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BTS Reaction: They talk about your insecurity in an argument

Request: Hi dear! 💕 Can I ask for a Bts reaction? With them saying a mean thing (hitting one of your insecurities) they didn’t really think during an argument and immediatly saying sorry after seeing your surprised/sad face. I’m sorry if this is hard 😰🌸💖

A/N: I’ve been looking forward to writing this, thank you for the request anon! ^_^ xx


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It had been such a silly little spat, you two hardly ever argued but maybe that’s what made the fact he said what he did hit you so much harder. The minute the words left his mouth your face turned grave, tears teetering, threatening to spill as time seemed to move in slow motion. ‘Jagi… Jagiya please look at me’ he would whisper, to ashamed of himself to speak properly. ‘Y/N I’m so sorry you know I didn’t mean to…’ he would rush all of his words, desperate to reconcile before he made things any worse. At that moment he honestly felt like the scum of the earth for hurting the one person he loved more than anything.


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Yoongi didn’t use his words often so when he did, they cut like razor sharp glass. As soon as the words fumbled from his lips he felt his stomach churn, not even daring to look at you as tears fell from your cheeks, the air knocked from you entirely. ‘Y/N...’ was all he could get out, speechless at how low he had stooped to use your own insecurity against you. He would have to take himself away from the situation, let it sink in that not only he had messed up big time but possibly lost your trust, using the biggest thing you trusted him with against you. That thought alone caused his heart to tear just a little.

Rap Monster:

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The consequences of what Namjoon had just done would weigh heavily on him immediately. He was supposed to be on your team always, the one you could always turn to and feel comfort in, not the one that tore you down. ‘Y/N, words can’t even describe how sorry I am… you know I think you’re perfect it was just in the heat of the moment…’ he dropped to his knees in front of you, so your hung and heavy head could meet his eyes, to try and show you how sorry he was, not that even he was sure he deserved your forgiveness.


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The moment he saw your tears, his would emerge to, a mixture of both regret and anger at himself weighing on him in equal measures. He was sure you would never trust him again, he wasn’t even sure you’d ever want to see him again, all he could think to do was wrap you in his arms and pull you against him tight, whispering soft apologies into your hair through the tears on his cheeks. He held you tight, like you would break if he let go, or worse, leave.


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‘Y/N I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that, it was so wrong. You know I don’t believe that, I say dumb stuff all the time, you’re the smart one!’ he would scramble at his words, trying desperately to say anything and everything to make up even 1% of the damage he’d done just with a few single, venomous words. Maybe he was toxic, maybe you were better off without him he thought. ‘Baby you know I think you’re kind, clever, beautiful, sexy, elegant…’ he’d carry on, bringing your chin up to greet the sincerity in his eyes.


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The immediate defense he’d jump to is humor. To counter the slump in your shoulders and the anguish in your face he’d do anything and everything to try and make you smile again. In that moment, all he wanted was to be the reason for the happiness he so treasured in your eyes, instead of the painful spike of hurt he was seeing now. ‘Jagi! Aw c’mon jagi you know I didn’t mean that! Hey! Maybe we should go and get some ice cream! You remember that one time I fell over… near that restaurant… please just look at me… I love you…’


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I’m not sure he’d quite know how to handle what he’d just done, he’d just know he had to back track and take back everything he said if he could. ‘No no no babe please don’t cry… I never want you to cry because of me ever, I’m sorry I said that it was my stupid mouth running off, I promise I’ll try and do better and be a better person for you because I love you, every part of you and never ever want to see you like this ever again ok? I love you. Please don’t be sad, I didn’t mean it.’ he’d fumble with the sleeves of his hoodie before, desperate for some kind of contact with you, pulling you into a soft hug and kissing the top of your head softly, rubbing your arms and trying to calm the situation down. 

official ranking of every vaporeon sprite on bulbapedia

good!! her fins are very nice and she is striking a nice little pose

much better in design! she looks more cat like which is very good and she has much more color! a good sprite all around 

strangely dog like and has odd fins on her legs. not too good but still enjoyable 

a good action pose and a very nice design! this one brings a smile to my face. Very Good

this one is perfect! her design is spot on perfect. she looks so ready to battle too!! 10/10 the perfect sprite 

somehow became cyan but thats okay! she is still ready for battle but a little more cautious this time. pretty good!

lots of Personality! she is doing a dance for us and it is very good!! this is a fun sprite and should be appreciated 

she has calmed down a lot. she looks much more regal like a real mermaid should. i like how it shows off her tail. a little boring but a good sprite none the less! 

i like how it shows the full length of her amazing tail! not much personality but it shows off how good looking vaporeon really is and i enjoy that

back to sitting but this one has a little more personality which is very good! mouth is open and she seems to have a happy expression!! im happy if she is happy

kind of lifeless which is sad. vaporeon should be happy and full of life!! not very good but still a good pokemon! 

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I'm sorry if you don't actually do this, but can you do a analysis of Mick and Lisa's relationship, if not at least tell your thoughts or hcs?

I’ve been sitting on this one for a few days, trying to decide if I could do much analysis for it. I decided on a blend of analysis and headcanons, in part because i’s hard, since we see so little of them together, and what we do see and hear is somewhat contradictory. 

So the first time we see them together, we get this:

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Which carries the implication that they know each other decently well and she’s used to handling Mick’s anger and aggression in a way that works. She also includes him when she’s talking about wanting a gun, and there is sort of an implication here of history and connection and maybe watching not just Len but also Mick ‘have all the fun’ more than once.

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That’s just one interpretation of course. But given the background provided by Legends that Len and Mick first met in their teens, I have a strong headcanon that Lisa has known Mick for the majority of her life. He wouldn’t have been around and close for all of that, but he has visited Len’s childhood home (again, we know that because Mick knows the address in Legends 1x03). 

So I get/have the impression that Mick watched Lisa grow up, a bit. Maybe he didn’t know her when she was a little girl, because I’m sure he had other shit going on and wasn’t around or socializing with her much, but I’m also sure she was hanging off Len a lot in childhood and by his side, so I do suspect they met more often than not. Maybe they weren’t close for her teen years or early adulthood, but once she entered the criminal lifestyle on her own volition (i.e., once Lewis was out of the picture in Iron Heights), I can imagine she worked with Len and Mick at times. So a professional history as well.

I get the impression Lisa doesn’t spend as much time in Central City though. 

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I get the impression she might have spent some time as a commercial driver (this is a headcanon, ofc) and maybe didn’t keep the same roots in Central that her brother did. It makes sense for why they weren’t working together in The Flash 1x04 and 1x10, but was called in when the boys needed a rescue and decided to stick around.

(My personal headcanon is that she lives in Coast City because she loves the son, but after 1x10, got an apartment in Central for a little while and stuck around until after 2x09 when her brother got back out of prison. Then she maybe decided Central was kind of intense, what with Zoom and all, and decided to head back out to either Coast or Opal for a while).

Anyhoo, so Lisa and Mick aren’t super close. A professional relationship, but with the added layer of him being her brother’s bff and him having seen her grow up, even if there were some several-year gaps in that, at times.

Which is why in 2x03, we get her saying that Mick made off with the goods and left her behind. He doesn’t have the same protective instinct toward her that Len does, given that Len sees her as his baby sister still, but Mick mostly sees her as his best friend’s lil sis but his own professional colleague, capable of holding her own. He probably had the “oh shit Lisa’s 13 now?” and then “wtf you became an adult?” at times and “when did you hit 30???”, when he was in and out of Iron Heights and came back to her suddenly being grown up, but with those jumps, that means he just… sees her more objectively.

Although I will say, Mick ditching them in 2x03? Leaves a lot of open interpretation. Lisa says he and the loot weren’t there when she woke up, but it’s hard to say why that is. Was Mick knocked over the head too, and maybe Lewis stole the loot? Or did they all get split up before Lewis showed up and grabbed Len, and Mick already had the loot and went to their rendezvous point, only to discover Lisa and Len didn’t show up? Maybe he went back to see if he could find them but Lisa was already awake and gone.

Because it does seem a little odd that he would just leave Lisa unconscious on the ground, given his characterization. As the resident carrier-of-team-members on Legends, you’d think he’d at least throw her over his shoulder. So I headcanon around that and assume he didn’t know she was passed out there.

tl;dr - I think they’ve known each other since Lisa was a little girl but with large time-gaps between seeing each other at some points, meaning they mostly just see each other as colleagues and as important others in Len’s life. They aren’t personally close but they do know how to handle each other, and I HC that Mick didn’t really leave Lisa behind in 2x03 because it doesn’t fit with what we know about their history or about Mick.

I am sorry, but am I the only one who can’t imagine George with Angelina? Really, I just can’t imagine… I just can not see it… Actually I see in a different way.

I see George going to work after the Hogwarts Battle cause he and Fred worked hard to build Wealeys’ Wizard Wheezes and he should not give up right now. I just see he doing everything to make it work, specially because Fred would like that, cause his other half loved to make everyone happy, include him.

I just imagine one girl going to the Joke shop every Wednesday, looking at every little thing there, with a small smile on the face, and always buying something little.

I can see it. I can see George being curious about her, cause who was crazy enough to go to one shop and at same day, every week, and buy little things always. So one day, I know, you know, that he’ll have the courage he will walk to her, and with a big smile will ask if she needs anythings.

“Nothing” She would say with a small smile, passing her fingers in everything she can touch, like she had never been there before. Like it was her first time.

And then, I just know, that he would talk to her every Wednesday, and he would wait for it, he would imagine what they could talk about, or he would just imagine her smiling to him. That way, he would be falling in love with her. I know it.. 

And after some months he’d ask her to go out and she’d smile, not any smile but the most beautiful smile he ever saw. And when the day comes, he  will forget everything but her… 

When she arrives, he will lose it… Cause she is so beautiful in front of him that he just could not think about his brother. He couldn’t not think about what he would say if he saw her. What would Fred say if he could saw the girl with red dress and a nervous smile on the face? Maybe the girl could like more Fred than him…. And would the girl be able to say who is who if Fred was alive? 

And then, it’s happen, the girl just hugged him, the girl would just say to him that would be okay if he doesn’t want to go out and George would notice that she was the right girl. Maybe, not the right girl for ever, but for now… Oh, for now she was THE girls, The one, the perfect one.

George would take her to his house, and they would talk about everything, include Hogwarts. She would talk about how incredible he and his twin were. And that she really admire them so much. George would be so happy, even if it’s still hurts.

He would ask which house she belongs to and she would say that doesn’t matter and he would not care. Probably she would belong to Huffle-puff cause she was just so cool.

But in the end of the date, before she goes, before the kiss, she would say, in low voice, scared, the she belongs to Slytherin. She was in the house everyone hated. 

George would say nothing, would do nothing but see her going away. What could he say? She was in the same house than the person who killed his brother. 

And after weeks not seeing her, He would finally wake up and see that he likes her… That he wants her even if she is a Slytherin girl.

He would look for her and when he finds her, he would just kiss her and say with the biggest smile on the face “I want you to be the biggest rule I ever broke”.

I just can see it… It’s impossible to me not see it… I am sorry if you don’t agree… But to me, George would be with the Slytherin girl.

Partners in crime like
  • Nagito: Hajime, I need your help.
  • Hajime: Nagito, let me sum this up for you in two words: Unh-unh.
  • Nagito: You know, I didn't want to have to say this, but it's your fault I'm in this mess.
  • Hajime: My fault? Oh, this one here is gonna be good.
  • Nagito: Before you showed up, I was leading a nice, sheltered existence. But you made me see that there was a whole new world outside of Hope's Peak Academy, filled with talentless people who still work hard and do great things. I like that world. It's like a drug, Hajime, and you got me hooked!
  • Hajime: Well, you better go cold turkey before you wind up a dead duck.
  • Nagito: Hajime--
  • Hajime: Nagito, no. Now, I'm sorry that you got yourself into this little predicament, but trying to blame it on me--now that's just low.
  • Nagito: You're right...I can't believe I said that. You've always been so good to me. *tears up* I'm just so desperate. I'm a terrible, terrible person. *sobs*
  • Hajime: No, no, no. Don't cry, Nagito. Come on. *hugs Nagito* Come on, all right. We'll figure a way out of this, all right?
  • Nagito: Thanks, Hajime. You're a saint. *walks away*
  • Nagito: *smiles*
  • Hajime: Wait. What was that?!
  • Nagito: *drops the smile and turns around* What?
  • Hajime: You smiled. I saw your reflection in the window.
  • Nagito: Oh, no, that was a happy smile! See? *smiles*
  • Hajime: *glares* I can't believe I fell for those tears. Boy, you're on your own.
  • Nagito: *instantly frowns and blocks Hajime's path* All right, fine! Be that way! But if I go down, I'm taking you with me! *storms off*
  • Hajime: Nagito...! *follows his boyfriend* I didn't do anything!
Dear Future Love,
I am very shy. You can count on me to not start the conversation on the first day, because I am very insecure. I am in constant fear that the next thing I say will ruin what we have and I am so sorry. You also have to know that it will take you a little while to see the real me, but I promise it isn’t you. Just know this, I am the girl that sings at the top of her lungs when no one is home. I also guarantee that if you are having a bad day I will take you for a drive, turn the music up obnoxiously loud, and sing to you until you smile. I am also the girl who will sing in the shower no matter what because it makes me happy and those moments are hard to come by sometimes. I promise to tell you everyday how beautiful you are and how much I love you because I want you to know that you are my happiness and I am not going anywhere. It takes me a while to trust; so when I tell you “it isn’t you it’s me,” I am not lying. Get to know me, because once you do you will see that I am the one that will make you smile no matter what it takes.
—  Me//Dear Future Love//

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hey sorry but i was the anon a while ago asking how ur art process went and u said u would show for the next day in the 30 day challenge but i havent seen it, did i miss it? i know it can be hard being an artist in uni and that u have stuff and that u have a life, i just wanted a little look into how u did things but honestly its okay.

i actually COMPLETELY forgot D: I’m so sorry! I remember I didn’t do it for akaashi’s (which was the one I was supposed to do it for) because i didn’t use my normal process and rushed it a bit. I’ll remind myself to do it next week and if you don’t see it again, feel free to bother me!!

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Do you know any good T'Challa / Tony pairing stories? I just heard of this pairing and I'm already in love!! That picture you posted of them just fuels it more lol

Sorry this took so long, let’s see…

I’ve written a few, if you haven’t read them already you can read Fight for an Iron Heart - the first two chapters are IronPanther 

There’s also my little collection of IronPanther fics where they have a pet panther named Megara. (link is here) ps. Hercules is one of my favorite Disney Movies.

This fic I haven’t gotten a chance to read but looks very cute :))

@marvelingjules wrote this cute story

I really liked @letspretendiknowwhatshappening​ ‘s A Hard Heart to Win

I hope you enjoy these!

I love Holly from The Slog. In a platonic way, but still. I mean, I’m pretty sure she hasn’t been a ghoul for that long, because she doesn’t quite seem to have accepted it yet. You can overhear her talking to Wiseman about wanting perfume and hoping to find romance (with a non-ghoul is implied), and Wiseman knows that there’s not much chance–for one thing, iirc he reminds her that ghouls stink pretty badly and that perfume isn’t gonna help (I might be remembering wrong)–but he gently humors her anyway. I just feel bad for her.

And she’s got a good heart. She’ll hit on Sole HARD, and sounds a little nervous when she asks if they could ever see themselves dating a ghoul, but if Sole mentions their dead spouse, all flirting stops, and she’s all like, “I’m so sorry and I’m not gonna hit on you anymore, and I can’t begin to imagine what you’re going through,” and iirc, even though the game doesn’t actually allow you to say much more about it, I think she offers to listen, and it doesn’t come across like an attempt at getting into your pants, but from genuine concern.

I just have a lot of feels for some of the ghouls in the game, like her, and Arlen Glass, and Kent Connolly, and Daisy, and Vault Tec Guy, and Wiseman, because those individuals, and some others you meet, as well as some from previous games, like Gob from FO3, seem like such genuinely good-hearted people, trapped in these bodies that repulse most humans, and which they themselves in many cases consider disgusting.

Excuses: I have been sick, that’s all. I have been out of the office of my body on a vacation to a place I can’t speak the name of. I have bad bones, they clack together at night and whisper terrible secrets. I had a family emergency; my brain is trying to kill me and said everyone would be fine without me. Do you know how hard it is to fight your own body, I mean talk about babysitting. I just put down my soul for one moment I swear it was here a second ago, that thing is always wandering off. I haven’t been sleeping. I haven’t been eating. I’m sorry I missed your call, I froze up at the idea of speaking. I’m just tired. Not enough vitimin D, but I think the little suns behind my eyes are trying to roast me. I’ve just been sick, you see.

Big, big hearts to everyone who is helping to spread the word about Kubo and the Two Strings. Though it hasn’t been the most successful film at the box office for Laika so far, the love for the film has been overwhelming! Anyone who sees it, loves it! I’m so glad so many have been touched by the film and let the world know about it. I painted this little guy’s very precious eye and I hope everyone gets a chance to see it with their own eyes in theaters. (Was that cheesy? Yes— sorry, sorry, sorry) YOU ARE ALL THE BEST FOR SUPPORTING HANDMADE MOVIES!!! We’re working hard on the next one and we are thinking of you!

A Valentine’s Day Tradition

For Anon’s Valentine’s Day request – sorry its a day early. I blame the cat!

Aria is discussing symbolism in Arthur Miller’s A View from the Bridge when there’s a knock on her door. The class falls silent, everyone eager to find out who has interrupted the slightly boring, albeit insightful, lecture. They’ve all been waiting anxiously for their candy-grams, seeing as it’s Valentine’s Day, and they should be delivered between third and fourth periods.

She gives them all a knowing glance as she walks across the floor, her heels clicking and her skirt pulling taught at the knees. “I’ll make them take these suckers back if you all start to act up,” she warns. “So keep your voices down and stay in your seats.” Her third period is full of juniors. They’re not as bad as the freshman and sophomores, but they’re still fairly more excitable than she’d like.

When she pulls open the door and stands back so that the man on the other side can be seen, she’s surprised. The slight groan from the rest of the class lets makes it pretty obvious that they’re less than pleased to see that it’s just some stodgy delivery guy rather than an excited member of the student council.

“Hi,” she says. “What can I do for you?”

“I have a delivery for a…” he looks down to a hand-held device, shoving the package under his elbow and squeezing it to his side. He taps the screen with the little pen a few times. “Mrs. Fitz?”

“Yes, that’s me,” she says.

He hands her the device and she takes it, turning it so that she can make out whatever’s written on the screen. There’s no context other than the fact that it is indeed a FedEx delivery for her. When she hands it back, he trades her for the package.

“Thanks,” she says, her voice trailing off.

She looks across the top, over the label, and tries to make out if the sender is listed. Of course, it’s not, there’s just a hand-scrawled name and address in the middle of the box. The handwriting is recognizable though, and she doesn’t have to open it to know whom it’s from.

“What’d you get?” someone shouts from the sea of desks. It draws her attention back up and she turns to look at them.

“None of your business,” she says. “Doesn’t matter anyway; let’s get back to Miller.” She sets the box on her desk and walks back over to where she’d been leaning against an empty desk and picks her copy of A View from the Bridge back up, flipping to the next page. “Who can tell me a little bit about the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s a bit obvious considering its reference in the title, but…did anyone pick up on what it symbolizes…” She lets the book rest at her lap, her arms crossed at the wrist, and waits for someone to raise their hand. When a young girl in the back does, she nods her head, encouraging her to talk.

“Well…it’s bridging the two different economic classes…so in a way, it symbolizes the search for…a better way of life?”

“Close,” Aria says, nodding her head. “It definitely bridges two economic classes, but I’m not sure I’d agree that it’s significance resides with a better way of life. Think in broader terms. Think about it on a larger scale. What about hope? Do you think it could symbolize the hope Eddie has for his niece?”

The same girl raises her hand and Aria nods again.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Fitz…” she trails off. “Are you really not going to open the box?”

Aria is momentarily caught off guard, already having forgotten about the package on her desk. She clears her throat and purses her lips in thought.

“It’s really none of your business,” she says, giving the girl a look that clearly says, “I thought better of you, and I’m thoroughly disappointed in your nosiness.” 

However, at the same time, she remembers herself in high school and she knows that they’re not going to think of anything else for the rest of the period until she satisfies their curiosity. Besides, she knows what’s inside, and it’s harmless.

Clearing her throat again and taking in a deep breath, she pushes herself off the desk and lets her heels click against the tile as she moves back to her desk at the front of the class.

“As I’m sure some of you know, if you had Mr. Fitz last year for Honors English I, he loves the theatre more than any other form of story-driven entertainment.” She’s standing behind her desk, her fingers spread out gently along the top of the desk, resting on either side of the box. She raises one and gestures to the walls where several posters have been hung. “Every year, for Valentine’s Day, Mr. Fitz surprises me with tickets to a play. At some point during the day, he sends me the poster…it’s just a goofy little tradition we have.”

She reaches forward for a pair of scissors and opens them up wide so that she can cut the tape that’s holding the box closed. “I’m sure you’re all riveted at the idea, aren’t you?” When she looks up at the class, they’re mostly silent and seem disinterested, just as she would have expected. “Uh huh,” she points the scissors at them. “Exactly the faces I expected.”

“How long have you had the tradition?”

“About seven years,” Aria answers, not looking up but sliding the blade of the scissors over the tape. She notes to herself briefly that the box is different than in years past. Typically when Ezra sends a poster, it comes in a tube…but what does she know? The flaps of the box flip up when the tape is cut free and a tuft of red tissue paper sticks up between the gaps.

“Anyone want to make a guess before I finish unwrapping?”

There are a few students who take the time to look at the walls around them, sizing up the genre of plays past. She can see their wheels turning, and there are a few who even go so far as to discuss both her and Ezra’s taste – at least as much as they’re able to tell from having them as teachers.

She reaches forward and pulls the tissue paper out of the way. The box isn’t overly deep, but as soon as she’s done it, her stomach turns and her face goes beat-red.

Hurriedly, she shoves the paper back into the box and tries to tuck it into all the corners, covering the black lace that’s lying in the bottom of the box.

A quick glance up tells her that it’s too late for a few more attentive students. They’ve seen far more than she would have liked, and she’s afraid she’s scarred them for life.

She clears her throat and tucks a strand of hair behind her ear before smoothing her hands over the front of her shirt, pulling at the waist of her skirt, and making sure that she’s all tucked in. “I’m sorry; I’ll just be one moment, and then we’ll get back to our lesson.”

Her face is absolutely on fire and her hands are slightly shaking. The knots in her stomach have to be the size of fists.

She picks up the phone on her desk and jabs the keys four times, dialing Ezra’s room, then pulls the cord and turns around so that her back is to the class.

It rings a few times before he picks up, and when he does, he sounds all too relaxed.

“Do you have any idea what I just opened in front of my entire class?” she mumbles into the phone under her breath.

“Oh, did you get it? I thought you might like this one. Sorry; it’s heavier than the others. I don’t think you’ll be able to hang it on your walls. I figured maybe you could display it on a bookshelf.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, but what I opened is definitely not something I want to display anywhere in my classroom.”

She hears a few snickers from behind her and a murmur of whispers pick up. She turns around and gives them a death glare – one she usually reserves for her toddler when she’s misbehaving.

There’s a beat of dead air over the receiver before she can hear an intake of breath and Ezra says, “Oh my god,” followed by a light laugh.

“I have no idea what you find so funny,” she says. She turns back around so that her back is to the class and she’s speaking into the wall in front of her. “I could get in serious trouble for this. So could you!”

“It was an accident; I’m sorry Just…put it in your bag and open it at home.”

“I already opened it here!” she says, her voice carrying more loudly than she meant it to. This time she dares to laugh about it. “So where’s the actual poster?”

“Let’s just say, for the first time, I decided to get a collector’s poster, and it came in a box that looks very much like another box…one that should not be opened in front of a class.”

“Obviously,” she says, rolling her eyes.

“I guess it’s on our bed, at home.” He laughs again and Aria shakes her head on the other end of the phone, trying her hardest not to smile. “I’m sorry,” he says, going on. “I must have grabbed the wrong one when I took it to the FedEx guy yesterday. I…the boxes are really similar and the poster isn’t that heavy – it’s just in a little frame.”

There’s a commotion behind her and she turns her head. “Sit down, Avery, I did not give you permission to get up and out of your seat.” She feels her face grow beat-red again as she remembers all the listening ears…and observant eyes. Without saying another word, she pinches the receiver between her head and her shoulder and folds to box up again before stowing it below her desk, putting her purse on top of it for good measure. Just in case the burning lace garment within should cause the flaps of the box to come billowing open.

“Well, I guess I’ll see you after the final bell,” she says quietly. “You’re going to pay for this, you know.”

“Yes, ma’am,” he says, coyly. “I intend to.”

“Oh my god, Ezra, don’t you have a class?”

“Yes, and so do you.” She can feel him smile through the phone.

“Talk later?”

“Yeah,” he says.

She pulls the phone away from her ear and lets it click back into the base.

She licks her lips, then pushes them together, absentmindedly wishing she had Chap Stick. She looks out over the sea of students before her – a few who were quick enough to see inside the box are trying their absolute hardest not to laugh. She shakes her head and closes her eyes, trying not to laugh herself.

“We’re on page forty-two, I believe.” She opens her eyes. “Avery, since you were feeling antsy enough to get out of your seat without permission, you can pick back up where we left off. Explain to me what the bridge symbolizes – and please don’t just repeat what I said. Actually expand on our answer.”

The awkwardness takes a few minutes to subside, but eventually it does. She’s honestly not sure if they get the idea of symbolism or not. She’s too busy trying to decide if she should expect phone calls from parents, and debating whether or not it would be professional to forward those calls to Ezra if they do come through. 

In the end, she figures these phone calls are better than the calls he could have received when she was his student and they were sleeping together – and he sort of owes her for the goof up anyway. It’ll teach him to pay more attention when sending personal mail to her at work.  

I Miss Her - Fred Weasley Imagine

Can I just start off that I love your one shots. Like amazing. Can I have one where the reader is Tonks little sister and Fred’s girlfriend and after the battle when she sees Tonks dead she screams and sobs until Fred holds her and calms her down (he survives) and she has a really hard time dealing with her sister death? You can end it how ever you want! Love you darling!!
(I am so sorry; I think it’s short!)
You were so relieved, the battle was over everything that was a threat was finally gone. You knew Fred was alive which was also a relief but, all you wanted to do right now is go hug your big sister Tonks. You looked around trying to find Tonks but, you couldn’t seem to find her. You saw Harry sobbing and Ginny comforting him in front of two people, you went to go see if you can help him but stopped in your tracks when you saw who Harry was crying for it was Remus Lupin and Tonks! You dropped down on your knees and screamed “No no this isn’t happening!” You looked up and went next to her to touch her face “T-tonks! No! D-don’t leave! T-teddy needs you! I-I need you!” You sobbed into her chest “N-no. Please. Please.” You felt hands touch your shoulders “(Y/n) it’s okay” you looked up to see your best friend, Ginny Weasley, “No it’s not my sister’s dead!” You covered your face on Tonks chest again still sobbing; you felt Ginny leave your side “Tonks I’m so sorry I should have done more. I could have saved you I’m sorry” you whispered to her and hugged her tighter in your arms “(Y/n)!” You knew that voice, it was the love of your life but, you didn’t bother to look up all you wanted to do right now was to be with your sister. You heard Fred run towards you and once he was next to you he wrapped his arms around your body and put you into a tight hug, you turned around and hugged him tightly while sobbing into his shoulder.

“Shh it’s okay (Y/n); I know it’s hard” he whispered lovingly into your ear “I-I miss her so m-much” you cried “I know you do, Everyone misses her, but she’s not gone, she’s still with us in here” Fred put a hand over your heart “I love you” He whispered “I love you too” you whispered back kissing him. You sat there in Fred’s warm arms trying to calm down while he stroked your hair and kept putting kisses on your head. “Let’s go” Fred picked you up bride-style and carried you towards his family. You felt like a dead body, a part of you was missing and nothing can fill it in except for your sister. You just snuggled into Fred’s arms not wanting to talk to other people. “(Y/n)! Fred! Oh…” It was Mrs. Weasley “What happen?” Mrs. Weasley whispered. Fred just shook his head and looked down at you; you hid your face in his chest and started to cry again. Fred stood up again and carried you to a bench “Please don’t cry” he whispered, you wiped your tears with your hands and inhaled deeply “I’m sorry” he shook his head “No don’t be sorry, it just that I hate seeing you like this” you kissed his cheek “I know, just promise me you’ll stay with me” he kissed your lips with alot of passion you almost melted “I promise, and I would never leave you in a million years”

~2 months later~

You couldn’t bear with your sisters death but, Fred was always there to make you feel better “Bye sweetie I’ll be back around lunchtime I love you!” Fred said kissing your cheek “I love you too Freddie see you then” you replied as he left your house. You grabbed your coffee mug and stood up; you were going to go to your bedroom but, you dropped your mug on the floor and let it shatter into a million pieces because of what you were seeing. It was a picture of you, Tonks, Remus, and Teddy; you’ve never seem to notice the picture till now. You dropped to your knees then fell right next to the shattered glass on the floor and started to sob heavily. You couldn’t breath; your inhales became irregular “Man I forgot my- (Y/n)!” Fred rushed over to you and put his arms tightly around you “Baby what’s wrong? Are you okay? What happened?” You shook your head “I-I can’t breath” he looked worried “Okay just try and relax” he said soothingly into your ear; you nodded “Breath in, and breath out” you did as what you were told and slowly your breath became normal “now, tell me what’s wrong?” You pointed towards the picture “Oh… Do you want me to take it down” you shook your head “No it’s just that I-I want her back, I miss her so much” he brushed his lips lightly against yours “I know you do. Everyone does. But do you think she would want you to be like this?” You shook your head “Then be strong for her; because when she sees you like this she feels horrible” you looked into his dreamy brown eyes “Thank you” and you pulled him in by his shirt to kiss him fully on the lips “Your welcome” Fred said Proudly for his encouraging words and his reply from you. Fred’s word stuck in your mind ‘She wouldn’t want to see me like this’ so you always had a smile every day just thinking that she’s happy right now and what you didn’t know was that she missed you just as much.


✨It Does Not Do To Dwell On Dreams And Forget To Live ~ Albus Dumbledore✨

Hoshidan Festival: Odin and Kana (M) Parent-Child Convo

Sorry for getting this one out so late! I accidentally overlooked it. Dx 

Phew, Odin is a hard one to write for. If I had more time today I’d tweak it a little more, but then it would get delayed further, sooo… I don’t envy the person(s) who have to write his dialogue, that’s for sure! In ANY language!

Odin totally deserves to be on stage, giving performances of Shakespearean-like works. I totally see him in the starring roles of  Macbeth or Hamlet. You’ll join the theater after this war is finished, right? You and Ophelia? And…maybe Kana too?

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anonymous asked:

Hii!^^ Umm... I have a rather triggering ask? How would the Nordics react if their s/o tells them that their father is an alcoholic? Yes, i know, it's quite hard and everything, i searched and read the rules but didn't see that it is forbidden, but i am still really really sorry if it is. If it is, then please ignore it and remember only one thing from this little text: this blog is awesome and all of you are the most awesome and beautiful people in the world!❤

Sweden: He’s very sympathetic. He knows that alcohol is such an addictive substance and he only wants the best for his s/o. He would suggest going to counseling and try his best to be supportive of his s/o and their family during a difficult time

Finland: He’s mostly concerned for his s/o’s safety and mental wellbeing. He would have a heart to heart with them and assure them that he’s always willing to listen if they need someone. He would make sure to get them out of the house frequently so they can clear their mind and have some time away from what is probably a stressful situation.

Denmark: He would be very willing to go the extra mile. He would cut back or try to completely stop drinking. He would also grow very protective of his s/o especially at any kind of family event, staying by their side to comfort and support them. He would also be super positive around his s/o, wanting to remain a consistently happy presence in their life.

Norway: He wouldn’t get all mushy but he would make sure he gave his s/o lots of attention and took them on little mini vacations frequently to help them have a break from everything.

Iceland: He’s nervous that he might do something wrong but he would do his best to support his s/o and keep them happy. Mod Amanda


I haven’t been feeling like myself for quite some time now.
I have fallen in an endless loop of despair and self loathing. A single day hasn’t passed without me relying on a memory, chasing something I hardly remember, following all the rabbits of my imagination down the darkest paths of my loneliness. 

I have tried clinging to something - to someone - with little result. And I ask for forgiveness. I should have been stronger than this, I shouldn’t have asked for something, love, compassion, company, that weren’t bound to be mine. My need was so big I failed to see the limit.

I know I have turned into something people didn’t like having around. A ghost of something good that maybe, one day, I had been. I was heavy, unnecessary, demanding. I didn’t mean to cause irritation. I beg for forgiveness. I’m sorry if I ever was a burden to you.

It’s hard to determine what happened, how slow and relentless my aggravation has actually been. The bad choices that led me to it, the bad choices it caused. All I know is - I need to get some rest from my own self, as much as you all need to rest away from the shadow I casted on you, unwillingly.

I’ll be leaving now, I don’t know wether I’ll walk for a long time or I’ll just drop somewhere and let time slip away until I’m cleansed and lucid again.
You won’t be missing me.
There will be plenty to fill your lines - as much as I know I’m not leaving a real hole in your days. I was with-out as much as I thought I was with-in. 

I will see you again.

مَع السَلامة

Imagine being shocked seeing Loki being took to his cell.
You never thought you’d see him again after you had a one night stand.
“Shit” you muttered recognizing the ‘stranger’, you and Loki both stare at each other until you’re out of site, he gives the slightest smirk towards you the whole time.
“Langauge!” Cap yells from the other room.
Tony laughs a little and asks “You know him or what (y/n)?”
“No I don’t…”

yoyle-cake  asked:

How come i keep seeing that cute teal haired girl with no pig tailsand then other times she does? :0

well, you see:

here’s yukari! she is the main character of the game (the one with pigtails)

then there’s yukari’s little sister (the one without pigtails)

last but not least

yukabayashi! there the fusion of yukari and wakabayashi! (there in the remake of the 2 game. also another character with no pigtails)

sorry if it took so long, this game is very underrated so it’s hard to find any information about it

thecrystal-cave  asked:

Hi :) this isn't an ask or request. I just wanted to let you know how happy I am to find your blog, and the other whump blogs, but your's the first I discovered a few days ago thanks to whumped baby Jasper. I ddn't even know whump was a thing before and it was always very hard to explain why I love seeing characters being threatened or beat up. I always thought I was the only one like that, and now I discovered I'm not alone, and that's really nice :) So thank you xx

Hi you little flower!! I’m so happy you found us. Welcome among the whump community! Let’s hug ~

Originally posted by dangbenedict

I’m so sorry, I couldn’t answer to you for a long time… but I’m really glad to find out that baby Jasper brought you here o/ You probably already have checked them out, but there are so many other whump blogs in here, I hope you find what fills your stomach with butterflies. You’re certainly not alone, and you can find whatever you want if you just look in the right place ;)

Katsudeku week prompt 1b: “First Times”

[specifically, first time seeing something and then first kiss;;; also, katsuki’s mouth is a little worse than usual in this one… sorry…]

Katsuki rounds a corner hard, gloved fingers digging into brick with one hand while the other kicks up flame to send him careening around and upwards at the same time. His breath is hard, painful, in his lungs. He’s been on this villain’s tail for three blocks already. She’s quick, but not only that, she’s agile too. Fast enough to keep just ahead of him and yet slow enough that they can bound over obstacles, on top of cars and even off the sides of buildings as she outpaces him.

It’s infuriating, but Katsuki hasn’t lost sight of her yet and he can keep himself above the crowd easily enough. She’s limited to the ground; her jumps can clear a car, but she’s not able to go much higher than that at one time. Her long hair whips behind her head like a pony’s tail, a long, dark purple streak against her otherwise glittering white outfit.

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