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Hello! I'm a really big fan! (sorry if this question has already been asked!!) How did you become a storyboard artist? I'm aspiring to be one and I was just searching for some advice on how to make that job a reality?

Sorry it’s taken me sooooooo long to answer questions! I’m back–sort of. I gave a small cryptic post before on how I became a board artist:

But here’s my best advice, not in any particular order: 

(1) Get yo’self an internship at an animation studio. Big or small, whatever you can get. Take advantage of the opportunity and ask questions. 

(2) Draw yo ass off. Practice makes perfect. Carry a sketchbook wherever you go. 

(3) Always keep learning. There’s so many resources available on the web. Also take classes if you can. @radfordsechrist is someone definitely worth learning from. And FIgure Drawing is super important! 

(4) Meet people with similar goals. This is why art schools are so good because you get great connections. If you can’t afford art school like Cal Arts or Art Center, it’ll be a much tougher road but it can be done. I graduated from Cal State Northridge. Just break out of your shell and meet people at events. Get out there. The better the artist you become, the more people want to be your friend. It just works that way.

(5) Be persistent. Be passionate about your work. Be unique. Be an overall good person. Throw your ego out the window.

(6) Move to California. It’s a sacrifice but it’s the truth. CA is where all of the jobs in the US are. It may be a big jump and you may have to room up with other people cause rent isn’t cheap. 

(7) Luck. You need good luck. But you make your luck. There are many different roads you can take to get into the industry but following the above advice will create more opportunities for you.

There’s always more tips but these are the most important.  

a quick post: do not use the term ‘sin’ or whatever the fuck to refer to LGBT couples in fan fiction or cannon or anything just don’t do that to young LGBT kids who see themselves in those characters and don’t do that to all the LGBT people who have been shunned and attacked with religion as an excuse I don’t care if you think it’s funny and I don’t care if you don’t think it’s offensive and I literally!!!!! do not care about the feelings of straight people over LGBT people!!!! and!!! I never will!!!!

things maybe those other novelization posts missed

there’s been a couple of posts about the novelization highlights going around but whatever the world needs my thoughts right????

really just a rehash of my livetweeting sometimes direct copy and paste but whatever. LMAO THIS IS LIKE 5 PAGES LONG WELP SORRY FRIENDS. 

  • Even the excerpts from the rogue one novelization have not prepared me for the utter DRAMA that is cassian andor in this book omg
  • everything about bodhi rook made me cry. HE DOUBTS HIMSELF. THE ONLY THING HE’S SURE OF IS THAT HE’S NOT GOOD ENOUGH.
  • Hi. Just wanted to let you know that after Cassian said like 10 words to Jyn, she was imagining them on a date.
  • Jyn also is careful to try and shield cassian from a blast in Jedha city like you know just for safety and stuff. And standing close to each other. SAFETY THO.
  • Cassian: I’m cold, I bet Jyn’s cold. I’m tired, she’s probably exhausted. She beat the shit out of those guys, IS SHE CONCUSSED? CHILL, BUD
  • the. entire. time.
  • cassian really cannot stop thinking about jyn and how she’s fucking up his job/mission/life AND YET
  • the thing is CASSIAN IS VERY GOOD AT HIS JOB AS AN INTELLIGENCE OFFICER. he’s wildly good at it. and he’s sharp. so smart. the book constantly shows him sifting through his mental catalog of info he’s VERY SMART AND VERY PROFICIENT AT HIS JOB

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Our Generation and Fandoms

Hello everyone, I’m warning you now that this is going to be a long post, but it is also important.  So I’m sorry about this, but I’ve been thinking about this for a long time and I think it needs to be said.

Our generation has changed, that’s for certain, but changed into what; I don’t know.  Are we toxic, do we just hurt ourselves and the people around us? Are we damaged, suffering from the decisions made for us by previous generations? Are we controlling, doing whatever it takes to make sure that we are always appeased?

I don’t have answers for these questions, but when it comes to entertainment made for us, and the children who have come after us, there are some truths to be said.

Back in elementary school, I would always talk to my friends about cartoons and the like.  We would talk about our favorite episodes, favorite characters, and even just quote some of our favorite lines.  I remember just quoting Ed from Ed Edd n Eddy for a long time, mainly just “Buttered toast!”

But as time went on, mainly as I hit near the end of high school and started into college, the conversations changed.

We changed.

Now all I see is: “I ship (this character) with (this character)”, “I headcanon (this character) as (this sexuality)”, “I headcanon (this character) as (this gender)”

and each of these are followed by angry arguments, death threats, and basic unrelenting rage.  On what…cartoon characters?

Cartoon characters that, none of us own?

I get it though.  There are people who wished there were more characters in cartoons who were like them; whether it be gay, bi, trans, etc.  But the problem is that we can’t just make that fact.  Only those who own the show can, and I’m sorry to say this, but usually when you make a cartoon, you need to have a lot planned out, and if it is never planned for the main character to come out as gay or trans or something else, than it just isn’t going to happen.

Then, there are people who like to say: “this character is (this sexuality/gender/other headcanon)!”

Unless there is spoken or written truth from the show itself, or the creators. Then your headcanon is only a headcanon, not fact.

What happened to us?  We used to just, quietly sit and watch cartoons, laugh when something was funny, feel sad when the characters felt sad, and then shared with others about how we loved the show so much.

But now, we’re just trying to control these kid’s shows for our own selfish desires.

Why can’t we just watch the shows, and be happy about it, with nothing else?

I’m not trying to say that we should stop being fans of the shows that we love, just maybe we should…tone it down?

When did children’s entertainment, stop being entertaining?

Made a post about letting go of grudges for your enemies and loving them instead. Some people are not down for that bc they’ve been emotionally abused, etc.

I know it’s hard but isn’t it harder to carry on all the hate for someone? Hating people only soothes the ego. And that won’t get you far if you really do want to be the best of yourself. Take all the time you need to truly let go of whatever kind of hate you have. And when you think about who or what ever hurt you, think about how they too can change to be the best person they can–and then just hope that they do. You don’t have to be in someone’s life to love them. Love yourself by truly letting go and wishing the best for people just like you would want them to do for you. There’s too much hate in the world these days. If it is not you that will help provide a healthy change, then who?

ok while im just. in this mood rn. one thing ive NEVER understood, is when people who arent in a good financial position buy dogs or cats as a pet. i cannot understand that. and im not talking about people who owned one before like a financial issue occurred, im talking about people who are already in one getting pets when they know they cant afford it

dem tomato faces :U

so… since i am the unofficial official Tomato Biologist™ i thought i’d make a quick post about them tomato-faces.

with all their tomato glory *-*

Originally posted by gostatisfy

*sigh* let’s just get this done.

The facial features found on Sith Purebloods can be categorized into one of three* things:

  • Ridges
  • Spurs
  • Tendrils

*Brow-Stalks are also a thing, but those are technically a subcategory of Spurs.

In the past, the ridges and spurs would have been bony and their shape could be seen in the individual’s skull. However, after hybridization, there is no true “bony facial structure” left. Instead, the Sith have excess cartilage that define and shape their facial features, which won’t be seen on their skulls.

Ridges: Indents, grooves, lines, or whatever you wanna call them. Common in males and females, can be on brows, cheeks, chins, necks, foreheads, nose, etc. Ridges can either use a cartilage base under the skin, or simply be a result of the epidermis hardening and folding onto itself on top of the dermis. 

Spurs: Hardened, pointed edges that protrude out of a Sith’s face. Usually common on the chin, cheeks of males, or on brows in the form of stalks. Spurs always use cartilage as the base for its structure and support, and can be pressed and bent in the limited ways human ears and noses do.

Note how the spur turns into a ridge as it goes up, along the side of the face.

Tendrils: Found almost exclusively on male purebloods. They’re fleshy, they dangle, and are very sensitive to touch when compared to spurs and ridges. Because tendrils are fleshy and soft, they are filled with blood vessels and nerve endings. This means that you can either cause a great deal of pain or pleasure to the individual with tendrils… depending on what you do… obviously.

The tendrils are distinct from the spurs since the spurs are hard and immobile while tendril can be voluntarily moved by the individual.

Brow-Stalks: The brow stalks are technically another form of spurs. However, they are different in that the Sith can voluntarily move them. The movement of these brow stalks function much in the same way humans use their eyebrows: to aid in spoken and unspoken communication via facial expressions. This means that the cartilage in the brow stalks are much softer and more flexible than the ones found in other spurs.

The “spurs” on the brows can and will be moved at the individual’s whim, the spurs on the chin cannot.

It should be noted that brow ridges are just another form of ridge and do not fall under the brow stalk category. And although the brow ridges can also be moved to signal facial expressions, the ridges are formed just the same as every other ridge and does not protrude out of the face in a pointed manner.

Quick! Quiz Time!

Name the Facial Features on the Sith!

If you answered:
Ridges and spurs
Ridges, spurs, and tendrils
Ridges and spurs

Then congrats! You are now a tomato face expert! :3


: Dean finds out you’re coming back into town. 

Characters: Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam Winchester, Jess, OFC Lacie

Warnings: Angsty (kinda), drinking, breakups, sadness, Ash’s bad writing, lack of talent of any sort, cliffhangers?, IDK reader beware.

Word Count: 2.5k(ish)

A/N: Welp, this has been in my google docs since… Feb of last year. I’ve decided to post stories about whatever I want because I can. Also, this was unbeta, unedited for the most part, and I’m not sorry. lol. Be gentle, it’s been a while. I’m having difficultly with jumping tenses so just pretend that I’m a good writer and ignore all my mistakes.


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He had to rip the tag off his new flannel and give his old boots a little spit shine, but it’d be worth it. Dean’s hand shook slightly as he buttoned up his shirt; nothing a quick glass of whiskey couldn’t cure.

A buzzing phone catches his attention, one last look in the mirror and he moved to answer.

“Hey man.”

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6.22 | Reasons I love Sam: [ 12/∞ ]:
↳ He took back lifetimes of damaging Cage memories so he could be with Dean.

Fool For You (Jasper Hale x Reader)

Prompt:  “Could you do an imagine where the reader si being self-conscious and Jasper gets a little mad and the Major comes out but later he makes her feel better please?” (requested)

Word Count: 889

Warnings: swearing/insecure thoughts (not sure if it’s a real warning, but whatever, just in case some doesn’t like this)

A/N: I’m sorry for the lack of posts lately, I’ve been having trouble with my internet and it’s hard to fix it because my internet provider is shit and everyone working there are incompetents that I hate so much. So please, be patient if you requested something, I’m trying really hard to find moments where the internet works to upload something. I really hope I can fix this bc I’m going insane without being able to watch youtube videos a.k.a my drug. Without any more to say, enjoy!

Feedback is always appreciated. Don’t be shy if you want to leave an ask or just want to talk to me, I’m always here!

No matter how many times (Y/N) looked at herself in the mirror she could never find anything that she liked, even when everyone around her told her countless times how beautiful she looks or how they envy her for her looks she couldn’t bring herself to feel the same.

She thought all of her problems would be gone as soon as she was a vampire, but, oh how wrong she was, when she looked at herself in the mirror the first time as an immortal being all of her insecurities came back crashing onto her like a furious wave, making her feel insecure about every little thing in her life.

Why was she like this? Why did Jasper even put up with her? What if he found someone better than her? That wouldn’t be so difficult, though; there are countless better-looking women than me.

All of her thoughts were running on her head like crazy and she wasn’t able to stop them, she knew if she was able to cry she would be a mess right now.

She was so deep in her thoughts that she didn’t hear the door open and Jasper coming through it, slightly concerned about all of the emotions that his mate was feeling, he could sense them all and it made him uneasy to think that (Y/N) was upset and he wasn’t doing anything.

He knew something was wrong the moment he saw her standing in front of the mirror looking intensely at the reflection on it, also, the fact that she didn’t even flinch when he opened the door made him more nervous than ever. He made his way slowly from the door to her and in a second his arms were wrapped around her waist, but she didn’t even say anything, she just kept staring at the mirror.

“Jasper, why are you with me? You could do so much better” she whispered with her soft voice and if his hearing wasn’t as good he knew he wouldn’t even be able to hear her.

He frowned not really sure what she meant, he loved her so much like he never loved anyone before, to him, she was everything.

“What do you mean, love?” he asked looking at her eyes that were reflected in the mirror “I do not wish to be with anyone but you, (Y/N)”

(Y/N) felt a little bit better just but hearing how sure he was by the tone in his voice, but her mind started to play tricks on her again, reminding her how useless she was and how everything on her was wrong.

She pushed him away with more force than she wanted to but didn’t say anything, just turned to face him, his face was as confused as she thought it would be, but she didn’t care, she stopped caring.

“Don’t lie to me Jasper, I’m nothing, I’m useless, there’s nothing that I can do right, plus I’m not even good looking, I could continue but you probably already know all of this” she spat at him and he was taken aback by her words; he didn’t think that the love of his life was feeling like this. Not really waiting for an answer she continued.

“I can’t do this anymore, Jasper, I can’t hold you back and tie you to me” the disgust on her tone that he sensed and how she emphasized the last word made him shudder and he felt the anger coming to him.

“You are not tying me to anything, (Y/N)” his voice came harsher that he intended to, but something in him clicked and he didn’t felt like himself anymore. He moved closer to her and when he was close enough he grabbed her by the waist pulling her closer to his body “You really think you can tie me?” the grip on her waist got tighter  “No, love, I tied myself to you the moment I saw you and knew that I wanted you by my side forever”

He heard her gasp slightly, causing a smirk to appear on his face, he slowly brought his mouth to her ear and whispered.

“You are the most beautiful person I ever saw, you are everything I ever asked for and I don’t care if I have to say it to you a thousand times if that’s what you need to believe it” he felt her hands on around his torso and he brought her closer to his body, the two of them so close that not even air was able to pass through their bodies. “I’m a fool for you, (Y/N) , and I can’t stop myself from loving you the way I do, with everything that you have, insecure or not, I wouldn’t dare to choose another person to live forever with” he kissed her neck lovingly and let his lips linger on her soft skin for a while holding her and leaving kisses along her neck, trying to show her how much she meant to him.

And (Y/N) knew in that moment that all that she needed to feel good was Jasper, she knew that her insecurities wouldn’t go away so easily but she knew that with Jasper by her side her dark thoughts could start getting a little bit lighter every day, and just by thinking that, she smiled.

Seungkwan is beautiful just the way he is. The fact that he’s felt enough pressure to lose 7kg is sickening.

Soonyoung is such a hard yet humble worker and his choreography is pure genius.

All of the performance unit have poured in so much effort to make Seventeen’s dances as great as they are.

Wonwoo can speak in whatever he damn wants.

Vernon and Seokmin deserve the gifts that fans have put in time and money to get for them.

I don’t know if all the claims made are legitimate, but Seventeen are gorgeous individuals, inside and out. Their mistreatment and the deliberate overlooking of their rights really infuriates me and I hope the fandom can get some answers out of Pledis without risking Seventeen’s success.

Heartbroken End (Sad)

Request: Hi Tori! You’re like my favorite author ever. Could you maybe write one where Bucky cheats on the reader, of course she’s heartbroken and when he realizes what he’s done he does everything to get her back? With happy or sad ending, whatever you prefer

pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: sadnezzzzzzz, this might be a bit short

A/N: I’m sorry I know I said I’d post this on Friday but I went to my friends house that day and then I had a party to go to the next and I’ve just been busy, I’m really really sorry guys. Anyways, I’ll stop rambling and let ya read :) enjoy.

You stared at him with wide eyes as you open your mouth to say something but nothing seemed to be coming out. You didn’t have to look around to know that nearly everyone in the restaurant had their eyes on you, waiting for your answer to Bucky’s proposal. It was so sudden. One moment you two are laughing, having dinner with each other then as if he flipped a light switch, he was proposing. Right in front of you. Bucky was asking you to marry him. Sure you were having a great time with him as he was slowly gaining your trust back but did you really want to marry him?

Feeling overwhelmed, being put on the spot like that, your eyes gloss over with tears and you fan yourself. “Can I - can we go talk outside? It’s really crammed in here.”

It takes Bucky a second before he nods and stands up with you. You grab your things, ignoring everyone’s gaze on you as you both make your way outside. once you hear the restaurant door close, you turn to Bucky.

You wanted to say something - anything but your mind was blank and it seemed as if your mouth couldn’t produce any words. Bucky braced himself for the worst. He licked his lips, deciding to speak first.

“I know that you saying yes is a long shot but Y/N, I love you. So much that it’s nearly hard to breathe when you’re not around. When we’re apart, I find myself thinking about how much better things would be if you were there.” he then took a baby step forward. “I love you Y/N.”

He stared at you, waiting for your response and it took your all to say what you were feeling.

“I love you too.” you spoke, causing him to smile a bit. “But you cheated Bucky. If you really loved me, you wouldn’t have done that. Maybe we can try again years from now but at this moment, no. I put my all into our relationship and for you to throw four years of us away for two weeks with some girl you met at a bar means that I wasn’t shit to you. Did you even think for a second about me and how I’d feel?”

Bucky was at a loss for words but I continued, saying everything I wanted to say for the past four months.

“No. You didn’t. If you were really sorry and if you really loved me, you wouldn’t have done it. Even so, you would have at least told me what you did after the first time it happened and you would have never done it again. Instead you kept it from me, made Steve keep it from me, you had it go on for two weeks because what? There was never a right time to tell me? Well let me tell you something, Bucky, there is never a right time to tell anyone something like that!”

By now your voice had risen to the point where you were yelling and tears were falling from your eyes.

“I know, okay? I know.” Bucky whimpered. Seeing you cry felt like someone had stabbed his heart over and over again. But instead of dying, he stayed alive, feeling the pain himself. “It was stupid of me, I’m an idiot, I don’t know what was going through my head when it happened. I hate myself for what I did to you. You didn’t deserve that. No one does.”

You look out on the street, watching some cars pass by. A breeze flows through your hair, pushing it behind you and you pull your coat tighter towards your body.

You think back to all the happy moments you had with Bucky before your lip quivers and your eyes fill with tears yet again.

“Why?” your voice cracks. “Why did you do it? Why did you have to ruin everything? I gave you my all! I-I…” you stop speaking, having nothing else to say as you let out a sob.

“I’m sorry Y/N. I really am.” Bucky wiped his cheeks. “If I could go back in time and redo everything, I would. There is no excuse in the world that I can say to you to make you forgive me. I fucked up and I’m sorry. I never meant to hurt you.”

You lick your lips and shake your head. “You were my whole life, all of my love was for you and only you.”

“All my love was for you too.” he spoke and you smile. Not a happy smile though, a smile filled with hurt, betrayal and pain.

“No it wasn’t.” you say softly and Bucky frowned. “No. I will not marry you. You left me heartbroken, Bucky. It’s gonna take more than four months for me to forgive you for what you did.”

He stayed quiet. Bucky was crying. He shoved the ring in his pocket and tucked away his hair that had fallen out of the bun he put it in earlier. You pull out 40 bucks and outstretch your hand to Bucky.

“Here, for dinner.” you say.

Bucky shakes his head, gently pushing your hand away from him. “I don’t need it. I have Tony’s credit card, remember?”

You mutter out an ‘oh yeah’ and put your money away before an awkward silence settled upon you two. It broke your heart to see Bucky so sad but what he did to you was horrible.

“I’m willing to be friends with you though.” you say, causing him to look up at you. “I don’t want you completely out of my life. These past four months with you, hanging out and such were great.”

You try and lighten the mood. Bucky gives you a small smile. “I think I just need some time before we start hanging out again.”

“I understand.” you say. “I’m sorry.”

“No, I am.” he responds as his hand slip into his pockets. “I will always love you, Y/N. Never forget that.”

You watched Bucky walk back into the restaurant and before you got emotional again, you called Natasha to come pick you up. She was there in no time.

“So.. What did you say?” a smile took place on her lips as you got into her car. You bite the inside of your cheek to keep you from crying but it was no use. You let out a loud sob and Natasha stopped smiling, taking you into her arms over the car console.

You cry in her arms, deciding to tell her what happened later. When you calmed down, she put the car in drive and took you home. You wouldn’t be seeing Bucky for a long time afterwards.

A/N: HERE IT IIISSSSSSSS. Heartbroken is over! I hope you all liked it :)


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Lily Evans appreciation post - kind of

Snily shippers have been getting on my fucking nerves lately, so sorry but no. They keep suggesting that Lily Evans was somehow suppressed by James Potter and you know what I’m passionate about? Lily Evans’ independence.

I want to say that I am completely against Snily for many reasons but I do not want to sound like I want you to stop doing what you love, please do by all means, it’s your blog and you are free to write about whatever you want even though I do not approve. I love Jily so I write about them, so you have the exact same right I do. What I am against is explained below:

  • I pity the fools who think Lily Evans was affected by what people around her thought, did or said.
  • Lily Evans was her own person, she was not attached to anyone or idea because she had her own ideas, lots of them.
  • Just because Lily Evans was an exceptionally kind and caring woman does not mean that she abided by the thoughts of people she cared about.
  • She cared about Snape, but she didn’t share his views, she tried helping him get out of the mess he is in, he didn’t. End of story. 
  • Don’t come at me with “he was bullied” shit because Harry James Potter was abused by his legal guardians for 10 years straight (and I’m only talking about the worst part when they weren’t afraid of him) but he still apologised to house elves and was considered an exceptional human being by other people and magical creatures alike. (yes, canonically)
  • She cared about James but was against the bullying he did and bigotedness he had. She didn’t care for him until he changed his ways. DON’T YOU DARE TELL ME HE DIDN’T. 
  • Lily Evans made her own decisions when it came to her life
  • Lily Evans wouldn’t have been with James Potter if she didn’t want to.
  • Lily Evans would have been with Severus Snape if she wanted to.
  • Lily Evans did whatever the hell she damn well pleased and she made sure everyone knew that.
  • So please for the love of kittens and everything holy to you, stop portraying Lily Evans weak, she’s a very strong female character.
  • Lily Evans is who I aspire to be, please respect that.

anonymous asked:

hello love! in recent light of what's been happening i was wondering if you had/know of an eleanor masterpost or whatever listing those horrid things she's done (eg what she said about harry i think it was harry anyway)? i have friends new to the fandom and want to let them know but i've tried to look myself and can't find anything :/ sorry if it's too much trouble, have a lovely day! xx

yeah np! start with these two posts. there’s other stuff in my eleanor tag if you want to poke through there too

This week has been… really bad. For a multitude of reasons.

I’ve been under a lot of stress, and with political situations as they are, that hasn’t improved the situation.

I just wanted to say this.

I apologize for anything I’ve ever said to hurt anyone. I have seen the DR posts (people send them to me for whatever reason.) I know a lot of people dislike me. I’m sorry I’ve done stuff or said stuff that has caused upset. I used to be a huge reactionary, aggressive person. All I did was want to fight because the Internet gave me that ability. In recent years I really have tried to change that, I’ve done my best to just… do art. Reblog and boost content where I can. Talk to people and try to donate my time and skills as best as possible. Be nice.

I’ve said and done some shit stuff. I can’t think of anyone who hasn’t, and the internet never forgets. Even if it was 3 years ago, or 5, there’s someone out there who’s formed their opinion of you and brings it up as if it happened yesterday. I’ve done the same thing, with little thought to the idea that people can change. I don’t think I’ve ever made a public apology for being like that.

As for my art, you guys are right. I do have sameface. I have made an effort to move away from my comfort zone but with the amount of art I’ve done for FR clients it’s really easy to slip back into that easy style, especially when I get stressed out or just want to relax. I do art for stress relief and for fun, so when people give me crit when I don’t ask for it I get defensive and prickly. I shouldn’t, people are just trying to help me improve. It’s just really hard for me to accept that sometimes, that people are genuinely trying to give me advice out of a sense of desire to see me improve. I want to work on this, I want people to like my art, and when I see negative feedback it does genuinely sting because I do FR art on my own time and dime because I want to and I enjoy it.

I’ve met a lot of really cool people on FR, and I hope to continue being in the community. I’ve grown a lot since I joined (2013 is a lot time ago in internet years!) I’ve learned a lot too. I want to be a better person always. I hope you guys can forgive me if you were mad at me, and give me a second chance.

Sorry this got long. Thankyou for reading if you did.


Sorry for not being on lately, we’ve been busy here at Hotel Valhalla with stocking supplies and training for Ragnarok. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have time to take a break for the holidays! So merry Christmas, happy Hannukah, happy Kwanzaa, happy…whatever you celebrate I don’t know. But I hope you’re having a great day! Magnus sure isn’t.

((OOC: Mun here. I’ve been busy with finals and irl stuff that came up, so I’m sorry for not posting! But I haven’t abandoned this blog, don’t worry. Happy holidays to all!))

Are you up for a second ride? (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Can you do a Peter Parker imagine where Spider-Man takes the reader all over the city? Obviously the reader would know it’s Peter. And can it be really cute and sweet? Thanks! by @stantasticstan

A/N: I’m back!!!!!! I will be posting three imagines a day from now on for a week or so(or that I do hope). I’m sorry for the time I was gone, but I used it to write and relax(I was on vacation at the beach with a friend). Hope you enjoy this one!

’’I’m bored’’ you say as you lie on Peter’s bed. You have been there for an hour, waiting for him to finish whatever he is doing. You had been fine with just lying there for the first thirty minutes, but it was boring now.
‘’I’m almost done’’ he whispers, a screwdriver in his hand.
‘’What are you even doing?’’ you say, rolling over and trying to see something from your spot on bed.
He doesn’t answer and just keeps working. You don’t insist, knowing he isn’t going to answer anyway, and take out your phone to text your friends.
‘’I’m done!’’ Peter shouts, startling you and making your phone fall on your face. He looks at you when you mutter and ‘ow’ and laughs, getting up from his chair. ‘’I’m done, [Y/N]! I have finished the improvement of the web shooters!’’
You laugh and get up from the bed, walking to the table and checking the web shooters.
‘’These are incredible, Pete’’ you whisper. ‘’I still can’t believe you are so intelligent.’’
He laughs and blushes, turning around while you are still looking at the web shooters. You turn around moments after and find him in his underwear, and you just stand there, shocked. When he turns around and sees you looking at him, he blushes again and quickly covers himself with what he has in his hands -his Spiderman suit.
‘’I-I was going to change and you weren’t-you weren’t looking so…’’ he rambles.
You laugh softly and turn around, giving him privacy to change.
‘’Are you gonna go fight crime right now?’’ you say, still turned around. You don’t want him to go, but you know he has to.
‘’No’’ he says, and you can tell he is struggling to put on the suit for the sounds he is making. ‘’I need to test the web shooters. I know they will work, but I just want to make sure they can hold nicely.’’
You finally turn around to look at him and see him having trouble to zip up the suit. You walk to him and, turning him around, start to zip it up his back.
‘’How do you manage to zip this everyday?’’ you ask, a small smile on your face.
‘’I don’t know. I’m pretty sure I’ve left the house with the suit unzipped more times than I would like to admit’’ he says. He suddenly shuts up and furrows his brows, and you know he has had an idea when he grins at you. ‘’Can you pass me the web shooters?’’ he asks, and quickly puts them on when you give them to him.
You don’t even have time to think about what’s going to happen before you feel yourself being pulled up into the hair, your arms wrapping quickly around Peter’s neck.
‘’Peter!’’ you shout, eyes closed. ‘’I’m gonna kill you!’’
He laughs and wraps his arm around your waist harder, not letting go of you. When you finally open your eyes, you let out a strangled breath and open your eyes wide in awe, taking in the amazing view.
Peter swings around Queens, shooting webs at different buildings and laughing whenever you flinch in fear of getting hit with something. You know people are watching you -after all, Spiderman is swinging around Queens when there is no trouble around and there is girl in his arms.
You hope nobody will recognize you, but you try not to focus on that. You are swinging around Queens in the arms of your best friend -and the guy you’ve had a crush on for forever-, and it could not feel better.
You press your head into Peter’s neck, a smile making its way onto your face. You laugh when Peter shouts in excitement, and he laughs with you.
He finally puts you down on the top of a building, his arm still wrapped around your waist. You take off his mask, an arm still around his waist, and ruffle his hair with your hand, messy after being under the mask.
The smile on your face slowly disappears as you get nervous after realizing how close you are. Your eyes wander to his lips and back to his eyes, noticing his eyes are fixated in your lips. Taking a risk, you get closer, your lips almost touching his but too scared to touch them completely. When you are about to pull apart, he pulls you closer, his lips finally crashing into yours. You wrap both of your arms around his neck instantly, pulling him even closer until there are no gaps between you. It’s not a passionate kiss, but it is indeed a kiss that proves that you have both wanted it for a long time.
When you pull apart to breathe, Peter and you are smiling, a huge grin on his face. It suddenly disappears as he remembers something, his eyes open wide.
‘’Shit, Aunt May thinks we are supposed to be home’’ he says. He furrows his brows for a second before smiling again. ‘’Are you up for a second ride?’’
Before you have a chance to answer, he is swinging off the building, you in his arm, the sound of your laughter echoing through the city.

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Jimon week - day 7

Sorry for being late again! there is the last shot of this Jimon week! I hope everyone likes it ;)

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Jimon Week!

↳ day 7: free choice !

                                      Let’s Not Be Too Cliché

           Saying that Simon was happy would have been an understatement, delighted could have work; enchanted might have been the word. It wasn’t long ago that Jace, his boyfriend, had surprised him by announcing that he had reserved a small cottage in the mountain, for the two of them only. It was the first holidays they would spend together, away from New York.

            Jace was studying at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts and Simon, though he had a band, was studying accounting in college, so they both liked to say that their meeting was a lucky hazard. And really, it was. If Simon’s best friend, Clary, hadn’t grown close to Jace’s brother, Alec, in art school, they would probably never have met. Not to mention that becoming friend with Alec was a real challenge Simon had yet to succeed. Nevertheless, Alec had accepted the relationship between him and Jace so Simon wasn’t about to complain about his ‘friendship’ with Alec, he was being tolerated and nothing more counted.

            “What are you thinking about? You are never so silent.”

            He almost jumped off his car sit.

            “Nothing.” He said quickly.

            He turned to Jace who had a teasing smile on his lips and was focused on the road, driving the car they had rent once they arrived at their destination. The blond man had insisted it would give them the liberty they need during their trip.

            “Nothing.” Jace repeated, amused. “Of course.”

            “Hey, don’t mock me!” Simon pouted. “I was only thinking about you?”

            “Really? Not about a Star Wars thing? A comic thing, like, the Captain America I saw you put discretely on your bag hoping I wont see?”

            “Listen, it’s not that I’m afraid to get bored, I just couldn’t leave the house without the Captain America edition you gifted for our first anniversary. And it’s my favourite, you know it right? I was just thinking that if we ever fight during the holidays, not that I think we will, but if, I will have not only something to read but something to remind me you love me.” He babbled embarrassed.

            “I love it when you do that.” Jace laughed softly.

            “When I do what?”

            “The rambling.”

            Simon huffed and crossed his arms.


            Jace chuckled, looking at Simon from the corner of his eyes. It was true though, he love it when his boyfriend’s filter just disappeared and when he started talking without being able to stop himself, sometimes barely making sense. It was annoying for most people, but Jace found it adorable, charming even. And it suited him so much, Simon and his nerdy side. For the rest of the road, Jace couldn’t stop smiling, as Simon was pouting, obviously trying hard not to talk again.

            Jace parked the car not far from them cottage. If it had been summer, they’d probably have been able to take the small way to it as well, but as there was a lot of snow, it was out of the question. Simon was beaming at the amount of snow, already talking about skiing and making a snow-man. Jace looked at him fondly, but they still were in the car and it was time to take their luggage up in the rented place so Jace, gently place on of his finger on Simon lips.

            “Calm down babe, let’s gets installed and after that, promise we’ll talk about our first activity. But for now, move your ass out of the car.”

            Simon stuck out his tongue and Jace rolled his eyes, holding back a laugh. His boyfriend was too adorable.

            As he took his bag, Jace wondered how he had gotten so lucky; he had had many girlfriends, some boyfriends, but had never really felt like love was something made for him, until Simon. Many thought they made an unlikely couple, but somehow, they just clicked. They completed each others in almost every ways. They matched because they brought balance in each others lives.

Simon was bringing Jace some craziness he didn’t know he desperately needed, he made living look so simple, and it was nice. There was time Simon could be seen as naïve, but not in a bad way, it was refreshing. With Simon, Jace knew he could be weak sometimes. On the other hand, Jace was giving Simon some strength and a lot of confidence. Jace was bold and straight forward, being with him had made Simon braver, or more than that, Simon had always been brave, Jace had just helped him to realise it. Jace had taught Simon to be more confident.

Together, they were perfectly balanced. Their couple was bringing both of them a perfect stability.

           The car was almost empty and Jace was bearing one of the last bags when Simon decided it was time to play. Emptying the car was kind of boring and he just wanted to have fun with his boyfriend. Biting his lower lip to hide a smile, Simon slipped away from Jace’s view and took some snow in his hands, making a big ball. Aiming as precisely as possible, he threw it at his boyfriend, hitting him right on the back.

            Jace turned immediately on his heels, narrowing his eyes, only to receive a new ball, on his face this time. But this time, Simon got spotted and Jace put his bag down, took snow on his hands, and started walking toward his boyfriend.

            “You are so dead, Lewis.” He said.

           Simon took the ball on his chest and let out a laugh before a second one hit him on the shoulder. A merciless war began. None of the men wanted to give up on victory and they were soon soaked from wet snow. But they didn’t care. They were laughing and they were happy. Eventually, Jace decided it was time to end it and he ran to his boyfriend, pushing him in the snow. Falling with him, he made sure to stay above him, holding Simon’s wrists on the snow; at each side of his head. It could have been an awkward position but it wasn’t, both of them were looking at the other, grinning, until Jace leant to kiss Simon.


            The kiss was slow and affectionate, Jace’s mouth warm against his lips, tongues caressing gently each others. It was the kind of kiss sending Simon straight to Heaven. The kind of kiss he wanted to last forever. But the snow was cold on his back, head and neck and he suddenly found himself shivering. Jace must have felt it too because he broke the kiss immediately and Simon almost whimpered, already missing the sensation.

            “Come on babe, let’s go home before you get sick”

            Simon sighed, but smiled as Jace gave him his hand to help him stand up. Ever the gentleman, Jace. Simon loved that about him.

            They took the last bags from the car and went straight up to the cottage. It was a cosy place, with a fire place, very cliché and very romantic. Simon took off his coat and shivered again. The wet snow had pierced through his clothes and he grimaced, feeling the cold, for real this time. Hurrying to his luggage, he took off his wet shirt, changing for a warmer and dry one.

           “See, if you had waited to get installed, we could have change for our snow suits and we wouldn’t have been like that.” Jace commented as he changed too.

           Simon pouted, Jace rolled his eyes.

           “Tell you what, you make us hot chocolate and I’ll make a fire.”

           “And we wrap ourselves on a blanket to cuddle?!” Simon asked excitedly as his face lit up.

           Jace shook his head slightly but the smile on his lips gave him away.

           “You’re impossible.”


            It didn’t take Jace long to make the fire, he was used to it, Alec and he had often did it in scoot camp. Fireplace, campfire, the only difference was the actual place where it was made. Jace took a few steps back and smiled proudly at himself.

            “See what I did babe?”

            Simon joined him, two cup in hands and grinned at him.

            “You’re the best, Captain.” He flattered.

            Simon put the two cup on the table and turned around looking for a blanket. Jace only looked at him, a smirk plastered on his face. He looked like a puppy happily chasing his tails and it was a sight that made Jace heart melt. How could one look so precious? It was unfair.

            He was still in his thoughts when he received the searched blanket in his face.

            “Come on, I want to cuddle.” Simon demanded.

            And seriously, who was Jace to refuse?

            He sat on the couch near the fire place, putting the blanket around his right side, opening the left one to welcome Simon in his arms before wrapping them up.

            Jace looked around him, and at the window, the snow had started falling.

            “Could we be more cliché?”  He asked groaning a bit.

            “Actually we could.”

            He glared at Simon who chuckled before pecking his lips.


            “Hmmm… Not convinced and… Come on, you call that a kiss?”

            Simon grinned this time and kissed Jace, open mouth, leaning even more against him, sliding a hand on his hair as his Jace’s one went on his back. He bitted slightly his boyfriend’s lower lip and Simon moaned softly and they broke the kiss for a second before kissing again, slower this time. None of them were cold anymore, but they didn’t throw away the blanket. They continued to kiss, soft and passionate. Jace smiled against his boyfriend’s lips; now, they couldn’t be more cliché.