sorry if this has been done before

Get to know me (Formula E edition)

I have zero skills for edits and making gifs, but I’d love to see what other FE fans out there can come up with. So please signal boost this and tag #FEmeme if you do it so I can find it and reblog all your posts (of couse, you can also tag me if you want) :D

* 8 drivers

* 7 liveries

* 6 helmet designs

* 5 races

* 4 circuits

* 2 off-track moments

* Favorite season so far… 

Feel free to add any extra categories or whatever you want. The idea is to have fun (and for me to find other people passionate about FE to follow!)

I’m sorry, eddie and stan can’t come to the phone right now

why? oh because they’re dead

i am concerned for my own well being