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Im Sorry - Part Three

A/N: So i wrote this while watching Grey’s Anatomy so i apologize if it sucks, anyway, Also i haven’t edited it so if theres any mistakes please let me know, send any requests if you have any, Enjoy! x

Warnings: Nothing.

Pairing: Dean x Lisa

Word Count: 1112

Your heart was speeding up seeing all these nice ‘apple pie life’ styled houses knowing you were going to be at Lisa’s at any moment.

 “What’s the address again Sam?” Dean asked driving, slowing down as he ducked down a little to see the numbers on the house.

 Grabbing the sheet of paper on the dash Sam read out “12223”

 “12220, 12221, 12222” Dean mumbled “12223” Dean happily stated pulling into the parking space in front of the garage. Dean shut off the car “You guys rea-” Cutting Dean off by jumping out of the Impala, slamming the door shut, walking up the house, waiting for the boys on the step.

 “What’s her problem?” Dean asked Sam, still seated in the impala.

Sam responded by just shrugging his shoulders “time of the month?”

Dean shook is head “No, that was last week” 

Sam’s eyes widened “I don’t even wanna know how you know that”

“No you don't” Dean chuckled, stepping out of the Impala, straighten his clothes, wiping his hands on his jeans. You gave him a weird look, he through his hands up “What? Im nervous okay”

Both boys meeting you up at the front door, all three of you just stood there, no one making a move or a noise, gesturing for Dean to knock, but when he didn’t you rolled your eyes banging on the door, sighing, stepping away so you were the farthest from the door.

 A moment later you could hear footsteps, the door unlocking before opening revealing, Lisa, looking beautiful, as always. Rolling your eyes again at the sight of her, but more towards Dean gawking at the only girl he ever loved.

 “Dean” She mumbled out breathlessly

 “Hey, Lisa” Dean said scratching the back of his head, while she moved forward giving the man hug, to what he obviously returned, not to mention lasted a little too long for your taste.

 She moved over slightly, facing Sam, smiling, “Hello Sam, good to see you again” moving in, hugging him as well, “You to Lisa” Sam said smiling back, before both boys slightly parted revealing you.

 “Lisa you remember y/n” Dean spoke, reintroducing you.

 “Of course I do, how could I forget” She said smiling, walking towards you giving you a hug, you awkwardly returned, trying to place nice.

 An awkward silence fell over all of you before Lisa spoke up inviting you all inside. You all followed Lisa inside, taking a seat beside Sam and Dean on the couch.

“So can i get you three anything? It must of been a long drive, I can make sandwiches? I have beer!” Lisa perked up

“That sounds goo..”

 “So when did this all start happening” You questioned cutting Dean off, wanting to get this done and over with as quickly as possible.

Sam gave you a confused look, followed by Dean allowing you light enough that Lisa wouldn’t notice but hard enough to get his point across.

“Almost a month ago, I really didn’t think it was anything, lights flicker, things break” Pausing before continuing “Then Ben said he seen a man standing at the edge of his bed, and I knew it wasn’t just anything, and then well, I called you” She finished clapping her hands together setting them neatly on her lap.

 “Where is Ben?” Sam asked finally speaking up

 “He’s staying at a friends till this is all over, I didn’t want him to be exposed to this, this kinda of stuff” She paused “No offence!”

 Sam chuckled “None taken”

 Glancing over towards Dean you could see the hurt in his eyes knowing Ben wasn’t here, you knew how much Dean wanted to see him, even if he didn’t mention it.

“So when do you guys want to start, know ‘ghost busting’” Lisa laughed at her lame ass attempt for a joke, you rolled your eyes, as Dean forced the fakes laugh you’ve ever heard.

Sam cleared his throat “Um, tomorrow. We need to look more into it, and we haven’t slept in over 24 hours, well some of us. You gonna be okay for a few hours?”

“Yeah, no thats completely okay, Ill be fine! Ive actually been staying at Lena’s, she’s me neighbour” Lisa smiled

“Perfect” You smiled out sarcastically, but she didn’t quite catch on to your sarcasm.


The three of you checked into the nearest motel to spend the night, Lisa offered you all to stay but before either of the boys could even answer you declined, you could feel Dean’s eyes burning into the side of your face as you responded.

 You plopped down onto the nearest bed sighing before Dean yelled at you “What the hell was that y/n”

 “What?” you questioned, you knew he wanted to stay but you sure the hell didn’t.

 “You know what I’m talking about” He spoke sternly pacing back and forth.

 Sam taking a seat on the chair by the window waiting to jump in if a fight broke out like it has many time before, Dean and you always butted heads.

 “No Dean, I don’t think I do” You played innocent cocking your head.

 Running his right hand down his face “Never mind” Dean gave up, lying down on the couch “I’m going to sleep.”

“I think we could all use some sleep” Sam spoke up, moving over to the other bed, beside yours. Sighing again before rolling over, drifting into unconsciousness.


You woke up a few hours later to the sun shining through the curtains, rubbing your eyes before letting out a yawn, sitting up and seeing Sam at the table, doing which you assumed was research.  

 “What time is it?” You mumbled


 Looking around you didn’t see Dean, anywhere “Where’s Dean?”

 “He left last night” Sam peeked up at you over his laptop

 You stood up stretching your arms, grabbing a cup of the crappy coffee “To go where” 

 “To Lisa’s”

A couple hours later Dean returned with three coffees, too chipper for 8 in the morning.

 “Sammy! y/n!” He cheered out, handing you guys each a coffee.

“Why are you so happy?” You mumbled

“Isn’t it obvious y/n? He was at Lisa’s put two and two together,” Sam laughed out taking a sip of his coffee.

“So Sammy did you find anything out” Dean asked hovering over Sam, both their backs turned to you.

 You felt your stomach drop realizing what he was getting at, you stopped pacing back and forth, feeling a wave of nausea rush over you, your vision slowly going black around the edges before you could feel yourself starting to fall before feeling a huge pain rush through your head before blacking out.

pedestrianfootbridge  asked:

I was wondering if you had any thoughts on Mick Rory's speech patterns? (If you've already answered this in another post then sorry!). In particular I think (at least I've noticed it once or twice) that he sometimes doesn't use contractions and as a result the sentence comes out a little awkwardly (ex: in his first episode he says "what *are* you talking about" instead of "what're" and the result stresses the word "are" a bit) Idk, it could just be the actor's way of talking?

Mick Rory’s speech patterns are a fucking nightmare to parse. Honestly. I’ve been trying to pin them down since The Flash season 1 and they’re a goddamn moving target. A big part of why is because they changed his speech patterns for Legends (along with his characterization, a little bit, and Len’s). 

Dominic Purcell has also said in an interview that he didn’t hit his stride with Mick until they were filming the first Legends’ episode, and that’s when he really came to understand the character and when it fell naturally into place. So that’s bound to have affected his speech patterns some. It also doesn’t help that his accent occasionally drops and his Australian side slips out (I always laugh when it happens; it’s been happening more on this season of Legends).

But okay. This got crazy freaking long so I’m putting it under a cut. 

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