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lol i am so sick of people sleeping on Jesy. still. like she is so unbelievably talented. her voice is so unique and beautiful and she gives every performance her all. this girl was BORN to perform and be a star! she literally has so much stage presence it’s honestly awe inspiring watching her perform. and to see how far she’s come?? like it literally makes me so emotional to see how far she’s grown and how confident in herself she is now. yet she is still disrespected and i’m beyond over it.

i find it funny (not) when some people say there’s no reason to be mad because evak were hardly seen this season…. it’s not about how much screen time they get, it’s about how much attention people pay to them instead of sana…. who… is….. the….. main….. or have i missed something?

these are the most popular posts from the MAIN tag…. . out of 10 posts, we have 3 that are sana related, which is, well, a bit odd because, again, she’s this season’s main. 

don’t get me wrong, i absolutely adore evak, they’re the reason i discovered skam (just like many other people), but… this season is about sana. she’s magnificent and all her scenes are beautiful. people should just pay more attention to this amazing girl. 

also, absolutely no hate or whatever to the people making these posts, they are wonderful and the fact that they take time to make these beautiful gifs is great. (as far as i can tell, most of these blogs - if not all of them, i haven’t checked - make sana gifs as well) 

damecat3  asked:

I just had a thought... so hear me out. Pidge as Poison Ivy. I mean even though she hates nature, she comes to understand same cosmic dust and what, not AND her lion is Guardian of the Forest... and she's Green. But also lion has plant powers too.( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) eh eh? -BONUS- Keith could totally be Batman

MMMMMMM Yes! She would totally rock as Poison Ivy!
And Keith in that black, tight Batman suit…. Okay, you convinced me, take my money now, bc this is great idea and i already imagine some cool fanarts with it!  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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I never knew I needed sawamura princess carrying miyuki until now, but now I can't stop thinking about it it's too cute

it’s all i think about tbh just.

it probably starts as a dare, as a “betcha can’t lift miyuki!” after proving he can pick up harucchi and asada and even furuya (kuramochi’s attempt to avoid being picked up himself). miyuki’s unsuspecting, not a part of these previous teammate-lifting shenanigans. until suddenly sawamura’s arms are at his knees and shoulders and he’s literally being swept off his feet by sawamura (a sawamura who’s shouting about “SEE I TOLD YOU SO WAHAHAA!” and trying to not think about how much of miyuki’s thighs there are to hold)

“what the hell, sawamura! put me down?”

“kyahaha, i betcha a full week of drinks duty that ya can’t carry him for as long as you carried haruichi!”


they both end up face-first in the dirt, with orders from kataoka for twenty laps around the field for goofing off during practice


is it the wedding night? the first night in their first apartment? just a cute little evening? when eijun hefts miyuki up in a princess carry

miyuki yelps and says “eijun, not again, put me down!” while he’s hooking his fingers into the fabric of eijun’s sweater and eijun’s saying “nay! i must whisk you off to our bedroom, ka~zu~ya~ku~n~! the only way to end an evening so romantic as this is with–”

he doesn’t finish his sentence because he’s just crashed miyuki’s head and legs into the doorframe and fallen over backwards. hey lena you wana play a game

tracer: Game? 😂😂 LIFE 🌿 isn’t ❌😒 a GAME 🏏👾🎮 but if it was, i’d WIN 💯🏅🏆🎖 Bc I’m 🔛 that daily 🗓📈 Grind 💪🏽😤 out Here Chasin Dreams 💫🏃 So 🙇 🗯 stop ❌⛔️ Playing Games 😝🎮 Bc the world 🌎 could always use more ⬆️ HEROES ✨💥⚡️ #Overwatch⛽️🅰🆖 RIP Mondatta 😔🙏👼🤖⚰