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OurStory |Josh Dun|

Plot: Fluff on tour

Imagine: Josh Dun x Y/N

Words: 767

A/N: Not proofread, sorry



Six. The magic number. There were six shows left of Josh and Tyler’s big world tour. Don’t get me wrong: I love touring with the band. The dynamic of the crew is amazing, and every day is an adventure. But I did miss my own bed and being able to stay in one place for more than just a day. The constant moving was exhausting. I still don’t know how the boys manage to tour for two years straight – basically. I’ve only been here for three weeks, but me and my back can definitely feel the tour. Living on a bus is kinda fun,like camping, but the bunks quickly get to you.

“Help me polarize, help me polarize…” I heard Tyler sing, as he softly strummed his ukulele during today’s stage check. From my spot in the empty pit, I could see Josh sitting behind his drums, like he does most of the time, talking to the stage manager. I looked down again, continuing my current book. It must’ve gotten really caught up, because without even noticing, Josh snuck up behind me.

“Hey,” he mumbled casually, as he sat down on the floor behind me, placing one leg on each side of where I was sitting.

“Uhuh..” I barely mumbled, as I just happened to be in the middle of a super interesting part of the book.

“Wow, I feel so loved,” he scooted in closer, causing me to sit in between his legs.

“Babe, not now,” my eyes never left the book.

He then went silent, simply placing his chin on my shoulder, resting his head like a little puppy. I felt his arms move around, but never bothered to notice what he was doing, before he wrapped his arms around my waist, his phone in one hand. I continued my journey into the amazing plot of my book. That was until I could feel Josh smiling. I could feel his jaw and area surrounding his mouth rising. Definitely a smile. I looked away from the small letters on my current page, noticing that he’d opened Snapchat and was currently recording us – or mostly me. His face only made it into the frame, because his head was resting on my shoulder. A few seconds of the 10-second recording were still left, which meant he’d been recording me without me noticing.

“Hi Snapchat. Screenshot this if you think Y/N should put down her book and love me.”

I smiled and chuckled. The recording reached its 10 seconds and stopped, before replaying and letting Josh add a geo-filter. Then he hit send.

“Now I’m just gonna seem like a bad girlfriend,” I added jokingly, putting down my book.

“Huhummm…” He hummed, checking other people’s mystories. Then he checked his own again.

“Already 200 screenshots. That has to mean something.”

I rolled my eyes, before grabbing his phone and starting a new video.

“Screenshot this if Josh is being silly for thinking that I don’t love him all the time – even when I’m reading.” I heard him chuckle like I had before, as I ended the video and added it to his mystory.

Moments later I checked again, seeing more than 200 screenshots already. His had climbed to more than 400 in the meantime.

“I’m still winning.”

“Only because you posted yours minutes before mine,” I frowned, still holding his phone and swiping back to the camera. I started recording again, before grabbing his face with one hand and squeezing his mouth, making him look like a fish.

“This is what love looks like, guys. It looks like a fish.”

This caused Josh to break out in laughter, which only made me laugh. Before the video ended, he quickly turned his head and pecked my cheek. We rewatched the video, saved it and posted it.

“I’m sure we’re causing people to freak out right now,” I chuckled. “Look,” I pointed to the screen. “The amount of screenshots on this one is exploding.”

“Yeah… If only you shipped us as much as they do,” his face turned into an over-exaggerated pout.

“Oh my gosh, you’re killing me,” I grabbed my book as I stood up and began to walk away. But before I could, he grabbed me and pulled me into a tight hug, burying his face into the crook of my neck. I smiled.

“I love you,” he mumbled into my skin.

“I love you too, J,” I kissed the pink fluff that was his hair.

 “Always,” I added, before he pulled away from my neck and kissed my forehead instead.

I was so lucky.

Spaghetti Kisses with Me Instead (Kaisoo)

Plot: Jongin would rather Kyungsoo share a spaghetti kiss with him instead of Kwangsoo. 

Genre: jealous!Jongin, kyungsoo teases him, cute fluff, jongin acts like a child tbh lolll

Requested by: @zerifan 

A/N: sorry if it’s short but I hope you all enjoy! 

Originally posted by mysoftbabies

Kim Jongin’s P.O.V. 

I frowned as I rewatched the video over again. 

This is all I’ve been doing all day, is watching Kyungsoo and Kwangsoo’s spaghetti kiss. 

It’s all everyone has been talking about. 

And I don’t like it one bit. 

That should be me. 

Maybe it could be? 

I smiled and sat my laptop on the coffee table. 

I walked into the kitchen. I’m going to make me and Kyungsoo a spaghetti dinner and give him a real kiss. 

I grabbed the pot and put water in it. I put it on the oven and started boiling the water. I grabbed the noodles and sauce. This is going to be perfect. 

D.O. Kyungsoo’s P.O.V.

I sighed as I walked through the front door of me and Jongin’s front door. All I wanted right now was to cuddle with Jongin and for him to hold me. 

I froze as I spelt something coming from the kitchen. 

There is no way Jongin is cooking. 

I’m always the one who cooks for us. 

I walked into the kitchen and smiled wide. 

Jongin looked at me. “Jongin, baby, what is this?” “I made us a special spaghetti dinner. Just the two of us plus I know you always cook so I thought why not?” 

I smiled and looked at the table he had sat up. 

He had two plate full of spaghetti and a candle lit in the middle. 

“Jongin, this is so amazing. I’m proud of you for cooking and for me. It makes my heart swell.”

I watched his face light up with happiness. 

“But I already ate with Kwangsoo.” 

I watched his face fall. He frowned but I could tell he was angry. His jaw was clenched. 

“I figure you already ate and he invited me out. But I still love what you did! I’ll eat still! Or we could save it as left overs for tomorrow.” 

He shook his head. “You know what, forget it. I didn’t make this just so you can share it with Kwangsoo.” “What?” I looked at him confused. He chuckled and shook his head. “Forget it. I’m going to bed.” I watched him blow the candle out. 

He walked out of the kitchen before I could say anything. I frowned. What is he talking about? 

I sighed and walked into the living room. I saw his laptop sitting open on the coffee table. 

I sat in front of it and open it. 

It was the video of me and Kwangsoo doing our spaghetti kiss. 

I chuckled as I realized what he was trying to do. 

I smiled and got up. I went and grabbed the plate of spaghetti and went into our room. 

I saw him sitting up and on his phone. He didn’t look up at me. 

I walked over and sat down in front of him with the plate of spaghetti. He looked up at me confused. 

“You know, if you wanted to share a kiss with me, you could of asked.” 

He blushed. 

“I-I don’t know what you are talking about.” I raised an eyebrow at him. “Kim Jongin, don’t lie to me. I saw your laptop. You’re jealous I shared a spaghetti kiss with Kwangsoo.” 

He pouted. “Maybe.” 

I giggled. “You shouldn’t be!” “But those are my lips!” 

“Baby, you are the only man I want to kiss. And whose lips I enjoy. So don’t worry okay? I love you lots.” He nodded. 

“Can we still do the spaghetti kiss?” I giggled and nodded. “Why do you think I brought this plate for?” 

He smiled and I picked up a noodle. I put one end in my mouth and he put the other in his. 

I watched him eat the noodle before closing the distance. I instantly kissed him back. 

We pulled away and I smiled. “Are you satisfied?” 

“Maybe. Maybe we should do it again.” I laughed. “Jongin! You can just kiss me normal!”

“I know but it’s cuter! Like the movies! Plus we have a whole plate of spaghetti and I don’t want to waste it.” 

I rolled my eyes and smiled. 

“You’re lucky I love you.” I said as I picked up another noodle. 

anonymous asked:

Hiya! You're such a positive person in the JB fandom and I'm kinda disillusioned right now after this week's episode... I think I was caught up in Nik and Gwen's interviews and the hype and started to believe JB is happening this season but maybe not? I haven't kept up with the leaks but I'm starting to think that Nik and Gwen knew the JB fandom was bound to be disappointed and were trying to give us something to smile about... :/ how are you feeling about the whole thing??

Hi there, anon!

To start out with your last question first – I think you are implying two things with your question, right? On the one hand, what I think of the Gwen/Nik interviews in connection to the episode and an overall assessment of L’Episode du Blegh. I hope I got that correctly.

So, to turn to the first part of the question that I now interpret to be a part of it… I tend to read too much into things, so you have to excuse me in that regard, LOL. Anyway, do I think that Gwen and Nik have been riding the JB Hype Train only just to please us JB shippers?



For a number of reasons.

First of all, as much influential as the JB Media™ may be (we control the internet, guys!), we do not wield that much power that our most precious, dorky Dane, who is still finding out how social media work, and our magical unicorn of wonder will mean to appeal to *us* in that way. So, the assumption that they were trying to brace us for Le Blegh presumes that they’d feel a personal need to keep us JB shippers tuned, prepare us for the inevitable Le Blegh. And I don’t think that is the case.

Hand in hand goes that Gwen’s also been going on about that Wildling Fellow with the Beard™ in connection to Brienne (now, whether that was her personal choice or something communicated to her by HBO/managers/producers/what not is up to debate and not the topic just now). She wouldn’t have done that if her agenda was to somehow reassure JB shippers – or to prep them up for yet another scene. She would have chosen another language during that point of time to reflect on that matter, which she did not. So that, to me, already works against the hypothesis that she’d have interest or feel a need to brace JB shippers for something inevitable such as a short-lived, comical relief TB scene or Le Blegh.

Another reason – Nik is an epic, good-looking (epically good-looking) troll when it comes to spoilers. He is really good at saying a lot while saying nothing at all, so not to reveal anything spoilery. That is his kind of style, but it’s not really his style (as far as I have seen in the retrospective of his interviews on previous seasons) that he’d push one thing as a reassurance for fans to stay tuned.

Nik’s usual turn is to talk about Jaime at the point of time where we left off the past season before the new season airs. Which is a smart thing, because it makes him less vulnerable to reveal big spoilers – he only ever speaks of Jaime based on what is *common knowledge* and is canonically true.

So, I just don’t believe our two precious celebs would do that. On the contrary, I believe that they have been as JB-friendly as they were because a) both enjoy playing that relationship, b) Nik ships it, let’s be real…, c) Nik is happy to talk about anything but his character’s incestuous relationship with his twin sister for the umpteenth time – and who can blame the man, really??? and d) judging by another interview Gwen gave (when yet again asked about the Wildling Fellow who Shall Not Be Named and responded in a way that came across to me as her being rather annoyed on her character’s behalf that it should be about Brienne’s feelings and not that of said character not to be named), I also think that she is rather happy to talk about her character’s *deep* relationship with another character instead of that throw-away scene that got way more hype than likely anyone ever anticipated.

The point thus is that I just don’t feel like Gwen and Nik would do that. Nik loves trolling, but that is not trolling, really. It’s just not their style, as far as I can judge.

But anyway, the big point I didn’t yet speak of is that there comes another assumption with this assessment – that JB shippers will be disappointed this season, which they meant to brace us against by flooding us with some JB goodness in the interviews.

And I don’t think they will be in the longrun of the season.

I think we are going to get JB candy, even if we had to swallow some Blegh.

A lot of Blegh.

That is what makes most sense to me *at this point* - though, mind you, that is just my personal observation, I am no psychologist, behaviorist, or what not, I am not inside Gwendoline Christie’s or Nikolaj Coster-Waldau’s heads. I am just basing this on my reading of their past interviews in connection to the seasons that aired following their ipromos.

Anyway, moving on to the second part of the question.

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anonymous asked:

I really like your analyses about the Pillar Men! And you said some time ago, that David Pro changed Kars' character a bit and made him more "evil". What excactly did they do? I haven't had the chance yet to read the manga. (Only need to answer, if it's not too much work)

ehh tbh I overstated that a lot, it’s not that many changes, and it’s not like manga Kars isn’t also a complete motherfucker. I’m just the type of person that tends to get really passionate about inconsequential details.

so here are my… pet peeves / nitpicking I guess, though it ended up more of a neutral “hey look at this cool interpretation difference” post lol

(under the cut because huge pictures)

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How to Know When to End Your Relationship

Hi girls!(:

So as some of you may now, I broke up with Marcos. Looking back on our relationship, I have learned a couple new things that I think will be useful to those of you who are wondering if your current relationship is worth keeping or not.  My relationship with him was very stressful to me, but our bond of endless inside jokes was what made us click. Marcos did not cheat on me. I did not cheat on him. We broke up for the first time a week after our anniversary, and got back together the next day. Then we broke up again mid November. The first time, I was completely crushed and heartbroken. This time, I feel liberated and free to love myself. In the end, I saw him for what he truly was:

 Fucking Disrespectful.

Here are my signs of when you should get out of a relationship.

1) You find yourself constantly planning to make him jealous by hanging out with your guy friends. If you hang out with your guy friends because they’re your real friends but it makes your boyfriend a little jealous, that’s fine. If you think to yourself “I really need my boyfriend to pay more attention to me, so I need to hang out with a guy friend”, then that’s not fine. Doing extra things like that means you’re already losing.

2) You find yourself obsessing over his social media. Who did he just follow on Instagram? Why is there a star next to his name on Snapchat-you tf rewatched his snaps? Who’s pictures did he just like on Facebook? These are signs of insecurity and distrust in the relationship.

3) He doesn’t make you a priority, ever. Yes shit happens, and yes we all need our “me” time, but if he keeps canceling on you or hasn’t paid you back that $50 he still owes you from 8 months ago even though he keeps saying he will (but he apparently has money to go out with his friends), then you’re not a priority at all. You’re just available.

4) He never compliments you, but its easy for him to compliment other people. I understand that some people have trouble communicating, or they feel weird giving compliments, but if he can say things like “Rashida Jones is pretty”, he should be able to call you pretty too.

5) You find yourself begging/fishing for compliments. You shouldn’t have to send him a Snapchat selfie for him to compliment you. You shouldn’t have to ask him “Don’t you like my dress?”. You just want him to acknowledge you, and you shouldn’t have to beg for that from your significant other.

6) His manners towards you fly out the door. I’m not talking about things like burping. I’m talking about when he stops holding doors for you, when he stops saying “please”, “thank you”,  “excuse me”, and “sorry”.

7) He doesn’t react when people disrespect you, even when its front of his face. Of course you don’t expect him to beat everyone up, but a simple “hey, don’t talk about my girlfriend like that” would be nice. Even him just agreeing and saying “that was wrong, they shouldn’t have done that to you” would be fucking fantastic!

8) He turns things on you. Lets say theres some drama with your friends who have been very nasty to you lately even though you’ve been a great friend to them. When you tell him about it, instead of listening and understanding, he says things like “Well maybe if you didn’t snap at them so much, they’d like you more”. You are always the villain. 

9) He stops replying or treats you like a stranger when you’re stressed. When you vent to him, he says things like “stay up” or “that sucks”. He doesn’t want to deal with you when you’re not happy because he feels like its a burden on him. 

10) He doesn’t care about your stories or daily activities anymore. He doesn’t ask how your day was anymore. When you say “have a good day!” he says “thanks”, not “thanks, you too”. 

11) He stops being excited about celebrating the relationship (ex: Anniversaries, Valentines day). He seems like he doesn’t care or is forgetful about them. He doesn’t care where you guys should go for dinner. He doesn’t care when you guys should have dinner. He doesn’t care what you want as a gift. He doesn’t care that you got him a gift. He just doesn’t care.

12) You see him care about the little things other girls do, like feeling flattered that a pretty female friend left a normal/friendly comment on his picture.

13) You appreciate the compliments coming from other guys than from your significant other.

14) When you’re upset or sad, he dismisses you. Instead of listening to you, talking to you, or comforting to you, his attitude says “go away then”.

15) He rolls his eyes every time he apologizes.

16) He gets defensive when it comes to his phone. Just you trying to look at the time on his phone backs him jump for it.

17) He makes you hate something about yourself. He didn’t force you, but something about loving him made you hate yourself. In my case, I had to beg for compliments from Marcos. I settled with the fact that he doesn’t show affection through words. Even then, I knew I wasn’t the type of girl he typically went for. I was the exact opposite. I started to hate myself more than ever. My face. My weight. My skin color. My height. My hair. Me. I felt like I was never going to be good enough for him, appearance wise. I bought things that
I thought would make him like me more like skin lighting creams/soaps, products that promised longer hair, and contacts to make my eyes seem bigger. They weren't for me, they were for him. He never asked me to change, but he never once said “You’re beautiful” even though he knew I wanted him to. He saw it as a problem with me, not a problem with us. Im not normally an insecure person, but he’d tell me “just feel secure” - how? How? Your significant other is supposed to bring out the very best version of you, but I didn’t feel like I was getting better. I made him better, and he made me worse.

18) You feel yourself becoming someone else, in a bad way. I felt myself becoming jealous and insecure. I felt myself being a self-loathing person that desperately craved the affection of someone that I thought loved me the way I loved them. I lost myself.

19) You find yourself constantly pointing out what needs to be fixed in the relationship. Relationships take work and time, but if its becoming exhausting, its not worth saving anymore..

20) It doesn’t bother him at all when another guy is constantly texting you or hitting on you to try to steal you away from your significant other.

21) When you’re crying yourself to sleep at night, even when you two didn’t fight. It was a good day. You laughed. You kissed. But when you went home, something happened in your heart. You remembered something. You thought about something. All of a sudden you’re in fetal position sobbing and you can’t explain why.

22) You give a lot more than he does. You feel like the relationship is unbalanced.

23) He puts his ego before your emotions. He’d rather be stubborn than acknowledge the fact that he hurt you.

24) When you want to calmly talk about an issue in the relationship, he’d rather ignore you for 8 hours or be rude to you.

25) You’re constantly thinking about that happy honeymoon phase from the beginning of the relationship, and then you realize hes so different now.

26) He doesn’t appreciate you or the things you do. Hes not flattered by random little gifts or supportive texts anymore. He doesn’t care for warm long hugs anymore. Doesn’t care to use tongue while kissing anymore. He suddenly stops talking about introducing you to his family or friends. He doesn’t seem excited to hang out or have dates anymore. Hes just not into it.

27) You constantly have to repeat how when he doesn’t ___, it  hurts you, or that you like it better when he ____, but he doesn’t change. He didn’t forget. Trust me, he heard you. He just doesn’t care enough to do anything about it.

28) You feel like if he moved far and tried to do long distance, he’d probably hardcore flirt (but not cheat) with other girls. You feel like if you weren’t physically there to keep an eye on him, he’d stray. 

29) He doesn’t care if you look at him in a negative light. If you say hes being mean to you, it doesn’t phase him at all. He seems numb to it.

30) He basically tells you to get ready to settle because hes not going to change for you or anymore, aka “deal with it”. This is his ego speaking, which is apparently more important than you or basic self improvement. He makes you feel guilty for wanting a basic, fair, and healthy relationship.

31) He thinks you’re needy just because you want affection. He doesn’t care to give or receive affection. You start to feel like you’re being treated like “just a friend” that he has dinner with once a week. You start to question if hes just with you because he’d bored.

32) You’ve been looking up ways online to fix an issue in your relationship for the past couple weeks. You want to be extra careful on how you handle it, and thats fine, but at the end of the day, it feels like you’re cramming information for a big test. Whats stopping you from just talking to him? Fear of him leaving? If he wants to leave even though you’re putting in this much effort and “research” into fixing the issue, then its a clear sign that you two aren’t on the same page anymore.

33) When he’s expressed that he thinks you feel like hes always doing things wrong in the relationship. This is his way of saying “I tried, but you keep nagging me and its frustrating”. Hes close to giving up, or already has.

34) He completely denies that hes been slacking in the relationship. He refuses to take any responsibility about it. He refuses to acknowledge how hurtful he can be towards you.

   I may add more to this later. It was a little painful to type all of this out. I didn’t realize how much I was being mistreated towards the end of our relationship because I’m a very patient person, and I loved him (or thought..I did at one point, till I realized how badly this relationship was hurting me). It sad for me to type all of this and think “Did I really let myself be treated like this?”

   I stuck through it because before me, his longest relationship was 1 month, while our relationship lasted a year and 1.5 months. I kept making excuses for him like “he doesn’t really know what to do in a long term relationship”- all of that doesn’t matter! If you feel it, you’ll know how to treat your significant other. I also stuck around because although he didn’t give me that verbal affection that I love, he had other traits like his humor was the exact same as mine (which is rare), and that I knew he wasn’t cheating on me. He gave me that “high school” feeling that I haven’t felt since my first love 5 years ago. He made me laugh and I adored him the way you adore a puppy - you’re always excited to see them. So many guys have called me beautiful or or said they loved me, but they still cheated on me or took me for granted. The right words from the wrong people truly mean nothing. Marcos’ traits were like a trade off, and that in itself is me settling for less.

   I felt like I was completely losing myself in our relationship. Now that I’m single, I feel better than ever. I have good days and bad days, but I don’t hate myself anymore. I’m working out more - FOR ME. I’m going out more. I’m getting to know myself again. I smile more. I laugh more. I love more. I feel free, free to love myself.  

   I’ve never experienced self hatred like that before. You need to love yourself a little more than you love him so that you can recognize when you’re being mistreated. I did not love myself. I loathed myself, and therefore I could not see that I was being mistreated.

   I’m finally back to my old self, and it feels amazing. Don’t let a guy disrespect you in any way, because I promise you, his ass ain’t worth it.

Thank you all for being so patient with me and my lack of posting. My mind is clear now, I feel amazing, I’m talking to new guys, and I have plenty to share!

 I love you all so much (:


MTVS Epic Rewatch #140

BTVS 5x18 Intervention

Stray thoughts

1) Fake Dawn memory!

BUFFY: Dawn, if there are any plates in your room, let’s have them before they get furry and we have to name them.
DAWN: Hey, I was like five then.

I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again: I would’ve loved to have seen flashbacks to pre-Dawn episodes but with Dawn inserted in them. Like, can you imagine Dawn in Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered? Or in Ted? 

2) Finally, Buffy opens up to Giles. 

BUFFY: Yeah. Strength, resilience… those are all words for hardness. I’m starting to feel like… being the Slayer is turning me into stone. (…) I was never there for Riley, not like I was for Angel. I was terrible to Dawn. (…) Riley left because I was shut down. He’s gone. And now my mom is gone… and I loved her more than anything… and… I don’t know if she knew. (…) I don’t know. To slay, to kill… it means being hard on the inside. Maybe being the perfect Slayer means being too hard to love at all. I already feel like I can hardly say the words. Giles… I love you. Love… love, love, love, love, Giles, it feels strange.

First of all, I can’t help but notice the negative impact Riley had on Buffy. He’d cheated on her, and blamed her for it. And she truly believed it was all her fault, that it was her inability to show him love the reason he cheated on her and left her. (It never crossed her mind the reason she never showed him how much she loved him was because she actually didn’t love him…) Anyway, it makes sense that Buffy is questioning her capacity to love, and even though she dismisses Giles’s explanation that at times like this one’s bound to feel emotionally numb, I think he was totally on point. If Buffy’s world hadn’t been turned upside down, she wouldn’t have been questioning her ability to show emotion. Remember season 2 “My emotions give me power, they’re total assets” Buffy? Well, season 5 Buffy is worn, and jaded, and for once she thinks that loving is not enough to keep everyone safe because there are things out there she can’t simply stake. From this point on, she’ll start the journey towards understanding that all she’s got left to give is love.

3) Ain’t that the truth.

BUFFY: I love you, Dawn. You know that, right?
DAWN: Yeah. I love you too.
BUFFY: I love you… *really* love you.
DAWN: Gettin’ weird.
BUFFY: Sorry. But it’s important that I tell you. Weird love’s better than no love.

4) And in true BTVS fashion, “weird love’s better than no love” transitions into…

bless her robotic soul. 


GILES: You see, the location of the sacred place is a guarded secret. I can’t take you there myself. I’ll have to perform a ritual to transfer my guardianship of you, temporarily to a guide.

If Giles has to perform a ritual to transfer his guardianship, does this mean that watchers are somehow mystically linked to their slayers? I’ve never paid attention to this line before, but now I’m curious about the mythological explanation behind this. I mean, we know that watchers are trained and they go to “watchers school” or whatever (which, come to think of it, might be a lot like Hogwarts except that every single teacher probably has a stick up their ass and all have majored in douchebaggery a la Travers.) but I always assumed the Watchers Council just assigned the best watcher in line whenever a new slayer was called (I’m also assuming that watchers retired of their own volition once their slayers died…) 

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let’s start with something simple

Let me not to the marriage of true minds
Admit impediments. Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds,
Or bends with the remover to remove.

Sonnet 116, William Shakespeare

1. Let’s start with something simple—direct words, and not-so-direct words. The typical exchanges of the day. Typical words. As of now, merely shells composed of letters. Faceless conversations. “I love you.” “Good morning.” “Have you had lunch yet?” “Good luck with the investigation.” “I’m coming home earlier than usual.” “I’ve cleaned up your closet this morning.” “Congratulations. You did a splendid job today in court.” “Your grades are improving, Trucy. That’s great.” “Good night.” “I want you now.” “I love you too.”

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fic: only fools rush in.

some post ep-24 reaction fic! read on ao3.

The crying doesn’t start until after Laura assumes Carmilla has gone to sleep.

It’s just sniffles to start. Carmilla only hears it because she has her ears tuned to Laura (to listen to her heartbeat; it helps her fall asleep). Laura is facing the wall and away from her. Carmilla rotates in her bed so she’s facing Laura’s back. She sees her shoulders shaking. She’s curled up in a ball and the harder Carmilla focuses, the clearer it becomes that it’s not just Laura’s shoulders. Her whole body is shaking with silent sobs. Carmilla recognizes the position, it’s one she’s spent entirely too much time in. The crying doesn’t get louder and Carmilla decides that she’s already intruded on one private moment of hers today, the least she can do is turn around and let the girl cry without an audience. She clenches her eyes closed and tries to focus on the sound of the tree branches hitting the window so she doesn’t hear Laura’s sobs.

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moments between yesterday and tomorrow PART 11

“You didn’t know about quadrants?!” 

It comes out with this small, disbelieving laugh. You kind of want to hit him.

“Shut up, you lisping loser,” you snarl at Sollux. “I don’t-I don’t have a laptop, I don’t—“

Just the tiny cube-like TV that used to play the school feeds -which you did rewatch, to see if you hadn’t somehow managed to skip the session about quadrants. As far as you can tell it’s just lessons teaching you the basics of your language, as well as fundamental concepts (even though you think something like quadrants is pretty fucking fundamental).

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Baker's Dozen, Week Three, Part One - a preview

Alright, guys. This is a rough cut - there may be some errors, and it may change a bit on the final edit, but I have a TON of work to get done today and tomorrow, and I am growing less confident that the whole chapter will be done by tomorrow night. So, just in case, a tumblr preview of Date Night.


“A date?” Emma asks her from the other side of the sofa. “I wasn’t sure you knew what that word meant.”

“Very funny,” Regina mutters with a roll of her eyes, carefully painting her nails in a bold red that matches the dress she plans to wear tomorrow night. The red one she bought over a year ago “for a rainy day” that still has the tags on it. The sleeves are a little too short for the weather but it flatters her, and she likes the slim keyhole in the top, likes the way the red works with her skintone and her dark hair.

“Who’s the lucky guy?”

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anonymous asked:

but... peter is the worst character on the show at the moment? after all the shit he did, why do you want him to stay alive?

*cracks knuckles*

*cracks neck*

here we go.

i love peter. i literally love this character. i feel like the fandom kinda splits when it comes to peter, there’s this one side that absolutely loves him and the other side that wants to see him dead. that alone is fascinating.

during season 1, i hated him - he was the typical villain without many sympathy points, but season 2 gave us (or me at least) a little more depth about him. i still wanted him to die at that point though.

i don’t know when exactly i began to love him, but season 3a made me love him because we got to see new different sides of him. he did care about cora, he did feel ashamed when confronted with lydia, he did feel regret when he saw paige die in derek’s arms in the flashback. i wanted to roll off my bed and lie on the floor for hours because that look on his face in that scene just— ‘i did this. it’s my fault. i didn’t want it to happen like this.’ and he hid away, like he couldn’t look derek in the eye, not wanting to take the blame. yes, he’s manipulative. yes, he has done bad things (and he’s probably scheming them still). yes, he does that cowardly thing where he lets others do the crap work he benefits from. yes, he’s a sarcastic dick.

but i’m not done yet. peter is always the one who seems to know a lot more than he gives away, he’s fucking smart and he knows exactly what he wants. he somehow always ends up being plan z (meaning when the pack is stuck, they reluctantly seek out peter for help bc he usually knows what to do)

this makes him fucking interesting to me, he’s so complex like… what does he think, what does he scheme, is he lying right now, is he telling the truth, is he doing it only for his own benefit, does he plan something entirely greater, etc

the answer is we don’t know. he’s like that one word in a crossword puzzle you just can’t seem to solve. and i fucking love that whoa. the way he was talking about the nogitsune’s game to derek, damn. he knew exactly what he was saying. probably bc he understands the nogitsune’s way of thinking. playing a game without rules, y’know. always being a few steps ahead.

and what i find most interesting about him is his connection with lydia— we know he bit her bc she was his backup plan. but how much does he really know about her and her family? what does it mean that their connection is so profound that lydia could hear him calling her name while being trapped in stiles’ mind?

fact is, from cruelly using (and abusing, in a way) lydia as a tool to bring himself back to life he’s gone to care about her in 3b and no one can argue me on that. yes, him freaking out and desperately wanting her to get back on track could’ve been (and probably was, partly) because he still needed her to tell him the name of his kid but even after that, when nogitsune was puking up stiles, there was some protective touching going on between them (for anyone who missed that, go rewatch the scene it’s so worth it), and considering that it was an unpredicted situation, you could say peter was acting instinctively. he was going p harsh on lydia earlier in 3x19, and i’m not gonna defend his violent behavior toward her, but i think even without allison there he wouldn’t have hurt her. as i said, he’s smart. he wasn’t going to hurt the only person being able to figure out the memory talia stole from him. going from the info that peter and lydia will work together as allies (probably more of that in s4) could mean that there will be a base of trust growing between them, like similar to a teacher-student-relationship, peter helping her to expand her banshee abilities and all.

mind you, i’m not even talking about this in a romantic or shippy way or whatever, what i mean is we’re getting to see that he does have a heart. if he was completely unmoved by the events, he wouldn’t care about being a father, he wouldn’t care about who his son or daughter is, he wouldn’t care about finding them, he wouldn’t care about anything. but he does.

peter is not just the monster we saw in the first season. the monster we saw was revenge, and i don’t doubt for a second that he would kill again and again until everyone who he thinks deserved it is dead, because that’s just who he is, who he has become. i do believe that he follows his own goals that might be mischievous (we still don’t know if he plans on killing scott to become the alpha again so) but there’s also the part of him that actually loved his family, the part of him that cares.

i found it really touching when ian said that if peter had someone he could trust, someone who is loyal to him and who he could absolutely give himself to, he could fall in love with that person.

i would like to applaud ian bohen for giving his character so much personality and depth and i should probably stop oh my god i already wrote much more than i intended

well i hope i could somehow answer your question i just love peter wow and since when is it strange to love evil characters anyway