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hey sorry i just have to get this off my chest but when you say you support “thicc” people i hope yall are including the ones who have stomach rolls, non-flat bellies that bulge out, heavy arms, stretch marks, and thick/fat chins too 

it wanders a lot farther than just big hips and thighs my guys 

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I don't want to suddenly make the conversations deep, but I'm gonna make the conversations deep. You are literally one of my favorite blogs ever. The way you selflessly say Jimin won't like you(bitch if he met you he would marry dont argue with me on this)and how you are so nice to your followers ughh you're just so nice????And sweet???? And perfect???? You are so pretty too. I hope this blog cheers you up if you are ever sad. With love -🖤💌🖤

I really needed a message like this, honestly. I would like to know who you are, you are like my guardian angel right now hahaha Thank you so much for everything (Ugh I’m sorry it’s hard for me to express myself in English… I need to improve it) I know Jimin would’t like me tho. My followers boi… We are like a big family here, we all should be nice to each other. 💛🏡 You really cheered me up, thank you so much! I love you.

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Hello Kaylyn do you have any Harry friends on here that I could follow? I would like to make some new friends on here 😄😄

yes! I love all my mutuals so this may be long and I don’t want to forget anyone!

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So yes sorry if I forgot anyone, I’ll probably do another big ff soonish too!

Ok sorry if ive been quiet this week but since I have fallen out of sorts with the direction I was taking Eggs I am working on drawing out or finishing my other massive ideas before I concentrate fully on developing the Eggs!Ennard story i really want to do.

Basically i cant work on things like Sonictrap or twisted fnaf designs or the big ass sonic painting on my floor and my springtrap cosplay AND plan eggs themed stories and RP

I go far too invested in eggs and it feels wrong for me to split my focus onto too many things at once.

So I am chilling finishing things and enjoying myself before i do some artist studies and drawing experiments in how to make eggs as terrifying as a concept as possible.

I will mostly on magicalhedgehogs for a spell as i try and churn out non fnaf stuff to 😎

Hope everyone stays twisted yoooo

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this doesnt have to do with deh or bmc but i can get some jd dating hcs please ?? :o sorry if im being a bother !!

DISCLAIMER: I do not condone ANYTHING JD did in Heathers, and I am not romanticising abusive relationships or mental illnesses. This is an AU where JD hasn’t murdered anyone, and is a mostly functioning teenager.

-JD’s mom loves you. She always dotes over you when you visit them, because ‘you’re making my son happy. That’s all I want for him.’

- He’ll occasionally let you borrow his trench if you’re cold. It’s way too big for you, but he thinks you look adorable in it.

- If he’s having a bad day, depression-wise, he texts you and you’re there in under 10 minutes with slushies and open arms.

- You call him Jason if you want to annoy him, but he can’t stay mad at you, even though he hates being called Jason.

- JD always takes you on random spontaneous midnight dates. He’ll just show up outside your window with his motorbike, and take you somewhere different every time.

- The two of you don’t argue very often, but when you do it’s messy. There’s shouting, and things occasionally get thrown.

- You take a couple of days apart to cool down, and then he usually shows up at your front door with a bag of Chick-Fil-A and a lengthy apology.

- He loves hugging you from behind (you know THAT one armed hug) and every time he does it you just melt a little.

- You always give him little kisses on the cheek or forehead when you see each other at school, because your school is super strict on PDA.

- You are the first person to genuinely get him to open up and feel loved, and he is so so so grateful for that.

long mornings and longer thoughts

What you asked for: “Shiro/Keith, Shiro/Allura, or Shiro/Ulaz.”

Well @wolviecat​, I was your secret gift person for the Voltron Positivity Exchange.  Bless you for giving me the opportunity to draw such a happy Shiro.  I hope you like it!

Diana & Akko - Confidence VS Believing

Welp it’s still not the day I will shut up about episode 20, NOT YET.

Because I just want to talk about Diana a little more. How, up until now, she has always been nothing but confident and certain of what she is doing/saying.

Complete confidence in answering questions in class:

Complete confidence in her magic:

Complete confidence in her broom-riding skills:

Complete confidence in her negotiating skills:

In all of these instances (and others like them) we see the same image of Diana. Back straight, chin high, eyes closed. Of course maintaining proper posture is second nature to someone as serious as Diana, but the fact that she always has her eyes closed speaks volumes to just HOW confident she is in her own abilities. She doesn’t even need to look

Not even when she is WRITING:

Not even when she is WALKING:

Now you’d think she’d at LEAST need to open her eyes to walk and write.

Not Diana Cavendish. She emits an air of confidence and pride and surety all throughout the series, in everything she does (excluding the times when Akko flusters her), which is often misinterpreted by fans and characters alike as a “high-and-mighty” or “snobbish” attitude.

She conducts herself in a very strict, professional, and surefire manner.

That is until-

Yes, Akko strikes again! So passionate, so enthusiastic. 

Diana’s always been confident in herself, but right now - in the face of losing all she and her mother and ancestors have ever worked for - she doesn’t have the spirit for it. Her stance is reclusive, not straight. She’s taken aback. 

Diana is not confident in herself at all at this point. 

But Akko is.

Rather, Akko isn’t exactly confident in Diana. She BELIEVES in her. 

She believes in her enough to proclaim Diana would be able to go to school and be the family head. That’s an immense amount of responsibility all at once, but it’s something she knows Diana would proudly be able to handle. 

Diana just can’t see it for herself right now - that of COURSE she could be family head and attend school. She doesn’t realize it, but Akko does.

So to be in the face of Akko’s complete and utter belief in her, Diana doesn’t know HOW to react for once. She’s always been confident in herself, but now Akko is the one believing in her when Diana can’t do it herself.

Akko has SO MUCH FAITH in her. When Diana can’t be confident in herself, Akko does it for her. Akko believes in her.

And for a girl who always has enough confidence to have her eyes closed, Diana’s eyes have never gone wider than in this scene.

Essentially, Diana has always been confident in herself. But not quite in the same way Akko believes in her.

After all, being confident in your own abilities and knowing that someone else believes in you with all their heart and soul are two entirely different things. 

Being confident means there is some solidarity in what you’re doing. You have done this before. You know exactly what you are doing. You are confident you can do it again. You know you will succeed.

But believing is so much more abstract. “Belief” is based off something that isn’t necessarily concrete or tangible. “Belief” is much riskier. Believing you can do something doesn’t necessarily mean you will succeed.

That is the difference between being confident and believing. Diana has always been confident in herself, and confidence is based in solidarity and surety. 

But now, thanks to Akko, she’s learning to believe in herself. Which is a little less clear, a little shakier, a little less concrete. 

That’s why “believing” is so difficult for some people (like Diana). There are no guidelines. There is no surefire answer.

But that’s what makes believing so exciting to others (like Akko). (doki doki no waku waku!)

Final notes: Confidence matches Diana’s personality and upbringing just as perfectly as believing matches Akko’s. 

But now, Akko is finally allowing Diana to believe.

Season 3 is confirmed for september and i want to play more with Lotor’s design  

AND LASTLY. My final post for this image: a wallpaper! (I’m sorry I can’t fit everyone in it’s too big!) I threw the art up yesterday without much of an explanation aside from ‘it’s done!’ HUZZAH.

But really, I meant: It’s done: Thank you all so much for the support. This was a labour of love. It really, really was. But it felt warranted! I don’t do this kind of art unless I love something deep down in my little black heart. This is my tribute to the series and to Sarah and to @blackbeak and everyone who has ever thanked me for introducing them to something they’ve gotten enjoyment out of. Every kind word and every bit of encouragement. Thank you, it’s for myself and it’s for you.

It only felt fitting to draw something that literally required me to give up a little of my own life force to get done *eyebrow waggle* and to mark the end of the series (or the end of this particular arc) in the only way I know how.

(And this isn’t the end of my Thorns and Roses art, per say. But I have done a lot - and I’m looking forward to working on my own things again! I have something else up my sleeve but it won’t be for a couple of months) <3



BUT ACTUALLY i rly enjoy doing fashion gems so this is a GREAT request!!