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Sorry if this was already been answered yet, I checked your wcif but I haven't found it there (or I just missed it). Wcif the earrings from your "no filter challenge" post? Thanks in advance :)

unfortunately it’s by salem2342 and it’s no longer available :’-( or i can’t find it sigh if someone has a working link that would be great! THANK YOU @raiingamiing (idk why i can’t tag you omg) for the link!!!!

- ̗̀  d&g earrings   ̖́-

*tap tap* Is this thing on?


Allow me to introduce myself. I’m tumblr user galahadthelate, also known as galahadthelatte, also known as Jessicat but amongst the civilian folk I’m simply known as Jessica. Londoner who is old enough to know better and be too jaded to care. 

My intro to Kingsman began on the happier days of late March 2015, I honestly didn’t give the film much thought at first. But, and I shit you not, I had a dream I went to go see the film and enjoyed it and after seeing enough hype about it on my dash I decided to give this film a go. Honestly it was one of my most memorable film going experiences (the entire audience lost their shit at the Head Pop and Circumstance scene) and I watched it it a following four times at the cinema after that. 

I fell hard for Harry hard at “there’s a reason aristocrats developed weak chins”  and I haven’t looked back since. 

Kingsman has been the one fandom that have inspired me the most creatively. I dabble in some writing here and there but I also enjoy making A Softer Kingsman strips. I’m a sucker for angst. 


 I sometimes get work as an extra (it’s surprisingly easy in London). During one of my jobs I met this lovely gentleman:

Also known as

He was super cool and sweet and gushed about Colin. I wont bore you but long story short he said “it was weird having him talk to me about the weather one minute and then stabbing someone in the face with a gun the next… acting! I guess” 

I have another friend who got to be an extra for the upcoming sequel and spoiled the ending for me. 

I love cosplaying Harry whenever I can. Be it in daily life or at cons. 

The first time I heard the ‘rent boy’ line my initial reaction was to headcanon that Harry used to be one himself, not Eggsy. And you will pry that headcanon from my cold, dead hands. 

I have a toy Harry I sometimes like to animate with

And… I honestly have nothing more of interest to tell! My ask is open, I’m always happy to shoot the shit. But don’t feel pressured to do so because god knows it’s alway daunting. I’m gonna be a bit controversial and avoid tagging people because I’m quite paranoid I’m going to miss/forget someone and I figured there’s a lot more fun people who’ve already done a way better job than me. Although @hellahartwin definitely gets a mention because, guys… she’s just cool and is incredibly creative and a good soul, all round. 

So Hail Satan and peace out!


Before and After Sim Tag

Rules: Update your oldest sim in your personal gallery and take a before and after shot then tag some people!

I was tagged by @simsomedia and @hypsteria-posts and maybe someone else. I can’t remember so sorry if I missed ya!

This isn’t really my oldest sim, but she’s like… a year old? 

I tag you. Yaааs, you! if you haven’t done this already ofc.

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People on tumblr are always so ready to jump on someone for not being perfectly socially aware. It ultimately, for me anyway, comes down to intent. Danny didn't intend to be biphobic, and I'm certain that he isn't biphobic. That's what really matters, at the end of the day.

I totally missed all the stuff about the interview yesterday coz I was sleeping haha and I woke up to tumblr being on fire lol well I already saw all kinds of opinions and posts about the interview and I understand both sides and I also understand Danny. I think its never easy to answer stuff in those kind of interviews especially when you don’t know where the sl is heading to or you don’t really like it yourself. I wouldn’t wanna be in his shoes tbh. People will always judge you for what you’re saying and if you say it in public they’re gonna tear it apart what you said. So give Danny a break pls. Now I am speaking for me (and its ok if you dont agree) I felt like he looked tired about the whole topic and didn’t really know what to say I know ppl say he should be prepared for interviews like this, yeah he should, but he’s human so he also can have an off day can’t he. I am bisexual and I never once felt offended by what he said at least nothing biphobic. It offends me more that he ED says that it’s not possible for a gay couple to have a strong bond like man has with a woman and their child?! thats what annoys me tbh coz seriously this works in real life and I’ve seen it. But again its a soap they’ll show us the worst, doesn’t mean I have to like it or be ok with it. Also it doesn’t mean you go and harrass on the actors for it ?!?!?!?! *takes a deep breath* I think we all feel very sensitive and vulnerable atm after everything that happend and we analyze everything way too much. I do think the interview was off and it made me feel weird. I didn’t think it was biphobic tho. I do value all your opinions on it and I respect them. Just don’t put more fuel to the fire and hate on each other for your opinions. Sometimes you just have to agree to disagree (winks to pauline*)


Anticipating that tomorrow will be different. To me, that’s what hope is.

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Oh good. The circle jerk has awakened and now all of you popular blogs are just gonna tag each other and make the rest of us feel like shit again. Great.



Or Broette.

You can always join in.

I’ve already talked about this last time I got an ask like this and I still stand by what I said.

I will greet newcomers in the fandom, comment on something posted by someone I’ve never talked to before. I will make first contact, but I will miss some people, and I’m sorry if you ever felt skipped over. But I cannot be the one making all the effort. I need you to make an effort too.

If you feel left out, SAY SOMETHING, preferable off anon so that we can talk. I am more than willing to talk to everyone and anyone. There may be gaps in my replies, or responses may be delayed as I have a life outside tumblr to attend to, but I will always do my best to respond to any and all messages and IMs in a timely manner. I love talking to everyone, follower or not, so just come and talk to me.

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Imagine you and your son visit Isla Nublar and you find out that your high school sweetheart is the raptors trainer

Owen Grady x Reader

Part 2 here

You had just arrived in Isla Nublar with your 6 year old son Matty. You were much more excited than him, to be honest,  he wasn’t excited, at all. But you thought it would be a great idea to clear your minds and have fun. You were recently divorced and that hadn’t been a good time for you and especially for your child.
Little Matty was holding your hand too hard. He was a little afraid and really nervous because the dinosaurs. On the way to your room, you tried to calm him.
“Hey, they informed me that the park is totally safe. And besides, I’m here, it will be all right…”
“How can you be so sure?” He looked at you hesitant.
“Because I’m your mother, I know things!” You smiled at him.
“I don’t know…”
“Well, we’ll only see what you want…the scariest can stay out of our plans. What do you say?”
“Okay, I guess is okay. We can go to…the…petting zoo?”
“Great ideia! Baby animals are awesome!” You said super happy.
After you settle in hotel room, you changed clothes and quickly went there. The Gentle Giants Petting Zoo was located by the Visitor’s Center, so you didn’t had to walk too much.
You saw a lot of tiny triceratops, they were all so cute. The zoo keepers were feeding them with shoots and leaves.
“Do they eat this everyday?” You asked.
“Yeah, and they also consume around 10kg of hay, ferns, corn…oh and even small trees.” Mary, the zoo keeper answered.
“That’s very interesting. They’re so small but already eat a lot. Can we pet him?”
“Of course, come on in!”
You pushed Matty and stood 50 cm from the triceratops. You gave a little rub under his frill.
“Do you wanna try to ride him?” You asked to Matty.
“Hmm…yeah!” He really wanted to go.
You rode the triceratops around the enclosure, it was so fun. Your son was so happy so you grabbed your camera and started filming a short video.
“Matty say hi!” He looked at your camera and started to wave. “Are you having fun?”
“Yeah, this is amaze balls!”
“Who taught you that?”
“Uncle Simon.”
“Oh, of course! Hey, tell me… where are we?”
“At the petting zoo!”
“Yeah! But this is not a regular zoo, right?”
“No, is cooler!”
“And what are we riding?”
“Baby triceratops. They’re the best.” You turned the camera to you.
“Matty is right, they’re really friendly! Oh and we are in Jurassic World! YAAAY!”
Suddenly you hear an alarm ringing, then someone talking on a loudspeaker.
“Warning, this is not a test, all the attractions are closed from now. All visitors must go to the main street as soon as possible.”
You quickly jumped off the triceratops, grabbed your little boy’s hand and followed the orders. All the people were running, you had no idea of the gravity of the situation, but you knew something was going wrong. At one point you couldn’t run anymore and stopped for a few seconds to rest. Many people were bumping into you, and from one moment to the next, Matty let out your hand. You were desperately trying to find him in the crowd. But he was too small, it was impossible.
“Matty, where are you? Baby?” You screamed, but no sign of him.
You knew you couldn’t stay still, you had to find your son. So you ran to the entrance of the control room where was a security guard there and could help you. You showed him a photo of Matty, and he told you that they would look for him. He said that you should go to a safe place, because what was coming was too dangerous. As soon as he said that, you saw in the sky a dark cloud, it looked like smoke, but it faded as they approached. It was a band of pterosaurs and they were going down, picking up everything with their large beaks that appeared in front of them. You could not think of anything else apart from your son.
Not far away, Matty was fine, but very scared. He walked away from the crowd, and was on a bumpy road. He sat there on the floor waiting for someone. After a few minutes, a man on a motorcycle passed by him, but he only noticed that Matty was there a few meters ahead. Quickly turned back.
“Hey kid, what are you doing here all alone?” That man asked in a raspy and worried voice.
“I got lost from my mom. I can’t find her.” Matty said whining.
“I’m gonna find your mom. You can go with me, I’m Owen, the raptors trainer.” Owen said smiling. He picked up Matty and put him on the motorcycle. As was only a helmet, Owen placed it on Matty’s head. While he was driving, Owen was talking to distract him.
“So, tell me, how’s your mom? Her hair, eyes…”
“She’s really beautiful. Her hair is curly and brown. Her eyes are big and green!”
“And what’s her shirt color?”
“She’s with a blue dress.”
“Oh..okay! So it will be very easy to find her! Thank you fella, your help was very important. How old are you?”
“I’m 6 and ¾.”
“Woow, very precise! And you’re enjoying the park? Is your first time here?”
“Hm kinda….Yes it’s our first time, mom really wanted to go!”
“And how about you?”
“Not really…I don’t really like dinosaurs, they are scary.”
“Whaat? For real mate? Are you afraid of them? Well that’s because you don’t know my raptors, they’re super…lovely.”
“Are you afraid of something?” Matty asked him curious.
“Nah…yes. But you have to keep it in secret, okay?”
“I hate clowns.”
“My mom hates clowns too!”
“Well, I don’t feel so bad now.I have an old friend who also was very afraid of clowns.” Owen said as he thought in his high school sweetheart. She was exactly like Matty described her mom, but it should be only a big coincidence.
“And how about your dad? He’s here too?”
“Nope…he’s working.”
“I see…We’re almost there.”
When they got there, everything was a totally chaos. There were still many pterosaurs, then Owen took Matty to the control room and left him there.
“Where’s my mom?” Matty asked tremulous.
“We’re gonna find her, I promise you. But I have to leave you here for a few minutes. I’ll come back!” Owen said and bent down to tranquilize Matty. He took off his watch from his wrist and handed it to him.
“Can you read time?” Matty nodeed. “I’m gonna give you my watch. I’ll be back in 10 minutes.” Owen said and hug him.
Owen went to get a gun and ran to the confusion. There he met Claire, who saved him from being killed by an angry pterosaurs. They fought to end it. But the worst was yet to come, because the Indominus Rex, the most dangerous dinosaur ever, had escaped.
“Oh Owen, thank God you’re okay!” Claire said and kissed Owen. Behind Claire, Owen saw a woman on her back with a blue dress and curly hair. He quickly tried go to her but a pterosaurs got in the way and he lost her of sight.
“Damn it!” Owen cursed and Claire looked at him extremely confused.
“What’s happening?” She asked.
“I found a kid lost in the woods and I promise him that I was going to find her mom.”
“Oh my…but he’s okay? Where he is?”
“In the control room, he’s perfectly fine, just a little bit scared.” Owen said looking around.
“Don’t worry Owen, I’m gonna send someone to take care of him.”
“He’s with Vivian.”
“But still… she’s working, I’m gonna talk to someone.” Claire grabbed her phone and started to make some calls.
Owen disappeared and started to search for you. You were next to a restaurant which was very destroyed. A pterosaurs tried to attack you, but you fought him. You had small injuries on your forehead and arms. But that didn’t hurt, you just felt pain in your heart. You were exhausted and just wanted your son back.
You were with your head down and hands on your knees, staring at your feet when you saw someone stoping right in front of you.
“Are you okay miss?” A male voice asked you, but you didn’t answered and not even looked at him. “Are you Matty’s mom?”
As soon as you heard your son’s name, you looked up. The sun was blinding you, but Owen saw immediately who you were.
“(Y/N)? Is that you?” He questioned gaping.

Part 1. I already wrote the part 2, but I’ll only post it in a few days. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I guess I’m losing my inspiration, I’m sorry for that. I hope you like it xx

explaning baseball tournaments and koshien

okay so i realised that a lot of people are confused about several factors regarding koshien and i just thought i’d help explain a little

note: i may be wrong about some parts so please correct me if i am!

if you are lazy to read all the test just ctrl/command + f and type in “ summary “ and just look at all the pictures :)

edit: i removed any potential spoilers to make it easier to read! sorry about that i wasn’t really thinking about spoilers when i wrote this.

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93 (north-east paris suburb) gothic

- You’ve lost an uncle to the algerian consulate. His six brothers and sisters warned you “it will happen again”. You shiver. Your passport is expired, you’ll have to go next.

- Every road leads to Châtelet. You’re not sure how it happened, but you’re in Châtelet now. You’re trying to find a way out, but the walls and corridors changed since last time you went. You find your friend who disappeared months ago. They’re not the same as before.

- “Châtelet est en travaux” It’s been years. Nobody knows what they’re doing, but there are some rumors: “They’re digging deeper”. You don’t want to know what they’re trying to find under Paris, but you know that it’s unavoidable now. It will wake up one day. If it didn’t already.

- “What are those howling in the night that sound like music?”, your friend asks. You’ve never noticed them before, but you still answer “it’s the train noises". They stare at you, concerned. “How are you so sure?”. You’re not. It’s been years since you’ve seen a train.

- People in the RER B are shooting, confused “Where’s the airport?”. You’ve learnt to recognize those words in every languages. “Where’s the airport?”. You feel sorry for them. But it’s too late. This RER will never reach the airport.

- One day, you’ll die because of the train station’s nuclear and toxic wastes. “We have to be ready”, the mayor declared. He gave you a box in case it happens. You open it. It only contains board games and plastic bags. The mayor smiles.

- You walk to the bus stop. Someone is already waiting, so you ask them “How long have you been waiting ?”. At first, they don’t answer. Then you notice tears on their face, as they finally speak “I miss my family”.

- You’ve tried to explain the RATP to someone who isn’t from here. They didn’t believe you. You don’t believe it either, you thought. 

- The RER stopped between two stations. It might never move again. People have stopped screaming already. Everyone knows what await them. From the window, you can already see the Sacré Coeur. You were so close, this time.

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can you gif the part of clevver news interview where jimin tried taking the mic to speak but missed his chance (0:33), and also when he nearly got his eye poked by the mic when they were passing the mic down (0:59) asjfhsdklj poor bby lol (unless someone already made that post)

I’m loading the frames into photoshop now! Sorry if this is late I just barely saw this ask ….I’ll post in a few minutes

I posted this weeks ago, because of the bad connection during Shinhwa comeback it was probably lost somewhere in twilight zone. I’m really sorry if someone already did this and backtracking on tumblr is equivalent to poop. Dongwan was so pweeeetty with his make up….I just had to put a wig on him, arghhh I’m gonna miss my WooDong. Their solo activities approaching really fast (me: not complaining coz I love them) and I’m really excited for tomorrow. WooDong is loveeeee……

Cause’s Questions Meme

Spill the beans, folks. Ok, thanks to previous memes we know each other’s fave drink and fave number, but the really important questions have not yet been asked. Here’s a new questionnaire to get to know you guys even better :)

I was tagged by causeimdifferent…so I’d better start this ball rolling!

1. Your most remarkable nickname?

…umm…Cause calls me Lizzers; not really remarkable though, is it? My Dad and my Auntie call me Snooks?

2. Odd jobs you have done during your school/college/uni days?

I didn’t really do odd jobs except one during my gap year where I did a temp job alphabetising old insurance files (fun!). Then I did ‘work experience’ (just what they called it - I got paid) for a couple of weeks in a corporate legal department before doing vacation clerkships with various legal firms and a volunteer internship with a legal not-for-profit.

3. Farthest you have travelled from home?

If we’re talking purely distance, I think maybe Inverness in Scotland. I think that’d be further from Melbourne distance-wise than anywhere I’ve been in the US.

4. Places you’ve visited that left an impression?

Scotland – loved it soooo much. So beautiful, so much history and so much landscape reminded me of places in Australia. And Edinburgh is a really cool city.

New York City: love NYC – and they say you either love it or hate it. It’s just always buzzing and there is so much happening – again it makes me think of Melbourne in the city: just much bigger (NYC’s population is about twice Melbourne’s)!

China – in particular the Summer Palace – so so beautiful and tranquil – the Great Wall was just wow – and the humongous sign counting down the hours minutes and seconds til Hong Kong went back to China (I was there in 1996) in Tiananmen Square was absolutely freaky.

5. Next traveling destination?

Boring – don’t currently have one apart from my trips down to Phillip Island. But I would love to go to Tuscany.

6. Movie you’ve watched more often than any other movie?

Gosh, I’m not sure – I watched The Sound of Music again and again when I was little. I’ve watched The Fifth Element a lot. Also Notting Hill, the original Star Wars trilogy, Ever After, True Lies.

7. Instrument you play?

Nothing now. I played French Horn in high school.

8. Your favorite (actively practised) sports?

I don’t actively practice any sports at the moment. I played basketball when I was a kid. And I was a water baby, but I didn’t doing any kind of competitive swimming. I like Aussie Rules football and cricket.

9. Three (conventionally edible) things you’d never eat?

I don’t know if I’d say never eat since I’m not allergic to anything and I have eaten a lot of what people often identify as ‘icky’ (like brains). Ooohh…but I’m hopeless with hot/spicy food, so I’d never eat a whole chili (I can manage something mildly spiced with chili). Otherwise, two things I really don’t like are cucumber and tuna (pretty sure I disliked it already, but tuna automatically makes me think oh horrid sandwiches in hospitals).

10. Add a picture of some fine art that you connect with:

Monet is my favourite artist, but this painting by Renoir – Luncheon of the Boating Party – is my favourite piece of art:

11. Book (or fic) recommendation?

Book: Holding the Man by Timothy Conigrave.

Fic: for Drarry people: Turn by Sara’s Girl.

12. Who are you tagging?

I’m trying to tag people I haven’t already seen tagged, but I’ve only seen one post aside from Cause’s original, so sorry if I’ve double-tagged someone!

causeimdifferent, abbys-jam-juggler, alittlewhos-this, are-are-kay, dreamhusband-thewarlock, the-girl-with-the-mousey-hair, absolutely-fatal, elenwe-of-the-vanyar, eatingmoonflowers, hannahthepariah

13. Optional: add a question that you feel is missing: What book are you currently reading or if you are not reading anything, what was the last fanfiction you read?

Robert Galbraith’s A Cuckoo’s Calling

Follow Up Fic - Wash It Away

A/N: This is a continuation of my AU rave fic. You’ll probably want to read that before you read this, if you haven’t already. Special mention to oneeyedragdoll for the spark of inspiration and ch1darkcy, who was afraid she’d missed this fic before I even posted it!

* * *

John rubbed his eye and croaked, “What time is it?” peering at his bedside clock with an exaggerated squint. He really needed glasses.

Finn opened the door and sighed. “Half-eight.” He held the plate with toast he’d meant for someone else in front of him like an offertory.

“You’re up already? Thought you’d still be sleepin’ off las’ night.” John sat up and scratched his head, pushing the hair out of his eyes.

“Yeah, sorry if I woke ya.” Finn said, trying but failing to keep the mournful note out of his voice.

John yawned and took the plate from Finn’s hand. “’S’alright. Did ya see if Rae wanted anythin’?” He shrugged and took a big bite from a slice.

Finn cleared his throat, looking away. “Um, well. I sorta made this for her, but … she snuck out before I could give it her.”

John stopped chewing for a second and frowned at the toast. That a couple slices of bread should represent such hope was both comical and sad. “She didn’t say anythin’ before she left?”

Finn shook his head slowly, gazing intently at the floor.

John sighed and set the plate on his night stand, motioning for Finn to sit next to him on the edge of the bed. “It prob’ly don’t mean anythin’. She woke up in a strange house, after a strange night, maybe she jus’ wanted to get home. Isn’t her mum gettin’ married today?”

“Yeah. Yeah, she is.”

“So, maybe she jus’ didn’t wanna wake ya up … don’t read too much into it, lad. Don’t imagine ya know what she’s thinkin’. I—no good comes from assumin’ things. Jus’ trust me on tha’ one, alrigh’?” He clapped a hand on Finn’s shoulder, and said, “This toast’s gettin’ cold. How about a fry up?”

“We’re s’posed to meet at the chippy for breakfast. Were my idea to have a debrief; I hafta go.” Finn looked and sounded miserable.

“Maybe Rae’ll be there, too!”

Finn narrowed his eyes at his father, clearly unconvinced. 

“Well, you won’t know if ya don’t go.”

“Sounds like a lame advert for Butlins.” Finn scoffed, but stood up to go.

“That’s a good lad,” John smiled at Finn as he trudged to the hallway. “Oh, and Finn?” Finn leaned into the doorframe and looked at him over his shoulder. “Y’should change. Shower, and change. Jus’ trust me. Sometimes a rinse is all ya need to change your whole perspective.”

Finn sighed, but nodded. A moment later, John heard the water running in the hall bath and he smiled as he slid back under the covers, hoping for another hour of sleep.

* * *

Taking the shower was a good idea. He would have just stomped down to the chippy in his stale clothes and foul mood, but washing last night away and getting dressed in clean clothes significantly improved his outlook on things. Maybe she DID just need to get home to help her mum. He’d go to the reception, like planned, and hope he could talk to her there.

However, cleaning up slowed him down and by the time he got to the chippy, he saw Archie pushing the door open and raising his hand to shield his eyes from the sun, even though he was wearing shades. When he caught sight of Finn, he started apologizing before Finn could say a word.

“Hey, mate, I’m really sorry, but if I sat in there for another second, smelling all that food, I was gonna vomit. Think Chop’s about to bail, too.”

Finn held his breath for a minute, nodding. “Is Rae in there?”

Archie shook his head, and then stopped himself and held his hand to his temple, trying to steady his brain in his skull. “No, sorry. Chlo is, but we haven’t seen hide nor hair of Izzy since she was locking lips with Kendo. Right after that, I saw two girls making out with a guy in a zebra mask.” Archie started to laugh, but stopped and swallowed thickly. “I swear everyone at the rave kissed someone they regret.”

Finn tensed up. Shit. Chloe. And was Archie trying to say he regretted kissing Rae? Or that she regretted kissing Archie? Archie seemed too hungover to have an ulterior motive, so Finn just shrugged. “Lotsa booze and pills. Mistakes’re bound to be made.”

Archie tipped his head forward slowly. “Yeah. Think I even planted one on ol’ Raemundo. We were off our faces! Luckily, she’s a mate, so she knew it didn’t mean ought.” Finn bit the inside of his cheek to stop himself from smiling. “Anyway,” Archie continued. “I’ve gotta sleep this off. I feel like someone’s taken a piss on my soul.”

Archie patted Finn on the shoulder as he shuffled past. “See ya later, mate.”

Finn turned his head to shout after his friend. “Take a shower, Arch! It’ll help!” Archie pause to wince, but nodded as he kept walking away.

Finn glanced in the window of the chippy and saw Chloe and Chop sitting on opposite sides of the table. Chloe was jiggling her leg nervously under the table, and Chop and leaned forward to slump over his arms. Finn sighed. Chloe. He hoped she wasn’t waiting for him. It was only a drunken kiss. Like Archie said, they were off their faces. Still, Finn deeply regretted letting Chloe stand in for the kiss he wished he’d had. The chance he wished he’d taken. He was about to go in and join her and Chop, when he saw someone in the corner of his vision.

Rae was coming down the street from the other direction. She stopped in her tracks and he could have sworn she almost turned to walk away, but she must have known she’d been spotted. She took a deep breath and forged ahead, one hand gripping the strap of her backpack tightly.

“Mornin’,” Finn ventured, trying to sound casual. “I was wonderin’ where ya’d got to. Y’alright?”

Rae nodded. “Yeah. Sorry about sneakin’ out. It were dead good of you to … take care o’ me. I’m sorry I’m—I was so much trouble.”

“Y’ain’t any trouble, Rae. I jus’ thought … well, I was glad to help ya out.”

“Yeah, I had to … I had to do somethin’ this mornin’.”

“For your mum’s wedding?”

“Um, yeah … no, not exactly.” 

Finn was confused, but didn’t want to press Rae for details. She seemed … off. “Oh, well … that’s okay. I mean, it doesn’t matter why ya left, jus’ sorry ya didn’t get to try my special breakfast recipe.”

Rae broke out of her reverie to smile. “Oh, yeah, what’s that?”

“I make a mean slice of toast. I can do white, wheat, or wholemeal. And my butter spreadin’ technique is the talk of the county.”

“Y’don’t say …”

“The things I can do with a pot of jam … prob’ly shouldn’t even utter them aloud.”

Rae giggled; her cheeks flushed. “I’m sorry I missed it.”

“Well … maybe you’ll get another opportunity to try my fantastic … toast.” He looked down. It was ridiculous, but he hoped that so much; he was sure his face betrayed him. 

They stood there, not saying anything, for a long moment. Finn was about to reach out and grab Rae’s hand to write a message, not trusting his voice, when the chippy door swung open again, the bell ringing and staying his hand. 

Chop croaked, “‘Ey, Raemundo! Y’alright?”

Rae nodded. 

“That makes one of us, then.” Chop coughed and waved as he headed down the street. “Can’t hang about, Finn. I need a shower and shitload of peppermint tea. See yas later, yeah?”

Finn and Rae nodded in unison, and then Chloe sidled up next to Finn. “Mornin’!” she chirped, threading her hand through the crook of his arm. Finn jumped back and then made as if he had to tie his shoe. As he did, Chloe glanced at Rae. “Mornin’, Rae. How was your night? Where’d you get to? Last I saw, you were snogging Archie, right?”

Rae shook her head, but as realization dawned, “Oh, shit, yeah. I think that was when the pill really kicked in. We were talkin’ about college and hangin’ out and then, I dunno. It was, like, we high-fived with our mouths. So weird.”

Finn looked up at her from his crouched position on the ground and saw her shaking her head disbelievingly. That clinched it; their kiss didn’t mean anything. Time for him to speak up. “Yeah, Arch said something. Said he thought everyone last night probably kissed someone they regretted. Like, just ‘cause they wouldn’t’ve if they’d been sober or whatever.” Chloe studied her shoes intently. He took a deep breath and spit it out. “Like, I’d never’ve kissed Chloe if I weren’t pissed. I mean, you should never really kiss someone unless you really mean it, you know?” He looked at Chloe. “I mean, I’m sure you regret it, too, right?”

Chloe nodded quickly. “Yeah, totally! There were much fitter blokes I could’ve snogged.” She flashed the two of them a smile, and then focused in on Rae’s face, seeing how she looked at Finn. Then she looked to Finn, who immediately broke her gaze to look at Rae. Chloe cleared her throat. “Um, well, think I’ll head home. Need to get some beauty sleep and get ready for the reception.” She took a step past Finn, then paused to ask them both, “I’ll see ya there later, yeah?” 

Rae and Finn were still staring at one another, but Chloe’s words seemed to penetrate their fog of silence. “Yeah, definitely,” Finn murmured as Rae agreed, “Absolutely.”

As she walked away, Finn glanced at his watch. Half ten. How could his whole outlook change so much in two hours? 

“Just gone half-ten,” he said. 

Rae just nodded.

“Fancy some toast?”

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