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ahh here! I'm

So I saw your lil demon Tord and I was like ‘omg I love this’ but then i was like - what if monster tom was just like that ?? so i ended up makin a little doodle and it’s dedicated to you, because you’re such a wonderful artist and inspiration! It’s a joy to look at your art and i’m greatful that i get to see it c:

- Moho says: shit for some reason I can’t see the picture:0

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your tags are so extra..i can't stop laughing! "drink-drinking-water" 😂😂😂

omygod… im so sorry… i just… i keep forgetting what i use to tag shit like this… so i put it all in…. just in case… so when i need it… i just… 

shit… okay… uhmmm… LOOK! Yoongi thrusting!!

*hides under a rock while you’re distracted*

cupidford replied to your post “why do you think they pushed john aside and made everything revolve…”

to star in other shit and her name will be worth more and more money

sorry just to reply to the tail end of your rant separately lol.. but I also think this massively backfired because I don’t think hardly anyone was left thinking ‘wow that mary character, she sure was my favourite, what a great character we’d love to take this actress on for this reason’ I think mostly people are just really irritated? because the way they did it almost undermined everything amanda had already done in s3, and in that way made it look like bad acting bc she there was so much whiplash and you couldn’t decide if you were meant to like her or not, and it was so dissatisfying as a viewer to be messed around to the last minute only for it to be ‘revealed’ that she was the voice of it all, had the final say etc. they didn’t make anything of her acting bc it was all ott bullshit that people thought was deliberately ott (i.e the death scene) and it was just so… badly done and written in so many ways? so if their plan was to make her the star of the show it just failed rather badly. and if that was the plan how stupid can you be I mean really?????


Authors note: This is my first story on here! I encourage you to let me know how you’re liking the story and ask questions, I promise I don’t bite. I also want to thank @starshinesupergirl for all the help.

Pairings: Reader/OC (There is Walking Dead Characters)

The walking dead

Warnings: Blood, violence, language

Chapter One: First Encounter.
Chapter Two: Empty Threats.

Chapter Summary: Everything comes with a consequence, and messing with Negan leaves you fighting for control.

Chapter three: Dinner Date.

“Those two sorry shits got their asses handed to them by a little fucking girl. Simon, take Dwight and a few other ballsacks to get theses numbnuts. Get a fucking description on her, I wanna know what she looks like.” Negan boomed over the walkie talkie in my hand.

“Then what sir?” An unfamiliar voice came through.

“Oh I don’t fucking know? Maybe find her. Bring her back. I want her here, alive. Do you think that could be in order?” Negan was enraged.

“Yes sir” The same unfamiliar voice said.

“And when you get Randy and Paul, bring them to my office, I need to have a little chit chat with them.”

“Yes sir”

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I've noticed that on every drawing you've posted it's had "vinceye draws" in the tags, what would a "vincent draws" or "vin draws" art piece look like??

Vins is more detailed looking and not as rushed

Vincent just doodles little like- stick figures? hesnotgoodatdrawingbuthetries

ive also been wanting to start being called Vincent instead of Xie since Xie is tied with a lot of bad memories…

i mean shit, nyall can still call me Sky, but if you want my male name its Vincent tbh

sorry i change it so often i just want to be comfortable 

Okay so this is pretty funny

So apparently @lily-peet (sorry for getting the name wrong for like two days straight) has blocked me and I’m a neo-nazi. Could’ve fucking fooled me with all the Israel defending I do in various places but I guess I’m a known bigot now. I have a reputation, guys! Look at this shit.

So I’m watching a known bigot and a known idiot have a slapfight with eachother. I mean Jimfear is rather notorious for being as rabidly bigoted as can possibly be (I mean c’mon, calling Transgender a mental illness is textbook neo-nazi rhetoric), and Corva’s still desperate to believe the people he personally dislikes are cartoonishly fascist.

“And do you also realise that right now, you’re just being as bad as Lily is.
You BOTH would rather strip something down to it’s basest form rather than admit that MAYBE, you don’t know as much on the subject as you THINK you do. You must be very proud.”

I mean I’m constantly talking about the importance of nuance and the details and the “why” of every possible belief, but let’s not let reality get in the way of Corva’s fantasies.

Don’t argue with these stupid fucks. Just block them and never have to suffer their insipid nonsense ever again. How many people spewing the same “Lol SJeWs” and “Lol just as bad” garbage do you have to see before you just block them the minute you see them.

I know these two. Neither of them have anything of value to contribute. Don’t engage. Block. Let’s just call a cunt a cunt and stop trying to reason with the permanently uneducated and the criminally witless.

This here’s funny. Everybody, point and laugh. 

Sidenote: Fuck you, Lily, for calling my friend an idiot. He’s many things but he’s not stupid and he’s actually trying to defend you. Badly, I’ll admit, but he is stepping up to the plate with someone he’s been friends with for a few years now and challenging them ON YOUR BEHALF. I think that deserves at least a tacit acknowledgement of attempted ally. But no, just go ahead and shit all over him for trying to defend you. You’re clearly the good party here. 

But more importantly, this is why you never capitulate to SJW’s. You never let them smell blood in the water. You can argue with your own friends on their behalf and they’ll still shit all over you because they’re bad people. These people don’t deserve your friendship, or the calories you expend in defending them. They will turn around and bite you. Let this be an object lesson.