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He’s a phantom.

so, as you probably already know if you follow me, i’ve been pretty obsessed with Danny Phantom lately and it just so happens that today, April 3rd, is the anniversary of the show! in fact, the first episode ever was aired in 2004, which makes it exactly 10 years old today!!!

since i’ve seen some pretty rad fanart and since this is the show of my childhood i wanted to draw something too! i can’t say i put much time into this and it didn’t really turn out very good but oh well, i just wanted to be able to contribute with something anyway

happy dannyversary everyone! uvu


y’all they uploaded the beginning Hercules part without the ugly text on it, for your gif making pleasure! 

anonymous asked:

Hi Maya, how are you? I recently downloaded your amazing THE VIVIEN LEIGH house and I noticed your CC list has the XLSX format and I was wondering if you could please tell me which program should I use to open it? Or maybe you could provide a different format like pdf or notepad? thank you in advance

I uploaded it in notepad for you, you can get it HERE. I prefer XLS cause you get clickable links already. This way you have to copy-paste every link by hand. I’ll try to include both versions in future. It kind of didn’t occur to me that someone might not have Excel. Sorry.

kagamine-rin  asked:

hi! sorry if someone else has already asked you this, i didnt see it anywhere on your blog! but i was wondering how you make your gifs/what program you use? theyre soooo pretty ;___; i love them!!

Oh, no one has actually asked me how I’ve done them, thanks for asking! I use Project Diva Future Tone for PS4 for the models and animations that you see, it’s a really great game, if you didn’t know about it, it features vocaloids! I record the music videos with the PS4 share button then upload them to a USB and transfer them over to my computer. Then I use Sony Vegas and find some scenes that I like and I cut them out into clips and render them. I generally don’t go over 3 seconds because gif sizes are an annoying thing. I then go upload them to Giphy and then download them after they are turned into gifs. It kind of seems backwards but Photoshop cannot make gifs on my computer, only edit them. After I do that, any gifs that I made in the bunch get edited in Photoshop where I click “Save for Web…” and then it brings me to a screen where I can choose how many colors a specific gif has so I can make them go under the 3MB Tumblr upload limit. Reducing the amount of colors a gif has usually allows the gif to pass through the Tumblr upload limit. After that, I post them all in bulk. I usually do this process on the weekend so I just do it in one big batch like cookies but with Len Kagamine. Thank you so much! I love youuuu~~~

Concert Report - Croke Park, May 23rd

Okay, so, it was an all around amazing experience. I got some videoes I thought were pretty fucking good and some that were meh. Didn’t get all songs because didn’t have any view of the boys, neither screen nor eye, for some of them. Also I wanted to enjoy a few without having to record. MY VIDEOS ARE HERE

Here goes:

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Just uploaded the video, it was very difficult and sorry it’s not good quality, this is all I could do. I’m sure someone else will upload a better one or already has but for now..and please do not re-upload this to anywhere else. thank you.