sorry if that sounds arrogant

why commenting on fanfiction is super important!

so i saw a similar post on this and i wanted to put it in my own scramble of words to hopefully let my followers know how i feel about the matter.

im hoping this doesn’t come off as bitchy and arrogant/demanding but well here goes nothinn’.

i, rosie am a writer of fanfiction for multiple fandoms because i like it, i think it’s such a cool genre to write about and it makes me happy and more confident for when i want to peruse writing my own original material. but with these pieces i have very little to almost no feedback.

i’ve been in such a dark place in my personal life and it’s taken a massive toll on my writing abilities and my confidence in being able to sit and write for people. i wrote a few one shots here and there and they took me days to write. so when i posted i hope for some sort of feedback, encouragement, their thoughts but all i got was a bunch of requests in my ask box.

i know that requests are supposed to be a ‘you’re cool so can you write more’ but i just felt really down and disappointed that not one single person could take the time to just leave a short message of feedback or encouragement that could fuel me to move forward.

it seemed to suck the enjoyment and my love for writing right out of it and i just can’t seem to put a sentence together to explain how i felt. it seemed to make the place i was stuck in even darker and i stopped writing all together.

this isn’t my job. i don’t want it to be my job. i don’t want everyone to take advantage of my love and make me feel like it isn’t my escape which is what it is supposed to be.

i know every writer goes through the ‘if i post this will people even read it’ i go through it every single time i start to write and it really brings your confidence down.

and the ones who leave the asks: you haven’t done this request are you still doing it? and then proceed to leave it below again, and again.

that fuels the fire of anxiety inside of me and pulls me deeper and deeper into what feels like a never ending cycling of giving and receiving nothing in return.

it took me about a month with the convincing of my friends that also co-write on this account that i was one in a million and that people do really love my writing they just can’t give the time of the day sometimes.

so i continue to write, to post and aim for he daily quoter.

but i get nothing in return.

fanfiction writers depend on your feedback as a sort of validation that our stories matter to people like you and that you actually love to sit and read our stuff and that your face lights up when you see them on your dash..

i saw a quote on my dash today: if you’re wondering why your favourite author hasn’t updated/posted in a while, ask yourself, “did i do everything that would convince the, to continue writing this?”

and if the answers no what are you still doing reading this? you go to that page and you hit that ask button and you leave them a message and the next time you find yourself reading something that your heart practically combusts to leave a comment.



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//Who else has a problem with the first Doctor’s attitude in The Doctor Falls? I mean, it’s not that he was the original and all the others are just remixes, cheap copies. He is in no way superior to the others. If anything, the fact that he cannot remember that he ever regenerated puts him in a weaker, less daring position than the others. Regeneration means recreation, renewal, rebirth. Never copy. Never less than what came before. They are all THE Doctor! Sorry but the first Doctor sounds like an arrogant prick to me.

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About the “bad fanfiction” I read last night

I didn’t want to talk about the new leaks because I have mixed feelings about them right now, but since someone asked I’ll share my two cents about what for now I’m gonna call “bad fanfiction” until they are proven true… and IF they will be true I’ll just call them “bad writing”.

A.N. –> Under the cut there are my personal considerations, feel free to disagree but don’t think for a minute that sending an anonymous message to tell me I’m wrong will change my mind or that I will reply to you. This post is not an open chat with people who believe or like the “bad fanfiction”, it’s what I think about it. If the leaks will be true I will still think the same so if you don’t like it and you want to reply we can already agree to disagree and avoid useless fandom wank ( I’m sorry if I sound arrogant but I’m bored by anon who send stupid messages)

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Two rehearsals into We Will Rock You and I’m already feeling so creatively challenged and fulfilled.

It’s nice to be learning at a pace that’s suited to my abilities. Like in the last few years I’ve been part of a community choir, and the songs we learn are all actually pretty difficult and I love being a part of it but the only thing is we have to learn at a speed that suits absolute beginners who can’t read music and have no theory knowledge. Which can be… draining. So I have been crying out for an opportunity like this and I’m just really happy about it :)

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Hi Shabby, sorry I just feel the need to vent and If you don't want to reply this it's ok ^^;. Basically I'm quite a spender on slbp which mean I often getting into rank on both battle and story event...But somehow most players are quite bitter toward people who spend lot of money ? I remember someone even said that top rankers are "wallet warrior" =/. I spend money on slbp because I want the game to keep continue and not getting cancelled out of nowhere (1/?)

(2/2) It’s not the top rankers fault if they can spend lot of money, Sorry if this sounds rude or arrogant but without the spenders slbp will get cancelled and those people are the first one who whining and blame voltage for the cancellation =/. Actually slbp is lot more easier in term of event FC, people are spending money for ranking and there’s nothing wrong with that -_-. Sorry If this pretty long, I’m little bit tired getting blamed for spending money to my favorite things =/.            


Vent away!

I don’t understand how people can be upset that you or anyone else spends money on the game. That is The Point of it being a social game: to get players to spend as much money as possible. The ranking system was made with that in mind.

Don’t let them get to you. You play as you like, spending money or not. It’s not their job to police anyone on the way they spend their money (unless, of course, the spender causing harm to themselves or others). It’s ridiculous for anyone to get upset over spenders when the spenders are what’s keeping the game’s earning quota up.

And yes, other than SC: P, SLB: P has so far been the easiest PARTY game to full clear. If players have the money to spend, then it’s no one else’s business how they spend it. If you can afford it, then go for it.

No worries! If you are in a good enough place that you can spend that money on something you actually enjoy, then enjoy. Do what you love and don’t let others’ negative opinions bother you.

Fanfiction Tips

Any aspiring fanfic writers out there? I just want to tell you guys a few things.

Don’t write for anyone but yourself. Sure, you can take requests, but only write about what you want to write about. Don’t try to be something your not.

Even if no one reads what you write, don’t stop. If it’s something that you really enjoy. It’s not about how many notes you get, or how many messages. It’s about writing what you love.

If you’re writing about a particular character, try to learn as much about them as you can. For instance, I know a lot about Eobard Thawne. He’s always been one of my favourite super villains and I know a few random facts. For instance, he changes the time line as much as, if not more than, Barry Allen. Seriously. It’s crazy.

If you’re writing about a real person, make sure your conscientious about them. They are real people, and we should be respectful of them.

Again, be yourself. If you want to write a 70 chapter long OC fic with the trashiest character in existance, then do it. If you’d prefer to write one shots, do that. As long as it makes you happy

Know the lines you shouldn’t cross as well. There are several touchy subjects you should avoid and some you shouldn’t even consider. Whatever you decide, make sure that it’s something you love.

I’m sorry if this sounds presumptuous or arrogant, but I just wanted to put out some tips if anyone wanted them.

Sorry if this sounds arrogant…

I can’t tell you how frustrating autocorrect is for a person with an expansive vocabulary. It takes perfectly good words that you fully intended to use and then applies machine learning based on more rudimentary usage from the crowd and tries to dumb down your intended message.

I am sorry but G-dragons sounds full of arrogance. He should just watch out with his mouth and his attitude. He ain’t better than anyone else and he does not deserve special treatment I say that because some idols don’t do the half of the shit that he does and yet people can make excuses about him and hate others.

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im sorry, i really dont want to sound arrogant or ignorant but could you explain to me why genderswaping someone is transphobic?? i dont mean to be rude or anything, i just wanna know because im kinda very confused!!

its alright ! ive described this before but it was more of in an argument so the whole thing was all over the place and so ill go into it a lil and if u have more questions feel free to ask !

  • Cissexist

In that, genderswap/genderbends/cisswaps often are based on a character’s appearance. A persons appearance does NOT determine their gender, and what I tend to see with genderswaps is just making a male character a “female character” so they have long hair, breasts and more prominent hips. They may wear more feminine clothes and makeup. But ! A character who is male or nonbinary could have these features too! [I talk about this more in depth here]

  • Reinforces the concept of the gender binary / theres only two genders

This goes hand in hand with the Cissexism point, because genderswaps/bends/whatever are always ALWAYS cis male -> cis female and there are more gender identities than just male and female. And that to be male or female you must be very masculine/feminine. 

  • Often associates the idea that gender = genitals

In that when people genderswap they tend to be in essence like “ok they are now a female they now have a vagina!” but thats not true. What about all the women who have penises? The men who have vaginas? Nonbinary individuals who could have either ? What about intersex people? Your gender =/= genitals. And I tend to see this sort of association more prominently in those who genderswap a character to make a ship straight/gay but the mindset isnt exclusive to that.

  • It erases Trans people

You can put the above reasons all together and it sums up into this point.

Like, people actually do change their gender identity/ presentations in real life ! But what people are doing instead is just “wham theyre [gender/sex] now”. These sorts of things also have an impact on real life because instead of using a concept that happens in real life, they use a sort of Magic Whatever that lets them do what they want. People don’t go from cis gender -> cis gender. They’re trans ! Maybe not openly/publicly trans, and may be perceived as cis, but they aren’t cis. 

Trans headcanons always work! A character could look however they want, have whatever genitals they were born with, or had surgery to change, and BE whatever gender they want, whether its a nonbinary identity or a binary one.

But TL;DR : a persons appearance doesnt determine their gender, their genitals don’t determine their gender, and there are more than two genders and people  who genderswap/bend/cisswap often forget that.

Part 2 of this

If only I could love you

Part 18  (Part 1)

Prompt: “With Schools AUs it’s always Badboy!Phil with Nerd!Dan or Badboy!Dan with Nerd!Phil. What about a fic where both are bad, and meet behind the bike shed for a smoke, or both are nerds, and meet in the library.”

Summary: Dan Howell is one of the most popular kids in school, with a badboy reputation to uphold. On the day that he meets the new boy, Phil Lester, who seems just as bad as himself, he wants to get to know him better… 

Warnings: swearing (the c-word :o), smoking

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Do you think KI-BO could be the correct English translation since he's a robot, sort of like WALL-E or R2-D2? The "-" is a hyphen.

Honestly, I don’t even know anymore. So many people are calling him “Ki-bo”now, that I’m starting to feel compelled to call him “Ki-bo” too. But that makes sense, since a lot of robot’s names have the the dash thing, “-”. Look, my teacher always said that the “ー” is important, because it extends the sound of the vowel before it. When you call him “Ki-bo”, you’re not extending the “i” sound, you’re just making a pause between “ki” and “bo”. Hence why some people translated it as Keebo, because that’s how it’s supposed to be pronounced by english speakers. In my case, as portuguese speaker, Kiibo is how I pronounce it. Not to mention, “Ki-bo” just looks very odd to me. 

Another thing that bothered me:

Differently from “Ki-bo”, this actually happens a lot, so I’m not as nearly bothered. I just wanted to say that when you start to study japanese, you realize just how important the “u” after the “o” really is. When you refer to them as Oma, Rantaro Shuichi, you’re not actually calling them. For example, when they write it as Ouma, they actually call him “Ooma”. That’s what the “u” does, it extends the “o” sound, it turns it into a double “o”. Just like the “ー” doubles the “i” for Kiibo. Actually, names aren’t as drastic with this kind of stuff as words, but it’s still important because a simple “u” could change everything. 

Let me prove:

主人 (shujin) —> master; boss; ownerhusband  

囚人 (shuujin) —> prisoner; inmate   

Yeah, good luck referring to your boss as “shuujin” instead of “shujin” and getting fired from your job. Good luck calling calling your husband “shuujin” instead of “shujin” and getting divorced. 

Lol jk bro! But seriously, you don’t wanna call your boss or your husband a prisoner, right? That’s why you should watch out for your pronunciation! And this is one of the many examples. Japanese is not like english. It has a lot of identical words. There are even words that are pronunced the same! Kami does not only mean god, it also means paper and hair

Last, but not least, I’m really sorry if I sounded rude or arrogant to anybody about this, but I can’t help it. I get really fussy on this matter. Really, if I sounded rude or arrogant, it wasn’t intentional. I guess you can’t not sound like a arrogant while correcting someone? It’s not like I’m a pro, a cop, a monster nor anything like that. Even if I sounded a bit rude, you don’t need to insult me as I didn’t insulted anybody, I just said the things the way I was taught.

jogged - l i a m

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You were jogging through the woods, trying to clear your mind of the Algebra test you probably just failed, when suddenly your foot landed on a twig and you’d slipped down into a hole. 

You looked up, it was at least nine feet up, and your ankle was throbbing like the bass to an arctic monkeys song. You dug through your sports bra for your phone. You turned it on, but there was no service. You leaned your head against the dirt closing your eyes tightly. 

Stay calm right? That’s what they tell you to do in a stressful situation right? You moved your hand and it landed on something cold, a silver necklace in the shape of a leaf. It looked beautiful, you remembered seeing it before. 

You stood up determined to get out of the hole. You tried to jump up while grabbing on to a root and pull yourself up. You fell down again, but luckily on your good foot. 

You tried again and this time almost got your hand out and scrambled to get your feet up but slipped and fell back down, this time on your bad ankle. You screamed bloody murder as the pain shot up your entire calf. You bit your lip and focused on your hands and good foot. 

Pushing yourself out of this hole, you were going to be fine, good even. You grabbed your phone and tried to shove it in the air getting as much of a signal as you could. Still nothing. Wasn’t 911 supposed to work without signal? You dialed the number and it beeped. Guess not. Maybe that was just old phones when your batter ran out. 

You were about to jump up again when you heard a voice. 

“Hello?” It asked. 

“Oh my god!” You screamed. “I’m stuck in a hole! Please call for help!” You cried, happiness spilling out of your tone at the prospect of another human being here. 

Liam Dunbar, the dumbest kid in your science kid poked his head out, and grinned. 

“You fell in the hole?” He asked laughing. 

“No. This is my house, if you wanna come down here with me I’ll show you my flat screen and rain shower.” You deadpanned sarcastically.  

“Ooh, what a great idea!” Liam exclaimed, sliding down the hole. You felt a giant volcano explode. 


“Oh, I can get out of the hole.” Liam said climbing out in an instant. “And I would offer you a hand, but if you leave your flat screen down there it might get robbed.” Liam added with a wicked grin. 

“I swear to god if you don’t help me out of this hole right now when I’m out of this hole I will literally tear your finger nails off one by one.” You threatened, deathly serious. 

“Well I’m a little confused on how you would get out without my help.” Liam shrugged, and you closed your eyes taking a deep breath. You tried climbing one more time, grabbing onto a rock, but it fell loose and hit you on the head. You fell to the ground on your bad ankle and you shrieked in pain. 

“Oh my god, (y/n) I’m so sorry.” Liam exclaimed leaping down to grab you and he carried you up with little ease. He was poking around your ankle and you screamed. 

“What the fuck is wrong with you! Stop poking it!” You shrieked. 

“Okay, Okay, we need to get you out of here.” He said, sounding slightly panicked. “Get on my back.” He demanded. 

“How?” You deadpanned. He slowly put you on his back, grabbing under your thighs. He started jogging really fast. Jostling up and down killed your ankle, you bit your lip so hard it started bleeding. The world was getting dizzy and you started feel like you were going to puke. 

“I’m gonna puke.” You groaned, angling your head so you wouldn’t puke on Liam. 

“I think I have a concussion.” You said after vommiting. 

“Me too.” Liam groaned. Finally you were at his car, he’d covered a mile in like five minutes and he didn’t even look winded. He bucked your seat belt for you, but you were to disorientated between the throbbing head, nausea, and sharp ankle pains. Liam turned his car on and started driving. 

“Stop.” You exclaimed, throwing open the door and puking on the highway. “Okay, Okay I’m good.” You said but just as you were closing the door another wave came one. “Never mind.” You said puking some more. You were finally able to close the door. You put your hand over your eyes and tried to focus on the pop music station. 

“Okay we’re here.” Liam said. He ran and got you a wheel chair. You didn’t even have to wait in the emergency room before you were being spoke to. 

“Explain what happened.” A woman said. 

“I was jogging when I fell into a hole, I really hurt my ankle, and I hurt it a couple more times trying to get out of the hole, the last time a rock fell on my face. Thankfully minutes later Liam was there to help me.” You winced, just talking made your head hurt. Behind the woman was a very nervous Liam who was looking incredibly guilty. 

“Okay.” She said, feeling your ankle and then shinning a light on your pupils. 

“Well I think your ankle is broken and you have a pretty bad concussion. I’m scheduling you for an x-ray in an hour and a MRI afterwards. She said before leaving. 

“I’m so sorry, if I hadn’t been fooling around and just helped you up then none of this would’ve happened.” Liam exclaimed. 

“It’s fine.” You said. 

“Look, I want to make this up to you, will you go on a date with me?” Liam asked. 

“Going on a date with you doesn’t make up for anything. And it’s sounds pretty arrogant.” You told him. 

“Sorry, I phrased that wrong. I’m really sorry and I want to make it up to you. Also, would you like to go on a date with me?” Liam said. 

“Yeah, just help me out of the hole next time please.” You asked. 

“I promise.” He laughed. 

Hello dear friends of Planet Tumblr! I want to ask for your forgiveness and grace. I’ve received hundreds of messages in my inbox in the last few months and I’m doing my best to answer them. Every time I answer a dozen, it seems I get a dozen more. Please know that I absolutely want to be available to you. It’s also impossible for me to answer every single question, but if it’s urgent, please feel free to message me again.

I’m also sorry that this makes me sound arrogant, as if I’m backdoor bragging or I’m somehow too busy to get to you. I promise you that I care, maybe too much. There are so many heartbreaking stories in my inbox that rock me into prayer, and I’m praying for you regardless of my ability to reply. Would you pray for me too? I’ve been having a crisis of sorts as well, which you may have been able to tell by a few recent posts, and it’s been a discouraging time. Perhaps I do need a break. Please know that my knowledge is limited and I wish I had more time, but my prayers for you are unceasing. I love you all truly, dear friends.

— J

i deserve someone that calls me beautiful and makes me feel like the most important person on this earth. i deserve someone that treats me to the best of their ability. i deserve the best, and i’m sorry if that makes me sound arrogant but if you don’t believe the same thing then i am sorry, because everyone deserves that.