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Sometimes I need to vent about my mental health issues and this is the only place I can do that. If that bothers you you can unfollow me idc. I’ll start tagging my negative posts. Sorry if I annoyed anyone with that.


interestingly enough, because bismuth was introduced after the show started upping the contrast/saturation on their color palettes so much, i think an argument could be made that her palette would probably have looked different in the show’s original style of coloring as well?

so here’s an image with the colors adjusted, based off of the adjustments made to make garnet and pearl’s color schemes match their model sheets! the difference is subtle, but i do think she looks even better with her colors toned down a bit like this!

this blog is new so i doubt this will show up in the tags, but i’ll tag a few of my favorite su critical blogs in the hopes that at least someone will see this! @disappointinguniverse @critical-doc @su-criticism

APRIL 24TH , THE ASSHOLE SPEAKS:      I never expected to make it past age sixteen , let alone hitting twenty four.     When I first started roleplaying YEARS ago I figured it would be just a hobby.      But since then it’s become a way for me to get out ideas along with meeting great people , and having a place to unwind.      Through this year alone I have met some   AMAZING   people , throughout my entire time here I’ve met amazing and wonderful people and for that I want to give a huge shout out.      MIND YOU this is going to be one big post based around A LOT of my blogs even the inactive ones.    ( 707 . MAX . PROMPTO . DARIUS . & DAVINA. )      I’M SORRY IF THIS ANNOYS ANYONE.

FIRST & FIRST , THE SAVIORS ;   each person here means … more than anything I literally don’t have the words because I suck at those. every single one of you has been a shoulder , has been a best friend , has been my strength to continue when the rough gets too tough , and I can never thank you enough. because I know I suck as a friend I know I’m hard to keep up w/  I barely keep in contact and honestly I’m an ass.     (   @versparadis , @wagingheart , @glitchcs , @gorespit , @ofangelveins , @elclest , @fauxmasked , @oracleborn , @halfhell , @namedstorms , @deucalionsdarcy   )

THE SAINTS & PORNSTARS ; everyone I’ve ever admired , that I’ve ever gotten to play with , that I’ve spoken to and enjoyed. you are all fantastic writers please never stop what you’re doing. (   @oppressi , @deathsflower , @boyegaed , @bcnkers , @cryoconquer , @letagin , @lctiined , @painconsumed , @kolhearted , @loveconsumed , @heartguided , @coldbarbie , @knewcars , @heroscar , @magicaladept , @warinked , @deathfortune , @ofwhistles , @estanima , @gaearise , @admiredhim , @ofargentum , @yivohn , @barbiesdead , @easydescent , @roastsalive , @mercycries , @tithonuscurse , @wndgo , @meddlingheels , @psychiatricks , @blckvcnom , @urulxce , @falselamb , @whipwiielder , @zeraphe , @omenbrought , @writesanovel , @earthboundscn , @hcmicida , @softichor , @batteredoptimist , @lcgilimens , @bittenrage , @parrun , @godseer , @catchesun , @coldpixie , @singlesighted , @souldragger , @iincantatriix , @maskedpride , @daemonslae , @lucislined , @dexturatua , @croweoftheglaive , @ascendantly , @oflucis , @edomson , @coldgirled , @guiltlxss , @searedrebirth , @moranument , @brolinski , @hastodosomething , @adurostum , @gumihc , @hasnochoiice , @goldenngore   )

I’m sorry if I ever did anyone wrong or if I annoyed you which i know is a lot of people im sorry please have a happy life i did care about you all but i dk


a while back i saw some photos of a lady surrounded by ketchup bottles, and it was at that moment i knew what needed to be done. imho sans would make a pretty good posterboy for ketchup and other condiments.

this may very well be the worst thing i’ve ever drawn, but i don’t regret it, not one bit lmao.

Ok so I haven’t read the newer jughead comics (I really want to!) but I have to address this. Jughead is ARO ace. As in he’s aromatic and asexual. Not only was he confirmed as asexual, he has always made his stance on romance very clear. He hates romance, he doesn’t want to be a part of it. He’s very clearly aromatic asexual. The reason I say this, is because I’ve been seeing a lot of anti ace posts lately… I’ve been hanging around in the jughead tag lately (cuz they sock me right in the feels) and I keep seeing posts that are like “ugh no offense, jughead is gay” “screw aromatic, het aces are gross” “why have a lame cishet jughead when you could have gay jughead”. STOP.

Asexuality can be complicated to explain. You can be ace and still be in a gay or get relationship. You can be ace and be bi or pan romantic. You can be aro ace. But no matter what, asexuals are asexuals. And if someone is asexual and in a het relationship or none at all, that doesn’t make them any less asexual/LGBT+. It’s the same thing you do to bisexuals,you don’t get to decide when that person is or is not their identity. No matter what relationship an asexual person is in- asexuality is valid regardless of the gender of their partner.

In this case, jughead jones is aro ace (as far as I can tell, the romantic part could be up for interpretation but I legitimately believe he’s aro as I can understand his language regarding romantic relationships) He’s not boring or gross for not being in a gay relationship. He’s not a liar and an oppressor for being aro ace- and neither are the real aro ace people who have to hear this in a ace character tag that they went on to see representation. Things like that are gross.

Stop going into ace character tags and saying ‘no this character is gay, and saying he’s anything but is gross and homophobic’ because you know that not true. Leave asexuals alone. Especially when a lot of asexuals didn’t even learn about themselves till going on this freaking website only to have the people that they thought would be accepting do this constantly.


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Could you possibly write a Anxiety/Logic platonic fic (maybe w/ prinxiety?) with Anxiety and Logic basking in their new found friendship and annoying the hell out of the other two ? Pleaseeee? :)



SORRY ;______;


“Logic, you can’t go around saying ‘savage’ or 'extra’ or any other contemporary slang just because you learned them. You need to know when to use it” Anxiety said, one afternoon, a few days after their video. The two personas were laying on Logic’s bed, chilling, staring at the starry sky above them. Logic frowned.

“Wait. I also have to learn when to use each term? I can’t just randomly use them?”

“You have to use it randomly, but the situation has to call on it” Anxiety explained, turning to face his friend. “Besides, there are other ones that you still have to learn. Like 'pure’ or 'can’t’ or 'I wanna die’ and so on”

“That last one does seems a little… Edgy” Logic said, smiling and winking to Anxiety after it, making the dark persona stop and fall into a laughter fit.

“You’re the worst” Anxiety said, rubbing his eyes and sighing with a calmer smile now. “Well… It is very edgy. But you have to learn them so you know what people really mean”

“And what do they mean when they say 'I wanna die’?” He asked, innocently, and Anxiety stopped before shaking his head.

“Forget it. There are some way cooler to use. I’ll also teach you a few ways of making fun of our dearest friends” Anxiety said, smirking, and Logic frowned. “Follow me”

And he did, the two walking out of the teacher’s room.


“Analogical pranks!” Logic yelled next to Anxiety, hidden behind the stairs, before he released the catapult they had built, a huge pie flying through the air to land straight on Prince’s face. Anxiety giggled and high fived Logic, smiling at his boyfriend.

“Does it tastes delicious?” He asked, just as Prince slowly wiped his eyes, the pie falling on the ground and making the floor dirty. It took less than five minutes for Morality to arrive, his eyes widening.

“What did you do to the floor I had just cleaned?!” He asked, and Logic and Anxiety smirked, looking at the other two.

“Your taste on the wood was a bit bad. We decided to flavour it up” Anxiety said, and both Prince and Morality stared at them as they laughed, completely confused and scared.

“What… Is happening?” Morality asked, and Prince shook his head, licking his lips and then looking at the father.

“I don’t know, but this pie is homemade” he said, and both widened their eyes, surprised and a bit scared.

“They made pie and made my house dirty with said pie?” Morality repeated the events, and Prince nodded slowly, both watching as Anxiety and Logic grabbed their catapult and rushed away, making new plans and heading for the gardens. “And now they are… Going outside?”

“Morality, I think Thomas broke them” Prince said, honestly concerned, and Morality nodded, a smile creeping up on his face.

“We should convince them of a water ballon fight”

A moment of silence.


They could worry about the pie later.

another get-to-know-me meme

I was tagged in one of these for the first time in FOREVER by @dizzy-redhead

Nickname: it will always make me sad that i’ve never gotten one, and i’m not sure whether it’s because i’m not cool enough or because my name is practically impossible to make a nickname for but,,, y’know 
Zodiac sign: aquarius
Height: 5″4???? i think?? (i haven’t checked in ages and i can’t be bothered going to check now) 
Last Thing You Googled: i’m going to have to plead the fifth on that one
Favorite music artist: there are SO many people i listen to and SO many people that i dislike but??? i’m really loving zara larsson and troye sivan and wrabel and dua lipa and lorde at the moment
Song stuck in my head: words fail - ben platt (from the dear evan hansen soundtrack because i am TRASH for that musical) 
Last Movie you watched: swiss army man 
What are you wearing right now: sweatpants and a jumper because i’m cold and also very sick atm 
Why did you choose your URL: i changed my url a lot in the past year but it’s kind of based off of my AO3 username (samwellsgays) except this is a multifandom blog so it’s miscellaneous gays 
Do you have any other blogs: i do! i don’t use them as often but one is a personal blog and one is a poetry blog
What Did Your Last Relationship Teach You: sometimes you just need to trust yourself! if you’re not feeling good about a relationship, you should leave. it’ll probably make sense later when it’s not so intense
Religious Or Spiritual: neither??? i’m agnostic (i guess) and i’m definitely not spiritual so 
Favourite Colour: yellow 
Average Hours Of Sleep: depends on the day. either 3 or 12
Lucky Number: i’m not a big believer in luck! so i don’t have one i guess
Favorite characters: ok so if you’ve ever spoken to me you’ll know i love nursey and dex with every fiber of my being. but also amanda brotzman, evan hansen, even bech næsheim, ford, max carnegie and a million more people that i can’t think of right now 
How Many Blankets Do you Sleep With: OK so i sleep with a sheet, a duvet and this little blanket that’s more for comfort than it is for warmth??? so i guess one ~technically~
Dream Job: i’m trying to figure that out!!! writing or music or filmmaking or photography or clothes design or just owning a little cafe that is cute and nice and calm and allows me to do bits and pieces of stuff on the side 

Tag 20 people! uhhhh i don’t think i know 20 people????? i’m just going to tag people that i know and people that i’d like to get to know better i guess! don’t feel any pressure to do this you don’t have to if you don’t want to 

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I have 7 drabbles left to post. I don’t wanna spam you, but I also don’t want to wait to post them. So if it’s okay with all of you, I’m going to try and post them reasonably.  By that I mean, have some space between them. <3 I am super excited about this list that I found lol I hope you are all as excited as I am!!

So I've started Voltron

Here are 8 things I have to say about Voltron

1) it too one episode for me too get hooked
2) 35 minutes into episode 1 and I was already shipping Keith with Lance and Shiro with Pidge
3) I figured out Pidge is a girl like 5 minute into episode 2
4) Klance is life
5)I’m pretty sure all the Lions are girls since you know, lack of manes
6) I’m gonna just tell yah this is about season 2 which I only just started so spoiler alert but I’m pretty sure Keith is like part Galra or something idk
7) Shiro is Space Dad
8) I fucking love this show omg Edit: Holy shit I didn’t expect this post to blow up. I’m sorry if my Voltron rambles are annoying anyone but I seriously love the show. I finished the whole thing in 4 days and omg Klance is my life!!!!!!!! Also I freaking love Shidge but mostly when Pidge is around 18+ cuz I veiw Shiro at like 19-20 and to add another number to my list, 9) Coran is wonderful and I love him so much I cry sometimes

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those "delete this post you sjw" asks arent even fucking real, are they

Of course not, papatulus is just a chronic liar

(sorry if the drama is annoying anyone but Tumblr™ is mad over nothing again, I’ll just ignore it now)

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"HIIIII LOOK AT WHAT I COOKED TODAY [insert picture of delicious food] fuck yes that was really good, let's put that into the recipe book for our flat, also I have already picked out the wallpaper and the mattresses, and man, do you know what pisses me off?? [insert fandom talk] Also I just got an A+ in all my exams because I am fucking brilliant, PERRIE WILL YOU MARRY ME I AM THE GAYEST BEAN ON THIS PLANET."

this is slander i do not have wallpaper picked out yet