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i promise.

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(steve harrington x reader) 


summary: steve comforts the reader through a hard time. and buys a shit ton of dog stuff. 

word count: 1,508

a/n: okay, so this request was different than some others that i’ve gotten. i know that it’s tough when confronted with something like this, and i really hope that this cheers you up. i’m sending good vibes to you and your dog! i wanted to get this up as fast as possible, so i’m sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes. 

You opened your door and there was Steve Harrington, three plastic bags hanging off of his arms while they were filled with, well, stuff. It was kind of hard to make it all out whenever it was just there in one big pile, mostly obscuring his face.

“Steve?” You questioned, scrunching up your brow as you tried to understand just what he was done.

“Can I come in? My arms are going to give out, I swear to God.” With that, he didn’t wait for an answer, instead pushing past you and promptly dumping everything onto the recliner that was settled in your living room.

“What are you doing?” Your words came out slow and careful. A part of you didn’t even want to know what was going on. The last time he’d had that much stuff in his arms, you’d ended up staying awake until five in the morning trying to get his science experiment done the day it was due.

“Nancy called, and told me what was up. Figured I’d come over.” He went to continue on, when your dog trotted out of the hallway, perking up whenever he spotted Steve. “Hey, buddy,” he cooed, crouching down and holding his hand out. He padded over to Steve, rubbing his head against the young man’s hand, huffing happily as Steve scratched him behind the ears. He looked from your dog to you, his eyes growing a little sad. “How you holding up?”

You shrugged your shoulders, glancing away from him. You didn’t want to think about that. It was too painful to think about, and you really didn’t want to cry in front of Steve.

“Fine. So what’d you bring?” The words came out with a forced cheer, one that Steve picked up on. He gave your dog another scratch behind the ears before shifting to his feet. He shot you a quick grin as he headed to the recliner, his cheeks a little red as he regarded all of the stuff that he’d gotten.

“Alright, so I might have gone a little overboard, but just trust me with this, alright?” He pressed his lips together, as though he were trying to figure out how to word things. “I always wanted a dog, and my parents never let me get a dog, so I decided that I’m officially going to spoil the shit out of your dog and you can’t tell me no.” It was a bit obvious that he was avoiding saying what was really going on, but you appreciated it.

“Dude, spoiling him is one thing. This is a whole other level, I can’t even - Wait, is that a dog bed?” You stared at him, brows raised as you stepped towards the pile. You lifted it up - a plush, soft white faux fur covered dog bed. “Are you serious?”

“A king needs to sleep like one, Y/N,” was all Steve said, bumping his hip against hers lightly. “So you can set that down on the ground for him, let him try it out. I also got him a ton of dog treats. I didn’t know what kind he liked, so I just got a ton of different kinds? I also got some toys, like balls and stuff. Oh! I got him some stuffed animals too, with their eyes sewn in, so he can chew them up. What else? Some of that real fancy dog food, the wet stuff? Does he eat that? It looked like real nice on the package, but I opened one up in my car and it looked like shit. Smelled like shit too. So I’m not sure if you want to feed him that.”

You just stared at him. There were no words that could begin to explain your feelings. Was it shock? You could have just been overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information that he was throwing at you. Dog beds and food and toys and fancy food? And he’d sniffed it? You blinked at him.

People could say a lot of things about Steve Harrington, but one thing that they couldn’t say was that he didn’t care. The boy cared a lot; more than most.

“So, uh, that’s just his stuff. There’s more,” he said, watching you with a sheepish grin on his face.

“What do you mean, there’s more? How much more can there possibly be?”

“Well, I, uh, I figured that you’d need some cheering up. So I got you junk food and some VHS tapes that we could put in. And I figured later tonight, for dinner, we could go grab some pizza or some KFC and bring him along for a ride in my car?”

You swore that your eyes were going to bug out of your head.

“You’re going to let him in your car? Really?” Steve just shrugged.

“Look, I’m not saying that you’ll have to - you know - but if you do? I just figured that maybe we could give him a really good day.” You pressed your lips together, trying to stave off the wave of emotion that was suddenly threatening to overcome you. So you did the next best thing. You set the dog bed on the ground (to which your dog immediately ran over and laid on) and stepped to Steve, wrapping your arms around his neck. His own went around your waist, pulling you to him nice and tight. You felt his lips press against the top of your head as he held you against him. Your eyes squeezed shut as you pushed everything else away. For a moment, everything felt like it had before you’d gotten the news.

By the end of the day, the three of you had ended up on the couch, watching Sixteen Candles. The VHS tape before that had been The Karate Kid.  You and Steve were in the middle of the couch, your side pressed against his, your head against his shoulder. His arm was around you, one hand playing with your hair while the other was in his lap, scratching your dog’s head. Your dog was stretched across the both of you, demanding to be pet by the both of you.

It had been a perfect day. You’d spent most of it just cuddling and playing with your dog. He managed to destroy three of the toys that Steve had gotten him before eating his fill of food (apparently the fancy, wet food was delicious to dogs) and then passing out on his fancy new dog bed. Steve had stuck around the entire time, telling stupid jokes and making you laugh the entire day.

Once dinner time had rolled around, the three of you had piled into Steve’s car. Your dog had started out in your lap, but quickly decided that the freedom of the backseat was much more interesting, and easily made his home back there. He’d ran back and forth, from window to window, looking out with wide eyes at the passing world.

You and Steve had decided upon KFC for dinner, figuring that you could take the skin off of the kitchen and feed it to Y/D/N. Steve kept making comments about it being finger-licking good, with each repetition growing more and more ridiculous until you couldn’t help but laugh at him.

Eventually, you’d made your way back to your place. And that’s how you ended up there, cuddling on the couch as your mind drifted to the inevitable. Without meaning to, you sniffled a little, along with a couple of tears sneaking out.

“Hey, hey, hey,” he murmured. You hadn’t realized that he’d been looking at you. He stopped petting your dog for a moment, using his thumb to wipe the tears off of your cheeks. “It’s okay to cry.” Your eyes slipped shut as you tried to breathe deeply, but it was hard. “Don’t feel like you have to hide how you’re feeling, Y/N. This is a sucky situation. You’re allowed to be sad,” he told you, his voice quiet. You looked up at him, the light and colors from the screen reflecting on his face. Your dog let out a soft whine, quieting only when you and Steve resumed petting him.

“What if we have to, Steve? What if we have to do it?”

It took him awhile to answer. His teeth bit at his lower lip, eyes darting around the room as he searched for that elusive, correct answer.

“He’s had a good life, Y/N. If it has to happen, then… He’ll be in a good place. You gave him a great life. He knows that you love him, and he loves you too.” He let out a sigh. “I promise you that no matter what happens, I’m going to be right there, okay? I’m not going anywhere.”

You looked away from Steve towards your dog, who was scooching to be firmly on your lap. He nuzzled around, trying to find that comfortable spot before letting out a content ‘humph’ and settling down.

“You promise?”

“I promise.”

This may be an unpopular opinion but I’m no longer interested in engaging with these public sexual assault and harassment allegations. File a police report, present some irrefutable evidence, or fuck off. That’s where I’m at with it. With all these unsubstantiated allegations this is really looking like a witch-hunt. I’m sorry but an accusation isn’t evidence in and of itself.

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43 reddie. Please?

Of course! Thanks for requesting, I’m sorry about the wait!

43. “You’re lucky you’re cute.”

“Eddie spaghetti! How has your night been so far? Mine has been great I was with your mo-” Richie teased as he climbed through Eddie’s window, a regular occurrence that seemed to get more and more frequent with time. Eddie didn’t mind this, he had grown accustomed to it and desired Richie’s presence more and more with each day.

“Shut the fuck up Richie!” Eddie said cutting Richie off.

“Awh Eds don’t worry I saved some energy for you too,” Richie said with a wink causing Eddie’s cheeks to redden.

“Don’t call me that,” Eddie said as if on reflex.

Richie’s continued to pester Eddie in the same flirtatious way and they were most definitely getting on the smaller boys nerves but Eddie was too in love to wish him to stop. He hated the boys obnoxious comments but loved the sound of his voice. He hated those damned winks that would make Eddie’s heart leap. He hated those nicknames that made him melt with euphoria. He hated how Richie’s presence made his heart rate increase, his body to heat up, and giving him a general sense of giddiness. Eddie concluded that being in love was bad for peoples health because damn, what else could explain these dramatic changes at just the presence of another.

Richie walked over to where Eddie was sitting on his bed and sat down beside him somewhat awkwardly before resting his head on Eddie’s shoulder, “Anyways I had something more important to do than talk about fucking your mom,”

“And what is that?” Eddie asked noticing Richie’s face being the one reddening now.

He sat up and turned towards Eddie quickly as if he had been anticipating and looking forward to this moment for a long time, “This,” he said quietly before moving in for a kiss.

A gentle and unexpected kiss and Eddie melted into it, kissing back as soon as his shock left him, placing one of his hands on the back of Richie’s head. Eddie didn’t even realize just how much he had desired this until it happened. Eddie didn’t even fully process what was happening due to how much his mind was racing and how overwhelming his love for the other boy was.

Pulling away Eddie and Richie both broke out into a smile, “Damn spaghetti man, you kiss better than your mother,”

Eddie rolled his eyes, “You’re lucky you’re cute.” 

“Not as cute as you though,” Richie added with a wink before pulling pack into an even more passionate kiss than the one that preceded it.

some of you all are ignoring and shitting on really sweet and healthy straight ships for abusive/pedophilic gay ships because tumblr made you believe that straight means satan

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With Alice being locked till I do not know what age, Killian must've taught her everything, so she can sing, paint (maybe carve pumpkins :D), she taught her ancient greek, all the naval things, knots, he even taught her about eyeliner etc. I can not write fics, (english is not my first language), sadly, but oh god, do you know if there's something like this already written? If not, maybe I have a little prompt for you since you are so good at this ;) Please! SN

Sorry this took so long, Sweet Nonnie! First off, @bleebug, @killianmesmalls, and @thesschesthair/@thewishhookjunkyard have written some LOVELY KnightRook stories, and there’s a growing collection in my KnightRook FF tag. But…here’s my little take.

Killian was eternally grateful that he’d paused long enough in farewelling his crew and the Queen to grab his things from the cabin. He left behind the necessities, like atlases and star charts and an old sextant, but made sure to grab whatever other books and belongings he could carry.

Because, it turned out, he had a sponge for a daughter.

She was studying from his old language and arithmetic textbooks as soon as she could read, and was fluent in Greek and Gaelic by the time she was 7. She loved the history books he had, outdated as they were, and had practically memorized the histories of the varied kingdoms of the realm—up to a certain point, at least, and he filled her in on what he knew past that.

She was well on her way to being an excellent scholar, and he’d grown accustomed to the sight of her little blonde head peeking over the edge of a too-large tome. But the one thing she craved—and the one thing he’d had little use for on a ship—was stories.

Good thing he had lived so many.

It had started when she was little, telling her of the trouble he and Liam would get into together as small ones (and glossing over the unpleasant bits). When she got a little older, he introduced her to Neverland, making all the dangers and horrors of that strange realm seem like a game. (He especially loved her giggles when he made her “fly” like a pixie.) Misthaven, Agrabah, Arendelle, and Glowerhaven all became adventures to her.

But the one she loved the most was hearing of the strange realm of Wonderland. Granted, he hadn’t spent an extended stay there—he did his business and left—but he’d seen enough odd things on that brief trip to pair with a bit of imagination and spin all manner of tall tales from. Disappearing cats and infinite mazes and a mushrooms that made you bigger or smaller were exotic and exciting to a girl whose entire life had been spent within the same circumference of walls.

“I’m going to go there someday, Papa. And I’ll take you with me!” she promised after they played in the “maze” (just a clever rearrangement of furniture, but enough to entertain her).

He’d tuck her in, promising to take her to all the realms, known and unknown, someday. He never even considered that they wouldn’t break the curse keeping her trapped, though he still had no leads on how to do so. (Perhaps it had been premature to send Regina away.) But he’d never give up hope, and oh how he prayed she never lost it, either.

also tagging @kat2609@optomisticgirl, @xpumpkindumplingx, @queen-mabs-revenge @lillpon, @laschatzi, @its-like-a-story-of-love, @shipsxahoy, @cocohook38, @annytecture@pirateherokillian, @flipperbrain, and i’m losing track of who all is in this KnightRook pit but all are welcome!

Mirrors ( Steve Harrington )

Steve Harrington x Reader

request (requested on 11/21/17)

can you do one based off of niall horan’s song mirrors with steve ??

Heyhey. I’m sorry it’s so short. I wasn’t too familiar with this song until I got this request to I tried my best, using the genius lyrics and descriptions as my guide a bit. I don’t 100% like how this came out, but I did want to get it out because I don’t know how busy my next few days will be, so I hope you enjoy and if you don’t like it message me and I’ll redo it or you can request something else if you’d like !!


You walked into your room, shutting the door behind you, and letting out a deep breath. This is where you could finally be yourself. You changed into sweatpants and a loose t-shirt, finally removing the sweet looking dress that you had worn all day. You took off your makeup, that serves as your armor. You took a long look in the mirror and the thoughts filled your head. The defamation and slander that your mind came up with was unprecedented. You tried to stop it, but tears began to trail down your bare face. You crawled into your bed and cried. Once the tears stopped you felt nothing. Where there once was happiness was nothing but a black hole that sucked out all emotion. This constant battle you had with yourself wasn’t new, but the main cause of it now traces back to one specific day.

You and Steve Harrington were always best friends. If you ever needed anything, you could go to Steve. Of course, he was nothing more than a best friend to you, or so you thought. You and Steve spent all your time together. Until he started going after Nancy. At first it was the little comments about her, which didn’t bother you, you liked seeing Steve happy, the way he had that little twinkle in his eye. Then it was full conversations, well conversations weren’t the proper word, it was all him, on and on about Nancy. This began to bother you. Every time he said her name you felt a pang in your chest that made you want to cry. The that day came, the day you saw Steve and Nancy walking down the halls hand in hand, smiling, like there was no one else in the world. And you broke. When you saw that you ran to the bathroom and cried horrible gut wrenching cries and then. Nothing, not a single feeling. You were a hallow husk of a person since. You never hung out with Steve, it just made you sad, because even when he had time for you, you knew he’d rather be with Nancy.

After Nancy and Steve broke up, you knew you couldn’t be sullen anymore. You had to put on a brave face and pretend everything was okay again. You hung out with Steve, and he would cry and talk about how much he missed Nancy. You just had to smile and say, “She’ll take you back, I know it” or “everything will be okay steve!”. You wanted him to be happy, but your nothing made it so hard.

So today was a day like any other. Plaster on a fake smile and put on a show. No one saw through the walls you had built, not even your best friend.

The next day you woke up, did your usual morning routine, and mentally prepared yourself for your daily dose of hell. But today, went a little different. You walked in, fake smile on full blast, as you made your way over to Steve’s locker, like you did every morning. You wanted him to be happy, because if you couldn’t have it, he should. “Hello Y/N, light of my life,” Steve said, in an unusually good mood.

“What?” You smiled the first genuine smile that you’ve had in months.

“It is a new day Y/N, have I ever told you how beautiful you are?” Steve chirped.

“Steve are you on drugs?” You immediacy went defensive. This was just some cruel dream, you thought to yourself, some sick poison your brain concocted to make you wake up in tears.

“Well I’ve got to get to class,” he gave you a big hug and started to wonder off, he turned around and slightly yelled, “See you later!” He dashed down the hall, leaving you utterly awestruck.

At the end of the day, you walked in your room, expecting the familiar onslaught of the black hole that lived in your chest. The wave came, but not nearly as terrible as it usually was. The nothingness was manageable and the black hole couldn’t seem to fully over take the beam of light radiating in your mind. You took a deep breath and walked out of you room, ready to take on the world.


Hey hey I hope you enjoyed and if you wanna request something like this lovely human did you can find the link to do so in my description or if you wanna read something else I’ve written you can do that from my masterlist whos link is also in my description, or you can do both, whatever floats your boat!!!

I Know This Game | Seven

Pairings: Bucky x Foster!Reader 

Summary: You can’t sleep, so you decide to get a few things off your chest.

Warnings: Some language. Mention of nightmares. Emotional turmoil. A whole lot of confusion. Brief mentions of sex.

Notes: I wanted this part to be very real, so it’s been minimally edited - I pretty much just typed it out in one go and rolled with it. Apologies for any typos and sorry if it’s hard to follow, that’s kinda what I was going for. I nearly made myself cry a couple of times, there.

Personally, this is my fave chapter.

IKTG Masterlist

You’re sprawled out on your bed, willing sleep to take you back into its clutches and give you a few more hours of mind-numbing blankness. But, after that nightmare, your brain is far too wired, far too riled up for sleep to even be a possibility. In the darkness, your mind flits back and forth between your memories of that fateful day, and the exaggerated dream version of those events. You’re simultaneously wide awake and utterly exhausted — but it’s the kind of fatigue that sleep cannot cure, which only drains more of your energy. The combination of hyper-awareness and weariness is dizzying, causing nightmare and memory to overlap and mesh into one another, distorting your perception of what is truth and what is a twisted concoction created by your overworked mind.

Keep reading

I just googled the budget for Stranger Things and it’s apperently 8 million per season (for season 2 at least). And if I’m not mistaken animated TV shows usually also have a budget of a few million per season, so this person still has nothing to stand on in our conversation if they seriously expect Disney to put in 35 million PER EPISODE.

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After that post I'm just imaging Tarn finally gets the liaison. He pushes her off the bot she's on the mers can't get to her on time and he gives her something so she can breath under water. And the liaison is scared. This is Tarn crush or not. And he just curls up around them cuddling them with all his tentacles. "I'm asserting my dominance." "Your cuddling me...?" "....... Your soft." Tarn is a slut for cuddles. He's like "I'll dominate you in another way." Liaison cuddles back. "Thought so."

( Melly’s Mod Notes: For those who are curious about what post we’re discussing here.

I’m so sorry but all I can focus on is the description of Tarn pushing the liaison off their friend’s back in his attempts to get their attention. It reminds me of the way some kids act obnoxious towards their crushes by tugging on their hair and elbowing them as they pass by and I just.

I just think that is so fucking juvenile and petty and perfect.

You all know how cats stare their owners down as they reach for something breakable to swipe at, right? Basically challenging their owner to do something? 

That’s Tarn.

Please imagine Tarn holding steady eye contact with the annoyed seaformer as he slooooooowly reaches for the liaison who, somehow, doens’t notice this shit going down. All the seaformer continues to say stop no desist in these actions of yours Tarn you little sHIT- )

Sorry, lovely, I didn’t mean for it to come off that way! I don’t have anything against pot, I’ve smoked some myself in the past! I meant it more in that he just smoked quite a lot for almost all his 20s and also consumed so much weed at one point that his lines between fiction and reality blurred at certain points! He did it quite heavily, was all I meant.

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1). “The skirt is supposed to be this short.”

Originally posted by spiffygizmo

Due to unfortunate circumstances, Prowl had taken residence on the Lost Light, much to the displeasure to some (read: all) bots. The two most noticeably bothered were Chromedome and Rodimus. 

“I still don’t see why we cant drop him off on the nearest planet and high-tail it away” Rodimus grumbled, spoiler flapping in a pattern (Y/n) recognized as “annoyed” or “im-going-to-throw-a-tantrum-in-about-5-seconds”, neither of which seemed very pleasing at the moment.

“Roddy, Prowl is a guest, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want to be here either, the least anyone can do is try to tolerate him” the human sighed, reaching over to gently massage a few of Rodimus’ visible neck cables, drawing a (very) audible purr from said bot as he casts them a thankful look as they shifted around on his shoulder, trying to get closer in order to reach more of the sensitive wires.

“We should totally have a dance-off at Swerves’“ he grumbled out, optics powering down as his engine continuing to rumble in a comforting purr, neither noticing a certain bot lurking around the corner, overhearing their conversation.

Prowl ex-vented harshly as he prepared himself for the quietly judging stares and whispers bound to follow his appearance. Prowl knew that he wasn’t very liked, or respected for that matter, amongst Rodimus’ crew, but he was grateful that the liasion was at least attempting to try and make him feel welcomed, he knew better than to naively assume the rest of the crew hadn’t warned them about his somewhat admittedly harsh tempter and sharp glossa.

As the bot continued to collect himself, he was not prepared for the scene that greeted his optics. There, in the middle of the bar, cleared of anything that might be considered a hindrance to any dancing mechs, were a handful of figures dancing away, the liason being amongst them.

Prowl was well aware that the human was considered a “young adult” by their standards, but in his optics, they were still a sparkling, and it was this thought that caused him to make a sound similar to clearing his vocalizer before marching towards the lisasons’ still dancing figure, bending down to quietly address them, but not before gathering everybot’s attention.

“May I ask why you’re wearing something considered provocative?” he quietly questioned, earning a bemused glance from a fellow human, one he could only assume to be Rodimus’ holoform, if their earlier conversation laid any weight to this situation.

“Erm, Prowl, I always wear this, I’m not sure why its such a big deal now” the liasion quietly replied, trying very hard to avoid embarrassing anyone present, themselves included.

The mech could only stare in confusion as he continued to stare at the liasion, trying desperately to ignore the smirking Rodimus that stood behind them. Prowl could only give a slow blink and hum as he continued to judge the offending garment.

“Why is it so… short?” he murmured, looking more than a little lost as he turned his gaze to the liasion, hoping for an explanation. “It’s supposed to be this short, its the design and style” the liasion patiently replied, more than ready to turn around and deck Rodimus if he so much as coughed at Prowl’s cluelessness.

With a quiet “I .. see”, Prowl returned to his normal height, giving a brisk nod to the liasion before exiting the bar, trying desperately to ignore the laughter that soon followed his departure.

May I ask what was with your sudden departure?” Megatron hummed through the comm-link, more than expecting to be greeted with a harsh reply, mildly surprised to be greeted with a somewhat meek reply, “The liaisons outfit was .. concerning .. in the least” was all Prowl managed before being drowned out in Megatrons quiet laughter.

I can assure you, that is the least concerning thing to happen aboard this vessel where the liason is concerned, just ask Rodimus” he managed to wheeze out, cutting the comm-link and leaving Prowl to process the new information.

“… Rodimus, you are a dead mech walking” Prowl hissed to himself, doorwings flicking in a harsh manner as he could only glare ahead, determined to reach his hab-suite before he strangled the concerning mech and giving a harsh scolding to the liasion.

Primus give me strength

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ironpool au: peter is tony's stepson and wade is the weird, college dropout next door that is just? bumming around and doing free-lance work of some kind. he sees 15 yo peter get pushed off the bus so wade helps him up but teases him about it. anyway, peter invites him over to dinner as thanks and wade meets tony and is like??!!! and now wade won't stop pestering peter and peter is annoyed bc wade obvs wants tony, but peter is the one who has to deal with wade's pestering. and tony is oblivious

Oh my god I love Ironpool I’m dead and 100% they have to live in some suburbia and everyone is rly proper but they all hate wade because loud crashing sounds are always coming from his house and sometimes he will put on an orange vest and randomly direct traffic DUDE

also yeah lol sorry that this has been sitting in my inbox for a while

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Oh my god! You Need to do a follow up of that erasermic amnesia fic (if you want to of course) your writing Style is really wonderful! Have a nice day! <3

Ahaha rip everyone who was sad about the angst. Yall might want to skip this one. (also thank you so much hskdfhskjd you’re very kind I hope you have a good day too. Sorry this took so long to get to)

This is a sequel to this ficlet.

After a few days, with assistance from some doctors with healing quirks, Hizashi is allowed to go home. He’s in good health, completely devoid of any of the injuries he sustained in his fight. The only snag, his memory still hasn’t returned.

Normally, Shouta doesn’t drive. It’s not that he can’t it’s just that he prefers not to. Hizashi likes driving but Hizashi doesn’t know where the apartment is so Shouta is the one driving now. Hizashi stares out the window at all the buildings they pass like he’s never seen them before.

“These buildings all look familiar,” Hizashi mutters. He’s been keeping his voice low ever since he had to be transferred rooms after trashing one with just a shout.

“They should be,” Shouta says and his voice comes out gruff.

Hizashi doesn’t say anything and Shouta keeps his eyes on the road.

When Shouta pulls into the parking lot of the apartment complex they live in Hizashi lets out a startled breath. “Oh, I love this building.”

Shouta knows. This is why they live here instead of in the much more low key complex that Shouta would have picked. This building is new and high end with a lot of modern features like fancy metal and glass balconies and a electronic card reader to get in the front door. Shouta had liked it for it’s simple concrete and glass exterior and the aforementioned security features. It was more of a compromise on Shouta’s end but it was well worth it.

It’s almost four flights from the underground resident parking to their floor but Hizashi heads to the stairs without even thinking about it. They both have a habit of avoiding elevators. Spaces like that leave no room for fighting.

When Shouta fits his key into the lock and opens the door he can’t help but watch Hizashi’s face as he takes their apartment in.

Soft furniture for Shouta, a large TV and sound system for Hizashi, spacious kitchen, wood floors with thick, plush rugs. In the bedroom there’s a king sized bed with four blankets and seven pillows on one side and only three pillows and a single comforter on the other. Hizashi takes it all in and his jaw drops. He walks into the room and stares around at the framed awards, the band posters, the few photos of the two of them Shouta lets him hang.

“This is where we live,” Hizashi says as he runs his fingers over Shouta’s favorite throw blanket where it rests over the back of the couch, “isn’t it?”

“I told you I was taking you home,” Shouta says, feeling like he wants to crawl out of his skin. He’s never liked showing his home to other people. He never thought he’d get that feeling from Hizashi.

“I didn’t know that we lived together,” Hizashi says, turning to stare at Shouta. One of his hands comes up to rest over his own heart. “This is why you look so familiar.”

Shouta looks away. “I guess.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Hizashi asks and he sounds upset. Shouta’s hands itch to grab him and make him sit down on the couch. That’s what they always do when Hizashi is feeling down.

Shouta just shrugs.

“Shouta,” Hizashi complains and it’s so familiar that Shouta can’t help but look up at Hizashi. He’s got his hands on his hips and he’s leaning forward to look at Shouta through his eyelashes, as if he’s trying to peek over sunglasses that he isn’t currently wearing. The entire position, his tone of voice and his facial expression, is so Hizashi that Shouta’s heart aches.

“What?” Shouta’s mouth responds automatically to Hizashi being Hizashi.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Hizashi demands again except this time there’s a whine to it, like when Shouta puts off Hizashi’s cuddles so that he can get himself a snack or finish grading papers.

“I figured that your memory would come back,” Shouta says, quiet. “When you walked in and saw all of our stuff.”

The fight goes right out of Hizashi’s shoulders. He looks down, dejected. “Oh.”

They stand there in the middle of the apartment Shouta and Hizashi spent the last five years filling with evidence of their life together and to Shouta it all crumbles around him.

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Im making a notebook full of traits of each sign in each planet. Can you tell me some traits of Virgo sun and Libra moon that aren't typically talked about? I don't just want the typical traits on the lists.

Virgo sun
- intuitive
- caring
- romantic/flirty
- can be socially awkward even though they’re ruled by mercury
- can be actual party animals
- they do this thing with their eyes. Some will look at you until you speak to them lol it’s odd
- either run away when something bad happens or will stick around to help a friend out
- high key the mom friend. Fuck off saying it’s cancer, it’s fuckin Virgo
Libra moon - I really know jack all about libra moons tbh. I don’t find them very interesting 😂😂 sorry every 1

023: “Do you believe in Love at First Sight?” - Suho EXO

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Suho (JunMyeon) x You (Emmy) Ft Minho

Bff! AU!/ College! AU

Words: ~2700

Prompt 023: ”Do you believe in love at first sight?”

[Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing well. I haven’t written anything in a long time because of school but today I actually had some free time, SO I decided to write/ finish prompts that I haven’t finish yet. I’ve decided to start off with prompts before an actual series to warm up because I have stated before I was going to fix my master list and everything but no time– Here! Enjoy!!- Dee~~~]

P.S—> I’m so sorry for any mistakes! And CREDIT TO THE MAKER OF THIS GIF. BUNNY LOOKS SO CUTE~~ 

You’re packing your things before meeting up with your pal, the scene stealer, Kim JunMyeon. The guy who comments on his own picture, “So handsome”, yeah that guy. You both met in a business course last year and hit it off well there. It went well that you labeled him as your best friend and your only friend, which was, of course, a total lie. He was someone who you share a lot of similar things with. All of your friends, no matter male or female, always say the same thing, “You two should just date already.” Funny because he told you that you were the opposite of what he’s looking for but then again he blushes when this subject is brought upon us. Usually when things like this happens- like when you’re paired up with another person besides him and the majority says that you look great with the other man, he objects, “You think they look good together?!” He probably hated it so much that he got himself a girl. You weren’t going to lie, but it did hurt when he told you that.

“Since when did you have a girlfriend?” you asked with a snare jokingly. He smiles as you both walk off campus towards the bus stop, “I was going to tell you, but you seem so caught up in your own things.” You only gave him a ‘PFT’ crossing your arms, “One year? Two?”

“How can it be a year when I just met you last year?”

“I don’t know. You’re being secretive all of a sudden.” getting quite annoyed, “How long?”

“Four months..” he trails off. Your legs automatically stop as you watch him continue on. Four.. Four, FOUR four F.O.U.R. months.? He turns and sees you, “Sorry.” he says.

“But I’m your best friend.” resting my hand on my chest. Something doesn’t feel right. Nothing feels right- normal. A smile slips his lips, “I know. I promise that was the only secret.” catching up with you. He wraps his arm around your shoulders, walking you both back to the stop, “But at least I told you, right?” You nod, “yeah.. But still, you should have told me. Who knows how upset she was when I took you away from her so much without knowing!” raising your voice a bit. He chuckles his sweet chuckle that always has girls falling, “I’m sorry.” reaching your stop.

“I can’t walk you home today.”


“I have a date in a bit.-”


He laughs, “I know but this isn’t one.”

Giving in, you bob your head, “Guess I won’t be receiving your attention anymore.” Silence stood in his place instead. You watch as the cars roll by, not wanting to spare him a chance- not even a glance. You don’t know why you feel this way but you did. You ruffled with your hair- “You know I think I’m going to walk instead.” turning to him. His face wasn’t the typical JunMyeon face either. It was different, almost sad and apologetic. Putting on an obviously fake smile, “I’m going to go.” pointing behind you as you turn in that direction. And again, nothing feels right.

That was the last time since you talked to him. Turns out his girlfriend and you are taking the same course together two weeks after finding out because he came for her when you both exit the room. He greets her with a hug but why is he looking over? Y- “Emmy?” you turn slightly. Oh- gorgeous- Choi Minho- We have class together this semester for Statistics with JunMyeon’s lady, “Hi.” you smile warmly at him. Feeling the amazing hawk eyes still in your direction, “I just wanted to ask you if you’re free right now? If you’d want to get lunch together?”

“Sure!” you exclaim a bit too loud. His smile was actually even more beautiful up close; he led the way, of course. Turns out Minho and I have some similar interests as well. We settle down near the corner of the cateferia. We mostly talk about class and what we both have in common, our likes and dislikes, “Can I ask you something?”

“Yeah, anything.”

“Do you have a boyfriend? Or are you talking to anyone?”

“No.” you answer with no hesitation.

“Great. I wanted to know if you liked to go out on dates sometimes?”


“Of cou-”


Looking up- “Oh.. Hi.” Jun. to the Myeon is standing in front of you with his meal, “What are you doing here?” He places his meal next to yours and sat down. We both just watched him. He’s acting up alright, “I came to eat and saw you- You’re friends with Minho now?”

“You know each other?” asking Minho.

“Yeah, we had the same course last year. We were partners.” Minho responds.

“Oh..-But anyways, I’d love to.” returning back to the unanswered question earlier before the mad rabbit jumped out of the open.

“To what?” JunMyeon asks.

“To go on dates.” You answer clearly sipping out of the straw.

“Well I have to go meet up with my lab partner for our exam. Can I have your number?”

“Sure!” whipping your phone out, “Here- You can input yours.” handing him the phone. He inputs the information and hands it back, “Great! I’ll contact you then.” with a smile and escorts himself out. You squirmed a bit out of joy- then HE came in view. You blink a few times and dug into your food with him and his arms crossed over his chest. He was giving you the side eyes.

“So you and Minho, huh?”

“We make a cute one don’t we?” You smile at him again but- his straight face, yeah. You cleared your throat and ate.

“Why haven’t you answered any of my calls or texts?”

You coughed hearing him ask, “I was busy with midterms and labs. I don’t have any time for people.”

“But you have time for him?” his chin flickers in the direction Minho exit from. “He’s a classmate. I need someone who I can ask if I need help.”

“What about me?”

That question had you swallowing a huge lump in your throat, “You’re also busy too.” You lied not knowing if he was or if he wasn’t. He scoffs at it, meaning It was a big fat total lie. LIE. He scoots in closer as he pushes his meal further away. Just enough so he can cross his arms on the table and stare at you.“What time is it?” you ask feeling your face heat up. He took out his phone, “1:41 P.M” I nod, “1:41?!!” choking on your food, “I’m suppose to meet up with my biology class mate!” lying your butt out of the awkward tension that he’s giving, “BYE.” taking all your food with you and exiting the cafeteria, “Bio my ass.”

Minho and you both went on dates days after but after multiple dates, you both decided to just stay as mutuals and help each other when needed. You hung out with Minho more than JunMyeon nowadays. You just weren’t ready or sure if you considered him a friend after realizing that you were actually crushing on him but was not aware of it. You felt hurt and knew it was an immature act to do to just cut him off. You’d see JunMyeon around campus with his girlfriend here and there but their vibe isn’t as pleasant.

“Hello?” answering your phone from an unknown number which is NOT a good thing but did so anyways.

“Hello? Emmy?”

“Who is this?”

“Ah.. It’s Xiumin.” Ahhh~ the cute guy- JunMyeon’s ex-roommate.

“Hi! Is there something I can help you?”

“Um..I don’t know but I’m sure you can. Can you come over to JunMyeon’s place?” Pl- wait, what? Pl- Place. “What?”

“He’s drunk but not totally wasted. And I have to leave back home- can you come over?”

“Why didn’t you call his girlfriend?” He has a “Girlfriend” for a reason.

“They broke up.”


OOOOHHHHHHHHH. “Oh.” you said, “Give me 30 minutes.” Looking at your phone as the screen went back to the lock page, “Really JunMyeon- AT THIS TIME!! IT’S 12:32 AM! I should be studying!!”

‘I shouldn’t have came.’ you thought to yourself as you stood in front of his door and of course, You rung his doorbell and it flew open quite quickly with a panting Xiumin, “I put him on his bed already. I really have to leave because I have to go somewhere early tomorrow. Thanks for coming.”

“No problem.” It was a problem. You have class at 8 AM. He rushed out and there you are in Kim JunMyeon’s apartment. What a spacious apartment but a tad bit dirty. You approached his room and wow what a view. He was all over the bed fully clothed. Rolling your eyes, you began to switch his clothes into pajamas. You pulled off his coat- gosh he smells. Smacking yourself, “Why didn’t I wipe his face first.” walking into the bathroom with a small bowl and a towel. You rung out the towel, bringing both back and began wiping his face and down his neck. His brows scrunches and it made you smile a bit, “That’s what you get for drinking so much.” returning to take off his shirt and switched it for white tee

“What am I going to do with this person?” questioning yourself as you look over to his lower body, “I have to?” huffing as you rinsed the towel in the water and moved closer just to see him awake. It turned to an awkward staring contest, “How are you feeling?” you asked already knowing how he feels. He greets me with silence, “You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.” wiping the side of his neck and clavicles.

“We broke up.”

You wiped back up to his jaw not knowing what to say but, “Oh..” rinsing the towel again because you had no clue what else to do, “Are you going to change?” you ask in a mumble. He didn’t even budge. I wiped his eyes gently, folding the towel and proceeding on his arm.

“Do you believe in love at first sight?”

Looking up to see his eyes so subtle, “No.”

“I do.” he smiles. He’s totally drunk from head to toe. “I remember when I first met this one girl, she wasn’t one to catch my eyes but a had a weird feeling in my stomach, so I just watched her. I didn’t know I’d fallen for her.” his smile lingers on, “She had the warmest smile. I was afraid to approach her because I was afraid of how she’d react. The good thing was that we actually became friends too. Both of our friends would kid that we should date. I wanted to but at the same time I was seeing someone else-” You stopped and listen. His eyes were glossy, “The day I told her about my relationship and seeing her reaction- I knew I made a mistake. I wanted to tell her it was a lie but knowing her she’d find out either way. I watched her walk farther and farther and then I knew the difficulty of walking alone again. I wanted to hold onto her but she pushed me away; I became invisible-”

“I didn’t push you away.” You mumble. He chuckles and his tears flow like a stream, “I wanted to have the courage to tell her that I liked her before.”

“Why didn’t you?” looking up to see him.

“I was afraid.” closing his eyes and sighing along.

“Of what?” getting angry for his lack of confidence.

“Of rejection.” his eyed open and his gaze wasn’t what you hoped for. He turned over on his side facing you.

“Have you ever tried to approach her?”

“I didn’t have the courage.”

“You coward.” you mutter angrily. How could he not approach you? Were you that scary? You threw the towel back into the bowl making it splash a bit and landing on him. Walking towards the bathroom you toss the water out and rung out the wet towel.

“If you’re feeling better, I’ll be taking my leave.” washing my hands like they’ve been dirty and returning to his room. He was sitting at the edge of his bed and his boxers on, “I’m really telling you how I felt.” he says with his eyes staring at his palms. What are you going to do with him? “How many fingers am I showing?” holding up four.

He squints, “Three..”

“You’re obviously wasted.” pushing him back in bed, “Go to bed.”

“I’d like it if you stayed.” he spoke softly. Chills.

“I don’t have a place to sleep or clothes.” protesting his request. He pats the other side of the bed, “Here..- you can wear my…. Shirt.”

“I’ll just sleep on the floor.” walking to the other side, dragging the pillow. “Do you have extra sheets?” He points outside the room, “The small closet in the walk way.”

You hurriedly walked over and pulled out the blankets and sheets, bringing them back. He looks fine to you though. He just sat there, watching your every step. You dropped them on the floor near his bed and walked over to him. Grasping his chin and turning his head side to side, “Are you sure you aren’t pulling an act?” His greasy smile that melts your heart. He shook his head. His cheeks are glowing at this hour, crazy cheeks.

You proceeded to fix the small area by his bed and change in the bathroom. His shirt barely covered the midst of your thighs, “This is not good.” walking out he was already lying in bed- Asleep? You snuggled into the sheets facing towards his bed. This might be a long night.

You can feel sheets over your head as you woke up. You don’t usually sleep with the sheets over and can hardly move- What? Your cheek was lying on something super soft- Opening your eyes and peeking out to the world and looking- Your eyes widen. Automatically pulling the sheets off the amount of sunlight in this room is no joke. Spooned. His face was digging in the side of your neck and arms around. He shifts and you froze trying to get out. You can feel the tip of his nose grazing your cheek. You look back at him- He’s TOO close. His face is RIGHT THERE. Your ears burn and so does your face, “What are you doing?” You ask moving away finally sitting up. He scratches his head and sits up, “You looked cold last night so I just.. You know, body heat.”

You just stare at him. Is. this. Man. forreals? “You could’ve just turned on the heater.” gathering the blankets to fold them. “What time is it?” looking at him. He looks around and got up for his phone as you also do the same, “8: 24 AM.”

“8:24!!” walking over and taking his phone. I’M LATE. “Why didn’t you wake me up?!!” shoving his arm. He looks confused, “I just woke up too and you’re asking me why didn’t I wake you up?!” You huffed a sigh and ran to get ready wearing the same clothes. Tied your hair and quickly, as fast as you can, put on your clothes. Running out from his room, “I’M GOING!” He pulls you back, “About last night- I was serious.” So he was sober? “I really meant what I said and I want to give us a try.” he confesses. Your heart skips a beat, “Fine. But I’m really late to class. We’ll talk about this later.”


“What? Are you ever going to let go-”

He plants a kiss near your lips, “See you later.” with his cheeky smile. You tried to hide it but it slowly came out as you shove his arm off playfully and proceed on running out, “Why is he trying to melt me right now..”

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hey :) i'm sorry if this comes off as weird or intrusive, i don't mean it to be. i was just wondering if you have any kinds of reversions as a symptom of your ptsd. so like for example i have this thing where i act like a little kid sometimes. it bothers people, but i know i'm not the only one who does it. sending you love during this season 💙

youre definitely not the only one who does this. it is extremely common to regress when you have a history of trauma / childhood trauma. some people regress and it feels safe for them—it’s almost like a return to a time when there was innocence in their lives & they felt safe; while some people (like myself) regress and it feels very bad and unsafe bc childhood was bad and unsafe. anyway, yes, this is an incredibly common response to trauma! youre definitely not alone. happy holidays friend

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Rey looks like she's blowing shit up in that new Japanese trailer and I'm 10000% here for that

Meeehhhhh I don’t think so actually. I think she’s facing off with Snoke maybe, or some Praetorian Guard is fucking Kylo’s shit up and she’s pissed.

The explosions in the background are 100% from the warship Dreadnaught – it is described in the databank as “raining down fire on its enemies.” The Resistance (probably Rose and DJ – an engineer and hacker respectively) gains control of the warship somehow and shoot it on Snoke’s ship to destroy the manufacturing plant and greatly handicap the FO by going straight to their main ship. 

Fanon REEEEALLY wants Rey to be exploding with the Force there – I’ve seen the theory floating around like wildfire. But I don’t buy it in that instance, personally, because there’s a better, more logical explanation for what’s happening.

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Holy shit, me too Hayley, me too. I know they shouldn't be idolized or anything, but some of them are really pretty you know. And the chests, and their long legs!! I'm sorry Harry, but some looked really hot and cute.

some of them must have worked their butts off to make their way up the ladder unlike some who just leech off their parents’ status (*cough* the hadids *cough*) and hardworking women are incredible it’s just the industry itself and the image it perpetuates to young girls that i have a problem with