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@healssims I hope you don’t mind that I made a small edit of your girl Faye. It’s 2 am and my sleep anxiety is getting the best of me and I recently saw where you uploaded her. Btw, congrats on the 200 followers! (sorry I’m late, haha)

I hope I did her justice bc she’s really cool

Also, If you’re not already following him you’re missing out on some quality content!

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my girlfriend broke up with me. and i’m heartbroken. she’s already found someone else to replace me. before we even broke up, she did. i have nothing to love for anymore. nothing to live for.

i’ve only had my heart broken once, and the pain was unreal. i felt betrayed and stupid and ridiculous. i know you’re hurting right now but i can promise you that it won’t last forever. for now: spend time with friends and let them support you, do things that u know made u happy before u were heartbroken (doodling, video games, watching silly movies etc), & give urself something to look forward to that’s a few weeks or months in advance (visiting a new place, a concert, something like that, if u can). do your best to continue getting up every day and ploughing on. it gets better. trust me. i love u

I just realised that Annabeth Chase has:

  • Been at Percy’s funeral, only to see him walk back into camp
  • Been by the coffin of her dead cousin, only to see Magnus walk in
  • Mourned Leo’s death, only for Leo to return…

Anyone else seeing a pattern here?

Just in case y'all hadn't seen episode 1 in a while

When we first see Keith receive his bayard, his sword manifests (as expected) but the shield on his armor does as well.

Which doesn’t seem that odd because, I mean, all the Paladins have these. What’s the deal?

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