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o0o-chibaken-o0o appreciation post

so a lot of content creators talk a big talk about the importance of interacting and commenting on other writers’ or artists’ work but don’t necessarily walk the walk - they just expect their content to receive this treatment.

well, if there is anybody who walks the walk (sorry this is so cheesy), it is @o0o-chibaken-o0o. if you scroll down her tumblr you you can see she SCREAMS in the tags of basically every content post she reblogs. always with nice wonderful things that make you (when it’s your work) feel super appreciated. 

and ON TOP of that, she also spends so much time on brilliant rec lists that further support and garner appreciation for other writers. and even after sharing her praise in the rec posts themselves, you will STILL find her in the tags because she can’t stop herself writing MORE nice things.

so this post is to show my appreciation back to @o0o-chibaken-o0o who is certainly very deserving of it. no one tags like her. (when would your fave EVER?) 

thank you @o0o-chibaken-o0o. we should all aspire to tag like you. 

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Sorry to rant in your askbox but why do fans take the words "the show isn't about that" as a good excuse to not make destiel canon? Dean living with Lisa lasted an entire season, Sam always has romance... They always explore romantic love and Dean wants to settle down now. I don't get how they can think this is a valid excuse? It's not like we expect to see them fuck every episode, and they're the ones who made Cas all about Dean. It just wouldn't make sense if Cas ends up with someone else.

Hiii! I totally feel you. :p 

And hey, I do agree that not every show has to be about romance, but to be perfectly honest; if you can’t work a romantic relationship for your main characters into your show without making the show about the relationship, it just means that you’re not that great at writing. ^^” 

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are you ready for our lord and savior jeremey shada to bless us once again on friday

right now if i have to be honest i’m just annoyed they’ve been so fucking vague about a livestream that has been literal routine for every paladin’s birthday and is to be expected but for…..whatever reason they have to keep the mystery around lance’s as if we don’t know that the “”“"someone”“”“ who will show up is jeremy bc it’s just logical!!! it’s how it works!!!! just announce it already??? the others get always announced weeks before???
(sorry for the rant i woke up very cranky, but to answer your question yes i’m excited to hear jeremy talk about lance, if….it’s jeremy at this point idek)

Why I'm FUCKING MAD at the signs
  • Aries: you're too fucking dramatic. Stop blowing everything out of proportion. The world doesn't revolve around you.
  • Taurus: you complain all the fucking time but never change what bothers you. Get your fucking ass up and stop coming up with new excuses.
  • Gemini: you're so damn mean. Who the fuck hurt you? You lie and talk shit about people the moment they leave the room but expect everyone to be straight up honest with you? This isn't how it works.
  • Cancer: you're such an unforgiving, petty little crybaby. I'm sorry for what I said three years ago. I apologised a million times. Move the fuck on. You're so damn whiny.
  • Leo: you're an insensitive fucking prick. You hurt others without even noticing and stomp around on the pieces of their broken hearts cause you, with your big fucking ego, expect everyone to make way for you.
  • Virgo: you're the devil in an angel's disguise. You lure people in like a siren, learn about their weakness, then ruin them by a calculated plan. You think you're smart cause you know how to play others? You're just being a manipulative asshole.
  • Libra: your inability to make decisions is so fucking annoying. I'm running out of patience with you. You're so unsure of everything, even of yourself. Stop being so goddamn insecure about who you are and what you want. You're not going to get anywhere in life if you keep relying on what other people tell you to do.
  • Scorpio: you're too fucking demanding. Greed is one of the seven deadly sins, and yours is never satisfied, which is why there's a special place in hell reserved for you. You always want more and complain when shit doesn't immediately work out for you. Have you ever heard of patience?
  • Saggitaurus: you're so loud, even when you're not talking, but that's rare anyway. You always have to make everything about you and prove your point and make sure you have the last word in an argument. That pisses people off and you don't even realise cause you expect everyone to love you just the way you are. Here's a secret: Some people won't love you the way you are. Learn to accept that.
  • Capricorn: you can be so motherfucking dull, like the human equivalent to a fucking rock. Generally smart and witty, you seem to be unable to feel empathy most of the time. You bottle everything up and constantly block everyone who tries to be kind to you, then complain about being lonely? Doesn't really make sense, huh?
  • Aquarius: you're such a self-loathing, dramatic pseudo-deep shit-talker and a walking cliché. Probably a hippie. Probably a hipster that says "I hate hipsters" and an artist that makes fun of other people's art.
  • Pisces: you're a dependent little baby and a hypochondriac. You're unable to pull yourself together and always create drama to distract people from your flaws which you never admit to have. Also, stop spending so much money wtf

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ewe Bros reactions to S/O asking them to stay the night at their place?

(i’m going to assume that the bros were already hanging out with their s/o to begin with when they asked their respective matsu to stay the night. also assuming this wasn’t specifically implying nsfw.)

Osomatsu: this pervert just gives you the slyest, dirtiest fucking grin, thinking he knows EXACTLY why you want him to stay, wink wink nudge nudge~ (whether or not it was actually your intention). he’d be more than happy to stay, but he’d spend the whole night tryin to make a move on you. (bonus points if s/o just kinda falls asleep on him. but yall can do the dirty if you want.)

Karamatsu: he’d be flattered that you don’t want him to go. he’s used to being ignored and criticized and told his company isn’t welcome, so the fact that you earnestly want him to stay with you means a lot. his eyes would get all sparkly and he’d be dedicated to trying to give you the best, most enjoyable, romantic night that he can. he’d do whatever would make you happy, he’d give you everything.

Choromatsu: he gets all blushy and at first he’s just kinda semi-worried over little things like, ‘oh i don’t have a toothbrush,’ ‘i didn’t bring pajamas or a change of clothes, oh dear.’ in reality, he’s only somewhat concerned over those things, but the big thing is that he’s just nervous and doesn’t know what to do. but with some reassuring, he agrees to stay and he’s real excited about it. if it’s the first time though, he probably still gets worked up over stuff like, “is it really okay for me to sleep on your bed?? should i go sleep on the couch?? because i can do that–” until his s/o squeezes him and pulls him onto the bed and doesn’t let him get up.

Ichimatsu: he wouldn’t understand at first why you would want someone like him in your house any longer than he’s already been there. but he’d still accept. he wouldn’t really show it on the outside, but he’d be really really happy that you invited him to stay. in the back of his mind though, he would still be wondering what your intentions are. like… did you want something from him? did you want sex? what-?? but unless he was really horny or something, he just spends the rest of the night quietly snuggling you until you both fall asleep. (but if you wanted “something more,” he wouldn’t hesitate to give it to you.)

Jyushimatsu: he’d get so excited!!! a sleepover with his favorite person WOOHOO!! he wouldn’t want to sleep at all that night, he’d just want to stay up with you and play and do fun stuff with you all night long!! he’d be fighting so hard to stay awake and as it starts getting really late, he starts struggling to keep awake more. if he finds you fell asleep anyway, then he’d just tuck you in and cuddle up next to you and fall asleep. but if you’re a total night owl, then you may have to do the same thing to him instead haha.

Todomatsu: he would literally jump at the chance. he’s been wanting to stay over at your place for sooo long and he’s eager to not have to come home to his brothers for at least one night. you’re much better company tbh, and he loves being with you. y'all would probably just end up getting a bunch of pillows and blankets and food and stay up all night watching netflix and cuddling until you both nod off. he’d also take a dozen selfies with you to commemorate the event. (watch out tho, because if you fall asleep first, expect him to take 1000 pictures of you sleeping.)

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An imagine where gom+Kagami ' teenage son/daughter are unhappy to be "Hafu"and that their mom isn't Japanese. (I saw the documentary Hafu and it was so sad) *hafu is a Japanese term for 1/2 Japanese and 1/2 non Japanese

It really is an unfortunate situation over there when it comes to things like that. I hope this is up to your expectations! Also, I wrote Akashi and Midorima’s before I realized you wrote ‘teenage’, so please excuse that the son/daughters in those two are children :’D And… I also just now realized that you didn’t specifically say ‘are being called hafu’. I’m so sorry that I changed that up a bit, I hope it is still to your expectations!}

🍁 🍁 🍁


Now, Akashi knew that marrying a woman who is not Japanese would cause some stir, especially considering his standing. But just as close as he holds his wife to him, he holds his daughter. 

So, when he went to go pick his daughter up from school and he saw her looking sullen, sitting behind a fence by herself, he was instantly filled with worry and the instinct of protection. His expression turned serious, and he walked to her briskly before kneeling down and taking her backpack, fixing it over her small shoulders. “What happened?”

His daughter was clearly crying, due to the redness in her eyes. “They… called me.. hafu!” She says between dramatic, tearful gasps. 

Akashi isn’t sure how the other kids learned that type of language or if they truly understand what it means, but he will deal with their treatment later. He smiles softly, picking up his daughter in his arms as he carries her over to the car. “It’s just another way to call you unique, ______. You’re unique, and the things the other kids say shouldn’t mean anything to you.” He settled her into the car, fixing her hair affectionately before closing her door and walking around to the driver’s side, getting in. 

“Unique?” The question comes from the backseat, and Akashi could tell that, at least, her tears have stopped.

“That’s right,” he says, beginning to drive off while carefully watching the road. “Being different is okay, and don’t forget that.”

He might be composed now, but he can’t guarantee an absence of threats when he takes this up with the school board and their parents.

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Midorima heard you call his name from the other room, causing the male to pull casually away from his piano and stand up, making his way to you with no complaints. After all, as much as he denies it, he truly does worry about you a lot.

But it’s not only you that he worries about nowadays - not after your son was born. There were obviously going to be more troubles than the normal household would have, starting with your mixed marriage, but it’s not something Midorima was afraid of.

“What’s wrong?” he asks, finding you standing in the kitchen with an exasperated hand on your hip. 

“(Son’s name)… he came home and asked me what ‘hafu’ means,” you began, clearly bothered by the fact that there must be some sort of name-calling going on at school.

Midorima’s face showed seriousness, and he looked around, “Where is he now?”

“In his room.” You shook your head, voice soft. In these situations, Midorima was surprisingly comforting, and skilled with handling children. 

“I’ll go talk to him.” Your husband sighs, and you give him a chaste kiss to the cheek before he walks up to find his son playing in the middle of the floor with a pile of toys. “(Son’s name),” Midorima walks over and kneels down beside the boy, who was fortunately innocent to the whole situation. “What were the kids calling you at school?”

“They were calling me… they called me ‘hafu’. Dad, what’s hafu?” 

Midorima shook his head and patted his son’s hair, “It’s nothing you need to ever concern yourself with - can you promise me that?”

After a few short moments of thought, the small boy nodded his head, “I promise!”

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Yours and Kuroko’s daughter was just as elusive and lacking in presence as her father, despite her beauty, and even so, she still became a target to the bullying of her classmates. Specifically, the female ones.

A rather unsettling note found its way to her desk one day – a note that read: Hafu go home.

She’s old enough to know what that means, in fact, she’s been prepared for something like this, anyway. It’s not the first time she’s been called ‘hafu’, although this is the most brash occurrence that has happened so far.

She threw the note into the trash. All she could really think to do was cry, quickly jogging her way home to find her father reading a book and sitting on the couch with you beside him when she walked through the front door.

“(Daughter’s name), you’re home. How was school?” You ask, sitting up off of your husband’s shoulder.

But immediately, both of you noticed the expression on her face, the whites of her eyes red. She looks down, wiping a tear from her cheek with her palm. “The others at school… they um… they’ve been calling me some things lately, but today some girls gave me a note that said ‘H-Hafu…. Go home’. Her voice began to falter as she spoke the contents of the note, but the words were still fresh in her mind.

Kuroko wasn’t the violent type by any means, but he held his family and friends very close to him. After widening, his eyes took a serious look, and he places his hand to your shoulder gently as he speaks, “Do you still have the note?” Upon seeing his daughter shake her head, he nodded and continued. “Then I will talk to your teacher anyway.” And if that doesn’t work, then he’ll go to the school. He then gave her a gentle smile, “Don’t let it bother you too much, okay?”

He may not be the most intimidating guy out there, but he will make his point known – he’s not going to stand for any bullying towards his daughter.

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“Oi, come get in the car, we’re going now.”

Aomine’s son looked up from where he stood, back against the brick wall outside of the school gates. School is still going on, however, but he was getting picked up early. This time, however, it was because he got into a fight.

“You wanna tell me what this is about?” Aomine asks with his deep voice serious as ever; he truly did become stricter and more fatherly since he had kids. No more fighting, no more disobeying rules.

His son simply pouted, staring out the window with a scowl on his features. He was just as handsome as his father, and did happen to attain some of his mother’s wonderful features as well. Many of the girls certainly adore the boy, but jealousy is not only something reserved for girls.

“Answer me.”

It took contemplation, but realizing that he would rather explain than deal with punishment, his son spoke up. “These guys kept calling me a hafu. Then they started to insult mom. So I punched one of them in the face.”

Aomine was quiet for a moment, before asking, “What’d they say about your mom?”

His son fidgeted in his seat for a moment and said, “They called her a whore.”

“Did they now?” Aomine nodded his head slowly, and the car soon took a change in destination. “And did break his nose?”

“Well, yeah, but there were two others there before I got held back. Um… where are we going?”

“Back to your school.”


Aomine came to a stop outside the gates, tugging his bomber jacket off and leaving it on his seat as he got out. Upon standing in front of the car, he stopped, turned towards his son, and motioned his head toward the large building. Immediately, his son followed after, the taller blue haired male wrapping his arm around his shoulder. “Don’t tell your mom about this.”

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Murasakibara’s children were bound to get attention, considering that they, for the most part, received his height. But they got attention for more than just that reason.

Their mother isn’t native Japanese, and though he was aware of the issues that might arise, he didn’t care. He loves you and his children regardless.

So, when he came home and found you in the bedroom with a thoughtful, sullen expression, he worried. “_____-chin? What happened?” His eyebrows furrowed out of curiosity as he walked over to you, beginning to remove his outer layers of clothing for the sake of comfort.

You sigh and sit up on the bed, looking up at your husband, “Atsushi, the kids at school have been saying things to (Daughter’s name). They call her hafu… what do we do?”

Obviously, the whole ordeal distressed you, and Murasakibara didn’t like this one bit. His first instinct was to respond and say ‘crush them’, but he can’t do that without having to spend a good amount of time in jail. He scratches the back of his head, looking away for a few moments as he racked over the options in his mind.

He didn’t seem bothered on the outside, but you could tell how he really felt about the whole thing. “Hmm, well, we can’t have that happening, can we?” He smiles lazily, leaning his tall body down to kiss the top of your head. “I’ll be back.”

With that, he left your bedroom to find the daughter of which the topic consisted in her bedroom, also sitting on her bed just like you were on your own. “What are their names, (daughter’s name)-chin?”

A look of confusion flashed across her face before she instantly realized what he must know. It was hard to tell his true intent when he spoke so carelessly. “Th-they’re… they’re third-years. So if you plan on saying anything to them, please don’t because I don’t want to get in trouble.” Who knows what kind of other friends they could have, after all.

He shook his head, “Don’t worry about that. I promise not to even touch them~” Doesn’t mean that a 6’10” ex basketball player isn’t going to scare the hell out of those children, third-years or not, because no one messes with his family.

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If there’s anything Kise adores more than himself, then it’s his wife, and if there’s anything else to include, it’s his two twins. Equally as beautiful as the other, they share both his and his wife’s features. This includes, however, the hair texture of their mother, rather than the typical Japanese kind.

It was that among other things that made them have a noticeably different appearance – they were noticeably mixed race. When they were children, it was either an issue of ignorance or no issue at all.

But now that they’re both grown up to teenagers, one boy and one girl, they have so much attention on them constantly it’s as if they’re celebrities. Fortunately, this isn’t just because they’re half, but because they are truly liked and adored around the school (Though it helps to have Kise Ryouta as their father).

One day, though, was different. Taking his family out shopping, the last thing the blonde man expected was to look over and see his two children being confronted by some middle-aged, repulsive-looking man. Obviously, he was unhappy about something.

“______-chii?” He speaks, drawing your attention from the shirt in front of you to your two kids.

“Do you know him?”

Your husband shakes his head, and upon this confirmation, the both of you make your way over.

“Who is your mother, huh? Is it your father? Tell them to leave this country and take you with them!”

“Excuse me,” Kise walks behind his children, placing a hand onto his son’s shoulder with his other hand elegantly placed to his own hip. “Can I ask what you’re doing here?” Obviously, Kise was uninterested, and was simply using intimidation tactics.

There was hesitation in the stranger’s presence. “They are yours?

“I sure hope so.”

“Hmph, then you… you take your family and get out if-if-“

“What did you say?” Kise tilts his head, stepping in front of said family as you catered to making sure the two twins were not shaken up. “I don’t think I heard you right. But I realize that I’m not interested anyway. You might as well just leave now.”

It was less of a suggestion and more of a command, and despite the incessant need to continue his racist ramblings, the man straggled off in grumblings.

“Now,” Kise turns back to his two precious twins, “They just hate you because you’re prettier than they are!”

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“Dad, pass here!”

It was a usual routine for Kagami to play basketball with his daughter, and while she wasn’t truly serious about playing the sport competitively, maybe his newborn son would be. You were at home now, though, catering to the said little boy, while he took a little time out of the day to spend with your first-born.

Tossing the orange and black colored ball to her, she laughed as she comically ran towards the hoop before shooting the round object up and into the basket. “Yes!”

He grins and takes the ball as it bounces out of the hoop, dribbling as he stood idly. “That was good, (Daughter’s name).”

Moments after he spoke, a group of teenagers walked by – about three boys and two girls – and one word stood out amid an exaggerated cough. “Cough – hafu – cough.

Surprisingly enough, his daughter had never had an instance of being called this before. So, as her brain noticed them giggling and laughing at the word first, she only understood why they were doing so after more thought.

As for Kagami, he had grown smarter since growing up and starting a family. He has become much more aware of the things that happen around him, and doesn’t react simply with violence when he doesn’t understand things. This time, though, it was as if there was some sort of spark that suddenly lit inside of him.

“Hah? What did you say?” His daughter watched as he dropped the ball to the ground, letting it bounce in place as his large, just as muscular as ever figure approached the teens.

They stopped, and while most of them looked scared by the confrontation, there was one boy maintaining his cool composure for the sake of impressing the girls he was with. “Nothing, sir.” He spoke, though there was a lack of any respect in his tone, doubled with a muffled chuckle.

“Drop the formalities and tell me what you just said to my daughter, and then say you’re sorry before I kick your ass.” From behind him, his daughter picked up the ball and held it in front of her body against her pelvis, her gaze downcast.

Now the boy looked hesitant, since he was dealing with a man who was older, bigger, and well-known around the part because of his success in basketball in high school and above. “I ah…” he rubs the back of his neck, looking from side to side to see none of his friends backing him up. “Yeah, sorry. Whatever, man,” he looks away, his pride already leaking despite his retaliation.

Kagami still wanted to kick this boy’s ass, however, but he knows that it could get him in trouble. “I see you around her again and you’re going to regret it. Get the hell out of here.”

Without having to be told twice, the gang of teens left the area, and Kagami turned back to his daughter with a serious expression. “Tell me if anyone messes with you again.”

Though he teaches his daughter to stand up for herself, there are some times when he really needs to take matters into his own hands.

When he comes back to you, you won’t expect to feel nothing. you won’t expect to look at his face and be empty.
you have dreamt of this moment for months, since you told him you loved him. for weeks you imagined him showing up at your doorstep in the pouring rain with flowers and an apology and finally finally
an “I love you too”
every car that drives by at 2 am sounds like his
but it never is
and eventually you stop looking out the window whenever headlights flash
eventually you stop waiting.

so when he texts you and says “please please meet me outside we need to talk”
you expect your heart to race
you expect your skin to feel like fire
but it doesn’t

you look him in the eyes as he apologizes
you look him in the eyes as he says “look I miss you I’m sorry. i fucked up so badly.”
you look him in the eyes and you don’t feel anything.

the fire is gone.
the fire is gone.

—  The timing is always off– Lily Rain

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Send in a 💌 and my muse will tell about a dirty fantasy they had about your muse!


Lotor… One had to admit, his looks were quite pleasing… Aesthetically. He was very dangerous in his own right, as expected of Zarkon’s child. Ulaz should be more than wary of him… 

He’s only seen him a couple of times, but he couldn’t help but have these, intrusive thoughts about the prince. He could imagine the both of them standing on the top of a cliff, overlooking the ocean in all it’s beauty. The sun was beginning to set, it’s rays making Lotor’s hair practically glow in the light.

Lotor rested a hand on his hip, a small smirk forming in his lips. With a flip of his hair, he turned to Ulaz, more than eager to get things started. 

“So, are we doing this or not?” 

Ulaz couldn’t help but smile. He closed the gap between them, curling his thumb and index finger onto Lotor’s chin, carefully pushing it up a bit. 

“Lotor… There’s something I need to do…” 

“Yes Ulaz?” 

Ulaz placed his free hand on Lotor’s chest, and shoved Lotor as hard as he could over the cliff side and into the waters below. 

Good riddance. 

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Congrats on 500 sweets, that is so awesome!! I would love a Dean x Reader drabble - are you surprised? 18. “Will you just accept that I am hopelessly in love with you, and there’s nothing you can do that will change that." If it isn't already claimed! 😘😘😘

Thanks!!! I’m sorry it took so long, but here it is,it got bigger than I expected (I just can’t contain myself)… hope you like it.

You woke up with a major headache. Last night was crazy. Full of tequila and shots of you don’t even know what. It was fun, till it got complicated. You couldn’t remember every detail from the night before, but you remembered every word he said, while you stared at another empty glass of whiskey.


“You have something here” - he said, leaning and wiping the liquor pouring from the corner of your mouth. - “You’re beautiful” - he was staring deeply into your eyes, making your stomach turn.

“Yeah… you’re pretty drunk, Dean”

“What if I’m not?” - He smirked at you and you ordered another shot for both of you. You knocked the shot glass on the table and he could see you got uncomfortable.

“I’m serious here. You shine brighter than any other girl in this bar. You’re prettier even when you’re covered in blood, sweat and bruises. Those badass bruises!” - He traced the line of the most recent scar on your palm.

“Stop… I-I think we should go back to the bunker. You should take a cold shower to get back to your senses and I need to sleep.” - You got up, dropping some cash to cover the bill and went outside, followed by Dean.


As you walked to the kitchen, your head pounded. Step, boom, step, boom…

You were drinking your second cup of coffee when Dean came in, rubbing the sleep off his eyes.

“Morning” - He mumbled


He sat on the other side of the table and you just drank your coffee, not sharing any words or glances.

After half an hour you were both feeling better, then, he spoke.

“You know that all I said yesterday is truth, right?” - You were caught by surprise, thinking he wouldn’t even remember.

“Yeah… okay” - You got up, ready to leave the kitchen when he grabbed your wrist.

“(Y/N)! Stop acting like this, I’m fucking serious here!”

“I’m sorry that I just can’t believe you, but come on… You’re “No strings attached” Dean. I’m the girl that, although know it will never happen, hopes to find a guy that falls in love with her from the second they meet! I’m not gonna be another one of your one night stands.” - You turned and began to walk back to your room.

“ Will you just accept that I am hopelessly in love with you, and there’s nothing you can do that will change that?”

You stopped, not really sure if this was real or just another one of your dreams, and turned around. He was standing only inches from you, and before you could say a thing, his hands were around your waist and neck and he smashed his lips against yours.

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10. You need to find it yourself.

“I have a surprise for you,” Lucas said on the other side of the line with his voice muffled.

Riley’s eyes widen up, already sparkling by the thought of a surprise. She did love surprises and Lucas knew that little fact well enough.

“What is it?” she replied, almost too distracted to pay attention on the sidewalk she was passing though. She barely managed to not hit a stranger as he passed by her, losing balance as he hit her shoulder. She mouthed an “I’m sorry” and continued her path, controlling every inch of her body not to make a scene in front of everyone.

“It’s a surprise, Riles, I’m not supposed to tell you!” his laugh sounded like a song in Riley’s ears.

“Come on, please!” she begged and Lucas was sure that she most likely had those big puppy eyes she did whenever she wanted something her way. Lucas was glad he wasn’t there because if he did, he would totally spill the secret out. That look always managed to make Lucas do whatever Riley wanted or needed. Proudly.

“Nope, not gonna ruin it but…”

“But what?” her voice came out louder than expected. She turned into her street and stopped before walking towards her building.

“You need to find it yourself,” Lucas smiled through the phone.

“What does that even mean?” Riley raised her brows confused. What on earth was Lucas up to? She didn’t know, yet she was dying to find out as her heart skipped a few beats inside her chest.

“Follow the clues and you’ll see,” the line was silent before Riley could answer.

She frowned and started to think of anything he could have gotten her. Maybe it was the tickets for the Knicks game they were planning to go?  

She cracked her head with thoughts of all the things she supposedly might’ve been surprised but nothing came to her mind as she went upstairs.

Once she arrived at the door, she noticed the little white card posted on it.

She grabbed it with steady hands since she was shaking, opening it up.

“This may not be our home, but it’s still our place.  If you remember our history as vividly as I do, this will be easy for you. Where I stood to ask you out on your first date you’ll find the next clue.”

Riley didn’t know what to expect as she unlocked the door, stepping into her family’s apartment. Nothing seemed to be out of place or anything unusual at all, but all she could think about was the card still fitting perfectly into her palm.

She sighed happily as stopped in front of the couch, analyzing the space before she glanced at the white paper exactly like the one she had in her hands stuck under the coffee table.

Her breath was uneasy while she read Lucas’ clean handwriting.

“This was only the beginning of our journey as well as our first kiss shared. If you go back a few years, you’ll remember our study sessions.”

The brunette immediately ran to the kitchen, where most of the days after school, she and Lucas would sit at the dinner table with books all over them as they tried to focus on their papers instead of each other’s lips. It was a very difficult job and Riley would always end up into Lucas’ lap.

She searched around, opening drawers and cabinets, looking through everything inside. Riley groaned once she realized she still got nothing. She sat and folded her arms across her chest as she looked one more time at the table in front of her – the flower vase was empty, which was extremely odd since her mom would never let that happen.

Riley leaned on and dragged the vase to her, placing her hand inside of it and pulling another Lucas’ cards out.

She could sense her heart beating faster as if it was going to explode at any second as her blood pumped quickly through her veins. She had a strange feeling at the back of her neck that she couldn’t let go of. It wasn’t necessarily bad, though. It was something else. Something she hadn’t felt ever since the day she met Lucas at the subway.

The corner of her lips grew wider with a joyful smile.

“We’ve spent a lot of amazing moments together, but there’s only one place we’ll know like no other.”

She didn’t have to think about it before she knew the answer. She hurried herself to her room only to find a middle-sized box placed at her spot with another card above it. Everything inside of her was screaming in anticipation.

She took a few steps and grabbed the box with one hand and the other she opened the card.

“You always looked beautiful in purple, put this on and go to somewhere wonderful. Can you hear the fireworks?”

Riley let the card at the bay window and turned to her bed where she put the box on. When she opened, she felt like no air in the world would make her lungs breathe again.

The dress was absolutely stunning.

After she’d put it on, she watched her reflection in the mirror feeling like the most beautiful girl in the world. And to Lucas, she really was.

In addition to the purple layers covering her body, the smile on her heart-shaped lips only made the outfit look even better.  

Riley recalled the lines on the card, making her way to the rooftop. It wasn’t cold so she didn’t need a coat but as she got closer to her destination, her legs started to shake and she was afraid she’d fall.

What the brunette saw when she opened the door was breathtaking. Now she was absolutely positive nothing in the world could return the air to her so needy lungs.

The rooftop was filled with light candles and petals of roses spread all over the floor. Lucas was standing there in the center, a black suit on with a purple matching tie. Riley barely realized the dark sky upon them as the night began to show.

Her knees were weak and she didn’t know how she managed to walk towards him. Maybe she’d done it out of pure instinct, but the only thing she knows was that a few seconds later her face was inches away from the gorgeous blonde in front of her.

“So, did you like it?” Lucas asked, handing over the bouquet to the brunette. He tried to keep it together but it was really hard considering the woman standing next to him had taken his breath away. The sparkling look in her chocolate brown eyes made him sure about his decision. It was time.

“Lucas, this is…” she couldn’t finish. No words would be good enough to express how amazed she was. “It’s beautiful.”

“I’m glad you liked it,” he leaned over and places a quick kiss into her cheek. “There’s one more card, though.”

Lucas looked through his pocket and took it out the white card Riley was already familiar with. He gave it to her and waited for her to read it.

“It’s been exactly three thousand and six hundred and five days since I’ve been in love with you. I’ve loved you every day since 7th grade and I intend to love you for as long as I live. You made me the man I am today and I hope to God that I can be the one to make you feel the way I do whenever I am with you. I love you, Riley Matthews, I’ve loved you then, now and all the morrows that have yet to come.”

Riley didn’t know she was crying until she felt the tears rushing their way through her face and her blurry vision made it hard to see. She covered her mouth in honest surprise while she watched Lucas, the man of her dreams, kneeling before her with a tiny black velvet box in hand.

“What I wrote in that piece of paper isn’t enough to tell you how much I love you, Riley. Will you please make me the happiest man alive and marry me?”  his voice was torn by the tears rolling through his own green eyes. He had waited so long for this moment and would be devastated if her answer didn’t start with a “y”.

“Yes! Yes, a thousand times, yes!” she shook her head trying to brush her tears off her face. Lucas scrolled the ring over her finger and to Riley, it felt like it always belonged there.

She stared at the ring for just a few seconds before their lips crashed against one another. The salty taste of their tears didn’t seem to bother them, if anything, only gave them enough reason to reach deeper into their mouths.

They pulled apart and Lucas rested his forehead on hers; Riley could feel his breath touching her skin and she felt like her whole body was on fire.

“I can’t wait to make you mine,” Lucas whispered.

“You don’t have to,” she looked once again at her engagement ring. Her smile lighting up her entire face. “I’m already yours.”

ok but maybe i’m naive, but when we pay for music, any art really, we’re not just giving money directly to the artist, it’s not like you’re sending a check of $13 to Taylor Swift like here have my 13 dollars, you’re helping pay for a whole production right down to the janitor who cleans the studios, so I’m sorry but like sure the celebrity is sitting comfy with millions in the bank at home and saying “yeah download my album for free idgaf” but it trickles down the line, like I have so many artists friends (including actually MY OWN SELF who is an artist) and ppl just expect stuff for free????? pay for art, art enriches your life in so many ways, why do we place no value on it?????