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[Misawa AU] Synchronous Flowering Chapter 5

fandom: Daiya no A

Characters: Sawamura Eijun/Miyuki Kazuya

words: 5.5k+ 

summary: Sometimes a twist in destiny can mean a closer bond from an early stage, and dragging Kazuya off to a small sleepy town in Nagano was probably one of the best things Rei could’ve ever done for him 

Notes: whoooops xD and I’m right back to being late on my updates. I’m sorry I’ve been so bad at being on time but uni is taking all my time at the moment and I almost dont have time to think of anything else. This is chapter 5 so now we’re past the halfway point of what I’ve written. I hope you enjoyed it. It’s the first chapter at seidou and changes are probably becoming more prominent from this point on.
The next ten days I’ll be in Tokyo so I probably won’t have time to update, so I decided on a mini hiatus which means I’ll be back with ch 6 in two weeks. Thank you all so much for your support of this :D I didn’t expect it at all and I’m so astonished at it :D
(Ps: Sorry my laptop is messing with me so the layout is a bit different from usual since I’m doing this from my tablet)

There’s a ringing in Eijun’s ears.

“I’m sorry Ei-chan.”

“I plan to have made first string by the time you arrive.”

“We wanted to play baseball more with you guys.”

“Whether you decide to go or not, I’m definitely going to Tokyo.”


It doesn’t stop until somebody throws a pillow in his face and he opens his eyes to see a grouchy Kuramochi Youichi glowering at him through eyes that are barely slits.

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s i l l a g e | pt. five

Pairing: Reader / Jeon Jeongguk.

Genre: Soulmate!AU where soulmates are drawn to one another by the infliction of physical touch, whether it be pain or pleasure. But it is only initiated once the two people somewhat interact.

Count: 6,152 words.

Warnings: A lot of pain and disgusting kids in love.

from jeon:

hey who’s this

You scoff at the screen. It is nearing midnight, four hours since you have seen Jeongguk in the flesh before he dissolved into the shadows like a ghost, blending with the darkness that he claims to come from, having not a clue that he has bones made of liquid gold, a radiance that can compete with the sun. In the meantime, you have cleansed your skin of salt and sand beneath steaming hot water, eaten a very basic dinner of steamed rice and omelette – oh, the thrills of college student life! – and successfully dodged Joy’s suspicion in her words of Where on earth were you? Why are you trailing sand like an ant?

The decision was made to not tell her so soon. You like having him as your little secret, for the while.

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b-baka-2204  asked:

Hello! Sorry if this has already been answered before but I was wondering if your thinking of ever publishing your comic into several copies? I love your art style and the comic you're writing and find it an awesome idea to own a physical comic made by you! :)

hey there! no worries at all - actually I do have Chapter 1 available as a physical comic, right here!! :-) and, thank you for the sweet message! I’m really happy to hear when somebody’s enjoying the comic ♡

anonymous asked:

sorry im clueless, and i dont know whether somebody has already asked, but what is red-ice? from your art of the miragen?

nope it’s an au I made with sinamour‘s help honestly without her I won’t have a plot for it<3 lol
anon san sure digging my art post eh since I post it like months ago xD
this art is the start of everything

and mama sin makes ffs based on it

to sum the AU: Akashi is freezing and icicles everywhere and kuroko the one that neutral it because he has fire element //the only blue fire that can negate red ice
it’s red ice all over
that’s why it’s called red ice
oh and image below just here because i like it//slapped

Thanks to everybody whom has helped me in the past few days:

@teedeekay (sorry for not taking up the offer, I just don’t take gifts and with my anonymity don’t give out any personal info over the net. already tagged via twitter but just to be nice and to provide a bit more explanation. again, thanks for the offer, TDK - it was really sweet and actually made me blush)
Somebody else whom I’ve forgotten, they were not somebody in my fandoms but sent me an ask anyway - my apologies to them

(not in any order)

The past few days have been traumatising and difficult and I’d like to thank everybody equally for doing what they can - removing posts, providing emotional support, etc.. people going out of their way to make sure I’m not alone, even telling me about their own traumatic experiences to help me out. Your bravery and dedication to me is fantastic and I just can’t believe it.

It’s not going to make me any better for now but I am still very very very thankful.

Please continue the support over the next few days, I will be absolutely struggling and failing to make sense of the world. I’ve been remembering and taking flashbacks to past traumas and I have had to take a lot (and I mean, a LOT) of self care. Sometimes I’ve been spiralling out of control and I’ve actually not felt a will to stay alive at points. But I will get through it and I am trying my hardest.

Just thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. That is all. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I appreciate you all. Thank you for the support.

While I’m writing - @frau-doktor-wurm, are you okay and unharmed? I’m really scared for you right now and I know you’re not in Manchester, obviously - I just want to make sure this isn’t traumatising you and I’m not scaring you too much. 😥


                   "These Days Aren’t Easy Anymore”

Stydia AU for iloveprettylittleliars1234567 based on this prompt:Lydia finds herself pregnant after a one time hook up with Stiles. Problem is, they’re only seventeen and they’re not even together.

Part 2 of 5: (Part 1) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5)   

Scared doesn’t begin to describe how she feels.

Hopeless is more like it. Her stomach’s been in knots since she took the test. She hasn’t gone out all weekend. She’s barely left her room. This is worse than anything she’s ever felt before. Give her werewolves and kanima’s and darach’s any day. She finds it kind of backwards that she feels more prepared for that than a baby.  

But when her mother peeks into her room for the third time that day, concern plastered all over her face, Lydia can’t keep in any longer. She has to tell somebody.  

“Honey, are you sure you don’t want anything to—”

“I think…” she starts at first. She’s only made it two words and already her voice is threatening to betray her. She can scream louder than anyone when it comes to impending death, but now she can’t even talk to her own mother?

“I think I’m pregnant. I’m so sorry.”

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“hi! sorry to bother you, but turns out that my nut brain of a roommate and i are having a very intense sort of argument and we’ll need you to settle it. afterall, you look very educated on the matter! when you make pancakes - what do you like to put on them and in what order? strange question? yes. matter of national importance? absolutely.”