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Not bothering to edit my writing anymore. It’s too time consuming and tiring. So I’m sorry for the mess all this stuff is. One day maybe I’ll edit it. 


I pulled into the office just a little late but I had a good reason as to why. With a big smile I turned into our office but just like yesterday I stopped short because Cock was in the same place as the day before.

“Oh, hey,” I said a little flustered.

Clayton turned to acknowledge my presence. Ben did as well but I could tell by the look on his face he was as annoyed by Clayton’s presence as I was.

“Morning Shawn!” Y/n smiled brightly, and she seemed in a good mood.

I smiled only at her. “Good morning,”

Her eyes then darted to the tray in my hand. “Oh wow, two coffees for yourself already you must have a busy day.”

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you have a crush on who? (Sam Holland x reader)

Requested: nope. I had the idea cause I saw too many ‘’Sam’s day’’ stuff lol and just got the fucking feels, besides who doesn’t love this cutie pie that Sam is. 

Description: Sam has a crush on Y/N, and has trouble trying to tell them that he fancies them a lot.

Warnings: some language, of course some curses as it wouldn’t be an imagine of mine without it. Angsty feels! Some fluff. Alcohol involved! Also reader smokes but ain’t a big deal, if you feel uncomfortable with that I’m sorry.

Note: They/them reader! I want everyone to feel included on this imagine! Thanks for reading btw this is my first time doing a Sam Holland Imagine omg. Really hope you like it!

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‘’Y/N, I… I like you’’, Sam finally let out while the red flushed his cheeks on a rather fast way. ‘’Yeah! I really like you!’’

‘’Oh my god’’

Sam rapidly turned around, tripping with his own feet as he faced the door and held himself from the wall next to him, that stopping him from falling. His face got even more red, if it was physically possible, just as Tom leaned on the frame of the door and started to laugh.

‘’You have a crush on Y/N?!’’

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Pretty and Thin

Fandom: Marvel
Request: “Would you write a Thor x reader? Smutt Or fluff where he loves her size (she’s a bit chubby)”
Word Count: 358
Warnings: tw if anyone has issues about their bodies (I wrote this from my perspective as I am plus size) + smutish 
Author’s Note: I’m so sorry this is so late

You stood in front of the mirror, hating what you saw. You sighed knowing there was nothing you could do. You knew Thor loved you but you could never understand why. You had tried working out and eating healthy and even though you lost some weight you were still too big in your eyes.

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anonymous asked:

Ouma as a Medusa/Gorgon like creature perhaps? I don’t know much about this sort of stuff sorry!

ur good!! i’m sorry that i have no idea how to draw snakes!! probably should’ve looked at a ref, but i live the dangerous life–!! but i rlly like this idea.. i wanted ouma to be a cult member too,,!!

anonymous asked:


There would be a lot of tears, self doubt as to why Stiles would do such a thing and many sleepless nights on Scott’s couch. Stiles would try to explain, apologize even but it wouldn’t make any difference. Even though you knew of the connection he had with Lydia, it wouldn’t make things any less painful.

You’d be at Scott’s place, when a light knock on the back door would snap you out of the overthinking path.

“What part of space don’t you get, Stiles?”.

The usually energetic, sarcastic guy you feel in love with no longer had any shine presented in his brown eyes. He looked worn out, exhausted and the big obvious - full of regret.

“I know after everything I did, I should at least give you space. But I need you to know that I’m so sorry”. He sniffed. “I never wanted too-”.

“Cut the cliche crap, Stiles. I don’t want to hear any of it”. Avoiding his gaze, while trying to keep your voice from breaking.

He nodded, apologized again and left you be.

You weren’t sure if time was ever going to heal these emotional wounds, not when you couldn’t avoid seeing Stiles everyday. But what you were sure of is that you’d survive and hopefully one day learn to love again.

anonymous asked:

Hello, i am a big fan of your work! i read about your 'reposting' post and i'm sorry it happened to you. i used to draw fanarts on tumblr (not anymore) and i experienced it too. sometimes the big watermark really does wonders, i've had people who found my work on another platform visit my tumblr and reblogged from me because the watermark was large, obvious and unmissable. i've had people noticing reposts before reblogging thanks to watermarks as well... (1)

I was just informed that one of my drawings is being sold as a t-shirt and I’m incredibly mad.

I could put a big ugly watermark but it would ruin the image so bad that I’m so against to the idea of reposting all my stuff with it.

Other thing is to submit drawing with a really low quality but that is even worse. I don’t know what to do.

Nevertheless, I appreciate your message.


Intended to be read alongside Underwater Hum by Letters

What an incredible year for A Breach of Trust. Thank you so much @kikaiz and @phantomrose96 for being such a force for good in this community, and for steering the clown car I call my life in a better direction. And a big thank you to @ohwwhuv for collaborating with me on this huge undertaking, for being so helpful ironing out the wrinkles~ 

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The average ages of kpop boy groups

This is literally a pointless post but I was BORED

  • Super Junior - 31.9
  • Big Bang - 28.7
  • Shinee - 26.2
  • Exo - 25.3
  • BtoB - 25.1
  • Vixx - 25
  • Winner - 24.9
  • BAP 24.4
  • Boyfriend - 23.9
  • Hotshot - 23.9
  • Day6 - 23.8
  • Monsta X - 23.7
  • BTS - 22.8
  • Got7 - 22.3
  • Nu’est - 22.3
  • Pentagon - 21.9
  • iKon - 21.4
  • SF9 - 21.3
  • NCT 127 - 20.8
  • Seventeen - 20.7
  • Astro 20.2
  • Wanna One - 20.15
  • NCT Dream - 17

(average heights) (Girl groups: height, age)

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