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Hey guys! Really sorry for the lack of new comics - I’ve been hella busy lately. My schedule is a bit all over the place right now, but I promise that I’ll do my best to post at least once a week! 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

happy (angsty) birthday robert! i have a happier fic in the works but three glasses of wine made for a bit of an angsty drabble set within current canon. i hope you enjoy nonetheless!

thirty one 

robert could count the number of good birthdays he’d had on one hand.

Thirty one.

Robert stood in front of the mirror in their hotel bathroom, pausing in the midst of his morning shave. Aaron had teased that even on holiday, he couldn’t bear to let his scruff grow, but Robert didn’t suit a beard, not the way his husband did, all scruffy dark hair and loving eyes.

Thirty one.

It was his birthday, today. He’d woken up to soft, smiling kisses being pressed against his jawline, his cheek, his nose, Aaron open and loving in the way he only ever was when they were alone, curled around his other, limbs tangled and hearts open.

Aaron had showered him in love, in that gorgeous Aaron-like way of his, honest eyes and soft mumbles about how much he loved Robert, every word making Robert’s heart feel lighter, and somehow heavier at the same time, the reality of what faced them back in Emmerdale weighing heavy on his mind in a way he couldn’t forget, no matter how much he tried to.

Thirty one.

Robert could count on one hand the amount of good birthdays he’d had in his life. He didn’t remember the best ones, he didn’t think - the ones before Andy, before he’d grown up and shown himself as a disappointment, the ones before his mum died, the days when the focus of the Sugden household would be on their eldest son, days when there would be cake, and ice cream, and presents wrapped in cartoon paper.

He remembered the ones where he’d fight with his dad, where he’d make Victoria cry because he didn’t want to look at the drawing she’d done for him, birthdays where he would fight with Andy just because he could.

Birthdays without his mum, sad and quiet and lonely, without her warm heart and open arms and her endless belief that he could do better, be better. 

Birthdays spent alone. 

Birthdays where he’d fight with Chrissie because of something Lawrence did.

His thirtieth, the one birthday he’d hoped would be better, in the midst of something new and beautiful with Aaron, the birthday he’d ended up celebrating with his sister and her husband, eating cake and drinking whiskey alone at the clock struck midnight and signalled the end of a birthday from hell, as Aaron focused on his sister.

It had been silly, to be jealous of a fourteen year old, but Robert had been so jealous of Liv, of the time she’d taken up, bitter over the holiday he’d had to cancel. He’d wanted to spend his birthday with the one person who’d made him feel worth something.

Thirty one.

He’d spent his birthday with Aaron this year. He was spending his birthday with Aaron this year, the sun on their backs and their tropical honeymoon unfolding around him, bright and colourful and somehow always tinged with sadness and regret.

He’d hoped this would be the year he’d look into the mirror and be happy with the man he saw staring back, know that the man looking back was having some well earned celebrations.

That the man looking back would be good.

Thirty one.

Robert made a decision as he felt Aaron’s arms wind around his middle, his sun kissed husband grinning at him as he nattered about some beach Liv wanted to show them that day, about how it was going to look like something out of paradise, and maybe they could take a picnic, Aaron bright and happy and hopeful.

This was going to be the last birthday he’d spent feeling regretful, or sad. Thirty one was a new year, a new age, a new start.

Robert hadn’t always been good, but Aaron, god, Aaron made him want to be so much better - not just because Aaron deserved a better man, because Aaron deserved a good husband - but because Robert deserved to be better version of himself too. 

Thirty one.

“Happy birthday, Mr Dingle,” Aaron said, in that gorgeously soft and loving voice of his.

It wasn’t the happiest birthday he’d ever had, but next year would be different, thirty two would be different. Robert would earn his celebrations next year, earn the trust of the man in his arms and he’d be good, he’d be better. 

Thirty one.

This, this was the start of the best years of his life, and Robert wasn’t going to ruin another birthday for himself, not now, not ever again. He’d remember thirty one for a lot of reasons, for the sea, the sand, the sun kissed man in his arms, and most of all, he’d remember it for the promise he’d made to himself, to be better.

To be the sort of man who could look in the mirror and be proud of who was looking back. 

Operation: Baby Jones

Orphan Brigade [High School Years]: Geoffs boys are growing up fast. They’re attending High School, meeting girls and participating in epic heists. 

[Trigger Warnings: Guns and Blood]

“I need you to fake date me.” 

“…Michael.” Lindsay arched an eyebrow. “We’re already dating.” 

“Not like that.” Michael explained awkwardly. “I mean like for a heist.”

“I’m listening.” Lindsay folded her arms, curious. 

“I’d just need you to go undercover with me for a little while. You know? As a distraction. No-one will be looking at me if there’s a pregnant teen to gawk at.”


“Yeah, that would be part of the disguise. If that’s cool with you?”

“Sure.” Lindsay shrugged. “I love dress up.”

“It’s not dress up!” Michael protested. “It’s a very dangerous heist.”

“Which involves dress up.” 

“…I guess.” He admitted reluctantly.

Lindsay laughed. “Okay, I’m in. But if we get caught I’m blaming you.”

“That’s fair.”

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the beginning ♡

member: vernon / hansol

genre: fluff

this wasn’t originally planned for vernon’s birthday it was just sitting around in my drafts but since it was feb 18 yesterday ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Second Chances//Part 5

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4      

Words: 2557
Pairings: Bellamy x Reader; Reader x Grounder OC
Warnings: Character death/suicide, violence 
Episode: 1x04 Murphy’s Law

       “Bellamy! Clarke!” You called, racing into the camp, Finn close behind you.

        As soon as you and Finn found Bellamy and Clarke, you looked towards the ground, not wanting to be the bearer of bad news. Finn glanced at you with a sad look before facing Clarke.

        “They got Wells just outside the wall,” Finn informed.

        “What?” Clarke asked, a look of disbelief on her face. “Who found him?”

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Y'ello! You're a rather interesting version of me. I suppose you're cool. Anyways, it's a bit of a weird question to ask the second ya meet someone, but do ya have any sweets ya'd be willing to share with me? All the sweets at home were purposely put up where I can't reach them, and even though I'd kill for some right now, I'm not going to break my leg climbing to get them. Golly, sorry for rambling! It seems to happen whenever I get up the courage to talk to someone. (@ask-the-sleepy-demon)

I have a bunch of candies and stuff around, but I don’t really like them, so you can have whatever you find here, lovely.

And never be afraid to talk to me ♥

isnt it weird to think how, no
im not one thing
i am the cooperation of many things, atoms, more then a billion atoms, more then just one thing;
a project
a masterpiece
neutrons, electrons, protons, cells, organs, tissue
thinking abt it more
in someway
i am both one thing, and a billion things @ once.
isnt that strange?

Get It Right (11/?)

Sebastian Stan/Reader

Disclaimer: um mentions on smut(?), probably swearing but idk, a smol amount of fluff. This one is a bit different and random and weird and I’m afraid this series is going downhill but idk how to fix it and I’m rambling, sorry bye.

(to make up for this being shitty I have an angsty Chris Evans one-shot coming up)

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(last part)

Exhausted and cuddled up to Seb awhile later I have finally cleared the clouds in my brain enough to speak.

“That was amazing, Seba. Definitely worth the wait” I sit up to kiss him deeply before laying back down and saying, “I love you, with my whole heart”

“I love you” he tells me, kissing the top of my head.

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The Mission

Hey guys! so this a new short story. I will post the first part today. I hope you’ll like it. Pairing Peter Parker x reader. Let me know what you think ;)

Short description: 

Y/N and Peter aren’t that different form each other. Peter has two lives, so does Y/N. However, they both keep it secret and try to live their mundane life as normal as possible. But will they be able to keep their professional life and their private life apart form one another?

After losing everything that mattered in my life, I had no purpose anymore. Until I met Master Khar, who picked me up and trained me to become one of the great masters that were able to control dimensions and time. Eventually, I became his best student and his most important partner, all by the age of 19. My main objective until now was to help master Khar to defeat Doctor Strange, who worked with the Avengers, who were therefore indirect enemies of ours. However, my life wasn’t all about being one of the masters, I also had a private life. Hard to believe, but you need some sort of balance. Making use of the dark power was dangerous and only if you had a certain balance you were able to not become insane like Khar and the others… So I’m actually an architecture student at NYU.

Y/N POV present

It seemed to be a normal day like every other. I woke up and was on my way to college, when I got a call from Khar. „Y/N, where are you? You are needed.“ were the first words that sounded through my phone.

„Geez, somebody is grumpy today. I was about to grab a coffee and go to school, but I guess I’m about to change my plans, am I right?“

„Come to the temple, now. There is a new mission“, those were khar’s only words a second later he hung up. I was in the middle of the street, so I first had to get out of here to open a portal, I decided to open the portal in an empty classroom since I was halfway there. I was rushing through the hallway when somebody crushed into me.

„I’m so sorry, I’m a bit in a rush“ I apologized sincerely.

His backpack was half open and a few of his books fell out and a mysterious object that was glowing. „No, I am terribly sorry..“ he said while packing his stuff, you tried to help him. „You don’t have to help me nor apologize“ he answered nervously and took his weird object with him. He hadn’t seen you until then that’s when he started rambling. I didn’t listen, even though I wanted to, but he was kind of cute and his flushed cheeks distracted me.

„I need to go, sorry“ the only words that left my lips and I abandoned the handsome stranger in the hallway. As soon as I entered the next classroom I opened the portal.

„What took you so long.“

„I’m here now, what’s the emergency“

„Our infinity stone was stolen“

„What?! How!?“

„The avengers. Well let’s say some of the avengers and master strange were able to break your spell, located the stone and came for it.“

I clenched my fist. Nobody was strong enough to break my spells.

„tell me what to do“

Peter’s POV

„Spiderling you found your way home“, Mr. Stark’s first words as soon as I entered the apartment. „ I’m truly sorry, Mr.Stark, I got held up after the fight“ I answered. After my encounter with the mysterious girl today, I couldn’t find a way to shut my thoughts and stop thinking about her. I don’t think that I ever saw her around NYU. I wonder if I’ll ever see her again, she seemed pretty stressed herself.

„Well, let’s hope it doesn’t happen again. Where should I put the infinity stone?“ I took it out of the backpack.

„First of all, did somebody follow you or see that you had the stone with you?“

„No, nobody saw the stone.“

„Very good Parker.“ Mr. Stark took the stone and put it into a high tech case.

„Mr. Stark who were those people that we fought today. One of them mentioned a few things about Doctor Strange. It seemed like they knew each other… Am I even allowed to ask?“

„Listen Kiddo, it’s complicated… Strange used to be one of them, but he went his own way and joined us. The Cult masters of whatever, are divided. there are the ones that are like Strange, the ones who only use “the right“ source of power and the ones who use also the dark power, which is a pretty nasty thing to do. Anyway, don’t think too much about it. You did a great job today.“

„So am I right to assume that this wasn’t the last time we’ll see those people…“

„nope, I think we’ll even see them pretty soon. They need our little gem“

Mr.Stark walked out of the office, I followed soon and made my way to the living room to do my homework. Time passed fast, but I didn’t seem to be productive. My mind kept drifting to the mystery girl that I had met today. She was really attractive… Sometimes I do ask myself how my private life will develop. It’s hard to live a double life. Especially, if you are a superhero. I don’t think that I’ll ever have a so called love life. Who wanted to deal with all of this shit. Honestly, this was pure madness.

„overthinking again, Parker?“ Cap entered the room

„yeah, kinda.“

„School? or today’s mission?“


Cap sat next to me. That’s when we heard an explosion and felt the ground shaking. „What the hell..!“

„Go put your suit on, Parker. We have some guests“

We ran out of the building. Chaos erupted in the city. People screaming and fleeing from the buildings. My spider senses were tingling. Our enemy had to be near. „They are close, I can feel the..“, I informed the others. That’s when the weird shit got started. Buildings turning upside down and really messed up things happening with our surroundings. all of a sudden hooded people appeared from every corner and their leader coming down the main street right in front of us.

“Okay, is this the Tibetan version of Matrix?” I asked.

“Sort of” Stark replied.

I didn’t know if they were actually shaping our reality or if they were doing some kind of psychic voodoo like the Scarlet Witch does. Anyway the weird monks were coming closer, they were all wearing some sort of yellowish hoods. To be honest they did look pretty bad ass.

Mr. Stark started shooting at them but they were able to stop every single one of them. So high-tech didn’t impress them much. Therefore, there was only one thing left to do. One on one fighting.

Stark, Cap and I were doing the best we could, but there were too many. We were trapped. Even if I fought three, four or five at the same time, we wouldn’t stand a chance.

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I love your kelpie Mabel idea please provide moar ;o; headcanons mebbe?

Ahhh hello! I’m glad people have responded well to the kelpie idea :’D and I do have a few things to provide! Like this quick drawing of how she looks on land and in the water-

On land she’s a pretty normal looking horse/centaur, albeit with fins on her back and legs, but once she’s in waist high water her tail and back legs sorta “morph” into one big tail… thingy. Her skin and hair turns darker and gets a slightly goopy/slimey-ness to it too.

Since she doesn’t have any gills ( even in her water form she doesn’t have any) so she can’t stay underwater indefinitely, though she can hold her breathe much longer than any normal human.

Small fish or insects might get caught in her hair whenever she’s swimming in a lake or river, she’d probably think that’s neat and name every one of the creatures living in her “hair apartment” ( until she’s forced to evict them cause Grunkle Stan doesn’t want her bringing any foreign bugs into the shack. )

the-galaxy-system  asked:

I felt something weird today and couldn't figure out what it is. I found out that an 80 something year old, maybe, fragment was being triggered out, but my gatekeeper said "nope" and stopped her because she's abusive and it wasn't safe. I'm kind of scared, honestly, because she's never fronted before and I have no idea what to expect. I thought that maybe since you have an older one, you'd know how to help if she's fronted before? Sorry for the ramble and if it doesn't make sense. I'm on edge.

Hey lovely, sorry I didn’t pick this up til now, I hope you’re feeling a bit better? Also not rambling lovely, you’re fine!

Ah yes, Christina in the forest subsystem is 72. She has fronted but doesn’t often. It was quite a weird scenario for my partner really because she was apparently very proper and not particularly nice to my partner. She is a “woman of God” (Catholic) and calls mine and my partner’s relationship an “abomination” - really fun stuff.

To be honest she’s such an odd lady that when she fronts she spends the majority of the time praying. She did ask my partner if she had a rosary at one point but I don’t think she’s been out since.

Anyway.. I know it’s really weird to feel that there’s someone of that age inside, especially as (in our case) the body is only 28! Christina isn’t exactly pleasant, she can be abusive inside as well, so I understand why you’re scared. Your gatekeeper probably made the right decision in not letting her front to be honest but she still could.

If she does I guess I’d just say treat her like any other alter - with respect but also set boundaries (sorry I’m not sure how she’s abusive so I’m not sure what to suggest exactly). She has to understand she’s part of a system and may have to compromise.

Good luck with her lovely and we’re always here if you need to talk about her in more depth or anything else!

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omg I'm sorry I kind of ended up rambling in your inbox.. I'm just getting fustrated with a few users who are well versed in discussing within academic standards but tend to act sort of? cruel I suppose, to those who have a hard time understanding

every nuance of these concepts

OH oh okay i see. i mean in some ways i understand why. no one is obligated to “dumb” down their posts just so others can understand. but its a bit weird to make your vocab as vague and complex as possible and then get angry when not everyone can follow it

toddett  asked:

sorry if this is a weird question, but where could one read this research paper? im intrigued.

No, honestly thank you for asking, I’m really glad people are interested! I’m currently trying to find a way to post it- tumblr won’t let me post it as a text post because it’s too long, so I need to find another platform. Also, I’m still in the final stages of editing little bits and pieces, so I’ll definitely give an update once I officially submit it! Thanks so much!

Next picture in the the Undone verse (Izuna’s death undone) is based on @blackkatmagic headcanon that Izuna love beautifull strong women. My first thought was about Tsunade, and then I remembered that she is Hashirama’s granddaugther and I had to drew it. (I’m sorry Izuna, I swear I actually love you xD)

Tsunade looks a bit weird, but it was my first time drawing her so, it’s not too bad.

Next will probably be a bit of NaruSasu because Sasuke is my baby and I love him to bit. (That pretty pretty adorable asshole)


ok i talk about this all the time but….ok hear me out 

oliver is an angel. a literal angel how does he do it. he deals with me on a daily and he sticks with me through all the home problems i have and hes so wonderful to me and always boosts my mood. hes so positive and full of light and love and i really . love. 

sorry i talk and ramble so much im just having a weird mental night and i love him lots ok hes the bestest in the universe he is a bunny he is a darling i Do Not know where i would be without him 


I’m thinking of doing some Gorillaz drawing requests for a bit. I dunno how long for but I’ll see how I go!

They’d probably just be sketchy things kinda like this Murdoc here:

So send some things through if you like, just nothing too NSFW tho please. Thanks!

Stiles Stilinski - “Malia’s Boyfriend”

You’re new in school, while Stiles is dating Malia. You and Malia become friends during your first week of school, and it isn’t until after developing a crush on Stiles that you realize he’s her boyfriend. 


You thought that being the new girl in Beacon Hills was going to be hard; going to new schools was always hard. Your parents moved quite often, so you were always going to new schools, yet it never got any easier. But when you moved to Beacon Hills, a girl named Lydia had befriended you instantly. In just a day, you had made more friends than you had ever had, thanks to Lydia. Easily, she had been a better friend to you than anyone ever had. For the first few days, Lydia was your main companion, but before long you had become pretty close with Kira, Malia, Allison, and even this boy named Scott. You figured out that Malia and Kira were new as well, so you weren’t a huge outcast.

                Malia had a boyfriend named Stiles. He was also Scott’s best friend and one of Lydia’s best friends as well. You hadn’t met him yet. He apparently kept spending a lot of time with his dad when he was outside of school, and you just never got the chance to meet him during school because you just didn’t have any classes together. Everyone kept insisting that he was wonderful, especially Malia, and you were excited to meet this mysterious boyfriend of hers.

                It was Monday morning and you were running late to class. It was only the start of your second week of school, and you didn’t want your teachers to start thinking that being late was going to be a regular problem. When you were at your locker, you were in such a hurry that you dropped your books to the floor, and when you bent down to pick them up, you even hit your head on the locker door.

                You were swearing to yourself, rubbing your head while kneeling down and suddenly there was another pair of hands attending to your books.

                “That looked like it hurt,” a voice said and you flickered your eyes up to catch soft brown ones. There was a boy, smiling right at you while picking up your books for you.  “I’ve actually done that plenty of times, so I know for a fact that it does indeed hurt.”

                You giggled and the two of you stood up. He still was holding all of your books and he stuck is hand out for you to shake, which you did. “You’re the new girl, right?”

                “Yeah,” you nodded. After shaking his hand, you closed up your locker.

                “(Y/N), right?” He scanned your face, thinking about something.

                You nod, expecting him to tell you his name, but he doesn’t. “Lydia’s talked about you. You seem awesome. And by the looks of your shirt, you are awesome.” You quickly glanced down and remembered that you were wearing your star wars shirt that day. You usually just wore it as a pyjama top, but this morning you were running too late to grab actual clothes that Lydia would love, and so you just wore this. The boy tried being cool and leaning against the lockers, but his arm slipped and he almost feel forward and hit you. You put your hands up, which rested on his chest to catch him.

                “Sorry,” he muttered, quite flustered before handing you your books back. “I uh, I really love Star Wars. Have you seen Star Trek? It’s equally as awesome. In seventh grade I wrote an essay about Captain Kirk, even when my teacher told me that the essay had to be about a real person, not a fictional character. My mom was the one who really got me into Star Trek. She’d read me books and we’d watch the Original Series and the Next Generation and everything together. I could tell you all about Star Trek. The new movies are pretty awesome too. You know, the guy who plays Jimmy is Chris Pine. There’s lots of actors named Chris that I like, such as Chris Hemsworth or Evans. Those two are in Marvel stuff. Evans is in the Fantastic Four and he’s also Captain America. Have you seen those? Oh, I’m rambling. Sorry, again. I just like your shirt.”

                You smiled, staring up at him. He was blushing a bit and he was insanely cute, hot even, if you were being blunt.  “I do love Marvel movies,” you nodded. “I have one of those shirts as well.”

                “Kira has pants,” he commented. He still looked embarrassed, but he’s still flushed. “I um- we should hang out sometime. But we just met, so I’m sorry if that’s weird. Oh geez, that’s weird, isn’t it. You don’t even know my name. I’m just the weird kid who rambled about Star Trek, and somehow knew your name.”

                It was a bit weird, but he gave you good vibes. He was the good kind of weird, and you liked it maybe too much. “It’s fine. I like you,” you smiled, clutching your books to your chest and swaying side to side a bit. You looked like a silly schoolgirl, but you couldn’t help it. He was just so cute. You then paused and held a finger up just as he was opening his mouth to speak again. “Hold on.” You opened one of your books, ripped out a piece of paper and then took the pen out from behind his hear and wrote down your number on a sheet of paper, with a little heart above, which was your attempt at flirting.

                You handed it to him, “Call me after school. Maybe we can go to a lacrosse game together?”

                He was definitely blushing. Smiling at the piece of paper, he told you, “I’m actually on the team.”

                “That makes it even better. What number are you?”

                “Twenty-four,” he said, putting the paper in his pocket. “I’m sitting at the side half the time, so you can still come talk to me. My friend Scott is the one who’s the big star of the team.”

                “Oh, you’re friends with Scott?”

                “Yeah. He’s my bro.”

                You started getting suspicious, putting the pieces together and suddenly you gott an idea of who you are speaking to exactly. You really hoped it was not who you think it was, because that means that he’s dating Malia, and you’re a horrible friend.

                “What’s your name?” You asked, your smile slowly fading.

                “Oh. Stiles,” he smiled. “I probably should’ve mentioned that before.”

                You feel your heart sink. This guy is dating Malia, your friend. You still just felt extremely jealous, and he noticed.

                “Yeah, I’m uh, dating Malia,” he said awkwardly. “She’s great, you know. Uh, she doesn’t like Star Trek, but she likes Chris Pine, so she doesn’t mind it, at least. I don’t know why I’m telling you that. I should go.”

                You knew you shouldn’t, but you did it anyways. “You can still call me tonight.”

                His eyes look hopeful again as he freezes. He then quickly nods. “Yeah. I will. I’ll still call you.”

Luke Imagine - Celebrity Crush

Requested : Yes!

Words : 1, 918

Authors note : I’m sorry this is so late! I got this request a while ago, so I’m sorry it didn’t get done sooner. I’m sorry it’s not the best! I thought it was kind of cute though! I hope you guys like it! xx

Request | Masterlist

“Guys, I’m so nervous…” Luke mutters out, whipping his sweaty palms against the rough fabric of his jeans, his eyes darting around the large crowd of people, looking for you.

Since the day the first movie came out, Luke has developed a crush on you. He was one of the first people to buy tickets when the second movie of the series you played came out in theaters.

“Luke, calm down! You’ve met plenty of famous peop-” Calum began, but Luke quickly cut him off.

“None of them were her Cal! She’s the girl that I never thought I was going to be able to see in person, let alone meet! I thought the closest I would get to meeting her was seeing her on the screen!” Luke rambles, his eyes still scanning the area around them, and he couldn’t tell if he was disappointed or thankful when his eyes didn’t fall on you.

His three best friends all exchange glances with each other, watching as he looked every where around them at the many people who were being interviewed. They knew exactly who he meant when he said her. He talked about you all the time. He was probably your biggest fan, fanboying about you when ever your name was mentioned or the movie you’re in was brought up.

“Oh my god…” Luke mumbled, and if they weren’t paying such close attention to him, the other boys probably wouldn’t have heard it. They followed his wide eyes, and instantly, they knew why his mouth was agape and he didn’t seem to be breathing.

“It’s her.” Michael said, Calum and Ashton both nodding along with him.

“It’s her.” They both agreed in unison.

“I-I-” Luke’s voice came out shaky amidst his star stuck state. “I can’t believe it’s her!” His voice was louder this time, probably too loud as a couple by standers looked over at him, just shaking their heads and going back to what they were doing previously.

When you walked onto the carpet, you were instantly being interviewed, someone coming up to you placing a microphone in your face. Of course, you were with a few other members of the cast, so you weren’t the only one being asked questions. Although, you were one of the only girls from the cast on the carpet, with the exception of one other girl, and you did play a leading role in the movies, so there was a lot of attention focused on you.

“Well, we can’t wait to see you guys later on in the show!” The lady that was interviewing you smiled, and you nodded, grabbing onto your cast mates arm as you began to walk away.

“She was rather pushy, don’t you think?” You asked him, making him laugh, nodding.

“Yeah, I agree. But that’s their job, you know?” You nod with him, before a group of loud screams fill your ears.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re here with a band that’s taken not only America, but the world by storm! 5 Seconds Of Summer! How are you boys doing tonight?"An interviewer says loudly into a microphone before pointing it at a boy with a mop of curls.

"We’re doing alright, wouldn’t you say guys?” He turns to the boys around him. One with bright red hair nods enthusiastically, while one with blond streaks in his hair begins to talk to the curly haired one. The only one who didn’t have much of a reaction to it was a boy who was looking down at his feet.

You kept watching them, trying to think of where you’d heard the name before. The interviewer said that they were a band, so you just assumed you’d heard them on the radio.

The interviewer asked them a few more questions, which the one with curly hair happily answered, the other two boys saying something from time to time while the tall blond boy still stood, his eyes on his feet. He looked like he was too deep in thought to pay any attention to what was happening.

“Luke, how are you tonight, ready for the award show?” The man who was interviewing them asks, making the tall one look up.

“Oh uh… yeah I’m really excited. It’s going to be amazing.” He smiled instantly, and you felt a smile forming on your own lips. His smile was really pretty, it was really wide and he showed all of his teeth, and you even noticed that he had a lip ring.

You couldn’t help but to think about how attractive these four men were, but you were really only watching the one, who’s name you now knew was Luke.

He was already looking back down at his feet when the interviewer said he was going to move onto the next person he came across. The other boys all nodded, saying goodbye before they all turned to their friend. They were all talking for a second before the one with the curly hair looked over at you, causing you to look away quickly. You didn’t understand why you did so, or why your cheeks were growing warm.

“Luke, (y/n) has been looking over here at us since the interviewer came over.” Ashton says to Luke in a somewhat hushed voice, glancing over to you and back at Luke.

He looked up instantly at the sound of your name, suddenly becoming interested in what was happening.

“No way, really?” He smiled, and it took him no time to find you, the girl he could more than likely spot in any crowd.

Ashton chuckled lightly at his friends reaction, nodding. “Yes, really. She watched us the whole time.” He looked back over at you, to see that you were already looking in their direction, more specifically, Luke’s direction.

Luke’s eyes were locked with yours, and he felt a lump begin to form in his throat. He wanted so desperately to go over and say something to you, but it felt like his whole body was shut down. He couldn’t move, like he was frozen to where he was standing.

“Luke, mate.” Calum’s hand was on Lukes shoulder as he said this. “Go talk to her. If you don’t now, you might not have the chance to do it again.”

Luke blinked a few times, taking in what Calum said. He was right and he knew it, he needed to say something to you. He turned, nodding to the boys who all gave him encouraging smiles, and began to walk over to you.

You were surprised when he did so. When your eyes caught his as his head snapped up towards you, you felt your breath hitch in your throat. You had no idea why, but this boy with blue eyes that were looking at you so intensely was leaving you speechless.

You studied his features more, from the tall quiff of his hair to the broad width of his shoulders, and back to the eyes that seemed to shine brighter than anything you’d seen before. You were focused only on him, and you didn’t even notice the rest of his band looking at you, too.

It wasn’t long before be started to make his way over to you, much to your shock. Why was he coming over to talk to you? Why was he looking at you the way he did? Questions filled your head as he got closer to you.

When he was in front of you, his hand extended towards you, you couldn’t form words.

“H-Hi, I’m Luke.” He began, cursing to himself mentally when he tripped over his words.

Your eyes widened at the sound of his voice. This boy was Australian, you could tell by the thick sound of his accent. You took his hand, shaking it with a smile.

“I’m (y/n), (y/n) (y/l/n). Nice to meet you.” His smile grew as you said this.

“I know well who you are.” You raised an eyebrow at this sentence, and his eyes widened before he quickly continued. “Not in weird stalker way or anything, I’m just a huge fan of your acting. You’re absolutely amazing.” At this, you felt your cheeks warm up, something that normally never happened when you were complimented. There was just something about the genuine look on Luke’s face and the sound of his voice while he said it that turned your cheeks a light shade of pink.

“T-Thank you. It mean’s a lot to me that you think so.” You smiled up at him. “What’s your last name, Luke?”

“Hemmings. I’m here with my band.” He pointed over at the boys you saw him with before, each of them already watching the two of you, waving when they saw you look over. You giggled a bit, waving back before turning to Luke again. That’s when it hit you.

“Have you tweeted me before?” You asked him, and you swear that the boy stopped breathing for a moment.

“Y-Yeah, I have. Quite a lot, actually… why? Did I come off weird or something, I’m so sorry, I-” He began to ramble, and you laughed lightly, placing a hand on his arm to stop him.

“No, I just remember reading your name and a few of your tweets. They were really sweet, Luke.” You remembered one tweet of his that you’d read earlier that day, regarding how you were going to be at the same award show as him, and how he was hoping he’d have the nerve to talk to you. He was pretty open about his crush on you. When ever he was asked about who his celebrity crush was in interviews, he always answered with your name.

“Really? You read them? That’s amazing!” He smiled widely, and you noticed his cheeks were a light pink color.

“You actually got the nerve to talk to me, why didn’t you think you’d be able too?” You laughed a bit, and his eyes widened before looking down at his feet.

“You read my tweet from this morning then, huh?” He chuckled, “I really didn’t think I’d be able to talk to you. I honestly have a slight crush on you…” His voice was soft as his gaze stayed on his feet.

It was your turn to blush again, and you averted your eyes from him.

“R-Really?” You said, looking around at the people surrounding the two of you before you looked back at him. He nodded his head, looking back up at you.

“So I was wondering if you’d uh… if you’d want to come to the after party with the boys and I? You don’t have to if you don’t want-” He rambled on again before you stopped him.

“Are you asking me out on a date, Luke?” You smirked a bit at the tall boy in front of you, who’s rambled words made something in your chest tighten and your cheeks grow hot.

“Is it working?” He laughed nervously, making you laugh, too. From somewhere ahead of you two, one of your cast mates were calling for you.

“Meet me after the award show back stage and we’ll see.” You said quickly to him, smiling before walking away to catch up to your cast.

Luke stood in the same spot, stunned by the events that just played out. The rest of the boys were soon surrounding him, asking him how thing’s had went. He told them what happened in a awe struck haze, wanting time to move quicker so he could talk to you again. 

Authors note : Well, I hope this was alright! I know it’s not my best but I wanted to get something posted this weekend! Feedback is amazing <3 ps. Happy Birthday Harry Styles *heart eye emoji*

Lay Me Down

Summary: AU in which Dan is a sixteen year old boy rendered comatose after a car accident. After his family loses hope and stops visiting regularly, along comes eighteen year old high school senior Phil, needing volunteer hours for a senior project. When he’s asked to visit Dan and keep him company, he doesn’t know how much it will end up meaning to him.
Part One of ?
Part Two: x
Part Three: x
Warnings: None currently, if you think I need to add any feel free to inform me.

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