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 what.  the.  heck.  the  facts  alone  are  enough  to  floor  me.  i  started  writing  on  this  blog  on  march  15.  i’ve  done  more  than  my  fair  share  of  fangirling  over  this  live  action  beauty  and  the  beast  movie.  i  actually  made  this  blog  ON  A  WHIM,  thinking  that  there  would  be  sparse  to  no  support  or  interest  in  this  hairy  beast  man,  thinking  that  i  would  be  discouraged  after  everyone  wrote  off  the  movie  as  some  sort  of  bust.  i  was  so  very  nervous  making  this  blog  because  i  know  how  live-action  remakes  often  are.  but  …  everyone  loved  it.  and  somewhere  in  that  time,  i  fell  in  love  with  him  and  everything  surrounding  him.  this  is  one  of  the  places  i  look  forward  to,  and  i  need  to  thank  all  of  you  for  being  so  welcoming  and  supportive  in  my  portrayal  !!!
  …  this  list  is  going  to  be  primarily  a  batb  rp  community  love  list,  to  expose  all  the  cute  people  in  this  fandom.  here  we  go.

 first  off  :  THE  BEASTIE  BABES.  thank  you  for  following  me  and  making  me  smile.  please,  to  everyone  following  me,  consider  following  these  beautiful  babes  in  addition.  all  very  good  portrayals,  all  fresh.  REALLY  !

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 THE  WIVES  (  AND  ONE  HUSBAND  ).  all  of  you.  every  single  one.  sorry,  we’re  married  now.  all  of  you  are  so  unique,  so  precious,  and  so  wonderful  at  everything  you  do.  you’re  all  damn  good,  you’re  all  unique,  and  you’re  all  beautiful.

@finalpetal  is  the  fandom  wife.    🌹   even  if  she  makes  adam  sleep  on  the  couch.

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 THE  SERVANTS  IN  THIS  CASTLE  !!!  your  portrayals  of  this  talking  furniture  make  my  world  go  round.  thank  you  for  staying  with  me  and  letting  adam  know  that  he’ll  never  be  alone.

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 THE  PARENTS.  must  i  say  any  more  ??  love  you.  xox

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 THOSE  WHO  FILL  OUR  WORLD  !!!  you  batb  writers  outside  this  fandom.  wow,  all  of  you  are  actually  super  hilarious  and  you  all  light  up  provincial  life  a  little  more.

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 and  this  ‘little’  list  of  people  who  write  with  me,  who  have  liked  my  stuff  (  i  see  you  there  ),  who  have  complimented  me  worth  a  thousand  people.  wow.  i’m  more  scared  of  you  than  you  of  me.  THANK  YOU  !

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 AND  BIG,  BIG  LOVE  TO  ALL  OF  MY  FOLLOWERS  ;  even  the  ones  not  on  this  list.  honestly,  you  are  all  …  a  delight  to  have  here  !!!  i  have  so  many  kisses  and  hugs  to  offer  you.  please  come  talk  to  me.  xox

*transcends beyond the realm of stress to eventually convincing myself everything is ok by looking at more memes on the internet*

anonymous asked:

I 100% agree with your thoughts about Gillian as Media. I hate to say it but I wish they just used CGI to make it look like the actual Lucy was talking. But who knows, maybe they couldn't get the rights to I Love Lucy? But they could have gone with the news anchor lady which would have been hilarious to see Gillian as some kind of FOX News host.

Yeah, I would guess that getting the rights to old TV shows that they could then modify with CGI would (a) be an extremely expensive legal nightmare that (b) would only lead to an even more expensive technical nightmare. Unless this is a movie with a Forrest Gump (adjusted for inflation) budget, that was never going to happen, I would bet. 

But, I forgot about the news anchor (and Media appears more than once as a news anchor, doesn’t she?) – that would have been AWESOME. I would love to see GA take that on. (Who knows, maybe something like that is in store for us also.) And they could have done a lot of those that didn’t have to be recognizable people. Like – GA as a lady jumping around inanely in a Target (or Target-like store) commercial. GA on a stereotypical Philly Justice-esque procedural show (maybe that would be too close to XF/The Fall). GA as a sitcom mom. GA as a perky home design show host. GA being a super hyped-up celebrity-fashion correspondent (she’d probably love doing that). GA on some kind of trashy reality show like the Kardashians. It would have been fun and, I feel, not super difficult to create spoofs of TV genres/tropes that would be immediately recognizable to viewers and feel very real and familiar without being literal recreations of existing stuff. 

Media is supposed to be the god of *television*. Because of television being one of the things that modern people worship rather than the old gods. Not, the god of celebrities that Bryan Fuller likes. I guess “celebrity” sort of falls into that category, but like, I think the idea is supposed to be that television/media is a seductive presence that shows you shiny things that steal your attention and make you passive consumers of the vapid, glitzy, ultimately advertising-driven stuff they tempt you with (NOT THAT I, SOMEONE WHO SPENDS HOURS ON A WEBSITE TALKING ABOUT A TV SHOW FROM THE ‘90S AND THE PEOPLE ON IT, WOULD KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THAT). David Bowie, at least, is certainly to my mind not a particularly great representation of that. Also, when we think of modern media that destroys people’s brains/souls through shallowness and crass commercialism, is Easter Parade starring Judy Garland really one of the biggest offenders that comes to mind? I would have loved that concept to be UPDATED from the novel that was published 15-some years ago, not further retro-ized. (Unless the whole thing is taking place in some kind of timeless retro universe, which is not unlikely.)

But, again, we are left with the fact that, when you get down to it, Gillian does not really look that much like any of the celebrities she is portraying, because, you know, human beings look different from each other and stuff, even the beautiful ones; and so, to me, just because Media manifested as Lucy in the book, the leap from there to “GA impersonates a bunch of celebrities” is not necessarily the direction to go that makes the most sense for the concept. 

ANYWAY. It’s not my show, Bryan Fuller is a genius, I’m sure he knows what he’s doing, overall I love his weirdo, over-the-top artsy style, and all I have seen are teases and publicity shots and I have no idea how it’s being structured or executed. I will reserve judgment! And, again, I stress, I love Gillian and seeing her play dressup this way will be super cool. I just fear the celebrity-impersonation angle may end up detracting more than it adds, which isn’t something I want for Gillian OR for the show (which I am super excited about regardless of Gillian’s involvement). But we will see!

anonymous asked:

[ This is based on the illness m!a. I'm starting to ship Mercy and Dem and I hope you like it! ] Angela was lying in bed, her eyes half lidded and fever blurring most thought. She gasped, breathing becoming weaker and weaker. Somebody opened the door. A familiar face, somebody she grew to care for, despite not knowing him for very long. He stepped in, an award smile on his face as he greeted her with a wave and sat on the bed beside her. Angela smiled and him, lifting a hand to grab him. (1/3)

“It’s… Nice to…” She is stopped by him taking her hand, giving it a light squeeze. “Nice to see you too, Angela.” He replied, trying to fight the frown that weighed on his smile. “How are you..” Dem didn’t want to finish that question. He knew. Both of them did. They just didn’t want to say it. Her breathing was below audible, her movement becoming the only indication she was alive. The poor doctor shuddered, only to feel him shifting his weight to lie next to her on the bed, sighing. (2/3)

Her eyes were still open, but only just, brightening with happiness when seeing him lying beside her. Angela gave an elated gasp, trying to speak, but now being unable to. Dem hushed her, on hand taking hers and the other running through her hair. “Its ok, Angela. Don’t be scared.” He didn’t speak after that. Neither of them did. They were just waiting for it. Scooting a little closer, he pressed his forehead to hers, watching her eyes close. He hummed, comforting her til her last breath. (3/3)


This was very lovely thank you for this!!


I don’t know why i did this, i just wanted an excuse

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