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The Charmspeak Theory

In which we discuss Piper McLean, Jason Grace, and the possibility that Piper is charmspeaking Jason–subconsciously or not–just enough to influence him to stay with her yet not enough to change his mannerisms and such.

Contains factual questioning of Jasper and minor-with-a-few-major spoilers for people who haven’t read most of the Heroes of Olympus series. (Also, sorry to mobile users, this is going to be really long.)

As stated before, this obviously contains factual (meaning ‘as non-biased as possible’) questioning of Jasper. If you’re a hardcore Jasper shipper who really doesn’t want to deal with OTP doubts being implanted in your mind, TURN AROUND NOW. If you do, don’t give me flack for the doubts and such. I gave you a very clear-cut warning.

To the ones that stuck around, hello. It’s a pleasure to see you. Be prepared, this is a long thing. It’s almost as long as the Pixar theory; about three hundred words shy in its more professional form, actually. I know I’ve given it a lot of hype on Twitter and I’m proud to say that it’s finally here, albeit a bit late.


First off, let’s review charmspeak, just for those who need and/or want a refresher course. Charmspeak’s basically an easy way of talking someone into doing something, no matter how big the request. However, it will wear off and the charmspoken won’t remember what xe was told to do. Its strength relies on the emotion and tone of the user’s voice, along with the user’s level of skill with it. Most born with it don’t realize they’ve been using it until they get to camp.

Now, the actual thing.  

  • Ever since the first chapter of TLH, we’ve known that Piper’s a charmspeaker (even if we didn’t know what they were called). What other demigod ability allows the user to talk people into giving them cars?
  • Jasper, Jiper, Pipason, or whatever you call Jason/Piper? Based on a complete and utter lie. Hera put Jason on that bus and manipulated the Mist to make everyone with mortal blood think Jason had been there the entire time. Piper happened to score the girlfriend role. Everything Piper knows about Jason at the pre-TLH, all her memories with him in them—a thousand cleverly-spun lies. This would make Piper extremely insecure. Hell, that would make anyone insecure. And that insecurity is what we’re calling a motive.
  • “Don’t even look at Jason Grace. He may not know it yet, but he’s mine. If you even try to make a move, I will load you into a catapult and shoot you across Long Island Sound.”
  • On top of that, she brings up the fact that Aphrodite said she could sense possibilities a few pages later. “And Piper was determined to make those possibilities real.” Don’t tell me she’s just “clingy.” She’s borderline yandere (Japanese equivalent to Overly-Attached Girlfriend). She’s determined to make Jason hers, and it seems she’s shooting for forever.
  • This could be more of a theory itself, but Piper obviously knows a lot about Greek mythology due to The King of Sparta; she proved she knew about Jason and the Argonauts in the fight with Medea. The original Jason abandoned his datefriend. They’re on a ship named after the original Argo with a hero named after the original Jason. Along with that, Percy’s namesake never broke up, abandoned, or killed his datefriend; Percy would never do any of those to Annabeth. Piper could possibly think history could be repeating itself on the Argo. Another motive: check.
  • Jason never seems to doubt his relationship with Piper when she’s around. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the person with doubts about a relationship tends to doubt it the most when xe’s actually with xir datefriend? Jason being doubtless while with his girlfriend sounds about as normal as ice not melting when dumped on lava to me. Couple this with the fact that charmspeak will wear off and the charmspoken forget what they were told to do. This should be self-explanatory.
  • In MoA (p152), Piper wonders if Aphrodite was influencing Jason because “his apology seemed too good to be true.” If it seems too good to be true, it most likely is. So Jason probably is being influenced. But is it really Aphrodite? This doesn’t seem like a thing Aphrodite would do to “spice up” their relationship. I mean, she’s meddled with so many relationships (most notably Percabeth and Paris/Helen); an apology is too small to be Aphrodite’s style. So the only other plausible option is that Piper really doesn’t realize she’s charmspeaking him.
  • Again, in MoA (p316), the book says Piper is constantly second-guessing not just her relationship with Jason, but everything she knows about Jason Grace as well. Then Jason brings up Reyna and badabing, badaboom, Piper’s already unstable security just flies out the window. This all shows she’s very insecure when it comes to Jason.
  • MoA (p348): Piper accidentally charmspeaks Jason while telling him about her plan to keep the Horn of Plenty from Heracles. She doesn’t even realize she’s charmspeaking him until she notices the look on Jason’s face: utterly dazed … or, rather, hypnotized. This proves she’s capable of accidentally charmspeaking anyone and everyone.
  • In HoH, Jason explains to the crew aboard the Argo II that Reyna contacted him via dream message and said she’d expect him to go to a certain place on their way to the House of Hades. Piper leans in and asks him where that place is. Jason—dazed, confused, and barely able to think straight—just says “A … uh, a town called Split.” Piper repeats the town’s name thoughtfully and, with no warning whatsoever, notices that Piper smells like blooming honeysuckles. On the very next page, and I quote, “Jason wondered if Piper was working some kind of Aphrodite magic on him–like maybe every time he mentioned Reyna’s name, she would befuddle him so much he couldn’t think of anything but Piper.”

    No, but really, it’s so obvious, a rock could figure it out. That’s exactly what charmspeak does to the mind; it leaves the charmspoken dazed, confused, and only able to think of the charmspeaker. Jason’s behavior here fits all three symptoms. “Was Jason charmspoken to get his mind off Reyna and back on Piper?” BABY, YOU’RE AS RIGHT AS A NINETY-DEGREE ANGLE.
  • Page 285 of HoH is the start of one of the most surprising plot twists in PJO/HOO history. Yep, it’s the Cupid scene. (You Give Love a Bad Name by Bon Jovi was written for Cupid and no one can convince me otherwise.) Cupid mentions something to Jason that probably would’ve had him floored had he not already been on the floor: “You’ve found true love, after all. Or do you still doubt youself?” This statement can be taken a gazillion ways, but let’s say he’s talking about Jason doubting his relationship with Piper. Jason has been doubting their relationship for quite a while now. So why hasn’t he woken up and realized that, hey, these doubts probably mean they weren’t meant to be? Either he’s denser than a briar patch or there’s something keeping him from breaking it off. Let’s see here, what is this theory all about? Piper charmspeaking Jason—subconsciously or not—into keeping the relationship going. Seeing as charmspeak can make someone do anything, from a little thing like apologizing to willingly jumping off a cliff; staying with a datefriend isn’t out of the question.

So yeah. There it is. The charmspeak theory. I hope you got something out of it. I know it isn’t the best theory out there but I put my heart and soul into it.

If you have anything to add or a question to ask, don’t be afraid to ask/tell me! I’d honestly love it. I’ll track #charmspeak theory if you want to make a separate post about it, but please tag so I can make sure I’ll see it if you make a separate post. I want to reblog them OwO

I’ll probably make a separate post later with a compare/contrast thing of Jason’s behavior around Piper to charmspoken beings, including demigods, the Boreads, monsters, and gods. Again, this will be filed under #charmspeak theory.

Thanks to Tara for helping me with all the page numbers when I didn’t have the books and being my back-up hard drive when I forgot something, PJOTwitter for just overall everything—this actually wouldn’t have existed without them, and, of course, Rick Riordan; if he’d dropped PJO at The Last Olympian, it would be another cause of this theory to not exist. Also, thanks to you, reader, who stuck around long enough to get to this sentence.

Episode 7! 

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It’s mid-November and we’re right now in the central part of the Yuri on Ice series. This is where things start to get interesting, right? To make things better, number 7 is my lucky number, so I was expecting something good from this episode.

Have I ever told you that I have an unbelievable good luck when it comes to OTPs? No matter what kind of ship it is, if it becomes my OTP, my OTP will become canon. No matter how gay. This has never failed me (I don’t have maaaaany OTPs, though, but still).

So far, it seems like Yuri on Ice won’t break my streak of OTP good luck. I told you all to trust me, right?

What did I expect from this episode, knowing this? I read about Japanese fans theorizing about a kiss and, let’s be real, I really wanted it to happen. It either had to happen in this episode or in the last episode. 

Turning to figure skating (because yes, I’m a figure skating fan and I’m watching this show for it too), I really wanted Leo to make it to the podium and qualify for the GPF. Bias? Noooo. (Yes.)

I also wanted #JusticeForPhichit. He didn’t get good quality animation last episode and he also deserves a better score, so I hoped he could improve his standing in the FS and, if he beated Yuuri, make my predictions true.

I was also really curious about Georgi. As I predicted a couple of days ago, I thought he was going to fail during his FS. I’ll probably be using the #PoorGeorgi hashtag a lot these days.

For this episode, I’m going to change my way of watching it: so far, I stopped the video every time something interesting happened, took screencaps and wrote my opinion. This time, I’m going to watch the whole episode first, scream inside, die, and then rewatch it for screencaps and to write everything. The cons of this new way is that it might take me a bit longer to watch and I won’t have a way to scream as I watch it, which is something I love to do when I’m overwhelmed with feelings. It might also change the way I write this post. The pros, however, is that I have more time to think about what I want to write, and might skip unimportant things to focus on the most important ones. I will still talk about the impressions I had while I watched the scenes for the first time, don’t worry. Also, I hope Crunchy’s player doesn’t make it too hard to skip scenes so I can take screencaps better.

Okay. I’m ready. (I’m not.) Let’s watch this.

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anonymous asked:

I'm really sorry to cut your wave, but season three had amazing writers, who migrated to The Originals at season four, and they also had Kevin Williamson, who is a badass producer. You can't blame for the shitty writing they are making with Damon at the current season. It's not about ships wars, or which ship is better... This is about how a great show ended up having bad plotting and storylines. Think about that...

OK first of all, clearly you don’t follow my blog and you’re cherrypicking the issues I have with the show because if you looked at my page, you would know that I take issue with a lot more than simply Damon but with structure and the show’s inability to stick to consequences — for some reference/context:

But second of all, I absolutely can blame the shitty writing on the way in which the show treats Damon and the way in which the show makes the characters orbit around his character. When the writers strip away any real plot and storyline and make it about the relationships on the show, then it is about ship wars and it is about which ship is better because the moment Damon became the love interest everything else on the show stopped. Season 5′s plot line was the Amara/Silas shadow selves/doppelgangers and that went against three seasons of canon specifically so Damon and Elena could have obstacles in their relationship because that storyline makes no sense.  We were told that when a witch uses a human’s blood to bind a spell, a doppelganger of that human is born every 500 years so that spell has the chance to be broken and it’s not permanent, it was nature’s way of creating a balance, which is why Tatia and Katherine and Elena are all 500 years apart but no, let’s go against that and create shadow selves and prophecies about doppelgangers being together so that Damon can have something to feel insecure about even though if the travellers did make a spell to bring the doppelgangers together why didn’t Katherine meet her Silas shadow in 1492 and how come Stefan didn’t meet his century’s Amara shadow in 1846 and where was Tom when Elena was born/living her life before Stefan? And Stefan and Elena were together for three years why didn’t the travellers make their move throughout that entire time? It was a storyline designed to suit what they wanted to do with Delena whereas with Stelena, their relationship factored into the storyline that was already happening and there’s a major difference between that. 

In season 6, I’m not even sure what the common thread throughout that season was since everyone was so disparate but instead of focusing on a singular plot that could’ve brought all of the characters together — like bringing Bonnie back from the 90s, the show focused on Damon and Elena finding their way back to each other and Stefan and Caroline figuring out wtf they felt for one another; the only moving, active plot of that season was Bonnie and Kai and that was pushed to the side in favour of Elena re-discovering what she felt for Damon to the point that their “search” for Bonnie becomes a vehicle for her to see him in a different light, they half-ass that entire rescue because they’re too busy falling in love with each other again, a perfect example of this is when they go back to the 90s and instead of saying “Hey, Bon, let’s meet halfway” they stayed in the Salvatore Mansion to make pancakes and argue about the fate of their relationship while Bonnie drove bloodied and hurt to her own rescue. And even the way the re-discovery of feelings happens was a storyline muted in favour of Damon because considering the fact that it’s Elena doesn’t remember any of the good things Damon has done, it’s not that she doesn’t remember Damon, it’s that she doesn’t remember any of the good memories, and she’s a vampire and apparently your emotions are heightened as a vampire (it doesn’t matter if you’re able to find control, they’re still heightened) and those bad memories are pushed to the forefront in a single rush, Elena should’ve hated Damon, she should’ve wanted to feel murderous rage at the fact that he snapped her brother’s neck and abused her best friend, tried to kill her other one, and was responsible for like half the murders in MF and once she found out that she and him dated, she would have to reconcile how she could possibly love someone who did all of those things, she should’ve had to discover how much she changed since turning into a vampire and there should’ve been certain gaps in her memory that drove her insane like how did she turn off her humanity (because as much as the show likes to make Elena say “I turned off my humanity”, no, Damon did it for her and that’s another thing, they rewrite history to put him in a better light). 

And now in this season, Damon continuously gets pass after pass because the show is overly protective of his character. He burns Elena oh psyche, nope he didn’t and he didn’t have to go through the agony of telling her best friends who knew her long before he did that he may have killed her because oh no, that would cause too many rifts and too many consequences. He gets out of the Phoenix Stone and attacks everybody but oh no, that’s OK because he was clearly not himself when he did, so then what was the point of making him attack everyone if no one is going to blame him, if no one knows that logically he wasn’t in his right mind but emotionally they’ve been physically assaulted by Damon one too many times and they’ve had it? Stefan gets himself stabbed for Damon and because of Damon yet again and the most we get is Caroline saying “I just wish it wasn’t always you” or “Why does it always have to be you” or whatever and Stefan being snippy for a minute before shrugging off what happened, instead of complicating that relationship and making Stefan resent everything he does for Damon but not being able to stop himself and hating Damon for being this difficult but feeling guilty for that hate because he still blames himself for turning Damon into a vampire. Damon sleeps with someone else because he’s going through a downward spiral but Bonnie makes it OK by saying it was what Elena wanted so then how can it possibly be a downward spiral if he’s not going to alienate anyone in the process of it? Why does the show make Damon and Delena do everything they do if they don’t experience any consequences for it, consequences and resentments and dynamic shifts are what make a show interesting and the show resolutely refuses to follow through any of that when it concerns Damon and he is now at the centre of the show and has been for about two and a half seasons. So yes, anon, I can blame the shitty writing on Damon so sorry to cut your wave and perhaps you should think on this.