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The birthday letter my older sister wrote me this year was on a piece of lined, college ruled, notebook paper. She didn’t rip off the frayed edges and to be a little creative, she wrote in purple pen. I saw her letter right when I walked into my room after finishing classes. I automatically knew it was from her, her writing is so distinguishable.

The letter read:

“Happy birthday (insert my Korean name here)! 

Man… already 20… I guess you’re not a teen anymore, but then again, you’ve always been mature for your age, so turning “20″ just makes things official on paper. I’m sorry I don’t have any surprises or gifts prepared for you, and even this letter is just a very small thing. Still, I wanted to celebrate somehow, even if it is in a small way. I wanted to remind you through writing how very loved you are, not just by me (but of course by me too), but by everyone around you. You are a blessing to others and have the ability to profoundly touch the lives of the people you encounter. God gifted the world with you on this date 20 years ago, and the world has never been the same since! Always remember that I am the luckiest most grateful sister ever to get to call you my sister. I am always excited to brag about you and share you with others so that they can be jealous of me by realizing how lucky I am to have you. 

Everyone loves you and supports you, so keep doing your best because that is more than enough. You are more than enough. Love and appreciate yourself first, and everything else will fall into place. If you ever need a hand, I am always here, even if I’m grumpier on some days. Never be afraid to ask me for help that’s why I’m the unnie. I really believe that you have so much potential and a bright future, one where you’ll receive so much love and happiness. Just keep going, and of course, I know you will. I know you don’t quit or give up, and that makes you so admirable. That trait will make you shine. 

There is a quote by Thomas Edison that I adore, and it goes like this: “When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this  you haven’t.” This may seem like a daunting quote, something that may seem tiring. But look again. This quote holds so much potential and infinite possibilities. How great is it that there is some sort of solution to everything?! And the process to find those solutions… it’s not easy. But those who choose to undertake it are brave. This is what separates “good” from “great,” and I think you are more than great.

Remember (insert my Korean name here), no life is ever a mistake, including yours. Take this to heart and be kind to yourself. Everyone is rooting for you, so don’t be ashamed to root for yourself too.

Love you, and happy birthday. Thanks for the best 20 year of my life.



When I finished reading this I could feel my eyes turn wet. I always knew my sister had a way with words, but rarely is it that we write each other what is really in our hearts. I believe that’s why I always look forward to her letters every year. I know that this letter is pretty personal but I felt that some of the things my sister said to me would strengthen and encourage you guys too.  

Words can’t describe how much I love and appreciate her. Guys, hold your siblings close. I hope that this letter was able to help you, even if it is only a little.


You and your Bondlock are AWESOME! I have read fics where Mycroft always looks after baby Q. What if only for one time, Sherlock has to take over Q, because Mycroft is mourning his broken relationship. Baby Q then sees that Sherlock actually cares about him. Thank you for the feels and your stories! – anon

I had fun. Jen, with Lex-related assistance.

There was a grand tradition in the Holmes house of Sherlock reading all his brother’s letters. Q didn’t get any letters - he was too small and too boring. But Mycroft got GREAT letters. Bank statements, loooooveeeee letters, all sorts. Nothing was private to Sherlock Holmes.

…sorry to inform you, he died earlier this morning from the impact…

Well that would explain Mycroft’s weird mood, Sherlock mused. Mycroft had opened the letter of breakfast, and had stood up in silence and left without finishing his Special K. Very odd. Turned out his boyfriend was dead.

Mycroft didn’t come back for a very long while.

Mummy and Daddy were looking after him, being very nice to him, trying to make him eat things (haha) and get out of bed and shower, which was a bit weird because Mycroft had always been disgustingly tidy and clean and picked on Sherlock when he was grubby.

Which left Sherlock with Q.

Q was very young, and didn’t trust Sherlock very much. It was fair, really. Sherlock had very nearly killed the boy more than once. Not through malice, to be fair, but through silly things like Q walking into the path of a chemical explosion Sherlock definitely definitely had been controlling and couldn’t possibly have hurt Q in the slightest. Totally.

Really, Sherlock had no idea how he had ever been allowed even vaguely close to Q. Sherlock knew full well he was irresponsible and probably dangerous and definitely not very good for Q. He couldn’t look after people. He could barely look after himself.

But – mummy and daddy and Mycroft were busy, so Sherlock had to look after him better.

“… I have a dead field mouse I was dissecting?”

Q looked like he wanted to cry. Sherlock changed tack.

“We can steal some of Mycroft’s CDs?”

A little more interest. Sherlock looked a touch smug. Q started humming Disney songs, and Sherlock quickly realised this was going to be the success he’d hoped for. Sherlock was hoping for Vivaldi. At the worst, Pink Floyd. Never, ever Disney.


Q blinked. Sherlock let out a small, aggrieved noise.

“What do you want?”

“Myc,” Q replied honestly, and looked rather tearful.

Sherlock tempered the annoyance and obvious jealousy with difficulty. “Film it is,” he said instead, very drily, and scooped Q into his arms like Mycroft did.

(It was really hard. Mycroft was clearly stronger than he looked. Or Q had got very heavy very quickly).

Child installed, ice cream served (ish), Q covered in sugary stickiness and delightedly snuggling Sherlock’s shirt, destroying it utterly, and Sherlock falling asleep with his baby brother lying on top of him because oh god small children were hard work and he would never underestimate Mycroft again.

“My ‘lock,” Q said with contented possessiveness, and as the credits rolled, fell asleep himself.

Mycroft found them two hours later.

It was the first time he’d smiled since hearing the news.

I like to think that when Iwaizumi lectures Oikawa a bit too aggressively (like when he headbutted him) he immediately feels so bad for going overboard that he writes Oikawa a little note every time and hides it in his bag or his notebook or something for him to read later. The note just says a small apology like “I’m sorry I headbutted you” or “I didn’t mean to yell at you like that” and then follows with actual nice compliments to make Oikawa feel better because that was Iwaizumi’s real intention in the first place. There aren’t any shittykawas or trashykawas; there are genuine compliments and support that say “I believe in you”, “I’m by your side because I know you can do it”, “you are too beautiful of a person to frown”, “be kind to yourself”, or “I will always love you and nothing will change that”.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Can I get some clarification on the correct use of italics? (unless you just answered this and I missed it) As in: "blah blah /important/ blah blah," "/I AM SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME YET?/" And, last one, is punctuation directly following a word italicized too? Or is italics restricted to letters and not punctuation? Sorry if this is a bit long-winded...


Italics, when used to show how a character is speaking, should be limited. For example, an entire sentence in italics might be a bit much. Use it for individual words or small phrases. If you need to italicize a long sentence to show emphasis or a way of speaking, use description to show that instead.

Recently, this interview part from Myojo (I believe June 2015?) has been going around on twitter. It’s a small talk between Yuto and Keito, and just wanted to share this with the hsj fans on tumblr as well. Sorry my translation is rough :/ 

Okamoto: A while ago, when I went to go eat with Yama-chan and Chinen, we tried calling Yuto but he didn’t pick up so we were saying “Oh maybe he’s busy~”. But then we got just a 3 letter reply “Doshita” !!! (note: Doshita is basically like “what’s up”) 

Nakajima: About that-…

Okamoto: Even after that your responses were really dry (note: cold/brusque ish?) too. It eventually turned out that you couldn’t come because you had some other things to do, so I wrote “No worries. It’s fine. Three of us got together, so we decided to invite you too to eat dinner as 7 (note: hey say 7) [sparkling emoji]” but you only replied “Azassu-” (note: basically like “Thanks-”) ! If we were talking in person, I would know what tone you’re talking in, but I wouldn’t know if it’s in written words! 

Nakajima: Hahaha. I think I kinda read too much into it.

Okamoto: What did you read too much into!? 

Nakajima: Like, if you invited me a little earlier, I might’ve been able to adjust my schedule to hang out with you guys right? But since it was after you guys all got together, so I was thinking “Am I just an extra!?”. 

Okamoto: What the heck~! 

Nakajima: I was realllly happy when you guys invited me. But I was sulking a bit since I was thinking, you guys didn’t invite me when you three were planning it out… lol

Okamoto: No no no, we invited you right after we talked about getting together though? 

Nakajima: Oh it was right away? Oh okay then~ ❤️ I thought you three were already having fun together, and being like “Oh by the way, should we invite that guy too?”… 

Okamoto: Why would you take it like that!!

Nakajima: Oh I see~ (note: or “Oh okay~”) 

Okamoto: But if we didn’t invite you but told you “Oh we all went to eat yesterday~”, you would still be sulking right? (note: or “would still be a little bitter”.. something along that line) 

Nakajima: Yeah!! Wow, I sound like a jealous girlfriend. 

So this little talk was going around twitter because many of the fans noticed that Keito, Ryosuke, and Yuri has been hanging out together without Yuto usually. I guess many fans had mixed feelings about this. Personally, I kinda know how Yuto feels, but I can also understand how it can turn out to be this way when inviting people. Either way, I just hope that hey say 7 will (or continue to?) get along with each other…!