sorry if this is ugly ;u;

imagine being so ugly and stupid that when someone call u out u wont actually listen to what theyre saying, and just keep answering ‘sorry, can u tell me what is wrong with my post/etc so i can actually fix it^^’ and when they answer u (AGAIN) and tell u why youre wrong u still wont listen and keep using the excuse 'no real arguments’….like….


victorious // panic! at the disco


magnus in season 2 + loving alec (alec version)


first real phil drawing, this took so long!! art cannot capture the true beauty of this man!! i love him!!

if all for the game was set in scotland
  • riko: what a coward, jist like his maw
  • neil: aye ah git it like, gettin raised a superstar must ah bin hard on you. ahweys a commodity, never a human being, nae anyone in yer family thinkin yer worth shite aff the court - aye, sounds rough pal. kevin and i talk aboot yer endless daddy issues aw the time. ken it's no entirely your fault fe bein unbalanced and thinkin yer aw grand an' that, and a ken ye canny hold up conversation for shite like all ah us can, but none a us should be needin to put up wi this much a yer shite. greetin gets ye so many concessions, hen, and ye used yoors up six insults ago. so get tae fuck, and leave all ah us alone.

The great black dog gave a joyful bark and gamboled around them, snapping at pigeons, and chasing its own tail. Harry couldn’t help laughing. Sirius had been trapped inside for a very long time.


“Jacob,” Bella begins. “I love you. You’re my best friend. But… I can’t change how I feel.” Bella’s voice is quiet, and wobbling with emotion. “Because it’ll be him. It’s always him.” 

Anguish sweeps across the wolf’s fierce face, and it’s even harder to take, Bella thinks, than if he were in human form. It is moments like these where she’s amazed by just how human Jacob is– how life exudes from every inch of his skin, even more so when he is his wolf. 

Dinner at jlaws house
  • Jlaw: "and that's when I said 'WHERES THE PIZZA!?!?'"
  • Dinner guests: *forced laughter as they eat their dinner consisting of only bread*
  • Bradley cooper to me: "can I offer you some bread"
  • Me: "oh um....I don't eat bread"
  • Dinner guests: *complete silence*
  • jlaw with mouth full of bread: "wait....what do you mean you don't eat bread™"
  • Me: "oh um well I can't-"
  • Jlaw: *makes wacky faces* "FUCK YOU!! you ASSHOLE!!!" *crying*
  • Me: "uh well...sorry it's just that I-"
  • Jlaw crawling across the table towards me: "YOU WILL EAT THIS BREAD"
  • Me: "please no"
  • Bradley cooper: "please Jen it's fine...."
  • Jlaw: *ugly crying* "SHUT UP!!! S H U T U P"
  • Jlaw: *takes a fist full of bread and shoves it in my mouth*
  • Me: *muffled crying* "please I have celiac disease I can't eat gluten"
  • Dinner guests: *still watching in silent horror*
  • Amy schumer: *thin lipped Amy schumer smile*
  • Oscar committee: "holy f uck Jen...."