would give it to you too.” He says clearly. “You understand.” 

“Understand what?” Raphael snaps. 

“What it feels like to be a monster.” Jace smiles wryly. “What it feels like to be around Simon.” 

Raphael is silent, because silence is his last line of defense against his own heart. He can’t do anything more, weak and battered as he is. 

“I can’t take it, even if you offered.” Raphael licks his lips absently, thinks of rich crimson pumping wildly beneath fragile skin. “I’m not that person.” 

“I know.” Jace nods. “That’s why I didn’t offer.” 

Raphael wants to scream, and laugh, and cry; he wants to thumb away Simon’s tears and make him understand affection and kindness given even when it isn’t asked for; he wants to know why the haunted look in Jace’s eyes is familiar enough to make him feel like he’s choking with fear. He wants to taste the sunlight. He wants to drink the sun. 

He can smell Jace’s blood, thick and rich, beating wildly with the vitality of youth and the angels. He wishes things were that simple. 

“Keep Simon close, Shadowhunter.” He says, stepping away into the shadows. He thinks about how beautiful Simon had looked when he’d been at the DuMort, all sharp lines and eager excitement. “You never know how much you miss the warmth of the sun until it’s gone.” 

“I know.” Jace says. “I know.” 

Djinn Dreams

Dean Winchester/Castiel
Words: 817
Warnings: maybe minor language
A/N: I’m not really sure where this came from, but it just sort of happened and I really wanted the fluff.

Summary: After a close call with a djinn, Dean kicks a heartbroken Cas to the couch for the night only to realize his mistake at an ungodly hour.

“I just…I can’t right now, Cas.” Dean said, rubbing his eyes miserably as he shut the bedroom door in the fading angel’s face.

Cas’ shoulders sagged. He felt horrible. Worse than horrible, really. It had been a stupid decision. Or had it been? He couldn’t make up his mind if reality was so much better than the perfect bubble the djinn had planted in his head.

The Winchesters and Cas had been going in to save two girls from a strong Djinn when things went awry very quickly. Cas hated to admit it, but he knew the monster was able to knock him out because of his dying grace. It had nabbed him when they were separated, tying him up and drugging him before Sam or Dean circled back around.

The world presented to him was everything he ever wanted and more. He was married to Dean, living in a three-story farmhouse nestled into sprawling hills. They had not adopted any kids yet, but they were in the process. Sam lived next door with Eileen, owning two dogs that might as well have been their children. John and Mary were happily alive, stopping in to see the boys on the way to vacation in the moutains. Dean worked at a nearby garage, still driving his treasured Impala, while Cas had his own bookstore in town. There were no monsters or supernatural beings of any sort. There were no impending threats on the well-being of the universe. There was just calm and normalcy and fresh-baked pies and late-night kisses that Cas could have gotten caught up in forever.

And he almost did.

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Howdy! I do not know if this has been down before, but would It be possible to have Animated Blurr in Age of Ultron Quicksilver's Color Scheme? Thanks O3O!

abso-freaking-lutely my friend, you may have this.

I’ve never done this before!! this is different i like it~

I’m sorry this took so long @vortexblurr i know you asked this a long time ago; i hope this is good enough!