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Subtle Romeo and Juliet reference

Hi there,
Let me start off that I don’t have a Tumblr account (duh…. except spending time on other people’s blogs, I’m guilty of that) so I don’t know how it works around here, forgive my ignorance. But I recently discovered something that I want to share with the Restructural Committee since I haven’t found anything close to it on the blog.
I have made a very scarce research on the topic - if somebody has already found what I am about to point out (I’m just too lazy to dig more), then I’m sorry, I wouldn’t know. Also a warning: lot of text incoming, but I hope you’ll find it interesting.

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“hi! sorry to bother you, but turns out that my nut brain of a roommate and i are having a very intense sort of argument and we’ll need you to settle it. afterall, you look very educated on the matter! when you make pancakes - what do you like to put on them and in what order? strange question? yes. matter of national importance? absolutely.”

"It's not a phase, Dad! It's who I am!"

-Kylo Ren, probably