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Because this 1.88cm giant kid keeps growing…and he still has 2 years to grow.


the world is your runway model choi juunhong!! xD

Favorite GOT7 Ships, 1-5

1. Jackbum (Jackson and Jaebum. I’m telling you right now guys, this is my OTP)

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(I’m sorry, I love them so much, I’m probably gonna make a post on them soon.)

2. Bnoir/JJP (Junior and Jaebum)

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3. Markson (Mark and Jackson “MARKSON OR NEVER”)

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4. Jinson (Jinyoung and Jackson)

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5. Markbum (Mark and Jaebum)

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miraculous fic recs

i had an entire page devoted to fic recs on my old blog (rip) so i’ve started rebuilding my rec list. and since it’s fanfiction writer appreciation day, what better day to post than today!! there’s probably like 30 more fics on my rec list right now but i didn’t want to make this post too long so those’ll be posted at a later date.

(i did my best to find as many authors here on tumblr that i could, but sorry if i missed your blog) 

a trail of breadcrumbs by matchaball ( @matchaball​ )

The smell, now familiar and woven through with fond experiences, shoots through Adrien like a lightning bolt. One inhale unearths the memory of chocolate chip dots and smudged icing sugar, of melted chocolate and the weight of flour, of cinnamon and air kisses. They wash up in the shore of his mind, all a jumble and yet uniquely distinct, as vivid and tactile as the originals.
It’s not the place, he realizes, but the people. The smells, the warmth, the laughter. The fact that they pat at the empty spot as if he’d always been there. As if they’d always been waiting for him.

all of matchaball’s fics are incredible (and will definitely be showing up on future lists) but this one holds a special place for me because the imagery is incredible? i honestly finished each chapter starving and wanting the food from the chapter. not to mention that i just love how all the characters are written and it’s just such a sweet fic

cat nip for the soul by cinnamonbookworm and perce ( @adastrabella and @raikou )

In Which: Alya has too many asks, Nathalie needs a break, numerous cats climb up Marinette’s balcony, Nino is So Tired, and everyone gets too obsessed with Kim’s Ladynoir fanfic.
Featuring fun chapters like New Day New Akuma New Thread On The Ladyblog New Alya Screaming Into Eternity, F Is For Friends Who Fall To Their Death, Yummitastic, and, everyone’s favorite, The Heartochondria Is The Powerhouse of the Cat.

honestly, this is the only crack you will ever need. it’s taken in such a serious way that makes it a million times better and is so funny i laughed the entire time. seriously, it will make your entire night. you didn’t know you needed this fic before now

cheshire cats and elephant bees by cinnamonbookworm ( @adastrabella​ )

Chat Noir first shows up at her house about two days into summer.
Or: Old friends reconnect. People break and come back together. There’s a fox in the city.

ok yes there are 3 fics on the list by sim but this is one of my favorites. her chloé is just incredible and if you don’t like the idea of a chloé redemption arc you will absolutely change your mind after reading this. the writing is gorgeous and all of the dynamics are fantastic

holes in a body full of stars by cinnamonbookworm ( @adastrabella​ )

There are a lot of fairytales Adrien knows, but too little of them involve the magic of a rooftop and the way it feels to kiss someone and find yourself under a snow globe of stars.
Or: 5 Times Adrien Spends the Night On His Roof
adrien with stars. not only is the writing incredible and breathtaking, but this fic cemented adrien on rooftops and adrien loving the stars in my mind. i could read it a million times and never get tired of it

etoiles by chassecroise ( @chassecroise​ )

Life as a professional dancer at the Paris Opera Ballet isn’t easy, especially when you’re falling in love with your extremely attractive co-worker and you live a double life as a superhero, dancing to save the people of Paris from the illusions of the maestro of emotions, Hawk Moth. (It’s a magical ballet AU!)

all of priya’s fics are so well written, and etoiles has such a magical and mysterical aura to it that i love. and especially long chapters means i get to enjoy it for a long time. the writing is fantastic and the plot is so cool and intricate that i could read it so many times and still be totally entranced  

keep it in your plants by reyxa ( @reyxa​ )

All she could see was petals and concrete. All she could feel was a dull ache in her hip and a sharp pain in her knees. Nice going, Marinette.
“Oh god, are you okay?” A hand grasped her arm, a sweet male voice washed over her, seemingly relieving the pain she felt.The person helped her from the ground, supporting her weight completely.
Marinette blushed, her eyes locked on the mess of flowers and her art supplies blocking the sidewalk. “Oh no, I’m going to be late.”
The person laughed, finally drawing her eyes. Marinette nearly choked as her eyes locked on the loveliest color of green she had ever seen. Blond, perfectly styled hair fell into his eyes, his lips were curved into the most perfect and warm smile she had ever seen. She suddenly forgot the reason she was rushing.
“No worries,” he was saying. “I’ll help you.”

flowershop au + cats = everything i’ve ever wanted in life. almost unbearably cute with high quality flower symbolism. not gonna lie, i reread it when i need a pick me up and it almost always does the trick

paws fur coffee by zaphirite ( @crispypata )

He was so sure that Ladybug would already push him off a rooftop if she knew his civilian identity worked at a café called “Paws Fur Coffee” of all names (the owner is a dog person, but he’ll take it), but his flub on the chalkboard menu just topped it all off.
His neat handwriting read back to him: “Chai Noir”.
(In which Adrien Agreste has some really cool ideas about the special drink of the week and gets to know a regular customer.)

so many incredible puns in such an incredible fic. i kept it open on my school ipad for the last two months or school, and read little bits when i got the chance. i was blown away when i was actually able to read the entire thing in one go. super sweet with the right amout of puns and feels

post-it notes by humanagain ( @zoenightstars )

Marinette is still freaking out.
She sits on a bench in the locker room, staring at the crumpled post-it in her hand. The small, neat cursive has become slightly smudged, but she can clearly still make out the words you’re beautiful.
She jerks to attention at a tap on her shoulder, and she looks up to meet brilliant green eyes. “What do you have there, Marinette?” Adrien asks, a hint of a blush creeping up his face.
Marinette giggles uncomfortably and balls the post it up in her hand.
“Oh, nothing.”

maya is such a good writer. so actually go read everything she’s ever written and then come back here. i have a super weak spot for fics with post-its as a plot point (which maya knows) so that plus adrienette plus maya’s writing is basically a dream. it’s just so much fluff and i’m so glad that she wrote more of it and basically if you aren’t reading this you’re wrong

secret santa by thelastpilot ( @thelastpilot )

Adrien and Marinette get each others name in their class secret santa and the gifts have to be perfect.

this fic gets a special shout out because it was my very first ml fic. it was what pulled me head first into the fandom only four episodes in and kept me reading until 2 am to catch up. it had me stalking pilot’s blog for updates and hurriedly reading chapter seven while waiting for my friends to buy movie tickets and standing in line for popcorn. i can’t even remember what movie we were seeing, i just remember reloading tumblr and seeing chapter seven had been posted and trying not to scream. as the fic that made me think ‘i want to write for this fandom’, it has a special place in my heart. it’s incredibly cute and made me smile at my phone and giggle in public. and what else can you ask for other than some friendship and family christmas goodness? even in august

tandem by bullysquadess ( @bullysquadess​ )

Two students get carried away in a friendly game of dodge ball…. and two other students get very suspicious. Its a double reveal fic!

this was one of my first ml fics and honestly it still remains to be one of my favorite reveals ever. i think it’s why i love gym class/physical activity reveals so much. anyway it’s great and i’ve read it like 10 times

the two of us by aniabielvriskamars ( @anabielvriskamars​ )

Marinette watched Adrien with poorly concealed desperation.
She couldn’t pay for college, or an apartment, or even her meals. Not like this.
All she wanted was his advice, little good though it will make.
Adrien held her gaze.
“What if I marry you?”

i love fake dating aus i love fake marriage even more? even though it’s not really fake marriage it’s ACTUAL MARRIAGE and i get so excited when this fic updates. 10/10 would always recommend 

why superheroes need their sleep by miaghost

Sleepiness is becoming a regular thing in the civilian lives of Paris’s heroes. They’ve been a team for over a year, and are close. Marinette’s opinion of Cat is changing and her heart is swaying, but how will she feel when he starts to back off LadyBug and Adrien seems to take an interest in Marinette? And all because she didn’t get enough sleep… (AccidentalReveal!) LadyNoir/Adrinette

i’m such a huge fan of accidental reveals tbh and this fic has such good fallout of the reveal. i read all that’s been posted in one sitting and enjoyed it so much and someone really needs to let these kids sleep some more

remember to leave authors kudos and comments and lots of love, they’re all so incredible <3

thesinsfour  asked:

8 (top 5 favorite blogs), 9, 11, 13 (sorry if this is too many!)

8. top 5 (insert subject)

Oh golly, I dunno if I could choose! Maybe I could just post my Tumblr crushes??

9. tattoos i want

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately!! I really want to get a Fallout related tattoo as well as an Elder Scrolls one. I just have no ideas other than that!!!

11. age

23!! (I feel old right now)

13. life goal(s)

As cheesy as it is, I just wanna be happy and stop worrying about everything. It’s really taken a toll on me lately.

Thank you @arahana <3 <3 <3
Nicknames: Liline, Al
Time Right Now: 7:18 p.m
last thing i googled: Jonathan Davis shirtless ;)
Fave Music Artist: Too many sorry :D
Song Stuck In My Head: Lovecats by The Cure
Last Movie I Watched: Loving
Last Tv Show I Watched: Real Humans
What I’m Wearing Now: Robert Plant tshirt, kaki trousers and white socks
When I Created This Blog: I think June 2016?
I Post: Anything I truly like, it could be anything, Movies, etc……                         Do I Have Other Blogs: No.
Do I Get Asks Regularly: Not really
Why Did I Choose My Url: I think that it suits me perfectly, that is just what I am
Gender: Female
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Pokemon Team: .o.
Fave Color: Orange
Average Hours Of Sleep: It depends haha
Favourite Characters: Again too many ^^
Dream Job: Mortician, biologist or psychologist
Number Of Blankets I Sleep With: 3 at the moment cause its so freezing cold :D

I tag: @jonjondavis @pixiebloodd etc WHO WANTS TO DO IT, JUST DO IT!!!

quicksilverbells  asked:

I didn't realise you were Roisin-Maximoff too!!!! I was wondering who the lovely person giving me so many notes was :) I love your work so much, I'm so 😍 right now! I hope you're having a lovely day.

Oh no I’m so sorry to ruin your joy over this, but I’m not Roisin-Maximoff that post was just one I reblogged after I found it on the Peter Maximoff tag I’m so sorry

Thank you so much for your kind words though! That’s so nice I’m so glad you love my writing I love yours a lot too! 💚💚

if you ever left me a reply or a message and i didnt answer it i’m sorry

it has become almost impossible for me to concentrate on anything, i forget what i’m doing before i’m even done doing it

i have read so many comments and thought “i’m going to reply to that right now” and before i have even opened up the text editor i’ve completely forgotten what i was doing and end up doing something else

i feel terrible when i realize i have missed messages and then i think it’s too late to answer now because it would be weird to answer someone 4 months after they posted, and i just wither into ineffective anxiety

so yeah. sorry about that :(

tag people you wanna know better or somethin’ like that

Tagged by my friendo @mizbritishnyxian!

Nickname: Jules, Espeon, Espe

Sign: Capricorn apparently

Height: about 5′8 or 5′9.

Last Thing You Googled: pokemon art academy speedrun
(seein if anyone attempted it. sadly, no one has. i really wanna speedrun it.)

Favorite Artist: Daughtry, Evanescense, Skillet, Red, BonJovi, Jun Senoue, ect.
(i listen to a LOT of music so i could probably name a lot more musical artists)

Last Movie I Watched: Wakko’s Wish (i love this movie so much aaaaa)

What I’m Wearing Right Now: black Mickey Mouse shirt, red shorts

What You Post: art and fandom things (there are too many fandoms to name)

What Did Your Last Relationship Teach You?: it’s more than alright to say no.

Religion: i don’t really know????
(i prefer to not pay attention or keep track of that kind of stuff, sorry…)

Average Hours of Sleep: probably about 6 to 8 or somethin i dont keep track.

Favorite Color: pink, red, purple, black, gray

Lucky Number: 5??? i dunno, most sources said 5. i have no idea.

How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With?: just one. it’s a very warm blanket.

Dream Job: artist. preferably storyboarding. ‘cause you can draw in your own style and as freely as you want as long as people can tell what’s goin on and that you’re tellin’ the story you’re supposed to be tellin’.

and now for taggin peoples!
@lyereea @lazy-gaming-platypus and really anyone else who wants to do this.
y’all don’t have to do it if you don’t wanna btw!

notinearth21  asked:

Strawberry, Banana and Tangelo for the fruit ask!!

Favorite desserts: I’d say cheesecake, brownies, and frozen yogurt (man it’s hard to pick)

Favorite horror movies: The Babadook, The Grudge (I watch a lot but I can’t think of many right now :P)

If you could be any mythical creature, which would you be: Hmm that’s a tricky one. I think either a Harpy or a Hobgoblin.


- Detailed clothing may lead to altering the price. If you are not prepared to have an open mind about additional cost, do not ask for complicated clothing, insane costumes and detailed delicates. (Seriously, I’m not a lace person)

- Plain coloured backgrounds are free. Simple Backgrounds will be +%50 of the original price. Detailed backgrounds are +75% of the original price.

- Props are +25% of the original price. This includes large props like thrones/ decorative bed heads / cars etc… Small props are free, including things that can fit in one hand, or a simple book. If you are unsure, just ask, and I’ll give you a heads up. 

- Animals!!!! I love animals and welcome the challenge. Though I am not an artist who focuses on them. I would rather reference photos of animals to deliver the highest quality that I can. Rather than wing it and give you renaissance cats with depressed human faces.
Animals are +50% of the original price.
I will bleed to deliver to you the perfect animal companion.


Any an all references are welcome. I cannot stand going off merely a written description then hearing I got it wrong. If you want perfection, give me references. Otherwise, enjoy what I interpret from what you can write.

Be EXTREMELY specific about what you want. I love having an input and sharing my opinions, but you as the client don’t need to bow to my whim!!!
If you don’t like how I’m going with something, let me know. I like to communicate while working.
AGAIN! BE SPECIFIC!!!! ABOUT THE IMAGE YOU WANT! Not your character. While I love original characters of all types, I do not need to know their life story. This rule is not applied to friends because I either already know and love their oc, or I’m going to get very familiar with said oc anyhow and they are my neice/nephew etc.
That being said, I wouldn’t walk up to a stranger and ask them to tell me everything about their children.
But if I require a perspective to take on something, I will ask. If a character is looking at a book sadly, I might need to know why they’re sad? What is it about this object that makes them sad.
(It’s their dead lover’s journal! or They’re allergic to the dust on it!)
NOT (IT makes them sad because this one day at band camp…. so anyway yeah, hahaa, long story short, Monkey Lips the Magician was never heard from again).

If your commission costs more than you were expecting due to a build up of characters/costumes/props/background etc….
I will happily work in accordance to a payment plan. Splitting into up to three payments. :)

I like to have the drawing complete before payment! It’s digital, so I do not waste supplies.
However I use time.
So if I complete this work and do not receive payment within a month of completion, I will post a watermarked version, and let the public know who you are and that you didn’t pay. People who don’t pay mightn’t care, but I work hard on my art and want to share with others.

Talk to me. I don’t need to know more than that you are struggling. I can hold off from posting if you know when you’ll be able to pay.
And if it is long term financial stuggles, I will happily do a long term payment plan and discuss such amounts in accord to your struggles. 

DO NOT commission me if you are already in hard times. Your wallet can’t deal with it. Save, or take the time to help yourself first. 
But again, if you are already struggling, but want a commission, I will work a three part payment plan for you in private messaging. :) 

Any questions can be asked inbox. Do’s and Don’ts are all over the place for me. So just ask. And I will answer ASAP. 
I saw some stuff and, as an Italian I would like to say something.

[This is a new OOC post, but I am really angry right now.
I saw too many people glorifying things such as fascism and mafia.
Ok shitheads, let me tell you something about nowadays Italy: MAFIA IS A BUNCH OF CRIMINALS AND WE HATE THEM, FASCISM IS NOW NEARLY BANNED AND HATED BY THE 85% OF THE NATION.
I’ve heard of Italy cosplayers in the USA that keep saying things like
“Lol my family is a famous mafia family in Italy”
“Lol my family was friend to Mussolini” (i’m sorry for the horrible english, tho).

Ehy guys
Guess what

The Mafia families of Campania, the region where Naples is, just poisoned a huge piece of land, poisoning a lot of people and leading to death thousands of children due to illnesses. Mafia killed a lot of important figures of Southern Italy’s History, such as Falcone and Borsellino.
Do you feel like being proud of this? Really?
Romano would hate the mob, because they are poisoning and ruining his land, his people, Feliciano would too. Do you feel like they would be part of it? The answer is NO, THEY WOULDN’T.
So, please, stop glorifying those things: they are part of our History, but they are the worst part of it. We are talking about the nation of the Reinassance, the heir of Rome, the nation where pizza was made (this may convince you guys more).

So goes for Germany, Spain and Portugal. Those are our dark years, finally brightened by the light of democracy and justice (i feel like a poet, Dante Alighieri fatte da parte), leading us into a better future. We still have to fight the last demons *coughs* mafia, PEGIDA and Casapound *coughs*, but who hasn’t?

Sorry for the rambling, but I had to.]

Following Spree

Hi everybody! So I did one of these not too long ago but I found so many amazing blogs to follow and I gained so many brilliant followers that I thought I would try this again. Right now my dash is made up most of The 100, Harry Potter, Teen Wolf, and Pretty Little Liars (because I am absolute fandom trash…) and that is 100% ok because those are my favorite shows and if you post about any of those don’t think that because of that fact I won’t follow you… because I will… (I’m sorry I’m obsessed) but yeah basically the point if this post is to find more blogs that I will love so like/reblog if you post:

-Game of Thrones


-The Fosters

-New Girl

-How I Met Your Mother



-The 100 

-Teen Wolf

-Pretty Little Liars

-The Hunger Games

-Harry Potter









-Princess Mechanic







- Sparia













OK so I think you get the gist but yeah like/reblog if you post about any of these and feel free to message me! I follow back :) Thank you.
Wander Over Yonder shipping survey
So I've heard that the galaxy is ending but do you have a moment to answer these simple questions about relationships in WOY

I did it! The form is now live and you can now tell me about your favorite ships in Wander Over Yonder! I don’t know if anyone was actually excited about that or not but here it is!

If you have the time, please consider filling out this survey and/or reblogging this post so I can get more data points for more accurate analysis!

If you’re curious about what answers I get, I’ll make periodic posts about what I find in the #woy shipping survey tag.

Update 6/26: Added popular write-ins.

Mutuals bolded, favs ♥


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I love all of you and thank you so much for 400!!

I’m kind of getting a LOT of messages right now, and I’m sorry I don’t really have time to answer many of them individually, but I am reading them all

I’ll be online and active tomorrow, before during and after the reveal, and I’ll be sure to post whatever news comes out

This may not be much more than a title and some promotional art with a promise of more coming at E3, so don’t get too excited just yet, but… this is definitely it.

I am on the eighth circle of biking anime hell.

It has officially gotten my tear-eyed.  

I officially love my giant Titan lizard son.  

I officially am going to hunt down every bit of fanworks on my beloved sunshine dumpster prince and the grumpy asshole cat.  

I’ve watched like ten episodes since last night, despite that I was also sleeping and only got home a little while ago, too.

I am full of more feelings about every single member of Sohoku and Hakone than I can convey, I love all of my nerd children especially when they’re nerds together!

I’m at the eighth circle of biking anime hell.

The ninth is reserved for when I run out of episodes.  *sob*