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I get that most people haven’t watched season 1 and 2 but it just kinda annoys me that everyone is going on about what a great friend and ally Jonas is. The thing is Jonas is pretty smart and kind, and Im sure he will prove himself to be a supportive friend that dont have problems with Isak being gay. BUT. Jonas is one of the reasons why Isak feels the way he does about himself. 

In season 1 he made fun of Isak for having lame taste in music (like friends do) but he used the word gay, not lame or dumb or something like that.  When Elias said he didn’t want to share a room with Isak because Isak is gay, Jonas didn’t call it out, he laughed at that joke. It’s very obvious that calling isak gay was like a dumb in-joke they had. And they still do that, they still use gay in a negative sense, or they make fun of Isak when he’s not having a straight™ reaction to things. And non of the guys probably remembers or notice that they do that, but trust me, Isak does. Also them being so extremely heteronormative, and Isak playing along for so long probably means that he is afraid that they will feel like he’s deceived or lied to them. ((spoiler alert) That whole thing with him spending season 1 stirring shit because of his crush on Jonas does not help things in that department)

All in all, his friends plays a big part in what makes this difficult for Isak, which is why it pissed me off when Jonas got on his high horse and called him out for making fun of that dance instructor.  It seems like a lot of people don’t really get why he doesn’t feel comfortable confiding in Jonas. I don’t mean that Jonas is being mean or something on purpose, its just, he’s a 17 year old straight dude and sometimes that becomes apparent. and that's very realistic and something i love about this season.

JJSeung ~ Pets headcanons
  • JJ has ALWAYS been a huge pet lover. He has had dozens of pets in his life, He just. Loves animals.
  • Seung has only had one pet: his dog. He loves him above everything.
  • JJ the dork tries not to cry when Seung tells him (jokingly) he loves his dog more.
  • Likewise, Seung’s doggo gets EXTREMELY jealous when he sees JJ and Seung cuddling. He will do anything to wiggle his way between them and get Seung to pet him. It works every time.
  • After some time (and copious amounts of dog treats and food offered under the table), the dog starts to soften to him.
  • One day they couldn’t find the dog anywhere in the house. Seung, of course, freaked out. 
  • They spent hours searching for him.
  • It turns out, the dog was nearby from the beggining. When they go back home, they realize he has been waiting in the doorway for hours.
  • A couple of years pass and JJ decides it is time to make the family grow.
  • He buys a colorful macaw bird.
  • “Haha it reminded me of your suit from years ago, babe! I totally had to get it!”
  • Seung is not amused.
  • JJ spends a lot of time with the birb.
  • One day Seung was washing dishes when the mackaw screams “IT’S JJ STYLE!”
  • Seung almost had a heart attack, JJ cackles until he get’s slaped with a wet kitchen cloth. 
I Should Hate You But For Some Reason I Can't

AN- For princess-of-purgatory-and-bass….I hope you enjoy it:)

 (If you dont like it, or it’s not what you wanted, just let me know and I’ll rewrite it)

((( I decided to do this one so you didn’t have to wait until I finished all the stormy nights imagines….and Im really sorry for the slow updates, between the technical issues and my family having me run around, I haven’t had much time today.)) 

 Do it for him. You thought as you watched the amount on the computer go up….and up and up. You felt your heart slowly breaking as the numbers began to slow to a number too high. Do it for him.


Your hands shook lightly as you dug into your bag and slowly took out the money. There goes my paycheck.

“Thank you for shopping at Jet. Please come again soon,” the cashier said boredly as she handed me my change along with my receipt. You smiled weakly as you accepted the coins and your receipt, dropping them in your purse and lifting all the bags into your arms.

Rushing, you made your way back home, where you dropped the bags onto the floor. You sighed in content as the heavy weight was removed from your arms and onto the floor instead. Before you got lazy, you began unpacking, throwing the plastic bags away and tucking the groceries neatly into a large box.

“There’s five left…” 

You gnawed on the inside of your lip as you decided to deal with it later. Taping the box closed, you pushed it into the broom closet with huff. 


Your eyes widened as Tim’s voice rang out and you scarmbled to meet him.

“Happy birthday!” You exclaimed as you tackled the unsuspecting boy into a bear hug. You heard him say something that sounded like, “Itsh nut muh buthduy.”

“What?” He pushed you away as sucked in a breath before talking, “Its not my birthday. Not yet anyways. Not until tonight.”

You rolled your eyes, “Tim, the whole day is your birthday.”

“Well, not necessarily. See-”

“Tim, the whole day is your birthday…and you know what happens on your birthday? You get presents!” You squealed as you pulled him into the living room and pushed him down on the couch before running to you room and getting the small blue box. Just as fast, you returned to a seated Tim and practically threw the present at him.

With an uncertain look, he pulled the bow loose and lifted the lid. “Oh, thanks Y/N…what is it?”

“Its makeup…you know…to cover the bruises and scratches.”


“Tim, you’re not supposed to like it. No one ever like birthday gifts they dont want.”

“Oh, good. I was afraid you’d get upset.”

You giggled before gently taking the box away from him and grabbing his hands to oull him up. “Ok, so I wanted to wait until after dinner, but Im probably more excited than you are. Come on!”

You pulled him to the closet you had deserted only minuets before. With a grin you pushed him close to the door and stood back. He looked at the door for a second before looking at you. 

“You painted the door?” He asked, feigning excitement.

“No, you dork, look inside.”

He opened the door and spotted the large box. He pointed to it and you nodded before he dragged it out in one swift movement. He peeled back the tape almost as quickly and you realized, that deep down, he was just as excited as you were.

“Coffe beans?” He question as he held up a bag.

“Starbucks Meduim Rost Whole Bean coffee beans.”

“Really?!” He asked elatedly. You nodded, “42 bags.”

He stared at the bag in his hands for a second before suddenly standing and pulling you into a tight hug. You felt him smile into your neck as you laughed.

“Y/N, I love you. No one’s given me a present like this in years.” You pulled away slightly, “Not true. Damian and I picked out a gift on behalf of your family.”

“Another gift?” You smiled and nodded your head towards the shelf in the closet. He grinned at you before pulling away and reaching for the red box on the shelf.



“Y/N, you let Damian pick this,” Tim said as he held up a white build-a-bear dressed as Red Robin, but in the colors of Robin.

“Press his paw.”

When he did, Damian’s voice sounded from the bear, listing the reasons why Tim wasnt so terrible.

“I feel like I should hate you, but for some reason I cant.”


Sorry that this is late but I made some habit tracker printables for October! These are my first printables so they’re kinda lame lol. I was going to make November and December ones too but I don’t have the time right now so I’ll just edit this post once I get around to those. I hope these are somehow helpful to you guys! If there are any problems please kindly message me! 

Download links:
October: pink / purple / blue / orange

Imagine you’re listening to one of your favorite artists. You’re mouthing the words and tapping your fingers on your knees, bobbing your head up and down. Donnie sees you and raises his brow, curious. He walks over to your side and tries getting your attention by calling your name, but you can’t hear him. Donnie purses his lips, impatient. He stands in front of you and waves his hands in front of you, chuckling as you scramble to take off your head/ear phones.

“Sorry, I was listening to–”

“I can see that,” Donnie replies. “What are you listening to?”

“Why don’t you listen?” you hand him the head/ear phones, waiting for some sort of reaction from him. With only a blank expression with the exception of a little curl of his lip on Donnie’s face, you become nervous, thinking he was maybe judging your music taste.

“I’ll be right back,” Donnie says, going off with your device into his lab.

You wait for him for several minutes, assuming he’d come back, but he hasn’t. You huff and go to his lab, about to demand for your device back when you see him dancing around, a big smile on his face as he uses his bo staff to pose as a microphone. You chuckle softly and close his lab doors, leaving him to dance.

It’s just a theory. A LAME theory. (I’m sorry I had to)

So a little while back, I saw a post about the different colors of diamonds. Specifically, white and pink. Scientifically, white and pink diamonds are the only diamonds that have no chemical impurities. So, in the case of Steven Universe, it would make sense if Pink Diamond any White diamond were both leaders, especially if they held opposing views on an issue. But that’s why I found it kinda weird that blue and yellow diamond are the only ones we ever see opposing the Crystal Gems. Sure, it could make sense that in “The Answer” Blue diamond is under the command of White Diamond and we just never see/hear anything about her, maybe her troops are too important to be sent to earth or something along those lines. But why has Yellow Diamond become the apparent leader of homeworld in modern times? I mean, we never see her bossing Blue Diamond around, but when Lapis goes home , she’s probably expecting to go back to Blue Diamond’s court but instead gets used as an “informant” by Yellow Diamond. And, take a look at the Great DIamond Authority symbol, both the new one and the old one.

Yellow and Blue Diamond are apparently supposed to be be equals. So why the apparent seizing of power by Yellow Diamond? Well, the thing that would make the most sense is, the person who was previously in power suddenly wasn’t there anymore. And now, it’s about time this post got serious. And by serious, I mean Serious Steven.

Remember this Gem? Well, you should. It was the one that was powering the “Teacup Ride” maze. But its design looks kind of familiar, I wonder why that is-

Oh. Well. That’s why. It literally looks like if Yellow DIamond had a change in color scheme and slightly worse animation. (But I mean cut them some slack, it was episode 8)
But come on guys, you can’t seriously be telling me that all this time White Diamond has been trapped on earth, in a bubble, in the Crystal Gem’s temple.What about the murals of the Diamonds? Surely that can shed some light on this.


I mean, really, were you expecting a weak gem to be powering a trap of that magnitude? It was pretty clever. The only piece of evidence I really have against me is that white diamond is still present in the new Great Diamond Authority symbol, but that can be explained one of two ways: The rest of the gems and the diamonds think of white diamond as a sort of deity, which is part of why she’s always above them on the symbol, even though she’s never present. The second, less likely reason is, white diamond is still on the great diamond authority symbol because yellow diamond is the one who took her down (to seize power) and stuck her into that machine, and she wanted to cover up the fact that she was no longer around by keeping her on the symbol. Like I said, this reason is much much much less likely.


FOR REAL NOW …… I’m so sorry for my laziness hfddjf this is a legit one I’m 100% gonna work on


  • Mutuals only!
  • Most likely one para
  • If you have any RP ideas please let me know! Otabek is kinda tough since he didn’t seem to have socialized with the other skaters apart from Yurio and JJ. :x

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   {➹} – S I N C E   T H E   E C H I D N A  hadn’t told the hedgehog about the ‘no presents’ thing it was only natural that Arrow would get his friend something. It was the only part of the holiday he liked, getting an excuse to see everyone and spoil them. 

     Not that the hedgehog thought he was that great at picking out gifts, but he had tried. Since this echidna seemed partial to darker colors and the weather had dipped into the colder temperatures what better thing to get him than a scarf? A black one, of course. 

    “Sorry it’s kinda lame but you’re not an easy guy t’ shop for.”


Back flips Aren’t for Everyone - Joe Sugg (Requested)

Prompt: You’re the lead singer of a band at warped tour and accidentally hurt yourself on stage and Joe takes care of you. 

A/N: Apologizing now because this one is kinda lame, sorry! xoxo


“Great rehearsal guys! We’re going to kick some serious ass tonight.” You told your band. You were scheduled to play at warped tour again this year. It’s become a traditional thing for you guys. Every year you guys agree to play and it just keeps getting better and better.

You loved the thrill of going onto the stage and seeing all the fans in the audience. It warms your heart to stop and think that they all care about you and like your music. Ever since you were a little girl your heart was committed to music. You were always tapping away on your desk at school making beat patterns. You’d go home and play your guitar until the early morning, writing songs. You and your 3 best friends decided that you were going to create a band together.

It started out as just playing in the basement, but then you started to get low-key gigs. Your fan base just blossomed faster than you’d ever imagine.  You had always felt at home when you were making music. High school was a dark time for you. You were always getting picked on because you actually cared about your grades. You wouldn’t go to parties and get wasted like everyone else. You would stay at home and do homework and write songs.

High school wasn’t all bad though. Some good came out of it. Like your boyfriend, Joe Sugg, for example. You two have been friends for years, and he’d always stick up for you in school. You were amazed that he stayed around because he was one of the most popular kids in the entire building. Everyone wanted to be friends with him. Ever since you were little you had a crush on him. You never gave into the urge to tell him, but everything changed when he took you to prom. That night, dancing on the floor to a slow song, you two had finally crossed the line into a beautiful relationship.

Now, here you are, 5 years later, your 3rd year of warped tour. Joe had always supported you through everything. He came to every performance and even went on tour with you. Considering he was a YouTuber, he was able to do his job from anywhere. He’d record videos on the tour bus, sometimes he’d even ask you to be in it. He’d always promote your music to all his fans.

“You guys can do whatever you want, just remember that we go on in an hour.” You told your band. Everyone except for you walked off the stage to go who knows where.

“I swear every time I hear you guys play, you sound better.” Joe said coming up to you and wrapping his arms around your waist.

“Thanks, babe.” You smiled. “It’s just amazing, you know?”

“What is Y/N?”

“My entire life. I mean, think about it. I was bullied every day in high school, and look at me now. I’m just so grateful for everything. The fans, my band, my music,” you listed. “But most of all, you.”

“You know I’ll always be here for you. You know that, Y/N.” Joe hugged you tighter. “I don’t think I could walk away if I tried.”

“I love you, Joe.”

“I love you more, Y/N.”

With that, you both walked off the stage and went to get some food before you had to play that night.


You were on stage, singing your heart out. Running around, touching the hands of fans in the front row. Now, every band had a signature move that they would do, yours just happened to be backflips. You would make sure to do a backflip at least 3 times during every performance. You’ve already done it twice and you decided now was as good a time as any to finish them off.

You waited until the music break to run over to each one of your bandmates and dance around with each one before returning to center stage and flipping. However, you didn’t get a high enough jump and when you landed, you felt your ankle snap.

You don’t like to disappoint, so you kept singing. You made sure you danced around a lot less, so you mostly just stayed around the mic stand and bobbed your head. You turned your head and saw Joe backstage. “You okay?” He mouthed to you, the worry obvious on his face.

You just shook your head no and finished up the song. You were scheduled to do about 3 more songs, but the pain was growing to be unbearable. You decided that you needed to cut the performance short and get off your ankle.  “Thank you! You guys are great, I love you all!”

With that, you hobbled off the stage and collapsed into Joe’s arms. “Y/N, what happened?”

“I think I landed weird when I did my third backflip.” You said, feeling the tears start to come. “I can’t put any pressure on it. It hurts too much.”

Joe picked you up and carried you over to a chair so he could look at your ankle a bit better.

“Y/N, you might have broken it. It’s already starting to swell.” He sighed, “I’ll go get the medic, I’ll be right back.” And with that, he ran off.

“Are you okay?” Austin, your drummer asked.

“Yeah, I just really screwed up my ankle. I had to get off of it.” You replied, the pain growing.

“Well, do you want me to go get Adam?”

Adam was the only medic that you were able to fully trust here. You made sure that every year he would be working just in case something went wrong. A situation that was apparently much more likely than you had anticipated.  “No, it’s okay. Joe’s already on it. Thanks though.” You smiled.

Austin nodded and went over to the food table. You laughed, that boy honestly did nothing but eat. It’s amazing how he managed to stay so fit. You heard footsteps to your right and glanced up to see Adam rushing over to you.

“What seems to be the problem, Y/N?” Adam said walking up to you, Joe tailing closely.

“I twisted my ankle while doing my backflip, can you check it out for me?” You said, the tears now falling down your face. It hurt like hell, you weren’t going to lie.

Adam checked out your ankle and came to the conclusion that you had broken it. He told you that you needed to let it rest for the remainder of the night, and go to the hospital for a cast the next day. Upon hearing that, Joe took you up to your hotel room and laid you down on the bed. He left you there and walked to the kitchen and got you a bag of ice. “Can I get you anything else?”

“I’d love some ice cream and a movie?”

“Be right back,” He kissed you on your forehead and went to get some ice cream. He came back with a bowl of cookies and cream and popped in your favorite movie; Fast and Furious. He laid down next to you and pulled you close to him. His head resting on top of yours and kissed the crown of your head periodically throughout the film.

You quickly forgot about the pain in your ankle and got lost in the world of Brian O’Conner and Dom Toretto. You never once stopped thinking about how lucky you were to have Joe as a boyfriend. He always cared for you, making sure that you were okay before he went and did anything on his own. Your happiness was his happiness. You lay there, cuddled up into him, and looked him in the eyes. He gave you a  heart melting smile and kissed you softly. “I love you, Y/N. So much, it hurts.”

“I know the feeling, Joe. I love you, too.” Before you knew it you fell asleep with your head on Joe’s chest and remained like that for the rest of the night.

In the morning he took you to get your cast and you tweeted out that you were sorry to all your fans for cutting the performance short. You went back to the room and starting trying to come up with ways to make it up to them.

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Your photos are great, I hope you're doing all this safely haha . As much as I love your work, I kinda meant maybe a photo of you .? Again, not a request, but I doubt I'd be the only one to appreciate it ! If not that's cool too it's whatever

OHLOL i’m sorry for misunderstanding. i took a lame snapchat filter selfie today ill post that

Saigenos week, Day 3
Prompt: Relaxation

So….this is late as hell. I am really sorry for that (my week has been kinda difficult so my mood wasn’t that great…….)

Even if it is late, I hope you all can enjoy this drawig…!
Also, my scanner is a jerk, forgive for the bad quality

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Hope its not too late for some dumb Valentines Day cards!

the armin one is so terrible im sorry i actually have a few more but they are kinda lame so i’ll only show them if someone wants me to, or something

Bonus second version of the ryuko one:

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Hi! So I was wondering if you have headcanons for Sirius having anxiety? Sorry if that's kinda a lame topic for you... you don't have to post anything if you don't want too.

sirius with anxiety is actually one of my personal headcanons so i’ll try my best!

  • okay so sirius has anxiety but it takes him a while to fully understand that because for years he’s believed that anxiety is when you’re shy and afraid to talk to people and he’s never been able to relate to that
  • it’s peter who actually asks him about it, one day at the end of their first year after seeing how sirius deals with the exam stress
  • and of course he dismisses it at first, but as he becomes more familiar with himself and his anxiety he realises it’s not really something he can brush off anymore
  • his anxiety mainly shows through procrastination. sirius will put something off for as long as possible because it’s simply too much to think about and then get overwhelmed when he actually has to deal with it
  • this results in many sleepless nights spent in the commonroom finishing essays and practising spellwork
  • it’s usually peter or james that will stay up with him, because they all agree that remus needs his sleep and james has trouble sleeping most nights anyway
  • the simplest things can trigger his brain into overthinking every single action or word and there’s only a certain extent to which he can ignore it before he tunes himself out of his surroundings
  • the rest of the marauders are experts at identifying when sirius is having an attack because he’ll become extremely reserved and unresponsive during a conversation
  • they usually find the nearest empty classroom available and just sit there for a while. remus rubs sirius’ back and helps him to even his breathing whilst james and peter guard the doorways
  • afterwards sirius is always very moody because he feels vulnerable and he hates feeling vulnerable
  • it’s not completely obvious unless you know him really well, but his humour is darker and there’s venom within his sarcastic remarks
  • he flinches at particularly loud noises or bright flashes and these are the things that make his hands shake uncontrollably until he can find a quiet place to calm down
  • when this happens, he’s always tapping on things as a way to control it, and it’s james who eventually suggests braiding his hair as an option to keep his hands busy
  • this leads to sirius gaining a braid everytime he’s particularly stressed, only to take them out and start again the next day. somedays he’ll end up with no braids and once he was caught with twenty seven
  • it gets pretty bad once he’s disowned by his family. he worries about regulus and his future and schoolwork and exams and his friends and being a burden and everything is all too much for him
  • mcgonagall knows from watching them over the years and she always makes sure there’s an empty classroom available for use, and especially during exam season
  • after they leave hogwarts, and the threat of voldemort is even closer, sirius can’t sleep. he spends too much time thinking about james or remus or peter or any of the order members and worrying for their safety and he doesn’t know how to get rid of the thoughts once they’re there
  • after marlene is killed, sirius is extremely reluctant to leave anyone alone. he hates being away, even for a little while because he can’t stand the possibilities that enter his brain when he is
  • he learns that voldemort is after james and lily so naturally he offers to be their secret keeper but he’s constantly plagued by the idea that he’ll somehow fuck it all up, let the wrong thing slip up to the wrong person, and he can’t handle it
  • he distances himself from remus as much as possible because he’s too paranoid that remus is secretly a spy and so he turns to the only other person he can trust
  • in azkaban, the dementors heighten his anxiety. he can’t sleep, and his thoughts are so loud inside of his own head that he wants to scream and he’s pretty sure that he does but it’s hard to tell when everything is so damn  l o u d
  • when he finally escapes, he thinks things might be okay again. he has remus, and now he has harry too, and although he still worries about them both, he knows they’ll be okay this time
  • he’ll floo the fireplace in the gryffindor comonroom for seconds at a time just to make sure harry’s okay because his anxiety can often trick him into thinking otherwise
  • grimmauld place is full of horrible memories and it flares his anxiety like crazy so that somedays he feels like he’s back in azkaban. remus is the only one who understands when he comes over and sees the amount of braids in sirius’ hair
  • he’ll shut himself up in buckbeak’s room when it gets too loud and/or quiet downstairs, he finds the hippogriff to be excellent company
  • he realises one of his biggest worries has come true when he hears about harry going to the ministry to rescue him. all he can think is ‘it’s my fault if he gets hurt’ over and over again and his hands are shaking and he’s sweating all over because he can’t lose somebody else
  • he doesn’t; but they all lose him
Bad Flirt

A/N: A short one-shot for you guys! Sorry I’ve been so lame on writing. Real life sucks :/ But I’m back in full force and I wrote this one for you guys :) This is my first time attempting to write a lot of humor, so I hope it’s good! xx

Plot: Y/N is out on a mission to prove she isn’t as bad of a flirt as her friend, Melissa, thinks she is.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 2k

Warnings: Swearing, secondhand embarrassment (kinda lol)

Your name: submit What is this?

Originally posted by 107th-infantry

“You know, I think this was actually a really good idea,” Y/N said, pulling herself onto a barstool.

“Why do you say that?” Melissa asked, filling a glass with beer before handing it to a man a few seats down from Y/N.

“Well,” Y/N said, taking a sip from her water bottle. “I’m single now. Single and ready to mingle.”

“You did not just say that,” Melissa deadpanned, holding an empty cup underneath a beer faucet.

“What?” Y/N asked, furrowing her eyebrows at her friend’s stare. Melissa smiled and shook her head, filling the glass and handing it to a person behind Y/N.

Y/N remained in her position at the bar, folding a napkin over and over again as Melissa served beer to patrons. The gallery had begun to fill up now, more and more people piling into the room and looking at the photography on the walls. It was impressive photography, but it wasn’t really Y/N’s scene. The only reason she’d been here is because Melissa wanted someone to hang out with during her shift. And given the fact that Y/N was “miserably lonely and single”, Melissa thought it was a great idea for her to get out of her apartment.

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DAY6 as bad pick up lines

Jae: I like Legos, you like Legos, why don’t we build a relationship?

Sungjin: you’re kinda, sorta, basically, pretty much always on my mind

Junhyeok: there’s only one thing I want to change about you, and that’s your last name

Young-K: I bet you $20 you’re gonna turn me down.

Wonpil: life without you would be like a broken pencil… pointless.

Dowoon: the important part is not the pick up line itself but the fact that he says sorry at the end.