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SoraLon Minecraft now has English subtitles!

Part 1 ^
Part 2

Since Soraru has enabled subtitle submissions on his official uploads on Youtube, I took on the project of translating both of his Minecraft videos that co-star Lon! :) This is his official channel that you can watch them on, which means no video reprinting was done in the process \o/
A few notes:
-Lon’s line at 16:27 is supposed to say “I feel like Soraru-san’s walking speeds and Lon-san’s walking speeds are different.” Sorry about that! I meant to correct it but I didn’t realize the subs had already been published, so I was too late to get that in there orz 
-Due to Lon being on Skype as well as gradually getting sleepier and therefore more mumble-y, her voice was hard for me to interpret on a few lines so I kinda had to use my best judgement on what I could hear. Apologies if I messed anything up too bad, but it really was only a small amount of lines that I felt questionable on.
-Please don’t leave any rude comments on the video such as “I wish he had played with (other utaite) instead” or “I like (other utaite) better”

Translation: Me :) (Emma)
Subtitles: NicoleShieru, Chokyupies, Yumiko

Tech Yes, Juliet

summary: dan’s never been good at talking to his crushes, so he has to find another way to communicate with him


in which dan’s a tech major and phil’s an english major at the college they both attend, but those majors are in a school-wide “feud”, so the star crossed lover computer nerd dan makes a website to talk to phil

word count: 5.1k

genre: fluff 

warnings: none

a/n: HOLY SHIT OKAY first of all I’m so damn proud of the title, ya know? check yes juliet? a+ pun there. second of all it has been approximately 7 years since i last uploaded and I’m so sorry but i am really proud of this so maybe it makes up for it? pls lmk what u think, & thank u!!!

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[hey froggos it’s ur friend cecil. turns out hospital wifi sucks so I can’t load videos or pictures or my tumblr dash or my notes page to find out if anyone has been talking to me.
also tumblr CHEWS through my mobile data like. bam 2 gig gone in one day.
so im sorry about the lack of frogs, I’ve had many submissions but since they won’t load for me I’ve got no idea what I would be posting. and I can’t upload anything I’ve already saved from my laptop.

so for now unfortunately it is time for cecil to return to the mud and sleep. I will return when the beautiful nourishment of decent wifi awakens me in roughly two weeks. thank you for your patience]

Oh my gosh, I was tagged by the amazing @malcolmlandgraab (I still can’t believe that happened tbh) to take part in the Spring Sim CAS Challenge and even though I’d already made a sim for it, I thought it was so lovely to be tagged again that I just made another. And hence this little cutie was created!
I’m sorry that it’s taken me so long to get around to doing it but I’ve been super busy lately and just haven’t had the time to mess around in CAS, until tonight.
I know the hype for this has kind of died down but I’m still going to tag @acoldcoffeebean @cherrysimblrlove and @frannybobanny because I’ve found you all recently and have instantly fallen in love with your posts! (Sorry if you’ve already done it, don’t feel like you need to do it again!) But yeah, that’s all I have to say! I haven’t uploaded Evan to the gallery because I didn’t finish any of his other outfits but if any of you are interested in downloading him then just drop me a message to let me know so that I can fix him up for you!

Hey guys! So it’s the INFJ admin here and I just wanted to say thank you guys so much. We’ve somehow gotten to over 150 followers on this blog already (I know it says nearly 150 on the video, I was a bit late to getting it uploaded I’m sorry) in the very short time we’ve been running it (3ish months?). Anyway INTJ admin and I decided we’d make a video compilation type thing as a sort of thank you to celebrate, so hopefully you guys enjoy watching our dorkiness. Also to any new followers, welcome! And thank you again to anyone who has hit that follow button or even just hit the like or reblogged buttons on a post on here. We made this blog to just leave mbti crap and never expected it to grow this fast. You guys are all appreciated and lovely, thank you from both of us :) 

 - INFJ admin (idk if INTJ would like to add anything else or not)

Thanks for the follows, guys. (I don’t understand why INFJ is acting like we won the fucking Oscars just because of 150+ followers but thanks, y'all’s) -intj

Askbox closed!+important annoucement!

It has been decided, sorry guys but I can’t manage over 1,3k asks!!

there are way too many and I want to work on many updates, one of them will be quite big :) you’ve seen some teaser already on earlier posts, and I want to do this as a 10k special!

 Don’t worry!! Comic updates will still be uploaded!!

There are over 1k asks in inbox, so there are many asks for you guys I need to reply! (yes Steph, you’ll still have to work on part 5)

Askbox will be closed so I can cope with these following updates and university, as well as IM will be closed on this blog since people still message me during times like these.

I will let you know once you can send asks again.

If you want to personally talk to me, the mun, message me at @hawker-rawr or at the amino app, you’ll find me as Hawky. 

wow this turned out longer than I thought, but yeah, see ya guys!Stay determined!


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This is hilarious.
(Sorry if this has been posted already.
Not by me; credits to the uploader.)