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((hey all sorry to say mod aint doing too hot mentally and im gunna be taking a week off from guyslikeus. ill be back i have so many ideas im just kinda a hot mess right now and need to stop putting so much pressure on myself aaaahaha. ill be drawing for some other random askblogs so keep ur eyes peeled but other than that ill see u next friday! love you all!))


“But seriously, what are you wearing.”

Still drawing some of these per requests, and this one may or may not have gotten out of hand. @okumurachild-satan, I’m so sorry your ask got turned into drarry, ack!

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Hello! Can we get some prompts where the villain got a crush on the hero but tries to hide it the best they could. Until one day during a battle or a situation where the two meet, the hero finds it out somehow? Sorry for my bad English by the way ;-;

The hero froze halfway through the fight, breathing hard. They stared at the villain. “Are you actually getting off on this, like seriously?”
The hero’s head tilted and they prowled slowly closer, radiant and sure and the villain’s breath hitched. “Oh my god,” the hero said softly. 
“I’m not! I don’t - why would I ever like you? You righteous -” They scrambled back. Heart pounding. 
“Uh, uh.” The hero caught hold of them, intoxicatingly close. Seeming now to use it entirely to their advantage. “You’re not going anywhere until we talk about this.”
“Can’t you just kill me instead?”

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Ok. I don't really like Josuke that much, but with how much everyone loves him, I feel like I'm missing some important part of his characterization. Maybe if you could explain why you like him, I would get it? Take as much time as you need to answer, and feel free to completely ignore this if you want. I just thought I would ask you because I love your analysis, and I want to like Josuke like everyone else does. Thanks in any case. Sorry to ask while you're ill.

Ok so I wanted to think about this one a bit, which is why this response is kinda late. My apologies!

First, I should lead off with the fact that you shouldn’t have to force yourself to like a character that just doesn’t click with you. I don’t care about or otherwise feel lukewarm on a lot of characters my friends adore, and as long as you’re able to be civil, there is no problem with disliking or even straight up hating a character a majority of people seem to like. It’s not a blight on you, no matter how much this website likes to preach otherwise.

On Josuke, though, I do want to say that he didn’t immediately click with me, either. In his introductory episodes–the first third or so of DIU–, he’s a bit too stoic for my tastes, a bit too detached. He didn’t capture me at all. Even now, I think his character could benefit from having some more polishing, as his spotlight is shared with quite a few other people in DIU.

But as the part goes on, one thing stuck out to me that started to help him grow on me–and that was him becoming more outwardly flawed.

Josuke’s appeal is that he, like his father, is a bit of a punk and goofy; he can be a bit of a dipshit at times and all in all is very much the teenage boy so many others would be at that age. He lies and cheats and steals–he’s not a savant, only clever when necessary and a bit of a short-term thinker otherwise. He’s a peacock when it comes to his appearance, and though he cares for his friends, he can also be a little selfish or even rude. He feels real. He’s relatable.

What grew on me is when he started smiling more. When he started crying at dropping his shoes in the water, or screaming in glee at having won the fucking lottery, or seeing an Alien (?) and then, instead of freaking out and getting excited at having met an ALIEN, he uses this newfound intelligent life-form to scam a manga artist out of money. I loved him when he started worrying about being shown up by a rat and then bragging when he managed to defeat it (a rat). I adored him when he freaked out at Yoshihiro’s ghost and then barely managed to stutter out a “Y–you weren’t scary at all, idiot!”

When he shows himself to be insecure, a little starry eyed, trying desperately to keep up his cool image but constantly belling his self by doing frankly dumb things every now and again–that’s what makes him appealing to me, and that’s why I love him so much.

Again, you are totally free to disagree. The way you feel and interpret a character is unique to you. BUT that personally is why I appreciate Josuke so much as a protagonist and character.

a poor cell phone pic, i’m sorry, but i’m sure there will be better scans coming.  this is from go yuri go (…..i’m pretty sure, i was looking through it and yuri on life just now), a page which i think shows off the skaters’ styles off the ice.  i thought fellow fans of chris’ super hot boyfriend would appreciate this.  he gets a special entry (like he’s chris’ favorite accessory lol) and… some kind of identifier.  love his flirty wink.  ♥

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Hey there~ I'd like to request the prompt “I know I’ve kissed you like, ten times, but just like another ten, please.” for Zen and (female) MC pretty please <33


Prompt: I know I’ve kissed you like, ten times, but just like another ten, please

Zen x (Female) MC

(Oooh, this is a cute prompt wow ;u; I’m not good at writing kisses, as we all know at this point, so this may be written not all that great, but ey, it’s always worth a shot! Can’t improve unless I practice! I hope I do this enough justice ^^ Thank you very much for the prompt!

This is shorter than most of the things I’ve posted here, sorry! I just didn’t really know what to write ;u;

Oh, also, I made like maybe one reference to MC actually being female, sorry! I know this request did specifically ask for a female MC but I just tend to not bring up gender in these so it’s not all that prominent ;u;)

Zen cuddles up to you on the sofa, pouting and leaning his head on your shoulder, blinking up at you. You laugh and shift to kiss his forehead, before turning your focus back to the movie you had both been watching.

He rests his head on your shoulder and tries to focus on the movie too, but he just isn’t able to at the moment. He is far too restless, and so he ends up getting up to work out for a bit. This, however, does nothing to adequately tire him out, and he ends up even more restless afterwards. He takes a quick shower, and ends up sitting next to you again, cuddled up close with his head on your shoulder, as if he had never left.

You’re still focused on the TV, and he starts to make this small noise in the back of his throat. It’s almost like a whimper,and it makes you turn to look at him, confused. He’s pouting again, and so you move a hand to under his chin, lifting his face to yours to kiss him quickly.

It doesn’t last long enough though, and he continues to whimper every few minutes, causing you to repeat this action over and over, until you get distracted again by whatever has come on the TV.

You only remember he is there when Zen shifts himself to a sitting position and crosses his arms, clearly huffing, and you end up giggling at him, causing him to look at you with a feigned hurt expression. How could you ever forget about your prince?

“What’s up, sweetheart?” you ask him, still trying to stifle your giggles as he frowns at you, actually looking mildly upset at this point.

“I know I’ve kissed you like, ten times, but just like another ten, please?” he begs, pouting yet again with puppy dog eyes as he looks at you.

“You absolute goofball.”

You lean over to him and immediately he wraps his arms around you, smirking. You peck him lightly on the lips, 5 times, quickly, practically only giving him time to realise you’re kissing before you stop. You wiggle in his grip, giving yourself a bit more free space, and lean your head on his shoulder now.

“Princess, this isn’t fairrr~” he whines, tightening his grip around you again, and you bury your face in his shoulder, smiling against his skin.

You feel him shift, and suddenly he has his hands cupping your face, causing you to look up at him. He leans in and kisses you, soft and slow and sweet, and when he pulls away you know you’re blushing. His triumphant smirk just confirms it.

Zen decides to join in on your little game by now turning his attention to the TV, and you bury your face in his shoulder again, mildly flustered. You slowly raise your head and kiss his cheek, neck, and then shoulder, and you hear his breath catch, signalling that you might be the one to win this.

He glances over at you, raising one eyebrow, and you just lean your head on his shoulder, looking up at him. Almost immediately his expression weakens as he leans over to kiss you again, cupping your face in one hand.

After a few seconds you pull back, already ever so slightly breathless, before leaning in and giving him a quick peck on the lips again. Two more kisses, you think, and then he’ll hit his limit of ten.

You move your own hand and place it over his, which is still cupping your face, and as you predicted he kisses you yet again, causing you to laugh in to the kiss. He’s blushing when you pull back, and you have definitely won this game. You kiss him one final time, allowing the kiss to last for a decent amount of time before you pull back and look at him through half-lidded eyes.

“That’s ten kisses, love,” you tell him, half-smiling as you watch him work out what you just said.

You barely stop yourself from laughing as you see it register and he looks so upset you almost want to kiss him again to make it better, but then he frowns and untangles himself from you to stand up.

“You’re so mean to me~” he groans, but he’s smiling again now. “You win, okay? You win. I just wanted a few kisses!”

You both start laughing, and he leans down to hug you, and you just cling to him and laugh, incredibly glad that you have someone like him in your life.

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What's some reasons to like httyd

Sorry this ask is nearly a month old!

HTTYD is fab because:

 - young male hero who does not conform to typical male stereotypes

 - badass female secondary character who is just fantastic. I love Astrid. You don’t see a lot of characters like her. 

 - it’s funny. It genuinely makes me laugh. The comedic timing is spot on. The animated acting is really good, and the animation and the effects hold up incredibly well. 

 - It’s a very well made film. You can really feel that the team worked incredibly hard on it, and it all paid off, because the film is one of those rare films that just feels correct. Nothing is missing, and nothing is there than doesn’t need to be. 

 - Toothless. Amazing character, amazing design. Chris Sanders got it bang on with this one.

 - Compelling AF

 - The soundtrack. Oh my god. It is incredible. I still listen to it pretty much every other day.

 - It doesn’t try to be something it’s not. A lot of films, particularly in kids animation, I feel like they’re always trying very hard. HTTYD just tells a story, a good story, and does it really well.

Genuine quality and class in a film, something that doesn’t come along too often. Please try it!

no trans guy is saying “drawing curvy trans men is bad” but you really think some goblin cis out there is drawing trans men with big tits, tiny waists, curvy hips, accentuating all the features many of us hate in ourselves, because they want to REPRESENT curvy trans men? because it makes trans men feel better about themselves? stop giving cis people the benefit of the doubt or an inch. they’re chasers. you know the point behind us getting upset about it. why should there be infighting about this. cis people don’t care about representation. they want to jerk off to our struggles & they are the enemy by default and can prove themselves otherwise but always by default i am untrustworthy of them. you’re obviously not part of the problem if you, a trans person, are drawing art of characters you want to represent you??? The complaining isn’t about you?

Arguments - Tommy Shelby

The Eden gave me so many feels! Tommy saying he never took grace made me think about a request where the reader is jealous of Lizzie working for him cause she knows of their past and then there’s some arguing that goes down when he finds out the reader is pregnant of him Sorry if it sounds confusing btw

Arguments - Tommy Shelby

“I’m not bothered by it.” You stated, focusing on scrubbing the dirt off of a plate. The lie you were trying to sell may have sounded convincing leaving your mouth but your fingers were turning red from scrubbing the plate in your hands.  

“Of course not. Because I’m an stupid enough to believe that.” Tommy replied, eyes on your hands. He had caught the way your whole body stiffened with the news.  

“If you knew I was going to bothered then why the hell did you do it Tommy?” You dropped the plate and rag in the sink and turned toward him. Everything Tommy did was deliberate and he always had an ulterior motive. You hadn’t married him without knowing that but in this instance it still bothered you.

“I need a secretary. We discussed that. I offered you the job and you turned it down.”  

“I said ‘not right now’ because I have a lot on my plate. I didn’t mean ‘go hire Lizzie Stark’.”  

He was right, he had asked you to take the job and you had turned him down. You had told him that right now wasn’t a good time and that maybe in the future you could. You hadn’t turned him down because you didn’t want to do the job, there was nothing wrong with being involved with the business, but you knew that in a matter of months you would be rather useless. You told him to find someone else to help until you could. Maybe Esme. Anyone, you reasoned, but Lizzie Stark.  

“Sitting in the house all day does require a lot of work I’m sure.” Came Tommy’s snide reply.  

“I do not sit in the house all day!” You snapped.  

“Well there’s no other reason you can’t work. Aside from not wanting to. And if you don’t want the job then I’ve given it to Lizzie and there is no further discussion to be had.”

“I do want to. You know I help as much as I can so don’t be stupid enough to accuse me of not wanting to help you! But I can’t at the moment.”

“That’s bullshit.”

“Don’t talk to me like that. Maybe Lizzie lets you talk to her that way when you fuck her but I’m your wife and I’ll be damned if you talk to me that way.”

Tommy’s fist collided with the table and you jumped back in shock. “I hired Lizzie because she’s the only decent secretary in Small Heath not because I would ever fuck her. Don’t accuse me of something like that.”

“She certainly thinks you would.”

“I don’t give two shits what Lizzie thinks.” Tommy replied. “I hired her to be my secretary because you said no there is nothing else to it.”  

“I didn’t say no!” You repeated. “I said not at the moment.”

“What could possibly keep you from sitting at a desk all day?” Tommy was fed up with the argument by now. You just kept repeating the same things over and over again. You couldn’t work in the business right now but you also wanted him to fire Lizzie Stark because you didn’t like her.  

“It’s not the sitting at a desk that’s the issue.” You replied. It would be the running errands, the long nights, and the stress that would have a negative affect on your baby.  

“Then what could it possibly be?” Tommy shouted.  

“I’m pregnant.”  

Tommy opened his mouth to say something but quickly shut it again at the confession that you were expecting. He had been upset that you thought he had hired Lizzie for some sort of ulterior reason. That you could even think that he would feel anything towards Lizzie or do anything to compromise his relationship with you. But it felt like it made sense now.


“I wasn’t trying to hurt you, by hiring Lizzie, I was just looking for help. I can’t be everywhere at once. But that doesn’t mean I entertained the idea of her in anything more a work capacity.” Tommy stepped forward and took hold of your upper arms. “Lizzie means nothing to me.”

“I know how she feels about you Tommy, and after what happened with John…”

“What happened with John is in the past. And however she feels about me doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is how I feel about you.” Tommy stated. “And this baby.”

“I still don’t like her working for you.” You replied.  

“Then she won’t. I can’t argue with the woman who’s going to be mothering my child.”  

“I’ll keep that in mind.” You moved away from Tommy when he tried to kiss you, “but I’m still upset with you.”  

“Of course you are.” Tommy laughed, shaking his head.

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zhang yixing, please never apologise to us. you have nothing to be sorry about. we will love and support you no matter what, you make us proud every single day. today wasnt the best, but brush the dirt off your shoulders and move on. now please, get some rest and stop pushing yourself so hard. your xingmis will never leave you 💖

My entry for VLD Positivity Exchange for @babitty I hope you like it! I noticed you made a lovely drawing for the exchange so I decided to write you an accompanying fic. I hope that makes up for it being late at least a little; sorry for not being on time with this! I also realized that in the anon ask I sent you about this, my phone autocorrected “late” to “Kaur” guess it’s just not my day, rip. Okay without further ado, some fluff, feat. a strong dose of pining Keith™:

Keith heard the buzzer go off and winced. A stretch of his bandage was unwrapped around his thigh. This was not the best time for visitors. He waited a beat, wondering if whoever it was would just go away. Buzz buzz. Guess not. Sighing, he got up to open the door, limping slightly.

A moment after pulling it open—a moment too late—it occurred to him what a mess he was: hair disheveled and clothes rumpled from sleeping in them last night. And the undone bandage on his thigh was no match for his wrist cast and the bandaid on his jaw. He normally wouldn’t care, but now he did; because the driver who’d almost run him over was standing in his doorway.

Keith had been speeding on his bike, late as usual, and had turned a corner without slowing down. It was a move he pulled more often than he should, and he always got away with it. But that day, a car had been speeding ahead too, and Keith had known they were going to crash a split second before they did.

They’d gone to the hospital to get patched up. They were banged up but luckily nothing was too bad, except for a fracture in Keith’s wrist. They’d exchanged insurance and contact information after they were discharged, but other than noting that the stranger was cute, Keith hadn’t expected the acquaintance to continue.

The stranger—no, Lance—didn’t look all that much better than Keith did standing outside his house, face and forearms sporting small bandages of their own. But even roughed up, he looked good; and Keith was a goner. Trust him to fall for the guy who’d broken his wrist and totaled his bike.

“Hi,” Lance scratched nervously at the back of his neck. “How’re you doing?”

“About as good as I look,” Keith admitted.

“I’m sorry again. I really didn’t see you coming.” As Lance apologized for what could’ve been the hundredth time, Keith noticed for the first time that he was carrying a bouquet in one hand. Lance followed Keith’s eyes and seemed to remember, bringing up the flowers to present them. “Yeah these are for you. Get well soon flowers.”

Keith opened his mouth to say something…anything?…but no words came out. Accepting the bright daisies with a blush to match, he stepped back, allowing Lance inside. He disappeared into the kitchen to put the bouquet into a glass of water, and used the time to try and will his mind to calm down. This was just a social call. Lance was just being a decent person, trying to make up for a mistake. Taking a steadying breath, he returned to the living room to find Lance had made himself at home on the couch. The sight made him inexplicably happy, and he mentally chided his heart to cool it because his erratic heartbeat could probably be heard across the room.

“Did I interrupt you?” Lance’s voice cut through the internal conversation he’d been having with himself.


Lance pointed to the first aid box with the strip of fresh gauze laid out on the table, and looked pointedly at the half-unfurled bandage still dangling by Keith’s knee. “Were you changing your dressing when I interrupted.”

“Oh.” Right. He had been doing that. “Yeah.”

“Oh, sorry. I probably should’ve called first.” Lance looked up at Keith sheepishly. “Pidge just mentioned you were home so I figured I’d drop by and check in on you. Don’t stop on my account!”

“It’s cool. I appreciate it.” He may have been thrilled to have Lance in his house, but he was proud of himself for playing it cool. He sat at the other end of the couch from Lance, and started unwrapping the gauze above his knee the rest of the way. Meanwhile Lance started up some admirable small talk.

“It’s so weird that we’re both friends with Pidge but never knew each other until…”

“Until you almost killed me?” he teased.

“I didn’t almost kill you,” Lance protested indignantly, until he looked at Keith and realized he was joking. He grinned. “But yeah.”

The bandage was off now, and he could see that the gash was healing; though it still looked pretty angry. He adjusted the fresh bandage onto it, and started coiling it, but it was slipping. He opened it, tightened, and started over, but it came loose again.

“Here let me…” Lance gingerly slid closer to him on the couch. They turned toward each other, and Lance took the gauze from his hands. Keith’s breath was shallow as he became aware of Lance’s proximity. Lance drew Keith’s leg gently toward himself, resting it against his own knee. His fingers felt cool against Keith’s skin as he draped the bandage against the wound once. “Put your finger here,” he directed, to hold the gauze in place, then started to wrap the bandage around and around. Keith leaned back on his hands, following the movement, his eyes trained on Lance’s chipping blue nail polish. “Thanks,” he said softly.

Lance looked up and returned the soft look, unaware of the faint blush dusting Keith’s cheeks, camouflaged conveniently by the cuts and bruises already there. Dressing secured, he let go of Keith’s leg, and Keith set his foot down on the floor, putting his weight on it to test. He grimaced slightly, but at least the pain was duller than yesterday.

“Hey,” said Lance.

Keith turned back to see him holding up a king size blue sharpie.

“I always wanted to sign someone’s cast but never had the chance.”

The irony had a laugh bubbling out of Keith. “You’re the reason I’m wearing a cast in the first place, idiot.” But he extended his arm nonetheless.

Lance took hold of it eagerly. “Ugh, details,” he trilled, writing his name in huge lettering, taking up most of the empty space on the cast between the smaller signatures of Shiro, Hunk, and Pidge. And then because there was a little space left, he added a devious-looking cat face.

“What is that?” Keith pulled his arm back to examine it more closely.

“A smiley face?”

“Why is it so…nya?”

“Shut up, it’s cute.”

Well he couldn’t argue with that. He smiled, shaking his head. This was banter he could get used to.


uh hey gamers heres an angsty car boys comic?? I made this over like the course of four-ish days and originally it wasn’t going to be a comic but as i drew more i was like… its gotta be.

basically this is like an AU ending? based off of @irradiatedsnakes ‘s idea that the boys stop at places like that forest deep in the time loop because it’s something to do in the time ring.. Griffin somehow gets hurt and knocked out during one of their road trips and at that point the blob is very near, n nick does what he has to do 

ALSO GOD I’m so sorry for the style changes, I used references for some and none for other so thus .. nick looks different in like every drawing LOL 

anyways i hope its OK and if theres anything i could do better to format comics please let me know (cus i might be making another car boys comic later ;D)

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Hi there! I wanted to say that I love your art! I saw that you've drawn some genderswap with Hux and Kylo so I was wondering if you have any femslash Kylux fic recs? I'm sorry I'm too nervous to come off anon, but I love your art. Thank you



I’m gonna do some bad posting cause i’m terrible at html and posting and blah blah blah so please see the below links.

Ok just some clarification before this hopefully dies down!! I was not talking about the actual performance of Berkeley Heathers! I have not seen it and therefore can’t comment on the actor’s portrayal of JD. I’m sure it was great. I was ONLY talking about the essay/some comments she made online that I disagreed with. It was never meant to be antagonistic so I’m sorry if it came off that way. I hope everyone can chill and take a nap now.


Frank: I’m thinking we should split off into pairs. How about Ian and I start with clearing up the litter, and you two can go see if any of the murals need tidying up?

Olivia: Sounds perfect. You okay with that, Nate?

Nate: *smitten, enraptured, totally would jump off a cliff if she asked him too* Hm? Sorry, what was that? I, uh. I was, uh… 

Olivia: *laughs* I asked if you wanted to come with me and do some mural work?

Nate: Totally. Yeah. That’s, uh. That’s cool. Let’s go. 

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prompt lost #2!!

I’m sorry, you said what to your teacher?

“Wait, wait, what happened!?” Shawn asked, following you into your bedroom. “I’m sorry, you said what to your teacher?” He asked, sitting on your bed.

You looked at your boyfriend in the reflection of your vanity mirror, and rolled your eyes. “He was going off on how male, teenage celebrities only wanted to get into people’s pants,” you saw Shawn’s jaw tighten, but he didn’t say anything. “So I just said that my boyfriend of four years totally just wants to get in my pants.”

Shawn choked, and stood up, walking over to you. “That’s just a bonus.” He said, smirking.

(wow i actually hate this, but send in some requests!)


last updated; 21 june 2017

gif; mine

✦ fic

✧ bulleted list

☽ au

♞ angst

❀ fluff

✵ smut

✎ for some reason i can’t get the links to tags working on mobile unless they’re one word so i’m sorry if they don’t work !


✦ 100 ways to say i love you

based off of these prompts

jeonghan ⋆  ⋆

✦ it reminded me of you ❀

jeonghan comes home with a gift that reminded him of you. based on 100wtsily prompt number 2, “it reminded me of you”

joshua ⋆  ⋆

✦ no, no, it’s my treat ☽ ❀

you go on a date with joshua and he insists on paying. based on 100wtsily prompt 3, “no, no, it’s my treat”

junhui ⋆  ⋆  ⋆

stay there. i’m coming to get you ☽ ♞ ❀

mafia!au, light angst, ends fluffy. jun helps you narrowly escape death. based on wtsily prompt 83, “stay there. i’m coming to get you”

soonyoung ⋆

a little push ☽ ❀

highschool!au, soonyoung and y/n just need a little push. based off of prompt 37, “can i kiss you?”


one more chapter ❀

wonwoo reads to a sleepy y/n. based on 100wtsily prompt number 30, “one more chapter”


i dreamt about you last night ❀

jihoon tells you about a dream he had. 100wtsily prompt number 7, “i dreamt about you last night”


take my seat ☽ ❀

you meet seokmin when your train is delayed. based on wtsily prompt number 8, take my seat.


i adore you ☽ ❀

minghao takes you on a walk beneath the stars

you’re warm ❀

minghao returns home to a sleepy y/n. wtsily prompt 70, “you’re warm”


So it turns out staying up 2 nights in a row to write a story and make a comic dub results in a crash and full system reboot on the third day for me. I set this to render last night, then overslept and couldn’t upload until now lol.

I was like 1000% sure I was going to dub @zarla-s‘s father’s day comic the moment I saw it. Flowey in handplates? Oh lordy [BEGIN EMOTIONAL MELTDOWN]

In addition, as some of you already know, I wrote a one-off continuation of the comic [here]. Because I’m so familiar with another story that involves Flowey and a lot of needless Papyrus suffering by a certain @unrestedjade, this simply had to happen. I’d say I’m sorry…but I’m not >:3

Funnily enough, @robynred also wrote a [story] that continues the comic, and uploaded it basically the same day lol. It’s a bit different, but just as gutting.

Night thoughts

Hello! It’s late and I have work tomorrow and I should realy go to bed but I had a few things I wanted to get out there first! x3

First off all, just thank you to everyine who’s followed me this last year, I’ve had great fun with this blog and I’ve talked to so many wonderful people and found some realy good friends! Exactly one year ago I had 25 followers, and now there’s 750 of you! What happened?? :O Thank you! <3 <3

Second, it’s soon July, and last year I did #elalavelladrawsjuly, where I drew and posted a drawing everyday of July (shoutout to anyone who remembers that!) Would anyone be interested in seeing that again? And if so, what kind of stuff would you like to see me draw? I’m still working on my big commission, and everyday probably won’t be a masterpiece, but there will be something x3

Third, I’ve gotten about a third of the way of said commission, and once I’m done I’m thinking of opening commissions for reals? Maybe a few slots at a time. Would anyone be interested in that? Let me know!

And finally, remember that the giveaway ends this Friday! I’ll contact the winners as soon as I can on Friday, and after they’ve all answered I’ll post the winners here! <3

That was all for now, so goodnight! ^-^