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So I’ve always been obsessed with @modmad ‘s art style and her comics, and to sorta congratulate her on her awesome kickstarter for TPOH, I wanted to draw her a little MagicStone! (Also I just wanted an excuse to draw Gladstone’s hair but woah woops it turned into this, great)

Tangled Up In Blue (Hair)

Title: Tangled Up In Blue (Hair)

Pairing: Dan Howell/Phil Lester

Rating: PG (only some swearing from Dan)

Word Count: ~3500

Summary: Fic based on this prompt:

If you dye your hair, your soulmate’s hair color changes as well and you swear the moment you see your soulmate you will choke them because you just woke up with your hair colored like a rainbow and it’s your first job interview at a prestigious company what the fuck.

(Didn’t do rainbow hair though, just blue.)

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A/N: This is not beta read, so sorry if there are any mistakes. (Title from the Bob Dylan song Tangled Up In Blue, though it doesn’t really relate to the fic (just thought it fit as a title). Also I’m a photoshop n00b so sorry for the crappy hair edits.)

The first time it happened was when Dan was eight. At that age he only knew of one other person that it had happened to before, she had been lucky though as her hair colour had changed to a sensible colour, he however hadn’t been so lucky. One day he had woken up with bright yellow hair! His parents had gasped when he walked into the kitchen that morning.

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Asexual problems:
  • Me: Holy crap they're so hot!
  • Friend: Wtf aren't you asexual?
  • Me: Oh, sorry. I mean "holy crap they're so pretty!"
  • Friend: Again, aren't you asexual?
  • Me: ...
  • Me: I'm sorry I forgot that being asexual also makes me blind.

Some lose sketches of zeh bug dad and bat child. They belong to @wintermoth, who is a lovely person with amazing fanfics that you should definitely go read if you haven’t.
Spoilers if you haven’t read Guardians yet?

This was mostly foreshortening and action pose practice, but they turned out pretty well, and I’m pretty happy with them.
Though Firefly’s shading killed me.
Why does Sombra have boots? Because I didn’t feel like trying to leg. I just… Can’t leg. Also I like boots.
Same with Firefly’s eyes. That and I thought it looked cool.


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As promised to @thisenchantedropex, @sarasthief, @nyxisis & all the other people who reblogged my 2 icons saying I should post them… here they are!

40 + new icons of Mick, Sara & Len can be found here.


+ the promise that I’ll do some HD icons of the CC kiss and icons involving all 3 of them (for all my Rogue Canary mutuals out there!!)

okay look sometimes I’m like ‘oh but haha those stereotypes of Australia being dangerous are just stereotypes’ but then I was just making some bullshit Maggi two minute noodles (don’t judge me) and I walked away for like two minutes and a redback spider fell through the exhaust vent above our stove and boiled to death in my two minute noodles so now I have to throw it all out and start again goddamnit I’m just so hungry and I want to eat without spiders in my food is that too much to ask god is it really???