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ok but now all i’m thinking of is how lena, ceo of a multi billion dollar corporation, who’s probably scheduled every second, forget minute, of every day, who just told her assistant that kara is to be letup at any time. and how kara came barging in, the assistant saying that she looked away for one second and she was gone, kara coming in with the assistant telling her not to.

ad she’s asking for lena’s help. at first she thinks here we go, no one can be as sincere and as genuine as kara seems, she’s asking for a favor and she’s even going for the classic ‘asking for a friend’ scenario to make herself seem better.

except, it really is for a friend, the panic in kara’s eyes real and genuine–someone she cares about has gone missing. she’s not being selfish, she really is being as selfless as she seems.

even more noticeable, she’s not asking for lena to fix it. she’s just asking for a name, a location, and that’s it–not money or power or even lena’s involvement. she just wants to know something that lena already knows, something that lena knows–that’s the key. Lena knows about her because she went to boarding school with Roulette, and really, nothing she tells kara even costs her anything. Not even time–she knows it off the top of her head. She doesn’t have to bribe politicians, or hire investigators, or say anything that could hurt L Corp–she just wants information about a woman she already doesn’t really like, all to protect someone else.

In Lena’s experience, we’re kind of given the impression that anything she’s experienced that seems too good to be true is–except, kara’s been proving her wrong, time and time again.

She wrote a phenomenal article about L Corp, but wasn’t afraid to tell her–with a huge, genuine smile–that she disagreed with Lena’s ideas. She asks for help, but not for herself. She’s not asking this because she wants to use Lena–she just wants to keep her friend safe. Kara’s looking at Lena with such gratitude and relief shining in her eyes, and Lena wonders when was the last time she was

This small time reporter, probably from the middle of nowhere, is brazen enough to barge right into the office of one of the most powerful women on the planet, all for a friend. Really, who wouldn’t want a woman like that as a friend? Or maybe even something more? Kara may look like a mouse in disguise but forget steel, she has a diamond core.

Lena’s probably tired of the two extremes– yes-men, who just want to use her for her money and her influence, and people who hate her because of her family. Kara is someone who isn’t afraid to speak up to her, to say she thinks she’s wrong, but she doesn’t demonize Lena. She treats her like she would any other friend.

And clearly, Lena’s enjoying it. There was the whole really gay flirting  on the couch scene, and the fact that kara has free reign into her office. God, it’s been like a month and already she’s so infatuated with one of the most oblivious people in National City. Poor Lena. Kara really should come with a warning:

“Hi my name is Kara Danvers and if you are a powerful and brilliant woman who’s never really had many friends and also a rough family life there’s a 100% chance you will fall in love with me. References: Lucy Lane and Cat Grant. Possibly more to follow.”

  • Just because your fic doesn’t get a lot of notes doesn’t mean it’s not good.
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Don’t make the mistake of associating popularity with quality.

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Scenarios where Mc and RFA tell their children they ate all their Halloween candy as a prank

omg yes,

Sorry these are a bit late for Halloween

I hope you don’t mind if I make these headcanons instead, I don’t think that I’d be able to write very good scenarios with this. I think it would get really repetitive.  


  • He’d feel so bad for tricking his kid. He’s always been the subject of Seven’s jokes and while it made almost everyone else laugh, it just left him feeling faintly annoyed and quite embarrassed, but he couldn’t just say no to MC, especially when they smiled at him like that
  • He’d be a blushing, stuttering mess as he told his kid that they’d eaten all the candy, even as MC kept a perfectly straight face.
  • It would be him that ends up confessing to their kid that it was just a prank, he’d just feel so bad
  • He’d be apologising nonstop and would probably let them eat extra candy to make up for it


  • “How could you do something like this?” Their daughter screamed, flopping dramatically onto the ground, making MC laugh and Jaehee grin as she tried to stay relaxed
  • She felt bad, but couldn’t help but be at least a little amused at the absolute horror on their daughter’s face as she sobbed at the idea of all her hard work from the previous night being for nothing
  • “I’m sorry,” Jaehee said
  • “You’re mean!”
  • At that, MC burst out laughing at the pouting child and Jaehee laughed along, as they led the kids to where they’d hidden the Halloween candy earlier that day.


  • He doesn’t quite understand why MC wants to prank their kid, but he’s more than willing to go along with their plan
  • He volunteers to be the one to tell their kid that he and MC ate all the candy, because he knows that their children take him far more seriously than they normally did MC
  • The moment Jumin finished speaking, the kids screamed, high pitched and furious over and over
  • MC was giggling behind their hand, but Jumin was managing to keep his expression rather neutral even as the kids wailed and sobbed and collapsed to writhe around on the floor, saying something about how much they hated their parents and how they would never go trick or treating again.


  • “It’s not my fault that he ate all the candy.” MC said with a smirk
  • Zen laughed, looking at their kid with an apologetic, guilty grin “Do you think you could consider forgiving me?”
  • Their kid shook their head miserably
  • “I hate you!” They screamed being running to their room and slamming the door.
  • “I love you too!” Zen called back with a grin. The moment they were out of sight, MC and Zen burst into hysterical laughter
  • “You should bring their candy back,” MC suggested when they caught their breath and Zen agreed, grabbing the candy from where they had hidden it and brought it to his child’s room


  • I don’t think that anyone needs to even say that he’d love to do this to his kid. In fact, it would be his idea, or at the very least, he and MC would come up with the plan together
  • He was careful when coming up for a hiding place for the candy
  • He and MC wouldn’t actually tell their kid that they’d eaten the candy, as their kid would probably be suspicious at anything that their parents told them by this point, so he and MC would wait and watch (probably through a camera that he set up in the kitchen) as their kid looked for the candy that had suddenly gone missing
  • He had to admit that they were diligent in searching all around the kitchen for their candy before they gave up, running up to their parents.
  • “Where is it? I know It was on the counter”
  • “We ate it,”
  • Immediately their kid froze, staring at them with terrified wide eyes as if contemplating if it would be worth it to burst into tears. The seemed to decide it would be worth it as they immediately burst into sobs and MC and Seven were unable to hold back their laughter.
  • Also there’s no doubt that this is on video, so they’re definitely not going to let their kid live this down.

Genre: Smut/bit of fluff

Pairing: You x Chanyeol

Word Count: 4,966

Summary: Everything was going fine at the hotel you were staying at… Until the people in the room next door start making a bit too much noise. You decide to get out of your room, only to find yourself falling into a similar situation.

A/N: This is pretty long and repetitive at times but I had fun writing it. Sorry for any typos!

Not only could I hear the headboard banging against the drywall, but I could feel my own bed shaking as a result. I tried not to be bothered, but the sounds coming from next door penetrated through the thin walls and filled my room. I glared at my phone, seeing that it was a little after midnight. I let out a disgusted sigh. They had been at it for almost an hour. I angrily rolled on my stomach, squishing my face into the pillow.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” I yelled into the cushion, hoping that the literal fuckers next door would hear me. As one could guess, they didn’t. I yanked the blankets off of my body and sat up, brushing my staticy hair out of my face. I was usually a patient person, but how did the people next door not realize how loud they were? Or was that all part of the fun? Disturbing the peace? Seeing who could pull the loudest reaction? I didn’t really know anything about hotel sex, considering the fact that I’d never done it, but I knew that the noises coming from the room next door were making me uncomfortable.

I shook my head, trying to think of something to do to distract myself. I could listen to music, but my bed would still be rattling underneath me. I could tell them to stop, but I wasn’t one for confrontation and I’m sure they’d be much too busy to listen anyways. I guess I’d just have to leave my room for a bit and hope they’d be done when I got back. It was pretty late though, and there weren’t many places for me to go in the hotel. The pool closed at eleven and I didn’t have money for the bar/lounge area. I sighed, throwing my hair into a messy bun. I picked up my hoodie from the floor and tossed it over my head, letting the material engulf my body. I guess I’d just have to find a different place.

I stepped out of my room, being sure to grab my phone and my key card. The moans coming from the room next door were much louder in the hallway. I rolled my eyes, hearing the girl’s strangled sounds echoing off the walls. As much as I was annoyed and uncomfortable, I felt a bit envious knowing this girl was getting it good. At least, it sure sounded like she was.

I knew if I stood by their door any longer I’d look like a complete pervert, so I immediately turned the opposite direction and headed down the hallway. I adjusted my shorts, making sure they were at least somewhat visible under my oversized hoodie as I walked. Although I had no idea as to where I was going, the empty, dimly lit corridor gave me a sense of peace and comfort.

As I neared the end of the hallway, I decided to go down a level, remembering that there was an ice machine on the floor below. I stomped down the stairs, reaching the tiny off-chute that held the icebox, a vending machine, a small bench nestled in the corner, and a green house plant. I looked up, noticing how the room was only illuminated by a single lightbulb, giving the space a hazy golden glow.

I curled up on the backless bench, pulling my knees to my chest and resting my head against the wall to my left. This room was slightly colder than the hallway, but it was peaceful and there was soft music playing from the speaker system that was hooked up somewhere within the walls. I eyed the vending machine curiously, wondering if there was anything of worth in there. I saw some chips and candy bars, feeling a familiar rumble stirring in my stomach. I rummaged through the front pocket of my hoodie, remembering I had stuffed some change into it earlier. I stood up to get a better look at the snacks in the vending machine, counting the change I had in my pocket.

“Great,” I sighed quietly, realizing I only had 75 cents. The cheapest thing in the vending machine was $1.25. I lightly smacked the machine, not really sure of what to do with myself now. I stared at the vending machine for a couple seconds before I heard the sound of footsteps in the room. I turned around just as someone entered. He was looking down at his phone, but he slowly lifted his head once he sensed my presence, his eyes locking with mine. I adverted my gaze, the sight of his messy bed hair and ruffled clothes now etched in my mind.

“Oh, sorry-” he stammered as he locked his phone and ran a hand through his disheveled hair. “I didn’t realize someone else was here.” His deep voice took precedence over the soft music humming in the background and his presence captured my attention.

“No, no it’s okay. I don’t own this room,” I laughed awkwardly. I wasn’t used to talking to guys that looked like he did. I wasn’t used to talking to guys in general.

“It’s just-” he scratched the back of his neck, as if he was looking for the right words to say. I noticed the way his bare arms flexed with his movements.

“It’s just that, it’s pretty noisy on my floor,” he said with a lazy smile and slight eye roll, shoving his hands into the pockets of his sweats. I eagerly nodded back, knowing exactly what he meant.

“Yeah, it’s noisy on my floor too. More specifically, the room next to mine,” I laughed humorlessly, leaning against the glass front of the vending machine. The boy threw his head back and sighed, looking at me with a sympathetic smile.

“I’m so sorry they’re in the room next to you,” he said sincerely. Before I could reply, he pointed at the vending machine with a confused expression.

“Am I interrupting you? Were you going to buy something?”

“Oh, no. I- I was thinking about it, but I’m a bit short,” I said, holding up my three quarters. The boy leaned against the wall, his hands again in his pockets as if he were looking for something. I could hear the jingling of loose change. He pulled out a couple quarters and stepped closer to me.

“I can cover for you,” he said politely, cocking his head to the side.

“No, it’s totally okay,” I retorted politely, holding my hands up in defense.

“Are you sure?” He asked, extending his arm and offering me the change. I simply nodded and returned back to the bench, sitting on the side away from the corner.

“I’m positive, but thank you so much for the offer.” The boy simply smiled at me and inserted the coins he was holding.

“Suit yourself,” he stated, looking at the options in the vending machine. He let out a long, exaggerated sigh.

“Hmm, I seem to be having trouble choosing,” he began, turning slightly to face me, “What would you recommend I buy?” I laughed at his adamant efforts, nervously fixing my hair.

“I don’t want you to buy me anything, honestly,” I laughed.

“But, what do you think tastes the best?” He asked, somehow keeping a straight face. I looked down at the floor and playfully shook my head.

“If you really want to know, I guess I’d buy the chocolate covered pretzels, but please don’t buy them because of m-” before I could finish my sentence he had already bought the pretzels. He shuffled over to where I was sitting, his long legs making his journey easy.

“Do you mind if I sit with you?” He asked, his voice dripping like honey.

“No, not at all,” I responded, a bit too quickly, not knowing how to handle myself around him. He sat next to me, where I had previously been sitting in the corner, but he wasn’t so close as to make me uncomfortable. He leaned his back against the wall and opened the bag of pretzels, instantly offering me the some. I took one from the bag and placed my three quarters on his lap. He laughed, brushing the coins off his legs.

“You don’t have to pay me for pretzels.” He placed the change in my lap and I shoved it back into my hoodie pocket. There was no winning with this guy. This guy. Maybe I should get his name.

“Thank you, -?”

“Chanyeol,” he stated as he took a pretzel from the bag. He looked at me as if waiting for a response.

“Y/N,” I replied quietly. He repeated after me, my name easily rolling off his tongue. God, who was I? I had just met this guy. I had to relax. I analyzed our conversation in my head, suddenly remembering that there was a question I wanted to ask him earlier.

“I don’t mean to pry,” I began, my gaze fixed on the floor, “but earlier you said you were sorry about the people in the room next door to mine, as if you were apologizing for their actions. Do you know them?” Chanyeol slowly nodded as he finished chewing his pretzel. I glanced up at him, his eyes now focused on mine.

“I know one of them,” he stated, flashing me a weak grin. I didn’t want to force conversation, but I was curious.

“Can I ask who?”

“My friend- well, bandmate, Baekhyun, is in that room,”

“And his girlfriend…?” Chanyeol looked down at his feet, shaking his head in response.

“Baek doesn’t have a girlfriend,” Chanyeol said, clearing his throat shortly afterwards.

“Oh,” I responded awkwardly, realizing that what was going on in that room wasn’t anything more than a sloppy hookup. I should have figured. Now I just looked stupid. I decided to change the subject before I dug myself an even deeper hole.

“So you two are in a band?” I asked with a smile. Chanyeol slightly nodded, clicking his tongue as if looking for the correct response.

“We’re in a group with a couple of other guys,” he began, “you see, we didn’t put on a good performance tonight,”

“I’m sure you weren’t that bad,” I responded.

“Maybe not,” he began slowly,  “…but Baek thought he screwed everything up.” I suddenly understood what he was saying, letting out a sound of realization.

“What he and that girl are doing… that’s what happens after a bad show?” Chanyeol simply nodded. He probably thought I was a bit of an idiot, but my mind was too busy wondering about other things. If that’s how they took out their frustration after a bad show, I wonder how they celebrated a good show? I clenched my legs at the thought. Chanyeol seemed to notice my shift in demeanor.

“We don’t have to talk about this anymore,” he said as he discarded the empty pretzel bag. I really looked at him, taking in the way the dim lighting bounced off his silky skin and perfectly outlined his tone muscles. His hair was just the right amount of messy and his eyes were a bit droopy due to his tiredness. His tank top hung off of his body and his sweatpants sat just right on his hips, just low enough…

“Why aren’t you with someone tonight?” I whispered, unable to believe that I dared to ask him such a question. Who was I? Chanyeol let out a low chuckle.

“I don’t really know how to answer that,” he began, his gaze flickering down my body, landing on my exposed thighs. “I guess… I am a bit lonely tonight.” I felt my breath hitch at the back of my throat. I shifted my eyes and looked at Chanyeol, knowing that this was a chance I couldn’t let go to waste. But before I could make a move, Chanyeol’s lips had already crashed onto mine, pulling an involuntary moan from me. Chanyeol took this opportunity to slip his tongue into my mouth, working it against mine. He cradled my head in his large hands, running his thumbs over my jaw and pulling me closer to him. I decided that that wasn’t good enough. I lifted myself from the bench and slowly straddled him, placing a knee on either side of his lap. Chanyeol let out a small moan at the feeling of warmth against his crotch, his hands gripping at the backs of my bare thighs. His lips were once again on mine, the intense kissing bringing a sting to my flesh.

Chanyeol slowly ran his hands under my hoodie and tank top, brushing his calloused fingers against my burning skin. I moaned into the kiss, getting a rise out of every touch he was giving me.

“You’re so responsive,” he panted, his breath fanning over my neck as his lips worked at the soft spot behind my ear. I rested my head in the crook of his neck, tangling my fingers in his hair, tugging at the soft strands,

“Is this okay?” He asked as he trailed down my neck, nipping at the sensitive skin. I could feel his lips curling into a deviant smirk.

“Yes,” I breathed, taking my fingers out of his hair and desperately latching onto his shoulders. Chanyeol ran his tongue over the developing bruises he had given me, soothing the irritated skin. He took the hem of my hoodie in his hands, eyeing me as if asking for permission. I eagerly nodded, too caught up in the moment to think about anything but his hands on my body. Chanyeol removed my hoodie and gingerly brushed my hair out of my face. His lips worked at my newly exposed skin, starting with the soft flesh of my collar bones.

“Chanyeol,” I breathed, my hands wrapping around the back of his neck.

“Hmmm?” He hummed against my skin.

“I’m lonely tonight too,” I stated quietly.

“Yeah?” Chanyeol cooed between kisses as he trailed his lips down to the tops of my breasts that my tank top left exposed. He slowly ran a rough finger up my arm, tugging down the straps of my bra and shirt. Even though Chanyeol was a complete stranger, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to see how much I craved him. The heat pooling between my legs was evident to people miles away, and the pressure of Chanyeol’s growing erection against my clothed core was already enough to send me over the edge.

“Chanyeol,” I cried out desperately, “I want you… so badly.” I’m sure that was music to his ears, but he reached out a hand and held my shoulder to still my movements.

“Not here,” he stated, his gaze meeting mine. Obviously I didn’t want to do it here, next to the vending machine where anyone could walk by. I mean, that could be fun, but I just nodded my head, biting my lip to stifle the eager sounds I wanted to make. Chanyeol lifted me from his lap and took my hand in his, leading me up the stairs and down the hall to his room. To my surprise, it was directly across the hall from mine. Chanyeol wasted no time fumbling with the door key like I would’ve, and we were immediately in his room, his foot closing the door behind him.

Without wasting a second, Chanyeol worked his mouth against mine. His lips were undeniably soft and I could feel how swollen they were as my tongue brushed over them. I tugged slightly at Chanyeol’s bottom lip with my teeth, earning a throaty groan from him. He skimmed his fingers down my sides and peeled off my tank top, leaving me in my bra and shorts. I felt his hands run down the back of my thighs as he told me to jump. I did as I was told, my legs straddling Chanyeol’s waist and my back banging against his door. Chanyeol’s lips attacked my neck as he unclasped my bra, letting it fall to the floor. I took this moment to look around at his room. It was far from organized, but it wasn’t terrible. Things from his suitcase were scattered randomly throughout the room. I noticed that he seemed to have fancy things and brand name clothing. Maybe his band was more successful than I had thought? I looked around some more, noticing a pile of what appeared to be gifts by the coffee table. There was a variety of things like stuffed animals, bouquets of flowers, and a literal ton of cards and notes.

My attention was pulled back once Chanyeol’s lips made contact with my nipple, swirling his tongue around the sensitive nub. I gasped at the contact, tugging desperately at Chanyeol’s hair, signaling him to continue. He smirked against my skin as he massaged my other breast, his thumb flicking at the hardened bud. I threw my head back against the door, a soft moan falling from my lips. My panties were literally drenched at this point and I moved my hips against Chanyeol’s waist as a desperate attempt to relieve some tension.

“Easy,” he chuckled against my chest as he held my hips still. Chanyeol removed his lips from my breast and walked us over to his bed, gently setting me down on his ruffled white sheets. He hovered over me and I wasted no time, feverishly tugging at the hem of his loose tank top.

“Someone’s eager,” he teased as he grabbed at the collar of his shirt, slowly pulling it over his head. He brought his body closer to mine, allowing me to run my fingers down his firm torso, his hot muscles contracting under my cool touch. Chanyeol teased the waistband of my shorts, brushing his fingers over the skin of my lower stomach.

“Can I take these off?” He asked softly. I could only nod, my body so ready for his touch I was barely able to form words. Chanyeol slowly removed my shorts, his rough fingers grazing over my legs as he did so. He cocked his head and clicked his tongue upon noticing the wetness that had collected in my panties.

“Y/N,” he said as he slowly massaged my thighs, “you’re so wet and I haven’t even touched you properly.” Chanyeol’s words were like velvet, his voice reaching something in me his body couldn’t. As he spoke, he ran his finger down my clothed core, pressing lightly against my clit.

“Chanyeol,” I mewled, spreading my legs further for him as soft moans fell from my lips. Chanyeol slipped his finger under the hem of my underwear, tugging them down my legs and tossing them on the floor. The cool air made contact with my wetness, causing a low groan to escape me. I’d never felt like this before; this fucking needy. My body was literally shaking with anticipation. Chanyeol’s fingers were so long and rough and I knew they would work wonders inside of me. I pulled his fingers closer to me, running them along my soaking slit. Before I could do it for him, Chanyeol inserted two fingers inside of me.

“Shit,” I moaned at the sudden intrusion. After allowing me to adjust, he pumped his fingers into me at a quick pace, curling them perfectly to hit my g-spot. I threw my head back against the pillows, allowing my nails to dig into his forearm.

“More,” I begged, not caring about how disgustingly desperate I sounded. Chanyeol inserted a third finger, deliciously stretching out my walls. I could feel the familiar knot forming in my stomach as Chanyeol’s thumb worked at my clit. I shut my eyes, my lips parting as harsh pants fell from my mouth.

“I can tell you’re close, babe,” Chanyeol stated as he quickened his pace, relentlessly driving his thick fingers into my core. I nodded with a stifled moan, rocking my hips against his skilled fingers, nearing dangerously close to the edge. Chanyeol applied even more pressure on my clit, running his thumb in quick circles. That was all it took. I cried out his name as I came around his fingers, a wave of pleasure washing over my entire body. Chanyeol kept pumping until I was totally spent. He pulled his fingers out of me and brought them to my lips, allowing me to taste myself.

“Good girl,” Chanyeol hummed. He wasted no time in undressing himself, removing his sweatpants and boxers in one fell swoop, his erection slapping against his stomach. Chanyeol was certainly well endowed and if his fingers caused my walls to sting, I knew his dick would fucking destroy me. He gathered the precum that had collected and swirled it around the head of his cock, lubricating himself with his own arousal. He reached into the bedside table and grabbed a condom, opening the package with his teeth and discarding the wrapper. He pulled the condom down his length, hissing as the rubber snapped against his skin.

“Are you sure this is what you want?” He asked as he hovered over me, his large hands gently gripping my hips.

“Do you even have to ask?” I laughed breathlessly, knowing that this was the most I had ever wanted someone. Chanyeol smirked at me as he ran the tip of his cock down my slit, ogling over my wetness. His head brushed over my clit several times, each time pulling an involuntary groan from the back of my throat. Chanyeol bit his lip as he slowly entered me, my wills still sensitive from my last orgasm.

“Fuck, Chanyeol,” I cried out as I looked down at his length buried inside my drenched core. Chanyeol dropped his head into the crook of my neck, his breath fanning over my sweat dampened skin.

“You’re so fucking tight,” he grunted. I gripped onto his shoulder, signalling him to continue, but he refused to move.

“Chanyeol,” I groaned.

“What baby?” He asked, a playful smirk tugging at his lips. How could he have so much control over himself?

“Please…” I whined.

“Please what?”

“Please, do something,” I cried desperately, bringing my fingers down to my clit to help myself. Chanyeol slapped my hand away and scolded me, a lazy smirk plastered to his face.

“Babe, just tell me what you want me to do.” I was far beyond the point of being embarrassed. I was absolute putty in Chanyeol’s hands and I was fucking desperate for him.

“Please, just fuck me already,” I begged. Just like that, Chanyeol pulled out and rocked his length back into me, his grip on my hips tightening.

“Fuck,” I panted. Chanyeol continued thrusting into me at an even pace, his dick filling my walls just right. I took this time to admire him, the way his hair had fallen in his face and how the sweat had stuck to his skin. I needed more of him.

“Faster,” I barely managed to say. Chanyeol began barreling into me, his hair falling against my neck as he leaned down to suck on my collar bone. His fingertips dug into my hip bones, surely bruising the soft skin. I raked my nails down his back, feeling his muscles twitch under the harsh contact. Chanyeol hissed against my skin, the pain only egging him on. He somehow managed to quicken his pace, his headboard now banging against the wall, my body being pounded into his mattress. The stinging between my legs was excruciating, but for some reason, I fucking loved it. I bit down on my lip, the slight taste of blood mixing with my saliva.   

“Chan-yeol,” I cried, practically able to feel his thrusts hit the back of my throat.

“Hmm,” he grunted against my neck.

“I’m close,” I breathed. Right when he was about to say something, there was a sudden knock at the door. My eyes widened as I felt my body jump out of my skin. I tried to push Chanyeol off of me, but he only slowed inside of me, his hand quickly clamping over my mouth and holding me in place.

“Shhh,” he said, seemingly unphased, “don’t worry, the door’s locked.”

“Chanyeol?” Someone called from the other side, “It’s Sehun, can I come in?”

“I’m about to hop in the shower,” Chanyeol called out as he continued to slowly thrust into me. I moaned into his hand, tasting the sweat that had accumulated on his skin.

“Oh alright, text me if you want to do something later,” the voice responded as I heard footsteps shuffling away. Chanyeol took his hand off of my mouth and pushed my hair out of my face, grinning down at me. He began quickening his pace as if picking up where we had left off before the interruption. His thrusts were painfully deep and he managed to hit my sweet spot every fucking time. I threw my head back, my eyes screwing shut. Chanyeol had turned me into a moaning mess, rendering me totally incoherent.

“I’m- going to-”

“Oh no, not yet baby,” Chanyeol grunted as he sucked harshly at the soft spot behind my ear.

“Just, fuck!” I screamed as I gripped the blanket, tears threatening to spill from my eyes as I struggled to catch my breath. I threaded my fingers through Chanyeol’s hair and harshly tugged at the strands. I wrapped my legs around his waist, digging my heels into base of his spine, pulling him deeper inside me.

“Fuck,” Chanyeol breathed as he filled me completely, totally bottoming me out. He let out a low, strangled moan, his voice rumbling through my body as he began pounding into me, somehow reaching deeper than before.

“Shit,” I cried out. It hurt. It hurt so fucking good, his thrusts sending electric pulses throughout my body. My entire being was buzzing with the Godly sensation of pain mixing with pleasure.

“Fuck,” I breathed. Chanyeol brought his finger to his mouth, sucking on the tip and running the slick digit over my swollen bundle of nerves. I completely lost it, finally hitting my second high. My walls clenched around Chanyeol as I orgasmed, pulling him over the edge. His thrusts grew sloppy as his breathing became erratic, a string of curses falling from his bruised lips. I felt him twitch inside me, releasing into the condom. He continued thrusting into me a few more times to ride out his high.  

I just laid there, brushing my hair out of my face and attempting to catch my breath. Chanyeol slowly pulled out of me with a low moan. I watched as he pulled the condom off his sensitive cock, hissing at the painful feeling. I looked up at his face, taking in his flushed cheeks and wonderfully swollen lips. My eyes trailed down his body, admiring the way the sweat had accumulated on his skin. Chanyeol reached out towards me and brushed a couple strands of hair out of my face, tucking them behind my ear.

“What are you staring at?” He asked with a devious smirk. I shook my head, feeling embarrassed that he had caught me admiring him. Oh well. Chanyeol pulled on his boxers and handed me the box of tissues from the night stand.

“Thanks,” I said as I went to sit up. I quietly winced at the sudden pain between my legs, deciding to wipe myself off while laying down. I tried to be quiet, not wanting Chanyeol to see me in the state I was in. I immediately discarded the used tissues and tried to stay still. Chanyeol sat next to me, reaching down and running his finger across the bruises he had left on my neck, shaking his head with a sigh.

“Was I too rough with you?” He asked sincerely as he placed his sheets over my body.

“No,” I answered, holding the material over my chest. Chanyeol cocked an eyebrow at me, looking down at my legs.

“Then sit up.” I did as I was told, but the pain between my legs was obvious and it turned simple movements into a fucking hassle.

“I’m just sore,” I admitted as I shrugged my shoulders. I knew he wanted to be sorry, but I could tell he felt accomplished knowing he fucked me so hard I couldn’t even walk right.

“So,” he began quietly, “we’re really not supposed to have girls in our rooms.” Too late. In all honesty, I could take the hint. He wanted me to leave. I didn’t know him at all, and we both got what we wanted, so it didn’t really matter to me.

“Okay, I can go-”

“I don’t want you to leave, though. Plus, it’d be really fucking douchey of me kick you out,” he stated as he handed me one of his t-shirts, a plain black one that would definitely be large on me. He flashed me a smile as he combed his fingers through his hair.

“Are you sure?” I asked. Chanyeol took the shirt he gave me and pulled it over my head.

“I’m positive,” he said with a sweet grin. He laid down next to me and beckoned me to join him. I smiled as I rested my head against his chest, his arm wrapping around my shoulder and his fingers delicately running through my hair. Chanyeol pulled the covers over us, the warmth from his body and the blankets totally engulfing me. I pulled out one of my arms and pointed at the gifts gathered by the coffee table.

“You must have a lot of fans. Just how famous is your band?” Chanyeol took my hand in his and brought it to his lips, softly kissing the back of it. He replied in a sleepy voice,

“We’ll just have to save that story for tomorrow morning.”


Otherwise known as; Poems written by William Poindexter and then performed by him at Annie’s on Slam Poetry Night, Number Three.

[one] [two]

         “I’ve been dealing with some internal stuff recently, so sorry if this theme becomes a little repetitive.” A short, nervous laugh. “This poem is called Soldiers

I once punched a wall to keep from hitting my brother

Not because of a sibling spat

But because he used the word faggot and renounced all gays

And I had spent the day before wrapped up in a boy whose secrets were as deadly as mine

I’ve seen my mother start earthquakes to get to her kids

Parting shoppers like the Red Sea as she sought after the one of six children she had misplaced

I always felt misplaced, upside down or sideways maybe

My dad’s hands are bigger than my entire face

He used them to teach me how to ride a bike and help me up when I fell down on the ice

Sometimes I find myself staring at them, wondering if they would become punishing if they knew of their son’s tendency to kiss boys

At Thanksgiving, I sit next to my cousin who spent his weekend protesting a Pride parade and my other cousin who kissed a girl once on a dare and liked it but never speaks of it for fear of her father, the preacher, condemning her to Hell

My sister smiles at me as she passes the mashed potatoes, another rebel of the number one rule of “No homosexuality”

We, all of us, are insurgents but we were never enlisted, never drafted or picked

Suddenly, I realize why they called it a Cold war.”

Punish Me Harder

Genre: Smut

A/N: very out of it right now so I’m sorry if there’s any mistakes or if it gets repetitive. Also it didn’t really fall through with the prompt 100% I think but I tried I’m sorry I’m really tired and emotionally stressed. (Also, idk if the last bit was necessary but I did it anyways.)

Word Count: 1.5k+

Warnings: Daddy kink (when is there not), pain during sex (like spanking and bruising), degradation and name calling. That’s pretty much it.


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Sometimes math gets so so repetitive! I’ve put some cute memo notes to brighten up the desk space and keep me going! Sorry for the poor lighting, it is so dark outside!
👉PROTIPs: 1️⃣to save space rule your notebook in half and work with two
2️⃣Highlight question number so marking is easier!
3️⃣ use thin pen or pencil, so that you don’t accidentally misread squished numbers and letters

hhhh finally done

B-day gift for @gatobob !!

Sorry Anthony and Chet aren’t there ^^; I have a seriously shitty cold rn and honestly the only thing I wanted to do today besides survive was finish this. Also I’m sorry if any of the designs aren’t accurate! I tried my best ahah…First time drawing Farz, Sid, and Lawrence too. (Also skinnier Strade but that’s besides the point ok)

anyways, happy birthday, Gato! You are honestly an inspiration to me, and the fact we least somewhat acquainted is like…-high pitched screaming-
you’re really sweet and your writing is also great! I loved TINR and I’m so excited to see the new webcomic when that begins!

I hope you had a good day, and that you got to spend it with the people you love!!

Also, if I upload this on my dA too and tag you, sorry! qvq I don’t want it to get repetitive seeing this or anything oml - Vince


Let’s Play AU - The GYUtery: Mingyu Kim has loved to cook since he was very little, but he never thought he would make a career out of it. With the help of his best friends Wonwoo Jeon, Minghao Xu, and Junhui Wen, and the other members of their SEVENTEEN Collective family, he set up The GYUtery: a place for simple and affordable “pantry” recipes. Please feel free to contribute your own recipes, and don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe!

(Ps: keep an eye out! With Junhui and Minghao on tour with Sigma Crew and Wonwoo getting busier with Prodigious Music, Mingyu may be looking for some extra hands around the studio!(please don’t use or claim as your own!)

roommate and i put an application in for a new place

it makes more sense for us to stay living together even though i’d rather live by myself because it would be save us both so much money but i’m not happy

i’m not happy about having to move from the place that’s been home for four years, i’m not happy about having to pay so much for a new place

i’m just not happy

Another thing I need to talk about is how a traumatized person will sometimes crave abuse, but in sort of a “less abusive” way, for instance they will want a similar situation to repeat but with one thing different, maybe it happens all same but this time the abuser really didn’t mean to, or this time he’s actually sorry and he apologizes, or this time he really does it out of love, or they stop before it gets too terrifying. It can also be a variation like, this time the victim gets the attention they didn’t get the first time, or they get praise or approval they didn’t get the first time, or they get their pain validated, or they get confirmed that they did the right thing, or maybe victim will react to abuse differently this time to try and affect the abuser’s actions, maybe this time the abuser wont have such tremendous amount of power over the victim, maybe this time it’s okay because the victim was craving it, maybe it can reassure the victim that the worst thing already happened so they can live with less anxiety and anticipation of pain, maybe it’s the only thing to make them feel alive. 

I think after surviving through horrific abuse it’s impossible to cope with healthy situations, it’s hard to even begin to understand what a healthy situation is, and a person will generally stick with what they know, but they’re aware it was hurting them, so they want it to happen differently, without the harm this time, or with their consent this time, but still reassuring themselves that the abusive situation would be normal, if it happens without that one thing that hurt them the most, it’s actually very hard to accept that the other less hurtful things even were hurtful compared to that one that did maximum damage so the rest might actually seem normal. 

When I talk about this I don’t exclude myself from it, I’m exactly like this, I keep craving violence and pain, but also situations that are abusive, but somehow a little less abusive than my past, codependency that isn’t fatal but still intense and filled with drama and anxiety, being controlled by someone but not to the extent where they completely destroy me (it would still take my life from my hands!), feeling inferior to someone just so i have someone to admire, pleasing other people but getting their approval this time, sacrificing my well being but for seemingly good cause, all those situations would still be very much abusive even if i’m unable to perceive them that way, to me they’re cravings and in my mind they’re just so much better than what i’ve been through. 

A traumatized person doesn’t need to feel ashamed for craving abuse, craving abuse doesn’t mean they deserve to be abused, it doesn’t give anyone the right to exploit and use them for abusive purposes, it doesn’t mean anyone has the right to humiliate or attack a person who can’t distinguish if they’re in an abusive situation or not. A person craving abuse is struggling and suffering enough already. They didn’t deserve to be abused again. They didn’t cause it or ask for it. It’s impossible to jump from extremely abusive situations into healthy ones. It has to go bit by bit. Recovery doesn’t mean you’ll suddenly only find yourself in healthy situations. It means gradually realizing, bit by bit, just what parts of the past were abuse, not just the extreme bits, but all of it. It will take time, it will take repetition, painful realizations and cutting off more and more people. It’s okay. That’s how it has to go. You’re not on a bad path just because you’re not in a completely healthy situation right now. You’re progressing. You’ll get there.

the-great-dio  asked:

i hope this isn't a bother but i have a lil would the 2ps react if they, say, spill coffee on reader's homework she worked hard at (i apologize for my terrible english and thank you very much! :з)

((you’re welcome, and your English seems fine to me~ btw, i’m only gonna do the Allies for this one bc the answers start to get repetitive.))

2P: [accidentally ruins your work]

2P!America: shitsHITSHIT I’M SO SORRY OH MY GOD….,,, um errr uH YOU CAN HIT ME IF YOU WANT [prepares himself for a semi-hurtful punch,]

2P!China: [jaw drops] ……oh god i’m sorry please don’t hate me [hUG TACKLES YOU] don’t hate me please i love you i’m so sorry oh god no fUUUCK [genuinely very concerned he screwed up]

2P!England: M-My sincerest apologies! Here, allow me to help you clean this mess up– [cleans up your workspace] There, all nice and tidy! N-Now, is there any way I can help you with your lost work? I’ll do anything, poppet, I assure you…! [near tears bc of the guilt]

2P!France: aw crap– [flustered] here let me… [awkwardly tries to clean things up but ends up accidentally making it worse] shit…….,,, [looks you directly in the eyes] i am so fucking sorry okay

2P!Russia: My mistake… [tries to save the rest of your work from getting drenched] I’ll… make it up to you. What were you working on? I’m sure I could do it for you…

2P!Canada: fucking hell [looks at you to make sure you’re okay] …did anything spill on you? uh, sorry… here, take my wallet [not sure how to pay you back for your lost work so he gives you like $12 and runs away]

Swordbearer's Lullaby (Love Won't Set You Free)
kat (projectormom)
Swordbearer's Lullaby (Love Won't Set You Free)

I saw a post floating around about songs people wanted to see in future Steven Universe episodes and one of them was “Goodbye song between Rose and Pearl” and for whatever reason I looked at that and instantaneously thought of the lyric “you know I’ll always love you, but my love won’t set you free.” Which is not the most poetic or original thing in the world I guess but it IS a sentiment that I feel like Rose would desperately need to get imparted to Pearl at some point, no matter how hard it would be. So I sat down and wrote this in like an hour and the uke part is awfully repetitive but I hope the lyrics make up for it (ideally, I’d imagine a sort of slow, nocturne-like version of Pearl’s theme underneath it). (Also, it’s not a duet, it’s just Rose singing to Pearl. And I didn’t really try to like…voice-act it at all, I just sang, so…sorry about that.) (Also also: art in the album art box is also mine.)


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It’s been days– no weeks since I actually uploaded content or worked properly on writing for this blog and I’m really sorry for that. I keep posting these PSA text posts, expressing how I don’t feel well and blablabla and it’s getting repetitive, I know… I’m sorry for that.

It’s just that I really do feel the worst I ever have, despite all the crap I’ve ever been through. My logic tells me that these feelings, while definitely valid, are “made up” as in stuff going on in my head which doesn’t necessarily have to be true. It doesn’t make them go away though. I’m still scared of what the future brings. I’m at constant fear to not fulfill the expectations of people close to me. I feel worthless to everyone, friends, family, society and instead of changing what makes me feel so worthless – which definitely is a thing to grasp, I know what’s up and why I feel like others look down on me and it’s not that of a big deal to make a move and change the way things are – I’m sitting at home 24/7, feeling so fucking anxious and nervous and scared because change is scary. Everything’s new, I’m out of high school, I’m about to apply for college and I’m so fucking scared of it and it’s so energy draining.

So with that in mind I hope you can understand me not being able to create content at the moment. I’m sad about that, because it’s actually a thing I enjoy, but lately I feel so full of dread and misery that I just can’t.

anonymous asked:

Sorry if this is a repetitive ask but... is there a distinct difference between Taurus boys and girls? I hear so many good things about tauruses but my ex bf was one and... oh man.. he.... really... was the embodiment of pure underwhelming sleaziness


anonymous asked:

Hey! I'm a big fan of your blog and as someone who is getting started to learn the language I was wondering... how do you learn to read korean? I keep trying but I never seem to get it right lol, thank you!

(sorry if you waited too long for the answer :( i didnt know i had messages)

thank youuuuu omg <333

well where are you struggling the most? did you learn romanization before (i dont recommend it)? you forget words or the individual components?

its looks like repetitive advice but HONESTLY the best thing you can do is practice. maybe with flashcards (or quizlet/memrise!), maybe a youtube video of someone explaining it might help you more, or maybe just writing them over and over till they get stuck in your head and it becomes a reflex. 

a thing that really helped me when i started was learning kpop idols’ names (pls dont laugh i know its kinda dumb lmao) 

so, for example, Park ChanYeol. i found the hangul, 박찬열, and a video of someone saying it (there are maaany out there, thats one of the good things about kpop haha). i matched the hangul with the pronunciation and i did that with more names like Jeon WonWoo (전원우), Min YoonGi (민윤기), Kim TaeHyung (김태형). in that way i figured out some “patterns” for the hangul-sound relation, and it was easier to remember bc I REALLY WANTED TO KNOW HOW TO PRONOUNCE THEIR NAMES OKAY. I NEEDED TO KNOW. of the interest and admiration i feel for them.

i hope you find it helpful!!! if not, ive reblogged a few posts with resources that can help you :D

anonymous asked:

Hey, monica. Are you alright? Haven't heard from you in quite some time and got a little worried about you. Hope you're doing fine :)

hi, anon!! im really sorry for the late reply, i didn’t have the chance to be around these past few weeks and i saw this just now!!

thank you so so much for the kind message, anon, this was incredibly sweet of you!! if i have to be honest, i didn’t think people would notice or care much about me not being around, so i was really touched by this. im not the best with words, especially these days, but just– thank you, really, it means a lot to me ❤

i apologize for making you worry!! i didn’t mean to disappear completely, and even if i can’t promise i won’t do it again since the situation with my dad is what it is, im gonna do my best to pop in and check on you guys a bit more often!!

okay, this is getting way too long so im going to shut up now. thank you so much again, anon, i hope you’re doing fine too and that you’re still around to see this!!

anonymous asked:

It's so disappointing and it makes so little sense to not show the relationship development of the romantic relationship they decided to make the whole focus of this season. I just don't get how they expected most people to care enough about this to just go with it and not question it. Also the show is at its best when it's gayest, that's why s2 is the superior season. This is way too straight for me sorry.

i know. i ranted about that here already so i won’t go into it again, but i agree on all points. this season has been way too transparent, repetitive and overall plain. but god help me, 7 episodes in and i STILL have hope that they’re just playing us. i still hope for a good twist in the end, something to prove this has been done on purpose and it will all make sense when it’s over. these last eps are gonna make it or break it. there’s no in between.


Howdyy y'all whazzuppp. So this week we’re gonna try to post as much as we can so we can empty out our inbox; but there only so many different ways to write smut hahaha but! I believe it should be open again like Sunday, March 22. Once we open requests back up again, please feel free to request anything other than smut as well and people other than characters from Teen Wolf, because frankly it’s getting a bit repetitive ahaha sorry if that offended anyone, I’m just speaking from a writer’s perspective. 

Request: can you make a Brett talbot imagine where he eats you out or maybe he fingers you before a lacrosse game.? that’d be amazing. thank you

This was finally the night before Brett’s first lacrosse game! You were so excited especially since he had asked you to hang out before he had to go and warm up with the rest of the team. The two of you had decided to go get ice cream and then drive to the game and eat while you were waiting. You didn’t care that it wasn’t the most conventional of hangouts; as long as you go to spend time with Brett, you could have been sitting in sewers. 

You had arrived at a back alley after you two had received your ice creams. You weren’t exactly sure why, but your statement still stood true; could have been sitting in sewers and still happy. The two of you began talking about you childhoods, your fears, and everything in between. It was one of those things out of a book where the couple learns everything about one another, become best friends, date all throughout high school ad college, and eventually get married. However; time should have proven this otherwise. Brett wasn’t like one of those boys. He wasn’t the kind who fell in love and spent his off hours thinking of perfect dates for his girl. He was the type to have multiple girls for multiple reasons; none of them being for his pure and innocent affection. 

As the two of you chatted, you notice his hand creeping up your thigh. As much as you wanted to decline, you couldn’t bring yourself to. Brett Talbot was a dream. Girls would have killed to be in the position that you were in at the moment. You looked at him and found his eyes already staring back at you. You grabbed his hand and led it farther into the crevice between your legs, deeper into your skirt. You felt his fingertips press against your heat and moaned quietly, your head tilted back slightly, relishing the sensation. He pushed them father yet, right inbetween the folds, running up and down them a bit, seeing how wet he could get you. 

You breathed shallowly, his fingers began thumbing your clit, squeezing it and twisting it this way and that. This made you squeal and fidget a bit, you wanted his fingers inside you, pumping and curling as they should. Your spirits lifted when he slowly entered one finger inside you, sliding it in and out. He kept his eye contact with you, watching your every expression as it passed your face. He added another finger, and another, watching as your expression turned into that of ecstasy. He kept pumping them in and out, curling them as he did so, giving you a tickle every time he went back in. You felt pressure build inside you and as you were about to release, he pulled his whole hand out form your panties. 

“Hey! Not cool,” you said with a pout. He simply laughed and leaned in close to whisper in your ear. 

“We could continue this but I have a game and personally, I would like something in return if I were to do so,” He said with a slight smirk. All you did was smile and shrug. This time you leaned in close,

“Okay…but only if you win,” you said opening the car door and walking to the end of the alley and making your way to the lacrosse game. You turned to see Brett staring darkly at your back, making you feel as though you had win the world cup and he was the losing team.