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Pets at Home is taking dry cat food off the shelves after animals started fitting

PETS at Home has recalled four lines of cat food after some animals collapsed and started fitting. The major pet retailer said the three cats became “seriously unwell”.

A statement on the company’s website says: “We are sorry to inform you that we are recalling these AVA products from our range of dry cat food.

“An investigation has revealed that, in the four affected products, the level of thiamine (vitamin B1) was much lower than we had specified. Testing confirmed only these four products are affected.

“We are aware of three cats which, sadly, became seriously unwell four to six weeks after switching to one of the affected products and required veterinary care. All three cats exhibited symptoms of sudden collapse, fitting, widespread twitching and general unsteadiness which are not the classic symptoms of thiamine deficiency.”

What AVA products are affected?

Product: AVA Veterinary Approved Grain Free Mature 7+ Cat Food Optimum Health

Pack size: 2kg

Product code (under the barcode): 7120400

Batch codes:

6165 – best before 14 June 2017

6181 – best before 30 June 2017

6295 – best before 22 October 2017

6363 – best before 29 December 2017

Product: AVA Veterinary Approved Grain Free Mature 7+ Cat Food Optimum Health

Pack size: 4kg

Product code (under the barcode): 712401

Batch codes:

6165 – best before 14 June 2017

6169 – best before 18 June 2017

6210 – best before 29 July 2017

6252 – best before 09 September 2017

6325 – best before 21 November 2017

7016 – best before 16 January 2018

Product: AVA Veterinary Approved Grain Free Senior 12+ Cat Food Optimum Health

Pack size: 2kg

Product code (under the barcode): 712402

Batch codes:

6161 – best before 10 June 2017

6166 – best before 15 June 2017

6229 – best before 17 August 2017

Product: AVA Veterinary Approved Grain Free Adult Cat Food Indoor/Neutured

Pack size: 1.5kg

Product code (under the barcode): 712407

Batch codes:

6165 – best before 14 June 2017

6166 – best before 15 June 2017

6188 – best before 07 July 2017

7006 – best before 6 January 2018

“If you have bought any of the listed products with the specified product codes, please return it to where you bought it for a full refund or call 0800 328 4204.“If you have concerns that your cat may be showing any of these symptoms after switching to one of the four affected products then you should stop feeding and seek immediate veterinary advice.“You can also contact one of Pets At Home customer advisers on 0800 328 4204 for general advice.”

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Why I think Taekook/Vkook is somewhat real

I hope not too many roll their eyes at another ‘delusional shipping fangirl’ right now, because I don’t want to proof things. Just hear me out a bit? (And wow this is long im sorry!! ) These are just my thoughts and excuse me for rambling.
First off: I’m not really into shipping real people because I always feel like I’m… idk disrespecting their privacy? Im not sure how to describe it. I watched about every video there is about bts because they amazed me with their honest chemistry. I like their interaction and how they treat each other.

The vlogs are not part of some kpop show, and its not entirely private either but its something in between and we get to see more of them as persons as we normally would. I think thats why many people love them (myself included) We can have a bit more insight on their character even though we have to keep in mind that they are still aware of the cameras.

I came across ships like vhope/vmin/jikook of course.
I liked all of them in some way because the guys obviously like each other. Still, even though they seem honest in their display of affection I just thought. “Daaamn friendship/bromance goals”. I thought vhope was something at first but when the kissing scene came on I felt like tae was really uncomfortable and that made me uncomfortable too. (Just How I felt, of course, I may be wrong or you can feel differently). So I liked them but felt there was a line they wouldn’t cross.

taekook kind of jumped into my face as they are quite popular. But a few years back I just felt like tae was overly affectionate because kookie is shy and the maknae and the latter is fascinated with tae because of him being extroverted and easy. I didn’t see anything similar to a crush to be honest and they were getting to know each other at that time. So I thought “nah I can’t ship this they’re like…adoring each other on a friend lvl I don’t see romance”. I just thought it was cute but nothing more.

As they got older though Jungkook changed and became more comfortable (I think everyone agrees) around other people.
Tae was getting a bit calmer but then again, he had some serious issues to overcome. And then I started to notice (Kinda). Their relationship changed.
these little things when they think no one pays attention to them (or that’s what I felt like while watching). And maybe they’re just really close friends (they are for sure one way or another) but while watching some videos I was really tense at some points. Not every time they are standing next to each other or something like this but there were certainly a lot of moments where I wasn’t sure where to look because it felt just…private. Like they forgot for a moment that they’re still being watched. And those are moments which are important because they show the true nature of relationships.

In comparison: I just came across the new run episode where kookie slaps jimin on the butt (I laughed for about an hour) and this got me thinking. I wasn’t even shocked. Why am I not having feels over this kind of bold interaction? Isn’t that like shipping material for 300 fanfiction and 2 years of happy squeals? Because I’m totally down for these things lol

But that’s the point. It’s on cam and bold. Jungkook is more bold and playful than before. But sit him next to tae and they’re gonna play the subtle touch game…Or the “I-wanted-to-hug/touch-you-but-is-this-still-okay-bc-were-on-cam”. In other moments though they seem just natural and playful and I don’t see any romantic undertones. It depends on the situations somehow and I think that’s normal.

Butt slapping is bold and can be flirty, but holding someone’s gaze or touching hands is intimate.
And that’s where I see the difference in the ships.
(Also I know that tae is like the touchiest person ever but he always has a line where He is comfortable and where he is not and he made that clear on some occasions. He crossed that line with Jungkook though…intertwining hands etc)

I don’t think they are dating btw as both are a bit against being with another guy (there were a few statements) but you can’t help being at least a little bit attracted even if you don’t want to be… and i think many can relate when I say that nothing is more addicting than a person you can laugh your ass off with, who knows what you’re thinking at some point …because that’s when you feel happy and understood the most and just really really close.
And that’s what we see quite often with them. On another note though: we don’t see them fighting so we have to keep in mind that things will always seem more harmonized because we always get to see the best and loveliest moments and we don’t see the serious shit.

Im not attracted to anything really but I had this kind of relationship with another girl not long ago.
So maybe that’s why I see some similarities and believe that there are some unspoken feelings between them. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Maybe they’re not in love and just really close after being together for so long. Sometimes it’s not easy to distinguish these sort of things. And maybe they are a bit in love and they don’t want to acknowledge it just like me and my friend back then.

I just came to really love their interaction may it be platonic adoration or hidden romantic feelings. And i Love the fandom (well… most of them) for focusing on their behavior, their laughs and the way they look at each other. I think I can see what you see.

I just had to get this off my chest, I hope some of you can relate to my thoughts? And i repeat this is not meant to “proof” realness or bash other ships. I don’t mind other ships whatever they are as long as they don’t hurt anyone. I appreciate other ships too because I love when people show each other affection in whatever way.
I just wanted to share what I feel like and you can agree or disagree :)
(And im not native so im sorry if things sound weird ///)

Don’t You Dare Steal My Heart (Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader)

Write-A-Thon: Day 3 (Lit Day)

Summary: Everything has a consequence, good or bad. Whether it be a fall from a cliff or a stolen kiss, nothing will ever be the same.

Warnings: Swearing

Words: 7635 (I’m literally the most extra I’m sorry)

A/N: This is a bit late but this is for Day 3 of the write-a-thon. it’s based off of the book I’ll give you the sun by Jandy Nelson but I sort of got a little off track with the plot, oops. I ended up making it a lot longer than I originally intended and theres still quite a bit left in the google doc, so I’m dividing it into either 2 or 3 chapters and I’ll be posting the next parts some time in the next few days. Without further ado, enjoy my fic.

It was said that the fall from the cliff would be fatal, but you knew better. You’d seen Anthony take the dive countless times, miraculously swimming back to the surface after a few moments of submersion. It wasn’t the fall that would kill you, it was the rocks.

If you weren’t careful about where you landed, you’d hit the rocks rather than the cold embrace of the water. And yes, that would indeed be fatal.

Despite having witnessed Anthony survive the plunge time and time again, you still felt your stomach drop to your knees every time he did so. Yet he always broke through the surface only a few moments later, but still: there was always that terrifying, heart stopping moment as you watched him fall through the air, and for a fraction of a second, you were convinced that he’d miscalculated his dive, that he would hit the rocks, but luck always prevailed.

You watched through eyes darkened by worry as Anthony climbed up the set of stairs that had been built into the cliff. His curly hair was matted against his head, and his clothes were dragged down by the weight of the river water, but his face was still illuminated by a wide grin.

His eyes sparkled with a fervent and ever burning fire, a genuine sort of happiness that Anthony seemed to carry with him in his pocket, a ray of sunshine that he held close to his chest at all times.

As soon as he was close enough to reach, you smacked him playfully with the sleeve of your hoodie. “For fuck’s sake, Ant. It’s got to be thirty degrees out, and you could freeze.”

He raised his hands in surrender, grinning like an idiot. “Hey. Hey. I’m fine, aren’t I?”

“This time,” you mumbled under your breath, earning another laugh from your cousin. “You could get seriously hurt,” you told him, knowing that this was no surprise to him

“Don’t worry about it, (Y/N).” That stupid smile remained on his face. As much as you loved your cousin, it was impossible to reason with him. He paid no regard whatsoever to his own safety, preferring to but his life on the line just for the sake of fun.

You stood your ground, daring to keep your gaze steady, meeting his. You were happy to stand there staring him down until the world around you had crumbled into nothingness and your life had become as meaningless as the words on the pages of the books you read: forever to be glazed over and soon to be forgotten.

Drawing out a smile, Anthony threw his head out a let out a great bark of an Anthony Ramos laugh: loud and clear, cutting through the still air with the sharpness of a knife. “You worry too much.”

His words were thinly veiled in truth, but forever failing to contain it in its cloak of white lies. You did worry too much, but only when it came to Anthony.

You shoved his jacket out towards him. “I’m not worrying right now.” Your words slid bitterly between your teeth. You weren’t lying: in that moment, you weren’t worried at all, not now that the moment of anxiety had passed.

Anthony took the jacket, an amused look taking over his face. “What’s the matter?”

You rolled your eyes, drawing your gaze out around the park. The world seemed to be washed in various shades of grey, a cold and artificial setting for the cold and artificial people to carry on with their cold and artificial lives.

The ground was littered with empty soda cans and candy wrappers, a bitter visual reminder that teenage recklessness would always reign superior over common sense, and that the high schoolers would forever carry with them such a blatant disregard for nature, with no reason in their minds to care for preserving the beauty of the world around them.

“I think you’re being an asshole.” You offered up what you both already knew.

Anthony smirked and dug around in the pocket of his jacket for a few moments before pulling out a pack of cigarettes. “I know.” He knew. He knew it a thousand times over, just as he knew that jumping off cliffs was reckless and stupid and that smoking could give you cancer. But he couldn’t find it in himself to care, as he lit a cigarette and tucked the rest of the pack safely away in the pocket of his jacket. He slung it over his shoulder and held the cigarette loosely between his lips, in what seemed to you as some pathetic attempt to look cool.

You often struggled to define the nature of your relationship with Anthony. You were much closer than many other pairs of cousins, yet you often found yourself losing your temper with him. People constantly told you that you and Anthony acted like siblings- perhaps that was it. You were like twins, always joined at the hip when he came into town. But lately Anthony had seemed off, much different than how he usually tended to act. There was the cliff diving, and then the smoking habit which had appeared seemingly out of nowhere. Anthony was a different person than he’d been when you two were little, but then again, so were you.

“It’s five, we should be getting home,” Anthony told you, all too cynical and formal. You sometimes forgot that beneath the tough and fearless exterior, Anthony cared quite a bit about pleasing adults.

“My parents won’t care,” you supplied, knowing that that was vastly untrue. But lately your parents had become intolerable, even more so than Anthony. It seemed as though all they cared about was your art, and every moment with them was spent discussing your application for CSA: California School for the Arts, the prestigious artistic school in San Francisco.

Of course, you wanted more than anything to get into the school, but the constant pressure that had been put on you by your parents had begun to take the fun and excitement out of the process. Even the act itself of doing art, which had once been an escape had started to feel like a chore. Each drawing, every painting had to be done perfectly and in such a short amount of time that you could barely remember why you’d once loved it.

“They’ll care.” Anthony spoke with a sort of finality, putting his foot down to squash any sort of disobedience. Your mother had told you to be home by five thirty, and being even a minute late would the single most horrible act a person could commit- at least in the mysterious mind of Anthony Ramos.

“You’re a dick,” you decided with the kind of nonchalance that dug down deep with intent, set out purely to get under Anthony’s skin. Sure enough, you were met with success.

“Because I jump off cliffs and want to enjoy my life instead of just letting it fly by like you do?” Anthony demanded, indignance drawing itself out in his voice.

“Because you risk your life for the sake of having fun and you think that those cigarettes will make you look cool,” you clarified. You gave way to the smallest of smirks as you crossed your arms over your chest. “But by all means, continue what you’re doing. Don’t let something as simple and irrelevant as common sense stop you.”

Anthony chuckled softly, regarding you with a smile. He seemed to be at a loss for words: he simply turned and began the walk home, way too confident that you would follow.

But you did. You always did.

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anonymous asked:

So, you know Dean's confession scene? I know a lot of people interpret it as a bi!Dean thing, including me. But what do you think Jensen thinks of it? What do you think he thought the writers were trying to convey in that scene? Idk how else to interpret it, so I'm curious what he might think the point of it was, or if he ever talked about it at a con. (I am NOT suggesting someone ask him about it. Just pure speculation here.)

Hi there! I wouldn’t normally answer this type of ask, but since I seem to be getting quite a few of them lately, I think I need to…

What do I think that Jensen thinks of it?

Frankly, I don’t care. It’s irrelevant. It’s not something that we can actually know or write meta upon.

For many reasons that have been stated in the past (actors have NDA’s and legally can’t discuss Major Plot Things, actors interpret characters but do not have any knowledge of or input in the script writing process, actors are not looking at the “big picture” of the narrative structure and parallels and subtext… and the list goes on and on), THERE IS NO WAY TO KNOW WHAT JENSEN OR ANY OF THE ACTORS TRULY THINKS ABOUT THESE SORTS OF THINGS.

I write meta from the point of view of someone looking at the entire series, parallels to other sources (literary, mythological,religious, historical, pop culture, etc.), and narrative structure. While actor commentary on various scenes is often interesting, speculation on what they MAY believe about a certain scene– it’s not something I really want to engage in on this blog.

If you’d really like to discuss this, either come off anon or hit me up in the chat bubbles (I reply pretty quick to those when I’m actually online). I can’t guarantee that I’ll get into a big discussion about it, because basically my opinion on the matter can be summed up as above ^^, but I won’t dismiss a conversation on the topic out of hand.

This reply is also not a general invitation for everyone and their uncles to start messaging me expecting responses on this either. I really do have very little to say on the subject.

I stopped really paying much attention to con stories a couple years ago. If you go back and watch a few dozen con panel videos, they all start to look the same after a while. Partly because the actors are very limited in what they’re legally allowed to say in public anyway (see above referenced NDA– non-disclosure agreements are serious business, and violating them can have career-destroying effects), and because often what they DO say is reported out of context in a sort of weaponized form designed to belittle and shame certain portions of the fandom… I prefer not to engage.

Sorry if this really hasn’t answered your question, but hopefully it explains WHY I don’t feel comfortable answering your question…

If you’re still unsatisfied, come off anon and we can talk privately. :)

i’m sorry i’ve been listening to this album on and off for the past few months but it’s really HITTING tonight… this one is so good it’s like if bruce springsteen made dream pop like i literally had to look up if she was just covering some obscure springsteen b-side because the songwriting conventions are SO bruce

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TFLN about missing harry and his cuddles and you guys get all "lovey-dovey" then one of the boys take his phone lmao

Harry. Missus.

I miss you.

Your house is so boring without you.

Why are you in my house?

I was bored at my flat today.

And I wanted something to remind me of you.

Don’t you have work today?

I thought you had a busy day at the nursery today? I know you’ve been planning some arts and crafts with everyone.

Took the day off today.


What’s the matter?

Not feeling so great today. I didn’t want to infect the kids with my cold.

That’s why I miss you, too. I just want your cuddles when I’m sick. Being in your house just makes me feel all warm and cosy.

Also, I ran out of soup and you have loads of chicken in your cupboard and it’s my favourite flavour; I know you stock up for me.

I’m sorry. :(

Thank god I’ve still got all those tins from the last time you were sick. And refused to leave my house until you resembled a human and not a zombie.

Shut up, you tosser. You should see me now. I look worse than a zombie.

I’m tucked up on your sofa in your clothes - your jumpers are so warm, by the way - because I just want to cuddle with you and sleep whilst you rub my sick tummy and give me forehead kisses.

I’ve got tissues hanging from my nose because I just have the snottiest nose ever - gross, I know - and I’ve got a bucket beside me in case I throw up and ruin your sofa.

Please don’t. You know I can’t handle sick.

I won’t.

If it helps though, I miss you, too. 

Plane rides aren’t the same without you curled up under my arm. And the hotel rooms are a lot colder when you’re not here. Also, it doesn’t feel right waking up to no one beside me and no one kicking me and no one kissing me awake.

Don’t. I may just cry.

I miss you so god damn much.

Miss you toooooooooooo.


I want you to cuddle me so badly!!!



Who’s taken Harry’s phone?

Who is this?

Liam, is this you?


Who is this?

Who do you love more than Harry?

Tom Hardy!?

No, you donut. 

It’s Louis.

Do I get your cuddles too?

Why do you have Harry’s phone?

Why did you ruin this moment?

For the record, you’re a close second to Harry. Harry’s my favourite love.

Ouch. ;)

But, Harry went for a wee. Left his phone on the table. Idiot leaves his phone unlocked so I took the opportunity to mess with him. 

It would have been Niall otherwise; and we know he gets cheeky when he starts pranking people. He was staring at the phone and smirking.


I love him but my god, he would give himself away. He jumps right into “My dick misses you, babyyyyyy. xxxxxx”

Harry doesn’t text like that.

Doesn’t he? ;)

When we sext. Sure.

Harry’s coming back. Byeee.

I’m going to kill that wanker.

Don’t be silly.

He ruined our good, sweet, lovey-dovey moment.

You left your phone unlocked, you moron.

Skype call later? I’ll be back at the hotel soon from rehearsals. 


I’m going to borrow some of your face stuff because my face looks horrible. Love you. Byyye. x

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What personality traits/overall type of person do you think would be best suited for Jason Todd romantically? (Sorry if this comes off as weird— this is from a fanfic writer who's characters have only seemed to clash with Jason lol.)

Thanks for the ask! ✨ I hope this will help, if not just send me another message and I’ll try to come up with some more ideas.

Okay, so here’s some personality traits implicated how they would probably impact Jason, or vice versa. First note that I personally think Jason would be well suited with a wide range of personalities. But mostly I think he would be attracted to an independent strong woman who doesn’t need a man, but at the same time he wants to be needed and wants to take care of his significant other.

That ‘someone special’ would probably be an accomplish women whether that be because of her family’s wealth, her own hard work of climbing the ladder of wealth, or because she’s an accomplished warrior. Despite all that, she has a knack for getting into trouble, possibly surpassing even Jason himself.

Once she does fall in love she becomes pathetically obvious, despite all her efforts to not fall in love with him. She’s also not necessarily a dreamer but she admires that Jason is a grounded person. Because it balances her out when she needs it.

She might even have a little bit of a dark past which is a common ground her and Jason build their relationship on once he discovers it–and he will. She’s also smart, determined, competitive, and kind, but probably scares children more than Jason does.

They both know they need each other in ways no one else could understand. But that doesn’t mean there is no arguments and struggles in their relationship. Sometimes from the onlooker, it seems like they fight like cats and dogs.

Jason wants someone who can be equally as independent as he is, otherwise he feels a sense of guilt—like he’s failing being a good partner that his beloved deserves. He just doesn’t know how to stop working and set aside sometime for them to go on a date and spend that crucial quality time that all couples need.

Jason’s s/o is also confident and outspoken with a rebellious streak. She can be really funny but usually she’s not trying to be, and he always appreciates when someone can make him laugh because he tends to be very melancholy at times, and it’s nice to have a companion who can pull you out of that mood.

But omygosh, Jason is such a boy when it comes to showing the woman he loves that he likes her more than anyone else: He’s always searching for an opening to tease her, and that flirtatious teasing carries on throughout their relationship. She tries, but usually fails, at pretending to hate his teasing, but as I stated earlier, she’s really obvious when it comes to love. She’s also vengeful af, and surprises him sometimes when she sneakily repays his prank.

Her guilty pleasure is when Jason gets jealous when another guy starts giving her their attention.

She often finds herself being the only one who can handle Jason most days, and having to hold him back from losing his hot temper and assaulting someone who is particularly being annoying or evil (especially if they’re males). And that gives her a sense of pride knowing that she is the only one who can talk him out of things he’s really set on doing.

They also often find themselves disagreeing when it comes to running their lives (especially if they are both crime fighters), their methods often clash and unfortunately they are both equally stubborn. So they have to agree to disagree and fix the collateral damage later. He does his own thing by his own reckless rules and she gets frustrated because she suspects him of having a death wish. But at the same time she feels a contradiction because she admires his strong will, ingeniously methods of attack, and his all-around self-sufficiency.

He knows when she lies to him and she hates it so much because she can’t get away with anything.

Now, if she’s a girly girl, she loves being rescued by him. But if she’s a tomboy, she tries to pretend she hates being rescued by him. (because she’s got some pride issues she needs to work on, but deep down inside she actually cherishes it and gives him a kiss at the closest safe moment).

She’s very affectionate with him because they are both somewhat starved for affection. She’s also very protective of him but usually behind his back because she knows he likes to pretend he’s made of cold steel.

He sometimes goes to elaborate lengths to do something really romantic for her, and she probably feels uncomfortable when he’s so sweet and generous because she has her own insecurities of not feeling deserving of it. But at the same time she feels so loved every time he’s trying to be romantic, and she wants to deserve him. If only she knew he felt the same way.

Sorry this was so late, anon! I hope you like! :3


Thanks @crossedbeams for tagging me! With 8 Days to WE! I got some pretty amazing news!!

I have been applying to Universities, getting ready to transfer from my current one to further my education and last night I got a pretty amazing E-mail! 

I got into my number one choice!!!! I have worked so hard for so many years to keep my grades far above average and my attendance practically perfect! Apparently my hard work paid off like there is no tomorrow!! I have wanted to attend this school so long… and while it may not be my first choice in Major I can always change that later!! 

I owe this one to the amazing women who inspired me throughout my life to keep going and aim high! So on this average Wednesday, I am going to be celebrating a huge win for myself!! I’m sure after this news, the rest of the day is going to be pretty meh!

I’m going to tag @cosmic-files-87 @notacleverxfileshandle @2moms-0fucks @ccoble @storybycorey @xfile-cabinetx @puzzlingpeace @scullysbagel Share #WhatIDidOnWednesday!


Hi guys, long time no see ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄

Sorry for disappearing from tumblr, I have been trying to deal with myself mostly because it has been a really bad time for me..

Not that anyone die or anything but I have been plaqued with stress and depressinh thoughts that I decided to take a break from tumblr..

As some of you know, I have been mostly active on ig and you have probably seen that I practically also spammed a lot like when I was back in tumblr..

So this time I took courage in trying to spam art into my tumblr account again :)

I am considering in turning off the anon ask because having hate asks in one of the main reason why I am scared of entering tumblr, which may sound silly but it is what it is.

This time I want to share my Idolish7 chibi sketches :’)

I hope that you’d enjoy this as well.

Do not repost/edit without permission.

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My teacher kicked me out of her class and I started crying in the hallway so the school sent me home

Aw dude I’m sorry you got kicked out of class, take the day to relax and blow some steam off, hope next day is better ♡♡♡

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GORL. Your response to that Richonne hate about them doing the do all over Virginia and them leaving a mess. Whooo girl you made me spit out the imaginary water I was drinking. I about died, and I coulda, but I don't want to miss the magic that will be 7.12! Imma need a fan, ice water, something to cool me off! 😜❤️

😂I’m sorry, I really didn’t mean to make an attempt on your life before the episode airs! We need you here! You find yourself some water, and I’m gonna go find my chill so I can properly lose it on Sunday.

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Ok but what about hypothermia and Lance??

Oh, man. Yes. I’ma get a lil more gin then write the fuck outta this. Have a ficlet! I’m sorry it’s so uninspired. I’ve been awake since Sunday and I might do a better hypothermia fic some day when I’m more… brain.

Lance had stopped shivering since he’d fallen through the ice, but Keith and Shiro were not sure that was such a good thing. His skin was still ice cold. 

“Lance, stop kicking your blanket off,” Shiro warned. Lance was so delusional that it bordered between horrifying and infuriating. 

“It’s cold,” Lance complained weakly. 

“That’s why you need to keep this on,” Keith explained, tucking the blanket aggressively around Lance’s body. 

There’s a certain kind of cold that consumes everything around it. The whole area around Lance’s frozen body was intaking heat so rapidly without any relief that it just left patches of freezing cold blankets around him. He squirmed, feeling trapped prisoner with the biting air, and Shiro rubbed a hand down his face. 

“This isn’t working,” he finalyl cut his losses. Shiro hadn’t yet taken off his armor, in his haste to get Lance into a warm bed, but now he began to strip down to just the skin-tight suit underneath and crawled under the covers with Lance. 

“He is freezing,” Shiro mumbled. Keith wasn’t far behind him, ripping off his own armor to snuggle in close. 

“And annoying,” Keith kicked at the blue paladin as his icy feet wormed their way to press against Keith’s calves.

Lance fell asleep smiling sandwiched between the most reluctantly sweet boyfriends in the world.

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sending you a ship: taegi

Shops for groceries

Yoongi always stops by the grocery store on his way home. He and Taehyung agreed long ago that Yoongi would handle all the budgeting and as long as Taehyung sends him a list of things they need, things run smoothly. More often than not, though, Yoongi ends up buying extra snacks because Taehyung had made some off handed comment earlier that day about craving said snack.

Kills the spiders

Neither. It’s not that Taehyung’s scared of spiders but rather that he doesn’t see the point of killing them when he can just let them go outside. Yoongi used to reach for the vacuum hose/nearest boot without hesitation every time he saw a spider but after that one time he killed one in front of Tae and had to deal with the younger’s crestfallen face and “that really wasn’t necessary, hyung, what did the poor thing ever do to you?” he feels a bit guilty and has learned to just scoop the thing up on a piece of paper or in a jar and let it go outside.

Comes home drunk at 3am

I can see them both coming home drunk at 3am but I think Taehyung would be the slightest bit more likely. Bro nights out with Jimin always end up with Taehyung completely shitfaced and even after dating for a couple of years, Yoongi still doesn’t know how to handle a drunk Tae. As with sober Tae, drunk Tae is really unpredictable and Yoongi never knows if he’s going to come home grumpy and irritable or as a giggly and handsy mess.  Whatever the case is, though, Yoongi’s always quick to adapt whether it be to impromptu dance sessions in the living room, to Taehyung wordlessly slipping under the covers, or something inbetween. 

Makes Breakfast

Yoongi but only because he wakes up first and even though it takes him a sluggish half an hour to finally get up out of bed, it takes a sizable army to wake Taehyung up. By the time Taehyung finally stirs, Yoongi’s already showered and started to make breakfast. Even though Yoongi will never admit this aloud - at least not infront of Taehyung - he loves the way Tae comes up and hugs him while he’s busy cooking, loves the way Taehyung nuzzles his nose into his hair and wraps his arms tight around Yoongi’s waist, before sleepily muttering “G’morning.”

But that’s not the reason why he likes making breakfast, not at all.  

Remembers to feed the fish

Taehyung! Even though Taehyung can be really absent minded and forgetful when it comes to things like taking out the trash or washing dishes, when it comes to feeding the fish, Taehyung never ever forgets. Well, neither does Yoongi but he figured that since taking care of the fish is one of the few things that Taehyung actually remembers to do, he’ll let Tae handle it on his own. 

Decorates the apartment

Taehyung and Yoongi both but Taehyung does it more often. He’s always swapping the pictures in the picture frames or hanging new frames up, changing the welcome mat or buying new crockery to decorate the china cabinet. Taehyung’s also better with his hands than Yoongi is, he’s the one that puts up all the shelves and the hammers the nails in the walls. When it comes to decorating for the holidays though, they always do that together. 

Initiates Duets

Yoongi because he loves hearing Taehyung sing and loves the way Taehyung’s eyes wane into adorable half moons and crinkle at the corners when he hears Yoongi sing along with him.

Falls asleep first

Yoongi always falls asleep first. On nights when Taehyung’s away on a schedule, Yoongi tosses and turns and barely manages to get in a few hours of shut eye but when he’s wrapped around Tae, with his face buried in the crook of Taehyung’s neck and Tae’s arm thrown over his waist, sleep comes easily. 


i was tagged by @oexo @kingusoo and @angelyoons for this wallpaper/music/selfie tag :^) yes,i know i kept some of these tags for like 6 million years rIP thank you so much my soft cutes kfjfklsjf ilysm 

i. my wallpaper RIP;;; he’s so cute make is stop

ii. my lockscreen is practical lmao my quarter schedule

iii. the last song i listened to:  🔥 🔥 🔥

iv. technically not a …selfie lol but i really like this picture

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I am done with myself,,, I accidentally slammed the fridge door and then a glass cup (idk why that was there) fell off of it and shattered then ripped the leather couch on the bottom and cut my own foot

thats impressive and im sorry :( grab some disinfectant and plasters!

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hey!!!! so for music / song recs, I like generic pop punk like neck deep, chunk no captain chunk! and bands like green day and fob, so generic pop punk lol and just alt rock / punk idk a n d i also like soft / nice music like jaymes young and sleeping at last!!! thank you for any suggestions 💞

Hi, here are some songs I’d recommend to you: 

Strangers - Trash Boat
Shimmer - Moose Blood
Nerve - The Story So Far
Keeping Watch - Better Off
Citizen - Sleep

Obviously I’m sorry if you knew any of them or don’t like them, but I hope you will :) Thank you for your support!

ahhh hello ! i got home so late today….my schedule this semester ? the Worst™ but i’m a ( she / her pronouns) from the est timezone & im abt to take off my makeup and Relaks bc i dont have class tomorrow…*beyonce vc* god is real …fun fact ? half my keyboard is broken im living that College life… if i take 10 yrs to reply just kno….ya girl is trying her best ok ! enoUGH abt me time to talk abt my daughter, my baby, og Messy Bitch™….. johara almasi 

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okay since people didn’t think I was “genuine” here is my real sorry. So I talked with Jean and he said he forgives me so that is fine. Also, I really only look like I’m being a bitch to him bc he doesn’t respond right to being nice so you have to be mean to get through to him. But whatever I’m sorry it pissed people off. And I’m sorry I punched him a few years back, it was just a reflex JFC what else would I do?? Ok and I’m wrong about men not being raped and having mental illnesses and about bisexual being sexist. I’ll admit that 🙄But i don’t agree with eating meat and with some racist stuff and that men are not all sexist.