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Exo reaction to coming home to see that you have fallen asleep whilst doing college work

Okay I’m doing my dose of fluff


*He was tired too and when he saw you asleep, head laying on the desk he gently woke you up and lead you to bed, college work could wait until tomorrow*


*He had a lot of admiration for you, you knew what you wanted in life and you were willing to work hard to get there, but more often than not he would see you slumped over the desk asleep. He gently woke you up and whilst you were still half asleep he tucked you in bed, not long afterwards joining you himself*


*You had fallen asleep on the bed with the laptop almost falling off you he found it cute when he saw you as you looked so peaceful, as for once you weren't concentrating so hard on an essay you were just letting your mind have a rest even if you didn’t mean to fall asleep in the first place*


*Once he had woken you up you cussed at yourself and tried to get back to work because this essay needed to be finished, but he wasn’t having any of it*

CY: “Nope you are coming into this warm, cosy bed and you are going to sleep for a few hours, if you try to resist I will just take your laptop and chuck it out the window”

Y/N: “And once it smashes you will buy me a new one then right?”

CY: “Yes…but still come to bed”


*Once he had woken you up so that you wouldn't get a neck ache from falling asleep on the chair, you immediately tried to get back to work, so he pulled you into a hug and refused to let you go until he reached the bed turned around and literally fell on top of you*

BH: “Sorry but there is no way I can allow you to damage your eyes any longer on that computer so I refuse to move until you agree to sleep”

Looks like I will have to keep refusing 


*You had been doing college work whilst skyping him as this work wasn’t due for a while so it didn’t matter if you weren’t completely focused, however he left for a minute to grab something to eat and by the time he came back you were fast asleep*

D.O: “Ahh I thought this would happen sweet dreams jagi”


*He was in the middle of watching a few you tube videos on his phone to distract himself from distracting you, and when he looked over you were fast asleep on the sofa. He got up to fetch a blanket and placed it over you after taking the computer off of your lap*


*He finds you asleep and feels the need to whip his phone out and take some candids of you because he thinks you look to beautiful not to do so, he then covers you with a blanket and you don’t find out about the pictures until he saves one as his lock screen*


*He wakes you up and crouches down to get to your eye level to tell you that it’s really late and whatever you are working on can be done tomorrow so for now it’s time to sleep*

L: “I will make you some hot chocolate and we will go to sleep okay”


*When he finds you asleep he wakes you up so you can go to bed but before taking your hand and leading you there he asks how long you have been working for*

Y/N: “Since 7 this morning”

K: “What, that is almost 17 hours Y/N are you crazy you need to get in that bed right now don’t even think of moving”


*He wasn’t very happy with you because of the lack of sleep you had been getting, he wanted you to give the college work a rest however you always persisted, but this time it would be different*

LH: “Right thats it no more come to bed right now Y/N”

*You start laughing at him*

LH: “There is nothing funny about this you haven't had a proper nights sleep in ages and tonight you will so hurry”

Y/N: “You sound like a parent gosh”

LH: “If that is what it takes to make you sleep then fine”


*Every night after he found you asleep he would always try and drag you away from the school work by sitting on the bed and advertising how comfy it was to you*

XM: “Oh wow look at this pillow it’s so soft and huggable, just like me but you can’t hug me from over there can you now”

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