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Dating Draco Malfoy Would Include...

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I made one for Draco too :)

  • Taking months for Lucius to ‘accept’ you
  • S e x
  • You being the big spoon because even though Draco acts with a lot of pride, he still loves to be held
  • You refusing to get house elves
  • Draco understanding completely
  • Ruffling his hair
  • “Y/N, stop that!”
  • “But you look so cuuute!”
  • Draco soon loving it when you ruffle his hair
  • Having a pet cat that sometimes makes Draco jealous
  • “Sorry, babe.  No cuddles right now.  The cat got here first.”
  • *puppy eyes* “But Y/NNN!”
  • *smirks* “Maybe later.”
  • Then jealous sex (Don’t worry the cat has left the room)
  • You being able to turn him on in .5 seconds
  • Making fun of him for it
  • “You just get hard so easily it’s am–”
  • “SHUT UP!”
  • “Hehe.”
  • You giving Draco little kisses 24/7 which brighten up his mood anyday
  • Him being extremely protective
  • You being extremely protective
  • Lots of sarcasm
  • You being the one to come up from behind him and wrap your arms tightly around him
  • You being the only one Draco will show his shy vulnerable side to
  • Narcissa loving seeing you make her son so happy
  • Neck kisses
  • The professors at Hogwarts secretly talking about how cute of a couple you two are
  • Once in the Slytherin common room late at night you found Draco sleeping on the couch holding a small raggedy teddy bear
  • Never telling him you saw it
  • You being there for Draco after he gets his dark mark
  • He tries to distance himself from you during that year but you will not let it happen
  • Draco reminding you how much he loves you and cares for you every single day
  • Draco’s wedding vows lasting literally ten minutes
  • PDA
  • Him making sure no other man comes within ten feet of you unless he deems it okay
  • Stolen kisses
  • He smiles at you nonstop
  • You can make him blush
  • Like really red
  • That beautiful pale skin tinted pink
  • Deep talks in the middle of the night with two cups of tea
  • He loves making you laugh
  • You both love art
  • His behavior changes a lot depending on the people around him, but you always being there for him

Please let me know what you thought of it and what I could do better next time!

By request (which are open fyi)

Sebastian Stan with a Curvy Significant Other:

  • running his hands up and down your waist
    • “You’re gorgeous. How’d I get so lucky” 
  • kissing you all over
    • “Whats so funny?” When you laugh
  • him waking up at five am to work out
    • “come with me, babe. i promise it’ll be fun”
      • working out is a pretty big part of his life, and working out or just going to sit and keep him company is fun for you, too.
    • breakfast after
  • being rough during sex
    • “do you know how hot you are, huh? so fucking hot i swear to god”
  • sometimes he says stuff that hurts you
    • he wouldn’t notice at first
      • “what? what’s wrong? shit, did i say something? oh god, i said something, didn’t i?”
      • holding onto you really tight
      • “i’m such an asshole, i’m so sorry. i don’t deserve you.”
      • “you’re beautiful and i’m so stupid.”
  • your weight doesn’t really make a difference
My Anchor - Archie Andrews

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HI! LOVE YOUR IMAGINES SO MUCH! Can I request an Archie imagine where Y/N and him have been on a few dates and really close. One day, he asks her to come watch him on the upcoming variety show, she eventually accepts. And when it’s Archie’s turn, he’s nervous but he sees her in the audience and they smile at each other. And after the show, they meet backstage and just PURE FLUFF. Sorry if it’s long. And tag me when it’s out? :))

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The Earth shifted when you started to date Archie Andrews. Everything about your budding relationship was easy, nothing too forced. You got along so well because you had been friends before you started your romantic relationship. You were very open with each other when it came to sharing how you felt. With Riverdale High School’s big variety show coming up, you and Archie had been focusing on his songs and supporting him. You would listen to him sing, loving every moment of it. Sadly, without a musical background, you couldn’t help him every much other than giving him support. He called on Valerie to aid him with his composition and you feel a little jealous.

You had only been on a few dates with Archie yet you found yourself falling for the talented boy more and more each day. The night before the big variety show, Archie invited you over to listen to the final draft of the song. You walked over to his house, conveniently not far from yours, and was greeted at the door by Fred.

“Oh, hello Y/N. Come in,” you smiled at Archie’s dad and walked into the house. “Archie’s up stairs getting his outfit soredt out for the big night.” You smiled at Fred, he always seemed happy to see you. You made his son happy, so how could he not be pleased.

“Is he nervous?” Your voice was quiet but Fred heard it. He nodded and you walked to the foot of the stairs. “I’ll go see if I can help,” you said and Fred gave you a smile. You walked quickly up the stairs and down the hallway to Archie’s room. You knocked lightly on the door and waited for the all-clear.

“Come in,” you smiled when you heard Archie’s voice and walked through the door. Archie’s face lit up when he saw you. “Hey babe,” he said, walking towards you. He wrapped his arms around your shoulders, pressing a kiss to your forehead. You blushed at the action, despite him having done it before. Your arms wrapped around his middle and you smiled at his warmth.

“Need any help?” He let out a chuckle as he pulled back to look at you.

“You don’t think I can dress myself?” You smiled at his teasing and he grinned. You tangled your fingers with his and walked towards his bed. He had laid out a nice pair of jeans and his favorite pair of sneakers. You let out a small giggle and Archie smiled.

“Going shirtless?” You gestured to the empty spot on his bed where a shirt would go. Archie’s smile widened and a glint of mischief shown in his eyes.

“I thought you’d like it,” you let out a laugh at his words. You leaned up a pressed a kiss to his cheek. When you pulled away, a soft smile rested on his kissable lips. Your eyes moved from his lips to his eyes and you saw that he noticed your glances. You swallowed hard, turning around to break the tension. Despite the many dates you went on with Archie, neither of you had kissed the other’s lips or uttered those three words.

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sorry for lack of posts lol i was moving into my new dorm

yesterday i went to anime japan, which is a huge anime convention at the tokyo big sight center. 

as u can see. lines were huge. inside TONS of anime studios had a booth. a lot of merch was being sold, some exclusive stuff, etc. a lot of announcements for upcoming things too

they had a themed food place too! each dish was based off a character from an anime. i got tsumugi’s okonomiyaki from Sweetness and Lightning, and it was sososo good. nothing like awful american convention food. and i got a cute sticker too. 

this con was really fun but honestly not as lively as a lot of american cons i’ve been to. not a ton of cosplayers at all, and a lot of people were there solely to get merch and go home.

but it was still a lot of fun 💖


“Will they just go and get a room, or, I don’t know, just go get married?”

“They still insist they are just friends.”

“…I am so done with them.“


Sorry as their heads are too big so I cannot find a way to let Steve standing on Tony’s boot (without kissing Tony in the process) so please ignore that bug XDDD

A fluffy Stony short comic for all of you and as a little celebration heehee

MY TUMBLR HAVE REACHED 1,000 FOLLOWERS!!! THANKS FOR FOLLOWING ME!!! I have never thought it is possible when I start drawing! Thanks for putting up with all my babbling and complains and all the silly fluffy ideasXD And I can’t say enough thank yous to all the likes, reblogs and especially the kind and encouraging messages, they all mean a lot to me and I would re-read the messages you sent me when I am upset, and I always feel a lot better after that ;D

Thank you, again, and I hope you would enjoy the Stony arts as much as I do! (*´▽`*)✿ Hail Stony!!!

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"I don’t think you understand just how big his dick is!!!" 😏😏😏

harry paulie

i swear this day has been going on forever. i wanna go home.

i’m sorry, baby. you wanna come over later? we can put on a film and i’ll play with your hair.

sounds nice. i’ll let you know when i’m on my way yeah?

i don’t think you understand just how big his dick is!!!!


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Life in a balance - Chapter 2

So, this is the second part or this fic and sorry for taking so long in this hahaha, I’ll try for this not to happen again.
I hope you enjoy the chapter, this is a dramatic one! (More than usual hahaha)
Thanks as always to @omelialover, you’re awesome.
As always thanks for the reblogs, comments and likes, it makes me want to keep writing!
Here we go!


The floor was cold and her head was pounding.
She woke up confused and not knowing exactly what was happening. Opening her eyes, she realised that she was in a strange room; not too big and mostly white. She tried to stand up but she felt a big pain in her lower back and tears started to go down her cheeks.
Then, she felt a soft kick. At least their baby was okay, that was good.

“Just stay safe baby, I’m going to get through this” she said while grabbing her tummy.

With a big effort she stood up and, with horror watched a woman laying on a table, looking so emaciated. That moment, she was checking her pulse when the big door started to open.
She stepped back until her back touched the cold wall again, never stopping looking to the man that was now in the room.

“Look who’s up,” he started to get closes to her and she couldn’t go anywhere “come here.”

Amelia stayed there, frozen by the panic and not knowing what to do.

“I said come here!!” The man shouted and grabbed her arm fiercely, making Amelia close her eyes and instinctively put her arm around her belly.
In that moment a young boy, around his 20s appeared.

“You shouldn’t shout like that… Someone could hear you..” he said, looking scared.

Then, the man let go of Amelia’s arm and hit the boy’s face so hard.

“What did I tell you about contradicting me?” The man looked at him with an angry face “Don’t dare doing that again you stupid kid, understood?”
The boy didn’t respond and the man hit him again “understood?!”
The boy, almost crying let a voice out “Y-yes sir”

Amelia, watching the whole scene had a face of horror.
Then the man turned and stood right in front of her again.

“You,” he said grabbing Amelia’s arm again, causing it to turn red “you’re going to do something for me, whether you want to or not.”

“Wh-what is it?” She said with fear, barely audible.

“You’re going to operate on this woman’s brain” he said.

“What?” Amelia was so confused.

“You’re going to operate on her, right here”

“Are you crazy? No! I can’t operate on her here!” She said not believing what that man was asking her to do.

To this answer, the man stepped right in front of her and for the third time in barely 10 minutes, grabbed her arm again and shouted:

“You’re going to do it, I don’t care if you don’t want to, because if you don’t do it, or if you kill her, you can start saying goodbye to that ginger man you call husband,” the man approached his face a few centimeters from hers “and also to the baby you’re carrying”

And with these words, he threw her to the floor, making her hit her back and part of her belly, screaming because of the pain.
He turned, and exited the room; then the young boy, looked Amelia with a sad and guilty face and then followed the man outside, closing the door behind him.
Amelia, stayed there, tears falling down her cheeks and in pain, closing her eyes and praying for this to be just a dream.

It was almost 2am when Owen finally had the chance of going home. His shift was supposed to finish at 10, but his surgery got postponed.
He made his way out of the hospital and drove his car home. He entered home, trying not to make noises so he wouldn’t wake up Amelia, and he arrived to their room expecting find her peacefully sleeping, but instead he found an empty bed.

“Amelia?” He said, but getting no response.
He went to their bathroom “are you here?” But nothing.
That moment he started to get worried, why wasn’t she at home? She left around 9:30pm and she said she was going to wait for him at home, she should have been here for hours.
He registered the house just in case she was there, but seeing that he was alone, he took his phone and called her.
3 calls later and nothing; he was really worried.

“Okay, okay, maybe she got paged because of an emergency, or maybe she’s at Meredith’s” and the first thing that came to his mind was call Meredith.

“Hey Owen, it’s a little bit late, what do you want?” She said, sounding sleepy.

“Hi Mer, are you at the hospital?” He said thinking that maybe she saw her.

“No, I’m already at home, why? You need something?”

“And is Amelia there with you?” He said sounding anxious.

“No, she’s not here” she said, but he didn’t respond “Owen what’s wrong? Is she okay?” She said starting to get worried.

“I don’t know, I can’t find her. She said she was going to come home and that was hours ago” he was getting more and more anxious.

“Okay, this is what we’re going to do, you go to the hospital and see if she’s there, I’ll ask Maggie if she saw her and call Alex, until then, don’t worry, she must be in some on call room, or maybe she has been paged.” She said “Go, and stay calm”

Owen hung out and immediately grabbed car’s keys and go outside home, almost running, on his way to the hospital.

It had been almost an hour since that man left Amelia in that room with the unconscious woman. She was there, in the same position, feeling tired and in pain, not knowing how this happened.
Why? Why now?
It was always the same old story, everytime she gets some happiness, something bad happens, but this time it wasn’t only her in danger, but her unborn child. She decided not to stay there, not to stop, she decided to try to escape from that nightmare.
Standing up using the wall as before, she examined the room.
There was a small room, without anything else than a door, and those small windows at the top of it. They were too small and too high to try to escape through them. The only way was the door.
She reached the door and tried to open it, when she realised that the young boy didn’t close it properly.
“That’s luck”, she thought.
And without making any noises she left the room.
She walked down the hallways looking for the main entrance, and when she reached the hall, she saw the man sitting there, doing something with strange objects while the young boy was cleaning.
Then, she decided that wasn’t an available option.
She started to walk again to the other part of the house, trying not to make noises when she saw a landline.
Without loosing a second she called Owen’s phone, this was her opportunity, she couldn’t miss it.

Owen entered the hospital running, and went straight to the nurses station.

“Have you seen Dr, Shepherd?” He asked to a nurse.

“No, doctor.” She said while looking at the computer “following this record, Dr Shepherd left almost 4 hours ago”

“What?” He was confused. If she wasn’t at the hospital, where she was? Then he started to be truly worried.
That moment Arizona arrived to check some information at the computer when she saw Owen.

“Hey Owen, I thought you already left, why are you here again?” She said, with her happy face as always.

“I.. I left, it’s just..” he didn’t know what to say “ it’s Amelia, I can’t find her”

“What?” Her face suddenly changed

“I- she told me she would wait for me at home since my surgery got postponed.. she’s not at home, neither at Meredith’s, clearly not here..” Owen was starting to get more and more anxious.

That moment Mer and Alex arrived, saying with just their looks that they couldn’t find Amelia.
They grabbed Owen and took him to the attendings lounge and closed the door behind them, this time, April, Callie and Nathan were there too.

“Owen, you have to relax, we’ll make some groups and go find her, she has to be somewhere.” Mer said, trying to be reasonable.

“I saw her leave around 10pm while I was doing my rounds, she cannot be here” Nathan said, positioning himself next to Owen.

“I think we should call the police”

“No,no, they will do nothing, until the 24 hours a person is not officially MIA”

“We should try to find her now and don’t lose time”

Everyone was talking at the same time, obviously very concerned and worried about their friend, the voices were loud and you couldn’t understand a thing.

Then Owen shouted
“Shut up everyone!!” He said while looking to his phone “it’s her!”
And he picked the phone up.

“Amelia!, Oh my god Amelia where are you, we thought you were lost!” He said, happy because she was okay.

“Owen, Owen I need you to listen to me carefully” her voice was low and she was barely crying.

“What? What’s happening?!”

“The guy who entered to the hospital this afternoon, he, he kidnapped me. I don’t know where I am, I just know this guy wants me to operate into a woman that might be dying or already dead or.. I don’t know Owen..” she was already crying “I’m scared, he told me that if I won’t do it, he would kill you, and would kill the baby and..”

Owen was shocked, listening to her and crying while doing it.
“Amy, love, don’t worry okay? Don’t worry baby, I’ll find you, describe me the place, I’ll call the police, we’re going to find you, you will be okay,” his voice was cracking “Amelia I love you, I love you remember it, hold on, you can, do what he wants you to do, It doesn’t matter, just stay safe, I’ll find you”

“Owen, I hear something.. oh god I think they’re coming” she kept crying and she had barely no voice “Owen, Owen please, I..” the silence filled the line. Then a loud sound was listened and a scream of pain left Amelia’s throat.

“Amelia! Oh my god, Amy! Love, are you okay? Talk to me Amelia” he was shouting at this point.

“You must be Dr Hunt” a male voice talked to the phone.

“You son of a bitch! Don’t you dare to touch her, because if you do I swear to god that..” he said, out of his nerves and scared as hell.

“Keep it to yourself. It’s up to your wife to get out of here alive. If she does what I asked her to, her and your baby will be out of here.. even when I doubt that baby will still breathing after tonight.
Don’t try a thing, I got her, and you could lose her any moment If you call the police. Goodbye Dr Hunt, remember, if you move, she’s dead.”
And then the man hang up.

“No! Amelia!! Amelia!” He shouted to the phone and cried.

Everyone in the room was frozen. They held Owen to avoid him to fall and sat him on the sofa.

“Owen, Owen, what did just happened?” Meredith asked him, scared as hell “Where is she? What happened to her?”

“I..,she…,” He barely wasn’t able to talk “she was..” and Owen fainted before he could end his phrase.

“You, stupid woman!” The man shouted to Amelia just before hitting her right in the back making her to scream.
He talked to Owen while Amelia was barely able to move and in excruciating pain.

“No, Owen…” Crying, thinking about what was going to happen next, watching how this men threatened Owen, she was barely unconscious.

“And now, looking that you don’t really care about yourself, if you try something else, the main target will be that baby you’re carrying, and believe me when I said that baby won’t make it if you move again.”

He left Amelia in that room again, this time she was stranded. In pain, hurt and alone in that room, without any other option than operate in that woman even when without the appropriate medical stuff and without a good place to do it, she would for sure die, and most of all, with her baby threatened by that man. She stayed there, crying for hours, praying for this ray of hope that was never given to her, to show up for the first time in her life, and not to lose something else, not to be the one always losing, not to have her fortune, just for once.

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Would Iwa get a shiba inu or a husky or a corgi?

i feel like he’d want to get all three omg

he’d probably want a big dog to have around, so he’d definitely get a husky. then he’d realize that when he’s out working his poor husky would get lonely.

so he gets a shiba inu, but the dogs don’t seem to get along too well. then he gets a corgi bc oikawa insisted on him getting “a cute tiny dog to control the other troublemakers in his house”.

turns out oikawa was right. the corgi is like the referee for the other big dogs lmao

long mornings and longer thoughts

quick and easy scented dough recipe

so easy in fact, you only need two ingredients: scented lotion and cornstarch

You just mix them together (i’m not gonna specify any measurements bc every lotion is different, but you should have more cornstarch, at least 2:1) and you get a soft dough that feels exactly like playdough but smells great!

And if you want to add some color, it takes food coloring very well

That said, it’s not without drawbacks. It dries out very quickly  so when you’re done playing with it you either need to store it in an airtight container or throw it away. 

Still, it’s quick, simple, and fun and it smells amazing.