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plisetsky answered:

Otabek Altin/Yuri Plisetsky


In which Yuri finds out that Otabek has a tumblr. 

AO3 link

We recently found out that Otabek is “well versed in all kinds of social media” and I am SHOOK. Somewhat inspired by the ask that altisetsky replied to, here’s the fic that no one asked for, but you’re all getting anyway.

cc: @otayuriwriterscollective

He doesn’t mean to pry.

Really, he doesn’t. But Otabek’s left his laptop open on the kitchen counter and it’s unlocked. Otabek is in the shower, so Yuri won’t be disturbed. It’s not like he’s going to go through his personal files or anything, but that’s unmistakably a tumblr dashboard, and Yuri is intrigued. The thought of Otabek having a tumblr is almost of ludicrous as Otabek DJing in his spare time, and – well. Now everyone and their mother has Otabek’s tracks downloaded on their Spotify or iTunes.

So he crosses the room and investigates.

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Stiles Smut~ My Shirt

Word Count~ 2605
Warnings~  Uh, smut and language
Pairings~ Stiles x Female Reader
A/N~ Hey lovelies, this is my first smut, so I’m sorry if it’s not good. D= Please give me feedback! It would be great. This is kind of just like a ‘hey I’m back’ kind of thing. I’ll be trying to put up at least one thing a night, but school is just a pain. It’s spring break right now so, I should have some stuff out. I don’t know. JUST ENJOY PLEASE! 
Request~  Anonymous said: 
17, 22, 35, and 44 please with Stiles Stilinski and make it smutty!!

P.S. I couldn’t fit the last one in. I didn’t know how to add it.

“does that feel good”
“don’t call me ‘princess’, asshole”
“is that my shirt”
“I’m not that flexible”

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AU Memes: Tutorial for beginners


First of all

This might be disappointing for some of you, but;

You’ll need a Computer/Mac/Laptop to make those

There are barely any apps or ways to create AU Memes on a phone. At least I don’t know any. If you only have a phone, I’m sorry about that, but this tutorial won’t be useful for you. 

I also want to say that I use a Macbook. You’ll notice in this tutorial that I recommend a lot more when it comes to Mac / Apple cause I’m more experienced in that. But this should also help you out a lot when you have a regular computer, especially with understanding the process of making an AU.

So you have a Computer or Mac? That’s great. Then let’s get started!

Step 1: Find a video that you can turn into a gif

(Gif files are what those AU memes are made of. They are those moving pictures that repeat themselves in an endless loop. You know what I mean?


You basically start with watching videos on youtube (Tumblr, Twitter, etc..) and searching for suitable videos for your imagine / AU. I’d even say that it is the most work out of all the steps because it takes a lot of time. But trust me. It will be worth it in the end. 

If you already have gifs saved to your computer/Mac, you can skip all the way to step 3. 

BUT I advise you..
don’t use already created gifs from people on tumblr
(or from the internet in general) 
and if you do, make a note and give the owners credit.
Some people might not give a fuck if you use their edits, but a lot of people do so make sure to be friendly and not claim something as yours that wasn’t made by you. 

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s move on to step 2. 

Step 2: Save that video

you found a video that you think would be suitable? Good. Now you need to find a way to save the video to your computer

you can …

… use youtube videos and download them via a youtube video download website or program. (I won’t link a website here because they happen to go offline often or have some issues, but..) You should be able to find a working one by googling ‘download youtube video’ and looking through the websites popping up. 

… use twitter/tumblr/instagram videos and download them via a twitter/tumblr/instagram video download website or program. Basically the same as the above. Google ‘download twitter/tumblr/instagram video’ and see what websites are working and helpful. 

I know it sucks that you’ll have to browse through the websites first, but like I said, those change often or they go offline or stop working, so if I linked a working one it might not work anymore by the time you’re reading this. There’s also often spam on those websites so be careful and make sure to have a firewall/antivirus, just in case. But there is usually at least one of those that works and let’s you download the video. 

Easiest Method that works in all cases is just to record your computer screen while watching the video. That’s the method I use currently. You’ll need a program for that but they’re usually cheap or even for free. 

Macbook: I use ‘QuickTime Player’. It allows you to record anything that happens on your screen. 

PC: search for a program at a well known provider or website (you can try googling ‘screen recording program’)

Step 3: Turn the video into a gif

To do that, you will need a program. 

Macbook: I use ‘GIF Brewery’. You should be able to find it at the app store. With that you can crop the video, cut out the part of it that you want to use and also add text and some effects. In the end it turns it all into a Gif. Everything linked here is made with this program. It’s not too complicated and pretty self explanatory when you give yourself some time to play around with it. 

PC: There should be similar programs available that are cheap or even for free. (you can try googling ‘Gif making program’) Also, make sure it’s from a well known provider or website! All that program needs to have is a function to cut, maybe crop the video and most importantly; add text. 

If you already have a prepared gif and no video, you will still need that program to add the text to it.

Step 4 (For tumblr): Make sure the gif is the right size 

If you want to upload your creation to tumblr, make sure the size is smaller than 2MB! Everything above it won’t work. 

Step 5: Put a little story together 

You probably had some kind of imagine story in your head. And you also already added the text to the scenes. Now all you have to do is upload it in the right order and maybe look at it again to double check that it all makes sense. And then, that’s it. 


Step 6: You’re done! 👏👏

Congrats! Now all you gotta do is patiently wait for people reacting to the things you’ve created. 

Originally posted by dan-tomlinson

Just a few more tips that might help you:

- In general, I consider a video/part of a video suitable if I can imagine a situation or dialogue with or about Y/N while watching it. 

- I often search endlessly to find the right videos and everything. This is also why it takes me quite some time and effort to make them. Using already existing gifs from tumblr might be easier. But trust me, it’s worth making different ones because if you keep seeing the same gifs over and over just with a different caption, it get’s tiring. 😪

- Trust me, you don’t want to choose the theme of the AU before searching for videos. At least not a too complex theme. It already takes time to find a video that’s suitable for an AU in general, it will take forever when you need it to fit a specific scenario. It’s much easier when you do it the other way around. Look through the videos that are out there and then see what scenario you come up with. It can be anything if you feel like it matches. Random scenarios are often the most authentic ones. (You might now understand why I don’t do too specific requests and why requests are often closed on my blog - because it’s much harder for me to do than to just put out what I randomly come up with)

- Snapchats are often very useful, especially if they’re taken by another person. This way you can always edit it the way that Y/N would be that person. You can often find Snapchat stories uploaded on youtube.

- You can use interviews/Youtube videos and pretend Y/N is there with them / behind the camera. If they’re talking and the interviewed person looks to somewhere behind the camera and smiles, or even talks to someone who’s not seen in the video, you can always pretend it’s Y/N.

- Him being on the phone is always a good video to use (’He’s on the phone with Y/N again’). always works. 😄

- If you’re not sure what to make the conversations of Y/N and him about: When I’m not sure, I make the gif without text and keep watching it until I get an Idea. It usually helps.

- If you add friends or family of the person to an AU, it can make it more authentic. A different persons point of view also can make it more interesting. 

(I might add on to this list if I can think of more)

I hope I could help a few of you !

I’m putting this out there because I want to support anyone who would like to make AU Memes. I LOVE checking them out and I think Tumblr needs more of those :)

If some of you reading this want to try making them, feel free to message me, I’ll gladly check them out and support you / give you feedback :)

Also, if you still have any questions, just message me :)

 - Mel

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Hi! I just found your Tumblr and Instagram and I'm absolutely in love with it. And all these post and colors you have make me really want to do more school stuff. My question or more like the thing I want to do is. I'd like to start my own Blog or something like this on Tumblr. But how did you get your Tumblr so nice. I see this a lot on others peoples Tumblr. I you could give me like a few tips of how to make a nice Tumblr then please answer me!! Ps. Sorry for bad english. xxx

Hello! Thank you so much for following them!! I’ve been on Tumblr for several years now so I would say I’ve had a lot of practice when it comes to laying out my theme! Maybe have a look through Tumblr’s theme garden. If you’re new to HTML, that is probably the easiest place to start since you don’t have to do any editing yourself. Find a theme you like and click the install button. It will do everything automatically! Otherwise you could have a look at my 12 step guide to starting a studyblr! x

Psychological facts +more

I was searching for more proofs/facts or whatever to see if they really had something more than a friendship, I wanted to prove to myself that I wasn’t seeing things & I wanted to share.

I did not look for opinions, I searched for Psychological facts, that is, professional help. And I will mention more things later on this post that proves Camren is real.

I know that I already posted about eye contact and body language but that wasn’t enough. I’m paranoid.

Body language is the communication of personal feeling, emotions, attitude, and thoughts through body movements. It is the way people unconsciously show their private thoughts and emotions through body movement’s. And sorry for the shitty images, I had to search videos.

Understand the meanings of looking.

The eyes are frequently referred to as the “windows to the soul” since they are capable of revealing a great deal about what a person is feeling or thinking.

  • When you look people in the mouth, you are saying, “I am not comfortable looking into your eyes” or “I want to kiss you.”

Express yourself through facial features.

In some cases, our facial expressions may reveal our true feelings about a particular situation. While you may say that you are feeling fine, the look on your face may tell people otherwise. The irony huh?

  • When you bite your bottom lip while gazing at a person, you are saying, “I’m flirty.”
  • When you wink you are saying, “It’s our little secret.” Remember Camila’s tumblr title? She likes secrets.

Understand the meanings of physical contact.

Physical touch can make or break a marital relationship. Do you know how to speak this love language? To the spouse whose primary love language is physical touch, nothing is more important than your tender touches. You may give them words of affirmation or gifts, but nothing communicates love like physical touch. When you reach out with tender touch, you create emotional closeness.

  • When you touch someone on the waist/neck/face, you are saying, “I am physically attracted to you.”

Arm over shoulder. Protectiveness, affection, need for closeness. 

Holding one’s hand. A plea for closeness, guidance, a need for security, reaching out to make a connection.

Now about Psychic Twins, we were having a conversation in the groupchat and we have a future lawyer there and the predictions are not predictions, those people they have contracts and that’s why they’re always right. Yeah Gio but what about the attacks? Government knew about it all. How does it prove Camren? I already told you they have contracts, that is, they know what they were saying when they mentioned these 2 girls in their video. How are you sure it’s Camren? I am not, but I’ll bet it’s them. Thank you Aldu for your lesson, love you hoe.

I posted about body language etc but I never went deep to know more. Anyways, it’s not really a theory I just wanted to share what I found and whatever they had, it wasn’t just friendship that’s for sure. Did they date at some point? I don’t know, but I can tell you they had feelings for each other & it somehow scared them since they were really young, but I hope they get their shit together now.

Now moving on to this.

“We made a promise to Camila, Lauren as well as their parents that we wont publicly or secretly talk about this.’‘ Weird, why would they promise that if Camren was NOTHING but a friendship? Why does people (related to the girls) say they’re just friends but they act like they have a BIG secret behind that? It’s funny and kinda hypocrite. A lot of questions but no answers, it’s more easy if you go on instagram and post ‘’Me and Camila are just friends, nothing more nothing less’’ it’s not that hard. But at the end of the day we always find out the truth.

Jaspar Vs Phan -A OneShot-

This is part one, because I got very tired writing it haha XD also i didn’t proofread it so if there are typos i apologize in advance 

length: medium 

triggers: none

“This is going to get so many fucking views,” Tyler says, adjusting the camera so that all six of them fit nicely in the frame. Sure, they’re going to have to squeeze to accomplish fitting within the frame, but Tyler knows that that’ll only add to their viewers satisfaction.

This is a video that millions of people have been patiently waiting for, and now they were going to reap what they had sown. Battle of the ships, featuring the three biggest couples currently on YouTube. After the rise and fall of Janiel, they had taken the mainstage, had become the subject of thousands of tumblr blogs, twitter accounts, instagrams, and even more. Just six boys, who had started a revolution.

Okay, not really, but a lot of people are really fucking excited to see this and Tyler thinks that that’s enough to call it a revolution.

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A business that makes phone cases took one of my edits and are producing products with my edit printed on it… never asked for permission and no credit was ever given… Like wtf ? Making profit off of something that was stolen. 
FOR $20 TOO!!! That’s nearly what I make per day working part time. 

UPDATE: Warning: Long Rant Ahead (separated into sections)
Why You Should Not Support Obey the Korean

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anonymous asked:

wtf happened

Settle down and grab a drink, this is going to be long. And I refuse to put this under a ‘cut’ because I want everyone to be aware of the risks of talking to strangers on the internet:

There was a mole in our group, and she/he got exposed for the filth they really were. Their username is @thirsty-for-waffles

I happily lurk Reddit to look up for gossip/news to share with you guys, since lately I haven’t had the material time to do news round ups.

And behold, this morning I found a post on Reddit linking to a specific user and their tumblr. The link was to a fic that they posted recently. (I am not going to name the author, as I do not wish to cause further embarrassment to them)

Obviously that fic was not meant to be shared publicly, but @thirsty-for-waffles-deactivated decided to go ahead and do it anyways (as I am typing this it would appear that he/she has deactivated, OH THE IRONY).

Reddit being reddit, did not react well to it. I contacted the admins, had the link taken down and the user deleted, but unfortunately the post is still there and there are links to other fanfics in the comments.

And I am RAGING because this is a clear violation of the trust as we have as a fandom community. I AM SO INCREDIBLY ANGRY. People do not deserve to be shamed like this. If you don’t like fanfics/edits/etc. cool. I respect that. DO NOT POLICE OR VIOLATE THE TRUST THAT WE HAVE AS A FANDOM.

That being said, tumblr user Thirsty (we’ll call them like this) lied about their age/gender/general self. It’s cool, you don’t owe anyone your identity on this hellsite, but it does concern ME when someone who is a fully grown adult in their 20s messages the minors (talking about 14/15 yrs old) in the fandom HIGHLY INAPPROPRIATE content.

And yes, lil ones, I don’t care that you consider yourself grown ups etc, that you can handle sex talk etc. YOU’RE STILL CHILDREN. That specific tumblr’s behavior could have been aimed to groom one of you.

So, I exposed them, happily dragged them, and now they deleted. If any of you are in contact with them on other social media platforms (whatsapp, instagram etc.) DELETE THEM. ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE A MINOR.

We are a community, we are a family. We protect and look out for each other. Even when we fight.

And this has been a PSA. Sorry y’all, I went on full mom mode. But I do like the lot of you and I want you to be safe.

Normal shitposting will resume this evening :)


I have this account for almost four years but I’m more of an instagram kind of person and I run a Harry Potter account and make my own edits there (x) 2014 is the year I decided to go back and found out I have classmates (friends) who also use tumblr. Out of all of them, Khate (@babaengmayhighwaysaulo) is my closest friend. I honestly love her works and obviously I’m an absolute fan of literature, she began to introduce me to her favourite blogs (and her friends on here). Long story short, she invited me to go with her to this event (TSAMU).

Meet ups are so not my thing because I’m an introvert (really awkward and shy) I’m the “you-don’t-have-to-humiliate-me-because-I’ll-do-it-just-fine” type. Kaya sorry talaga if nameet niyo ako tapos, sobrang tahimik ko while you guys are fun and bubbly. Grabe gusto ko talaga magpapicture sainyo (lalo na po sa mga kateam ko, ang babait niyo po *iyak*) kaso sobra sOBRA SOBRA talaga akong nahiyaaaaaa (AS IN) and yung ilan na nagpapicture ako, hinugot ko na lahat ng lakas ko para lang masabi “hi po ate/kuya, pwede po ba magselfie/picture tayo?” tapos mabilisang click sa phone cam! *goes to corner and sobs* ( masyado akong na overwhelm kasi oHMAYGHAD FAVE PEOPLE IN THE SAME ROOM AS I AM *internal screaming*  )


@babaengmayhighwaysaulo @da-misinasabe THANK YOU TALAGA KHATE AND HI PO ATE DA | @fleshystories @tseeentsenen hello po huhu | @ar-ci hi po sa nantrip at naglagay ng bote ng ketchup sa bag ko hahahahhaha | @thebitchyheartless HI ATE HUHUHU | @pricelessfeelings @leostrongg sa mga unang nakausap po namin hiiii | @matabangutak  *screams* | @maartejade @kayeem28 hello po thank you po talaga huhuhu nanalo pa pala yung group sayang di ako nakasali bc uuwi na | @nielxxxx @reynanghugot *screams* HI PO KUYA NIEL AND ATE JELLI!!!! SUPER FRIENDLY AND BAIT NIYO PO YUNG TIPONG DINUMOG NA KAYO PERO GAME NA GAME PA DIN | @classicdaydream @notyourkenji puro ngiti lang ako sainyo huhuhu sorry po (and others, di ko na nakuha urls nila huhu I only recognize your faces)

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Can you help me get into 9muses? Do you have any good blogs that i should follow for them? What are their best songs?? Help me learn their names?? I really liked their latest comeback and want to get into them! I love your blog a lot ♥ have a good night!

Hi!! Sorry for the late answer, you sent this while i was sleeping. :/ i hope you see it!

As for good blogs for Nine Muses, you should try 9muses 9muses-international ticket1way ticket-one-way son-sungay ssoramsextape parkskyungri maknaechild keumjos moonkyungri parkkyungris parkyunqri pyogom namyulover namyuniverse namyudorks zea9muses 9musesfans A lot of those are multi fandom but they like Nine Muses so it’s a good start. I know I follow a lot more so if you follow who they reblog from, you’ll get a Nine Muses filled dash.

As for their best songs, literally every song they’ve promoted is great! Even No Playboy, which a lot of people seem to hate, I think is still catchy. I’ll link you to their MVs

No Playboy, News, Figaro, Ticket, Dolls, Wild (a true masterpiece and also Erin’s best rap), Gun, Glue, Drama, Hurt Locker, Yes Or No 

Even their non singles on their albums are pretty solid so check them out and also buy their stuff because Nine Muses deserves all the support we can give.

As for learning the members, let me try and help…

This is Moon Hyuna, you can recognize her by her goddess-like beauty that makes you want to weep tears of joy at her feet. She is the main vocalist, and my personal favorite singer because of her deeper voice. Also, half her pictures are of her cats, Moya and Hoya, whom she is obsessed with. She even wrote a song about them. Moon Hyuna is THE Cat Lady. Sungah is her wife and Keumjo is her child, but she is also having a violent affair with the devil in her life, Park Minha. Her instagram is moongom119

This is Erin aka Euaerin aka Erine. You can recognize her by the smug look she always has on her face due to the fact that she knows she is better than all of us. If she is not onstage she is always in a bikini. She is the main rapper of the group and like my fave idol rapper ever? She’s so good and like I don’t even think she’s really into hiphop, she’s just really good at what she does. She is in a long term serious relationship with former Nine Muses member Lee Sem and they are the mother and father of Nine Muses. Her instagram is erine503

This is Sungah, the sub-vocalist and sometimes rapper, always recognizable because she makes the weirdest but also cutest faces. Her face is in a constant state of dorky but adorable. She also has a really nice deep voice. She is Moon Hyuna’s wife, but also is having an affair with Erin and Kyungri (the latter is her dominatrix who makes her eat ass but that’s another story for another time). She is from Fiji and speaks English the best out of the current members, Her Instagram is ssungahbaby

This is Kyungri aka Gyeongree aka Kyung Li aka Gyeong Lee (they seem to find a new way to spell her name every comeback), lead vocalist and self-proclaimed sexiest member of Nine Muses, and also my bias. Her nickname is Gang. She’s recognizable because she always looks like she will kill you, and is super goofy and weird when off stage. She does this awesome dance with Erin during Dolls  and also did this life-changing dance break with Sungah during a few Dolls performances. And she just recently did a lingerie shoot. She is having not-so-secret affairs with both Sungah and Minha. Her instagram is gyeongree

This is Hyemi, aka Pyo boss, the lead vocalist of Nine Muses. She is probably the best vocalist, and gets most of the long high notes. She gets the nickname Pyo boss because her last name is Pyo and despite being younger than most of the members, she bosses them around a lot. She also is most likely a goddess by the name of Hyemisus who rules over all lesbians. She is a dancing machine and sets of the stage on fire with her amazing free style dances such as this. She is in a long term relationship with former member Ryu Sera but occasionally cheats on her with Minha. Her instagram is  pyopyohyemi

This is Minha, aka most exalted and evil one, Satan. Her nickname is Bap and you may see people on tumblr call her Stan. She is the gorgeous former maknae and sub-vocalist with a soft voice that makes angels cry. She is called Satan because she is devilishly cute and has a pouty face that will make you commit any evil crime she wants you to do. She is relatively shy and tends to let the other members have the spot light but she will keep Moon in line by spanking if she has to (i’m mad i can’t find the gif of minha spanking moon super hard). She is having affairs with Kyungri, Hyemi, and she also doms Moon Hyuna on the regular. Her instagram is minha_9m

This is Jo Sojin, a sub-vocalist and one of the new members of Nine Muses added at the beginning of this year. She is recognizable by her awkward cuteness. Also, just pay attention to whatever Keumjo is staring at, it will probably be Sojin’s boobs. She gets scared easily and has the cutest reaction to getting scared. Keumjo and her are secretly dating, though Keumjo doesn’t want to hide it. She has also previously appeared in a sub-unit with Kyungri and some random guy, called Nasty Nasty. She unfortunately does not have an instagram to the best of my knowledge.  

Lastly, there is Keumjo, lead vocalist and new maknae of the group! She was added at the same time as Sojin at the beginning of this year. She started off really awkward but is slowly growing into her place in the group and becoming Satan Jr. She is the secret accelerated growth love child of Sungah and Moon Hyuna, who constantly fight over her. She is madly in love with Sojin, or more so, madly in love with Sojin’s boobs (see also). Keumjo also does not have an instagram but her and Sojin should make one because wtf.

Additionally, if you get into Nine Muses, you have to get into their former members, as they maintain close relationships with them and the fandom still talks about them a lot so you don’t want to be left out. I’ll go through them quickly since this post has already gotten really long.

Ryu Sera - The former leader and main vocalist of Nine Muses who left in 2013 to pursue a solo career. She is recognizable because she is an angel, a pure, sweet, devoid of sin angel who is too good for the world. She lived in Canada, and speaks english fluently. She has a youtube channel where she uploads covers and original songs, and she just recently released an album, however it is only available in South Korea (much to my anguish….i need that album!!). She is in love with Hyemi but also had affairs with both Kyungri and Moon Hyuna but she doesn’t love any of them as much as she allegedly loves Syrup. Her instagram is ryuserasera

Park Eunji - The former rapper of the group who rapped alongside Erin. She always looked amazing, no matter whether she had super short hair or super long hair. Also her and Sera couldn’t keep their hands off each other onstage. She left in 2013, and I’m not totally sure why but I believe it was due to health reasons. I’m also not sure what she’s up to these days, but she seems to be the former member who visits Nine Muses the most and I just found out she was at the Show Me the Money 4 semifinals. Idk why that’s relevant. Her instagram is eunvely_park

Lee Hyunjoo - aka Lee Sem aka Sam, who was a sub vocalist and the first rapper of Nine Muses before Erin took over. She was the tallest member of a group of giants as well at 5′9″ (176 cm). Her and Erin are the mother and father of Nine Muses and are married. She left in 2013, and I don’t know why for sure, but one of the blogs dedicated to Nine Muses said that she never really wanted to be an idol to begin with, and left when she was able to, but also on amicable terms with the members, and I believe she still sees Erin a lot. Her instagram is lixuandou

Also, I don’t really know anything about Nine Muses original members (Jaekyung, Rana, and Bini) that left after their debut, but Rana has an instagram (rana_kim) and is super attractive and still appears to keep in touch with the members. EDIT: Tumblr user keumjos has just informed me that Rana is now a DJ who still meets up with Nine Muses and Jaekyung is now an actress (thank you!!).

Also, I think all the members have twitters but I don’t know them bc I don’t go on twitter very often, but I believe tumblr user 9muses has profiles for each member that will include that information.

Anyways sorry for this long reponse you probably didn’t want but I really love Nine Muses and I want other people to love Nine Muses and support them so they can live the life they deserve! So go support this polyamorous lump of giant dorks!! Also I really hope whoever sent this actually sees it. I’m so bad with late responses lmao.