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When You Use The Safeword

~Kim Namjoon~

Namjoon would beat himself up over the fact he hadn’t been able to see the signs of discomfort. When you whimpered out you’re safeword, he was immediately untying the knots and massaging the rope burn with gentle but strong fingers.

“Baby I’m so sorry. I’m glad you used the word. That’s what it’s there for.”

~Kim Seokjin~

Jin would have you in his arms within seconds. Rubbing your back and whispering comforting things in your ear. You had long before wiped away the tears and repeatedly told him it was okay. Jin would make you any sweet you desired just to make the ache in his chest go away.

“You want another cupcake?”

“Jin I’ve had six.”

~Min Yoongi~

Yoongi would be blank-faced as he released you and you wiped away the tears from the corner of your eyes. Without even speaking, he’d bring you into his arms and take you straight to the bathroom. Running the warm water for the tub, he’d set you in it and begin scrubbing you raw.

“I’m so sorry Y/n. I’ll make it better.”

~Jung Hoseok~

Hoseok ran his hands up and down your arms and leg, rubbing them and giving you soft words of encouragement. He never wanted you to feel enough pain to mumble you’re safeword again. You lifted your head to see him rubbing scented oils into your skin, head down.

“Hobi I’m-”

“No Y/n. You are not fine.”

~Park Jimin~

Jimin had you curled under the blankets, stroking your head before you had a chance to register what happened. His hands would be stroking your hair and lips running over any marks he might have left. You hummed in content, completely forgetting about using your safeword at all.

“You are not weak for using it Y/n. That’s what it’s there for.”

~Kim Taehyung~

Tae would be fumbling over himself trying to untie the knots and take out the gag. He’d take ointment and trace it over the burns from the candle wax. His eyes would be focused but his hands would be trembling. You’d have to grab his wrist to steady his hand as he applied the medication. Afterwards if would be soft words and cuddles.

“No more playing with candles. Got it?”

~Jeon Jungkook~

Jungkook would no doubt be upset. After making sure you were okay, he’d lock himself away for a small amount of time to cool off. Sometimes it was quiet and content, others, you could hear faint growling and fist colliding with the wall. But no matter what, he’d return to you with puffy eyes and sniffling.

“Fuck Y/n I’m so sorry.”

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time to pretend

Summary: Secrets can get boring, real fast. | modern/college AU

Pairing: Librarian!Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1.4k

A/N: My first time trying my hand at the librarian au! I wanted to write this because I was getting annoyed with how almost everyone else writes librarian!Bucky with a stutter when that’s like… most definitely not the case, all the time. The stereotype is annoying, so please stop :) lmao, hope y’all enjoy this, it was a quick, shitty piece! | masterlist

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“Don’t you dare come near me!” with Poly!Mchanzo, please ^-^

“Don’t you dare come near me!”

Hanzo’s sharp snap made you and McCree pause in your advance, the cowboy and you exchange a look before turning to look at the archer again. His eyes were narrowed dangerously at the two of you, the scowl on his lips matching the look in his eyes. He had taken a half step back, his foot lightly pressed against the wall, his escape from the two of you closed off. He practically snarled at you as you took a step towards him, five or so feet separating you and McCree from the angry dragon wielder.

“What do you think babe”, you asked, looking at McCree impishly, a wide grin settling onto your lips. “Should we let him go?”

“Well I dunno darlin’”, McCree said, mirroring your smile with a smirk of his own. “Ain’t like Han don’t deserve this, he did start it.”

You nodded your head, shrugging your shoulders as you turned your head away from McCree and back to the horrified man, offering him the smallest of apologetic smiles. 

“Sorry Han, you brought this on yourself!”


Both you and McCree surged forward, pressing your paintbrushes and paint covered hands against Hanzo’s front and side. McCree managed to snake an arm around Hanzo’s middle, the two of you laughing hard as Hanzo tried to escape from the paint war you two had brought to him. Well, to be fair, he had started it, flicking his paintbrush at McCree for one of his many idiotic puns. A splatter of mint paint fell across McCree’s face causing you to laugh loudly at him and have him return the favor. Not to be outdone, you had swiped your paint brush across his cheek and thus the two of you, giggling like children, had become so entranced in fighting one another you didn’t see Hanzo sneak away from the battle he had started. 

Your arm wrapped around your middle as your laughing fit began to overtake you, hand grabbing at the unpainted wall to keep you upright. McCree’s hold on Hanzo finally loosened enough for the man to break away, the frown on his lips slowly giving way to twitches of a smile as the three of you looked at one another. Broad strokes, splatters, and hand prints covered almost every inch of your, McCree and Hanzo, to a lesser extent. It looked like Junkrat had filled one of his bombs with paint and had set it off in front of you. Catching your breath you stood up straighter, walking towards McCree and Hanzo, placing a kiss on each of their dirty cheeks.

“I do believe we are even gentlemen. How about a shower?”

((Sorry if it wasn’t saucy or angsty, I just got this idea after watching some paintball vids lol))

They Dance Like Their Father

Anon Request

Hi there! :-) can you please do an imagine where reader or OC and Tom have a baby and reader/OC can’t seem to get them to settle so Tom tries and it’s just all around adorableness:3.


Plz, do a Tom Hiddleston husband and father fluff??? 😍

Sequel to the problem with sushi prequel to  labor of love

Tom HiddlestonxReader

You try yet again to settle into the kitchen chair, your bottom making contact with the seat for all of 30 seconds before you struggle back to your feet with a sigh and march to the bathroom.

When you come back out to Tom leaning against the counter, chuckling as he starts to make lunch, you lightly smack him on the back of the head. “It’s not funny! As soon as Thing One seems to settle Thing Two wakes up and starts shoving the other one into my bladder. There’s just not enough room inside me and they won’t stop!” You whine as you take his spot leaning and watch him cooking. You felt a little bad complaining while he was being so sweet and taking care of you, but this was also at least half his fault so you didn’t feel that bad.

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Winner takes all

It’s still April 3rd somewhere in the U.S



“The problem is Sakura-chan, and this is the way I see it, you have the right to ignore my love for you, but you ignoring me doesn’t stop me from loving you. I am dreamer Sakura and in this case, the only solution is for me to wake up. You’ve got to wake me up, you’ve got to reject me for real.”

Sakura who had been half-way through a ramen slurp choked momentarily on a noodle.

“Naruto, you’ve got to let a girl finish slurping before dropping that kind of talk on her.”

“Before you reject me. Give me a week.”


“Give me a week to win you over.  If I can’t win your heart by the end of the week, you can reject me for good and I’ll move on forever.”

Sakura glanced over her shoulders to see if anyone at the Ramen Ichiraku was eavesdropping on their suddenly serious conversation.

“Let’s slow down for a second Naruto, I’m still trying to process the unusual direction this conversation seems to be taking.”

“Sakura, I know this sound strange. But I’ve made this promise to myself to finally win your heart.”

“You made a promise to yourself?”



“Just now.”

“Just now?”

Naruto nodded. “Yes, as I watching watching you slurp I promised that I’d put everything I have on the line to win you over. But I need you to give me a chance. Give me a week.”

“Okay let’s summarize all of this. You, just now-made a promise to yourself to win me over in seven days.”

“If I can’t do it in seven days I’ll move on.”

Sakura looked at Naruto closely now, gauging his seriousness. “I appreciate the melodrama. I actually enjoy melodrama to be honest, but it’s not–”

“All I need from you Sakura is a chance.”


“You can reject me at the end of the week” Naruto interrupted. “No hard feelings.”

“I understand what you’re saying but–”

“We’ll still be friends, as close as ever, I swear.”

“That’s good to know bu–”

“One week Sakura, just give me one week.”

She sighed. “There’s literally nothing I can say right now that’s going to stop you from going through with this right?”


Sakura took a moment to consider this. “How do you plan on–.”

“I don’t know. But it’s gonna be romantic and it’s going to be memorable. I guarantee that it will blow you away.”

“Is it wise wise to make that kind of guarantee when you have no idea what you’re going to do?”

“If I knew how to win your heart Sakura, I would have already done it. But I am going to do it, I just need you to open to it. Just give me a chance Sakura-chan.”

Again Sakura paused to reflect. “You’ve….okay you’ve got a chance.”

“Thank you.”

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2- The way you said “I love you”- With a hoarse voice, under the blankets

(for my husband, whose liver transplant was one year ago this morning. 
we promise, don’t we, when we marry- “in sickness and in health”? there is a moment in every relationship when you learn what that really means. 

one such moment, after Iokath. Theron POV.)


When he wakes, curled awkwardly in the chair beside the bed with his legs half-asleep and a ferocious crick in his neck, Nine’s sitting up and reaching out in his direction.

(Her sight’s almost back to normal, Lokin and Oggurobb had said, after the last round of treatments and another night spent in the kolto tank; the first time she opened her eyes, still in their makeshift medical facility on Iokath, she’d lifted one hand to her face, fingertips brushing her eyelashes. Take this mask off, she’d rasped as he and Lana looked at each other with dawning horror, I can’t see-)

He’s up before she can try to rise, stumbling as blood flow returns to his tingling feet- he ought to know better, he’s not a kid any more and he can’t sleep like he used to, curled up in the gaps between shipping crates or tucked up against the warmth of an exhaust vent- and meets her outstretched hands with both of his. “I’m here,” he says, “I’m here. What do you need?”

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He Notices You Aren't Acting Yourself

He Notices You Aren’t Acting Yourself

Age 13 

You sighed and set down your backpack at the door, school was terrible, as usual, but you’d put on a fake smile and go again tomorrow, then it would be the weekend, and you’d get a break, wait, no you wouldn’t you had to spend the weekend at your older brothers, lovely. His constant teasing might just have you have a break down, but maybe he could help you? Ha, who were you kidding, he wouldn’t help you.

Cleaning the knife you had used to chop your apple slices, you slid it back into the dish drainer, and grabbed a butter knife to dish out some peanut butter, after doing that, you cleaned off your knife and slid it into the dish drainer as well.

Dragging the heavy backpack to your living room, you set down the small platter, and turned on the tv to supernatural reruns, and began doing the multi-step equations homework.

Despite the constant torture from your peers, you were actually good in school, got good grades, didn’t talk a lot, but still everyone hated you. The worst part? You didn’t even know why, it could be maybe because your brother was famous, maybe you were just unlikable, maybe you were to ugly to be befriended, to fat, either way they hated you, so it didn’t really matter why, because no matter what you did, they would still hate you at the end of the day.

After showering and putting on pajamas, you sit up on your phone a little bit, feeling a small buzz you slide your phone, unlocking it, and tapping the messages icon.

“Hey little sister, you ready to see me this weekend? Missed you. x” the text read, you smiled slightly, and replied that you were ready to see him and that you had missed him too, before plugging your phone into the charger and closing your eyes.

Your ringtone blared Fancy by Iggy Azalea waking you up, knowing you had to get ready for school.

After straitening your already pretty strait hair, you apply makeup, and grab your backpack, slip on your glasses, and walk out the door.

“Oh, hey guys look, it’s the fat ass!” A guy, most likely the captain of the football team, says, pointing at you.

You duck your head and dart toward your locker, trying desperately to get to first class, it was sometimes a lot lighter of teasing and name calling, if there is a teacher around, sometimes.

You shut your locker quietly, and shuffle to homeroom, not unnoticed though.

“Look at her, she’s pathetic.” Lindsey, a cheerleader whispers to another popular girl.

“I know, why won’t she just kill herself, save herself and others!” They both laugh, you sigh, and try and hide behind your hair more than you already are.

You sigh and set down your stuff and begin working on some last minute math for the 30 minute class.

The bell rings and you jolt up, rushing to put the papers back in their proper file folders, slipping your pencil into its pouch and rushing to your first period Algebra 1 class.

Feeling your body lunge forward, you hit the ground hard, your nose dripping blood. ‘Shit.’ You mumble to yourself, collecting your paper and tilting your head back trying to get to the office.

“Ms.Gilliam, my nose, it’s bleeding.” You say quickly, she guides you to the nurses office and helps you get cleaned up.

“Do you want to go home, sweetie?” She asks, rubbing my back.

“Ah, no I’ll be fine, I have Algebra 1, can you write me a note, so he doesn’t get mad at me, please?” You ask politely. She nods and grabs a sticky note.

“Sorry sir!” You stutter, handing him the yellow sticky note and taking your seat behind a boy, whom’s favorite hobby is throwing awful notes at you, you had a collection in your locker.

Writing down the notes on the board, you feel the small amounts of pressure, as the notes hit the back of your head, you let them fall in the floor, knowing you’ll pick them up at the end of the class.

“Get your books please, then do pages 124-125 and turn it in.” Mr.Bing, your math teacher says. You grab a book and begin doing the various things on the 2 pages.

20 minutes later, you’ve finished and go to turn in the work, smiling at Mr.Bing, he smiles back and takes the papers.

*Last Class*

You shuffle into the last class, ignoring the many feet that are trying to trip you, and successfully sit into your seat, and pull out the Literature book.

“Everybody hates you, you know that right?” A boy says, you nod, giving him a thumbs up, finishing the paper, you turn it in, then pull out your phone and begin texting Michael, telling him you’re riding the bus to his house, as mom said it would be easier, he replies a quick okay, and you slip your phone back into your pocket and begin packing up your things, to try and get to the hall your locker is located in so you can catch the bus and get away from this place.

“Ow..” You whisper, as someone shoves you into a locker, your hand travels up to your head, but before you can barely lift your hand, it too is pinned against the locker, and you feel the skin get cut by the small slits in the lockers, hissing in pain, you look up and see none other than King Douchebag himself, aka, Jason, the football captain.

“So, wanna tell me why you made my girlfriend cry?” He asks, jerking your arms.

“What? I didn’t make her cry, I don’t talk to her!” You whimper, you neck aching, and a headache beginning to pound.

“STOP LYING!” He screams and slaps your face.

“I’m not!” You say, freely crying by now, not even caring.

“Whatever, bitch, see you Monday!” He says, slamming you against the locker, one last time, and kicking your legs out from under you.

After successfully bruising the side of your face, a giant bruise on your leg, and a hand print on your face, it’s been a great Friday!

Once loading your back pack with Algebra and English homework, you realize you’ve missed the bus.

You pull out your phone and call Michael.

“Mikey, I’m really sorry, but can you pick me up? I missed the bus, I’m sorry.”

“Whatever yea, I’ll be there in like 10 minutes.” He groans, great he’s mad at you, lovely.

Woah, woah, God I’m stupid, he’s gonna see all these bruises and I won’t even have time to cover them up.

You see Michael’s car and push threw people, not without getting pushed, but manage to get up and into Michael’s car without anyone noticing.

“Hey shorty.” He teases, ruffling your hair, making your neck hurt.

“Hey Mikey.” You say, leaning your head against the window.

*1 hour later*

“Aw, is the little baby gonna cry?” He teases, tickling you.

“Miley, stop please.” You whisper, your ribs were already aching from this week.

“What is wrong with you?!” He yells.

“N-nothing.” You stutter.

“Something, I promise I won’t yell or tease you for what’s wrong just tell me!” He begs, pulling you into a hug, gently.

“Everything, Mikey, people at school are so mean, and they hit me and I’ve got bruises everywhere and they hurt, so so bad.” You say, crying into his chest.

“Can I see, the bruises I mean?” He asks.

You nod, you had managed to run to the bathroom and put concealer on your face to cover the hand print and the bruise on your leg, you go and wipe the concealer off your face, and your legs and show him the bruises.

“Baby..” He says, reaching up to touch the bruise on your cheek making you flinch away.

“Wait, there’s more..” You say, lifting your shirt up just above where your bra is visible, and he whistles.

“Come here!” He says, opening his arms, you sigh and snuggle into him.

“How about you go to the school right down the road from here?” He asks.

“Yes please.” You whisper, closing your eyes.

*2 weeks later*

After successfully starting at a new school and your previous bruises healing, you were very happy and content.

“Mikey!” You squeal, jumping into his arms.

“Y/N!” He mocks.

“Come on shorty, let’s do something fun!” He laughs, leading you towards the kitchen.

“Baking? You hate baking.”

“Yea, but someone’s gotta help you reach the top shelf!” He smirks, holding your apron way above your head.

“Mikey!” You whine, jumping.

He slips it around your neck then spins you around and ties it, handing you all the stuff you need then leaving so he doesn’t mess something up.

You love to bake and always have, so for Mikey to let you bake him some cupcakes, and yourself, you were excited.

Pouring the last of the cupcake batter in the tray, you successfully slide them into the oven, happy with the turn out.

“MIKEY!” You scream, he runs down the steps.

“Yes, 4 foot 1?” He teases, smirking.

“Fine, I guess I won’t let you eat the extra cupcake batter!” You say, turning away.

“No! I’m sorry, give it!” He screams, laughing. You laugh and hand him the batter, he takes it and scrambles to the living room, licking and eating the cupcake batter. You set a timer on the stove and go and sit down beside him.

Once he finishes the batter he pulls you into his lap and strokes your hair, putting on your favorite Christmas movie, yes in July but still, you loved the Nightmare Before Christmas, so you watched it.

You woke up to the buzzing and ran into the kitchen, pulled out the cupcakes to see that they were just right. You did a little happy dance and set them on the counter to let them cool, then snuggled back into Mikey.

“Are they cooled?” He asks, about 20 minutes later.

“Yea, you wanna help me ice them?” I say, smiling at him.

He nods and stands up, you open the different icings and sprinkles, and begin icing them.

“These are really good!” Mikey complements, making you blush, you smile and thank him.

Authors Note- hello, I’m posting this at school, and school has been terrible *sigh*. And my days been terrible and it’s only been 10 minutes of school.

Yay! I finished commission for cutie pie @dashtumbles​. She ask me to draw Leo from her AU. For better conceptualize how it should look she send me one of her incredible stories (damn u grl, u know that I shed a tear or two reading them! <3). I have permission to publish it so u can find it below. Honey, one more time, thank u so much for commissioning me and for ur patience!

Flash back:

“Father, the tree….why is that leaf different from the others?”

Splinter and a young Leonardo were in the dojo, stood next to the tree that grows in their lair, most of the leaves have died and fallen to the polished wooden floor, while a few others have dried up while still attached to the tree, one single new green leaf had appeared randomly on its branches.
Leonardo as usual was quick to notice anything new in the lair, inquisitive even at such a young age his skills were quite impressive.
Having stayed on for extra training, the two had just come to the end of their lesson, spending a little relaxing time sharing tea under the tree.

“ Leonardo, it’s ’ Master Splinter ’, not father while we’re in the dojo.” The old rat reprimanded, though there was a warm smile on his features, amber eyes studying the leaf that had distracted the young turtle so, his whiskers twitching curiously.
Moving to a stand the wise rat moved to gently place a clawed finger on the newly grown leaf, lowering his visuals to study the turtles reaction.
“ This means new life, or maybe a new start..what do you think?” The wise ninja looked down, stroking his beard, studying Leo’s reaction to his explanation. He set a fur covered hand on the child’s shoulder, watching as Leonardo stared at the leaf just a little longer before answering.
“ To me..? it means don’t give up and that new life means new choices..I was wrong, sorry fath-Master Splinter, guess I was thinking too much about it?”
Amber orbs widened in surprise, not quite the answer he’d been expecting.
“ No Leonardo, it isn’t’s important to be the best we can be and even when things seem lost, there is always a just have to work hard to find it. It’s the same when you lead eventually, you have to show you can take that burden.”
Leonardo smiled then, content with the answer, going back to his tea.

Present day:

Leonardo had just got Splinter settled down for the evening, the older rat had fallen asleep peacefully, huddled up under piles of blankets. As silently as possible Leo pulled the rice paper doors shut, letting out a sigh as he walked across the wooden floor, candle in hand to light his way. Quietly as possible, moving to stand under the tree, azure orbs narrowed in a paranoid fashion.
Ever since Donatello’s disappearance the technology he had supplied his family with had all but diminished, leaving no power, or security cameras, things taken for granted.
Candles were lit around the dojo, giving the ninja just enough light to see around the room, Leo himself enjoying their dance as they swallowed the shadows like a battle between good and evil, he saw comfort in the flames, relaxed by their presence.
With a longer candle in one hand, he moved to lean against the trunk, dead leaves falling down to his feet as his carapace connected with the wood.

He held up the flickering light source above his head, paranoid that a shadowed figured could be stalking him from the branch above.
Brilliant blue eyes widened, adjusting the candle slightly a gasp escaping his beak as he lifted his free hand to gently rest a green digit against a small, but definitely new green leaf, poking it as if he needed proof it was really there, the first he could recall seeing in a long time.
For a moment Leo was thrown back to his younger days, recalling the conversation with his father.
“ Don’t..give..up..”
The words rolled off his tongue, watching the leaf like a hawk, digits still holding the leaf as if unable to let it go, remembering their talk as if it had been yesterday. Despite everything that had happened in his short life, Leonardo knew this could well be the turning point he desired, the leaf proof that things would get better…
He tried to walk away, slowly lowering his hand, making to walk across the room.
He stopped, why? Even Leo didn’t seem to know, a fuzzy feeling in his stomach, heading back to place a hand against the leaf one more time, as if afraid his eyes had been deceiving tricks on him.
A smile appeared as he lowered his hand, an audible chuckle escaped parted lips, he’d seen the sign, bowing his head towards the tree as he slowly lowered his hand, time to change..starting now. If the seasons didn’t stop for anyone, why should Leo?

JB - The Scientist by Coldplay

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Marriage was all about compromise. It was a further confirmation of your love for one another. A formal union between two people in love. A commitment to standing by, loving and supporting one another. All your married friends had told you of the joys and tribulations that came along with being married. That the honeymoon phase would end a lot sooner than either of you would be able to anticipate and when reality would set in it would take a toll on the both of you. Dealing with things as such and talking about having children, spending time with each other’s in laws; everything would need to be a fair compromise in order to save face. Jaebum had made it his own personal mission to set yourselves as a couple apart from the rest. He had high hopes of keeping the honeymoon phase going for as long as he could.

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Love Nest- pt 4- 1p2p Amecan poly foursome NSFW-ish

Parts 1-3

“So wait wait whoa,” Al asks as Alfred is busy kissing his neck, “You guys argued dibs over me?”

Alfred freezes and turns bright red, and Matt hides his face against Matthew’s hair. They’d had quite an exciting night together, and Al must admit he’s actually rather worn out. The others are used to pleasing multiple partners, but Al had never quite realized how physically strenuous having sex with many people at once would be.

Though he does look forward to building up his stamina.

Matthew is the one that responds to his question. “Well, Alfred and Matt argued over who got to fuck you first. I was smart and decided I just wanted to be the first to see, uhh, how big you are.”

The honesty there makes Al grin and he moves in to sweetly kiss Matthew’s lips. “And so you did~” he says. “I guess Alfred won the calling dibs on my ass thing?”

Here Alfred pinches him and says, “Hey now, we just had awesome sex so can we like just relax and kiss and stuff without teasing? I want more snuggles.”

Al lets out a long suffering sigh. “You’re just saying that because you and Matt are the easiest to tease right now.”

Matt reaches over Matthew to cup Al’s cheek, and he offers him one of those small sweet smiles. “Let’s snuggle for now,” he says softly and he leans over Matthew to give Al one of the gentlest, most heart-warming kisses of the night.

How can Al say no  to that? He relaxes into their arms for a good night’s rest with the promise of breakfast in bed in the morning.

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