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hEY FRIENDS \(^o^)/ it’s been a long while― sorry for the inactivity! Slowly getting used to the rhythm of school,, it’s only the third week and things are already getting hectic! Hope 2017 has been kind to you so far, and wishing y'all a good week ahead (^O^)

sidenote: omg I’m so obsessed with the la la land soundtrack and I died today when dodie and jon uploaded their cover of city of stars i'm :“”

artstudygram // what stationery am i using?

Video suggestions

i know that this has been done already and mark, jack and ethan were still on a break but will upload videos in a few days/weeks but i just wanna share some of my fave series from them. im sorry that this is such a looooooooooong post.

Dream Daddy
Markiplier Makes
Resident Evil 7
Markiplier’s 12 Days of Christmas
Emily Wants to Play
Sims 4
Five Nights at the Chum Bucket
Alice is Dead
Bad Dream
Trollface Quest
Five Nights at F**kboy’s
Dark Cut
:the game:
Whacking Games
Fatal Frame 2
Five Nights at Wario’s
Spooky’s House of Jumpscares
To the Moon
Neverending Nightmares
Markiplier Fan Games
Impossible Let’s Plays
Goat Simulator
Markiplier Highlights
Prop Hunt

Rock of Ages II
Google Feud
Slime Rancher
Guessing Phrases in Other Languages
Bloopers & Outtakes
Dream Daddy
Prop Hunt
Best of Jacksepticeye
Reading Your Comments
Drawing Your Tweets
What Remains of Edith Finch
Bio Inc. Redemption
Night in the Woods
Rick and Morty Virtual Rickality
Outlast 2
Emily is Away Too
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
Google Autocomplete
Peace Death
Happy Room
Dont’s Starve Together
Trollface Quest
Resident Evil 7
Party Hard
Layers of Fear
Jacksepticeye Power Hour
Surgery Games
Planet Coaster
The Final Station
Tuber Sim
Worms W.M.D
Plague Inc. Evolved
Whack Your…
Please Don’t Touch Anything
Job Sim
Papers, Please
Don’t Starve Shipwrecked
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
The Game
Henry Stickman
Monument Valley
Fran Bow
I Am Bread
Life is Strange
Until Dawn
60 Seconds
Lakeview Cabin
Valiant Hearts
The Sims 4
Neverending Nightmares
Dumb Ways to Die

Reading Your Comments
What Remains of Edith Finch

Tech Yes, Juliet

*EDIT: I’ve written a sequel!

summary: dan’s never been good at talking to his crushes, so he has to find another way to communicate with him


in which dan’s a tech major and phil’s an english major at the college they both attend, but those majors are in a school-wide “feud”, so the star crossed lover computer nerd dan makes a website to talk to phil

word count: 5.1k

genre: fluff 

warnings: none

a/n: HOLY SHIT OKAY first of all I’m so damn proud of the title, ya know? check yes juliet? a+ pun there. second of all it has been approximately 7 years since i last uploaded and I’m so sorry but i am really proud of this so maybe it makes up for it? pls lmk what u think, & thank u!!!

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Happy the Kitty

Originally posted by lum1natrix

Request: Could I get an imagine where Ethan and the (female) reader are roommates in an apartment and one day the reader is on a walk and finds a kitten and wants to keep it but Ethan tells her that you’re not allowed to have pets in the apartment complex but she says they can hide the kitten and convinces Ethan to go with it and it’s rlly fluffy (the imagine not the kitten lol) and maybe Ethan realizes how cute she looks with the kitten and confesses his feelings? Sorry it’s rlly specific

Summary: Fem!Reader finds a kitten and has to convince both Ethan and their landlord to keep it.

A/N: Hey y’all,,, so it’s been like two weeks since I last posted anything, very sorry about that. Finding the inspiration to write anything has been really hard lately. I don’t really think it even has to do with school having recently started up for me again, I’m not sure why it’s just been hard for me to sit down and write anything that I’m happy and satisfied with. So sorry about that, I will try to be more consistent with uploads. I’m gonna start aiming for at least one fic a week (although I can already see myself breaking that promise rip) ANyway hope you guys enjoy this fic (if anyone’s even still out there reading my things)

Wordcount: 1291, at least my return to writing is kinda long

Requests are closed at the moment, sorry folks!

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Astray 2/7

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Request: badboy taehyung !!! y/n likes him makes him sure of it kinda clingy he gets sick of it tells her to piss off and angsty stuff he gets jealous when y/n starts hanging out with another guy and so confesses in a cliche badboy way

Word count: 4453

A/N: I’m really sorry I’m uploading so slowly… I’ve been a rather busy and so has been my beta.. Either way I hope you like it ^^“

Taehyung was trying his best not to fall asleep as Mr. Roux explained the impact the American Independence war had on the French economy. It wasn’t that the lesson wasn’t interesting, it was, but he had gone over that topic with ___________ already and he had a pretty bad night of sleep so staying awake was really difficult. To be completely honest, if it wasn’t because he knew she was sitting right behind him he wouldn’t have even bothered, but he didn’t want her to think he didn’t care. She had been helping him a lot so he felt it’d be unfair if he didn’t do at least the minimum effort.

He had started to take notes rather diligently since the beginning of the class, but one could easily tell by looking at his notebook that he had gradually lost interest in what was being said by his teacher. If at first it almost seemed like he was able to take note of everything the teacher had said, quickly the sentences had become shorter, and towards the end of the class, not even his doodles depicted anything concrete.

The class was about to finish when Mr. Roux called out a couple of students that wouldn’t stop talking. He asked them a few questions they obviously were unable to answer.

“I mean I don’t get it. Like… so… I mean… Like you’re saying that the Americans provoked the French Revolution?”

Not being able to hide his annoyance, Taehyung couldn’t help but make a grimace, how could anyone get to such conclusion? Even without listening to the lesson?

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I drew my child again! It’s ya girl Yara I love her so much she’s so pretty! Sorry I haven’t been posting anything during ship week because I’m back at school and very stressed. This term is a really short one and they’re cramming A LOT in. I’ll be posting art once a week, some sge stuff but it’ll all be on my main blog @patch27. I’ve already made them all so it’s not new stuff it’s just so I have a more consistent upload schedule because I feel kinda bad disappearing for months on end to only reappear for a few brief weeks. This one has a speedpaint on my new youtube channel I’ve got about 2 other ones up there as well if you’d like to check them out that would mean a lot

OhBoy! No. 77

OhBoy! reuploaded this photo with the correct name for Jinyoung. Earlier, they released an apology regarding this matter. 

“Hello, this is OhBoy!’s editor Kim Hyeon-Seong. I am writing about GOT7′s Jinyoung name. I wrote that I am the editor but I actually oversee and am responsible for all the production. I apologize to Jinyoung whose name we wrote wrong and all fans. Firstly, I will give an explanation for the name error. I can’t say that this explanation has not already been done but I feel like I should give an explanation. In 2012, I firstly shot JJ Project and since then I have called these 2 friends, Jinyoung and Jaebeom. After that we have kept meeting for Jaebeom’s individual shoot and for GOT7 shoots. Since the staff also called him Jinyoung, I was not aware that he changed his stage name. If I was a little more scrupulous I would have checked the name then designed but I was negligent. I especially like Jaebeom and Jinyoung’s expressions and atmosphere, and during these shooting too, I especially liked Jinyoung’s expression so we kept talking and I’m sorry that something like this has happened. I called Jinyoung and he said that he was a little upset but thanked us for generously telling him. We cannot do anything about the magazines that have already been distributed but today we will immediately print stickers and do our job. You are probably not satisfied but for the image that has been uploaded online, I will correct them and upload it tonight. The shooting was very successful so for this to have happened is upsetting. I’m very sorry. In the future, I will keep meeting GOT7 for schedules and I will pay more and more attention so that this kind of thing does not happen again. Please look upon the shoot as well as you can and I ask for you support so we can do an even better shoot next time. I will end by apologizing once again. Thank you.”

source: OhBoy! Magazine IG
translation: bbomirae

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Better Together (Series!) Premiered Today Morning!! Only on my Dailymotion!

The new Equestria Girls Digital Series has been officially released for the first time on the official Hasbro YouTube channel, and will be short episodes as we saw in the Discovery Family Go! app. Every Friday a new episode at 10am EST! by Hasbro’s YouTube channel.

IMPORTANT! Due to the problems of blocking by copyright in YouTube
is already available through my Dailymotion so that every Friday I upload the new episodes of Equestria Girls Series so you can not miss it. Sorry for the inconvenience! Enjoy it Bronies and Pegasisters and happy Friday and good weekend everyone!! 😉✌️👍😘


Sorry if this has already been uploaded… 

SoraLon Minecraft now has English subtitles!

Part 1 ^
Part 2

Since Soraru has enabled subtitle submissions on his official uploads on Youtube, I took on the project of translating both of his Minecraft videos that co-star Lon! :) This is his official channel that you can watch them on, which means no video reprinting was done in the process \o/
A few notes:
-Lon’s line at 16:27 is supposed to say “I feel like Soraru-san’s walking speeds and Lon-san’s walking speeds are different.” Sorry about that! I meant to correct it but I didn’t realize the subs had already been published, so I was too late to get that in there orz 
-Due to Lon being on Skype as well as gradually getting sleepier and therefore more mumble-y, her voice was hard for me to interpret on a few lines so I kinda had to use my best judgement on what I could hear. Apologies if I messed anything up too bad, but it really was only a small amount of lines that I felt questionable on.
-Please don’t leave any rude comments on the video such as “I wish he had played with (other utaite) instead” or “I like (other utaite) better”

Translation: Me :) (Emma)
Subtitles: NicoleShieru, Chokyupies, Yumiko

somuchfandomcontent  asked:

Ah, okay. Sorry for the random question, I'll be more serious this time. What did you think of Who Killed Markiplier? Is the backstory accurate for you? - J (sorry if this has already been answered, but I'm also curious cuz I know a few people who already have Dark's backstory made up)

Actually… You are the first to ask me… 
My story being released I hope will benefit my cause. To show everyone that I am not the villain here… 
While I haven’t been asked I did record my thoughts on the matter and plan on releasing it soon. It isn’t ready yet, Googleplier is still trying to make the audio understandable from the distortion. It will be uploaded here soon.

As for the knowledge you all now know… you may call me Damien if you wish. Celine is not exactly in the body but still remains in that other world to lend me her abilities when necessary. but it is just me here… 

-Cerevire Darkiplier

I’m back from the other world(?)

I’m pretty sure this has been translated already, but in case it hasn’t, here’s the D-rank family event for Yuu and Mika. Now I’ll have to clear the game once to unlock the other events (how dare you, producers and staff. How dare you. And how dare you not give more family events to Mika. Yuu is not Mika’s world… wait, it is, sorry).

If I have more free time I’ll try uploading the scene where the game gets a different storyline (enjoying it so far. Personally, I like it better than the original) and the other family events. I’ll be doing the ones I like or find funny, but if you have any request, just tell me and I’ll see if I can translate it ^.^