sorry if that sounds arrogant

One thing i need to start realising is that not everyone is me. Not everyone knows what i know. Not everyone cares about what i care about. Not everyone can do what i do. Not everyone wants to. And thats fine.


It’s not a bad thing. I just can’t keep applying my perfectionism to human relationships.

first performance of opera scenes went so well

my solo got so much applause i’m so happy

i’m really sorry if that sounded arrogant/conceited but i’m so excited and thrilled!!

Hello dear friends of Planet Tumblr! I want to ask for your forgiveness and grace. I’ve received hundreds of messages in my inbox in the last few months and I’m doing my best to answer them. Every time I answer a dozen, it seems I get a dozen more. Please know that I absolutely want to be available to you. It’s also impossible for me to answer every single question, but if it’s urgent, please feel free to message me again.

I’m also sorry that this makes me sound arrogant, as if I’m backdoor bragging or I’m somehow too busy to get to you. I promise you that I care, maybe too much. There are so many heartbreaking stories in my inbox that rock me into prayer, and I’m praying for you regardless of my ability to reply. Would you pray for me too? I’ve been having a crisis of sorts as well, which you may have been able to tell by a few recent posts, and it’s been a discouraging time. Perhaps I do need a break. Please know that my knowledge is limited and I wish I had more time, but my prayers for you are unceasing. I love you all truly, dear friends.

— J