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For the writing prompts you posted! Can't decide whether to request 45 or 96? Can I have both? jk, I will go with 96, eruri edition. Thank you in advance and have a great day!

Thank you, friend! Sorry so late! Here are some husbands, bein husbands and tyin’ ties in canonverse. And stuff. o_o;;

96. “Here, let me.”

Levi has never been to one of the fundraiser balls in the Capital, and Erwin can already tell he’s going to hate it.

It’s one of the reasons Erwin likes spending time with Levi, apart from the fact he’s lethal on the battlefield.

“Does it have to be so fucking tight?” Levi scowls, swallowing hard as Erwin tightens the traditional black necktie. “Can’t I just wear the cravat?”

“It’s a formal event.”

“Fuck this,” he hisses, clearing his throat as Erwin fusses with the tie once it’s knotted. “I’ll do this once, and then I’m wearing whatever I want.”

“Once is all you’ll need,” Erwin reassures, pulling back. “You’ve already proven yourself to be a legend by rumor.”

“Rumors are bullshit,” Levi grunts, staring up at Erwin with sudden intensity.

There’s a short silence, until Levi raises his eyebrows in apparent consternation… his very fine, quite lovely dark eyebrows, which are expressive, especially when he’s—

“Yes?” Erwin asks, interrupting his own distracting thoughts.

No, that is not happening with this new acquisition.

He has a name.

Levi. This is not happening with Levi.

“Your tie is fucked up.” The acquisition named Levi remarks, tilting his head slightly, dark hair brushing over his forehead. He’s studying Erwin’s tie with the intensity of a war surgeon. “Here, let me.” He reaches out, hesitating only for a moment.

“Fine,” Erwin replies with what he thinks is a pleasant tone, resigning himself to the touch.

Levi’s fingers working the knot out of the tie to adjust is slightly makes Erwin’s heart beat faster—much to his consternation—and it takes far too long for the entire affair to conclude.

“There,” Levi says, smoothing the tie as he finally pulls back. “It’s fine now.”

He smooths his hands down Erwin’s shoulders, once, then twice, and then they sit there. They stare at each other. They tense, and Erwin can’t stand to watch those fine brows raise again without doing something about it.

Everything in Erwin stops when he kisses Levi, finds his mouth and presses their lips together; and then everything, even his heartbeat possibly, stops too, as Levi grabs him in a strong, uncompromising grip, and kisses back.

When they finally break away, they both pant: “Fuck.”

Erwin presses his forehead against Levi’s without thought, and he laughs hoarsely. Levi laughs, too, and they exhale together.

“Who do you usually go to these stupid things with?” Levi asks, breathless still. “Your wife?”

“I don’t have a wife.” Erwin is serious as he draws back to look at Levi critically, tilting his head.

“You…” Levi sounds legitimately puzzled by the response as he trails off, questioning.

“You think if I had a wife I’d be…” Erwin motions awkwardly at Levi, “kissing you?”

Levi raises one of those fine eyebrows again, calculating, before rolling his eyes. “Are you serious? No one is that noble.”

“Then what do you think I’m looking for?”

“Sex?” Levi asks, snorting. “A reason to live?”

The question is silly, rhetorical, but Erwin recognizes the tension in Levi’s mouth as, maybe I shouldn’t have said that.

“What silly questions,” Erwin remarks as he leans down to kiss Levi again, lips brushing against those stubborn, downturned lips without hesitation now. “You know the answer to both.”

“I don’t.”

“Yes, you do.”

“Fuck you.” Levi’s grip is hard, uncompromising, and passionate; Erwin’s eyes fall shut, and he revels in the unwavering conviction.

“Yes,” he pants, allowing Levi to kiss and bite at his throat, “precisely that.”

Despite the inference, they don’t fuck; but Levi does fix Erwin’s tie, grumbling the entire time about Erwin being a tease.

And something changes after that, in the carriage ride back to Survey Corps headquarters, when Erwin falls asleep with Levi nearby.

Somehow, he wakes up in his own bed, and Levi is nearby on the couch in his bedroom, curled into a ball with his too-tight tie thrown to the floor.

And Erwin stares for a long time, then; heart knotted more tightly than any tie he’s ever worn.

It’s the first time he’s wanted anything within the Walls as much as he has outside of them.

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Have any headcanons for making love with the grandmaster?

Hey there and thanks for the ask! :) oh gosh that’s such an interesting question!

I don’t really know whether I’ll make a significant contribution, as most of what I imagine for Liang has already been stated in other posts? Here are a few that I found [1] [2]. They’re not exactly explicit but I think they’re really cute and reflect on how he’d treat his s/o and what their relationship would be like ♥♥♥

To me, Liang would be a gentle and affectionate lover. I don’t agree with other other people that portray him as abusive or uncaring as to what his partners wants or feels? (but eh… whatever floats their boat, I guess). For example, as in thinking that he would force himself on anyone. On the contrary, I believe he would make sure that his s/o is okay with intimacy, if they consent and if it’s truly what they wish.

Maybe he’s not that versed in matters of lovemaking because he doesn’t have many experiences (or that’s my belief, at least). Probably one or two but, in my view, he’s not too fond of one-night stands neither can I see him actively seeking that sort of encounters. He would need to care for that person before being intimate with them, feel connected to them, and even then… maybe he would need a little push to admit his wishes xDD he could be a little shy at first, but that’s just because wants the experience to be perfect and enjoyable for his s/o and would endeavor to do his best.

Sex can make him a little flustered on the inside (like the idea of doing naughty stuff with someone he loves is just so alsdasldhasaksld to him like “yes pls” but at the same time “what do i do??”). That doesn’t mean he’s not willing to learn new tricks to please his s/o. In fact, he’d be eager about it huehuehue. And also being such a giant bear, I bet he’s really scared of hurting his s/o if they’re smol xD (srsly he’s really tol and big). But when they really get into it and want him to be a little rough, well…  then he’d see no problems with that ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

Liang would really cherish and love his bae with his body and soul, that’s for sure.

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Would it be okay, if this hasn't already been done, for both teams sleeping positions, habbits (pillows need to be a certain way) & if you think they are warm or cold? (are super warn sotheir SO has to move away, or if they always have cold feet)

Of course it’s okay, darling! Thank you for your request ❤  And sorry for taking so long D: Hope you like it :3 

Also, there’s another post of sleeping positions with their S/O (Style Five + Momo) here!


Haru is the kind who can sleep wherever he wants if he feels tired enough, so because of this, he can sleep in almost any position but prefers to just sleep on his sides, it doesn’t matter which one. He’s unexpectedly warm, not too much, just the perfect kind of warm, his S/O loves to cuddle him!


Whenever he’s alone in the bed, he likes to sleep in his back, but whenever his S/O is on the same bed as him, he’d stick to them all night, but his body temperature is really high, so his S/O would try to escape from him when he’s finally asleep. Poor Mako babe!


The penguin boy has cold body temperature, which makes him always want to sleep with bunches and bunches of quilts. He sleeps in a curled-up position when he’s alone in his bed, he talks in his sleep, plus he’d always sleep with his arms wrapped around a pillow. Nagisa’d be the kind to sleep with a lot of pillows, of course.


Rei would always try to set himself in the most comfortable sleeping position, but being the type that, whenever he’s already sleeping, will roll all over his bed, so when he wakes up, his hair is a mess, his bed is a mess and more than one time, he’ll wake up on the floor. His body temperature is a little warm, a comfortable warmth. 


We all know Rin is the kind who can’t sleep if he doesn’t have his pillow, besides that, he is able to sleep in any position, plus he has a warm body temperature, not too hot, his S/O would always cuddle him whenever they feel cold.


He’s the lazy type who is able to sleep in any position at any time. No, not only when he’s tired, ALWAYS. He can sleep with no pillows, he won’t really care, as long as he is able to sleep. His bosy temperature is a little cold, not that much, but he is. Cuddling with Sou is the best thing, he’s the snuggle master!


Momo is unexpectedly quiet when sleeping and his body temperature is really hot; whenever he’s sleeping with his S/O, even in winter time, they would need to distance themselves a little when they cuddle Momo. He is also they kind who sleeps with a lot of pillows. 


Nitori has an unexpectedly warm body temperature, he is really, really warm, but surprisingly, even if he’s too hot, it’s comfortable enough, so Ai won’t have any problems having his S/O escaping from him in the middle of the night. He doesn’t really have a sleeping position, but might like the most sleeping on his back. 


Sei is hot. He is. His partner will, sometimes, need to push him away if they are feeling too hot, Seijuro would be the type who sleeps with just one pillow or none, he prefers to sleep on his sides. He talks in his sleep too. 


i saw @academla write her post about natural beauty (!!!) on my dash, and i completely forgot that i was tagged in her 6 selfies post! and, so in honor of chinese new year(???) and my forever on-going battle to learn to love myself more, here are a couple of random selfies within the last year or so?? dis me with no makeup (bc how to do makeup someone teach me pls) (but for real though i feel like i should learn how to makeup……) and no filters, with the exception of the haircut one (i couldn’t find one w/o a filter) and the last one

they go in order actually from when they were taken hehe from january of last year to when i got my hair cut sometime in march, the #deerinheadlights look, my triumphant bathroom selfie from being able to successfully drive to the grocery store on a busy sunday afternoon HAH and finally the last one is just literally because why the fuck not LOL #yesfilter #tysnapchatforbeautification

honestly i’m still far from being comfortable with how i look (in pretty much all aspects), and selflove2k15 was far from a success, so idk if anyone has any tips i am all for that !!!!

i tag the following people because i want to see ur cute faces (sorry if i left out your url and we talk normally i’m just really scatter-brained right now because cramming in hw before CNY prep officially begins) (and aLSo, sorry if you’ve already been tagged oof) (but u can do it again e u e) (or reblog it if you already did it!! o u o) as well as anyone who sees/likes/does anything with this post. like honestly and if you do post it please tag me so i can reblog ur v cute ~*visages*~ yum

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