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mchanzo prompt #11

anon asked: Idk if you’re still accepting prompts (sorry if you aren’t!!) But there’s one HC where McCree understands Jap and it’d be cute if there was a scene where Hanzo says somethin cute (or dirty👀) and Jesse acci responds and Hanzo is like “Wtf..wait..”

hehe, i’m always accepting mcprompts anon!! they’re comin a little slower but i’m still working on ‘em B-) anyway, i give u hanzo muttering cute fluffy things and mccree secretly knowing…. also pls forgive my obvious lack of japanese; i didnt wanna translate and get it wrong pfffbt. i hope u enjoy!!


The first time it happens, he doesn’t mean for it to… Jesse is just irrepressible and fiery and there, impossible to ignore and desperate to impress him, and it just… slips out.

<<“You are amazing.”>>

The man eyes him for a moment and grins, tipping his hat.

“Now, Hanzo… if you’re gonna insult me, the least you could do is gimme a chance.”

“Learn Japanese,” he snorts, turning away quickly. A stupid thing, careless… but he hadn’t noticed. Hadn’t seen the heat in your cheeks…

They continue to train under a lazy Gibraltar sun, and he minds his words—absolutely does not allow himself to watch McCree shoot, or flap about in his ridiculous costume… says nothing of the man’s physical prowess and avoids his doe-eyed looks.


The second time, McCree is lying in a hospital bed.

Sterile air hits his nostrils and he flinches, padding over to the other man to sink into the chair beside him. He’s dozing—not really asleep, but content to rest his eyes and let the world happen around him for the moment.

Hanzo notices that he looks better than last time; not as ghostly, freshly-shaven even. No sign of any IVs, no sallow sweat along his brow. He looks peaceful.

When he finally stirs, he can’t help the breath catching in his throat.

“Hey sunshine,” McCree croaks with a smile.

“Idiot,” he gasps, gripping the man’s arm. “You were almost killed—”

“Whoa, now… slow down. I can’t remember that much… just about recall you savin’ my ass—”

“More than your ass.”

He laughs, coughs a little. “Hell. Feel goddamn awful. I been out for long?”

“Too long,” he glowers. “Dr Ziegler says you are lucky.”

“Means I owe you one.”

“You owe me an explanation.”

Jesse studies him, bleary-eyed but serious. His mouth thins. “…couldn’t let ‘em at you.”

“Who? Talon?”

“Mm. Seen the kinda things they do to good folks. And Amélie. What they turned her into. Couldn’t—didn’t wanna risk that. Not with you.”

“You know I am perfectly capable of defending myself,” Hanzo scoffs.

“Didn’t cross my mind in the moment, darlin’.”

He still thinks he’s an idiot. Risky, careless, irresponsible…

Sweet. Endearing. Hopelessly romantic.

<<“Don’t do it again.”>> He squeezes. <<“We–I cannot lose you.”>>

“One of these days, baby,” McCree chuckles. “I’ll figure you out.”


The third time… he means every word.

Jesse smokes and admires the stars. Hanzo wonders if he’s in love.

“Hope we get t’stay here awhile. Missed the heat, last post we were at.”

“I do not.”

“Give it time, I’ll convince ya.” McCree exhales a smoky plume. “Nothin’ as nice as the sun on your back, dust between your toes…”

“It sounds like hell,” Hanzo says mildly. “No wonder you look twice your age.”

“Well ouch,” the man laughs. He stubs out his cigar on a roof tile, flicking it over the edge. “Good thing I don’t take you too seriously—those are fightin’ words.”

<<“Do you take anything seriously?”>>

“Bless ya.”

<<“Would you take me seriously if I kissed you?”>>

“Hanzo.” Jesse raises a hand. “Sugar. If you’re gonna go ahead and make it personal—”

<<“You’re a buffoon.”>> He sighs. “It is late, and there’s a briefing tomorrow morning. We should leave.”

“Wait—hang on there just a minute.”

He starts to protest, but can’t—not when Jesse’s lips are on his.

It’s quick, and warm, not nearly enough. There’s a scratch of stubble against his chin and the wet curl of the man’s tongue, gently probing, and his heart is pounding in his ears, his skin burns—

McCree pulls away quite suddenly, not in the least bit smug and looking just as breathless.

“You can kiss me all you want, sweetheart. Doesn’t mean I’m gonna ever take you seriously.”