sorry if they dont match perfectly

whats really crazy about the the ilvermorny houses is how perfect the fit with harry potter like we always say that harry ron and hermione can fit in other houses because they are not purely gryffindor

ilvermorny is the noun that describes who you are, what you seek, and hogwarts is how you go about that goal

like hermione is a perfect mix of gryffindor and horned serpent, she’s a brave scholar

harry is a warrior, hes always fighting, but he doesnt do it because of his niceness, or his own ambition, or his intelligence, he does it because hes brave. Hes a brave warrior, making him a wampus gryffindor

every character in hogwarts can be put in house at ilvermorny. their ilvermorny house is their goal, whether its being a warrior, exploring, healing, or being a schloar. hogwarts is ur personality type, whether its brave, smart, cunning, or nice/loyal.

the houses dont correlate perfectly, dont feel bad if you feel like your houses dont match up. You can be an ambitious healer, a brave scholar, a nice/loyal explorer

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I mean obviously the animation for the show isn't very good but I feel like the actual art style is not appreciated as much as it should be.

really the character designs actually arent bad despite being a little cruel (towards ringo)

like paul especially honestly has a good design it matches his personality

he’s pleasant to look at and its like they actually put some thought into his design 

even if they dont perfectly match the real beatles their designs are more fitting towards their characters…they just have trouble keeping them consistent throughout the animation

the only complaint i have is ringos design is more caricature-like than the rest so it kind of clashes with the others…like they look more human than ringo 

Ever have something happen to you and immediately some obscure piece of media comes into your head? Like a snippet of lyrics pop into your head from a song you haven’t heard for months, or you can’t help but think how similar your life was to a movie? That’s sort of been happening to Dayn in a whirlwind of not even an twenty four hours.

His friends came and gone throughout the day, offering condolences for a guy that didn’t even die, making him feel like he already was dead. This scared him a lot more than he was about to let on, with his whole… everything being exposed and possibly dying. People voting him to the gallows, people he knew, people he thought he was at least a little friendly to. Dayn wasn’t gonna pretend he didn’t have a tendency to piss people off, and he knew he didn’t look like a beauty queen, so what was he surprised for?

Most of his time within the past twenty-four hours was him essentially wallowing in fear and anger and depression and now, well, now he was just bitter, and this attitude was rapidly turning petty and very spiteful. People wanted him dead, huh? Well, he would very much like to rub it in their faces that he wasn’t. What’s so wrong with making a few people feel a little guilty when they saw his alive face? It was gonna be sweet.

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JelouSUZY (Mark (Got7) x You)

“Hey, jagi.” Mark said, jumping up from his seat in the dinning room of their dorm. You came to visit him after a week, since he was busy with scedules and everything. “Hey, ____-ah…” all answered, and you smiled and bowed slightly. “Ah, I bother you again like this while you’re eating…i should come later.” “N-no! We are almost done!” “Really? I don’t want to disturb you.” “No, no. It will be fine. Sit down with us.” “Uh, yes, you can listen to what has happened during the week.”

They forced you to sit down and listen. You sat down beside Mark, who grabbed your chin and turned your head his direction. He pushed his lips into your and kissed you deeply. You could hear the “eew"ing behind, clearly knowing it was BamBam and Jackson.

"So,” Jackson said. “Where do we start?” Youngjae quickly raised his hands and said: “How about we start with the biggest star, beauty and talent, my miss Suzy?” Everyone laughed at him, his silly face and his funny voice. What? Suzy? Did you hear that right? The most beautiful woman in Korea? SUZY?

“I’m sorry, but who?” “Suzy! The most beautiful wo- ah, dont tell me you dont know, eh?” Yugyeom quickly started, all eyes focused on your face, making you feel uncomfortable. You slowly nodded and widered your eyes. “I do know her! How wouldn’t i?”

Youngjae quickly shook his head and put a small of his food into his mouth. As he raised his head, he spoke again. “She is trully the best,” he said. Jr quickly nodded, widering his eyes and looking at his plate. JB sighed and looked at BamBam who was nodding again. “She’s a true godess. The way her hair perfectly matches her neck and shoulders, uh, i want to be them,” he spoke, slightly touching his shoulders up and down while having his eyes closed. “She is so beautiful,, and gorgeous.” Yugyeom sighed and nodded. “Neh, she trully is a woman every man would want to have…” You looked to your left, just to catch Mark nodd with his lips slightly pressed together. He didn’t even look at you, didn’t even notice your face turning red in jelousy.

“Oh, but that skirt was way too short,” Mark stated. Finally. The first statement that warmed your heart a little for the whole half an hour before. As long as he says this kind of stuff, it will be okay.

“Don’t lie, huh? We all know you were looking at her all the time!” BamBam quickly sighed out. Mark laughed out and sit up straight, leaning forward a little. “Like i was the only one, hu!!” he said, laughing a little. You felt your heart sink a little. Yes, she is prettier than u. Yes, shes taller than u, and skinnier. Mabey funnier. Shes better than u. Toughts like this came across your mind.

“But you’re right though,” BamBam said. “She looks better in longer skirts.” Youngjae looked at him and slightly nodded. “Yah, i dont think so. But whatever, we’re all men.”

The talk has been turning to worse. Like, talking about how they danced for her. How they recieved flowers. How she laughed at them. How beautiful she looked just standing there. Talking a bout what they did in order to recieve her flower. And all you felt, was pure jelousy. The way Mark talked about her, how he smiled and sighed thinking about her. How were u supposed to feel?

“I-i think i’ll have to go…” you quietly stated, standing up from your chair. Mark looked up at you with wide, comfused eyes. His figure was set in stone as your face only looked at the floor and bowing slightly.

“_____-ah?” he called after you gently, his voice as loud as mouses voice. “Ya.”

You already made your way to the hallway, and you found yourself forming tears in your eyes. Putting on your shoes, you started sobbing and felt tears float down your cheeks. Straighting up again, you could hear Marks voice come through the hallway, his steps were quick and loud enough to hear.

“Ya! ____-ah!” he called, and grabbed your shoulder turning you around. Seeing your wet cheeks, his eyes widered. As he stared at you, your face turned redder from second to second more.

“Wh- what’s wrong with you?” he lightly said, his voice cracking. You pulled away from his hands and turned around, grabbed your coat and made it to the door. Looking at him again, his body was set in stone looking after you. You felt like your heart will explode.

“Ya!! ____-ah! Wait!!” His voice was cracking, running after you as you made it through the door and ran away from the doorm. You won’t be able to look at him again that night.

“Ya!!!” his voice echoed through the street. Hearing him call after you like that, you couldn’t do anything but stop. He cant be seen with you, that would cause him trouble!

“Mark, go inside! You cant be here like this!” “Why?” you looked at him, his voice cracking while running up to you. “Why are u crying?” Your heart sank.

“Is it because of what we said?” You ould’ve said anything, but apparently god decided to take your speaking ability away. Afew seconds passed and u heared Mark sigh loudly taking a step towards you. You could feel his hands pull you towards him and hug you tight.

Your eyes widered and you tried to pull out as soon as possible but he held u tight to his chest, only letting you breath. You couldn’t move a muscle.

“Stop…” “Mark, let me go. They’ll see us!” He only hugged you tighter to his chest. “Mark…” “Stop crying and I’ll let u go. Don’t ever show me that sad face again.” he said, finnaly letting you go. “I’m sorry if what i said hurt you. I had no intention in doing that,” his voice was cracking up and he took pauses while talking. “I can’t stand seeing you hurt. I’m stupid for hurting you like this. I cant believe i did this.” a tear slipped pass his eyelashes.

“Mark…” “No, i’m sorry. I should’ve realized i’ve been hurting you with my actions.” You could'ev hear some teenagers voices whispering in the background as Mark spoke. ‘Is that Mark?’ 'Who is she?’ and things like that. Your heart sunk deeply.

“Mark, there are some teenagers coming our way, you have to stop.” “No, why would I?!” he raised his voice a little yo make sure you hear him. “Are you embarased to be with me? Is that it?” “Mark… No, ofcourse not, you know that.”

“Let me just say this then,” he said, pulling your chin up. “Suzy is no match to you, okay? If i wouldn’t go along to their talking, they wouldn’t give me peace.” You could feel your heart sink even deeper. “W-what?” “____-ah, I only love you. I will only love you, always. And Suzy is no match to you. Remember that.” He forced a smile, looking at you. Your eyes were wide looking at him as tears slipped passhis eyelashes.

“Can i make everybody jelous at you?” Before you could even register what he meant by that, epulled your waist into his and locked his lips with yours.

The teenagers’s voices became louder, and soon enough they started aaawhing and screaming cutely. You could feel Mark’s hands pulling you right against him, his kiss even deepening.

Soon, you started hearing phones taking pictures and flashes blinding you, but felt Mark smile into the kiss. You couldn’t care less if everybody knew. It was the best feeling in the world, just to be in his arms.

As he pulled away, he smiled and looked at you in the eyes. You were catching your breath while seeing phones flashing and whining and aaawhing and cutely shouting. Camera clicks were heared from everywhere around you. He smiled at you and nodded. You could feel his hand grab yours and turn you towards the crowd.

“This is my girlfriend, everybody. She felt jelous because i talked about Suzy,” he said and you looked up at him. “But I told her Suzy’s no match up to her. It’s true, right?” he turned at you and smiled. “She’s the prettiest girl in the entire world.” You could hear the teenagers whisper 'Suzy? Why would you talk about suzy when you have a prettier person beside you?’ 'She’s so pretty’ 'i wish i was her’ 'she’s so lucky, i wish my boyfriend would do this for me’ 'Lucky pretty girl’

Mark held your hand tighter and smiled at you. “I love you, to death.”

Another section of aaawhing and cute shouting, whisteling and cheering was echoing through the street.

Mark escored you home and slipped into bed with you. Your heart was still beating so hard it felt like bursting. Mark planted kisses all over your face before sleeping with you in your arms.

The next day, you didn’t even get out of bed. Lying there, staring at each others face all day long was all you did.

The news next day were burning from the 'Mark Tuan’s secret girlfriend’ scandal. But you couldn’t care less.

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Hai, quick question. Do you think any of the exo members would prefer a more muscular girl over a skinny one or ... Anyway, love ur blogggg 😍😍

Helloo, not so quick answer ~~ 

Soo uhm .. I think so, of course I don’t really know who would prefer someone like that but I dont think they would say no to a muscular girl o: 

I’m pretty sure that Jongin (Kai) would be a person who prefers a little muscle. I saw a lot of videos (EXOs reaction to 2NE1) he did always kinda fangirl over Minzy and Minzy is not a “skinny” girl. 

I did also saw some videos where they visited a school and students danced to EXO songs and there was a girl who was not only muscular but a bit chubby and she danced perfectly to it but the MC asked her: “You can dance so good but why dont you lose weight ?” and Kai’s reaction to this question was like: “Oh my god please dont ask such a ridiculous question..” Kai is a really thoughtful person ! (sorry that this is a bit Kai biased but thats the only little “proof” i have D: ) 

And I think all of the EXO Members are more of the thoughtful kind! I think if the personality matches then there is no problem :3 I hope I kinda helped you ? XD 

- Eru