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Net Neutrality: What it is and What it isn’t

I care about net neutrality a lot, yet I haven’t reblogged any posts about it yet. You may be wondering why and simply put, the misinformation on this site is pissing me off.

Many of you may have seen posts going around with pictures like these:

They’re very scary and compelling. They illustrate a dystopian future where websites are sold like cable packages.

The problem is they have jack shit to do with net neutrality and what the FCC is trying to do, and frankly it makes those of us trying to protect net neutrality look completely ignorant.

So, what’s actually going on? Sorry, but it’s not as interesting as the pictures convey. If you don’t read between the lines it’s going to seem like boring shit. Sorry, guys, but the way that scary as fuck legislation gets passed in this country is by hiding it in a mundane, boring package that no one cares about or pays attention to.

So, what is the net neutrality that’s in jeopardy? Back in 2015, broadband providers became reclassified as common carriers under Title II. The FCC actually pushed for this Title II reclassification at the time so they could come up with stronger Net Neutrality rules. Basically, the FCC has legal authority to keep companies like Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon from interfering with web traffic in any way under Title II.

So what’s happening now? Trump’s FCC chairman and Verizon’s bitch, Ajit Pai, wants to reclassify broadband providers as Title I, and let the internet providers, companies like Comcast, AT&T and Verizon, do whatever they want to control web traffic. This includes slowing down service by means of bandwidth throttling.

What does this mean for the internet and how we use it?

1. Companies will have to pay extra money to the internet providers, so their web traffic isn’t interfered with. This will seriously harm up and coming websites. If Google was invented post net neutrality they never would have been able to flourish in the way they have. They likely never would have gotten off the ground which is why even big companies like Google and Facebook support net neutrality.

2. The internet could turn into an oligopoly with only the big companies like Google able to pay enough to keep web traffic flowing. If broadband providers are able to interfere with web traffic to smaller sites there will be no competition on the internet as a marketplace. Oh, you’d love a version of Amazon that doesn’t treat it’s workers like shit and actually cares about mitigating its environmental impact. Too bad, the website is slow as shit if it even loads at all.

3. Any websites the internet providers disagree with will have their web traffic interfered with. This includes important social justice movements like BLM, LGBTQ pride websites, antifa and so on.

Please stop spreading misinformation about net neutrality. These are the facts. Visit for more.

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can you do one where harry comes home from an exhausting and stressed day, to find you in one of his hoodies curled up on the sofa. 💖 he’d just get so happy looking at you, then joins you to cuddle

You didn’t even heard him, sneaking into the living room. You were so concentrated over “Stranger things” that when he giggled at you from a few meters away, you screamed.

“You scared me!”

“Sorry, baby” he smiled widely and his dimples showed. “I just saw yeh with m’ sweatshirt and y'know, you’re so cute snuggled up like this.”

“So you had to scare the living shit out of me?” You said accusingly, but started laughing in the same time.

“Shht…” He came to you, climbing on the couch and hugging you from behind. “Just cuddle with me and watch how they find the missing kid.”

“He has a name, you know?”

His hand wrapped around your waist and his lips pressed to your neck.

“Yes, i think it was Will or something like that. But what is more important in the moment is why you stole my sweatshirt.”

“It was cold” you shrugged and turned to him so you could kiss him. “And I just borrowed it for a few hours, I didn’t steal it. Chill, Har.”

He giggled again, spooning next to you and pulled you even closer to his chest.

“Had a really tiring day in the studio today and when I came home I expected you to be still at work so the fact that u just saw you like that on the couch… There’s jus’ something so comforting ‘bout it, y'know?”

You nodded, knowing way too well what amont of happines he gave you just by staying at home for a day so he could spend more time with you.

“Yeh look almost lost in it, it’s s’ big fo’ yeh. Always stealin’ m’ hoodies an’ sweatshirts’.”

His lips brushed against the skin of your neck once again and he started petting your hair. “When are they going to find the boy? I already got bored and wan’ to just take your clothes off. Well, mine clothes if we have to be clear.”

“Shht, Harry” you shushed him, “Just five more episodes, have a little patience.”

“Why are yeh watching this when yeh know what is gon’ happen. I swear, we watched the same damn episode just three days ago.”

“Okay, but just a quickie. And you’re on top.”

“Don’ worry, pet, I’ll make yeh come within a second.”


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