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Alright, alright, okay, something weird happened with my wi-fi and I couldn’t post and I hate a lot of things lately - anyway here’s! the first requested fic! It took longer than I expected and for that I’m sorry /sigh

jumpingdunk asked for the ”this is totally awkward considering before this the only interactions we’ve ever had have been casual nods to each other in the hallway but there’s a huge fucking spider in my bath tub and you seem like the friendly neighbor type please help me” au, and it definitely made me laugh sO here it is!

It’s AoKa, obv, and I kind of gave myself the freedom to play around with the prompt a smallish bit, but I hope you won’t mind! :D So here you go, 1600 words, let me know if you like it~


Kagami was standing before the stove making himself a late – incredibly late, seriously indecently late, so-late-it-could-easily-pass-for-a-breakfast late – dinner when the doorbell to his apartment rang.

He furrowed his brows, looking skeptically at the clock to his left (nearly three in the morning, who is even only just awake at this hour of the night, what the hell) and then turned off the stove, making his way towards the front door as the bell rang yet another time.

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zephyr-lynx asked:

I feel like the fandom is very concentrated on this fanon image they have of Newt?? I mean, he has flaws, a lot of them even, but they seem to be forgiven and forgotten or tossed aside in the progress. I think his death has made him a martyr for the fandom...which I find simply weird. I like Newt a lot, but I think not for the reasons a lot of people in the fandom glorifize him. (I'm sorry if I'm bothering you, but I went through his tag - not the best idea - and take the opportunity to vent)

No I completely understand what you mean, people seem to look past a lot of stuff that Newt says/does and present him as a really kind and loving character which, even though he has his moments, a lot of the time he’s kind of not. He can be a bit of a dick at times, and if the gladers didn’t have their own slang for everything he’d probably be the most foul-mouthed character in the whole series. But that’s kind of the things I like about him, and it doesn’t really bother me when people forget about those facts but when people show him as a really sweet and innocent character I wonder if maybe they haven’t read the same series as me, you know?

irethsune asked:

“My cat steals underwear and I come home to find you chasing my cat to get your underwear back.” Sterek would be nice if you don't mind? I just love the idea of Derek having cats idk

Derek’s cats are weird. Actually, that’s too vague of a statement. All cats are weird, but Derek’s cats are weird. Charlie, his first cat, is a grey tabby that practically mauls him every time he opens a container of strawberries. He knows cats can eat strawberries but the intensity with which Charlie loves strawberries is a bit much.

Mimi, his second cat, is an American black bombay who likes to steal people’s underwear. No, really, he has to lock his bedroom door any time he leaves the house to prevent this. He doesn’t actually mind her interest in his underwear so much as he just finds it odd. He’s come home to her resting her head on several pairs of them like a tiny pillow, an underwear pillow.

A month ago, two guys by the names of Scott and Stiles moved in next door. He only knows this because they are the loudest people on the goddamn block. Unfortunately for Derek, their houses are set up so that only a fence separates their back yards. Which means he hears every conversation about video games, and every single note and lyric of the music Stiles blasts (Which isn’t that bad, his taste is pretty good; it’s just too fucking loud). Scott seems to be the quieter one while Stiles is clearly the one that riles Scott up. It’s a shame he finds Stiles so annoying otherwise he’d probably think he was cute. He’s got this doe eyed prettiness about him that is completely Derek’s type.

Despite having a couple of short and polite conversations with Scott, he doesn’t think he’s ever said much of anything to Stiles. That all changes the day he leaves for work at the bakery and leaves the back door open accidentally.

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I'm really getting into writing fan fiction, doses anyone have any requests?

I have always written different bits of fan fiction for fun, but I really never thought much about it till now. I really enjoy doing it and I was wondering if anyone had any requests on what I should write. Don’t be shy, if you don’t know whether or not I am comfortable with writing something, then all you need do is ask.


Sterek AU: Ever since he was a kid Stiles has dreamed about being a baseball player. He eats, sleeps and breathes baseball, and the thing he’s always wanted more than anything is a chance to play alongside his idol, Derek Hale. Once they’re finally on the same team Stiles and Derek clash over the fact that Stiles can’t seem to take anything seriously, and Derek can’t seem to take a joke. The only thing they can agree on is baseball. 

Merlin Rewatch: The Poisoned Chalice (1x04)

Morgana, you shouldn’t get involved. It’s dangerous.


Fave fics as fake film posters → Masterpost (pt. 1)

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