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Can you share some bts blogs? Hobi and yoongi biased please

“who are your fave mutuals? or blogs i guess? i wanna follow more people”

hobi biased 

@hobiswife @hobshine @hobisbi @jhopesavedmylife @jhoe @lilhobi @hobiue @gothic-hobi @h0bi @yoongimlm @gayrapline @biyoons @hobisunset @j-hope @hobisgf @angelbabyhobi @honeysts @yoonseoksbff @hobischeeks @bi-hoseok @4hoseok @glowyhoseok @hobislesbiangf @hobilesbian @hobisnovia @hoseok1e @springdayhobi @jhopesfatgf @blackhoeaesthetic @hobiwlw

 yoongi biased

@sprngday @jeonggukl @21stgirls @memesyoongi @ilysmyoongi @5obi @yoongi-exe @mangosuga @thanksbtsformylife @yoongn @sugasprincesa @2nep1nk @bangtanbf @2suga @eeukyang @iamyoongisgf @pinksweateryoongi @192171 @bitterstan @yoongissoftgf @itsequality @yoongimoon @yoongs-bitch @ilobyoongi 

just great bts blogs in general!!

@foryoubybts @kthksj @akmv @narutouncle @j1ngkooks @snapbacktaehyung @rapgodjjk @yoongistiddybres @actortae @gjungkook @gunaimfire @1004angelic @nnochu @a1yu @jiminsglo @jinhope @guitaristjin @cutejin @fadedlovebywondergirls @taegrl @transgirljimins @lie @fauxlove @ydaegu @iloveseokjin @4begin @outro-wings @tofuthot @btsjimln @kthsbff @kimtahyung @moonkissedjimin @nottoday @lgbtae @taesgrl @jeongkug @lilac1995 @colonizedrice

Everyone gotta try to trend #JINGraduationDay. If we could do it for other members, we could do it for him. As a university student myself, I know how tedious it can be. And all you who are too will know. THIS GUY GRADUATED TRYING TO BALANCE TIME AS A STUDENT AND IDOL!!!!!! THAT’S AMAZING!!!! Can you imagine the stress he had to endure??? PLEASE CONGRATULATE HIM THROUGH TWITTER!!!!! HE WORKED HIS BUTT OFF FOR THIS DAY AND COULDN’T EVEN ATTEND THE CEREMONY LIKE HE WANTED TO. 


she snatched the wrong person then said “sorry” omfg

Kin Fighting Kin

Paring: Bucky x sister!Reader

Characters: Avengers

TW: fighting, blood mention, death, angst 

a/n: I don’t speak Russian and i’m sorry if i get things wrong. 

As Bucky clung to the train all he could think of was you and Steve. He couldn’t leave his family behind but he felt the railing start to detach. A pang of regret and longing surrounded him as he fell.

He jolted awake on the table. A metal caught his attention and soon he was engaged in battle, he felt odd and inhuman with the arm. He could focus on you and only you. 

It would become his saving grace for the decades of torture ahead of him.  

Little did he know that 5 days after his ‘death’ you were taken by the same organization, HYDRA. You were kept hidden from him but your screams filled the same hallways as his, but only when he was asleep dreaming of you living a perfect life. 

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Pride Drabble Request

This was requested by an Anon: AH I forgot to include the quotes! Sorry m'dude! With Dwayne Pride 50: “I’ll take your bad days with your good" & 61: “Stay here tonight”

Word Count: 410

Warnings: angst & fluff-ish

Throughout the day, Pride had kept a close eye on you.  There was something off about you today and he could see it.  He wasn’t going to ignore it either.  When everyone was leaving, Pride made sure that you had a reason to stay.  Even though the two of you were dating, you still had your own place.

“[Y/N],” Pride called out, looking in the direction of your desk.  “Ah need ya to correct a small mistake on your report.”  Pride set down the report on his desk, watching LaSalle and Percy leave.

“I’m sorry,” you apologized.  “I should have checked over the details.  What’s wrong with it?”

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Ah, the feeling when your favorite nsfw blog switches off anon asks and you're too ashamed to share your kinky headcanons without the sunglasses, so you go complain to their significant other (is that right? sorry, if I misunderstood)... I mean, I totally get it. People will get nasty when allowed to stay anonymous. It's bloggers' right to disable anon. Just me being too shy to admit my own dirtiness. Sorry for bothering you. Sorry if I said something wrong. Love you and your bf(?) to death.

who … are u talking about …

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Ummmm im sorry but I think ur wrong???? There are two bands, fleetwood mac and abba 😚😚😚 get ur facts straight sweaty 😚😚😚😚😚😚😚

this is a Fair argument but im gonna still argue that fleetwood mac is the only band. if there were other bands, abba would be the next best. but unfortunately there is only the one :( 

another stress induced rant oops

you know something’s wrong if you burst into tears when listening to “Breathe” from ITH.
My mom has been putting so much stress on me lately and I don’t know how much longer I can take it.

We were dress shopping and my mom kept telling me “suck in your stomach” or “you need to start loosing weight”.
I’m 5'4" and 120-5 lbs.

I have resorted to biking 2 miles a day, two times a week and lifting weights. And for lunch, a diet of tea in the morning, 2-3 apples for lunch, and restricting my dinner as much as I can without anyone noticing.

On my standardized test, I have to get a 33 (out of 36) or higher to get a scholarship for the college I want. And if I don’t, my mom is going to yell at me and make me feel like a total failure.

Oh and if I can’t get a scholarship, I have to go to my community college and put up with my parents for 2 more years.

I already feel like a mess and a failure and I’m barely keeping everything together and I am a mess.

So I’m taking a brief break from Tumblr… maybe for a week. I’ll be on occasionally to check some messages but I won’t be actively posting.

To those who have read all the way down to here:
I’m sorry, and sorry for leaving.
if you want to leave something, go ahead.

I’m considering closing my inbox temporarily because I still keep getting ship requests, even though they are CLOSED….



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Hi, I'm a mommy and just recently my little one is very sad and won't answer me when I ask what's wrong... all he says is sorry and I'm so worried. We've been really close for the past 4-5 months and now even when I call he just says sorry and I've tried to sing him his favorite songs and tried saying "who's my little one", hoping he'd say "me" but he just says sorry even if I say I love you he still says sorry and I'm so worried and I'm not sure what to fo

Honestly I know what it’s like nd we like to hear that stuff, even if it may not seem like it, it’s true. We do. Even if you’re just there for him, it’ll help


Chapter 18: Episode 6

     The words would have been music to my ears months ago. All I wanted was for Chelle to go away. I hated her, more than I’d ever hated anyone. In fact, I’d never hated anyone. She’d made my life hell on purpose, and as soon as I had the chance to get her back, I did. It was petty, and I hadn’t cared. I just wanted to wipe that smug look off her face.

          And I had.

          But it hadn’t been enough. I worked her to the bone, and I didn’t care, didn’t think of her, not once. And I still… wasn’t sorry. I wasn’t.

          And that was wrong.

          “Enjoy your life, Kerrigan. I’m sure we’ll both be better off without each other.” She shoved her chair away, grabbing her coat off the back, and starting for the door.

          “Chelle wait,” I called after her. “Please don’t leave, I—”

          “You what?” she said, stopping. “You’re only sorry because you need someone here to cover your mess.”


          She smiled, but it was lopsided and broken. Not the same sardonic smile I was used to seeing on her. “I guess I get the last laugh, after all. Nice girls never win.”

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Calvin didnt really hang out with the kardashians one party he went with burns & his team cause they went to celebrate burns song with Britney going number 1 on iTunes & then he was at the same party as Kim cause of jlo.. lol anyway yes Calvin was petty but so was Taylor she just handled it differently. Sorry I just think they both handled it wrong. And after being a fan of Taylor since her first public break up with joe she's gotten better at handling the petty but she just used tree this time

TBH I don’t really see how Taylor was petty in this situation. She didn’t leak anything to the media until his team started attacking her. And it’s not petty for her to get a new boyfriend if she wanted one.