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hi it’s eleny and i’m here with my first follow forever!!! i remade like 3 months ago and now i have a lot of beautiful mutuals and followers who i love and appreciate a lot💗💖 btw excuse my lame edit i already know it’s not that great but i think at least it looks kinda decent dhjgdh. thanks again for following me i love all of u so so much and i hope we can interact a lot more in the future!!💕💞💓💗💖💘

🌼= this flower is for u!! you’re one of my favorite blogs and i want to talk to u (or we already talked) and be your friend but i’m shy and a mess at starting conversations dfjfh. i love u a lot and i would do anything for u💗💖💘

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anonymous asked:

right now i have a very simplistic style and they look very...flat. what methods have you used to reach the style you have today?

oh style is not the right word to use here… hmm… bc artist’s “style” is something that should be unique so i cant help you to teach you do my style, but i guess i can tell you what helped me to step a little farther from flat to… not so flat?

well first of all for past 3 years I was studding some animation principles such as rhythm, squash&stretch, overlaps, straight vs curve, etc(tbh i saw a lot of tutorials about this here on tumblr and even from few different artists so if you want to know about this more you can search for it and i think you will find it - no big deal)

second thing that helped me a lot is life sketches lessons - where you can sit and draw naked ppl who take different poses in different amount of time(i think you can find something like that in city where you live, and if not you can draw from youtube videos that made specially for this like this one )

life sketches helps me to analyze the volume of body, how does it fit in perspective, how body works and in the end i just start to remember how some of poses look like XD

(sketches help me to train myself but to be honest 70% of what i drew there are trashy and so bad haha)

also one thing that i want to say about style and being “unique” that I always steal something from others - from ppl, from movies or illustrations. I just try to notice what exactly I like in someone’s style and then try to do it too? like:

these are just details but than more of different details you will try to hit at once than more “unique” and NOT stolen it will look like(especially if you also will add something from your own heart of course), so noone will blame you that you are thief? I GUESS??? I HOPE??????

(idk it still looks flat and lame ups)

P.S. - if you are one of these artists that i definitely stole something from, i really hope you are not mad… and im sorry! i know you are watching me and i feel so bad tbh oh no <X’’’’’D aaaa….

so good luck you anon with YOUR artstyle and conquering the volume in your drawings!!!

F r e e d o m. ~My edit~ Credits to the wonderful artist of this drawing I edited


justcuchu  asked:

Alex and Justin make out in a concert because one of them was kinda drunk but this happened at the end of the school year so next time they see each other it's been months since the concert thing happened and justin decides to keep it a secret because of fearing his friend's reaction although zach is 100% ready to be supportive. I'm sorry, I hope you understand what I'm trying to say :)

Alex spent the majority of his Summer doing nothing. He’d traveled back to his home town, worked for his aunt at some lame-ass café. But there was one thing on his mind that he couldn’t shake, the memory kept crawling back into his head like some clingy animal. You feed it once, give into it, then it doesn’t leave you alone.

He couldn’t help but ask himself, did Justin even remember what happened? What would happen when he came back to school? Has Justin been thinking about it as much as he has?

When Alex did let himself think about it, it was when he was alone, at night. Thinking about Justin Foley, his lips involved in a heavy make out session. The thump of the music, the taste of beer and weed. Wondering what could’ve happened, if there was anything yet to happen. What would Justin look like hot and blissed out above him. When his head wandered too far, he’d jerk off angrily in the shower and then fall asleep in self loathing.

Justin wasn’t much different. He might have been drunk during the show, but he wasn’t drunk enough. The memory stuck with him, too. It haunted his dreams. He wanted to call them nightmares, but in reality they were just sex dreams. Justin would wake up flustered, unsure how he could be thinking about Alex Standall in such dirty ways. It was like going through puberty all over again.

The first day back from school, neither of them spoke of it. But, there were longing gazes in the hallways that let Alex know that he did remember, and that it wasn’t over yet.

Within the next couple of weeks, they got high together. Which eventually lead to hazy make out sessions. One night when Alex’s parents were out of town, he invited Justin over.

“Is this like a booty call, Standall?” Justin asked once Alex answered the door. He wore a denim jacket with nice jeans. Alex couldn’t help but marvel his appearance.

“Fuck you, come inside,” he replied lamely, not really giving Justin a straight answer. In reality, it kind of was. He did invite Justin over, he did want to kiss him, but he didn’t want their feelings to be completely sexual. Justin walked inside the house with his shoulders tense, giving off the impression he wasn’t as confident as he might seem.

Right as Alex was about to open his mouth, Justin started first, “You know I like you, right?” He asked, his eyes hopeful as he turned to face the blonde again.

“I know you like to kiss me,” Alex retorted, trying to keep calm and casual. His nervous laughter was a dead giveaway though.

“I like you. I like kissing you, a lot. I want to do it more often, specifically when we’re not high. And then there’s other things too, I want to hold your hand and wink at you in the hallways– ”

“you already wink at me in the hallways,” Alex cut him off. He was smiling, teasingly.

Justin rolled his eyes and continued, slower this time. He took a breath to calm his nerves, “Can I…. Can we be official? Like boyfriends and all that shit?”

“You’re serious?” Alex asked after a pause.

Justin shook his head in disbelief at Alex’s confusion. However, the blonde took it as an answer to his question and actually seemed disheartened for a second. But then Justin took a step forward into Alex’s space “I’m not kidding. Will you be my boyfriend?”

The tips of Alex’s ears were red as he nodded, “I would love to be your boyfriend.”

“Good, cause then this would’ve been really awkward,” Justin beamed, taking something out of his backpack. Alex recognized it to be a shirt with the band logo of the concert they were at where they had their first kiss.

“You’re a dork.”

“Yeah, but now I’m your dork, babe.”

Simon: A not so lame party

Requested: by Anon ‘Are you still taking requests? Could you do an imagine of Simon meeting a girl at a party and they are mega flirting and she’s jokingly talking trash about whoever is the one throwing the party and he’s going along with it but it’s really her party and him finding out it’s her party after I know it’s kinda weird and specific but I feel it could make a good one haha :)’

Warnings: None

A/N: This has been sitting in my drafts for a long time, I’m so sorry! I hope you guys enjoy it though! :)

Your house is crowded with people you barely knew, but that what happens when your friends help with inviting people. You watched as people were dancing to your playlist that you made, drinking the punch that your friends helped made and just having fun.

“Hey!” A tall, cute man greeted you, smiling.

“Oh, hi!” You greeted back, smiling friendly at him.

“What’s your name?” The cute man questioned.

“Y/N, what’s yours?” You replied.

“Simon.” The now named cute person replied.

“Nice to meet you Simon.” You replied, sipping on your drink.

“So, are you enjoying this party so far?” Simon asked, a bit loudly over the music.

“I’ve been to better, it’s so lame.” You replied, joking of course. Hoping that he disagrees with you, otherwise you’ll be a bit hurt.

“Oh yeah, you’re right.” He agreed with your joking statement. Ouch, that hurts. The man that you thought was rather handsome agrees that your party is lame.

“I’m going to refill my cup. It was nice meeting you, Simon.” You mumbled and rushed off into your kitchen. You don’t know why you cared about his opinion, you just did. Sure you’ve heard worse things been said about you, however it did hurt you.

Busy in your own thoughts, you didn’t notice the blue eyed boy enter the kitchen as well.

“Y/N, are you alright? You just kinda rushed off.” Simon confronted you, studying your face which he couldn’t tell what you were feeling.

“I’m fine Simon, just enjoy this lame party.” You rolled your eyes, sarcasm laced in your voice.

“Huh?” Simon asked confused, furrowing his eyebrows.

“This is my party, Simon.” You admitted, turning to face him.

“Your party isn’t lame, Y/N. I was only agreeing with you because I think that you’re beautiful and didn’t want to disagree with you.” He confessed, making you blush.

“Really?” You quizzed, tucking your hair behind your ear- a habit when you become shy.

“Of course, the only reason why I came over to you in the first place is because you caught my eye.” He confessed again, looking down at the floor.

“Well, I so happen to find you rather attracting if I do say so myself.” You said, holding his hand, making him look up.

“Really?” Now it was his turn to ask that question.

“Yes, I do.” You flirted.

“Well then, you wouldn’t mind me asking you on a date for tomorrow then?” Simon smoothly inquired.

“I wouldn’t say no to that.”

“Before it began… I had a feeling this summer…something big would happen…would begin. That feeling became true.

It’s there, in front of us. I think everyone…can feel it. Something is starting to move. It affects everyone. Even me.

With a new goal in my heart, using all the strength I can muster…it’s time to start a new season.” -Tohru Honda, Volume 12, Ch.66

anonymous asked:

Loving your thinky thoughts about where things might be heading for the Winchesters. I'm curious about your opinion as to why Dean's been more in the background, action-wise, so far this season while Sam gotten 3 major back to back kills. It's felt really lopsided. And Jensen's been onscreen a decent amount so it can't just be time off b/c of the twins. I'm not trying to be wanky. I'm just wondering if you think it's a writing issue or do you think there might be a story reason behind it?

Hello dear! Thank you so much that’s really kind of you to say :)

Yes I’ve seen quite a bit of discussion on this imbalance between Sam and Dean this season so far (and of course I’d noticed it myself, as a rather devoted Dean fan ;) ) and honestly, while this is likely to be a lame answer, here’s how I see the possibilities:

1) It might be writer bias, they’re gonna have their favourites just as we have ours. I think Perez is the main writer regarding discontent within the fandom (I’m not counting the deadly duo, discontent caused by their writing? Just another Tuesday really ;) ) and seems to have created this Marmite vibe, fans seem to either really love him or really hate him. In each of his three episodes of s12, Sam has had the main victories (saving Magda, killing Ramiel, and killing Hellhound Ramsay) while Dean has been absent in key moments, or at least enough that his absence is noted (and I’m gonna be honest, quite comically in Stuck in the Middle (With You) where we have Dean literally say words to the effect of “I’m going over here!” and then not appearing again until 5 minutes later. Sorry but it made me laugh at the time). But he’s not the only writer to have had Dean absent from the action so to speak: In Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox (Yockey), Dean is locked outside the house and spends a good while trying rather desperately to get back inside; in The Raid (Berens), Dean is absent from the vampire attack at the BMoL bunker, instead having a play date with Ketch; in Regarding Dean (a very heavily Dean-centric episode written by Glynn), Dean stays at the motel while Sam charges the witches, gun in hand. So, while the protective, twitchy Dean fan in me has at times felt disgruntled, given that this is a repeated thing done by several writers, I’m inclined to give Story Reasons a shot.

2) I don’t know which of my Thinky Thoughts you’ve read, so I apologise for likely repeating myself but, in more ways than one, Dean is being framed as divided from Sam and Mary. This is either suggested visually, such as in Asa Fox where Sam and Mary’s clothing complement each other’s whereas Dean’s is starkly different, or in story reasons such as the major plot point of Sam agreeing to work with the BMoL just as Mary did, whilst Dean remains unconvinced. So perhaps Dean’s absences are suggestive of this divide, the separation that’s been forming within this family unit, and how this makes Dean feel on the outside looking in, left out, missing what he may perceive Sam and Mary to have amongst themselves. 


I’ve speculated before that Dean, while agreeing to go along with Sam’s decision to work with the BMoL, isn’t going to comply in the way they would want. It seems what they want are hunters like Ketch, to point them in the direction of monsters to slay, and for them to do so regardless of whatever personal feelings they have on it. That’s not Dean and I think the conflict from his disregarding the black and white instructions of the BMoL might see him labelled “rogue” and subjected to whatever unpleasant treatment such souls are put through (Berens made this point in The Raid for a reason)? How this might relate to Dean’s absences this season is that, as speculated before, the BMoL might make Dean ‘disappear’, perhaps frame it as being killed whilst on a hunt. There’s certainly been little signs (at least to me) to suggest this (e.g. again in Asa Fox, the wall filled with newspaper clippings that Dean looks at while talking to Sam about being killed on the job…) and having little absences might be hint to this end.


Different plot related reasons that cleverer people than me have picked up on and maybe if reading this want to add? ;)

3) It’s all part of giving Jensen some time off because of the beautiful wee additions to his family. It’s possible, but it feels odd to me that he would be written out of important, climactic moments of the episodes rather than the quieter build-up acts. Maybe those moments take the longest to film and that’s why? I don’t know, it doesn’t really feel like this is the reason to me though.

4) What’s perceived as story imbalance now will be levelled out in this latter half of the season. Carver was all about giving story focus to one character in the first half of the season and then switching the focus in the second half (e.g. s9 with Sam and Gadreel, then Dean with the Mark of Cain) so Big Things for Sam up to now might mean Big Things for Dean coming up. Dabb might follow a different structure to Carver though, we’ll see I guess :)

So yeah, the quiet optimist in me is leaning towards Story Reasons but I guess I’m kinda lamely saying the next few episodes should be quite revealing? Sorry!!!


SO basically I’m sure no one truly cares but this is my not so great fanaccount. I got alot of eye contact attention from Jongup during the concert. Like hard staring. Idk how I managed to have the red sea part just for me but it did. I have been blessed. 

On to Hi touch honestly I was supposed to tell Himchan he was so handsome, Daehyun I love you, Yongguk thank you for everything and I love you and so on… But I knew I had to give Yongguk the bracelet as well. So I sorta……freaked when I seen how fast the line was moving and how fast the staff was moving people along and my mind went completely blank lol. I kinda just hi fived everyone with a smile :l…..But everyone smiled and were so handsome. Such soft hands.

Photo op tho….lmao…I said I wasn’t gonna run. But since we didn’t ask the people in our group who their biases were I found myself run walking over to yongguk. I immediately just grabbed his freakin huge baby soft hand and struggled putting it on. As soon as i grabbed his hand he gave me the cutest “Hiii~” with the most beautiful smile kjsadghlJHL. I assumed he was trying to get me to talk but I was so wrapped up with the fact I couldn’t get this bracelet on his wrist WE BOTH ALMOST BROKE IT!! I guess he noticed I was struggling and moved his hand out of this awkward position he had it in and it immediately snapped onto his wrist. I STILL DIDNT SAY ANYTHING I WAS SO NERVOUS!! So I just immediately turned around and stood either infront of him or infront-between him and himchan. I heard Himchan say “ neomu areumdawo” I’m kinda curious who he directed that to because we were all facing the camera lady lmao. Possibly talking to Yongguk because he wasn’t really trying to say it loud. ANYWAYS! After the picture I STILL DIDN’T SAY ANYTHING. Just kinda held my arms out and looked up at him with a smile for a hug. I’m so glad he was slow to do it or I might have gotten kicked out haha. But I feel as though he wanted to respect my space when he hugged me because my outfit…was a bit…yea…revealing lmao..I for one….like bear hugging people so I kinda….pulled him into me. I don’t think he was expecting that LOL. I’m sorry Yongguk I don’t know my own strength haha. I can say I gave him a good meaningful hug :v. But yea….that was all. I was not as lucky as I wished but I’m still happy he got the bracelet and I got to hug him.


Sorry that this is late but I made some habit tracker printables for October! These are my first printables so they’re kinda lame lol. I was going to make November and December ones too but I don’t have the time right now so I’ll just edit this post once I get around to those. I hope these are somehow helpful to you guys! If there are any problems please kindly message me! 

Download links:
October: pink / purple / blue / orange

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((A few things: Is there going to be an about/muse page of this Dr.Flug? Since any Dr.Flug blog at this point in time is mostly headcanons I'd like to know how your headcanons make your Dr.Flug different from the canon one. Also, does either mod have a Dr.Flug roleplay blog? You guys have the only Dr.Flug I've seen that I've wanted to roleplay with. Lastly, I love the art on this blog, it's awesome!))

//Ahhh, and here we feel a bit ignorant…this is one of our first ask blogs so we kinda dont know how to make an about page..and none of us have a roleplay blog, i could try making one but i’m very slow when it comes to roleplaying, and mod inky doesn’t really speak english without my help or google translate…

Sorry we are lame </3 - Mod SP//

p!atd x tøp x mcr x fob
(this is kinda lame sorry)

Tfw jumping onto the Demon Days crossover hype train fifty years late because you only just started digitally drawing a couple months ago

It actually took a while to decide what iconic group of four to do because everyone’s already been done eleven times over, BUT THEN I REALIZED

Alastair and his Squad™ haven’t been done yet, and they’re an awesome iconic group of four [or at least iconic to me], so that’s what I did


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anonymous asked:

What about companions reaction to sole bringing home an orphaned baby? ( sorry if this one's kinda lame I just love cute stuff with kids )

Oooo I just love this prompt! All the fluffs! :3 Of course I can do this for you!

I’ve gotten a few requests in so far and am really excited to answer! I’ll try to get at least one request out a day, maybe more depending on the length of the answers.

I’ve seen how some blogs handle the platonic/romantic thing, either by doing strictly one or the other, or by making up two scenarios for both (which seems like a lot to do for me personally). To remedy this, I’ve decided that unless I state at the beginning that the prompt will be either strictly platonic or romantic, all reactions will begin platonic. You can stop at the bold //// to keep it platonic. After the //// will be a romantic continuation. I’ll only be giving romance options for all romance-able characters + Nick + Deacon + X6-88 (Because honestly I can’t resist that toaster detective). Please let me know if the //// bothers you or if you have a better solution, but for the time being we’ll just try it out.

Deacon: “Hey there agen- woah! Uh, where’d the kid come from? You know I don’t do emotional baggage right?” Sole rolls their eyes and tells Deacon that they found the baby beside his deceased parents. “Man, tough break little fella. But you know what, I can tell you’re gonna be alright because believe me, if I got to choose who was gonna adopt me, well, you couldn’t find yourself a better parent if you tried. Let me tell you about our old Mac Daddy General here, they’re kind of a big deal…” Deacon spends the rest of the evening telling the baby amazing (if not totally truthful) stories about Sole. //// Sole rests their head on Deacon’s shoulder as he spouts off nonsense to the kid. Once Deacon realizes his audience of two has nodded off for the night, he retires from his storytelling to lean his head on top of Sole’s. “You sure are something else beautiful, bringing home a baby and all. I couldn’t have been a luckier man if I tried.” He mumbles before falling asleep himself.

Danse: “Er, soldier. Is that… a baby?” Danse doesn’t really know how to handle this situation. Of course they can’t carry an infant around with them across the wasteland, but they also couldn’t just leave the baby where they found it. And Sole just looks so infatuated. “Well, I suppose we can take care of it until we hit the next settlement, but then we really should leave him there with a nice family.” Sole looks a little disheartened at his statement, but solemnly agrees. Danse pats Sole on the back and walks on, but not before giving the baby a quick glance. It smiles at him, and he can’t help but smile back a little. //// After Sole’s arms had gotten tired, Danse held the infant for a few hours and had grown more attached to him than even Sole had. He can barely admit it to himself that he doesn’t want to give the baby up. Sole notices Danse contemplating the baby and leans up to his ear to whisper, “We could be a nice family.” Danse can’t disagree.

Cait: “Oi, what’s this then? A baby? Y’know, you really do pick up the strangest things in the Commonwealth. This might even beat the time you scavenged seventy rolls o’ duct tape. Tell me, what’re ya gonna do with a baby?” Sole shrugs. They offer to let Cait hold the kid. “What? No! I ain’t holdin’ no baby! I wouldn’t know what to do with it.” Sole thinks of an idea. They spread a blanket out on the floor of the house they’re scavenging and gently lays the baby down on its back. “What’re ya doin’ then!? Ya can’t just leave it here! Oh, you want me to entertain it for a while? Ergh, well, I guess I can manage that.” An hour later Sole finds Cait sitting over the baby and making silly noises at him, making him giggle. //// Sole sneaks up behind Cait and watches her uncharacteristically make a fool of herself for the baby’s sake. They make the mistake of laughing at one point and Cait whips her head around, red-faced. She brings her hand up to slap them, but Sole catches her by the wrist and presses a quick kiss to Cait’s lips before she can do anything about it.

Curie: “Oh, a baby! How wonderful! Oh you must let me hold him, he is so precious!” Sole smiles and gently places the infant into Curie’s expecting arms. Curie’s grin is a mile wide as she lifts the child to her face to give him Eskimo kisses. “Don’t worry little one, I will take care of you! How amazing you are to have survived out zere wizout your parents oui? You’ll grow up to be a fine young man, I can tell.” Curie is just so elated. She thanks Sole for letting her have this one splendid moment between bouts of having to crusade for the Commonwealth. //// Sole, overwhelmed by the cute, sprinkles chaste kisses all over Curie’s cheeks. Curie blushes furiously and wishes she could hide her face in her hands, but she’s still holding the baby.

Nick: “What’s this?” Nick watches Sole approach him with a wriggling mound of blankets. “Ah, went out and found yourself a little one didja? Heh, cute little thing.” Nick watches the baby for a few moments, and the baby quiets down, chewing on their hand, fascinated by Nick’s glowing eyes. Not breaking eye contact with the infant, Nick says to Sole, “Hey, uh, partner, mind if I hold him for a second?” Sole happily hands over the child to Nick who carefully cradles him in his arms, mindful not touch him with his exposed hand. “Hey there sport. If you turn out to be half the person your new parent is, then you’ll do just fine.” //// Nick looks up admiringly at Sole who simply smiles contentedly back at him. Nick gently lifts their chin with his finger and takes a long but chaste kiss from their lips. Breaking it off, Nick grins. “Yeah, they’ll do just fine.”

Hancock: “Well, well. I guess we’re just taking in any old strays now a day eh?” Hancock says to the baby in Sole’s arms. Sole pokes him in the arm a little harder than necessary and tells Hancock to be nice. Hancock smiles a lopsided smile at Sole and then tickles the baby under his chin. He smiles at the touch and Hancock chuckles. “That’s a better reaction than I get from most people. Heh, I think I’m gonna like you kid. Keep it real.” Hancock then proceeds to give the little man a soft fist-bump. //// “Well love, it seems like we’ve added one more to the freak show. Poor kid didn’t even see it comin’.” Sole giggles and puts their free arm around Hancock’s waist. Hancock chuckles and leans in to kiss their hair.

MacCready: MacCready feels his heart lighten up at seeing Sole with a kid in their arms. It reminds him so much of Duncan and all he left behind in the Capitol Wasteland. He suddenly feels a need to hold the infant for a minute. “Hey, mind if I hold him for a minute?” Understandingly, Sole allows MacCready to remove the baby from their arms. MacCready smiles and strokes the baby’s cheek with one of his gun-roughened fingers. The baby grins toothlessly and turns his head closer to MacCready’s hand. After a moment, MacCready feels a well of emotions start to build inside him and has to give the baby back to Sole. Sole gives him a sympathetic glance and scoops the baby up. MacCready has to turn his back for a few seconds to gain his composure. //// Sole places a comforting hand on MacCready’s shoulder. He turns around and throws his arms around Sole’s neck, being careful not to squish the baby. “I’m sorry to get so emotional on you.” He mumbles into Sole’s neck. They hush him and gently kiss his ear.

Piper: “Aw! Blue! Who’s this little fella!” Piper reaches out and makes grabby fingers at Sole for the little bundle in their arms. Sole chuckles and hands over the baby boy. “Ooooh! Who’s a precious wittle button muffin! You are! Oh, hey, uh… you gotta pretty strong grip there little buddy. Woah! Don’t put my finger in your mouth! You don’t know where it’s been! I mean- uh, not that my hands have been anywhere dirty, but still! Oh no! No no no! Eugh. Okay, slobber time’s over, time to go back to Blue. Blue? Blue! BLUE GET BACK HERE! YOU CAN’T JUST DUMP THIS BABY ON ME!!!” //// After handing off the baby to someone responsible, like Preston maybe, Piper hunts down Sole who is currently fleeing for their life. Eventually Piper tackles them to the ground! Hovering over them she pants, “If this –huff- is any –huff- indication of our relationship –huff- then- !” Sole breaks her rant off with a kiss.

Preston: “Oh my goodness, who’s this little cutie?” Preston asks Sole as they show off the baby. Preston takes the infant from Sole without bothering to ask, but Sole just laughs and goes with it. Immediately the baby starts crying, and Preston looks a little panicked. Sole just motions for him to rock the infant. “Oh, right.” Preston says. Soon he’s pacified the baby and is beaming down at his cute little face. “This is why we do it General,” he says, “This is why what the Minutemen do is important. The better we make the Commonwealth, the better life this little guy will have. To me, that’s worth it all.” //// Sole thinks that Preston will make a good father one day, and doesn’t hesitate to tell him so. Preston flashes his teeth with a grin and adds, “I think I’ll make a pretty good husband too.” He kisses Sole to prove his point.

X6-88: “I hope this will not distract you from your appointed duties sir/ma’am. Taking care of an infant requires a large portion of a guardian’s time. Maybe you should find someone else who is willing to adopt it.” Sole totally ignores X6 and hands him the baby without warning so that they can start a fire in the fireplace of the run down house they were hunkering down in. X6 sits perfectly still for the rest of the night while he and the infant examine each other’s faces. He doesn’t mention finding a surrogate parent again. //// Sole snickers at X6 when they wake up to find him still holding the baby. “I suppose we do not have to discard the child somewhere after all.” After a few quiet moments, he grins a small but sly grin. “Does this mean that now I am Father?” Sole throws a pillow at him and rolls back over.

Codsworth: “Ah, sir/mum. Is that what I think it is?” Sole nods and introduces Codsworth to the infant. He fawns over him immediately. “It is so nice to have a little one around again. I know he doesn’t replace Shaun sir/mum, no one ever could, but, I would love it if you would let me lend you a hand in raising this child. It would be a nice to have an addition to our family, wouldn’t you say?” Sole nods affirmatively and with a sad smile, patting Codsworth on his round body with their free hand. Codsworth uses his claw to gently pull the blankets up to the baby’s chin.

Strong: “WHAT IS THIS? LITTLE HUMAN? LITTLE HUMAN IS WEAK. LITTLE HUMAN NOT SURVIVE LONG IN WASTELAND.” Sole explains to Strong that yes, babies are weak, but the older humans take care of them until they are strong enough to take care of themselves. Later, Sole has to hold back laughter as they see Strong carrying around the baby in a forward facing backpack looking like a proud parent. “STRONG KEEP LITTLE HUMAN SAFE UNTIL LITTLE HUMAN STRONG. THEN STRONG WILL SHARE MILK OF HUMAN KINDNESS WITH IT.” Sole says they think he already is.

Dogmeat: Dogmeat just adores the baby. He loves to lick his face and tummy to make him giggle, and a night he curls around his little body to keep him warm. If Dogmeat doesn’t like you, you can be sure you won’t get within ten miles of the kid because Dogmeat will let you know you’re not welcome. Dogmeat can’t wait until the child is old enough to run around and play fetch with him, and he showers the baby with old toys he finds as he trots around the wasteland.

Ever since I’ve created the BadbrotherAU I have been told to stop, been yelled at and now I have been thrown into skeleton jail.



In which, the skelebros are the royalty around this joint of Undertale. 

Sans is the main runner, pretty much the king, and Papyrus is super sheltered. Sans wont allow Papyrus past the gardens or outside of the castle because it’s too dangerous and his brother uhh..well he’s just too kind-hearted and naive. He’d get taken advantage of alot.

Sans is a bit more serious but he’s punnier than ever still I’m sure, though he doesn’t show it as much. He let’s Papyrus go play around and Undyne sort of babysits Papyrus sometimes making sure he’s not getting into trouble. Sans is still researching other timelines and all that jazz. 

Papyrus is more precious than ever and desires greatly to see the world past the castle. The only friend he has is Undyne since there is no one else in the castle besides him and Sans. He loves his brother dearly but he gets so frustrated because he wants friends and to do neat things everyone else does! He still watches MTT. He also really wants to join the Royal Guard because he wants to help protect Sans..but obviously sans wont have any of that nonsense.

CAN I GO OUTTA SKELETON JAIL YET. IM SORRY. Also I’m sorry I know the designs might be kinda lame. Specially Sans.

EDIT: Also, check out @jane-sama for their incredible version of King Sans. He looks INCREDIBLE and they did his design way before I made this AU.