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My Lego - Reioka’s AU

@reioka I told you I wanted to do it, I told you I had a snake tail and that I’d do it… I never told you how crazy I’d go because I had some dumb shit idea while doing it and I couldn’t resist XD.

Here comes Snake Steve!

I had to keep the top of the snake, it gives him purple arms… I guess Clint approves of it XD. It’s not entirely accurate but I still wanted to do it. Hope you don’t mind <3.

Cracky shit under the cut 8D.

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Eric and Dylan got sucked into this appealing fantasy because it was an escape from the troubles of everyday life. When you have a place to go — whether it be home, school, a bar, a drug den, or a video game — where things seem perfect, then you go to that place as much as you can. It’s a type of drug — a fantasy — where happiness exists because things make sense, in real life, things didn’t make sense.

- No Easy Answers by Brooks Brown


Richard Dean Anderson at OzComicCon 2015


【 グッズ-マスコット】もちもちマスコット デュラララ!!×2
 [Goods - Mascot] sticky mascot Durarara !! × 2

Release Date: 2015/08/20

If you order the whole BOX of 9 items, you’ll get a limited bonus: Rokujo Chikage 

prplzorua  asked:

your Danny and "C-dubs" interactions give me life, your art is like super amazing, i wouldn't be surprised to see Danny or clockwork himself make more time puns, i wonder what would happen if they ever had a time pun competition, ho do you think would win? anyway keep up your great Work :)

You have excellent ideas, friend.