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it’s 2017 can we all collectively agree that jokes and memes about cheating are not funny or quirky like i’m sorry but saying shit like “me and ur bf have a snapchat streak” does not make you look like an interesting or desirable person cut 🗣 the 🗣 shit 🗣

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Headcannons for having 2p Canada as your boyfriend? Thanks ^^

- he’s the jealous type
- this boy will practically flip if he sees you with a dude
- and might send him to the hospital
- that is unless you stop him
- tried to smuggle a bunch of animals in your house a couple hundred times
- v shy when it comes to physical contact and affection
- especially in public jesus christ
- he’ll still do it tho but with a very red face
- arguments and fights are common but nothing serious
- but he’d feel guilty so he’ll hug you and apologize when you least expect it
- “Look, I’m not really good with this kind of shit so, I’m sorry, aight?”
- will fucking melt if you wear one of his flannels
- he secretly likes watching chick flicks
- you caught him crying once
- will hold your hand is something bothering him
- or if tries to avoid you
- such contradictory
- use him as a fucking blanket istg

Holy mother fucking fuck I'm giddy


A hot guy messaged me tonight, RESPECTFULLY and he’s in all my boundaries!!!!!

I know I know, crazy right!??!!

He messaged me and he’s so cute omg. But I wasn’t gonna reply cuz I felt unworthy (working on my self esteem again atm) and my friend saw I was looking at his profile and she went through it and she was like ‘shit girl he sounds awesome!!’ And I didn’t delete his message. Once I was home I looked again and idk, something just felt different. So I replied. And omg he’s so awesome and so nice. We had a nice convo and then he was saying sorry in advance if he falls asleep. So I told him we can pick up tomorrow so that he can sleep. He said ok and that he hopes I have a good night and sweet dreams!!! 😄😄😄😄😄

Guys. I haven’t felt like this in literal YEARS!!! Like omg butterflies and and little happy nerves. And just huge smile. Like wow guys. It’s still super fucking early to tell but, something really feels different right now!

hp means heart points (and im running low)

writing prompt #46! have you ever played aqw?

where sanha is a healer, rocky’s a warrior and bin is a rogue

“Keep running, you’ve only got 4HP!

“What does it look like I’m doing!” Bin yells back, breathing fast as he jumps over a couple more pieces of debris. He catches a glimpse of Rocky abruptly veering to his left, then disappearing into the forest. Bin swears when he hears the rumble grow louder behind him and abruptly turns right.

He runs straight into Sanha and drops to the ground, groaning. Bin looks up at the bar over his head and swears again. 3HP. Bad move.

What are you doing!” Sanha shouts, high-pitched and teary-eyed at the bump on his head.

“Sorry, I didn’t– shit, come on,” Bin mutters and gets up. He yanks Sanha off the ground and runs into the forest.

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i am rly so nervous that i won’t cope again but i am also acc getting so excited abt going uni in september?? i love studying i miss it n im so so looking forward 2 like, not being limited by fuckin exam boards n the curriculum n whatnot yknow? i wanna get a degree n honestly if i can i wanna either study more after n shit (i acc used 2 rly dream abt getting a phd lol? but i like stopped thinkin abt that this year ig bc i feel rly. incapable idk) orrrr do teacher training if i can n be a teacher like idk i. sorry im having hopes n dreams again lmao setting myself up 4 failure but yknow


Ahn Min Hyuk’s hair pushed back (´⌣`ʃƪ)