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Could you do the RFA (plus Saeran if your willing to) of an SO/MC with insomnia but like they stay up for days and sometimes just pass out from sleep deprivation instead of just staying up really late? I haven't seen anyone do it like that and that what I suffer with but sorry if it's uncomfortable or you won't write it I understand (ps sorry for the bad English it's not my first language)

Eh, nothing uncomfortable there don’t worry ~

I went with hcs again and I guess it’s kinda linked to the s/o with nightmares I wrote before (Saeran’s got a bit angsty lol sorry, he’s easy to write angst for) ~

Yoosung : 

  • he’s had times where he had to put all nighters until morning because of an essay to write or a test to study for but it was occasional and he would always get his sleep back the next day but his s/o’s situation is different and that would worry him; knowing it wasn’t occasional but rather a common occurrence.
  • He’d do what he can to get them to sleep at the same time as him (read : initiating cuddle session) but he wouldn’t know what to do if they really didn’t want to lie down and try to let sleep overcome them.
  • The first time they pass out, he uses everything he knows from his classes – sure, animals and humans aren’t the same but it’s better than not do anything – but he would be so scared even though he was expecting this to happen with the lack of sleep they were suffering from.
  • No way he’s letting them go another day without sleeping again, he doesn’t ever want to see them faint once more – he’ll guilt trip them into staying in bed until they get at least an hour of sleep, if it’s what it takes.

Zen :

  • He’s very insistent on getting his beauty sleep and would try to get his s/o to sleep with him too but if they really couldn’t sleep, he’d always ask if they want to ‘tire themselves out’ by partaking in some 'nightly activities’ and he wouldn’t stop until they were too exhausted to do anything – that or ask them if they want to exercise (the normal type of exercise) together before bed.
  • When they faint for the first time, it’s probably when he’s at work so when he comes home to them lying unconscious on the floor, he’s terrified. He’ll try to be calm but he would immediately call for an ambulance and would constantly ask questions as to what happened and if they were alright.
  • He asks the doctors what they should do to get some sleep or get rid of their insomnia; but from now, he asks they send him a text every one or two hours to make sure they haven’t passed out – and exercise (the naughty or the normal kind) is not an option before going to bed.

Jaehee : 

  • She knows what it’s like but because of the amount of caffeine she always has in her body + the years of resistance against sleep deprivation she’s endured by working for Jumin, she hasn’t really experienced passing out from lack of sleep, even though she’s been close to it more than once. However, she’d be very concerned for her s/o, especially if the reason they couldn’t sleep was because of insomnia and not because they 'had to’ stay awake. 
  • She would make them coffee but eventually, when it was time to sleep, she wouldn’t accept their refusal to lie in bed and try to sleep. She’d be very motherly and firm about it – she might even lecture her s/o – because ’how can you even expect to sleep if you don’t try to’.
  • When they faint, mom-mode goes to extreme level and she will tie them to the bed (not in a kinky way geez) until they finally get some sleep – she immediately thinks of the worst situations and locations where they could pass out and it scares her; in the middle of the road, in the subway, in the shower, while cooking…

Jumin : 

  • I mean, assuming he already made his s/o go see every single professionals there are before hand and it didn’t work – which would be very upsetting to Jumin, he’d be willing to bring them to the other side of the world if he heard of a miraculous remedy to their problem – he wouldn’t let them get out of the bed just because they couldn’t sleep – and he certainly won’t allow them to not go to bed
  •  = which would lead to a very long and scientific explanation on the effects of not sleeping, the consequences on their body, head and health, and all that. (so s/o will probably just lie down in bed, at least to make him shut up)
  • Like Zen, he’s more than willing to indulge in some intimate activities but he would also suggest more relaxing stuff like drinking a glass of wine (if they drank alcohol) or cuddling Elizabeth since her purring is a calming sound to him.
  • When they faint for the first time, he’s also probably not there – however, the body guards at his penthouse check on them quite often and they would have to take care of Jumin’s s/o. At his request, they would bring them to the best hospital around while he left the meeting he was in to see them. He’d pretend he’s alright but it’s obvious that he’s very distraught and worried for them and their health; he promises both himself and his s/o that he would do anything to make sure this doesn’t happen again – and he always stays true to his words.

707 : 

  • He goes through the same thing more or less everyday and he also does have a habit of passing out from exhaustion but that doesn’t mean it’s okay for his s/o to do the same. Which will lead to an agreement between him and his s/o : 'I’ll try to sleep everyday if you do too’.
  • 707 doesn’t care about his own health but he will try to make an effort for his s/o’s sake and that will end up in naps in the middle of the day; the both of them on the couch, probably with him lying on top of them. He’d actually fall asleep quickly so if his s/o doesn’t follow suit, he won’t realize it until he wakes up.
  • When they faint for the first time, he’s in the same room when it happens and he sees them fall through the reflection of his monitor. It takes less than 2 seconds for him to bolt out of his chair and rush to their side – he has a more or less extensive knowledge about everything and that include what to do when someone passes out. He’d take care of them the best he can and wait by their side until they open their eyes; he’d feel guilty that they never got any sleep and ended up in this state ‘because of him’ but he’d use all the knowledge and resources he has access to in order to help them.

Saeran : 

  • Like his brother, he’s used to it – if anything, he fears sleep a bit because he feels vulnerable when he has his eyes closed + he doesn’t have any control over what happens in his head when he sleeps and judging from all the nightmares that leave him in tears, it’s no wonder he tries to stay awake all the time. But still, he’s trying to get a better, more normal life and his health is weak enough as it is, he can’t afford to make it worse, not now that he has a s/o who cares for him – so he’ll be there for them when they can’t sleep and they’ll be there for him when a nightmare tears him away from his slumber.
  • The first time they pass out, they’re probably together since he doesn’t like being alone and while he’s next to them and able to catch them before they hit the ground; he’s terrified at seeing his s/o, unconscious in his arms – it reminds him of a recurrent nightmare he has except they are usually covered in blood and no longer breathing. He’d have to take a minute to calm down, clutching their body close to him to reassure himself with the sound of their beating heart. Once he’s able to think properly, he’d call an ambulance and keep a hand around their wrist, making sure he can always feel their pulse. After that episode, he asks for help to everyone – even his brother – and won’t give up until they can finally fall asleep without insomnia holding them back.

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In the single parents with kids AU, could you do something about Percy meeting Uncle Chiron? Or Annabeth meeting Percy's mom? (Your work is amazing btw. Big fan) thank you

single parent au

  • they had been together for 4 months when Annabeth’s uncle announced he wanted to meet her mystery man 
  • “Chiron, he’s not a mystery man. You know almost everything about him that I do.” 
  • “Oh I know, but it makes me feel better when I pretend to be an authoritarian. Did it work?” 
  • “About as much as it did when I was 15.” 
  • Annabeth decided to have dinner at her house, that way she could control the environment 
  • Marshall was helping her set the table when there was a knock at the door 
  • the little boy sprinted towards the sound before Annabeth could say anything 
  • as she followed, she could hear him shouting, “WHAT’S THE PASSWORD?” 
  • “OWLS ARE THE COOLEST”, a voice returned 
  • Marshall swung the door open and tackled Percy who was standing on the other side, bottle of wine in hand 
  • he scooped the boy up and met Annabeth at the end of the hallway, handing her the bottle of wine and placing a kiss to her lips 
  • “Hey beautiful,” he said with a smile 
  • “Hey handsome,” she returned happily 
  • Percy and Marshall set the table while Annabeth put the finishing touches on dinner 
  • as soon as she announced that everything was ready there was another knock at the door 
  • “POOOOOOOOPS!” Marshall yelled while once again sprinting towards the door 
  • he reemerged in the arms of a man about the same height as Annabeth, with thinning brown hair, a well trimmed beard and a cane to help him walk 
  • Marshall was beaming and Annabeth walked up to meet him with a hug and a kiss to the cheek
  • she suddenly realized how nervous she was for things to go well, and held her breath as Percy walked over from the dining table 
  • “Chiron, this is my boyfriend Percy. Percy, this is my uncle Chiron a.k.a. Pops.” 
  • Chiron put Marshall down so he could shake Percy’s hand, Annabeth and Marshall both watching the exchange intently 
  • “It’s nice to finally meet you, sir. I’ve heard a lot of great things. Plus, Marshall doesn’t make you say a password to get in, so you really must be great.” 
  • Chiron laughed heartily, “Annabeth always made me say a password to get back into my own house, so I’m glad to see it’s a hereditary trait. And it’s great to meet you as well.“
  • they sat down to dinner and as nervous as Annabeth was before was how annoyed she was now 
  • the two were getting along so well, talking about anything and everything, that Annabeth could barely get a word in edgewise 
  • after almost two hours they started winding down and Annabeth put Marshall to bed and Percy announced he should get to bed himself, as he had 5 school visits the next day 
  • Chiron helped with the dishes as Annabeth tried to avoid jumping straight into his opinions of Percy but Chiron, ever in tune with her emotions, took he leap for her 
  • “He seems like a good man, and Marshall adores him.” 
  • “He is a very good man, and you should see Marshall with Percy’s daughter Jane. You’d think they’ve known each other their whole lives.” 
  • Chiron finished drying the last dish and turned towards Annabeth, “He makes you happy?” 
  • “Honestly? I can’t remember the last time someone made me this happy.” 
  • Chiron placed his hand on Annabeth’s cheek, smiling at her as if he was trying to memorize all of her features, “Then, my dear, that is all that truly matters.” 
  • she goes to bed feeling the most complete she had since the first time she held Marshall 

1/100 days of productivity
01/31/17; 3:10AM

aaah finally my first attempt for 100dop!! i really hope i can make it through a hundred😁😁 sorry for bad quality pic again lol its midnight here😅😅🌃🌌
i cant sleep again and i finally make some notes again omg i feel great😅
its a geography note anyway🌏🌊
oooh its february already tomorrow;; well time flies so fast as always;; 2017 be mine?🙏

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Why am i so awkward?? I had a chance to make out with this really cute guy, he actually told my friend he wants to kiss me so what did i do? I avoided all situations where we could end up alone ughh i only kissed like 2 times before and i have such bad anxiety about it i feel like im going to die alone just bc i cant make myself kiss someone lol im sorry for bothering u i just needed to vent bc i cant talk to anyone about this irl..(also im sorry forany mistakes english is not my first language)

dont worry babe, you’re fine. and omg i totally get you i do this all the fucking time???? idk really how to help you, i think its just something you have to suck it up and do it you know?

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Hello can l request a Baekhyun hate sex smut like y'all can't stand each other, but fuck like it's your job? Thank you!!!


This is my first request AND my first smut so sorry if it’s bad lol - it was pretty difficult to do and sort of long (???) but it’s nearly 3am so… ANYWAY, I HOPE YOU LIKE THIS, ANON!!! Im sorry if it’s not exactly what you were looking for - I’ll try hard to improve along the way! :)

‘Oh my god, Baekhyu- OH!’ My head fell back, and I groaned as he chuckled. How I longed to glare at that stupid, smug face that he had and tell him for the thousandth time how much I absolutely loathed him. But there were two issues with that. The first, was that I couldn’t see anything, because the arsehole had blindfolded me against my will (and tied me to the bedposts as well), so I couldn’t see to direct a glare at him. The second, was that Baekhyun, the worst man in the entire world, who had messed with me a million times, who I’d hated since we were small and used to be classmates, who was now a goddamn IDOL with thousands of confused and hormonal teens pining after him, could make me feel so, SO good. I shuddered beneath him as I got closer and closer to reaching my highest point, trying not to love the constant smashing of in and out, in and out that Baekhyun was delivering. I may have hated him, but he was about to make me cu-

'Y/N. Y/N. Y/N… HEY, Y/N!’ My eyes shot open to the sound of someone yelling my name into my ear. It didn’t take me long to narrow my eyes as I realised that the only person stupid enough to risk bursting my eardrums was a Byun Baekhyun. 'Fuck you, Baekhyun, you could’ve deafened me!’ As if he would’ve cared… 'Sorry, I didn’t quite catch that - what was the first bit you said?’ 'I’m not repeating myself, Baekhyun, you know what I said, and you know that I didn’t mean it in that way.’ Baekhyun scoffed and moved away from me, stretching his arms out, 'Of course you didn’t mean it that way, I’d be disgusted if you did. I mean, really Y/N-ah, I wouldn’t touch you with a pole, let alone my pole.’ 'In that case, get out of my house. Why are you even here?’ I grumbled, sitting up in my bed and wrapping myself in my duvet, glaring murderously at him. 'I’ve got the day off.’ 'And?’ 'I have nothing to do today.’ 'And..?’ I felt satisfied as Baekhyun scowled in annoyance; I loved not cooperating with him. I mean, why should I? Everyone knew he hated me as much as I hated him, which was absolute proof that he was just using me for sex. Of course, I was using him the same way.

Baekhyun and I fucked like we were paid to do it. Hell, we’d have been billionaires if we were paid every time we had sex! It was easy. No strings attached. We used each other to get off, to relieve stress or anger, and could go off with other people if we do wished. By this point, I’d slept with plenty of people, but I never denied Baekhyun. It wasn’t my fault that he was the best in the business at what he did. I may have hated him, but even I could admit that he was an excellent shag. The way we slept together would look like love making to anyone else. We fit perfectly together, and moved perfectly, too. But there was no love - not real love, anyway. We’d fake it some times, just to see what it felt like, but it’s hard to do that with someone you hate. I enjoyed playing hard to get - especially since Bakehyun would never leave without doing what he came to do in the first place. So, acting as if I didn’t know what he wanted to do with his day off was very amusing.

'Look, you know exactly why I’m here, Y/N, and I know you want me to fuck you,’ Baekhyun grinned slyly at me, making me feel slightly uncomfortable. He wasn’t wrong. After that dream, I was craving sex with him. Of course, he couldn’t know that. 'What do you mean, you know I want you to? What in the world makes you think I want that, especially at such an early hour?!’ His Cheshire Cat grin widened, and my feeling of discomfort heightened. 'I heard you.’ I stared at him blankly. What? What was he saying? 'You wanted me… In fact, you were getting me, by the sounds of it! Boy, you were moaning pretty loud, in between reminding me of your undying hatred for me and your artificial love for me.’ 'Baekhyun, I really have no idea what you’re talking about, please leave before I kick you in the face.’ 'I know I was in your dream, Y/N…’ I stiffened. Oh, please no, please, please no. 'And in your dream I was fucking you, isn’t that right? I bet I was doing a great job, I mean-’ 'Who said you were doing a great job?!’ I snapped, blushing a deep crimson colour. Baekhyun just laughed and pulled the duvet off of me, ignored my shivers and whines of protest as he left just my bottom half covered. 'Don’t worry, Y/N we’ll both warm up in a minute… You’re really going to hate me after today.’ 'Yes, because I don’t hate you enough already, do I- oh…’ I let out a soft moan as I felt his fingers slip into me. I’d been so into telling Baekhyun that I hated him that I hadn’t even registered his hand slithering under my duvet. This had probably been his plan. Now, my back was involuntarily arching as Baekhyun’s fingers worked their magic.

You know, Y/N…’ Baekhyun began as he watched me writhe in response to his merciless fingering, 'I’d usually ask for something in return for doing this for you. However, I’m willing to let this one slide, if you suck me off twice as well next time. Plus, I’ll be picking how I fuck you, today, and you won’t be able to stop me.’ It took a lot of effort for me to take in all his words in my dazed state, but I got them. I swallowed as I tried to gather the energy to shoot him down. But I failed, letting out a weak moan instead as he slipped his fingers out from inside me as I approached my peak. 'That’s what I thought,’ he chuckled darkly, reaching up and forcing his fingers into my mouth. He watched me suck on them for a moment or so before reaching into his pocket. What he pulled out made my heart skip a beat. A blindfold and restraints. Fuck, we’d fucked three days this week already (and that wasn’t just one fuck a day), but I knew already that this would be the best one yet.

Usually, I’d have put up a struggle as Baekhyun tied me up and took away my sense of sight, but the thought of my dream coming true was too much for me to handle. 'Excited, Y/N? You want this, don’t you? Look how wet you are… Beautiful.’ That was one thing I appreciated about Baekhyun; he hated me, but thought I was beautiful. He claimed that he wouldn’t even kiss me if I wasn’t pretty. 'Well, I’m looking forward to you satisfying my needs, if that’s hat you mean by excited. I could get anyone to do it, but since you’re here, you might as well.’ 'You’re lucky I’m so hard, or I’d leave just because you said that.’ 'Ah, I’m such a lucky one.’ 'Very lucky indeed…’ I heard Baekhyun mutter under the sound of his belt being undone. The heat that was already dominating the area between my thighs grew even more intense as I anticipated him.

It was funny. Baekhyun would usually dirty talk and humiliate me before fucking me, and I would shame him back - part of our mutual hatred, you know? But this time, I didn’t even hear him finished taking his clothes off. He was silent. For a moment, I panicked, thinking he might have taken an embarrassing photograph of me in my sleeping attire, aka NAKED, and left me tied to the bed. These thoughts were pushed from my head as Baekhyun’s length suddenly rammed into me.

I let out a loud cry, forgetting I was tied up and trying to grab onto his shoulders. Baekhyun let out a soft laugh and gave me a slap round the face, one that made me hiss in pain.

'Bastard,’ i growled wishing I could soothe my poor stinging cheek. 'I didn’t say you could make any noise. Learn your place,’ was his flippant reply, and my anger soared. However, I kept quiet for now, thinking of what I could do to annoy him, back.

Baekhyun continued his rhythmic thrusts, slamming into me and hitting my spot each time. We’d fucked so many times that he knew exactly where to aim for. Soon, he got bored of my silence, and he spoke up again, 'Say my name. Moan.’ I kept quiet, smirking ever so slightly. 'Y/N, you’re supposed to be doing as I say… Fuck, Y/N moan for me!’ I was basking in his frustrated tone, revelling in the way that his thrusts got deeper and faster in order to try and get a noise out of me. It felt glorious, and I was unashamed to think so. The problem was, that this glorious feeling that Baekhyun was giving to me was making me want to do as he said, making me want to make noise for him. All it took was for him to reach done and start rubbing at my clit while he fucked me for me to break and shout for him.

'Oh, Baekhyun!’ 'That’s it, Y/N, say my name, tell me how good it feels…’ 'N-No! Fuck, no, I- I won’t!’ God, I wanted to tell him, tell the boy I hated that my body, if not my head or heart, loved him to pieces. The longer we argued, the harder Baekhyun’s thrust delivery got, and the weaker I was beneath him. I had been close to cumming for a while, but I had decided to hold it, to make him think he couldn’t make do it as easily as he thought. Now, my arms were limp, and my breathing was uneven, and even Baekhyun had been quiet for a while. He seemed to be stopping himself from cumming, too, to make me feel like I couldn’t make him. This was getting ridiculous.

'Baekhyun…’ 'Y/N…’ 'Baekhyun, you’re making me feel so good, baby…’ 'I know… I mean… Y/N…’ 'Shall we do it together?’ My body was shaking beneath his, and I was sure that I would have a mental breakdown if I didn’t cum soon. I wasn’t about to give in to Baekhyun, but it wouldn’t be giving in if we finished together. Baekhyun’s thrusts slowed slightly as he considered my offer, and I was pretty sure he would deny it. But, suddenly, he was fucking me better than he had ever fucked me before, pounding into me harder, faster, deeper. He tore the blindfold off of my face, and his eyes met mine. They wouldn’t look away. 'Okay. We’ll do it together. When I say so. I’ll count to three.’ And I smiled at him. I’d never smiled at him before. He grinned back. He’d never grinned like that before. 'One…’ 'Baekhyun, hurry up, I can’t hold this in anymore, please!’ 'Two…’ Okay, nearly there, I would be able to cum soon, and I knew I’d cum hard. 'Two and a half-’ 'BAEKHYUN, IF YOU START FUCKING ME OVER NOW, I SWEAR-’ 'ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT… Thre- oh, holy fuck, Y/N!’ Holy fuck was exactly right. As I came, pleasure surged through my body, and the shooting of his load inside of me made it all the more heavenly. Heavenly. Baekhyun and he word heavenly shouldn’t have mixed.

As the two of us caught our breath, Baekhyun continued to look down at me. 'Y/N?’ 'Mm..?’ 'I fucking hate you.’ 'I hate you, too. Don’t come back for a couple of weeks, alright? I don’t want to have to endure your face anymore.’ 'Fuck you.’

Texting In Class And Getting Caught By The Teacher

Jack J

Jack G














Have A Great Day And Happy Holidays <3

Temari's Little Habit....

K,so i kinda imagined Temari having a habit of poking Shikamaru, so he would give in and cuddle with her ….

Temari: *Starts poking Shikamaru’s Face.*

************** 5 minutes later**************

Temari: * Starts poking his body *

Shikamaru: Oi, Temari stop, I’m watching television.

Temari: No.

Temari: *Continues poking him . *

Shikamaru: *Looks at her, then sighs*

Temari: * Pretends not realise how annoyed her boyfriend is.*

Shikamaru: *Sighs, then pulls her head to his chest *

Shikamaru: Happy now? Troublesome woman…..

Temari: *Giggles* Yup.

Lol, Sorry if its bad, its my first time writing this type of thing….