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She wouldn’t care that you was shirtless, she would just jump on your bed and lay down telling you about her day. Of course after telling you how good looking you were. 

“Oh, I have to tell you what happened today at work, but first I have to say, your body is amazing.”


Right when she open the door and heard you scream she would make a weird noise and then start laughing closing the door and walking away. No matter how far she went away from your door, you some how could still hear her laughing.


She would get shy and look down at the ground with a cute little smile she would tell you what she was going say and then shut the door.

“I’m sorry, um can we get something to eat, actually answer that when you get done.”


Sana wouldn’t even care if you start yelling at her to get out, she would just wink at you giving you a big smile and then lay on your bed with her arms out.

“Forget going out, come lay with me.”


She would get super shy and turn super red, she wouldn’t know what to do or say. She would just laugh it all off.


She would get shy and just smile and walk away blushing badly.



She would just laugh and tease you.

“Oh look who was getting ready for me.”


She would playful pretend that she didn’t like what she saw but inside she was freaking out.

“Ew, put a shirt on already.”


She would just stop a look at you with your mouth wide open, she would try to say something but couldn’t. She would eventually just walk away shutting the door shaking her head at herself.

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(Okay let me first say AUs in which any of les amis are royalty weird me out since, yknow, monarchy, so let’s assume Enjolras happened to be born the crown prince of Camelot and absolutely hates it and is determined to dissolve the whole notion of a kingdom when he’s supposed to ascend to the throne or something like that)


We all know how the story goes: everyone hates the current king for his ban on magic throughout Camelot. Enter Grantaire, a powerful (though he doesn’t realize it) wizard new to the kingdom who hates the king for the exact same reason, and his son by extension. 

A vengeful witch tries to kill Enjolras. Grantaire saves his life, though he doesn’t understand why at the time. The king makes Grantaire Enjolras’ manservant as a ‘reward’.

They can’t stand each other at first. Grantaire’s never been that well-off, and he’s uncomfortable in a ridiculously lavish place like the castle. He throws snark at Enjolras every time he’s forced to dress him or pull his bath water or whatever. Enjolras, for his part, hates Grantaire’s attitude and snaps back every time he prods, saying things like ‘the size of my bed/stable/army is beyond my control’.

The Great Dragon tells him it’s his destiny to protect Enjolras and stay by his side. ‘Two sides of the same coin’, the Dragon calls them. Grantaire wants to serve Enjolras even less, after that.

Then he starts to notice things. The sparseness of Enjolras’ chambers compared to the other rooms in the castle. Enjolras paying the merchants for far more than their goods cost, then distributing it to the children of the town. His camaraderie with many of Camelot’s knights, yet his disdain towards the ones who talk down on the poor. Arguments that happen between Enjolras and his father behind closed doors while Grantaire stands outside (”No one person should be allowed to decide who lives or dies!” “It’s the way we’ve lived for centuries.” “Then the way we live must be changed. When I become king…”).

Grantaire sees a glimmer of hope through Enjolras. Maybe, just maybe, he’s someone who could change Camelot for the better.

Grantaire stops complaining about having to prepare Enjolras’ breakfast or polish his armour, even after Enjolras says he doesn’t have to. Grantaire tells himself he’s only doing it because it takes no effort with his magic. 

If it were up to Enjolras, he wouldn’t have a manservant, but he can’t bring himself to tell Grantaire to leave. He doesn’t understand why–Grantaire is loud, insufferable, pessimistic, and often shows up late in the morning reeking of the town’s tavern. 

But sometimes Enjolras catches a glimmer in Grantaire’s eyes. When he’s reading, or caring for Enjolras’ horse, or when he’s laughing with the knights on the training grounds. The grass seems to stand up taller where Grantaire walks through it. Enjolras knows that’s a ridiculous notion. 

One day, Camelot is swept up in a mysterious drought that left it with barely any water and food (hint: it was magic). Enjolras steals the food that the king has been hoarding away in the castle stores and distributes it to the people. 

It’s the same day Grantaire realizes he now has two secrets to keep: that he’s a sorcerer, and that he loves Enjolras.

Another day, a great beast which seems impervious to Enjolras and his knights’ attacks (hint: it was magical) knocks Enjolras unconscious on his back. When he comes to, it’s only to see an armourless, weaponless Grantaire standing alone in front of the slain beast. Grantaire’s eyes are golden when he turns around and fixes them on Enjolras. 

It’s strange. He could swear on the life of every citizen in Camelot that Grantaire’s eyes are a deep brown.

“Do you permit it?” Grantaire keeps asking Enjolras. He asks when he wants to leave the castle, or assist one of the knights, or borrow a book. Enjolras tells him he doesn’t need to ask for permission to do anything. Grantaire is his own person, after all. Not that Enjolras could refuse him anyway. Still, Grantaire keeps asking. 

“Do you permit it?” he asks, with a roll of his eyes, when Enjolras asks where he’s going. He’s only going back to his own chambers. Enjolras reddens. 

“Do you permit it?” he asks, shyly, holding a tunic that Enjolras has gifted him for his birthday (which Enjolras went through a lot of trouble to discover). 

“Do you permit it?” he asks, with thinly veiled panic behind his eyes as he holds a letter from his mother with shaking hands. He needs to return to his hometown for a while. Enjolras never wants to see that look on him again.

“Do you permit it?” he asks one day, when he stands beside Enjolras as a dozen archers aim their arrows at him. Enjolras takes his hand and smiles. He wishes they had more time together.

They aren’t shot. As if propelled by an invisible force, all the archers are knocked off their feet and their bows broken. Grantaire holds his free hand towards them. His eyes are golden. It’s all the confession Enjolras needs.

“Do you permit it?” he asks, wanting permission to leave Enjolras’ service. They avoided each other for a week after the incident. Grantaire’s use of magic broke Camelot’s highest law, which Enjolras hates. He doesn’t understand why Grantaire wants to leave. The thought makes his heart clench. 

Enjolras permits it, on the condition that Grantaire stay by his side. It’s not an order, but a plea. No one should be forced to live in the servitude of another, after all, least of all someone like Grantaire.

Grantaire wants the reason for his condition. Enjolras gives it to him in a rush of breath. Grantaire’s eyes go wide.

“Do you permit it?” Grantaire asks, laying a tentative hand on Enjolras’ cheek. 

“Yes,” Enjolras says. Grantaire’s eyes close. Maybe they’re golden. Somehow, when Grantaire’s lips touch his, he can’t bring himself to care.

Grantaire never asks for permission again.

Blackwatch AU WIP #2

hey so I know I’ve been talking about this Blackwatch AU a lot and put up a WIP a while ago but I promise I’m still working on it so here’s a big (no I mean it this thing’s like 1k and some change) Blackwatch!Mercy WIP

as always WIPs are subject to change so don’t sweat it too much if something looks wrong or weird!

hope you guys like it! you can always check out my twitter for more writing updates if you’re into that kinda thing <3

also also sorry for being annoying but maybe check out my post about doing a  writing stream and let me know your thoughts because right now it seems like people aren’t really interested which is fine but like I just gotta know okay thanks sorry that’s my shameless plug

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Can I please just say thank you so much for what you do just for the danganronpa fanbase in general! Like all the transparents are so amazing and just thank you so much! You are also just a great person! 😊 have a nice day/evening/afternoon/night...whatever time of day! (I was originally gonna send a height ask but I decided with this...) (also sorry if this seems weird...)

someone: sends in sweet ask
same person: also apologizes as i lay there on the ground, tears of joy flow down my face

AHH BUT SERIOUSLY!! No need to apologize, this makes me super happy! I’m glad to be of help, even if it was just for one person ahah. I’m trying my best, I’m really happy to help out and thank you so much!!! Have a nice (time of the day) too!

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Hope you're feeling well and long time no see :) Could I ask how tfa Optimus, Ratchet, Bumblebee, Prowl and Bulkhead would react to having a human s/o who had a condition where sometimes parts of there body fade out. The limbs are still there they just go invisible or see through. And on really bad days they become completely invisible (except for their clothes) sorry if this is a weird ask. It's a scenerio from a manga I once read and it was treated as a medical condition.

Ratchet (TFA): Once he learns it’s not life threatening, he seems pretty indifferent about it. He doesn’t worry about it too much; he knows you’ve lived with it your while life, so you know how to handle it. He’ll nag you about taking your medicine if you forget it, though.

Optimus Prime (TFA): He’ll only get worried about it when you’re worried about it. He knows practically nothing about human biology and trusts that if something’s really wrong you’ll tell him.

Bumblebee (TFA): Before he met you, Sari introduced him to comic books. So when he saw your arm disappear he asked if you had superpowers or a secret identity; he may or may not try to press you into forming a super hero/sidekick team with him. You call yourselves The dynamic duo Dynamite Double.

Bulkhead (TFA): The first time he sees it happen, he really does think that you’re slowly fading out of existence. He’s heard of it happening when Space Bridges have a power overload and some poor bot is trying to go through. Needless to say, he’s scared silly the first time, and pretty worried about it thereafter.

Prowl (TFA): Like Optimus, he tries not to worry unless it’s called for. But if you have a habit of forgetting to take your medicine, he’ll quietly leave it out in places you’re sure to notice.

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Ah hello there!(oh gosh I can't tell this is gonna be a great ask blog already ) so this is a pretty weird question but what do you think of gore and nsfw stuff??(can't think of questions rn)

(ill just answer this out of character ( idk if u were asking bendy that or what but) im alright with gore and stuff but i think im gonna keep this blog pg-17 ??? idk?? aka im not puttin porn here SO IF ANY OF U ARE HERE FOR THAT UR S.O.L SORRY. 
Thank you for asking that tho i need a way to get that across !!! 
- Mod Moon Man)

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ok so i started seriously working out like two days ago after like trying for a week and then going three without doing anything, and i'm starting to notice new stretch marks and i'm v sad. plus my uncle joked about the backs of my thighs and my butt from the time we went to the beach and he said something about how it looked like "three dogs fighting for some food" when i was walking away, and i seriously sat on the floor and wanted to cry. i'm not sure why i'm typing this out but i'm v upset🙃

(pt.2, same anon w the uncle and stretch marks) but at the same time my body shape is weird, like my friends make me feel bad for saying that i feel self conscious because they say i’m too skinny to be, but i’m really not the thinnest and idk this is my only place to turn i’m sorry ;-;

don’t apologise

you know what, everyone has stretch marks, and your uncle sounds like a douchebag

you’re allowed to feel self-conscious, but please do not feel like you’re not normal. stretch marks, ‘weird’ body shapes - no matter your size - it’s just a part of being who you are.

make sure to take it steady where it comes to working out - don’t push too hard too fast or you’ll get discouraged

you’re beautiful, and i love you a lot

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i hope this doesn't sound weird, and i get if it's too personal for comfort but do you think all big boobs sag? i know it's only natural but it doesn't seem like yours do very much — again, i hope this didn't make u uncomfortable. and, would you consider your breasts large or do u ever use a push-up?

Hi babe! Of course I’d answer this! I am so comfortable talking about things like this! If you want to talk about anything or have any questions (I can’t guarantee a great answer or response - I’m sorry for that - but I try my very very best!!) please write to me!! I’m here for you and you can trust me. I know sometimes people don’t have anyone they really feel comfortable talking too but you have me! I’m not weirded out by anything!! I’m really not - I’m not a normal person haha.

I do believe that all natural boobs sag - but with that being said, everyone is different, every body is different and everybody has a different breast shape therefore some people’s boobs sag more than others or appear to sag more than others. On top of that, as we get older and if you have children especially, I think our body goes through changes and it’s natural for breasts to sag a lot. It’s completely natural!!! Smaller breasts even sag for some women! Some people have very “perky” boobs and later on in their life, they sag. Some people never have perky boobs! Everyone is different! But the overall fact is boobs sag and that’s just life! And people do a lot of things to change that - breast lifts, breast augmentation, etc. But overall like I stated - it’s so normal!!!

My breast size is around a C cup - TMI but when I have my period - my boobs could get to a small D. I guess it all depends on what you think of as large breast. I don’t personally think I have large breasts. But I am a very tiny person. I am 90 pounds - very tiny back - and almost at 5'2 so my boobs APPEAR to be very big on my body. My sisters always joke around with me saying I’m a little thing with these big boobs. But, they just appear larger because of my proportions. I don’t really think of a C cup as “large breasts.” I don’t really think my boobs at this point are saggy at all but I’m young and only have a C cup. I always like wearing a bra. A part of it is because I have always loved lingerie and so I just love wearing a bra and underwear but also because I think it makes my clothing look better. My normal bra is a bit of a push up, I have another bra with some padding. That is just because I like the way it looks. A push up bra really does do an amazing job at lifting!! There are so many out on the market to choose from at varying prices! You can definitely find extremely affordable ones - I got one at KMART in Penn Station for $10 and I love that one! I also have a $75 bra that I got from an expensive bra store where they personally fit you and she told me I had a 28E - but that they need to alter it to really like a 25 but nowhere carries a 25 so I have to get it altered because my back is so small especially compared to my boobs. And the funny thing is - I hate that bra! So, more expensive does NOT mean better! I also have very round shape boobs - so they don’t appear to sag as much (same with my younger sister that I mention in the next paragraph). If you have a more (I believe it’s called tubular shape - I may be completely wrong so please don’t quote me!) - they may have a more “saggy-like” appearance! Because it’s just the way the shape is!!

My younger sister has DD breasts and a perfect hour glass and she says her boobs sag a bit. But when she wears just a normal bra (no padding or push up/just an underwire) her boobs are perfectly up. She is also only 22 years old - I’m sure that they will naturally sag as she gets older. But I have another friend with DD breasts and her boobs are much saggier and it’s been that way since they grew that large at 16. So, it’s just all unique to the person.

Don’t worry about your breasts! They are absolutely beautiful!!!! Sagginess is just a part life!!!! It doesn’t matter!! All boobs are perfect and sexy!!!!! And that’s all I know - everything I said is just my opinion and what I’ve seen in my life. But, I know for sure it’s 100% natural!!! I love you, you’re beautiful. Have an amazing day!

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Hi I know that it's kinda weird to say ,but... Can you give me any advice about depression, please? (I'm so desperate and I need that 'cause l am actually in this shitty situation ) Thank you for your time and help ...

Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. I’m not the best person to give you pieces of advice but I think I might help.
- Avoid stressful situations and stuff
- Have some sleep to have a clear mind
- Do some activities that you like and would make you happy
- Don’t lock yourself indoors and try going out with friends or family or just by yourself
- Talk about it with a person you know would understand you and would help you find solutions for your problems
- Do some activities that would help you release your anger or your frustration like painting, doing some sports…

These are the tips I follow whenever I feel sad or really, really down. I hope this would help and that you would get over it soon.


Comic dub of a VG Cats strip by @vgcats! This is pretty much @mactheactor’s fault. Also, his birthday! Belated.

So! Who would have thought that over 10 years later I’d be reprising one of my first big starring roles from back in my Newgrounds days: Black Mage from the 8-Bit Theater Flash animations? Not only that, but alongside my co-stars of this series, who I honestly never kept up with until now? Weird, right? And here we are. Ahhh, nostalgia trips.

If you enjoyed that, why not watch some of my other VG Cats comic dubs?
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Humans are Space Orcs

So I’ve been loving the “humans are weird” tag lately and I came up with one myself. Here goes…

Breathe in… Breathe out… The yoga soundtrack on Kenzie’s phone was interrupted by the nervous clicking of a member of the Ghrivak clan. Thnybux, a third-tier member of the clan, approached her on a swirling cloud, as was standard of the Ghrivaks.

“Human Kenzie,” said Thnybux, through the translator in her ear. “Human Kenzie, what are you doing? You will rip your flesh with those movements!”

Kenzie straightened from her yoga position and greeted Thnybux with the series of clicks common in the Ghrivak dialect. “This is called yoga. Humans actually need to move and stretch their bodies. It’s good for us.”

Thnybux regarded her with some confusion. “Do you know why the Ghrivak move only on clouds, Human Kenzie? It is because if we move our bodies too much, our bones will disintegrate from the forces of gravity on this planet. I do not understand this theory of movement. How exactly is it beneficial to your species?”

“Human muscles are connected to hard, quasi-living rods in our bodies called bones. These bones are created by specialized cells, and are both very lightweight and very strong. Our muscles are made of specialized cells, and when they are very minimally damaged, repair themselves so that they are stronger. If a human does not exercise, the muscles will die off, and the human will no longer be able to move.”

“Surely the force of these…muscles…on these living rods will shatter the rods?”

“No, our muscles are not that strong,” Kenzie laughed. “Our bones are much stronger than that. And humans break bones fairly frequently. It hurts but the bone just heals stronger. That’s kind of a theme in humans actually, when we get hurt we just heal stronger.” She returned to her yoga.

Thnybux hid xie’s fear from the human Kenzie, and took note of this new information. What kind of creature becomes stronger when it is hurt? Lesson number one: Do not anger the humans.

panic! albums

a fever you can’t sweat out: woo sex! we are not even 18 but long words let’s fuck!

pretty odd: we are gay. so much gay. hippies and flowers! hey ryden is so real like what ?

vices and virtues: fuck you ryan i have sarah but i still miss you come back.

too weird to live too rare to die: ryan who? i can’t hear you ryan i have sarah. (still misses him tho)

death of a bachelor: frank sinatra woot woot! i love my wife sarah but i just thought of ryan so i could like write a couple song about him

conclusion: next album will be called “ryan ross”


in case you haven’t noticed, i’m weird. i’m a weirdo. i don’t fit in.
something is very, very wrong with me. there’s this darkness in me, that’s overwhelming sometimes and i don’t know where it comes from.

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I just got out of surgery and feeling a little weird and in pain. Would you do me the honour of drawing some recovery Bokuroos? I totally understand if not. Have a nice day!

He tried Anon… he tried.

I’ve been reading a lot of classic rock (McLennon) fanfic and I’ve noticed that while you’re all very talented writers, a lot of you just don’t know much about LSD. So I thought I’d make a post with all the basics:

-LSD is also referred to as Acid (dropping acid, tripping acid) blotter, Jesus, microdots (dots), zen, California sunshine (cali), heavenly blue, tab, dragon, window pane, and paper mushrooms

-people who do a lot of LSD are called acid heads, acid freaks, cheer leaders, and day trippers

-LSD and PCP (also known as angel dust) have some similar effects, but are different drugs with different highs. Make sure you’re not actually describing PCP when writing acid trips!

-LSD is completely odorless and tasteless

-LSD is most commonly taken by soaking a little piece of paper in it and holding it under your tongue, and dropping it into a sugar cube and letting it melt on your tongue.

-it’s extremely dangerous to mix LSD and other drugs. But a lot of people mix it with xanax (it is dangerous tho. Keep that in mind while writing)

-LSD takes 30 minutes- an hour to completely set in

-it’s not like weed where the high only lasts like 2 hours. LSD lasts from 5(at the VERY least) to 12 hours and it’s a VERY intense high

-it takes another hour or two to come back down. This time isn’t very pleasant. Everything looks like it’s made of plastic and you don’t feel real. You’re not actively hallucinating but things feel off. It’s not uncommon to have an anxiety attack

-the first time you trip on LSD, the coming down part might take up to a few days. But by the second time it probably won’t

-not every trip is a good trip

-if you take LSD while unhappy or anxious. there’s an 80% chance you’ll have a bad trip. So it’s not realistic for your muse to drop acid when sad to cheer up

-bad trips are REALLY BAD good trips are REALLY GOOD

-you can have a good trip that turns bad. And you can have a bad trip that turns good (but it’s less likely)

-music sounds really fucking good on LSD

-you become really sensitive to touch and texture. Even a brush of fingertips on your arm is electrifying. I remember stroking my girlfriends hair and it felt like water running between my fingers and pooling in my hand.

-getting an orgasm might literally send you into another universe

-any hallucination you have will be a reaction to something around you. For example if you’re staring up at a starry sky you might feel yourself swimming through the sky. If you’re in a room with floral wallpaper flowers might start growing from your fingertips

-things get really distorted in size and multiply. If you’re looking at someone’s face one of their eyes might be growing while the other one shrinks. And they might have 4 heads instead of one

-hallucinations don’t follow any rules of the universe. Be as creative as you want to when writing them

-people tend retain their memories of hallucinations to an extent. It’s unlikely that you’d wake up after a trip with absolutely no memories of what happened

-It’s not safe to trip with no one sober around. You might think you can fly and jump off a building. Or walk into the middle of the road without realizing it. So if your muse only takes drugs responsibility keep this in mind

-people don’t usually move around too much while tripping.

-you lose all sense of time. I always think I was only high for a few minutes when in reality it was 7 hours. Some people feel like they were on it for years

-you can’t really hold a conversation when tripping. You really are in your own universe

-there are no physical affects of LSD. I’m sorry if your health class lied to you. It doesn’t make you physically sick at all

-it’s a cliche but yes, people often see god (tho I haven’t yet)

-tripping with someone you love can be very romantic, but in a weird way

-hallucinations are weird, but you don’t really notice that they’re weird until you’re not high anymore. Don’t write your muse as being surprised or confused about what they’re seeing

-bad trips might include things like feeling yourself die over and over again, your face shattering like glass, spiders crawling out of your mouth/all over your body, being on fire, seeing the devil, things like that.

-colors effect you a lot. They’re not necessarily brighter but they are …enhanced? It’s kinda hard to describe to people with no drug experience but colors have more meaning to you and you really notice them. If your muse is looking into their lovers brown eyes they’ll notice that brown

-I ate some ice cream while tripping once and I didn’t taste anything. I’m not sure if this is what it’s like for everyone but that’s my experience

That’s all I can think to tell you at the moment!! Thank you for reading I hope this helped. And if you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask me!

to contribute to the ‘humans are weird’ posts...

Okay, but what about marathons tho. Humans are built to follow animals on foot. Until the animal literally gives up and dies. That’s how we hunt. We’re not super fast or claw-y or bite-y. we just keep running. Forever

Imagine aliens finding out about marathons. Aliens who are stealth predators or evolved from sedentary species learning that humans just straight up run their prey to death. 

Alien Wimu: Human Nik, I have been watching this hologram for several ngu’la. What are these humans doing?
Human Nik: Oh, wow, that’s the Olympics! It’s a competition where humans see who is the best at various physical tasks. This is the marathon, I think? 
Alien Wiro: We have tests of physical prowess on Mngumu as well. But I have been watching for several ngu’la and these humans have been running the entire time. I am concerned. Are they well? Has something gone wrong with the event? Is something chasing them? 
Human Nik: Nope, that’s the event! It’s actually really cool. A long time ago, this human ran – a bunch of kilometers? Something like 40, I think – because he was carrying a message to a place called Marathon from … someplace in Greece because of a war or something. He died I think. Anyway, now a lot of people do it! I actually ran a half-marathon for charity once. It was pretty grueling but it felt really good.
Alien Wiro: …I’m sorry, but I believe you said 40 kilometers. That is equivalent to roughly 349 shmo! 
Human Nik: Yeah, that sounds about right. 
Alien Wiro: And you said the original person died?
Human Nik: Well, I think. But like I said we train for it now. It’s not so bad, really. 
Alien Wiro: … 
Human Nik: Anyway, thanks for showing me! It’s really easy to lose track of time up here, wow. Had no idea the Olympics were happening. 
Alien Wiro:


nightmare starters part 2

for part 1 click here!

“Will you please tell me what they’re about?! How do you expect me to help if you don’t tell me?!”
“You should go and see someone about those nightmares. They’re only getting worse, aren’t they?”
“Can we sleep with the lights on?”
“I haven’t slept peacefully in weeks.”
“I can’t tell you my nightmare this time… It’s too bad, I don’t want to have to say it out loud.”
“Can I sleep in your room? I don’t think I’ll be able to fall asleep in my own bed.”
“I’m sorry for waking you… I had a really bad nightmare.”
“I can’t stop thinking about that weird dream I had weeks ago. It’s like it’s haunting me.”
“You look exhausted. Bad night?”
“Calm down, calm down. It was just a dream. It’s over now.”
“You’re overreacting. Everyone has bad dreams sometimes. No need to get all weird about it.”
“Are you still thinking about that nightmare? I’m sure it didn’t mean anything, okay? We’re not in a horror movie.”
“You should go to the doctor. These nightmares are making you miss sleep and you’re always exhausted. Get help.”
“How about you come and sleep in my bed? I’ll watch over you while you fall asleep, I promise.”
“I think I’d feel less tired if I didn’t sleep at all anymore. These nightmares are killing me.”
“I thought you didn’t get them anymore.”
“I guess it was a bad idea to watch a horror movie before bed…”
“When will you finally tell me what they’re about?”
“Wow, you look exhausted. Did you sleep at all last night?”
“Oh my god, that was horrible… that was so horrible…”
“How about you sleep in my bed for the coming days? It can be like a sleepover. I’m sure you’ll feel good enough and the nightmares will stay away!”
“I can’t breathe! It was real, it was!”
“Have you tried writing them down? They might go away if you do…”
“Have you any idea how worried I am? Please tell me what’s up with you or I can’t help! You look exhausted!”
“Please leave the light on.”
“Have you any idea what’s causing these nightmares?”
“I don’t think you understand how exhausting it is to not have had a good night’s rest in weeks.”

Dazai and Atsushi (Bungou Stray Dogs) cheebs I drew a week or two back because I haven’t drawn a lot lately :‘3c

belegsghost said to dwimmerlaiks: for the palette meme: Idril in plum?

Idril on her way to do some city planning probably??