sorry if the psd is different!

hahaha im tryin y’all haha im rly tryin :’‘‘‘‘)

i dug through my art tag and don’t think i ever posted this before???? if i have posted it before sorry here it is again slightly fancied up here take it.

i am || this close to just cramming Stas into a polyam relationship with Darsela and Creviss because a) im literally desperate for some sweet cute fluff to think about to distract from Other Stuff That Is Probably Not Going To Work Out 2) itd give me more reason to draw stas who is easier to draw than creviss iii) height differences d) majro would probably never stop screaming

the filename was inevershouldhaveletthemdance.psd and its rly accurate


“Rest well, Buck. It’s all gonna be alright, I promise…”

CACW Alternate Ending ~ When Steve couldn’t let Bucky go through with it again.

*** I know many bloggers have used the same clips for several AU plots involving hospitals; with due respect to all of them, I am posting this with the belief that this is different from the plots previously used. Please do correct me if I am wrong and I will take this post down. Thank you all.


Under the cut there are exactly #188 gifs of darkskinned goddess and musician Justine Skye requested by @lovelylyrix. They are what I deem to be roleplayable. I created each gif myself and used different psds. Please do not take or edit them without credit (or asking me first) or add them to any gif hunts. I created the gifs from her instagram videos as well as some interviews and youtube videos. Each gif is 250x188 in size (or thereabout i made sizing mistakes in a few of them and was too lazy to correct them). Please like/reblog if use or you’re an rph.

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hey love! sorry if this isn't your thing, but do you know of anywhere i can find good POC psds, specifically for light skinned faceclaims? i don't wanna white wash but it's so hard to find one that doesn't turn them orange! thank you in advance x

this masterlist here looks extremely promising !! they have what seems like an endless list of psd suggestions & different categories too , eg ones that have been tested & proven to work just fine ! you can also adjust the layers of the psd if need be too !


Anticipating that tomorrow will be different. To me, that’s what hope is.