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kpop usernames *ೃ

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  • secretbngtn
  • carsjoon
  • voltseokjin
  • joonspire
  • trustsmyg
  • unlessknj
  • flwrgrdnjin
  • arcadejikook
  • vminescape
  • slideseok
  • applegguk
  • peachtae
  • vminchips
  • dopekook

red velvet

  • baechuslow
  • loveablejoy
  • arcadeseulgi
  • seulgindigo
  • wendycakes
  • soulfuljoy
  • goldseulgi
  • appleirene
  • purpIeirene*
  • starIightjoy*
  • sweetseungwan


  • jenniedonuts
  • peachjichu
  • blueIisa*
  • snowchaeyoung
  • wonderjennie
  • jisoolands
  • lalisafIowers*
  • luvskjs
  • papersjisoo
  • chaeyouths
  • mysticlisas
  • goldensjennie

*the L is an I (capital i)


((Hiya everyone! So recently this blog reached over 6,000 followers! That’s crazy! So as a thank you, I decided to do something very special–a giveaway!

Some rules:

  • You obviously must be following me to enter
  • Likes and reblogs count, and there’s no limit on reblogging!
  • No giveaway blogs

The prizes:

  • A mochi of a country of your choice!
  • My old italy wig (beware: it’s pretty crap, but it’s something)
  • A hetalia poster!
  • Pasta chips, b/c why not (taste-tested and approved by italy)
  • Hetalia: A Beautiful World Volume 4
  • A surprise gift!

The giveaway will end September 14th~ good luck! And thank you all again!))